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Aries Who put the fire out? Watch and wait – don’t rush Go for the slow burn, Aries! Who turned down the heat?! This month could see you looking at where your va-va-voom has vanished to. Did someone steal your mojo? Since your ruler Mars arrived in your sign in June you’ve been hot, hot, […]

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Taurus You can’t deny those dreams any longer! Own your path Make self-care and love your priority You crave routine, Taurus and seek harmony and stability in everything you do. That is because your sign is rule by Venus which always wants balance – and love to rule. However, it’s all too easy for that […]

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Gemini Lighten up Feed that passion Follow up on outrageous impulse! Ruler Mercury is on the move on the 5th and heads into your 5th of the lightness of not taking things too seriously. The Sun is going to follow on the 22nd. Romance, flirtation, attraction, hobbies, short trips, good times, young people and yes, […]

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Cancer Grow that dream Fuel up for the long haul Believe in your dreams This month’s full Moon appears at the start of September in your 9th. It is asking you where you believe your dreams can take you? You know, sometimes we need to travel in the realm of our imagination for a while. […]

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Leo Be the change you want to see in your life Authenticity is your superpower Show the world you’re the real deal on love! What’s the change around love you want to bring in, Leo? With a full Moon in your passion sector on the 2nd, and Venus in your sign from the 6th, it’s […]

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Virgo Know what you want to achieve You can’t – and shouldn’t – hurry love Is it time to say yes the second time around? The full Moon in your 7th this month on the 2nd says ‘Backatcha’. Someone is acting as a mirror for you. This could be your partner, someone from your past […]

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Libra Show yourself that love devotion Re-set your passion Happy birthday, Libra! As Mercury enters your sign from the 5th and a full Moon shines on your routine, responsibilities and daily duties on the 2nd, we can’t not talk about your responsibility to yourself, Libra. Make wellness your priority and follow through on any insights […]

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Scorpio Go with intuition Work your brand and image Play with the Law of Attraction Your annual soul declutter begins this September. That 4-6 week period before our birthday season starts where we go within and look at what we need to keep – and what we need to let go of. This starts from […]

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Sagittarius Release yourself back into the flow of abundance Reclaim that big love Assemble that dream team Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your money zone from the 13th. Financial restrictions may start to ease. It’s been a tough few years for you, Sag. Perhaps stretching back to 2017. The good news? It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime […]

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Capricorn Time for home truths Emotion is power Opportunity brings a release into something bigger The 2nd hands you a full Moon in your 3rd. What’s on your mind, Capricorn? Bring any work or communication projects to a closure. Tie up those loose ends. Your siblings may feature under this full Moon if you have […]

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Aquarius Let your true worth shine though Get ready for outrageous love fortune! This month’s full Moon on the 2nd is in your 2nd of money, possessions, values and self-worth. Watch your spending under it. There’s a big difference between needing something and wanting it. Getting your finances in order is an excellent way to […]

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Pisces Opposites reflect the truth Know your true worth Work that magnetism! One particular person or connection is on your mind as September begins. It could be your partner. It could be someone you work closely with, that bestie or even that opponent, rival or frenemy. Watch who is literally on your mind or ‘opposite’ […]

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