Your New Moon in Pisces Moonscope March 2 2022

Pisces new moon

Your New Moon in Pisces Moonscope March 2 2022

Our latent knowing, empathy, psychic abilities and creativity surface under the new Moon in Pisces. Perhaps in surprising ways due to its arc to Uranus on March 2. Secrets of the deep surface. We become more aware of other levels of existence than the physical/material one and how these interlock. This Moon appears at a time where both rulers of Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune, are at home in their sign. It’s a homecoming to truth, to healing and awakening ourselves to the fact we are so much more than physical beings. Revelations especially around the nature of reality could follow. We as souls realise we may be products of our past, but are now free from painful parts of it to create a different future. This new Moon marks the beginning of a new path for all of us. Where will yours take you?


You are the still, deep pool in the forest. An oasis of perception and original thought. The saying ‘Still waters run deep’ will apply to you under this new Moon. You think more and act less. Or at least, take your time to explore your feelings and that steel bright intuition which broadcasts loud and clear. You may surprise those around you when you finally do take action however as this may seem out of character to them. But to you, this is your shining path of truth!

Woe betide anyone who tries to mislead you or pull the wool over your eyes. With your enhanced insight, those hidden agendas now become apparent. This Moon asks you to clear away anything toxic or which holds you back, Aries. You are just weeks away from one of the brightest new cycles you’ve experienced in over a decade. You don’t need to enter it burdened by anything that holds you prisoner. From limiting thoughts to situations. You know what to do now.


The new Moon in Pisces angles to Uranus in your sign making it one of the most important for you of the year when it comes to that future direction, Taurus. Your emotional body comes alive and your senses are like a psychic radar as you become more attuned to what is going on around you. If it gets overwhelming, then please retreat and reset for a while. That being said, you are filled with newly electrified purpose when it comes to those goals and dreams. Just thinking about one particular goal you want to attain makes you feel alive in a way you’ve not experienced for a while.

So, don’t hesitate when it comes to taking that all important first step towards it. Or perhaps picking up where you left off. If you have been repressing those thoughts or your emotions, as this Moon waxes, expect them to come tumbling out. It along with Uranus is asking you to express your truth and along with this comes the freedom you need. Friends, groups, networks and connections have a role to play in all of this. To get where you want to go involve others or simply ask for support. Assemble that dream team, Taurus!


Give in to that secret ambition now, Gemini. What dream have you always nurtured? Where do you see yourself? Success is and should be self-defined. And everyone’s vision of what that is is different. The new Moon in your 10th shows you a new rung to climb on that ladder. Yours not anyone else’s as it links to Uranus in your 12th. 

Uncovering anything that is holding you back is part of this new Moon’s subtle gifts. Could it possibly be a lack of structure or intention? Success no matter what form it takes is usually build on taking one step after another. This new Moon asks you to commit to a plan, purpose or path. To take yourself and your ambitions seriously and to leave no-one in doubt of your intention. You’re set for a month to be ‘on show’ in some way, Gemini. People will be looking at you or to you. Ensure that you come across as a beautiful force of self-purpose and love. Above all – be an original and don’t try to copy others. Follow your own path – not anyone else’s.


Who remembers the crawl at the start of Star Wars Episode IV? A New Hope? That’s this new Moon in your 9th, Cancer. A new hope and a fresh direction for you. Yes, if it helps you CAN think of yourself as a Jedi knight – escaping the dark side if you like. This Moon links to Uranus in its ruling house. So that hope reignites a goal for you and shows you the way towards its attainment.

You answer the call to adventure and are actively seeking a bigger experience. Travel may feature under this new Moon. As could an awakened interest in spirituality, beliefs, manifestation, learning and other, brave new worlds (Uranus rules science fiction and astrology). You won’t entertain people with a negative or limiting view on life now – just a warning! Surround yourself with optimistic souls who support your goals or big up your dreams for you. Whether you first realise it or not, you are planting the seeds of something bigger now. It begins with that rekindling of hope, Cancer.


Look to the support you receive from others under the new Moon in you 8th, Leo. Are you getting back what you give? This new Moon regenerates you on some level so expect a powerful rebirth to take place at this time. This could simply be you understanding that you deserve more or better. This Moon links to Uranus – planet of awakenings, in your 10th of career, status and rewards. You may feel infused with fresh purpose when it comes to making changes. Or simply feel how you have seen something shift within you. The change in your perspective allows you to transcend the issue effortlessly. After awakening, freedom always follows.

You may feel the need to unplug and venture deeper into a key area of life than you have ever probed previously. Is there a voice you have been tuning out inside of you protesting that it is not happy? You’re no longer unable to ignore it if so. You are about to discard anything you have outgrown or evolved past. And if you have allowed those boundaries to become all too permeable lately, the good news is you are reinstalling them – stronger than ever before. You will emerge rebirthed and ready for the new between now and the full Moon. Embrace your inner change and the outer world will shift in sync, Leo.


Juice up on electrifying, heart starting love under the new Moon in your 7th, Virgo. It angles to Uranus in your house of expansion and freedom. No more so-so tepid love or tolerating time wasters or broken promises. Authentic hearts only need apply from here on in. 

Flame on when it comes to attracting that twin one. This extends out to business, activity and professional collaborations as well as that bestie. Many astrologers gloss over the sexual component of this new Moon. But we don’t do that here! Yes, take it you are feeling it and radiating it which is good news for your partner for settleds. Physical desire is reawakened for many of you as well as the need to express this. There’s a lucky someone out there if you are single. But you also want to connect on a spiritual level too. Talking about what holds meaning for you forms part of the attraction. And if that potential boo can’t engage on this level with you, no matter how hot they are, you’ll move on to one who will. You crave harmony and beauty as well as soul merging. Chances are, this Moon draws this to you in one flaming form or experience.


The new Moon in your 6th has you looking not just at your day job and/or routine but the atmosphere you inhabit, Libra. Expect to be more sensitive to those vibes which surround you. Whether its your workplace or space, your home environment or that energy field broadcast by other people, you are picking up all the right signals. Go with your gut on this one. If someone or something is no longer on your ‘wavelength’ then now is the time to do something about it.

This new Moon links to Uranus in your 8th and this is all about whether or not spending time with this energy aligns to your values. Do you feel recharged or drained? Do you feel dread when someone’s name comes up on your phone? Or dismal at the prospect of another day doing the same old, same old. Remember – Uranus awakens and liberates us at the same time. If a new job, routine or simply heading towards a healthier environment either physically or emotionally is on your To Do list, this Moon tells you its time to act in the name of self-worth. Gravitate towards what makes you feel good every day and in every way, Libra.


A new Moon of conception and creation infused with a touch of the unexpected alights in your house of romance, creative self-expression, pleasure and children. It links to Uranus in your 7th so could deliver a sudden, electrifying new love. Just be warned that this can include that unexpected pregnancy with Uranus in the mix so if the patter of little feet is not part of your plan – take additional precautions.

Parenting, babies, adoption and young people could however form part of your journey. As could simply letting the Forever Young side of you out to play. This is a new Moon of intense attraction and wants you to allow yourself healing via the good things of life. Joy, play, love, holidays, being noticed, positive strokes and stepping into the starring role in your own life.

This is a new Moon which plants the seeds of growth and new beginnings like no other. Here’s an astro secret for you, Scorpio. It’s now almost nine months until the new Moon appears in your sign. Now you get it! So, something begun now will be ‘born’ on some level into your life in nine months time. That dream becomes real, that love affair ends in a commitment, that creative project you begin comes to fruition or that new you is launched. Best of all – you’ll experience joy and bliss while you get there!


Relationships with the women in your life feature and could take an exciting turn thanks to the angle the new Moon in your 4th makes to Uranus in your 6th, Sag. Helping hands could feature around female family members or even that mentor or work colleague. Female healers could also play a role – that doctor, personal trainer, coach, therapist. This person could help you in a practical way or simply open your eyes to a better way of living.

Changes to your residence, living space, family dynamics or embracing a new sense of belonging or emotional satisfaction come wrapped up in this new Moon’s promise. Especially as it appears at the same time your ruler Jupiter is also a house guest in here. Need room to expand or simply breathing space? You’re home on the range or experiencing an emotional homecoming now. Get back where you belong, Sag.


Enter a fresh and more optimistic mindset as the new Moon strikes your 3rd house and along with Uranus in your 5th ignites a fire to create something for your future. Ideas can take you further than you ever dreamed possible now. And one swipe, click, conversation or connection could turn out to be the wind beneath your wings when it comes to getting what you want.

This is a new Moon where ideas take flight. Time to apply, pitch, launch, submit. The internet is your cosmic ordering playground. As will be your social media profiles. Awaken the curiosity of your inner child. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take a play attitude to outcomes. Work, learning, business, commerce, getting around and your devices could feature with upgrades or expansion as an added bonus. Pay close attention to your thoughts. Ideas have a tendency to manifest in actual form under this new Moon. What you set out to do – chances are you’ll see it happen. Start that conversation and craft that opening line. Even if all you’re selling is you – chances are you are the next big idea someone else is seeking.


What do you value most, Aquarius? The new Moon in your 2nd is all about the price is right when linked to ruler Uranus in your 4th. This has nothing to do with selling out or selling your soul however. Quite the reverse. It’s about your attitude and self-esteem more than anything else. 

This new Moon can send you in a fresh direction when it comes to your money, income or opening up inspired fresh ways to earn that dough. With Uranus in the mix you’re the inventor and the magician combined. Unleash that inner entrepreneur if needed. This is wonderful for making extra money out of your home or making that transition to working from home permanently. Above all, it is about the value you place on yourself, your talents and skills. How you expect to be treated and/or rewarded by others. From your personal relationships to your job. You’re opening to expecting more and receiving it in return. If something no longer aligns with this or you feel short-changed in some way, this Moon is your reset point. You’ll seek out emotional abundance and security. What you begin now to get that, pays dividends next month.


The new Moon in your sign on the 2nd represents the start of a whole new beginning. You are renewed and reborn on some level. It is a new Moon like no other as it appears at the same time as both your rulers – Jupiter and Neptune are blessing you with their presence. It’s time to allow yourself to be more, experience more, have more and go further than at any other time in this lifetime.

The Moon makes a key angle to Uranus, planet of vive la difference and the unexpected in your house of communication and ideas. You could be captured by a new idea or pathway that you feel emboldened to explore. Or a key piece of news sends you off in an exciting new direction. Maybe before you might have hesitated or thought: Is this really me? But now you know yes, this is the change you have been waiting for and perfectly aligned with who you have become. Act in fierce, confident ways. Choose different to what you might have opted for in the past. After all, you are different – freshly minted with a future that is yet to be written. But which your choices from here on in will author. Make for the new and dynamically different outcome, Pisces. Simply by making that different choice.