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ARIES Explore extreme authenticity Love is where you are free to be you Explore a fresh dynamic on togetherness It’s the month of mists, mysteries, portals to the ‘other side’ and what your heart is seeking, Aries. Welcome to October. The retrograde weather that has had us all integrating changes within and adjusting our daily […]

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TAURUS Wellness, work and lifestyle is your focus Are you love ready? Ditch what no longer serves October begins with us still in major retrograde weather, Taurus. We have over half of the planets in the sky backwards but as we go through the month, many head direct removing that sticky heavy gravity feeling you’re […]

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GEMINI Start your engines Embrace the new First things first – in love and everything else! Retroactive factors dominate October for you, Gemini. We have over half of the planets in the sky backwards and this includes your ruler Mercury retrograde in your house of lovers, children, holidays and creative self-expression and play. Hold off […]

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CANCER Create your castle of dreams Stick to the facts in business Follow where passion leads With a lot of activity in your 4th this month you are going to come to a deeper understanding of your needs both emotional and material, Cancer. Family connections or at least your history or background, will factor in. […]

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LEO Initiate something new Step out in search of success Every witch-way for love this Halloween, Leo! Moonwalking Mercury retro in its ruling 3rd may seem to be targetting you unfairly, Leo. It will head direct again from the 18th but please bear in mind you’ll still need those Retro Rules in place for another […]

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VIRGO Money talks so join the conversation Commit to a path or a place Embrace abundance in all its forms Mercury retro in your financial sector puts your focus firmly on your money, Virgo. Going over just where it goes, on what, how much and also how fluid you feel. I should not need to […]

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LIBRA Go back to the future Get ready for your relaunch Make that serious promise Sometimes we have to look back to go forward again. This birthday season has that kind of flavour for you. It’s due to the intense retrograde weather we’re experiencing. Yes, your ruler is in direct motion. But you have Mercury […]

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SCORPIO What no longer serves must go Believe you can to be it Happy birthday, Scorpio! Happy birthday, phoenix rising. Time for the season of rebirth this month when the Sun arrives in your sign on the 23rd. Hot on its heels will be your ancient ruler Mars paying its respects on the 30th. What […]

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SAGITTARIUS Find a new star to aim for Love gets fresh intentions Promises are meant to be kept Ruler Jupiter heads direct once again in your 3rd on the 18th. Along with Mercury the same day in your 11th. We start the month in major retroactive weather. But this begins to bow away from the […]

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CAPRICORN Create that perfect work/life balance Focus on the future Get connecting Good news for October is that the major retrograde weather front is finally breaking up, Capricorn. You may have felt it was exceptionally heavy going due to ruler Saturn retro in your 2nd and Pluto backwards in your 1st. Then throw in the […]

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AQUARIUS Move back into free-flowing optimism Explore your purpose Be a firebrand – begin something new! You’ve been one of those signs particularly affected by the heavy retrograde weather we’ve all been wading through. The reason being you’ve had two of the outer planets retrograde in your sign – Saturn and Jupiter. Plus Mercury retrograde […]

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PISCES What is your body saying? Take control of your cash Dress for magical success this Halloween! Time to tune in to what your body is telling you. And continue with any self-care initiatives you may have begun in September, Pisces. Your intuition is your greatest asset and your superpower. So, do listen to what […]

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