Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 20th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 20th 2021

Past loves feature

Set your direction ahead of ‘22

Happy birthday, Capricorn

Ghosts of lovers or loves past may feature this week as Venus now retrograde, has its second encounter with Pluto in Capricorn. This holiday season asks us to give ourselves and everyone we know the gift that comes from our values.

If you have read both the weekly and monthly general and the forecast for your own sign, you know that Venus retrograde isn’t a great time to be splurging. Either on ourselves or others. Giving someone something they will value often doesn’t have anything to do with the money spent on it. And valuing ourselves involves not getting into debt. The gift that contains thought, is hand made or is something someone can use or which spreads the feel-good factor is what we need to source now as retrograde Ceres backs into Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus.

It’s Solstice time. The shortest day in the Northern hemisphere and the longest in the Southern. And of course, Capricorn’s birthday. Due to Venus retrograde in your sign and Mercury slowing down, prepare to reassess what you want for your new cycle. You may discover by the time Venus heads direct again in ‘22 that this has undergone a change from what you were focussed on this year. And this may surprise you.

Chart Your Course for ‘22

This week sees Chiron – that unpredictable object which defies being put in a box, head direct in pro-active and self-assertive Aries. Mars in Sagittarius will trine it on December 25. The unexpected gift we may give to ourselves is deciding on a fresh direction for ‘22. Many of you may have already decided you no longer want to give up the freedom of remote working for instance. And if this changes, you may change your job in order to preserve this. Others may be contemplating an actual physical relocation. All of us can hand ourselves the gift of time and weighing up our options right up until February. There’s no need for decisions right now and the planets tell us this.

So, if all you can give of value is your thought and presence, that’s more than enough now. Celebrate in the moment and await the new in ‘22. Happy holidays.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday to all high-climbing sea goats out there. Your birthday marks the solstice, where we look back at the year and plan for the one ahead. The past may feature and the future? Yet to be revealed but get planning now!

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