Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 14th 2022

weekly general astrology

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 14th 2022

Go for the slow burn

Enter a new age of love

Happy birthday, Pisces

Love rules the stars as Mercury re-enters Aquarius on the 14th. Universal messages of love flow as a result. So, even if you have no boo, tell a friend how much they mean to you.

The best day to celebrate may not be the 14th but the 16th this week. This day brings a meeting between Venus and Mars in Capricorn and a full Moon in Leo. Leo is the 5th house of the zodiac which rules amongst other things lovers and romance. While the Venus/Mars entanglement in Capricorn is all about passion which goes the distance.

It’s a new age of love

Venus and Mars are now travelling close together. It’s rare for them to hook up like this and for so long. Usually we have a conjunction between the two once a year. Like a one off Tinder date and then they part. But not this time. What happens on the 16th lasts a few weeks and takes us on into March. Are you ready for slow-burn love or simply the fire that doesn’t let up?

Just be warned however that by March, if you are in a relationship where the pilot light has gone out, nothing will now reignite it. But knowing that frees you to go heat-seeking again.

The Sun lands in Pisces on the 18th and this will be the most remarkable year ever for all the compassion, deep dwelling dreamers out there. You have both your rulers in your sign and meeting for the first time in 165 years. That old song from the 60’s – Age of Aquarius, could be re-named Age of Pisces just for you. This is the dawning of something remarkable.

As for those lyrics – Jupiter doesn’t align with Mars this week but it does align to Uranus in Taurus on the 18th. We’re all replacing those old beliefs and values with something more sustainable, soul supporting and sincere. Check your charts this week no matter what your sign for anything at 14 degrees. Cupid could have something special for you or you simply see love in a new way for a brand new age.

In a nutshell: Love rules not just the stars but all the stars here on earth this week. That’s you and me. For birthday sign Pisces, a cycle that’s only possible once every 165 years begins. It’s a new age and a fresh start.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (Leo)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (Pisces)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (Pisces to Taurus)