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SAGITTARIUS Duos, double acts and duets of all descriptions feature Where does love want to take you next? Changes around work are here to stay May the Love Force be with you from May 4th (Star Wars Day), when Mercury lands in your 7th, Sag. Love, partnership matters, duos, duets and double acts of all […]

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ARIES Feel the full force of your ideas Promises are meant to be delivered on Take the direct approach Mercury is on the move into its ruling sign/house of Gemini and your 3rd this week, Aries. This occurs on the 4th – Star Wars day for all you fan-folks out there. So, we are talking […]

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TAURUS Money talks so what is it saying? Love adds value New dawn, new day – new look at you Ruler Venus leaves your sign this week to land in its ruling 2nd (9th). Along with Mercury which also arrives in here on the 4th – May the 4th be with you. So, expect a […]

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GEMINI Every little thing you say is magic Look to where new growth can begin Time for your relaunch May the 4th be with you now ruler Mercury lands in your sign on what is, Star Wars Day for you non-geeks out there. It’s all about your ideas and what you say, share and communicate […]

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CANCER Open up to new ways of seeing the world Embrace a bigger experience Go within to re-work the future This week sees ruler the Moon in your 9th align to Mars in your 1st. And you initiating a positive move as a result. It comes from a place of wanting to experience something more, […]

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LEO Get serious about what you want What or who makes you proud? Best game face forward, Leo! Start the week focussed on your public/professional image and how you are coming across, Leo. This is always an important area for you as you are a sign who values its reputation. And the reputation of your […]

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VIRGO Be a force to be reckoned with Give those ideas serious consideration Invest in that image May the 4th be with you as ruler Mercury makes all the right moves when it lands in your 10th on Star Wars Day. Venus follows five days later. So, ahead of the Sun being switched on in […]

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LIBRA Rock out to freedom Time to renegotiate for balance and fairness Opportunities propel you up and away from restrictions Positive changes around income, money, assets or what you share are possible with just a little extra effort from you now, Libra. Shifting your habits and creating new and better ones will have a knock-on […]

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SCORPIO Let’s talk love Make that compromise Is it time to take something one step further? Ruler Pluto gets entangled this week, Scorpio. While you have a planetary shift occurring as both Mercury (4th) and Venus (9th) slide into Pluto’s ruling 8th. Before this happens however, simply beautiful conversations could occur between Venus in its […]

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CAPRICORN Get a shot at self-worth fulfilment Change your habits and rule your universe Free up your time for what frees your soul New deals around money or love just may be possible this week. You have Mercury and Venus angling to Jupiter in your money house. Plus a wonderful Venus/Pluto trine on the 6th. […]

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AQUARIUS Lighten up when it comes to love Attraction is meant to be effortless Get a better work/life balance There’s no such thing as a narky Jupiter square. Especially when Jupiter sits in our 1st. Two occur this week between Jupiter and Mercury (3rd) and Venus (8th) – both in your 4th house. Changes around […]

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PISCES Enhance your sense of belonging There’s no place like home now Discover that escape route Previously hidden information or just you tapping into an amazing insight sees you step back into what I can only describe as a ‘light filled path’ again. Especially if things have been unclear or confusing of late. All thanks […]

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