Psychic reader David

 Michele says

David is a psychic and intuitive coach who specialises in helping you find your purpose in life. He inherited his gifts from both sides of the family, and has been reading professionally since 1996.  He blew through the test process like a breath of fresh air, scoring hit after hit and has an amazingly uplifting energy. He is great at detail but keeps a firm focus on the bigger picture and has an outstanding emotional intelligence – yet another reader I’m proud to have on the team!

David also holds qualifications in Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Creative Therapy.

David says: “I work intuitively, from a Law of Attraction perspective. I like to put you back in the driving seat of your life. We talk about what you are manifesting for yourself, and how you could achieve a better outcome. I look at your limiting beliefs, blocks, and anything else that might be keeping you from your bliss. I also highlight your potential and unique gifts. It’s not just about surface drama, it’s about the vibe you are sending out and what you came here to do.”

“I love working with people who have a special calling in life – creatives, entrepreneurs, artists and business people. I get a real kick out of supporting other intuitives, empaths and people in helping professions. I also love to empower people who have questions about their romantic life. I’m known for my Earthy, funny and beautifully blunt approach.”

If he is not online and you would like to speak with him, please contact our main reception between 9am and 6pm GMT with your suggested times.


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