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“Alesso is to be treasured. I have had two readings with him so far and must pass on my gratitude. He is incredibly blunt but warm. He just gets on with it from the moment he picks up the call and exudes such confidence in what he is seeing. I have found his personal philosophy on why some things happen absolutely fascinating. I have rejected his insight on one occasion but he insisted on what he was picking up and in the end turned out to be correct on all fronts! I am pleased to have found a sincere clairvoyant who has a fearless self-assurance.”


pin: 2269

“Just want to say thank you to David for a wonderful reading tonight . Faith restored Bless you.”


pin: 2269

“David is one of the best ‘no-tools’ psychics that I have spoken to over the past 2 years. I have been testing different online sites, worldwide, and can honestly say that David is very professional, reassuring, and straightforward when answering questions. I use psychics partly as teachers and to help me understand myself better, but also as business and relationships consultants. He backs up his statements with good examples which makes the experience more valuable and believable. I would definitely recommend David.”

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I had a reading with Tara this evening and she’s unbelievably amazing, a lovely reader full of knowledge and understanding. She was very uplifting, very positive on a spiritual and higher level. She brought clarity and insight to my current situation, but also, she was very open and honest and allowed me to focus on myself and to put myself first. An absolute diamond – truly gifted. Will come back soon for another reading with Tara.”


pin: 2126

“Aside from being a warm, kind and compassionate reader who is able to quickly connect, Barbara is able to validate her wisdom with detailed precision.Your links are unique to you and the messages from the cards and angels will certainly make sense to you and resonate.You will feel as if you have shared your burden, lightened your load and so glad that you were able to.
I have had a few readings from her over 2 years and gained peace.
Her insight has helped me to keep my focus and enabled me to go forward. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


pin: 2278

“I never usually take the time to write reviews, but I wanted to on this occasion as I have been both amazed and enchanted by Karen. Karen is like going into a heavenly foaming bath, absolutely serine energy where you automatically feel looked after. I myself am able to tune into peoples auras and can see her the white, blue, gold energy she holds. Karen hit the mark on everything that has been going on in my life and then gave me the insights on how to move forward and what to expect, using tarot, her psychic ability and astrology which all comes into this amazing trine of information all validating each other – just awesome. She truly is a gem and most certainly a master here to help those who are ready to accept guidance at a high degree.”


pin: 2274

“Louise said I would have a dream and four days later there would be contact. I had the dream and four days later I got an email.”


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“Julie said I would get a phone call out of the blue from someone who is no longer in my life and it was linked to a dinner. I got the phone call end of March and had to cut it short because I was going out to dinner.”



pin: 2269

I have had many readings with different readers from Michele Knight over the years, many of which have been great and have helped me navigate through some very difficult challenges in life. However, I feel compelled to write something very different about David. I actually read all his reviews, contemplated on his video and eventually got hold of David. Wow, wow, wow! I am absolutely astounded at his emotional intelligence and insight and I am not a woo woo person – I am pretty down to earth. I think the best way to describe his reading – it is a 3 dimensional reading because he managed to synergise my past, present and future to create a vision of true empowerment coupled with a road map to move forward. I have not had this combination before. Michele talks a lot about the importance of empowering her customers and the importance of free will. I really do feel that David provided me with insight and wisdom to not only empower me to move forward positively but also the insight into the areas where I needed to make myself more accountable to me. His diplomacy but laser focus on issues that I needed to tackle in order to progress was – what can I say?… amazing. David is not a ‘warm bath’ but a ‘refreshing cool ‘lemon scented’ shower’ on a hot day that clears your mind and refreshes you – ready to start your day with lots of clarity, energy and determination. Amazing man, destined for great things and truly gifted. Thank you David – I appreciated the energy and effort you put into my reading.


pin: 2274

I remember my first reading with Louise, she said my ex would be in touch and he was. She mentioned so many other things in regards to my past relationship, which of course she could have had no idea of, unless I had told her, but she knew. It was astonishing to me, because she secured my trust. I could open up to her and she really helped me get to the root of certain blocks and problems. I was in a very dark place and she helped me work through this and heal for the better. Everything she had mentioned has come true. So many little things I did not think anything of at the time of my reading have happened! It’s been an amazing journey! She has such a lovely and caring manner. She will guide you and give you the right answers that will help you to move forward. I am really excited about the journey ahead and she has been such a positive and inspiring force behind it. Get ready for your henna Louise!