Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 25th 2022 New Moon in Leo

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 25th 2022

Look beyond the outer packaging

Attract exactly what you need

‘This or something better’ is your activation code!

Flexibility is often the key to unlocking our future. In other words – non-attachment to our goals or what we think we want. Because chances are no matter what we can imagine, the universe can think up something so much better. This week asks we remain open minded when it comes to what comes our way. Or even who. 

What’s wonderful may turn up in disguise. Or look very different to what we thought they would. Or else, the dream trap is we are so focused on having that one outcome, we reject or are simply blind to what else is available to us. This week’s series of square – Venus/Jupiter on the 25th, Mercury/Uranus on the 28th as well as the Mercury/Saturn opposition on the 31st challenges our willingness to experiment or take a chance on what (or again, who) presents itself in answer to our goal shout-out this week. 

Your litmus test should be whether or not saying yes could possibly lead to improvements no matter what area of our lives this impacts. To be willing to be a little daring, playful and experimental. To take a ‘What have I got to lose?’ approach. And know the answer to that is simply only the status quo. And if sticking to what you know isn’t getting you what you want or where you need to go – then the choice should be an obvious one.

Every sign needs to check their charts for factors at 8 degrees this week. Especially if you are an Aries, Leo or Sagittarian. Or a Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Jupiter will make a retrograde station at 8 degrees of Aries on the 28th. It then turns back to make one final visit to Pisces before heading back to Aries again in December. If you have the lucky 8 ball magic degree in your chart – read your full forecast for July as this could produce a long-awaited solution or opportunity for you.

This week also brings us a superb new Moon of magnetic attraction in Leo on the 28th, along with the Sun’s trine to Jupiter at the very end of the month. This New Moon marks the astrological start for Leos of their fresh cycle, no matter when their birthday falls. Again, this may bring us what we need to attract rather than what we believe we want. 

Together the Sun and Jupiter tell you this is an invitation to claim this if you are ready. Look past the wrapping to the gift this week. It may be even better than anything you imagined up until now.

In a nutshell: A new attraction activating New Moon appears in Leo this week. Look carefully at what you draw to yourself now. The gift is in looking beyond the outer wrapping to what may lie within, which may be better than we can imagine for ourselves.

Jul 25 2022 Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries (Cancer to Aries)

Jul 26 2022 Mercury in Leo square Mars in Taurus (Leo to Taurus)

Jul 28 2022 Jupiter stationary retrograde in Aries (Aries)

Jul 28 2022 Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (Leo to Taurus)

Jul 28 2022 New Moon in Leo (Leo)

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