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The week ahead for aquarius

Ditching the old and outdated. The willingness to take a chance on something new. You could access a new level of inner strength this week, Aquarius. Surprise yourself with the results if you do.

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Take a leap of faith

Your values are your compass

Tap into inner power

Take a deep breath, Aquarius. And prepare to take the plunge. You are being asked this week to venture into something or make a decision which you know you will live with for some time to come. This takes courage, conviction and above all, a willingness to take a chance. It’s a leap of faith. Perhaps in yourself.

The Capricorn’s next door may be wrestling with something similar albeit in a slightly different form. You however are being asked to let go of old ways of doing things or even outdated expectations and align to the radically new. Take some time to weigh up the pros and cons of this on the 14th as the Sun in your 8th opposes Neptune in your 2nd. Above all, if it aligns with your values then know its the right choice. And if it doesn’t – that tells you all you need to know.

The odds – in your favour

Mars in your 9th from the 15th ignites fire, passion and the hunger for something new. I could say ‘May the odds be ever in your favour’ now as this is your house of luck and taking a chance. Mars says do just that now. Venus ups your professional image and your status in your 10th and chivvies your ancient ruler Saturn in your sign on the 17th. The same day as the Sun in your 8th trines Pluto in your 12th asking you to honour those unspoken desires and ambitions. You’ll reach for inner resources you didn’t know you had if necessary, Aquarius. And no longer ignore the call.

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Have your answer ready

Choose different

A bigger experience beckons

There are deals to be done this month, Aquarius. These can be both the financial variety and also those of the heart. But no matter what form they take, they will require a definitive Yes or No answer now.

Of course, that deal on the table could be brand spanking new and look at lot different to what’s been on offer before. If so, is it time to give it serious consideration? If you keep saying yes to the same old thing over and over again and not liking the result, maybe its time to choose different.

This could especially apply to anything to do with romance, your creative life, babies, children, young people and parenting. The month starts with Ceres in your 5th angling back to Saturn in your 1st. Plus we have a superb trine between Venus in your 9th to Jupiter on the 6th. Lucky breaks, an opportunity, a new deal on love, big news or even a trip or invitation. It (or they) come wrapped in the promise of big benefits. But your answer is required. As is your participation.

Mercury in your 9th trines the North Node also in your 5th on the 3rd. We have three key trines involving the Node this month. But the 3rd has a special delivery for you via cosmic courier. Winging its ways across the sky comes a Mystic Rectangle. A super-charged aspect which looks like the back of an envelope when we see it in a chart.

Knock, knock, ding dong, ping ping. Answer the door or the call to action. Let opportunity in. Don’t procrastinate or worse – pretend you’re not home! The last Mystic Rectangle appeared back in July. What happened back then?

Think message in a bottle, email, snail mail, news, texts, that WhatsApp group, answers, announcements, invitations or door knocks. There’s an offer, acceptance or something opens up for us under these aspects which are a mix of trines, sextiles and oppositions. They are free-flowing but at the same time, we have to make some kind of effort or stretch ourselves. Or we have already done that and now comes our result. Or we now have to give our answer.

This one is asking you to look back at those choices and decisions. What opportunities you say yes or no to. The results of this. What you learned from it. Don’t whatever you do tip into regret territory or blame yourself. Look instead at the experiences these choices brought you. Placing it all in this context opens your mind to learning and leads to your next decision being more empowered.

Mars sits in its ruling 8th telling you to feel any fear but do it anyway. Neptune asks if its time to leave past thinking behind. The Moon in your 6th and Pluto in your 12th could simply show you that old ways of doing things have been holding you back. Or past choices.

The truth behind your choices

There may be very intense emotions around what is on offer even if it is clearly to your benefit, Aquarius. If we know saying yes to something will take us outside of our comfort zones, we end up thinking it is the opportunity we should say no to – rather than pushing through our own resistance. The new Moon in your 8th on the 7th shows you the truth behind any fear or reluctance you may feel around moving forward. At which point – you’ll know what answer to give.

Sometimes its the no which frees us rather than the yes. Often we delay making a decision because we not only fear how it will impact the other party, but fear the unknown of striking out on our own. Our relationship may no longer work for instance, but we hang on despite being unhappy because we fear we may end up alone. Or we are in a secure but dead-end job. But we justify staying there by telling ourselves we have no guarantee; one which offers more career progress will work out in the long term. So, we stay stuck.

Take a chance on change

Nothing worth having in life comes with a written guarantee. September says if you need to take a chance on change – the month should offer you an opportunity for that. Do be ready to move with it however. Mercury begins retroshadow from the day of the new Moon in your freedom inspiring 9th and is retrograde from the 27th. The usual retrograde rules apply and in this house especially to travel. But do take it plans will slow, reverse or even come to a standstill at that point until next month.

Venus moves to your 10th zhushing up your professional image. You’re the one with what others are seeking now. Showcase this as this is one of your houses where you are on show. And there is no place Venus likes to be more than the centre of attention. Even on the business stage. So any follow ups or through on those opportunities that appeared should see you in a position to make your very best impression.

Mars sweeps away any lingering doubts over decision making, banishing hesitation and fear when it joins Mercury in your 9th from the 15th. We are now a week away from the Sun joining it. The 20th brings the full Corn or Harvest Moon in your 2nd of money, values and self-worth. The final full Moon of summer marking the time of gathering as the year pivots and day and night becomes equal on the 22nd with the Sun’s entry into your 9th and the equinox. Or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is spring and your time for planting.

On its way to Pisces, the waxing Moon passes both Saturn and Jupiter in your sign. Call this a stocktake around those personal desires and what you believe you deserve. You may look back at what you have achieved since midsummer. This shows you how far you have come and makes the next stage or decision easy. It’s just the next logical move for you. No biggie after all. Under this Moon you can erase any remaining insecurities when you look back on your journey just over these past months. You know you’re so ready for this!

The Sun’s entry into your 9th on the 22nd is your cue to step up and claim a bigger life experience as a result. Don’t pretend you now don’t know what direction you should head in, Aquarius! Fate is at work as the Sun trines the North Node in your 5th promising love-struck opportunities and lucky breaks. Super-sized by the easy, breezy Grand Air Trine between Saturn in your sign, the Moon in your 5th and Mars in your 9th on the 26th.

Venus opposes ruler Uranus in your 4th on the 23rd. You know where you need to direct your resources now but do others? If someone shifts the goal posts on any kind of arrangement, you won’t put up with unilateral decisions. It doesn’t matter if its that business deal or that understanding around who takes out the trash. By now you’ll know some things are up for negotiation but others simply aren’t.

The 29th sees the Sun in your 9th trine Saturn in your 1st while Venus in your 10th trines Neptune in Venus’s ruling 2nd. This could literally hand you rewards, validation or the result you wanted from that decision you made this month, Aquarius. Take away the priceless feeling you made the right choice.

In a nutshell: The year pivots, day and night equals. Time to choose, Aquarius. Something requires a yes or no answer from you. You can’t afford to let fear or hesitation hold you back. So, you may need to opt for a different answer than you have done in the past. You got this!

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Aquarius 2021 Forecast

Welcome to Year One of the Now Age, Aquarius. Yes, you are the poster child for the upcoming new era. The Sun does not land in your sign until January 19th however. But you may feel as 2021 begins this is a mere formality. It is after all, the age with your name on it so you can be forgiven for thinking your birthday starts at New Year’s Day. And the party continues all year long.

Life could seem like a rollercoaster at times. One you cannot get off of even. But by the time this year ends you should be in a position where you stagger off exclaiming: ‘Wow, what a ride!’. You start the year with Mercury in your 1st from Jan 8 and it meets Saturn and Jupiter in here on the 10th and 11th. Making this your start up period for those personal dreams and ambitions.

Be aware that at the end of the month, Mercury will retrograde in your sign. Venus arrives in your 1st on Feb 1 and it too meets Saturn and Jupiter. Plus Mercury is set to meet Jupiter twice more during its retrograde. Revivals from the past may feature. Either in the form of goals you resurrect, the return of missed opportunities or even people.

Take it that nothing is finalised until March. But also see this time as one prolonged testing and experimental phase. Where you get to try out anything from new looks to experimental dreams. To see whether they are right for you without having to risk anything or commit. This is your Now Age Work in Progress. With you being the ultimate work of art!

Seize the Year – and the Opportunity!

Above all, have fun and don’t take anything (including yourself), too seriously at this time. If the past few years have been a struggle when it comes to your goals or making changes, you may be surprised how easy this is for you now. As well as how daring you feel when it comes to doing this. You’ll also feel the time is now so seize the year right from the start.

You’ve not had such immense growth potential around you for a long time so make the most of it now. Ruler Uranus in your 4th is asking you to own your life – and your path. It also tells you not to get too attached to plans. And that true security comes from within. From trusting yourself to do what you know is right for you.

2021 wants to free you and open the door to new experiences. So, another reason to make plans but be willing to adapt or even let go of them entirely if something better or even more intriguing appears.

Saturn in your 1st lets you harness the Gods of Change and to get them working for you. Simply by applying self-discipline. This has nothing to do with being unwilling to change. Jupiter in your 1st hands you solutions and opportunities. Luck is on your side now if you are willing to take a chance on yourself.

When it comes to that all important area of love, Jupiter in our 1st is very often better for attracting that prospective partner than Jupiter in our 7th. But whether it is romance, a work connection or friendship, take it Jupiter will deliver all kinds of people who will expand your worldview and bring opportunities into your life.

The Connectivity Effect

It’s a year to join in. expand your network and to get as involved as you can in causes, groups, movements, parties, bands, organisations, clubs, Meetups and organizations as your circumstances allow. You will find the more you connect, the more benefits come your way this year. Who you know or what you are involved in will become more important than what you know. What 2021 and the Now Age will show you is the importance of connections. And that everything that happens is connectivity in action.

Above all, understand that Saturn in your 1st is all about taking yourself seriously. Own your individuality. Be proud. Don’t try to imitate others. Be yourself. And show the world you are not only serious about who you are, but serious about those goals, your interests and everything that adds up to the unique package that is YOU. Because it all starts with you.

If you aren’t proud of how you are – how do you expect others to be? This will become even more important for you with Jupiter in your 2nd and eventually Saturn in two years’ time. Be proud to be different, diverse, a maverick, visionary and innovator.

There’s No Space Like Home

Ruler Uranus in your 4th can bring sudden, unexpected shifts around your home, living arrangements or family group. Always remember, Uranus’s goal for you is always your freedom, no matter how things look at first. Some of you could be faced with unexpected moves or even job shifts this year. So, if this happens, bear in mind you simply may have outgrown where you are on some level.

Decisions around property matters are favoured in April-May. And again in November. However, avoid the time around the lunar eclipse of November 19 in the Moon’s ruling 4th for any kind of dealings involving property or family affairs.

Love and Future Forward Plans

When the Sun and other planets are in your 5th house during May -June, they will of course trine Saturn in your 1st. This will show you whether something is lasting or not when it comes to romance. Or bring through rewards for working on your craft or that potential long-term love. Parenting, children or even a relationship which could see you becoming a parent or step-parent may also form part of this.

Jupiter will leave your sign and enter your 2nd on May 13. Neptune is of course in long term residence in this house. Jupiter will not reach Neptune this time around as it will only spend two months in here before it re-arrives back in your 1st. This is your taster session for 2022 and during this brief time you may see opportunities to improve your financial situation appear.

This is especially good for anyone who earns a living via their creativity, psychic pursuits, investigation, healing, not-for-profit organisations, charities, caring for others, writing or exploring anything hidden and mysterious like the nature of the universe for instance! But no matter what kind of work you are engaged in, or if you are seeking work during this Jupiter window, you should see Jupiter hand you the means to increase your income on some level.

Aside from the eclipse in your 4th in November, 2021 sees eclipses on your 5th/11th house axis. So, lovers, friends, children, creativity, hobbies, holidays, networks and goals. The first occurs May 26 when we have an eclipsed supermoon in your 11th. So, this one touches on Aquarian themes. It could involve one friend or a group in particular. You are in the dark emotionally at this point.

The second occurs at the time of the new Moon in your 5th on June 10. It’s an Annular Solar Eclipse. That’s the kind that produces a ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun we see in so many eclipse photos. So, you have a flash of insight – a glimpse of the truth. But not the whole picture – yet. Mars and then Venus are about to enter your 7th at this time and will oppose Saturn in your 1st. Making this a pivotal time one way or another for partnerships and love.

The final eclipse of the year will be in your 11th on December 4th. For you the new Moon in here always marks an important point to set new goals and set your future on a fresh course. But this time you are totally in the dark as this is a total eclipse. Stay connected to your gut feelings at this time. If new people enter your life, allow plenty of time for the friendship to develop. Or alternatively, this eclipse may conceal a new way to reach an all-important dream or goal. But you simply are unaware of it as yet.

Travel, the mass media, learning, the law, foreign connections, airlines, foreign affairs of all kinds, sports, the outdoors, lucky breaks and above all, big loves are on the horizon for you from September through to October. By this time, Jupiter is back in your 1st and as first Venus and then the other planets and the Sun move through your 9th, they will trine both Saturn and Jupiter from Jupiter’s ruling house. This makes this a wonderful time to realise that goal or dream or to embark on some kind of learning adventure – real or simply metaphorical.

Travel even travelling to parts of your own country you have not seen before, could feature. As could doing business overseas, trying that activity you have always wanted to, starting that course of study or embarking on a relationship that opens you eyes to new possibilities. This is a time where rewards for long term efforts can manifest and doors magically swing open.

By the time we reach December, Venus will have entered your 12th of hidden truths, spirituality and the past. It will slow down in here to make a rare retrograde from December 19th. Take it this is now love on hold. And if you are single at this time, wait to embark on seeking someone new until after Venus is direct again early in 2022.

You say goodbye to Jupiter for the next 12 years on December 29 when it finally leaves your sign and re-enters your 2nd. This year has been an unusual Jupiter cycle as instead of being in one sign for the entire 12 months, it has only spent 10 in here. It is about to do the same in ’22. Power through your money zone, enter your 3rd of writing, communication and the internet for a short period, and then return to your 2nd for a longer stay.

You’ve been given a preview of this in ’21. Get ready to use this to your advantage. Saturn will continue it’s stay in your 1st for ’22. Again, this is all about You and owning who you are in the Now Age. So, be a walking advertisement. Individuality is the foundation of the new success cycle you’re creating. As is the power of your connectivity, Aquarius.

All about Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus the planet of unpredictability. Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac. inventors, genius and humanitarians they are always one step ahead of the herd. Your soul lesson is to get in touch with your emotions and shine your light of love onto yourself.

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