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The week ahead for aquarius

Venus in your 1st says time to get your glam on. To radiate, shine and stand out. But don’t resist the call to spend time alone and go deep within. It’s all part of becoming your own work of art.

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Radiate and attract back in kind

Heed the call to explore your inner world

Just in time for the festivities – it’s time to shine, Aquarius. Venus in your 1st is like a beacon. The attention is all on you. Think about what or even who, you want to attract now. Above all, with Venus in here, look to ways to enhance your appearance and feel at your most amazing and radiant. In other words, put your best face forward. Your look, style, image, brand, weight, appearance and even your social media profile or brand, benefits from any TLC you send its way. People will respond positively to this. Venus is all about glamour, love – in this case loving yourself, in ways that go beyond slogans which tell you that you’re worth it. You don’t have to break the bank to do this. Rock your own look or individual style. Be your own work of art as Venus’s alignment with ruler Uranus on the 22nd brings unexpected pleasure, encounters, gifts or gestures of romance. Like attracts like as others like what they see. Try it.

Contrasted with being the centre of attention now, are deep movements happening in your inner world. There’s a profound shift occurring within you now as the Sun arrives in your 12th on Solstice Day (22nd). It is joining a slew of planets already in here. The upcoming month and first part of 2020 is set to increase your awareness of the meaning of life. And your place within it. Don’t be surprised therefore if the desire to stand out, circulate and party is followed by time spent unplugged and contemplating the deep side of life. When this happens – don’t resist it. The outer you that you are creating merely reflects the changes going on within you.

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Ask your angels

Soul secrets are uncovered and set you free

Find your true purpose

Prepare to explore the mysteries of your soul, Aquarius. Right now you have 12th house weather like no other. And this is going to take you all the way into 2020. Your insight and intuition will be functioning at an enhanced level so when they speak – please listen.

This could herald a private, inner time of deep secrets and higher learning. Working alone or behind the scenes is favoured. As are any studies into astrology, Tarot, past lives, mediumship – all the way through to psychology, theoretical maths and quantum physics. You are going to be dealing with what cannot be seen or quantified but which nonetheless exists now Jupiter arrives in your 12th on the 2nd.

Actions you have set in motion in the past, people from your past and karma will begin to come full circle. You’ll be able to make connections between all of these that you were simply unable to see before. Jupiter rules philosophy and religion. So, during its year long transit of this house, expect your belief system to expand in some way. For more on what Jupiter in here can deliver, please read your personal Jupiter in Capricorn and the 12th forecast for Aquarius.

If you are old enough now, think back 12 years to when Jupiter was last in here. What did you learn about the grand scheme of things and most importantly, yourself? Jupiter in this house brings lasting and intangible benefits. Insights into our soul and opportunities to step free of negative patterns which have held us back. This is the house of secrets including those we keep from ourselves. One benefit of Jupiter in here is that you will see where you have been blocking yourself.

Look to who helps you and who hinders you during this cycle. Because this is the house of past lives take it that you have done the same for them before. Jupiter in here says help is available for you in all kinds of ways. You simply need to ask.

The karmic books have to balance now. Tying up those karmic loose ends, paying it forward or being paid in turn, stepping free of a cycle that you have been carrying with you once and for all, is what the South Node in here offers. There’s a new deal to be struck perhaps between you and someone with whom you have a history. Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node in your 12th on the 3rd and 8th points to a change within that brings a change without. Perhaps between you and someone else or perhaps just between yourself and the universe.

Radical solutions could appear as Jupiter makes a surprising angle to Chiron in your 3rd. This could be news that alerts you to the fact you are now on the right path. Despite the ‘inner’ vibe of your journey, this doesn’t mean you have to turn into a hermit. Far from it. The Sun remains in your 11th up until the 22nd. You also have Mercury, bringer of invitations zooming into your 11th of all things Aquarian from the

The secrets you unpack now are sent to help you break free. Inner wisdom or treasure can never be taken from you and transcends lifetimes. As well as a time of soul freedom, this is also the time of secrets. Your 12th rules the secrets you keep or which are kept from you. These will have a tendency to come to light now. This especially applies to family secrets but also covers anything clandestine or confidential. If you are taken into someone’s confidence now, please keep this in the vault. If you wish to confide in someone in turn, ensure that they are equally trustworthy. If you have doubts, confide in a professional instead – anyone from your doctor, priest, lawyer or a psychic.

I cannot emphasise this enough. If you are hiding something or involved in anything clandestine, understand it will come out now despite any efforts to suppress it. Either due to your higher self wanting to come clean or simply due to events beyond your control. If you feel someone is keeping something from you, probe deeper. But again, the truth will emerge anyway. Expect massive revelations to come to light this month and on into 2020. This could be anything from a secret love to the secret to your success as Venus moves to conjunct Saturn in your 12th on the 11th and Pluto on the 13th. Hidden dynamics within relationships will also be laid bare.

You have a full Moon in your 5th on the 12th. This is your house of romance, children and creativity. If you have recently met someone new, take your time getting to know them. This is a wonderful night for a date night, but don’t let the magic carry you away. Venus arrives in your 1st on the 20th dusting you with the attraction factor. Good karma could come spinning out of the stars for you as you radiate effortlessly. You want to express yourself and show the love in any way you can now. And others can’t help but be drawn towards that vibe!

The Sun enters your 12th on the 22nd plus the 26th brings us a new Moon in here. This will trigger a powerful ‘ring of truth’ eclipse. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. It delivers that ‘ring of fire’ effect which we see in so many eclipse images. Where the Sun’s corona is clearly visible. This is due to the Moon being further away from the Earth than during a total eclipse so it does not completely cover the Sun. As you know, eclipses conceal. In your 12th, there’s a cover up going on. The eclipse falls within one degree of Jupiter in here. In fact, the Sun and Jupiter meet the very next day. So, you have a flash of insight into what this secret is. Just not the whole picture yet. If your job involves any kind of research, detection or surveillance – know you are on the right track.

That ‘gut’ feeling is telling you to probe further so please don’t ignore it. Mercury arrives in here from the 29th. You now have six planets in here – the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto plus the South Node. Remember – Saturn is your ancient ruler and the old rulerships always apply. Saturn rules your karma, time plus acts as your Guardian Angel. Just take it that if you need to know something now, ask your angels. The truth will come to light in surprising ways especially at the end of the month when the Sun meets the South Node on the same day that Mercury trines your modern-day ruler Uranus in your 4th. What you intuit or learn now enlightens, awakens and ultimately frees you. The year ahead promises the most exciting journey of all. A trip to the heart of who you really are. You’ll find your true purpose and ditch what has held you back. Explore your inner space now. The potential is limitless.

In a nutshell: Begin a journey into the biggest mystery of all, Aquarius. Who you really are. The truth is about to set you free. And release you into limitless possibilities.

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It’s opening night – not a repeat performance!

Love has a date with destiny marked in your diary

Ready to explore some mysteries like never before, Aquarius? To explore the multiverse of possibilities that you may have been unaware of but nonetheless exist? To dive deep into the incredible being that is you and discover just what you are capable of? Or better yet, discover exactly what it is you need? All this is on offer for you during 2020 like never before. If you are willing to leave behind what you know – or think you know.

Secrets will be uncovered during this time so be prepared for world-reshaping revelations. Karma can be paid and then re-written. The past always contains the keys to our future once we are willing to see the truth it hides. You’ll be fearless in your pursuit of the truth especially when it comes to your higher purpose. This may involve confronting things within yourself or with regards to others than you may have not wanted to look at. Or even simply been in plain denial about. The fact is – the truth will set you free now and also open your eyes to an undiscovered country of real love and potential.

Head Back to Move Ahead

You’ve been dragged deeper within by the extremely ‘heavy’ 12th house weather in your chart which you have never experienced in your lifetime. Nor will again. Once in 500-year events take place peaking on January 12-13. Jupiter entered this house back in December. Jupiter always takes us on a journey. In your 12th you are heading into the great mystery. Discovering the magic of things which cannot be seen but nonetheless exist. And also the power that your past contains when it comes to reshaping your future.

January sees a destiny driving line-up which simply cannot be contained nor underestimated. You are after all, the sign of the future. You are being asked if you want the past to repeat or to step free of it once and for all. To own and author your own future. To do this you first have to go back and own the choices and decisions you have made which see you where you are in the present. You also have to stop the blame game if you have been sucked in to that. This is a new beginning like no other you have been ever offered before. Nor will be again. You will see this begin to arrive within weeks of January’s line up. Do the work and be ready.

Ancient ruler Saturn meets with Pluto in here for the first time in 500+ years on January 12. Also entangled in this meeting are Mercury and Ceres. The Sun reaches this point on the 13th and this promises one of the biggest revelations or exposures of something hidden you have ever experienced. With Jupiter and the South Node also in here but well away from this, take it that this is linked to karma, fate and escaping a cycle which has had you trapped.

This can even relate to family karma. Playing out a theme handed down from generation to generation that is not your own but an inheritance. All it ever takes to set yourself and everyone else free is for one person to recognise it and release it.

Secrets may surface now and if someone has been deliberately keeping something from you, this will now be exposed for all to see. Hopefully you yourself are not trying to keep a closet door locked. If you are, you won’t succeed as this cycle tells you everything that occurs is ‘for the good of your soul’.

Intuition and insight can re-shape your world. You may keep what surfaces to yourself however as this is the house of things we may acknowledge to ourselves but may choose not to share with others except professionals. Consulting a psychic, astrologer, psychiatrist, therapist, doctor, rabbi, priest or other professional may form part of this. Someone whose job it is to show compassion, wisdom and above all, keep your confidence.

Who is Helping? Who is Hindering?

Look to who is helping or hindering you in January and take it that whatever they are doing, you have done the same for them in the past or a past life. This is karma in action. It all must balance in some way now. People from your past as in lifetime may appear during this crucial time. Or you encounter people who trigger familiar themes for you. This is all about releasing you so please if something or someone feels familiar, think very carefully about repeating the past. Right now the past could represent a trap.

January is not the best time to begin a new relationship as a result. If someone new does appear, take it very slowly. Endings may feature and if they do, you need to understand that this is because time is up. Compassion, empathy and a universal outlook that everything occurs for a reason and at the right season may be necessary. If not for the other person then for yourself. Pluto represents power while Saturn demands not only accountability but authenticity. In other words, you can’t and should not fake forgiveness if that isn’t how you are feeling. This is all about owning what’s happening within. Yes, you can forgive in a karmic sense while still feeling angry in the here and now. Just remember this if January shows you something you would rather not have seen!

Knowing Me is the Key

No matter what, all this is designed to show you what you truly need by allowing you to re-frame the past within the context of the present. You are going to be given the gift that lasts and simply keeps on giving. It’s not something that you can show off publicly. But it is beyond price. Those revelations include suddenly seeing why you have made those previous choices. In love and in other areas. It exposes what I like to call ‘the dream behind the dream’. This is so in the future you don’t waste any more time. You are free to go directly to your dream. Your choices have been fuelled by a need that you may or may not be aware of. Until you know what that need is, you can only succeed despite it. But once you know what it is, you get it. To know it you have to first know yourself. It’s a puzzle wrapped in a mystery with an enigma for a bow.

Saturn Opens the Present for You

What do we say about ancient rulers? That they still apply. Modern day ruler Uranus will remain in your 4th of home, family matters and emotional and financial security for all of 2020. This is why some of those revelations I’m talking about my involve family karma or secrets, your career, your lifestyle and where you feel you belong. Or what you feel you are here to experience or achieve. Again, this comes from knowing yourself and understanding what it is you truly want. Saturn your ancient ruler now says – there’s now time like the present to go after it now you know what it is when it arrives in your 1st on March 22nd. It is joined by Mrs on March 30 and they meet on the 31st. The tells you, the time to go after what you want, to make those changes is now. This is your moment.

Play It Again, Sam. Play as Time Goes By

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world . . . The famous line in Casablanca has a retrograde ring to it. And not just any Mercury retrograde either as we are talking about past love. This is a Venus retrograde quote if ever there was one. The past could surface one more time perhaps to test you. Or perhaps to tempt you to play it again as Venus retrogrades in your 5th of lovers from May 13. This also happens as Jupiter retrogrades in your 12th from May 15. You also now have the North Node in this house. If there is unfinished business between you and another, destiny offers a chance to get your answers if you are wondering if it could still work. Or give you proper closure if not. Now is definitely NOT the time to begin a new romance. Not until after Venus heads direct from June 25.

Just days after the full Moon in your sign on August 3, Venus direct meets the North Node in here making this a day for love destiny. Aug 5 could see you meet the love of your life – or the potential to bring one into it. This is your house of children so relationships that have the potential to make you a parent, step parent, adoptive or foster parent could feature. As could making a lasting impression on someone who can open doors or offer you a ‘lucky’ break. Again, this is destiny at work. This could also be a reward for all that karma cleaning work you have been engaged in!

Step Out of the Wings and Back Into a Leading Role

If you have been working behind the scenes, this could see you emerging out of the shadows and into the spotlight of recognition and stardom once more. We have another highly unusual retro occurring in 2020 and that is Mars backwards in your house of business, communication and getting around. Between Sept 10 and Nov 14 you need to take your time and guard against rushing. Check and double check anything you send out there as mistakes can be made. Also think before you reply or react to anything that is said to you in turn. Especially on the internet. Sometimes no response is the correct one.

Mars retro in here allows you to see where action needs to be taken with regards to those ideas or business plans however. It allows a more careful, considered approach. This also applies to interviews. You see this as a two-way process as you weigh up whether or not that role truly gives you what you want. Mars retro in here doesn’t necessarily prevent progress. It’s simply the true progress of the slow burn.

Your Dress Rehearsal Before Opening Night

There’s one more thing you need to know before the year is out. This may well revolve around a friend, group, band, political party, club, association, network or cause. It could even relate to you, someone else and a big future goal of yours. As the total eclipse throws all of this into darkness on December 14 in your 11th. The very next day, Saturn and Jupiter have their final meeting in your 12th. What’s being hidden from you will not stay that way for long. For the present please keep hold of the following eclipse playbook rules: Choose your confidents carefully. Keep things to yourself if you have any doubts at all about someone’s ability to keep things in the vault. If you need to talk something through with someone and are uncertain whether your confidence will be kept, then confide in a professional whose job it is to maintain confidentiality. Anyone from your doctor to a psychic, therapist, accountant, lawyer or even your church leader. This is a two-way street. If someone confides in you, then lock this in the vault and throw away the key. If you fail to abide by this rule there could be serious consequences.

Saturn re-enters your 1st on Dec 17 with Jupiter hot on its heels two days later. Want to rule the world, Aquarius? All that delving and deep discovery should have handed you the secret to your future success. Which is knowing what it is you truly want. You don’t actually need to rule the world to have what you most want in the world. The simple truth is that all you need to know is what you want so you can get it. Once you do – well, it simply feels like you’re on top of the world. That’s the simple hidden truth for you to discover in 2020.

In a nutshell: The hidden secret to having what you want is yours to discover. Like many secrets it’s always been in plain sight. Receive the gift that keeps on giving in 2020, Aquarius. And sends you directly towards that dream!

All about Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus the planet of unpredictability. Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac. inventors, genius and humanitarians they are always one step ahead of the herd. Your soul lesson is to get in touch with your emotions and shine your light of love onto yourself.

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