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SAGITTARIUS Reach higher Love shows fresh growth One direction – up Ain’t no stoppin’ you now, Sag. You’re on the move now ruler Jupiter lands back in your house of communication, commuting and commerce from the 3rd. This coincides this week with Mercury arriving in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 28th and a meeting between […]

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ARIES Fire up those everyday changes Do it just for fun! Is love the idea to flirt with? Ruler Mars is on the move into your sign of day job, studies, health, habits and routine. What can I say but pace yourself, Aries. And above all, don’t neglect the details in your haste to get […]

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TAURUS What’s the new deal on the table? Look to long term success and sustenance Unleash that inner love warrior! Money talks now Ceres enters your 2nd this week, but your values are your gold-standard, Taurus. So, know what these are especially when it comes to what sustains and supports you. It’s important to be […]

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GEMINI Explore a new world of ideas Meet the future with an open mind Time to share your truth Ceres in your 1st is all about ideas, speaking and sharing your truth, and also entitlement. As in you are entitled to your ideas and others are entitled to theirs. Come from a place of curiosity […]

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Cancer Truth telling leads to healing and freedom Work that value system Claim something priceless – your own empowerment No more secrets, just the truth now Ceres lands in your 12th, Cancer. And no more holding back your truth from others either. Ceres says speak up and speak out. Above all, ask questions. If there […]

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LEO Go straight to the point What are you really saying? Make that pitch and package too good to say no to You are now in a position where you should know exactly what you want, Leo. And are unafraid to state it and go after it. Time for straight talk and to walk that […]

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VIRGO The truth sets you free – from confusion and not knowing Seek out a fresh path to what you want Get a dose of everyday miracle revelation The truth is out there this week, Virgo. And you are determined to out it. Ruler Mercury lands in your 12th and meets the Sun in here […]

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LIBRA Own what it is you really want Like the Virgos next door, you may be on a truth-seeking mission this week now Mars is in your 12th. However, this may take a slightly different form or impact on a different area of your life. Without going all Lucifer on you – what is it […]

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SCORPIO Choose your company with care Reputation is your calling card Changes around resources open new portals of potential Push forward with anything connected to career now Mercury alights in your 10th. You and your smarts are on show this week especially on the 1st when the Sun and Mercury meet in here. Ensure you […]

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CAPRICORN Don’t put off what needs to be said Cash in on enhanced self-worth Break free into opportunity Long overdue conversations between you and someone else could bring about a much-needed shift this week. Prepare for change, Capricorn. Everything from the ground-breaking to the mundane. But what changes sets you free from something that has […]

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AQUARIUS Big up what makes you extra specially you That hot ticket? That’s you now, Aquarius It’s all about you and me, baby! This week focusses your attention on you and someone else. That emerging relationship or that existing one. You have the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 7th this week indicating there’s love […]

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PISCES Weave that everyday magic Leverage your intuition to live your best life Turn up the heat on love! Ancient ruler Jupiter exits your sign this week returning to your depth-defining 12th. Don’t worry – it will be back in December. For now it supersizes your superpower – your intuition. This coincides with Mercury’s arrival […]

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