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Sagittarius Focus on the love you give – and the love you get in return Friends and goals feature Big up that message – and that plan Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your 3rd on the 18th while Mercury the ruler of this house, also moves forward in your 11th the same day. Friends and […]

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Aries Get ready for that soul mission Self-start with new purpose Climax brings release into the fabulously new! The end to the heavy retrograde weather this week coincides with a daring full Moon in your sign this week, Aries. Chances are your warrior soul has had enough of simply playing it safe or having to […]

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Taurus What’s your favourite oracle got to say? Work your soul superpower Turn on that love light! What’s your go-to source of soul wisdom, Taurus? The Tarot? Astrology? Your own quiet but true inner voice? Turn on and tune in this week as the Moon waxes in your 12th. Your inner knowing or that tried […]

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Gemini Time for action Duos, duets, double acts and deals Stick to that decision Ruler Mercury shifts forwards the same day Jupiter does the same in its ruling 9th (18th). No more wheel spinning for you, Gemini. But being the retro pro you know you need to allow another three weeks for Mercury to clear […]

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Cancer Love puts you back in the flow Attend to home matters Yes, your feelings ARE valid – don’t dismiss them Love gets a new life or undergoes a powerful transformation as the Sun lights up its ruling 5th in your chart. Time to fall in love with love again. Or even just with your […]

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Leo Love gets unstuck – finally Continue to refine those ideas Bring the focus close to home Siblings, commuting, short trips, writing, design, images, the internet and your devices/car have all been hit by Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd. Plus you have had Jupiter retrograde in your 7th of partnerships, duos, double acts and […]

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Virgo Continue to watch where the money goes Don’t be rushed Stand by your values Ruler Mercury heads direct in your money zone this week but you’re not out of the financial woods yet. You know that until Mercury clears retroshadow you can count on nothing being final. And that includes that bank balance, income, […]

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Libra Showcase that game face Passion peaks Avoid the feeling you must win at all costs Star light, shine bright. That’s always your birthday message, Libra. And honestly, Mercury retro in your 1st shouldn’t really do anything to dull that shine. The final week of your birthday cycle sees it finally head direct along with […]

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Scorpio Stand by your beliefs Release what no longer works Happy birthday, phoenix rising! Happy birthday, Scorpio! Just in time the planets come to the party for you – ending their retroactive party-pooping backwards motion as Jupiter shifts forward in your 4th and Mercury in your 12th both on the 18th. That feeling nothing is […]

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Capricorn Have an action plan – and stick to it Message and image takes on fresh importance What’s working for you? Time for action at last, Capricorn. But please make it considered, strategic action this week. The retrograde weather disperses at last. You already have your ruler Saturn direct once more in your 2nd and […]

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Aquarius Keep that Plan B in place for now Don’t be in a hurry to seal that deal Hot, not or back again? Travel – either actual or a learning journey, foreign affairs of all descriptions, far off people and places, study, the law, the outdoors, mass media, luck and large animals especially horses, all […]

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Pisces Embrace what (or who) you really need Change is in your best interests Pave the way for new beginnings What you need as opposed to what you imagined you wanted features this week, Pisces. If something doesn’t go exactly to plan now, know it hasn’t happened simply because it isn’t in your best, long […]

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