Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 14th 2022


Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 14th 2022

Reboot, release, rebirth

Enter a time of healing truths

Happy birthday, Aries!

This week’s full Moon in Virgo offers us all an opportunity for release and a detox. On so many levels.

It also rules the details, atmospheres, routines and habits. Our daily environments. This full Moon illuminates all of these. And a whole lot more if we allow it to. Because full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite, this means Pisces themes are activated too. Inspired leaps of the imagination, alternative therapies, what cannot be seen but nontheless exists (viruses of course except under a microscope). The 12th house which Pisces and Neptune rule also rules mental wellbeing, therapists, psychiatrists, psychics, Tarot readers, shaman. All of the latter work towards the same goal but in different ways. Aligning or healing the spirit to bring about wholeness and healing.

So, take some time to make changes, to listen to the voice within, to shed and detox anything you no longer need under this full Moon. Perhaps it is that toxic relative or ‘friend’. That clutter that’s accumulated in your home which also now functions as your office most of the time. Those habits which self-soothe but which you know don’t do you any good. That denial you feel is a refuge but in fact drains you of joy. Time for it to go.

If it all feels overwhelming and we are talking of a soul matter where hurts have built up over time – write it all down. Create a timeline from when this all started to the present. As you do, at each stage you will feel lighter and wholeness return to you. The same goes for anything you need to do now that takes courage or a lot of work. Write down what needs to be done. Or the events that got you here. If need be, talk to a friend you can trust or even seek that professional advice to support you. Your GP, a counsellor or a psychic. The Sun’s sextile to Pluto on the same day points to rebirth and release to follow this process.

Your Tarot card meditation for this week is The Hermit. Focus on the light within yourself. It is your True North and never stops lighting your way.

Happy birthday, Aries!

Two days later and the Sun arrives in fiery Aries. We have arrived at the spring equinox and a time of new beginnings. We should all now be emerging lighter and ready for action. Warriors for self-love in our own way. Aries – you have Jupiter on its way now bringing you a year where your image, look, appearance, profile, vibe, title, style will take you places and open doors. What you project and say, how you come across will be all important. Big up that message. The rest of us match your blazing, brazen approach as we emerge from the healing depths. Spring forward this week!

In a nutshell: As the Sun enters Aries we arrive at the equinox. Where we release in order to experience renewal again. Time to spring forward lighter and reborn as we embrace our soul truths and become blazing, brilliant warriors of love once again!

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