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Aries Start me up! Bold moves leave others in the dust Dare to be outstanding Fire back up that signature boldness, Aries. Ruler Mars direct in your sign from the 14th hands you back that fierceness. The moment you’ve been waiting for to act could arrive. Especially when it comes to fixing something that has […]

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Taurus Start something in the name of love Change is another term for freedom Move it on up this Movember! No more sitting around thinking about what action you should take, Taurus. Weighing up the options is over for you this Movember. If you’ve been spending too much time in your head of late – […]

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Gemini Lighten the load Love is letting go of what is no longer needed Get ready for release! You’ve an eclipsed full Moon in your sign this month, Gemini. While next month will bring a total eclipse in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and your 7th of partnerships. Ruler Mercury is direct in your 5th […]

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Cancer Time for some life gardening Don’t just dare to dream – dare to live it! Taking care of the small stuff releases you into something bigger Ready for something a little more daring? You start the month taking care of outstanding business. Whether this is close to home or showcasing those superpowers professionally. There’s […]

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Leo It’s a roaring unofficial birthday season! Radiate to attract That feelgood solution is here to stay Ruler the Sun gets the party season started early when it lands in your 5th on the 21st. In the spotlight – well, you are and your ability to attract Leo. By now you should know that along […]

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Virgo Have a little faith – in yourself Work that mojo Your secret superpower? Intuition! Ruler Mercury lifts the communication barrier once more as it heads direct in your 2nd from the 3rd. You’re back in business in more ways than one, Virgo. When it comes to deals, negotiations, outcomes and your cash – don’t […]

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Libra Play with the power of impossibilities Solutions set you free It’s ALL small stuff after all! Nothing is impossible when it comes to love this month, Libra. This applies to that past, present or potential partner. Take it that all bets are off and just play with improbabilities. The more outrageous the better. Ruler […]

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Scorpio Say it and mean it What seems unreal sends you into a new reality 24 carat hallmarked relationships are what you deserve! Time to say ‘I do’ – if only to a re-envisioned version of your future this month, Scorpio. You could recommit or something returns – but this time it’s future-proofed. Chances are […]

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Sagittarius Solutions propel you out of status quo Karma makes time for love Happy birthday, Sag! Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Even before the Sun arrives in your sign on the 21st, you may have that heads-up that positive change is about to occur. Your ruler Jupiter is at work now. Paving the way for the Now […]

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Capricorn Rebranding + rebirth = results Embrace transformation Align how others see you with how you see yourself It may not be your birthday season – yet. But this month is all about you, you, YOU, Cappy. Especially your image, profile, brand, rep, cred, appearance, style, look and personal message. And how this is viewed […]

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Aquarius Play it for keeps Get adulting for success A promise made within brings the changes you want to see in your world The changes that will impact on next door sign of Capricorn are likely to be obvious and visible, Aquarius. The ones which impact on you this month may be on a deep, […]

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Pisces If you build the dream, others will help you Discover the strength in those needs Get ready for something bigger Holy engines of change, Pisces! You are completing one important phase this month and then stepping into a new future promise. And one that sets you on a new and exciting learning journey. Your […]

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