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Aries Yearly Forecast 2020 Reach higher Open the door to new connections Love has a plan that can’t be rushed It’s all abut your public image, your status, title, your career, recognition and how you are seen by the world at large as 2020 begins, Aries. As you are the sign of action, be ready […]

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Taurus Yearly Forecast 2020 Get ready for take-off! Embrace the butterfly effect Love has to be the real deal I heard a wonderful quote just prior to writing this forecast for you Taurus. It could have been uttered with you specifically in mind. It’s this: There would be no butterflies without change. Change is something […]

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Gemini Yearly Forecast 2020 Be the phoenix which rises Demand a new and better deal around love Rule the past to remake the future This year is all about partnerships. And also about what you share with others and what is shared with you in return. It’s also about rebirth, transformation and power. When we […]

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Cancer Yearly Forecast 2020 Relationships transform and transform you in the process Take a new partnership journey Big commitments see you putting a ring on it! You’ve been on a journey with someone these past years – or is that a rollercoaster ride? It’s all been down to the presence of Pluto in your 7th […]

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Leo Yearly Forecast 2020 Feed your soul in 2020 Get ready for serious love Reclaim the passion and the fire, Leo! This year has a question for you, Leo. Are you serious? Time to prioritise health, routine, work (paid or unpaid), that mind/body/spirit connection and lastly – yes, love. Take what your daily needs and […]

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Virgo Yearly Forecast 2020 Work it like a boss! You can’t have it all – but you can have what you really want Love, babies, children, creativity and getting noticed see you shine Surprisingly, this forecast is steering clear of your ruler’s retrograde cycles. Of course, I will go into these in your monthly and […]

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Get ready to make your move Help yourself to some serious love You’re a class act in 2020, Libra! You may have spent 2019 clicking the heels of those red Jimmy Choos for all you were worth, Libra. Home matters and family ties may have been to put it simply- hard to ground or make […]

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Scorpio Yearly Forecast 2020 One idea can change your world What kind of love do you need next? Live it large in 2020 – and beyond It’s Superhero January for you as 2020 begins, Scorpio. Ready to suit up? So just what is your superpower? Words. Ideas. What you communicate. The internet could turn out […]

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Sagittarius Yearly Forecast 2020 Hey – must be the money! Strike that deal 2020 sees the return of real love Ruler Jupiter says Ride Wit Me in 2020, Sag. Hey -must be the money! Time to put on your bling, your cowboy hat and fire up that Trans Am, Sag. Sure, I just described that […]

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Capricorn Yearly Forecast 2020 Become your own success story Love is the asset you can bank on You’re the real deal for 2020, Capricorn! It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last paid your sign a visit, Capricorn. If you were 18 or over back then, recall the opportunities the planet of expansion may have handed […]

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Aquarius Yearly Forecast for 2020 Discover the real dream you’ve been aiming for It’s opening night – not a repeat performance! Love has a date with destiny marked in your diary Ready to explore some mysteries like never before, Aquarius? To explore the multiverse of possibilities that you may have been unaware of but nonetheless […]

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Pisces yearly forecast for 2020 Radiate, scintillate, socialise and connect Others play a leading role in your destiny Goals, wishes and dreams enter the reality zone! The future glows like a neon sign in the desert for you as 2020 begins, Pisces. When it comes to others, friends, groups, networks, bands, clubs, parties, associations it’s […]

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