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ARIES ‘Re’ words re-write your rules Intuition reveals a new path Get ready for intangible, invisible benefits! Stand by this May because cruise control isn’t something you can rely on Aries. Time to take the wheel of destiny and steer yourself in the direction you want to go. After a period where every planet in […]

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TAURUS Turn on, tune in – join the party, Taurus! Embrace people power Make a wish A new, more vibrant and exciting social scene could be yours this May, Taurus. As barriers between you and your goals dissolve. Shared projects, causes, visions; people power, movements, groups, parties, bands, clubs and organisations – if not physically […]

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GEMINI Destiny sends your future along a new pathway Love is the biggest mystery of all Happy birthday, Gemini! May the 4th be with you as ruler Mercury lands in your sign on Star Wars Day! Venus isn’t far behind and arrives on the 9th. All ahead of the Sun on the 20th. You’re looking […]

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CANCER Romance and freedom could be a sign of the trines! Luck, opportunity and solutions are heading your way Focus on wellbeing Even as the planets assemble in your 12th of the past and we head into retro-weather, you have a hall pass on all that, Cancer! I am not saying you are immune to […]

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LEO Goals and destiny join forces Big up that empowerment Positive change fuels freedom Your ruler the Sun begins the month in your 10th of career and status. So, stay focused on those ambitions until the 20th and showcase your seriously promotable side. You value your reputation being the sign associated with royalty. Be a […]

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VIRGO Revisit the past to future-proof it Get ready for release Big up that love! Punching above your weight? No such thing now, Virgo. Whether its in love or in the career arena, get ready for something bigger this May! This month hands you a preview now of what 2022 has in store for you. […]

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LIBRA Try on a larger living experience for size! Explore the path not taken Change your priorities to get more of what you truly want Honey, I shrunk your world! Yes, you may have felt exactly as if this has happened, Libra. Now, after a long time spent feeling dull, restricted or locked-in with nothing […]

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SCORPIO Turn on that love light! Get lucky Supercharge that insight Time to check your chart! Because its all down to less than three degrees of separation between you and the good stuff. Or basically, when you can expect it to arrive, Scorpio! Check your chart now for factors in your sign between 0-2 degrees […]

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SAGITTARIUS Change your fate, change your luck, change your love Be present Explore the power of everyday magic Back to your love future, Sag. May the 4th – yes, Star Wars Day, sees Mercury enter its ruling sign of Gemini and your 7th of all things partnership-centric. Take it duos and double acts of all […]

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CAPRICORN Breathe new life into your routine Make a fresh start in love Say it loud! You glow, Cappy! The kind that we can only radiate when we have planets in our 5th house. Make the most of it because like all kinds of weather – the astrology kind changes. That’s why we call it […]

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AQUARIUS Get a rich mindset and have fun trying! Be strong enough to be vulnerable Goals demand a reset Money, money, money. Do you remember the ‘In and Out’ astrology rules? That when a planet switches signs or is about to, we can experience it in a big way? This month sees Jupiter leave your […]

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PISCES Go big or go home! Take your ideas to a new level Pay attention to what happens behind the scenes Big, bigger, biggest – there is no way to under-sell what is happening in your sign this month, Pisces. The last time your ancient ruler Jupiter paid you a visit was 12 years ago. […]

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