Aries Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

If you have an Aries Sun, Aries ascendant or a personal planet in Aries (Moon, Mercury, Venus or Aries ruling planet Mars) then inside you contain a fiery Aries just dying to express all that passion! You’ll not be afraid to make the first move – or to show your interest. But what about your opposite number? Depending on their sign just how is all your Aries determination to let nothing stand in the way of true love going to go down? Here’s your secret astro love hacks to win even more hearts than you’re already capable of doing!

Aries + Aries: Nobody understands the fact that deep down inside beneath all that go-getting bravado lies a sensitive and sometimes insecure soul like another Aries.  The question with this pairing is going to be what you both do with this knowledge? The heat can be intense but so can the blowback and when you lock horns and argue neither one of you will want to cede the higher ground. Because you know your opposite number has this secret, vulnerable side in a rash moment you can go for it – with disastrous results. Your soul lesson in this relationship is to feel safe enough to feel vulnerable – and to be kind in the face of confrontation.

Aries + Taurus: Some astrologers would have you think that this pair results in a ‘scorched earth’ scenario. The big surprise here is that often these two go together like heat and ice cream in a Baked Alaska. Taurus may not want to rush into things the way you do, but being made to wait not only increases your desire but over the long term makes you appreciate that some things are worth waiting for. When you work together, you can achieve a lot materially while retaining the love and passion long after it would have burned out with other signs. Taurus gets you thinking in the longer term rather than in the moment and slows down your impulsive nature making you more strategic. Taurus loyalty means you are happy to let down your defences and relax. My advice? Grab that bull by the horns and hold on!

Aries + Gemini: Talk about instant karma. The two of you click right off the bat and share a lot of the same ideas, goals and dreams for the future. That Gemini is so cute, sexy and alluring and provides you with both the mental and physical turn-on you’ve been looking for, before you know it you’re spending every minute of your time with them. Now, the soul lesson here because it all seems so easy could come in two forms. You cruise along happy to ignore the occasional glitch because things are so great. It’s actually up to you to be the one who sets the terms and the boundaries in the relationship. If you do, your Gemini will be happy to fall into line because they are equally smitten with you. If you don’t however, the connection could fall apart due to the Gemini not being able to handle day-to-day relationship realities. The other lesson is that you could have become so jaded you don’t believe love should be so easy so you deliberately stir things up from time to time. Again, resist this temptation.

Aries + Cancer: Are you feeling smothered, Aries? If you’re not careful this coupling can ether tip into a parent/child dynamic with you cast as the rebellious teenager or else you find that Cancer just too nagging, clingy or both. Whatever you do, don’t play rescuer to a Cancerian ‘poor me’ victim. Your Cancerian has been attracted to you due to your dynamic, go-getting personality. While some astrologers would tell you to run as far as possible as fast as possible from this one, I believe that there is always more to any relationship than meets the eye. You’re in this one to empower and that means showing your Cancerian they are stronger and more capable than they have been led to believe if they are needy, or letting them know firmly that while you understand they are coming from a place of caring, you are an adult capable of making (and living with) your own decisions. You’ll both learn about boundary strength in the process.

Aries + Leo: Fire me up! You two are united by your strong beliefs in passion, magic and miracles. Yes, the two of you may face some challenges – usually caused by you being so wrapped up in being in the moment you’ve failed to plan ahead. However, these will most likely cause you to cling more tightly together. Just remember your Leo loves the spotlight and harmony may depend on you taking a backseat occasionally. Thing is, you’re prepared to do that just because it’s them. Children and a few changes of residence or even careers will feature and you’ll encourage each others’ ambitions. This could well be a forever kind of love where the fun and passion of your first meeting never dies. Whatever you touch could literally turn to gold sooner or later. You could be set for love (and life) success together.

Aries + Virgo: If you’re the type of Aries who yearns for a little bit of order or planning in your life, then Mr. or Ms. Virgo could be just what you are looking for. However, that nit-picking and ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ OCD behaviour may grate after a while. You’ll tell it like it is and think nothing of it while your Virgo goes away and adds this latest incident to their growing mental list of your supposed misdemeanours. And don’t expect them to forget any either – not one. They’ve catalogued every time you left your clothes on the floor instead of the laundry hamper – down to the date and phase of the Moon most likely. It will all come back out in intimate gory detail next time you rub one another up the wrong way again. So, what’s to be done? Hobbies and activities you can do together get you bonding. Virgos can literally fill in some of your gaps as you can show them spontaneity can be fun. So, here’s my suggestion to keep love with your Virgo alive. Be humble and admit you need their organisational skills and would be lost without them. They’ll love you for it.

Aries + Libra: Welcome to your opposite number. Libra is the sign of partnerships as well as your opposite sign in the zodiac. Librans usually go out of their way to ensure relationships flow smoothly but they also strive for balance. Being seen as an equal partner will be important to them and while they will be happy for you to take the lead in some areas, in Libran-ruled ones you should be prepared to take a back seat. Very much like Leos, Librans can be attracted to professions where they shine in some way or work in the arts, beauty, design or entertainment sectors. Even if they don’t do this professionally, you may have to defer to Libra’s sense of aesthetics when it comes to things like interior design or decorating. This has the potential to be a lasting connection where each person supports the other and you’ll feel very much like you are in love with your best friend. Because there is a strong sense of friendship underpinning this connection, just ensure both of you work to keep the passion alive. Date night is a must!


Aries + Scorpio: So, you share a ruler and that’s not all you have in common either. Scorpio share your appetite for passion and can keep you hot and bothered thinking about them to the point of becoming obsessed. Part of their intrigue for you is that you can’t quite suss them out. Just as you think you have, they do something that surprises you – which only increases your desire and obsession. If you are working in tandem this can literally be a powerful and transformational connection for you both. Together you can achieve far more as a couple than you could have as individuals. However, after a while trying to figure them out or second-guess them may get a little tired. My advice to you is don’t even try. They are always going to be one step ahead of you anyway. Whatever you do, don’t let your love (or lust) tip you into insecurity. Scorpio can arouse powerful emotions in you and not always positive ones. They will mirror or even magnify your own emotions – for better or worse. So if there’s a problem – first look within.

Aries + Sagittarius: Oh it’s that deadly combination of naïf and bad boy/girl you just cannot for the life of you resist. You’ve a shared talent (as the two of you would like to describe it), for telling it like it is and Sag’s passion matches yours in the bedroom. You love their sense of adventure and ability to not take themselves too seriously. If they’re not tripping over their feet, their foot is firmly in their mouth. Your Sag may be one of the smartest people you’ve ever met and they will keep your attention simply by giving you the impression you don’t have 100% of it. Although this sign has a reputation for being flighty, Sagittarians are fiercely loyal. It’s feeling restricted that gets them galloping for the hills. Give them freedom to be themselves and this one could prove to be a lifelong adventure.

Aries + Capricorn: Both of you are Cardinal Signs and because of this you can make it work but it will require effort. There could be an age difference one way or another but if it doesn’t worry your Capricorn then it should not worry you. This can also be a Professor Higgins/Eliza Dolittle kind of relationship or one where one party acts like a stage mother/manager for the upcoming star. Whether this succeeds or fails, becomes supportive or just authoritative, depends very much on where your Capricorn is on their own personal soul journey. If your Cappy is comfortable with issues around personal power and their achievements in life then they can literally become a rock you can rely on no matter what their age. They have a killer sense of humour and also a sensual side, but they are choosy who they reveal this to. However, if they are still trying to work this out, they can come across like a strict and over-controlling parent and you already know you’ll rebel against that. Talk with your Cappy about long term goals and what you can achieve together. And make them lighten up!

Aries + Aquarius: You are intrigued because your Aquarian is just so different to everyone else you’ve ever encountered. You love the fact they are unapologetically and totally unafraid to be themselves. Their quirks and ideas which may seem odd or even eccentric to others are just plain exciting or endearing to you. The bonus is that your Aquarian usually fits right in with your friends and this is another sign like Libra, which makes you feel as if you are friends as well as lovers. As your Aquarian lovers Sun sits right in your goals and dreams sector, one of the roles they may be in your life to perform is to help you towards some of them – or you may come up with joint goals you end up pursuing and then manifesting together. This just cements what is already a meeting of hearts, minds and souls. There’s a touch of the cosmic or even mystical about this one. Life will never be dull.

Aries + Pisces: Chances are you may have a personal planet in next door sign of Pisces which is why along with Taurus your other neighbouring sign, this one can often work. Even if you don’t however, your Pisces may have been waiting all their life for a take-charge person just like you. However, if you want this to work in the long term please don’t be fooled by that wide-eyed, adoring helplessness if that is the card your Pisces is playing (not all of them do). They are a lot stronger and more resourceful than they would have you believe. Yes, at first it can be wonderful to have someone who lets you make the decisions and seems content to go along with whatever you want. But if you allow this to go on for too long boredom will set in and you’ll discover there’s not the passion and stimulation you seek. Your Pisces possesses a deep love and is also capable of putting in extra effort – but only if required. Therefore, make it mandatory they do. Don’t fall for their helpless/hopeless routine. Ensure your Pisces utilises their incredible imagination and inner resources by making them take responsibility for their own lives – and their role in your relationship.