Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 24th 2022

mercury in Aquarius

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 24th 2022

What makes the world go round for you?

Karma calls time on contracts

Promises light our future path

Contracts and commitments feature this week as Juno and Pluto collide in Capricorn on the same day as Mars also arrives in this sign. Agreements may be changed or even exited if they now prove to no longer work. If something is still based on a solid foundation of love and integrity, then it simply transforms to the next, more elevated level. With rewards from your past being paid in the present.

Venus ends its retrograde also in Capricorn on the 29th. This will have been a time of reflection for so many of us when it comes to our partnerships. And what we want from love or other unions. Retroactive Mercury also backs into Capricorn on the 26th which could trigger conversations around changes which now need to be made.

Live up to that karmic contract

Juno rules those promises we make we cannot exit easily. Marriages being one but this applies to any contract. Contracts of course are karma as we agree to live up to them – or we don’t. Pluto rules change, rebirth, endings, transformations. It also in a strange way rules ‘clean’ energy as in if it isn’t you get a nuclear meltdown and fallout. If something is revealed to be inauthentic now or based on underhand, dodgy dealings, you’ll witness that happening.

People will be caught out or held accountable – especially those at the top in big business, corporations and government and agreements voided. Radical shifts and upheavals could follow by the 30th when the Sun in Aquarius squares Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus in worldly, material Taurus. This could affect the money markets on a global level.

What happens in the collective always trickles down to our personal lives. This week tells you that promises have to have been lived up to. Especially those related to our status and public image. And the new ones we make now – game-changers thanks to a soothing meeting between Jupiter and asteroid Eros in peace-making Pisces. We may see a bill fall due and an accounting happen. But personally – we get to pledge to clean, sparkly karma this week.

In a nutshell: Promises fall due and new ones can be forged. What we say yes or no to, determines our future. Time to mint some fresh karmic currency this week when it comes to the contracts – soul or otherwise, we’ve entered into.

Jan 24 2022 Mars enters Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 24 2022 Juno and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 28 2022 Vesta in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries (Capricorn to Aries)

Jan 29 2022 Venus stationary direct in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Jan 30 2022 Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (Aquarius to Taurus)

Jan 30 2022 Jupiter and Eros conjunct in Pisces (Pisces)