Monthly General Astrology Forecast March 2022 – Emotional Tides

pisces new moon

Monthly General Astrology Forecast March 2022

Take action on that passion!

You have to have a dream to make it come true

It’s finally a month for kick-ass action! All the planets are direct and green lights in all areas tell us to go for it.

The Pisces new moon on the 2nd awakens our latent psychic and creative souls. It invites us to enter the realms of the imagination, the sacred and the multiverse. Take some time under this new Moon to indulge yourself in rituals of visualisation and playful possibilities. Dream, fantasise because if you can imagine it, chances are you can do it, have it or experience it on some level. As the song from the classic musical South Pacific tells us: How you gonna have a dream come true? Make that happy talk if only with yourself.

With Mars conjunct Pluto on the 3rd we are likely to see more intense fighting and drama in the external world. Mars is the God of War, our vital life force, and our energy pack, Pluto is primal and focuses on life, death, rebirth, and transformation. Luckily Venus (love and abundance) is also in the picture, and hopefully, she will soften the intensity. We need to be very careful about losing our temper or throwing down ultimatums. Mars and Pluto tend to escalate rather than back down.

In good news Venus and Mars are traveling together for most of this month. Meeting Pluto in Capricorn on the same day (3rd) and entering Aquarius together on the 6th. Love and active passion are ours to channel via acts of life-changing transformation. So engage fully with this process!

The 5th could be offering us all the gift of solutions and opportunities which seem channeled directly from the source as the Sun in Pisces meets Jupiter in here. How do these manifest? Via our own imaginations and willingness to try. Others could simply see what they need appear as if by magic. If so, this is the reward for right actions or good karma in the past. Especially on the 13th when possibilities take flight and pay it forward features when the Sun and Neptune meet.

If you are seeking answers this month, you will be given them. No matter what your sun sign. It’s not just Pisces who gets the benefits. For more on this see your weekly and monthly forecasts for your sign.

No more hesitation. No more holding back.

Set your intentions now and don’t waver. Have a plan mapped out to reach your goal. The full Moon in Virgo on the 18th favours the details. But it also links us to our own well-being. Mind, body, and spirit aligned. Having a dream that sustains is integral to this. Don’t ignore its importance any longer. Health matters and Covid, in particular, may be drawn to the surface by this full Moon.

Aries is the sign of passionate intent and self-assured action. No more dreaming, it’s time to Just Do It as the slogan tells us once the Sun arrives in here on the 20th. Aries – get ready for a year of self-promotion and expansion where you image, look, message and personal charisma get supercharged and bring to you exactly what you want.

This is an excellent month for inspired moves and new beginnings. And for talking to the ‘other side’, accessing universal wisdom or the whispers of angels as Mercury and Jupiter meet on the 21st and Mercury/Neptune on the 23rd. It’s time for all of us to believe in the power of our own imaginations and to take that leap of faith based on what we are being told to do. Unleash the visionary part of you this March.

In a nutshell: With all the planets direct in the sky, March is the month to take action. It’s not just birthday sign Aries showing us the way. Get ready for soul talk as our higher selves tell us exactly the direction we should head in now.

Mar 2 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus (Pisces to Taurus)

Mar 2 2022 Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 2 2022 New Moon in Pisces (Pisces) – N.B. 1 degree off a sextile with Uranus

Mar 3 2022 Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Mar 3 2022 Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Mar 5 2022 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 6 2022 Mars enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 6 2022 Venus enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 6 2022 Eros enters Aries (Aries)

Mar 6 2022 Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 7 2022 Vesta conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn)

Mar 10 2022 Mercury enters Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 11 2022 Vesta enters Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 13 2022 Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (Virgo) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (Pisces to Capricorn)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (Aries)

Mar 21 2022 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 22 2022 Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (Aquarius to Taurus)

Mar 22 2022 Eros conjunct Chiron in Aries (Aries)

Mar 23 2022 Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 27 2022 Mercury enters Aries (Aries)

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (Aquarius)