“Just to say she gave me an amazing reading. She was sensitive to my situation and very accurate of how I was feeling and gave me some hope for,the future!”

“I had a reading with Violet who was amazing. She was honest, realistic, but very reassuring, a lovely lady. She gave me so much detail immediately, and described exactly a house I would move to which was down to the last detail a house I had seen that very morning.”

“I’ve had a couple of readings with Violet I feel a review would be a lovely way for me to express how good she is and hope you will agree. Before I even spoke, she was telling me what had happened and why. She completely connected to me and my friend and the problems he was facing and struggling with. She went on to describe how and why he was behaving as he was. I still had not spoken! Her accuracy is amazing and the detail she picked up on left me speechless. Some things I knew about and some I am now waiting for. She gave a time line and because of her accuracy, I have no doubt that she will be proven right! I’ll be back for another reading with Violet – she’s wonderful!”

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“Violet is such a caring person, she got straight to the point of my first question and surprised me with the polar opposite of what I expected, but honed in on the reasons perfectly. On the second and more difficult issue of a friend, she was most enlightening and has put my mind at total rest, her insights make total sense now that I look at what she has said and relate them to the lady in question.”


Violet was very caring and was able to support me today with the areas of my life I was struggling with. Violet listened and gave me wonderful guidance.