Psychic reader Sally

 Michele says

I was instantly hooked when I spoke to Sally. Sally delves deep and takes Psychic Tarot reading to the next level. From the first sentence she told me some very specific personal information that even many of my friends don’t even know. I felt she tuned into my soul. I love her and hope you do to. Don’t forget to leave feedback!

What people say

  • All in all, Sally is amazing. Lovely to speak to, very compassionate (you can tell by the way she gave advice through the messages she received). I chose her this morning because of the weekly taroscopes she writes, which are always spot on btw and I was not disappointed. I … read more

    - Written by Joanne

  • “Even though I only asked for a general reading, Sally dived straight into the issues that were on my mind. Like Michele said in her review, it’s like Sally seems to tune in on a soul level and was able to see the bigger picture. The changes I’m going through … read more

    - Written by Diane