Your New Moon in Gemini Moonscope May 30th 2022

Your New Moon in Gemini Moonscope May 30th 2022

Slumbering ideas and dualities awaken under this new Moon. An idea or plan can grab us and not let us go until we act on it for instance. Who remembers the old cartoons where a character has an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? One in each ear giving their own advice? That’s what is might feel like on occasion – arguing with yourself or weighing up the pros and cons of something.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. That double act may not only be having an argument within but this can translate to you and another engaged in a spirited exchange of ideas. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and aside from our ideas, what we say, contracts, commerce and communication, it also rules our siblings if we have them. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and it’s worth mentioning that Mercury is retrograde at the time this new Moon appears. All new Moons represent fresh starts and new beginnings. Normally we would say the new Moon in Gemini is time to launch, send out and move forward with anything to do with writing, communication, the internet, business, jobs or even getting around. But not right now. Retro Mercury tells us there is still some fine tuning to do. And if we take the time to do it, we’ll be grateful. In the interim however, keep that conversation going. Have faith in your ideas, be open to the viewpoints of others and accept input and feedback. Time for launch will be next month.


The devil is in the details under this new Moon, Aries. And so are the angels. So, take note. You may be so busy under it you miss something crucial. Messages, a slew of emails or seeing those tasks multiply along with what you have to say sees you barely able to stop and smell the roses. But take it that too is an important part of getting things done. Especially when it comes to anything long term. With Mercury retro at this time you know its not a good time to launch anything new. Instead revise, review and refine it in beautiful ways. What you may add by doing this could be the missing element, that alchemical touch which without it, might not have got you the result you wanted.

If you have been putting off that important conversation for whatever reason, the angel on your shoulder has you gathering your courage and speaking your truth. No, the devil didn’t make you do it, Aries. It’s merely high time especially if the pressure of holding it back has now got too much. It clears the way for when Mercury moves forward again. Despite the revisionary vibe of this new Moon, like every one we experience, this one packs a bold new beginning around something you say or send out. Delayed reactions sometimes deliver the best results.


Do try to resist any Hey, big spender urges as this new Moon appears in your money zone, Taurus. The retro rules apply now and they include no big purchases unless something is broken beyond repair. That urge to splurge includes that must-have item you feel you can’t live without. Chances are you’ll fall out of love with it by next month or it turns out not to be the bargain you thought it was.

What this new Moon is about is financial and self-worth improvements. And taking a long term view on this. In other words, you have to invest. Time, emotional focus and above all, a new appreciation for what you already have gives you. This is an excellent new Moon under which to read more about money scripts and financial therapy. The beliefs we all carry around about that super-charged, emotive currency that makes the world go round. Or so we’re told. Focus on this aspect rather than nuts and bolts financial planning and investing – although you can move on to that after. It’s amazing how our subconscious beliefs around what we think we deserve or can have can either set us free or hold us back. The Moon rules our sense of security and in a material world, this security is often tied in what we earn or have. Gemini and your 2nd rules ideas, publishing, the internet – so a good time to immerse yourself in new ideas and relate in new ways to not only your cash but your soul currency too. By next month you could see tangible returns on that investment, Taurus.


New Moon in your sign, new you, Gemini. This marks the astrological start of your fresh cycle. Yes, it has you starting your engine but also spinning those wheels due to your ruler backwards now. Try to curb any impatience to kick-start plans. This can be hard when all you want to do is rev them up, revel in and reveal a whole new phase in your journey. But you of all signs know, the ‘re’ words rule now.

Spinning ideas may also feature. So many crowd your head you may be uncertain which one to opt for. Exciting, expansive and enticing possibilities flicker on like lights about roadside attractions. This is a time to research (there’s that ‘re’ word again), and also experiment a little. Talk and share. You’re in an extrovert and outgoing mood despite your retroactive ruler. See this as your chance to do a little market research if you are stuck on exactly what should drive you forward into the coming year. Talk and share. Get feedback. Interesting people may cross your path as part of your exploration. Someone from your past may step up into a new role of fresh importance. Keep any contact details you are given now. These may turn into fabulous resources for you. Retune or refine your image, appearance, brand, message, style or profile. This is your countdown and once Mercury heads direct again you’ll be ready for pedal to the metal fierce new plans, Gemini.


Seek out answers and anything which hands you that precious feeling of inner peace, Cancer. Your perspective may shift and with it comes healing and release. Time for a soul-reboot under this new Moon in your oh-so-secretive and mysterious 12th. You of all signs know to obey when that wise inner wisdom is telling you it’s time to unplug and recharge for a while. And you also know the benefits which come from this time well spent.

Looking back at the past is an essential part of this process and you will approach this from a fresh perspective. In fact, ask yourself just how many ways it is possible for you to interpret it? Journal these if needed. How you once saw something may take on a new meaning as a result. You will also reawaken any interests in Tarot, astrology, the occult, mediumship, intuition and creativity. This is a time to immerse yourself in the realms of your imagination. Other people’s stories – books, movies, TV shows may contain new meaning or seem written with you in mind. Your dreams are vividly awash with meaning so don’t forget to journal these either. Inner peace isn’t achieved by running away however. There’s a huge difference between that and simply retreating to recharge. If your default response is always to flee then ask yourself just what you are truly running from? Or towards for that matter? This is your house where you guardian angels or guides reside. If you tune in they could well be telling you to change your tactics. Peace of mind is sometimes achieved by taking a stand or setting long delayed boundaries,


Just who do you know, Leo? Because it’s who not what you know which matters now. So, focus on making contact both on a personal and a professional level. Due to the Mercury retrofactor, reach out and revive those friendships or even work connections if you have allowed them to lapse. We all lead busy lives. Just throw in a Covid curveball and suddenly it’s been months or gosh – longer, since we last spoke to or saw someone. The thing is – everyone gets that. So call, text, message. Chances are that friend will also apologise for being equally bad when it comes to the overdue reach out. But if you are met with radio silence, then close the door on that chapter.

Others may reach out to you. But no matter who initiates it, take it this new Moon is about a social reboot. If you have been thinking about joining a group, club, association, movement – time to get circulating. This is your house of the future and this is one of the best new moons of the year to set a new one in motion for yourself. Going back over those goals and a recommit to one is common under it. As it coming up with a new one. Time to think about what your future actually looks like. Who peoples it or makes up your support cast? Nobody achieves anything worthwhile alone. Time to circulate and also look to how you can contribute to the journey others are taking. Life is a collaborative venture. Join in with others to create a bigger vision and a future that’s brighter for everyone whose life you touch, Leo.


The new Moon in your 10th touches on those long term ambitions, Virgo. It triggers the desire to achieve or aim for something higher and tantalizingly out of reach. It asks you to mine those ideas, that track record or knowledge base and utilise these in any and every way you can to move on up now. However, do remember that ruler Mercury is retrograde and that this new Moon appears in Mercury’s other ruling sign of Gemini.

Leveraging those past achievements to date, upping self-promotion, re-setting those intentions to ‘serious’ – very much the flava of this new Moon. What have you been putting off taking action on? Or simply asking for? That promotion or commitment? Remember, no matter this answer it gives us the information we need to move forward. This new Moon tells you the only way is up. It’s status not stasis you need. Time to focus your emotions and channel them into how you want to be seen. This new Moon marks the start of your open for business month. You’re not The Apprentice – you’re the boss. Of you at the very least. So, act like it. Big decisions can be taken between this new Moon and the next. Don’t ignore those ideas. Mercury retro allows you to see clearly where your life has been heading – and exactly where it can go next if you follow through.


Expect your ideas on how the world works to expand or be challenged now. Yes, this new Moon appears in your mind expanding 9th which also rules travel – especially the long distance variety and foreign people and places. With Mercury retrograde at the time of this Moon, if you are travelling you do need to have those retro rules in place. Plans B thru Z depending on your destination.

You are on the brink of a journey whether you are physically travelling in person or via a learning experience. But let’s talk about the hidden element of this new Moon which so many astrologers leave out. Because it’s all about the love. This may be a new Moon of travel but not necessarily of going solo. In fact, this new Moon shines on either a role waiting to be filled in your life or someone who is already a major player. What it tells you is that you need to feel the heat of adventure with somebody. Whether this is a collaboration or a bestie, a lover or a friend. Admit the need if you are seeking as that isn’t being needy. It’s being lucky because it will send you out in search of them. Yes, love or the search for that travel companion could be the next big journey you take. Set sail, Libra.


How much have you grown, Scorpio? The new Moon in your sector of transformation isn’t just about the next stage in the ever evolving wonder that is you. It’s about all the wonder of what you have already managed to do, complete and also release.

Taking some time to reflect on this shows you just how powerful you are. If you do, you will see how so often when you have faced any issue in the past, your ability to bring about a signature phoenix-like shift in how you see it or deal with it, has led to you soaring up, up and simply transcending it. Your sign is not linked to the phoenix for nothing! This new Moon marks another transformation or shift within. And if you are facing an issue, checking your history shows you that yet again – you got this. All of us are in a constant state of soul growth. And as we evolve, we often simply outgrow any problems rather than actually solve them. This new Moon leads you out into the light of this. It can also mark the start of a new stage of empowerment with your money and resources (both material and emotional). All of this adds up to a new phase of empowerment, Scorpio. Arise again.


The new Moon in your 7th of relating, partnerships and attraction has you looking at what you really want from any kind of double-act dynamic now. Of course this can involve that past, present or potential boo. But just as easily any kind of duo whether this is work, friendship, collaboration or exploration.

This new Moon magnetises those desires. It’s a ‘Be careful what you wish for’ new Moon. Whatever you are putting out there, you will attract back in kind. Which brings us back to you being very clear about just what it is you want from love or any kind of relationship. Look deep within now and truly own who you are and what you have come to understand about your needs. Based on this knowledge, who or what is the perfect match for you? This is the ‘relating’ part of this new Moon. Because until we relate to ourselves on a new level, we simply keep attracting the same old back in. If you are done with that, time for a change and also to look at what you are projecting. It’s all about the energy, Sag – and your truth now. It could be time for a change in a key area. Singles could be delighted by someone who they encounter via sheer chance. The secret to this new Moon if it falls within 1-2 degrees of your Sag placements is it is setting the next six years in motion. Choose carefully now and if needed choose different.


There’s more to this new Moon than simply work and wellbeing, Capricorn. It appears in Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and Mercury is retrograde. Yes, it makes complete sense under it to revise and refine that routine, habits, day job and create a better and more energising structure for your day. To leverage yourself out of any rut you may have fallen into. And to declutter and detox your thoughts, environment, possessions and even baggage if necessary.

This new Moon tells you: Begin it NOW. Tackle that clutter be it emotional, physical, financial, spiritual or material. Pack the baggage, close it and send it to the lost luggage department! You no longer need it. As you move through this process you’ll feel a sense of lightness flood in. It’s an energetic process linking you back to what true wellbeing and self-care actually is. Ditch the energy drains no matter what (or even who) they are. If you don’t pay attention to the small stuff and details, you’ll simply find yourself dealing with ever more clutter and chaos now. You know you don’t need this. Like your 10th house of public and professional image, this house too reflects how others see you. So, time to look closely at all the tiny facets to ensure they project a winning truth about your diamond soul. And weed out those which don’t.


Age is a number and acting your age – well, depending on how old the calendar says you are, this new Moon tells you that you are as young as you feel. So, ditch any ‘age appropriate’ restrictions placed on you by others or society in general. And even barriers like the ‘generation gap’. This new Moon marks the start of a month where you can resurrect the passion, optimism, fun and playfulness of yesterday. No matter our age, we’re all The Young Ones under this new Moon.

This is your house of lovers, childhood, children, babies, holidays, hobbies, luck and attraction. If you are travelling on holiday, please keep in mind Mercury is retrograde so have those rules in place. That being said, this is a wonderful new Moon under which to travel back to old haunts, especially those you associate with your childhood or carefree times. More contact with children or those younger than you shows you that you have more in common than either party realised. Don’t allow age differences to prevent you from making wonderful new friendships or to reject that lover. Again, it’s just a number. Have you given something up you used to enjoy doing like a hobby or pastime because someone made you feel you were now ‘too old’ for it? If you love it, pursue it. Let go, let your inner child out to play and above all, put yourself out there as a shining example of what pursuing pleasure is. Love is the fountain of youth this month, Aquarius. Whether it’s for a person or simply falling in love with your own life again. Ageless.


The new Moon is in its ruling house this month. Yes, this can usher in a change of residence but if you are seeking to move, just keep in mind Mercury retro can bring delays. What this new Moon does usher in is a new path or opportunity for you which should appear between now and the end of June. Are you ready to go down it?

If you want to know just how close this is, do a meditation where you imagine the horizon. How far away is it? Is it dusk or dawn? What surrounds you? Is anyone there with you? Is there anything between you and the limitless horizon in front of you? This simply exercise will not only tell you just how far away your new direction is in terms of timing, but also shows you anything you may need to focus on or remove in order to make the most of it. Now you know.

Above all, you need to claim your own path and your own life just as you may be taking care of others. Look to your upbringing now. Did your parents or caregivers encourage you to explore or experiment, to find your bliss or calling, or did they send you a message that the world is a scary place and/or you needed to conform to certain expectations? Yes, they may have done this out of love but what worked for them may not be working for you. This new Moon shows the truth of this. Time to step out and away if needed and in doing so, bring in something more exciting, satisfying and sustaining for you and those you love.