pin: 2334

I had a reading with Sarah and she was absolutely spot on. I asked a very general question regarding career and she blew me away with her response, some of it had already happened and the rest is to come. Sarah got the reason why I was hesitant about applying for the job straight away. Sarah won’t tell you something unless she is absolutely sure, she won’t make it fit. She spoke to me about my psychic abilities & that I should do readings, I have done them on & off for a few years. She picked up things regarding my personal & family life, never asks you any questions and no hesitations at all. I felt a really good connection & it was like talking to a very close friend, Sarah has massive compassion and is a lovely gentle lady. I would highly recommend you give her a call, I will be calling again. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.


pin: 2190

“Just had a session with Elizabeth and she has left me feeling so much better and optimistic about things. Thank you Elizabeth and will definitely come back to you in the furture.”


pin: 2277

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Connie for such a lovely and gentle approach. She was simply spot on when talking about my current influences and I could relate to all that she mentioned in the reding. Wonderful person, Thank you Connie.”

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pin: 2190

“Elizabeth was so wonderful, I felt so much love and compassion from her. She was truly lovely. I definately will call again!”

Psychic Reader Lynda


pin: 2318

“I just wanted to leave a review for Lynda. Her reading resonated completely with me apart from the first thing she came out with which was that she was being led to say I need to go to the dentist – she could sense a shooting pain on my right side. At the time of the call which was 11:40 I didn’t have any issues except needed to book a check-up, however, a couple of hours later I cracked a tooth on the right side! Not something I would’ve like to happen but it’s testament to how linked in Lynda was to my energy. Looking forward to the more enjoyable parts of my reading materialising. Thank you Lynda for a great reading. It really helped remind me what I want to do in this new chapter of my life. Time to make that dentist appointment now.”

Psychic Reader - Lucy U - 2330

Lucy U

pin: 2330

“Gina and Lucy U. I have connected with both readers on numerous occasions. These are two readers with exceptional gifts and offer a lot more than just a prediction. I feel they have supported me on my life path, at times through very dark valleys. A time that I needed a loving, gentle yet strong energy to hold me and they never failed to deliver. They have given deep inner guidance which was always delivered with such love, passion, strength & light. These two angels helped me keep the faith when I felt the light had gone out they always managed to switch it back on and give me hope again!! I can highly recommend either of them, they deliver in their own unique way, yet together they always seemed to knit the ends together which helped me navigate along a very difficult path to knowing my deeper self. I felt held in a safe space to be able to work through things to grow & evolve. I truly thank them both with all my heart and can honestly say if you are needing support, love & guidance in your life you have found the right two people.”


pin: 2190

“Beyond what she actually said, she dived in at once and was clear, direct, precise and concise whilst being compassionate and comforting. She also has the most bewitching voice ever, so calm and soothing. She was a delight to speak with.”

“I’ve had a couple of readings with Violet I feel a review would be a lovely way for me to express how good she is and hope you will agree. Before I even spoke, she was telling me what had happened and why. She completely connected to me and my friend and the problems he was facing and struggling with. She went on to describe how and why he was behaving as he was. I still had not spoken! Her accuracy is amazing and the detail she picked up on left me speechless. Some things I knew about and some I am now waiting for. She gave a time line and because of her accuracy, I have no doubt that she will be proven right! I’ll be back for another reading with Violet – she’s wonderful!”


pin: 2343

Phaedra explained what she did and didn’t ask any questions only to stop shuffling. She definitely picked up on things going on and me as a person. She explained things very well and was definitely a very warm friendly lady.


pin: 2343

Phaedra gave me a lot that was very relevant. Phaedra mentioned that there would be a problem with the angle of drainage on our new build and this would cause a delay. Sure enough, a week after my reading, builders came and told us they need to change the angle, I was very impressed.