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Sagittarius Own your needs as part of who you are Get ready to unveil a whole new facet of you Cast your past in a different light Hidden and deeply buried needs may surface this week. And you may be surprised by how long you have managed to supress them, Sag. Especially as once you […]

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Aries Don’t fall for fake news of the soul kind Make ‘Just the facts’ your mantra Ask those angels Do fact check and take it your most reliable source of information may be that psychic reporter within you this week, Aries. We have a full Moon in your 3rd and an eclipse on the 30th. […]

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Taurus Your value system is right on the money Know what is priceless to you Dare to ask for a different outcome Above all, avoid making major financial decisions this week. And look more to what your relationship is to your money, income, possessions and even your self-worth. You certainly need to come from the […]

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Gemini Partnerships, duos and double acts feature If you need to know – then ask Take your time with love Confused around love? Understand a direct question usually gets you a clear answer. Discussions with others may take a surprising turn this week. And you need to uncover the truth about your feelings and/or theirs […]

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Cancer Link to inner knowing The truth is in the little things How does this make you feel? With an eclipsed full Moon in your 12th on the 30th, take it you are in the dark, Cancer. This may be around someone else’s true feelings or intentions. Above all, you need to stay connected to […]

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Leo Solutions may hide in plain sight People show their true colours Who’s the name that jumps to mind? One particular connection, group or friendship needs your attention, Leo. Now, bring that attention to the name or names that immediately sprang to mind as you read that. All I would say is – this is […]

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Virgo Act with self-assurance Open the door to real emotional connection Be Cool We are in a big mutable weather cycle now which is going to affect you being a mutable sign, Virgo. Take it that you will be subject to changes and shifts. And also, that you may not be able to predict where […]

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Libra Be present Getting organised hands you the freedom you’re seeking Is love right in front of you? Running away may seem like a good idea this week. But even if you were lockdown free and able to do just that, it may not be the best idea. This week brings an eclipsed full Moon […]

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Scorpio Follow the money Get working smarter Get your glam on any way you can! A situation may transform or be in the process of doing just that, Scorpio. But you may not be able to a) see where this is happening or b) if you do, grasp the implications of this yet. Eclipses are […]

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Capricorn Where your energy goes – your focus needs to flow Is that a routine or a rut you’ve created? Fact check before you act We are in a big mutable cycle, Capricorn. Plus, we are about to see the ‘heavy’ weather which has impacted on your sign, break up this December. For good. So, […]

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Aquarius Love’s true form may take time to reveal itself Clear the way for the new State your T&C’s See you on the dark side of the Moon, Aquarius. The Moon rules our intuition along with Neptune. Both have nudging yours this week. As the full Moon in your 5th on the 30th comes wrapped […]

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Pisces Be yourself Inner wisdom kick-starts new beginnings The cycle is about happiness – that’s the truth We’re in mutable weather and also mutable eclipse weather. This week brings an eclipsed full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. December will also bring a Total Solar Eclipse in your 10th. You have probably […]

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