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The week ahead for aquarius

Friendships, groups and goals may shift and change once the final eclipse hits your 11th house this week. Expect true colours to emerge from the blackout. And that includes what you want to colour your future, Aquarius.

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Goals evolve

Harness people power

Who is truly on your team?

Friends, goals, groups, associations, networks (on and off line), team players – or not. All things Aquarian are impacted this week due to the final eclipse on your 5/11th house axis occurring in your 11th on the 4th.

It’s about where you fit in to the bigger picture. Who is Team You and who isn’t. What you thought you wanted for your future vs. what you now envision. Friendships and goals may shift and change as relevance and continued resonance are the themes concealed within this eclipse package.

Join in, team up and know your people

If anyone’s or a group of someone’s name jumps to mind, hold that thought and look who is in touch or on your mind on the 29th when the Sun and Mercury meet. This day also sees Mars in your 10th trine Neptune in your 2nd. Check your chart for any factors within 12 degrees of Pisces too. Many Aquarians have planets in the next door sign. If you do and they are within 1-2 degrees of orb, then the eclipse will increase its intensity. This can be linked to how a person or group of people makes you feel. Fake friends and energy vampires vs. those who support, uplift and inspire.

If when the eclipse shadows clear, you discover a goal needs to be released, please be willing to do so. No matter how long you have spent pursuing it, do not see this as wasted time. Nor should you continue with it if it doesn’t make your heart sing. Simply see it all as experience and a journey. Now it’s time for a new one. People will show you their true colours as the eclipse shadows clear. And you’ll discover what direction you need to set for your future too. By February – you’re on your way.

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Embrace every unique facet of your soul

Own your power

Step into free flowing abundance

You own it this month, Aquarius. So – werk it! Right up until the 21st when the Sun changes signs and appears in your 12th. Owning it is a seasonal celebration of rocking whatever qualities make you well – you. Time to go deep and look at the hidden facets of who you are and bring them to the surface and showcase them! Go bold – or go home this December!

If we’re talking about your individuality, your goals, hopes, wishes and dreams for your future then you know we’re talking 11th house stuff. There’s a big shift happening around these this month. First. Let’s talk about friends, contacts, connections, groups, networks, clubs, parties, organisations and associations and who you know.

Does one particular name or even a social circle jump to mind when I mention that? Does something need changing up around your social life? Are you feeling the resonance or the exclusion? In or out of orbit in other words? Has your social circle shrunk due to the pandemic or even other factors. Was this happening pre-Covid for instance? Has that hang out turned into nothing but a hang-up instead? Do you feel accepted, energised and supported by your friends or drained, judged and feeling you need to bend yourself out of shape to fit in? The total eclipse at the time of the new Supermoon in your 11th on the 4th, represents a hug blind spot when it comes to friendships or one particular one. Time to drag all this out into the light between now and the full Moon in your 5th on the 19th.

Check your chart – and your multifaceted soul

First – embrace total self-acceptance and love everything about yourself. And while doing that, please check your chart for factors at 12 degrees especially in the mutable signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Within a 1-2 degree orb. If you have anything, you will be directly impacted by this eclipse. You don’t have to be anyone else but who you are. Rock everything about yourself and if you know of people who may have a problem with that, this eclipse will reveal who they are and an opportunity shortly to find new people.

A hidden path towards a long term goal could also be exposed. Or a goal itself may shift or change relevance. If so, it’s a reflection of your own evolution and you owning that, Aquarius. Jupiter in your 2nd is all about relationships you can bank on. The people who have your back no matter what. It is going to leave your sign on the 29th and won’t be back again for 12 years.

But the good news is it is going to open doors to the vaults of abundance, prosperity and enhanced self-worth for you. This includes your expectations around how you are treated by others. And all your relationships will align to these fresh values. So, those people you’ve outgrown or who don’t support you will simply fall away. To be replaced by those who do. For more on this please see your lucky Jupiter ‘22 forecast for your sign.

If changes need to occur following any post-eclipse revelations, then wait until goal-getting Mars lands in your 11th from the 13th. The same day that Mercury arrives in your 12th. We’re entering your annual soul house clearing time before the New Year begins. And this year, be prepared for the process to go deeper than it ever has before! Especially when it comes to love and the healing power it hands you. A healthy dose of self-love being your best medicine! Past loves may feature to. Resurrections, reunions and re conciliations. But know that if this does not happen, what is now past is exactly that due to a major cycle closing and a new one opening for you.

What this holds for you will emerge as part of a deep undertaking between now and the start of your birthday cycle next month. High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 12th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards.

Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. So, aside from that blast from the past returning, please put the search for new love on hold until it is direct and reaches your sign early in ‘22. It will meet Mars in your 1st then, kick-starting any new romance and making up for lost time, Aquarius.

Of course, this isn’t lost time at all but a time where you can recapture what’s been lost and this includes those things you love to do as well as opportunities, connections and your goals.

Joy to the world – and to you!

Head in the direction of self-affirming joy under the full Moon in your 5th on the 19th. Owning it means owning your dreams, desires and yearning for fun, pleasure and good times. To express yourself authentically and to attract in kind. Surround yourself with your people now and engage with the true spirit of the season no matter what your belief system. The universe can hand you unexpected benefits under this full Moon which beautifully trines Jupiter in your 1st. Jupiter has under two weeks remaining in your sign so this can manifest one final shot of Jupiter generosity for you.

Many of you could be looking at a soul satisfying season spent in a way that honours the authentic you. And if you’ve been waiting for revelations around what you need to do in order to bring this about then watch for these or even for something re-emerging from your past on the 11th and also the 25th when Venus meets Pluto. You should be shining and unafraid to enjoy yourself now.

Mercury now in your 12th is also slowing down and begins retroshadow on the 29th when it meets Venus. This is also the day Jupiter leaves your sign for Pisces and your 2nd. There’s a rebirth ahead as Mercury cojoins Pluto on the 30th. This may take a month to emerge in its final form. This is the chrysalis stage. Mercury will enter your sign and then go back into your 12th before heading direct again along with Venus. Wait until the end of January for this story to fully play out for you. In the interim, refine that final butterfly form, Aquarius. And if the past comes calling – ensure that it aligns with who you know you now are – or are becoming.

In a nutshell: Work it to own it this month, Aquarius. It’s about fully embracing who you are. If someone from your past returns ensure they too have been engaged in some serious self-acceptance and evolution. If not, leave them back there. The future holds so much potential now.

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It’s a year of passionate commitment and intention. To set something big in motion and then be prepared to see it through. And to get yourself noticed in all the right ways – and by the right people, as you do it, Aquarius. Prepare to stand out in ‘22!

Go the distance. Who remembers that whispered line from the 1989 film ‘Field of Dreams’? If you’ve not seen it, then watch it as 2022 begins. It has another famous line ‘If you build it, they will come’. Both of these apply to you this year, Aquarius which is why I am starting this forecast off with this message. If you have an idea, a belief, a love, a passion or a vision – take it out there this year. And above all – go the distance and see it through.

Self-belief and belief in your ideas and abilities, is at the heart of the message of this film. And self-confidence, surety and above all, a willingness to take a chance, fuels your story this year. But as it does begin, feet up on the couch and rewind because retrogrades reign supreme! It’s a time of tuning in, revision and tapping into visionary, higher inspiration. Take time to decode your past and those past choices too. Especially around love.

Now, just maybe your once-upon-a-time is your happily ever after. But if your happily ever after is just so once-upon-a-time – use January to look at why your love life has turned into more of a cautionary tale than a fairy tale. Venus retrograde in your 12th can open up the true meaning of that story you’ve been busy writing. And you can now edit it for a better outcome once it heads direct again and arrives in your 1st in March. In fact, your birthday season and on into March delivers a free-wheelin’ retro free cycle when all the planets are direct once more.

The year also begins with Mercury retro in your sign from Jan 14 – another reason to plan and dream until February when Mercury will return when you are in birthday mode. Continue to process the past to gain a fresh perspective from it. Then – get ready for your relaunch and to go the distance between you and those dreams. ‘22 offers satisfaction and what you need to sustain you in the long term, Aquarius.

Ruler Uranus remains in your house of lifestyle, family, home and security. What you need to sustain you, your path and living arrangements, continue to undergo an electrifying revolution. Especially as you now have the North Node moving back into this house in your chart. And along with this, this year’s eclipse axis is across your 4th/10th houses of home and achievement.

The Moon rules your 4th house. And not just home, family and physical security but your emotional security too. Eclipses in your 4th can therefore be extremely powerful. While eclipses in your 10th – a house where the Moon is less emotional and more goal-oriented, may challenge you to keep your cool and stay professional. As with all eclipses – something’s being covered up and you need that Moon energy to access your insight, intuition and emotional truth. Dates to watch and wait and steer clear of trying to second guess what others may be feeling are:

Apr 30 -when a new ‘Black’ Moon in your 4th brings a Partial Solar Eclipse. This occurs the day Venus and Jupiter meet in your 2nd. Remember – eclipses can come with hidden benefits and this one could just conceal a better deal around income or property!

May 16 – the full Moon in your 10th and a total lunar eclipse asks you to merge that dedication to going the distance with awareness of how others see you. Time to ensure you come across as someone who means what they say and says what they mean. Above all, during this eclipse and the next in this house at the time of the new Moon on Oct 25 – protect your public image at all costs. Yes, the lights have been turned out. But that doesn’t mean to say you are invisible!

Nov 8 delivers a total lunar eclipse in your 4th – conjunct your ruler. Please pay close attention to anything around the home, family, property dealings, airbnb-ing if you are a host, boundaries, fences and security. Property dealings may change or someone may not be giving you the big picture. Certainly this is an eclipse where you need to pay close attention to that gut.

Being open to changing direction or where or how you live may form a big part of creating your happily-ever-after this year. Your ancient ruler Saturn remains in your sign all year, asking you to continue to know what you want – and to get serious about it. Taking yourself seriously and projecting self-authority is essential to career progress this year – especially during October when the planets in your 9th will trine Saturn and Vesta in your 1st asks just who is in charge (the answer when it comes to where you are going should be you!).

Rewards for going the distance could be on offer thanks to Jupiter and Neptune in your money zone. April 12 brings a once-in-several-lifetimes meeting between these two in here. Both rule Pisces and it has been 165 years since both planets were in residence at the same time. For all signs, this is probably the most important of the year. As well as your money, this takes place in your house of values, possessions, talents, skills and self-worth. And also relationships you can literally ‘bank’ on. Those rare and special people you know will always have your back no matter what.

One outcome could be financial improvements but you could just as easily benefit from the help or generosity of someone you know. Or see the arrival of a new, potentially significant connection whose presence in your life is like a big payday! Love is after all – our greatest asset. Best times for love for you – February and your birthday season when Venus and Mars meet in your sign, July/August when the Sun and other planets are in your 7th and October when they move through your 9th.

Yes, you are worth it!

Jupiter pays two houses in your chart a visit this year. Dividing its time between them. Your 2nd of money, income and possessions and your 3rd of ideas, business, getting around, writing, learning and the internet. Look at how one house is connected to the other as Jupiter goes back and forth and you’ll discover ways to boost your income and break out into new and better areas of discovery and opportunity. Above all – be a self-starter. And don’t be a talker. If you build it, they will come means taking action on those ideas – not simply talking about what you are going to do with them.

Jupiter leaves your 2nd and lands in your 3rd on May 10. This also puts travel back on the menu for many of you. It remains in here until Oct 28 when it re-enters your 2nd for less than two months. And return to your 3rd on December 20.

Your other noteworthy transit this year is passionate, go-getting Mars which will spend an unusually long time in your 5th house of romance, lovers, creativity, fun, pleasure and children. It’s time to go off in hot pursuit of what you want. To immerse yourself in what makes your heart beat faster, to party and play and above all, stand out and get yourself noticed. Really, Mars in here simply don’t do shy and retiring. In love, you need to really, really, really, really, really, really feel it in a very Carly Rae Jepsen way. Or else it’s not happening. Searing, scorching love, fire, creating something, making love feature.

Enjoy right up until Oct 30 when Mars retrogrades in here – a retro which will take you into ‘23. But by now – you should have built or gone after that vision of yours, Aquarius. And been noticed for your passionate intent as well as your ability to go the distance to those dreams – on into 2023.

All about Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus the planet of unpredictability. Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac. inventors, genius and humanitarians they are always one step ahead of the herd. Your soul lesson is to get in touch with your emotions and shine your light of love onto yourself.

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