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Astrology – Mars Moon Transits

Mars Moon Transits Mars Conjunct Moon The term ‘burning on a short fuse’ applies during this transit. You’re snappy and scrappy. Everything may irritate you and usually for no good reason. Or you find yourself suddenly resentful about something that happened a long time ago. Arguments which happen under this transit often involve family members […]

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Sun Transits

The Sun is the source of energy in our solar system – and the source of energy in our charts. Sun transits last for just one day but they have a massive impact on our horoscope. #suntransits

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Astrology – Mercury Moon Transits

Mercury Moon Transits When Mercury the planet of communication and the Moon hook up it’s all about your emotions. Also expressing or trying to express your intuition. As Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, the spirit world could be trying to communicate with you via dreams, symbols or something in the media that appears […]

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Mercury Sun Transits

Mercury is the planet of communication and moves quite quickly. The Sun shines a light on things and also influences confidence. These short lives transits can have a big impact and are useful if there is something important that needs to be said.

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