Psychic reader Sadie

 Michele says

Sadie is exactly what you expect from Michele Knight Psychics. She is a brilliant psychic and astonishing medium. She has had her ability all her life, is emotionally intelligent and incredibly specific. As a result, she’s constantly in demand but is absolutely and one hundred per cent worth waiting for!

What people say

  • “Jeanie and Sadie are true guides.  Without their guidance, I wouldn’t have found the strength.”

    - Written by Ruth

  • “Wow! i spoke to Sadie today and she is a true wonder. Her readings are amazing and she has truly helped me.”

    - Written by Susan

  • “My reading with Sadie was extraordinary. She  has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

    - Written by Joss

  • “Sadie is beyond your wildest expectations and quite unbelieveable on what she picks up. I called her because we had three little dogs who were all sisters and only two years old but one of them was tragically taken from us on Friday. She immediately tuned in and asked what had happened … read more

    - Written by M

  • “A twinkling STAR and a beacon of light who shiningly supports you  when you are  in the dark.Warm,generous hearted Sadie delivers her amazing messages without judgement ,with humour and when appropriate laughter.To link with Sadie when the Universe allows you to do so , is an incredible experience.Her wise  words … read more

    - Written by Zala

  • “Sadie you are fantastic. I’m speechless. Everything you told me – it’s true. I’m so looking forward to the good times coming in my life. Thank you very much for your reading.”

    - Written by Laura

  • “Just wanted to leave some well deserved feedback for Sadie. There is one word to describe this lady… FANTASTIC. Sadie has been a true gem during a slightly wobbly patch! Not only is she honest, she’s caring, bubbly and communicates messages from spirit with such enthusiasm. Her validations are out … read more

    - Written by

  • “Sadie is truly amazing, … told me things about my mum when she was in hospital that nobody apart from the family could’ve known, I was GOBSMACKED…!”

    - Written by Pam