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ARIES Get a load of Love for the Now Age Show others how much you care Give your goals the attention they deserve Now Age love is at its peak this month Aries. On the day the new Moon appears in your 11th on the 11th, we have a major stellium in here comprising of […]

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TAURUS Love that uniqueness Make that promise to future you Show you’re love and success enabled! Ruler Venus arrives in your Now Age 10th at the start of February. Career matters, your status, public image and reputation will be your main focus this month. Due to the massive planetary activity in here. On the day […]

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GEMINI Big Up that Love If you want to aim high you need a firm foundation Mercury retro gets Romantic! Yes, ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 9th until the 21st. And then it will be in retroshadow until next month. Don’t despair however, Gemini. You still have plenty of key dates for going places […]

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CANCER Change offers freedom and empowerment Say it your way The new, Now Age of loving is here! Venus and Jupiter as well as the Sun, a new Moon, Mercury and Saturn in your Now Age 8th point to all kinds of mischief around this Valentine’s month, Cancer. This is your house of transformations, endings, […]

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LEO Long live love in the here and now Don’t let small obstacles get in your way Inspired solutions and strategies for success appear Venus lands in its ruling 7th at the start of the month. Joining ruler the Sun in here along with Mercury retro and of course, lucky Jupiter. And making this one […]

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VIRGO Create everyday love Fire up the heat Small stuff leads to big growth opportunities The more you show the small stuff the love, the bigger the benefits on a larger scale, Virgo. You begin the month with ruler Mercury still retrograde in its ruling 6th. Along with a slew of other planets in your […]

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LIBRA Focus your intentions Time to fall in love with life Embrace the pleasure principle! If ever there was a month filled from start to finish with love and creative potential – this is it, Libra. New beginnings, conceptions, creations, romance and opportunities surround you. Yes, we will still be in a Mercury retrograde until […]

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SCORPIO Showing love sends it bouncing back to you magnified Re-imagine what living means for you Home is where the heart is – or moves into Let someone else have the limelight this month, Scorpio. Or tell them how much they or what they do means to you. Let me tell you, a little appreciation […]

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SAGITTARIUS Ideas can take you anywhere Say it with love Cosmic order that dream! You start the month with Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd house. But this is a retro like no other as you know, thanks to ruler Jupiter. More on this shortly. What you need to do this month is broadcast yourself. […]

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CAPRICORN Gratitude is your love super-power Know where to direct your passion Time to exhale and appreciate Venus enters its ruling 2nd from the 1st and it’s time to enter the world of Now Age finances, values and that all-important self-esteem, Cappy. This month offers you more than that however. It hands you room to […]

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AQUARIUS The future is more than a ‘someday’ – it’s a promise you make to yourself What goal has your name on it? The Now Age is here to stay! You are on a learning curve for the Now Age, Aquarius. Think of it this way. Saturn in your sign sets you the curriculum and […]

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PISCES Ditch those outdated 12th house expectations Step into healing, dreaming and future creating Happy birthday, Pisces! The Now Age of Aquarius is all about what lies beneath for you. Your hidden depths and dreams – Your creativity and psychic ability – Your past. Not just in this lifetime but others too. Secrets could also […]

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