Monthly General Astrology Forecast January 2022

Monthly General Astrology Forecast January 2022

Explore your highest potential in ‘22

Begin that plan but wait to implement it

Happy birthday, Aquarius!

2022 begins with Jupiter back in its ancient ruling sign of Pisces taking us further into exploring higher knowledge, intuition and compassion than we have done for a very long time. For more insight into where this journey can take you, please see your personal Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign as well as your yearly sign forecast.

Higher love rules this month when Jupiter and Eros will meet in Pisces on the 30th. Note how the word ‘compassion’ also contains the word ‘passion’ too. This can be a passion for healing, to discover the truth or a passion for helping others. Others could channel this passion into discovering their past, studying anything from the Tarot to astrology or quantum physics, religion, spirituality, creativity or psychotherapy.

We have Mercury retrograde in Aquarius from the 14th and it will head back into Capricorn from the 26th. Watch out for clickbait, hackers and viruses on your computer and put those career moves on hold if you possibly can. Elsewhere in the sky, the retro weather clears as first Ceres heads direct in Taurus (14th), Uranus on the 18th and then Venus in Capricorn on the 29th.

January hands us a new Supermoon in Capricorn on the 2nd marking the ‘official’ start astrologically of Capricorn’s fresh cycle. But with the retro weather in effect this is a time for planning rather than action. Emotions get stirred up and we could all go into protective mode on the 17th when the full Moon appears in its ruling sign of Cancer. We may feel the need to spend time in and appreciate our homes, families and what makes us feel safe, supported and secure. All of us need to understand its okay to feel vulnerable and even a little bit needy under this full Moon. And to be honest about those needs.

‘22 sees the eclipse axis shift along with the Nodes. The North Node enters Taurus on the 19th. The Nodes move backwards so this means the North Node is now at 29 degrees of Taurus. If you are a fixed sign – Taurus or Scorpio as well as Leo or Aquarius with chart factors at this degree you need to look back 19 years if you are old enough. The themes around money, shared (especially marital) assets, your salary, financial decisions, come full circle now.

For Aquarians, the Sun enters your sign on the 20th and the 24th sees Mars in your 12th along with a meeting between Juno and Pluto. This can be a determining factor in where partnerships are headed for you in ‘22. For the rest of us, business relationships may be in the midst of a seismic change or we may be planning one once the retro-factor Mercury weather clears.

Vesta in Capricorn from the 12th may highlight inequalities in the workplace, gender bias and #metoo issues. Watch for radical shifts, revelations and reshuffles when it squares Chiron on the 28th. LBGTQ issues may also make headlines. This month says we all need to align our values or evolve them for ‘22 to be more inclusive and bias free. That’s reaching for the highest potential in all of us.

In a nutshell: We begin the New Year in retro weather. So that means planning weaving in the lessons we’ve learned from our past. But waiting to set them in motion to harness their full potential. Welcome to ‘22!

Jan 1 2022 Sun in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus (Capricorn to Taurus)

Jan 2 2022 New Supermoon in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 2 2022 Mercury enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 12 2022 Vesta enters Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 14 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Aquarius (Aquarius)

Jan 14 2022 Ceres stationary direct in Taurus (Taurus)

Jan 16 2022 Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 17 2022 Full Moon in Cancer (Cancer)

Jan 17 2022 Eros enters Pisces (Pisces)

Jan 18 2022 Uranus stationary direct in Taurus (Taurus)

Jan 19 2022 North Node Enters Taurus (Taurus)

Jan 20 2022 Sun enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Jan 23 2022 Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Aquarius (Aquarius)

Jan 24 2022 Mars enters Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 24 2022 Juno and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 28 2022 Vesta in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries (Capricorn to Aries)

Jan 29 2022 Venus stationary direct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 30 2022 Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (Aquarius to Taurus)

Jan 30 2022 Jupiter and Eros conjunct in Pisces (Pisces)