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ARIES The heat is on! Time for expansion and opportunity Fire up those dreams for your future Happy Beltane, Aries. Funny as I was preparing this month’s forecast and saving it, I accidentally typed ‘Firecast’ instead of ‘Forecast’. But as far as your sign is concerned, Aries – ‘firecast’ may be a more accurate summary […]

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TAURUS Turn back time and retake that path Discover the hidden truth around love Second chances say it’s never too late The path not taken reopens for you this month, Taurus. And you’ve the gift of discovering just what it would have held for you had you taken it. It’s not so much a back-tracking […]

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GEMINI Make three wishes! Be a destiny boss Happy birthday, Gemini Ruler Mercury reverses its motion in your sign this month (10th). You know those Retro Rules by heart and please don’t deviate from them. Mercury will back into your 12th of secrets and all the stuff you are unaware of from the 23rd. Yes, […]

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CANCER Get ready for boss moves Redefine what success is for you The future is yours to re-write It all gets a little bit deeper and a lot more mysterious for you from mid-month onwards, Cancer. But first, let’s talk opportunities, solutions and freedom. Yes, they are still on offer even as the planetary energy […]

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LEO Set your compass for a new direction Big up those dreams Get ready for expansion, freedom and opportunity! Surprise developments around your work, career or public image could see you in the spotlight in some way during the start of May, Leo. Optimism, luck, expansion, travel and big loves beckon as Venus enters your […]

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VIRGO Enter a cycle of empowered change Tie up loose ends It’s all about the sharing now, Virgo! Ruler Mercury brings its thrice-yearly mayhem as it turns retrograde in its other ruling sign of Gemini on the 10th – your 10th house. It will then reverse back into your 9th before heading direct again in […]

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LIBRA Your money or your life?! Double up that experience Hashtag: #love No more solo flights or for some of you, lonely nights now Libra. Ruler Venus enters your 7th and its ruling house on the 2nd and Jupiter follows on the 10th. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in here. Rewind your […]

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SCORPIO Work the magic of the mundane and create something special Juice up that love Enter the hidden realm of your emotional truth Prepare for a love or lifestyle reboot this month, Scorpio. And get very clear about what it is you want from both areas now. This isn’t about juicing up – this is […]

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SAGITTARIUS Come and get your love! Cupid goes crazy Like attracts like now Both your houses of love and attraction are active this month, Sag. Your 5th of romance, what you love (as well as who!), creativity and children as well as your 7th of long term love, partnerships and marriage. Ruler Jupiter arrives in […]

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CAPRICORN See true colours Surprises lead to freedom You’re the homecoming sign this May! A conversation changes the situation between you and someone else at the start of the month. Venus aligns to Pluto in your 1st from your 3rd and news transforms something for you personally. Venus is then on the move into your […]

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AQUARIUS The world is on your doorstep Words have wings They who control their reactions control their destiny News you have been waiting on as well as just how far an idea can take you open fresh doors to experience for you this May. Are you ready for a change of view or even a […]

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PISCES Join the new ‘Rich List’ Explore a fresh path Your Pisces senses are tingling! Jupiter leaves your sign this month but don’t worry, Pisces. It will be back for one final visit before the year is out. It follows Venus which moves into its ruling 2nd on that day on the 10th. Mars will […]

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