Your extra special Venus in Pisces Horoscope for April 2022

Your extra special Venus in Pisces Horoscope for April 2022

Venus planet of love enters Pisces on April 3, 2022. This coincides with the magical and magnificent conjunction between Pisces two ruling planets in here – Jupiter and Neptune, which takes place on April 12. During its transit of Pisces, Venus will meet both planets – Neptune on April 27 and Jupiter on April 30. This is all about a deep dive into the ocean of imagination, heaven sent higher love, psychic insights and blissful healing opportunities. Don’t forget – higher love includes self-love too. How will this affect your sign? All of us should have a mantra which says: Beauty above me, beauty below me, beauty surrounds me this month. If we dream a beautiful dream, believe in it and take action to make it real, we can see it manifest. Get dreamweaving insight with this loved-up forecast.


Let your imagination take you where it will, Aries. If your dream is not coming true it’s because you need a bigger one. You’re exploring the hidden realms – psychic skills, Tarot, beliefs, astrology, the multiverse. Breaking through barriers to discover the meaning behind past events, loves, actions and lives. Your beliefs in a higher purpose or power will feature. As will release into something new. As this all takes place in your 12th house, see this as a shedding of any hard carapace you have had to put around your sensitive heart in the past. Chip away at it to expose the beating truth of love. Shedding means letting go of all those past hurts, resentments and anger. Shedding and exposing your wounds requires courage. You have this now. Don’t forget, if forgiveness is required to show this to yourself now. You did the best you could with the tools you had back then. Now you have a new set. Shower yourself with love and now move on into wholeness. By forgiving you release yourself as well as others into fresh new possibilities. If something or someone returns from the past now, it is meant to be. If it doesn’t – move on and don’t look back. The new is just around the corner.


Your goals receive an extra shot of magic espresso, Taurus. With your ruler involved, expect destiny dusted and positively unexpected occurrences around relationships of all descriptions. You’re seeking deeper resonance and connection. Or people who offer this now. Those who appear may offer you what you need to attain a desire or dream you’ve nurtured. Your creativity will be heightened now. Especially if you use the internet or anything technical as a tool. You may astound others will what you are able to produce like a dreamer of dreams. This Venus transit is about the love and support of those around you – especially friends old and emerging. And yes, there is a touch of romance in the air too. A new connection that begins as a friendship or association could turn out to be so much more over the long term. You feel deep in your soul that someone or something special is about to happen. Just be aware that dreaming or visualising isn’t enough however. You need to connect and put yourself out there. Also – love yourself enough now to allow you to be yourself. And ensure the company you keep supports you in doing exactly that now.


Looking for someone or something serious, Gemini? Beautiful moves can be made now both personally and professionally as Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in your status-setting 10th. Look back at your past at where you compromised. What result or most importantly, feeling were you left with from that? It’s time to choose again if you were left with dissatisfaction. And to take a vow not to short-change yourself in the future. It is important however to know exactly what you want in the first place. So unleash your imagination and delve into the realm of bigger possibilities. If you are seeking a new and better job or promotion, your reputation is enhanced at this time. You are in a position to make an unforgettable impression in all the right ways. Finding yourself in the public or professional eye is also possible during this transit. Seeking love? There’s a feeling you may have known that person before. Someone could turn into a lifelong partner or friend now. Settleds need to ditch any inhibitions or talk more frankly about their needs. Someone of the same gender identification as you could offer a working opportunity or business partnership which leads to long term success for you both. Together you are greater than the sum of your two parts. But to get what you want you need to know what success looks like for you now.


Do you want to see just how lucky lucky can be, Cancer? April is the month you get to find out. Venus’s alignments with Jupiter and Neptune are enhanced in your 9th. This is all about your faith in a higher power. Or your own inner compass. You need to follow its promptings now. Travel may feature for many of you as could celebrations. With the latter, this could arise from your own success making moves. Luck follows wherever you go and it’s time to see just how fat taking a chance gets you. Don’t hesitate to push those boundaries around what you believe is possible for you. The only limitations you will encounter now are your own thoughts. Learning, study and also communication with other dimensions via meditation, mediumship or even physics shows you there is more to heaven and earth than you previously dreamed of, Cancer. Breakthroughs in your career are possible. Watch for someone larger than life who opens a portal to a new experience for you. Yes, that could be that wildly sexy adventurous lover. Or that generous employer or friend. Either way – you’re travelling towards something bigger and breathtaking now.


Time to break free of restrictions and to discover a whole new side of you, Leo. It’s a time of rebirth where you unfurl all the dynamic hidden parts of you that are oh-so-beautiful. Even if you didn’t see them that way until now. Restrictions are effortlessly ascended as you are lifted up, up and away above them. You wonder why you allowed them to hold you back in the first place. This month is about ownership of all you are. The more you embrace this, the more things improve for you. Living your truth will be all-important. You also desire more depth in your relationships. Forget the superficial. Above all, don’t buy into the negativity of others. Gravitate towards positive people. Your money, possessions, income, assets and values will be in focus. Expect gain and increase if only in your all-important self-worth. Just understand there are no get rich quick schemes. Just be wary of anyone who tries to love or friend bomb you now. Don’t be afraid to put the brakes on or even withdraw if this seems like too much too soon. Like any investment, real connection takes time to pay off. Go with that inner voice and rise, Leo.


Come and get your love, Virgo. Venus rules your 7th house and co-joined with both Jupiter and Neptune, offers blissful unions and heaven-sent encounters. Partnerships of all kinds will feature. This can just as easily be your past, present or potential boo as it can that deep friendship or highly beneficial working association. Expect someone to restore your faith in the power of love if you have lost it. Time to follow where your heart wants to take you. To leap to get your love and for now, to simply let go of worrying what might happen in the future and embrace the moment (and that other party!). You’ve waited lifetimes for this, Virgo so don’t miss it. Just be aware that if something has been lived out, then all the stars in the sky cannot fix it. What they can do however is make it easier to exit with minimum heartache than at any other time. You and another could step into your own rom-com where nothing matters but enjoying one another’s company as potential swirls around you. Settleds could recapture that heady, carefree rush of those early encounters. Someone wants you to be two this month. Be open.


Expect everyday enhanced creativity and a lot of practical magic. You may utilise this across your day job (paid or unpaid), your wellbeing, habits and routine. Or wave that magic wand and show your daily environment the love. The small stuff gets a makeover in other words. If you are seeking work or a new job, this month offers you the opportunity to land something satisfying on all levels. You’ve a lot of confidence within you now to try or attempt the things you want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Now this includes applying for that position that may be several rungs up the ladder from where you are right now. To Do lists are crushed with a bibbity-bobbity-boo of your wrist. Expect true self-care to rule which has nothing to do with bubble baths or scented candles and everything to do with giving yourself the daily support and care you need. Enhanced energy and treating your body like a temple and not a takeaway infuses you with a renewed sense of what wellness truly means. Just take care you don’t overindulge – on anything from what you consume to any workaholic tendencies. That’s not what this cycle is about for you. It’s about charging up the daily stuff for long term charm. And charming bosses and co-workers alike – easy, Libra.


Babies, children, your inner child, young people or even that lover who could transform you into a parent or step-parent feature. April tells you to embrace your bliss in whatever form it takes (human or otherwise). Venus in here ushers back in joy and carefree abandon. It reawakens romance if it has gone dormant. And could see Cupid going crazy for singles. One word of warning, there’s a big difference between child-like wonder and someone who is childish or emotionally immature. So if a potential lover shows you this side of them you are advised to move in another direction and the line-up in here ensures that just like buses, another one will be along shortly. Holidays, parties, indulgences, gifts and glamour send you an invitation. Be camera ready as this is one of those transits where you are ‘on show’. Your ability to attract whatever it is you seek is supersized by Jupiter’s sheer luck and Neptune’s ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ possibilities. Friends and lovers bring you opportunities. Get out, circulate and blaze a trail. You and this cycle – both unmissable, Scorpio.


Welcome in something which lasts, Sag. You lay future foundations or are handed keys to a door. Experience an enhanced sense of belonging or the ability to plan and know you can bring them to fruition. You have a deep innate knowing of where or what is right for you now. Venus conjunct Neptune points you towards spiritual love and belonging. While ruler Jupiter wants to expand your ideas around living or lifestyle. Your sense of place and your idea of family – you discover this and either send those roots deeper or transplant yourself elsewhere. Yes, you are the explorer of the zodiac but this cycle can see you staying home and exploring your inner landscape. For you, self-care could mean down time – reading, listening to music, meditating or going deeper into a subject you love. Even if you are socialising, you may prefer to have people over rather than be out and about. Take all the time you need as your body and soul will thank you for it later. Make room for love to move in this month if you are seeking it or want the warmth of cosiness revived with your current boo, Sag. There’s no place like home for you on so many levels.


Heightened creativity, psychic insight and creativity is yours, Capricorn. You can weave magic with what you say, share, send out, design and create. Yes, business and the internet are your playgrounds. Astounding news may send you spiralling upwards to new heights especially at the month’s end. People simply seem to be in a mood to say ‘Yes’ to you. One word of warning however – ensure their actions match their intentions. If there is a disconnect here or you are promised the moon but get a Frisbee instead, then take this as a sign someone is not coming from the same place of integrity as you are. There has to be follow-through. Travel beckons for some of you this month. As does the announcement or result you were hoping for. Look to how you ‘sell’ yourself and your ideas in any situation. And ditch any negative self-talk. Flirtation and love talk take on a dreamy, romantic feel. Grand romantic gestures are highlighted. Singles could encounter that so in-sync lover who seems to know the inner you so well. Conversation in any situation flows easily and you open your mind to beautiful new ways of appreciating the world. If you are seeking to start a business, apply for that grant or job, pitch that project or send that submission, this is your moment. Craft everything with a touch of divine inspiration. It’s not only people but the universe which wants to say yes to you this month. 


Venus is in its ‘other’ ruling house in your chart. Your second rules your money, possessions, income, that all-important self-worth and relationships which you can bank on, Aquarius. Expect increase, growth and a new gold standard across all of these. The most obvious benefit coming your way especially with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction at the end of the month, is more of the folding stuff. With Jupiter in the mix this can even take the form of a windfall. Others could net a bonus, better paying job or see a second income stream open up. Having more and doing more with what you currently have are the kinds of benefits Venus in here brings. You have a minted quality about you. A self-assurance and surety of your own soul worth that can’t be shaken. And operating from that brings you whatever increase it is you need. However, please resist the urge to splurge or impulse buys. Investing in your learning or experiences is the best way to make the most of this transit. Love is in the air or someone proves their worth to you. Counting your blessings simply gives you more to add up. You’ll come to understand rich is a feeling this month. Join the Rich List.


Star light, star bright – wish on that star this month, Pisces. Not only do you have the cosmic meeting between your two rulers on the 12th at 23 degrees of your sign (check your chart), but Venus transitting your 1st means it will ignite all your blessed Pisces factors. Then it goes on to meet your rulers at the end of the month. Yes, you remain the brightest star in the sky this month. It’s a cycle like no other when what you imagine you can have, do or experience gets infused with that extra special touch of magical manifestation if you take the smallest step towards it. You may intuitively know what is going to happen before it does. Just be aware to be careful what you wish for as you are likely to see it arrive now. Above all, project yourself out there. Be seen and noticed. You have an indescribable aura of glamour and intense other worldliness now that people find irresistible. How are you going to use this? Image matters when you align it with intention. It translates to drawing what you want to you. Imagine who you will be, how you will look and feel when you have your desire manifest. And now become that person in the here and now. You are a magical being and this month shows you just how big that magic can be. Don’t hide it away, Pisces. The journey to your dreams begins with you.