Psychic reader Violet

 Michele says

We are so happy to have Violet! Violet delivers information with no prompting. Violet talked me through exactly what was going on in my life now and a complicated business situation. I loved her deep and warm style. Charlotte was so impressed with her first test reading that she came straight to me for her a test. I am sure you will adore her. Let me know!

Violet also holds qualifications in  Vibrational Crystal Healing, and Counselling.  She is also experienced in dream analysis, with a particular gift in energy healing and rebalancing chakras, offering her clients absent healing at the end of the day, by way of thanking them for connecting to her.

Violet says: “I like to get to the root of the problem, and consider myself to be a bit of a psychic Sherlock Holmes. I work by connecting to your energy, and my readings can involve my very trusted oracle cards that work in tune with my spirit guides.  I have just done my family tree very extensively going back to 1490, and have some very powerful family members come through to join my team of spirit guides.  I also link into your spirit guides, so sometimes it’s quite the party during a reading with me, and the oracle cards if I am using them, literally fly out to give you messages.

Whatever the reason is you need a reading, whether it be for love, work, or I like to work with you to find the obstacles, and then the light at the end of any tunnels in solutions.  My particular strength is emotional balance, and your energy levels, and I will be able to read into your current state and help you make necessary energy shifts.  I will look at your self-confidence, and perceptions and help you to realise your potential. I also highlight your potential and unique gifts.”

“A reading with me is like a very honest conversation with the friend that knows you better than you know yourself, and can help you find the answers.”

“When you book a reading with me I will give you the truth about the situation, good or bad, but I will also leave you feeling hopeful for your very positive future and guidance in how to achive that, my regular clients come back because they know I’ll give them the truth and thank me for it, I very much look forward to meeting you”

What people say

  • “I had a reading with Violet who was amazing. She was honest, realistic, but very reassuring, a lovely lady. She gave me so much detail immediately, and described exactly a house I would move to which was down to the last detail a house I had seen that very morning.”

    - Written by Brenda

  • “Violet is such a caring person, she got straight to the point of my first question and surprised me with the polar opposite of what I expected, but honed in on the reasons perfectly. On the second and more difficult issue of a friend, she was most enlightening and has … read more

    - Written by Andy

  • Violet was very caring and was able to support me today with the areas of my life I was struggling with. Violet listened and gave me wonderful guidance.

    - Written by Ana

  • “Just to say she gave me an amazing reading. She was sensitive to my situation and very accurate of how I was feeling and gave me some hope for,the future!”

    - Written by Cathy

  • “I’ve had a couple of readings with Violet I feel a review would be a lovely way for me to express how good she is and hope you will agree. Before I even spoke, she was telling me what had happened and why. She completely connected to me and my … read more

    - Written by Dee