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Venus and Mars – Love is in the Air!

Feel the force of desire and ambition this February and get ready to embrace self-directed change! There’s a huge transformative wave building in the sky ready to sweep us all up and take us into a new cycle of searing soul intention and manifestation. So, you’d better be ready to catch it as we won’t see exactly the same patterns in the sign of Capricorn for another 250 years!

It’s a year of magical intention and perfect for self-starting soul seekers who want to banish limitations for good. And on a soul level this is the time where we can step into a new relationship to those planets in the sky. To see them lining up in ways that guide us towards satisfaction and attainment. 

The first Venus/Mars meeting takes place on February 16. But then, February 27 hands us a superconjunction in Capricorn when we see the most powerful line up since January 2020 occur between Venus, Mars, Vesta, the Moon and Pluto. All these astral bodies will be between 24-27 degrees. Got planets in any sign at those degrees? This is about your career, rewards, ambitions, intentions, status and personal success story. It’s also about change, your willingness to surrender what no longer works for you and the pure power of being willing to commit for the long term.

March 3 sees an exact conjunction between Venus, Mars and Pluto.

Go deep into those hidden recesses of your psyche now as Pluto’s shadow side shows us what we have been denying or fearing. Because down in the darkness lies our power. Our true feelings which we may have hidden or swept under the carpet. Or concealed behind a public face or facade that all is well. Capricorn is a sign that asks us to step into our truth and authenticity. To be our own shining example of working with our highest intentions as we climb that ladder towards success.

With Venus (love), Mars (confident action), the Moon (emotion) and Vesta’s eternal flame lighting our way, we’ll know if we are on a course that’s true to our soul – or not longer be able to fake it if we’re not. This doesn’t just apply to our work but to our relationships as well as Capricorn and the 10th rules our relationship status. This meeting is asking us to step into all we can be with boundless courage.

Do the same kind of patterns repeat again and again for you in work or even in love? This board meeting in the sky is here to thrash this out once and for all – and help you ditch that senseless round and round feeling for keeps. But we can only do this when we go deep into what is behind this in the first place. If you are brave enough to confront this and look it in the eye, you transform it. Or your take on it. A bit like peering behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz or finding the monster under your bed was actually your loyal guard dog all along.

Those who have deliberately misused their power, position, or neglected their higher purpose, could find themselves facing some inescapable truths. 

It’s not just one day or moment in the sky but a process we engage with. Just like the planets are on the move, so are we. Venus and Mars move on, travelling together to enter Aquarius on March 6 where they meet again. We will be ready to reveal the real ‘us’ to the world along with our new goal assignments that go along with this. And as Aquarius is the house of the future, a fresh take on what we want and what that future looks like. More inclusive, connected, friendly and alive with possibilities. And we’re all now invited to participate in our authentic and individual ways.

This new, more refined and powerful version of our true being is more social, connected and a part of everything that’s going on. Because we feel on a deep level renewed and reborn, we want to share this new, braver more authentic lover of life we’ve become. No matter if this new you is seeking a freshly defined path or a brand new love, the people you attract, know, meet and interact with are set to influence your journey – even if it is just on line. It’s a new you, with a fresh set of goals, following a new planetary path into your future. Get ready for deep cosmic realisation and entanglements by stepping into your full glory and confronting whatever stops you from doing that. Venus and Mars tell you the best thing in heaven and earth now is you!

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