Testimonial for Martha

“Just wanted to leave some feedback about a wonderful reading I had with Martha last night. My husband died a year ago and I’d been trying hard to get on with life, regain lost confidence and start my work again. Things were getting better, but I had a setback this week and felt totally lost & destroyed, really. Well, Martha was so good – she understood what had been happening, she really listened & seemed to understand all the underlying, deep-seated ramifications of my current situation. She brought my husband through & what she told me really seemed genuine & was very helpful. Martha was very intelligent & perceptive in her approach & was also respectful, which is not always the case with some psychic readers. She was also very constructive about the future for me. The upshot was that I had a very good night’s sleep and woke up feeling very positive and strengthened. I have also felt stronger all day and feel that Martha helped to heal me at quite a deep psychological level.”