Weekly General Astrology Forecast 6 January 2022

mercury in Aquarius

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 2022

Go Back to the Future with love

Promises can be remade

What’s the right commitment for you right now?

This week is a Back to the Future week when it comes to love, promises and commitments. What we have vowed – to love and honour and what we have entered into with serious intention be it on a personal, financial or professional level, will demand examination this week.

We have Venus retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Which rules the establishment, structure (this includes ‘structures’ society is built around such as marriages and lasting unions as well as the physical kind) and serious contract commitments. The ones we cannot easily exit in other words. These can be work contracts, marriages and financial arrangements. You don’t or shouldn’t enter into these lightly. And of course, you can change your mind but if you do, then you usually will need some kind of other ‘structured’ professional advice to do so. A solicitor in the event of consciously uncoupling for instance. Or you may have to pay up or pay a penalty for exiting a financial arrangement early. If it is a work situation – you have to work out your notice.

Right now kind of promises

The 7th sees Venus ruler of partnerships meet Juno ruler of marriages and those contracts. As Venus is retrograde this is about our past pledges. Whether they still hold true for us. Learning from the ones we made in the past and using this to determine what kind of promises we are able to make for the future. And what kind is right for us.

It is not a time to enter into new love unions or even those of a financial nature while Venus is retro. It is however an excellent time to re-pledge or renew those vows even on a soul level. Refinancing or renegotiating long term loans or mortgages is also favoured. Many of us may be celebrating the fact that our commitment to someone is the best move we ever made. But if it’s not – time for a new one to allow both parties to choose again. Yes, committing to moving on is also a lasting promise. Perhaps that promise you make this week is to re-pledge your faith in love if you’ve lost it. Or to that career path not taken but which still beckons you. Go the distance one way or another this week.

In a nutshell: Vows and promises we keep are up for review this week. Either they are as shining and relevant as when we entered into them. Or we are able to reforge new ones thanks to retro Venus and Juno in Capricorn – sign of serious intention!

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