“I had a fantastic reading with Lynda. She was so perceptive, and the information flowed so easily, I was amazed by her accuracy and predictions regarding my personal and professional life, Her words have given me such hope and positivity for 2019, I cant thank her enough. She is up there with some of the best readers I’ve had, Jonathan, Cate, Barbara and Pam. Thanks Lynda!”

“I just wanted to leave a review for Lynda. Her reading resonated completely with me apart from the first thing she came out with which was that she was being led to say I need to go to the dentist – she could sense a shooting pain on my right side. At the time of the call which was 11:40 I didn’t have any issues except needed to book a check-up, however, a couple of hours later I cracked a tooth on the right side! Not something I would’ve like to happen but it’s testament to how linked in Lynda was to my energy. Looking forward to the more enjoyable parts of my reading materialising. Thank you Lynda for a great reading. It really helped remind me what I want to do in this new chapter of my life. Time to make that dentist appointment now.”

“She knew exactly how I’ve been feeling with career and romance and exactly what’s been happening in both. She touched on how this has left me feeling but what is coming in to relieve that since I have made some life changing decisions. She highlighted that I’ve been having visions and not trusting my own psychic instinct (which I know) and put me at ease! I would say all of your psychics gave an overview of these things but Lynda was able to drill much deeper into all this and without me telling her anything. She described others feelings and thoughts around me and what to be aware of, but also the opportunities now coming in. I feel so relived, I could cry! She also has a soothing way of telling you things which makes you relax (initially I was guarded, which she asked me to ease into to facilitate her tuning in). Will definitely call Lynda again!”

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“Lynda is amazing, my spirit guide as I like to call her. She’s so connected to source and her guides are amazing. Always lifts me up when I call and picks up so much information.”

“An absolute joy. She told it to me straight and got right to the root of what was going on for me. Even brought my beloved Dad through and what I think was the child I lost today. Really touched my soul and made me feel safe and connected again. She’s really soothing and open and cheered me up after what was quite possibly the worst day of my life. She really gets it. I’ll definitely speak to her again.”

“I have to say my reading with Lynda was nothing short of fabulous! She was very quick to get to the point about my impending house move to a new area and gave me instant hope and illumination about my current situation. She came with very detailed information and also made comments about things that are about to happen in the future that she could not have known! A wonderful reading with Lynda whom I cannot thank enough for giving me the hope and reassurance I needed to go ahead with much needed anticipation.”