Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 28th 2022

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 28th, 2022

Best face forward

Rock out your unique side

Embrace inclusivity for the Now Age

Beautiful visions abound in the mind of the collective this week. Followed by self-determined action to make them real. It’s Aries weather making a grand and unmissable entrance. Part Bruce Lee, part Bimini Bon Boulash. Outrageous, confident, fierce, unstoppable.

Now Agers Assemble!

Visionary beauty enters like Drag Race finale contestants when Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius on the 29th. It’s individual and inclusive all at the same time. Even that old fuddy duddy Saturn has to rock out  under Venus’s influence. In Aquarius (Saturn’s ancient ruling sign), the old established methods based on exclusion and rigid thinking, give way to beautiful new visions based on inclusivity and tolerance. We’re all being asked to open ourselves and fully embrace a new dynamic now. As well as looking to how we may stop ourselves from expressing our unique beauty. Are we worried about what others will think? Love who you are and let go of that inner critic is what this transit is telling you. And as for outer critics – this is your house of friendships and support networks. If yours don’t offer you the support and acceptance you need – time to seek out those that will.

The new Moon in self-starting Aries tells us all – best face forward from the 1st. Begin something brave, bold and startling. Don’t be afraid to stand out or make that radical, risky but oh so result redefining move. The Sun, Mercury and Chiron all meet in Aries on the 2nd. Chiron has been associated with healing and there is nothing more wounding than feeling we can’t express who we truly are. But Chiron is also associated with wild, in your face moves. It doesn’t care what others think. April Fool in ‘22 only happens if you don’t try something new. Think of The Fool in the Tarot, joyfully stepping into the unknown. Jump in this week and do something visionary!

In a nutshell: It’s a week to unapologetically embrace your individuality thanks to the best face forward new Moon in Aries. Unveil yourself as well as those future shifting ideas.

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