Testimonial for Lucy U

“Gina and Lucy U. I have connected with both readers on numerous occasions. These are two readers with exceptional gifts and offer a lot more than just a prediction. I feel they have supported me on my life path, at times through very dark valleys. A time that I needed a loving, gentle yet strong energy to hold me and they never failed to deliver. They have given deep inner guidance which was always delivered with such love, passion, strength & light. These two angels helped me keep the faith when I felt the light had gone out they always managed to switch it back on and give me hope again!! I can highly recommend either of them, they deliver in their own unique way, yet together they always seemed to knit the ends together which helped me navigate along a very difficult path to knowing my deeper self. I felt held in a safe space to be able to work through things to grow & evolve. I truly thank them both with all my heart and can honestly say if you are needing support, love & guidance in your life you have found the right two people.”