Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 21st 2022

Aries season

Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 21st 2022

Enter a new world of possibilities

Expect radical results

Nothing but the truth will do

It’s a week to open our minds. Amazing possibilities, solutions and opportunities we may not have even known existed, blink on like unknown stars in the sky. A supernova idea could change the way we see things – for good as Mercury and Jupiter meet in Pisces on the 21st.

Resistance or closing down our minds, is futile. Sure, there are always some who will refuse to embrace the new, the innovative or the revolutionary. But the more open and adaptable we are, the more we evolve and free ourselves from what restricts us. All the planets are direct this week – a rare window in itself. And through it we can glimpse the bigger picture than the one we’ve been looking through. Many ideas that have been considered fringe or just simply woo-woo, could go totally mainstream now. Watch for news around celebrities and leaders who now openly admit to using Tarot, astrology or divination, for subjects such as reincarnation and other realms of existence to make headlines.

It’s a week when not just ideas but secrets can emerge. Whether we want them to or not. If you are one of those people with something to hide – be aware this particular quantum cat can burst out of the box in unexpected ways. Almost as if it has a life or agenda, of its own. And also the more we resist the truth, the harder adapting to it will be. Or we inadvertently add more impulsion to that thing that’s trying to get out. Watch for upheavals, resistance, revelations and outbursts as well as stand-offs and denials, when Mars in Aquarius squares Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus in Taurus on the 22nd.

Follow where truth and passion lead

This day also brings passionate intention backed by unpredictability as Eros and Chiron collide in Mars’s ruling sign of proactive Aries. Watch for changes in the weather, around Covid, wellbeing and borders on the 23rd when Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces. If asked anything, you need to make your higher truth your go-to answer. On a collective level, we will recognise honesty and integrity and its opposite. Nobody’s pants need be on fire. But we may now be ready to try that enticing and exciting alternative that’s been presented. If you are handed anything new this week – that idea, news or perspective – use it. Expect radical results.

Dreams and our psychic abilities will guide us like never before this week. This includes the dreams we have for ourselves on a personal level, and for a better world for all of us. Glimpses of what this can be or look like are possible. As are the opposite – what happens when we ignore the truth or resist the need to change. Aries is renowned for its proactive stance and unwillingness to just sit around talking. As Mercury lands in here on the 27th it’s time for all of us to walk our talk. Act in the name of truth this week. This week demands the whole truth and nothing but. Potential is everywhere.

In a nutshell: The truth is out there. And this includes fresh possibilities, solutions and opportunities we may never have dreamt existed. But now you see them, are you willing to try them? Freedom could follow if you do.

Mar 21 2022 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 22 2022 Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (Aquarius to Taurus)

Mar 22 2022 Eros conjunct Chiron in Aries (Aries)

Mar 23 2022 Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Pisces)

Mar 27 2022 Mercury enters Aries (Aries)