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The week ahead for aquarius

Powerful insights into your past allow you to re-frame your future. You’re keeping what heals or is relevant. And letting go of the rest

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What remains relevant and what needs to be let go of? Your birthday season ends this week as the Sun moves off into your 2nd. But while new beginnings are appearing, you may still be dealing with residue from your past, Aquarius. Are you still holding yourself back from having what you want or love? If you have been thinking about someone from your past lately this week may see them reappear or at least echoes from pastimes or past lives reach you in the present as Venus meets Saturn and then Pluto in your 12th.

Plus you have Mercury in your second meeting with Neptune, ruler of your 12th. Your 12th rules your past lives and Saturn rules karma so look to who may be helping you or even putting obstacles in your way now. You have done this dance with them before. Rewards from the past or again, your past good karma could fall due. There may also be a need to show someone where the boundaries are in your relationship. The 12th is our house of empathy and compassion. But has someone overstepped the mark when it comes to taking your help for granted? Or is it all take and no give? Chances are you already know who I am talking about if this strikes a chord for you.

This week asks you look at the past not with sentiment, but how it has shaped your present circumstances and having learned from this, make a new commitment to your future. Changes which are necessary for your growth could be triggered by the full Supermoon in your 8th this week. You could uncover a secret or hidden motivation now. Exploring occult subjects, psychology, therapy, the Tarot and psychic abilties under this Moon will not only provide you with answers you seek around any changes or in putting your past into perspective, but provide you with a deep healing on a soul level. This week says all change. And for the better.

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Focus your thoughts

Make a fresh start

Become who you are destined to be

Be your own best creation now and launch yourself into the future, Aquarius. Your public – or dare I say your dreams, await you! Who or what do you desire to be or become? The new Moon in your 1st on the 4th is asking you to Be It Now. What are you waiting for? No matter when your birthday falls in your sign, the new Moon in your 1st always marks the start of your new cycle. It is a time to launch something – that idea, business or yes, a new version of yourself, out into the world. How you imagine you are IS how you can be in the next year. The old Army recruitment line perfectly sums this up: Be all you can be. Ensure the outer ‘you’ reflects this now. Think of yourself as stepping into a role but this role is the one you were always destined to play. It simply feels natural to you. If others have made you feel you have to be anything other than your vibrant unique self in order to succeed – it’s time to stop being bent out of shape and unfurl your wings instead.

This month sees a big emphasis on your money and self-worth – which of course links you back to how you currently feel about you. There are also deeper themes going on which relate to secrets and hidden truths which I will come back to in a moment. First let’s talk about your ruler Uranus which is currently poised to exit your 3rd and enter your 4th next month. The 13th sees one final meeting in your 3rd for this lifetime between Mars and Uranus. Be on the lookout for unexpected opportunity or news which has the potential to open up a whole new direction for you and be prepared to follow through. Success is very much self-initiated now. Mars then enters your 4th on Valentine’s Day ahead of Uranus’s arrival. Mars in here asks you keep things in perspective as unless you find an outlet for its energy you will find the tiniest little thing irritates you. So, if you are planning a V-Day celebration with that special someone, my advice is to have this anywhere but at home if that is possible – except of course the hot bedroom action bit! While Mars remains in here, this is however an excellent time to undertake repairs, home improvement tasks or even plan that move if this has been on your mind. Remember, Uranus’s entry in here may well bring moving experiences and changes around your living arrangements. Mars in here puts you on the fast track to those.

Venus rules your 2nd house of money, assets and values. The rest of this month’s major planetary activity revolves around your 2nd and also Venus currently in your mysterious and soul defining 12th as well as your house of change and personal power. Time to think and act in a positive way, and have an action plan for those ideas. If you do this, you could see them become real and quite literally pay off for you following the entry of Mercury into your money zone on the 10th. Mercury in this house is also wonderful for expressing how you truly feel to others – which could make Valentine’s Day special for you as well as the period immediately following it as you have the Sun entering this house from the 18th and then a meeting between Mercury and Neptune on the 19th. This conjunction links you to higher love and also truly inspired ideas – especially when it comes to using your talents and abilities to make money aligned to your spiritual purpose. Bring them down to earth and use that laser-focus to ensure they don’t remain in the realm of possibilities. Destiny defining aspects aligning you to your true path or purpose are also occurring in your 12th thanks to Venus meeting with Saturn on the 18th and then Pluto on the 23rd. You may suddenly become aware of an opportunity you could not see until now. If so – act on this information.

The same day as Mercury and Neptune meet in your 2nd, you have one of the most powerful Supermoons of the year lighting up your 8th house. It’s asking what you believe you and your ideas are worth. This is a Supermoon which not only ushers in change but also a new deal for you with regards to your money, salary, income, loans or even the terms of that relationship. Come from a place of surety and self-worth when it comes to any negotiations. One word of warning about these aspects is that if you have been kept ‘in the dark’ or misled over something, the truth will come out now.  Boundaries may need to be stated or reinforced especially when the Sun strikes across at Ceres which rules compromise and also negotiation, power and loss at the end of the month. Again, come from that place of knowing your true worth. Which all ties in to becoming who you truly are and are meant to be. This is your year of being true to you. Be all you can be and don’t wait. Become it now.

In a nutshell: February is asking you to become the person you believe you are. Which is who you are meant to be. Time to launch something new – including that new you, Aquarius!


4 Feb 2019 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS (1st Hse)
10 Feb 2019 MERCURY ENTERS PISCES (2nd Hse)
14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (4th) 
18 Feb 2019 SUN ENTERING PISCES (2nd)


23 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (12th)

28 Feb 2019 CERES SQUARE SUN (11th to  2nd )

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Wish upon a star – then act!

Important new connections open doors

Take the first step towards the life – and love you want

It’s all about your emotional needs, your long term security and who or what provides this for you this year, Aquarius. Yes, there’s going to be themes around ‘There’s no place like home’ and what this means to you, happening not just this year but as part of a longer term cycle. Additionally, there’s your sense of belonging when it comes to your friends, groups, network and tribe if you like. Defining your place in your inner and outer worlds, and connecting to a real sense of belonging, is going to form a big part of 2019 – and beyond.

You already know that the 11th house in your chart rules all things Aquarian. It’s the house you identify with as it contains all the themes that fire up your soul. Jupiter planet of learning, freedom, expansion and a big dash of good luck, gives you a much needed boost in all Aquarian-ruled areas for 2019. If you were 18 or over 12 year ago, think back to that time and especially to opportunities or benefits that came to you via the people you are connected with. These can be personal and professional ones. Particularly look at what goals you attained back then as of course, you are the sign which rules goals, wishes and dreams. Who helped you reach or at the very least take a step towards a goal? What friendships or associations were formed back then and how have these affected you over the long term? Expect these themes to feature again as could a major goal coming within reach this year.

One piece of advice I always give to anyone having a Jupiter in the 11th transit is to make a wish. In fact, because Jupiter expands – make three. And expect at least one of them to come true during the time Jupiter takes to move through here. Here’s a tip to boost Jupiter’s ability to channel luck and magical manifestation opportunities our way. Focus on any wishes that come under Jupiter’s rulership if you have them. So, travel, learning, the outdoors, sports, animals, exploration, the mass media and anything connected to the law or philosophies and beliefs. These goals automatically lend themselves to Jupiter’s patronage. Of course, this does not mean if your wish does not fall into one of these categories, that it will not come true. Jupiter always delivers benefits and opportunities. These can arrive via Jupiter manifesting in your life as a person. An important new friend or contact who is most likely well-travelled, worldly, confident, successful and somewhat larger-than-life. They could open up doors to your goals or even provide backing on assistance. To active Jupiter in here you need to get out and about, meet and connect. Jupiter always invites but never compels. If you are determined to remain a hermit, nothing much will change. Remember the song: people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. That’s you now.

The Sun’s arrival in your 1st from Jan 20th marks the true start of the New Year for you. And has you looking at close connections rather than wider ones at this point. It’s about you and a significant other. Bear in mind this could be a close friend or a business relationship. You have a full and totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 7th on the 21st – in other words, the day after your birthday season officially starts. Eclipses conceal – something is being ‘covered up’ and as the Moon rules emotions, this is around feelings or connected to someone close to you. If you are settled do you feel your partner is moving away, leaving you behind or has interests that just don’t include you? Have you ‘lost’ yourself in your relationship? Is it all about the other person but not about you anymore? Are you being kept in the dark or keeping something there yourself? Single? The flip side of this is being afraid to lose your identity if you get drawn into a relationship – so you avoid getting involved. Or you attract people who may appear to be vastly different but who always trigger the same themes in your connection – perhaps emotional unavailability. Any of this chime with you?

Eclipses cover up and then later reveal. How long will you have to wait for this? Perhaps not as long as you might think on this occasion. Thanks to your ruler Uranus in your 3rd of communication what needs to be dragged out into the light won’t take long as Mars will make a final meeting with Uranus in here on Feb 13. Before this occurs, the new Moon in your 1st on Feb 4 points to a fresh start or you just having that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment and making that connection with what that eclipse is trying to show you. Once you see it – and you will, please don’t delay in taking action or saying what needs to be said.

Venus the planet of love, beauty, creativity and attraction is about to arrive in your sign from March 1. This signals a time of new beginnings – especially in love and also how you feel about yourself. Think of it like this – what we attract is all based on how we feel about ourselves. It’s a reflection of what we send out there. Venus in our 1st allows us to look at our sense of self-worth and make some repairs if necessary. Venus in here is a lot like getting an extra birthday cycle as it’s about new beginnings. Start something new. Often Venus in here brings the start of a romance, creative cycle or even a new job. There’s something even bigger happening less than a week later when on March 6 Uranus your ruler arrives back in your 4th of home, family, security and belonging. Uranus was a brief houseguest in here last year when it entered this sector of your chart for the first time in your lifetime. This was just a short stay as it quickly exited after a few months and went back into your 3rd of bright ideas, business and brainpower. But from March 6, it enters your 4th and unpacks for a seven year stay. How you live, your lifestyle, what you think of as ‘family’ and even on a bigger scale your home town, the country you feel you identify with or belong to and those roots, is set for a radical overhaul now.

You of all signs appreciate your ruler is all about individual choice and self-expression and unshackling us from anything that binds or restricts us. There’s a massive difference between this and something that nurtures and supports us allowing us to grow and evolve into who we are meant to be. If you are living in a way where you feel you don’t ‘belong’ – with the people around you, to the place you live or even the path you are on, the good news is that during the upcoming seven years you will be given the opportunity to change this. Because this is a feminine house in your chart, expect women to play a big role here – either those you live with or do business with. They will be instrumental in helping you out of any rut you are in. Finances may seem to be on a rollercoaster ride on occasion but changes are actually designed to create both stability and freedom – no matter what they may look like initially.

Although this house is primarily about home, living arrangements and your roots, strangely enough Uranus in our 4th gives us energy for personal renovation. I’ll let you into a little secret. Many astrologers don’t realise that one benefit of this transit is that you’re projecting charisma far and wide – all of which boosts the influence of Venus in your 1st when Uranus enters here. The upshot of this is having the confidence to design a lifestyle that is a true reflection of who you are. Changes of residence are likely now so get ready for Uranus to provide some moving experiences. If you are renting, then be aware you may not plan for these. But hang on to the knowledge that if you have not initiated the move, you are moving out of something that restricts and into a living situation that doesn’t. However, get ready to love your home or enjoy benefits from real estate or earning income from your home or working from it during the third week of May when Venus meets Uranus in here for the first time. If you do have to move, whether planned or not, you should end up with a home that suits you far better or which even brings in other benefits. Launch that idea to make money from your home. Do what you can to enhance your space and reinvent your idea of what you need to support you. Beautiful and unexpected solutions could present themselves now.

Reviewing your home or living arrangements could be foremost in your mind when Uranus turns retrograde from Aug 12 and will remain this way until early 2019. Watch carefully the key period for this which is the final week of August and also throughout October and November. This could also coincide with powerful changes around a relationship or your career as money, assets, property, shared resources, insurances and lending/borrowing also feature. Who or what adds to or enhances you sense

of belonging and therefore being loved? Love will be very much forefront of your mind during July and August. You’re going to have a wonderful array of planets in here including Venus which rules this house and Mars providing extra passion and heat. This is your month to start something and if you want anything from a new relationship to a job then it’s time to take whatever steps you can to create it for yourself. Your magnetism is at its peak now and this is what will draw to you what you need. But you are the one who has to step into the flow, remember this.

The start of December will see the year-long focus on your social life replaced with a new emphasis on spiritual matters and inner growth as Jupiter switches signs and arrives in your 12th of mysteries and also higher love. You’ll be searching for ways to connect to this or express it as the end of the year sees Venus back in your 1st again from the 20th. You should be ending the year feeling more connected, more loved and with a stronger sense of community and belonging than which you started it. Where do you go from here? Into the mysteries of what makes you truly you and your connection to the universe. The exact direction has yet to be revealed and remains hidden for the time being due to an eclipse in your 12th on the 26th. But when the Sun meets Jupiter in here the following day you may have a strong inner knowing of where you are heading – deeper into a more satisfying life lived exactly your way.

In a nutshell: It’s your ‘Make a wish’ year, Aquarius. In fact, make three of them. You should see at least one major goal manifest during 2019 and who you know or meet, has a major role to play!

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (11th House to 2nd House)

20 Jan 2019 SUN ENTERING AQUARIUS (1st House)



4 Feb 2019 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS (1st Hse)

13 Feb 2019 MARS CONJUNCTION URANUS (3rd House)

1 Mar 2019 VENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS (1st Hse)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (4th House) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)

23 Apr 2019SUN CONJUNCTION URANUS (4th House) (NB: Raphael’s puts this on the 22nd)


18 May 2019 VENUS CONJUNCTION URANUS (4th House)


12 Aug 2019 Uranus Retrograde for the rest of the year (4th House)

23 Jul 2019 SUN ENTERS LEO (7th Hse)

25 Jul 2019 MARS IN LEO TRINE JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS (7th Hse to 11th Hse)

28 Jul 2019 VENUS ENTERS LEO (7th Hse)


26 Aug 2019 VENUS TRINE URANUS (8th House to 4th House)

28 Aug 2019 MARS TRINE URANUS (8th House to 4th House)

30 Aug 2019 SUN TRINE URANUS (8th House to 4th House)


3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (8th House) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (12th House) and Uranus (4th House) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (11th House) and Neptune (2nd House)

7 Oct 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION URANUS (10th House to 4th House)



24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (10th House to 4th House)


15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (12th House to 4th House)

20 Dec 2019 VENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS (1st Hse)



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