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Sagittarius News opens a new path Ideas break you free The heat is back on when it comes to love The news, opportunity or solution is too big to miss this week, Sag. It is also about releasing you from something which is no longer working and may not have been for quite some time […]

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Aries Old goals make way for new ones Make a promise to your future Get ready for solutions – and opportunities Promises and commitments may come full circle this week, Aries. Making good, letting go or making new ones. Someone may remind you of one you have made – or you may feel a deep […]

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Taurus Leverage all you have to offer Three times a charm! The long game pays off now, Taurus You of all signs knows that slow and steady spells success in the long run, Taurus. Let those other signs do the sprinting. You’ll arrive not only not out of breath but looking amazing at the same […]

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Gemini Luck is a mindset Time for action You’ve got a ticket to ride! In a pre-Covid world I would have been telling you to pack your bags and prepare to travel, Gemini. Ruler Mercury’s third and final meeting with Jupiter in its ruling 9th does however mark the start of a journey or a […]

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Cancer True colours stand out Change allows you to fly free Leave that comfort zone for something bigger Hey there butterfly. If things do not change they cannot improve. So, look to who or what is resisting change in your world this week. Is it you for instance? The final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter […]

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Leo Duos, double acts of all descriptions deliver love in many forms Don’t go it alone Explore the Power of Two Now Age love is all about double the benefits and triple the factors, Leo. In other words, you and a significant other of some description. And three times the charm when it comes to […]

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Virgo Your best life – your way What’s good for you also sets you free Stand by your priorities Opportunities around work and wellbeing are on offer (again) this week, Virgo. All thanks to ruler Mercury now very much direct once more encountering Jupiter in your 6th for the third and final time on the […]

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Libra Shine on! Get ready to step into something bigger Enter the Glamazone Lucky you, Libra. Lucky breaks, love, fun, pleasure, indulgence, creativity, where you shine, glamour and even babies, children or young people feature this week. News or events around one, some or any of these propel you direct into good times, happiness, romance […]

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Scorpio Get a true sense of permanence and place Unlock the door to opportunity Play and know it’s for keeps Positive outcomes around home, career, money or your living arrangements and general sense of security are on offer this week. If anything around these areas has been going backwards and forwards since the end of […]

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Capricorn Invest in your future by investing in yourself Pace yourself to win the race Self-worth? Like money in the bank! Changes and renegotiations feature this week, Capricorn. As well as something you should be able to ‘bank on’ for your future. This week’s make-it-big aspect is the third and final meeting between Mercury and […]

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Aquarius Go big or go home Actions speak louder than words Know what you want to get it Go big or go home this week, Aquarius. There is simply no middle ground. This is the ultimate maxi-challenge where you can hear RuPaul telling you: And don’t #&*! It up! Actually, you can’t this week. Not […]

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Pisces Hidden benefits last the longest There’s no fate but the one we make Karma could pay it forward now There’s nothing better than a transit of the heart and soul that involves Jupiter, Pisces. Your ancient ruler in your 12th is all about delivering something linked to your past, good karma or which is […]

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