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Sagittarius Go for emotional honesty Barriers to communication dissolve A new love truth demands sharing The more open you are now, the more you are going to attract, Sag. Single and seeking another free-spirit to run with? That could include attracting them as well! This is a week to share. Anything from your emotional journey […]

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Aries True colours can’t be dimmed Talk it over Ready that message Important information will be revealed this week, Aries so how do you intend to use it? Anything that has been kept from you or has been going on in the background without you realising it, is about to be dragged into the light […]

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Taurus Direct those resources Work that mojo Plug into that power-source of desire! Mercury stationary direct in your sign this week should have you rebooting that mojo or personal brand. And be ready to make some serious in-roads when it comes to those personal dreams and ambitions. You have the vision and possibly the plan. […]

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Gemini Have a little self-faith Play with the power of choice Step off the edge and fly! The Sun’s transit through our 1st each year is more than just being about our birthday. For a month, the Sun shines on us. It’s a time to make soul promises to ourselves for the coming year. We’re […]

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Cancer Link to the reservoir of power within you Prioritise those goals Own your choices Mercury engages in forward motion now in your 11th of goals, friendships and the future on the 3rd. Hopefully the retro cycle has seen you engaging in some serious sorting hat selections when it comes to that network. Or even […]

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Leo Give the love of friendship Get ready to go for goal! Romance may grow in unexpected ways Time for some growth this week, Leo. And in ways that are going to surprise you. Life will not be dull this week thanks to your ruler the Sun in your 11th along with this week’s new […]

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Virgo Set yourself up for lasting (emotional) success Boss up those ideas Make a serious investment in love Ruler Mercury ends its full-fat retro madness and moves to retro lite in your 9th on the 3rd. Retro restrictions are not fully lifted until it clears its retroshadow later in June. I hardly need remind you […]

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Libra Delete those old tapes that say you’re not enough Imagine something bigger Self empowerment is the new sexy Make a plan to travel, to learn or just to experience more of the world than you have done of late, Libra. Even if you can’t actually travel or experience it right now, if you at […]

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Scorpio Get ready for soul revival and rebirth Confront what holds you back Put a ring around something sustaining Mercury retrograde in any house always asks us to look backwards and have one eye on things we have already set in motion. This week sees it direct once more in your house of partnerships. Not […]

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Capricorn Values can’t be bought or sold but can be given as gifts That To Do list needs to include Me Time Rearrange your priorities Look at what you value the most this week as ruler Saturn gets retroactive in your 2nd. This is all about more than just your money. Although revisiting that budget […]

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Aquarius Begin anew Critics are everywhere – so ignore them Time for romance, pleasure and play! Get your glam on, Aquarius! The new Moon in your 5th comes loaded with the power of attract and so much opportunity. The kind that’s usually associated with the start of your birthday season. When the Sun and new […]

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Pisces What’s the hidden meaning behind your home? Cheery pick your soul tools You can get anywhere from where you are What is your home or your lifestyle saying to you now, Pisces? Because it is reflecting on some level the changes you need to be making or the way you need to be living […]

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