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Sagittarius Re-boot your future with added passion Live up to that promise Whose rules are you following? The Sun in your 11th from the 22nd puts your focus very much on your connections and your future, Sag. This future could also revolve around the next generation or pursuing your passion. Or passion in the inter-personal […]

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Aries In or out? It’s for keeps! Make a heart-centered promise Time for a new deal Powerful promises and commitments we don’t make lightly and can’t easily break are themes this week. It asks: Are you in or are you out? One way or another. All or nothing. There’s something long-term about the decisions you’ll […]

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If it rings true – put a ring on it What you promised in the past has brought you to the present If love’s a journey – where are you headed next? Past promises are going to feature now, Taurus. The ones you’ve made and can’t easily back out of. You have Juno, ruler of […]

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Gemini Ruler Mercury arrives in it’s ruling 6th this week. But it is in retroshadow phase preparing for its shift backwards next month. So, prepare yourself for an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem. We can’t talk about your 6th without touching on health, routine, work (paid and unpaid), tasks and wellbeing. You also have Juno, […]

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Cancer Own what it is you want from love It’s not what you’re asking – it’s the way you ask The deal may change – but not the outcome If you are seeking something long term – especially around love, time to own that, Cancer. This week is about compromises too. But only where this […]

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Leo Promises are kept close to home Actions in the present are building blocks for the future You’re ready for the big ‘C’ – commitment! Your need for security, permanence and a home base will be amplified this week, Leo. Long-term decisions can be made now and agreements entered into thanks to Juno in your […]

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Virgo Relate to your real worth Take a chance on the transformative choice Commit to what you know is right Just don’t think the focus is off you just yet, Virgo. Sure, the Sun exits your sign this week and enters your 2nd on the 22nd. Time to focus on your relationship to all you […]

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Libra Get ready to work your worth Make a stand-out move Happy birthday, Libra! Happy birthday, Libra! The start of your new cycle coincides with self-worth boosting and the possibility of new deals on love or opportunities to shine. You’re on the brink of the New Age of Aquarius. Something you won’t have experienced before. […]

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Scorpio Put a ring on that decision Get a new deal on the future Choices drive our destiny Let’s talk serious love, Scorpio. There are promises to make and keep this week as Juno which rules big commitments arrives in your sign on the 21st. Along with Mercury which rules contracts as well as communication […]

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Capricorn Look to the long term with decisions Take your time Choose what adds to or reflects your worth Take your time when it comes to entering into anything long term this week, Capricorn. Don’t be in too much of a hurry whether it’s signing on the dotted line for that loan or signing away […]

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Aquarius Choose evolution Innovate with love Expand your world in new ways You’re the sign of innovation and invention. Or should I say re-invention? Commit to your continued evolution this week, Aquarius as the Sun arrives in your 9th. This should trigger the desire to learn something new. And a yearning to experience the world […]

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Pisces Say yes to what sets your soul soaring Let inner wisdom be your guide You need a bigger love experience What you are saying yes or no to; what you decide to let go of or keep close – these decisions will be locked in for the long-term this week. How you come to […]

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