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ARIES Don’t skip the small stuff (It’s all small stuff!) Time to launch Romance and what you love put you in the spotlight No matter what you may think this month, Aries – it’s all small stuff. So, ensure things don’t get magnified out of proportion and don’t allow your responses to go there either. […]

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TAURUS Create a perfect display case for yourself What supports you takes you further Lighten up that love vibe! Matches and mergers as well as highly conscious un-couplings are linked to Juno in your 8th. It heads direct from the 3rd. This is your house of joint (marital) assets – the mortgage, joint account and […]

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GEMINI Big up that personal brand Step into opportunity Love is in the sharing Ruler Mercury will move across three signs this month, Gemini. That’s a quarter of your chart. It’s in full forward motion aside from what may seem like a blip when things pause for a moment later this month. You may need […]

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CANCER Build a better relationship to what you have and hold Time for a new balancing act Is it time to escape?! This is a real get talking month, Cancer. Especially when it comes to your closest relationships. Love is fed by communication. The closeness you desire is created by weaving a magic spell of […]

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LEO Love is a sure thing – one way or another Conversation is your superpower Rise and shine, Leo! Its still your time to shine right up to the Sun exiting your sign on the 22nd. It’s also a pivotal time for not just you glorious you, Leo. But relationships, partnerships and double acts. It […]

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VIRGO Your superpowers? Charm and charisma! Express yourself to attract Happy birthday, Virgo! Happy birthday, Virgo! You are the sign best able to get the most out of August, Virgo. Shhhh. Don’t tell the Leos next door as they need to think it’s all about them! Now the joke is that chances are, you are […]

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LIBRA Discover the meaning of true self-care Destiny drives the future of love Get a head start on your new cycle It’s like an early birthday gift, Libra as ruler Venus arrives in your 1st from the 16th. Is it time to kick back a little? To enjoy yourself? Focus on those wants, needs and […]

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SCORPIO Time to act! Believe in yourself Reclaim those lost dreams Over-thinking and second guessing are kryptonite for you this August, Scorpio. Yes but all means plan. But understand that too much interferes with your superpower this month. There comes the point where if you are going to do something rather than just dream or […]

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SAGITTARIUS News releases you into opportunity Werk those smarts Keep those promises – including the ones to yourself Prepare for important news or events which are designed with your freedom in mind this month, Sag. This month sees you in the spotlight, craving attention, ready to party, play and above all, experiment. You’re unafraid to […]

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CAPRICORN Get ready for bolder, bigger moves Embrace your purpose You were born for this! Embrace the changes and don’t resist them as August begins, Capricorn. Take it that they have a power and a purpose that you might be unaware of at first. No matter what things look like to begin with, that purpose […]

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AQUARIUS Two’s more than company now Go deep into soul needs Love offers a new beginning Besties, baes and buddies. That past, present or potential partner. Duos, duets and double acts. And even that out of step tango you do with that frenemy or opponent. All continue to be in focus this month while the […]

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PISCES Look for the deeper meaning Love needs realness to thrive Time to escape! You are the master magician adept at looking beyond the obvious, Pisces. Use this superpower to your advantage this month. Especially when it comes to relationships of all descriptions. Changes are your infallible inner voice is feeding you insight into one […]

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