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The week ahead for taurus

Changes could creep up on you unawares this week due to the eclipse in your 8th house, Taurus. There’s a deeper need to know what’s going on with those close to you as well. Don’t be afraid to take a deep dive into intimacy now.

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Get talking at the top of the week

Head down a more passionate path

Delaying tactics could be your bestie!

Not a week for speculation or to make major decisions around your finances Taurus. We have the final eclipse occurring in your 8th house this week. After this, the eclipse axis as well as the Nodes will be across your 1st/7th houses.

Before the eclipse strikes – if you have something to discuss – do it on the 29th when the Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 8th empowers negotiations and changes. Mars in your 7th is pushing you towards something more passionate and fulfilling as it trines Neptune in your house of the future on this day. You also have Vesta in your 8th making a trine to Chiron in your 12th on the 2nd. You’re refusing to accept anything outdated now – from a role to a relationship.

Alchemy occurs in the dark

Hang fire if you can on the 4th as this is a total eclipse at the time of a new Supermoon. Therefore the concealment factor is supermassive! This can be anything from outcomes to what a transformation could potentially bring you.

You are a sign with a deep need to know and consider all the facts. Take it you simply don’t have them at this point. A total eclipse plunges us into total darkness. Check in with what you partner is really thinking and feeling and take nothing for granted at this point. Above all, avoid signing on the dotted line around anything like borrowing, a work contract, investments or joint financial matters. What something ends up costing you in the long term truly isn’t obvious at first glance this week.

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What’s the change you need to make around love?

Chart a clear path towards that goal

Define your direction for ‘22

Is love the change you’re looking for? As we head into ‘22 this is the leading question for you, Taurus. Let’s talk ruler Venus first up which along with Jupiter, plays a starring role for you this month.

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 9th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. But see this as a time to get especially clear about what it is you want. And simply loving what you have, Taurus.

The ‘C’ word has been unavoidable in your vocabulary certainly since 2020. Even if you have not dared utter it out loud (a bit like Voldemort), change or the need for it will have been on your mind. Yes, you may have seen the need for it. But that does not mean you are exactly jiggy with it either. You adore the status quo. But need to know the difference between that and something which is now stale. Or simply lived out for you. Which is when the ‘C’ word is your friend.

The start of a beautiful friendship

Get cosy with change – if that’s possible. Open up to it, welcome it and embrace it to make the most of what 2022 wants to hand you. Change wants to be your friend. The start of December brings the final eclipse on your 2nd/8th axis. Your 8th being your house of change, transformation and rebirth. And this linking back to your all-important values as well as your mortgage, cash, money and what you will and won’t sell your soul over.

It’s not just the eclipse axis which changes in 2022, but the Nodes too. The North Node will enter your 1st in January and the eclipses for next year will all occur across your 1st/7th houses. So this involves you and that past, present and potential boo. And anything you jointly own or share. So, your joint account to your home and the kids if you have them in fact. And this tells you where the changes are going to occur.

However, the eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 8th (4th) is not the time to make decisions under. This is a total eclipse and you know the rules, Taurus. Total eclipses mean we are completely in the dark about something! In this case this can relate to your money, those shared assets or even your relationship itself. Please wait and allow two days either side of this eclipse if possible.

Mars pushes into its ruling 8th on the 13th – two days after a pivotal meeting between Venus and Pluto – the first of three which will occur during Venus’s key retro period. Breathe in that desire for expansion, freedom or just something bigger. It’s stirring within you – a call that has to be answered, Taurus. With Mars now boosting your confidence, passion and igniting that desire for something else you’ll begin to see how change needs to be welcomed in – not resisted. Told you it was your friend!

Pivotal decisions will be made during this key retrograde period for you regarding your other half if you have one, or simply the need to get out of your own way. Courageously ditching your own self-imposed limitations in favour of stepping away from that comfort zone in order to discover what more may be on offer for you if you do.

New fire and fiestyness rules and fuels you now Taurus. Combined with an active desire to shake things up. Just watch for now wanting things your own way as the opposition between Mars and Ceres and the North Node in your 2nd on the 15th could see a battle occur between your ego and another’s. Or you throw the baby out with the bathwater in your determination to get your own way! However, the upside of this is that this is one of the best transits this month for setting in motion anything that brings in long term change for you.

The day of the full Moon in your 2nd coincides with Venus retrograde. So its important to have brought all financial matters to some kind of reconciliation by this point. The same goes for partnership matters too. You might also want to plan ahead to get your holiday shopping done by this date in order to avoid ‘emotional’ spending. If you do still have presents to buy, set a budget and stick to it or have a very clear idea what you are buying someone. This applies whether you are filling your basket in a physical store on on-line.

Powerful Ceres backs into your sign on the 22nd – the day after the year pivots and the Sun lands in your 9th. You’re not looking ahead with optimism and ready for whatever ‘22 is set to bring you, Taurus. Remember, this is a time for planning and pushing forward with changes you now know need to happen. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘settling’, stagnation and status quo. If things don’t change they cannot improve. It’s really that simple for you.

You’ve been tested in ‘21 and asked to really define your values. Especially when it comes to partnership matters. What you want and need from love. Now, take that refined value system and ensure everything you take forward with you aligns to it. Or its time to release yourself from it. Venus will continue to refine this process until it heads direct again in the New Year.

Before the old one ends, you’ll feel the fabulous shift in energy as Jupiter returns to its ruling sign of Pisces and your 11th house. Friends, groups, networks, contacts, clubs, bands and associations hold the key to your future. Time to get social and to set fresh goals, Taurus. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter is in their 11th. And to expect at least one of them to be granted. Out with the old and in with the changes now!

In a nutshell: Wish upon a star. Not once but three times now Jupiter returns to your goals and friendship zone this December. Time for some wish-fulfilment in ‘22 Taurus. Know what you want to get it!

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2022 opens up your horizons and shows you fresh paths towards your dreams. This is a year where you can tap into your highest potential, Taurus. Exciting new connections open doors – and act as catalysts for goal realization!

Holy love on hold as 2022 begins for you Taurus. You start the year with ruler Venus retrograde in your 9th. Simply take it love or big dreams are freeze-framed until it heads direct once again. So please, even if finding that special someone is top of that New Year’s resolution list, don’t sign up on that dating app just yet. Not unless you like catfish, flakes, ghosting or simply contents not as described that is.

This is a good time to ask what you want from love this coming year. Uranus remains in your 1st refining your value system. Don’t be surprised if that list of qualities you are seeking in a partner undergoes yet more revolution if you are single. Venus retro is also good for tuning in to your partner’s needs if you are settled. And also simply looking at what calls to your heart in terms of what you want to experience or where you want to go.

Venus will head direct again from January 29th. It will also make two historic conjunctions with Mars within a three week period. And across two houses in your chart. Your 9th on Feb 16 and your 10th of status and reputation on March 6. This is extremely rare but then we have several rare events which are going to impact on past, present or potential partnerships occurring this year.

This may affect not just personal partnerships but your working ones, friendships or collaborations as well. Especially as this year’s eclipse axis occurs across your 1st and 7th houses. Expect hidden needs to surface, anything you have been ignoring or brushing aside to confront you and past choices in relationships to come knocking as memories resurface.

You will see how all of this has shaped your ideas around love or your current situation whether single or settled. And it will be decision time for you, one way or another. Some of you may leave a current job or relationship. Others may look for what they want in an entirely new direction. Or you make a dynamic re-commitment and renewal to the person or path you are already with. Love karma is about to come full circle now when the North Node enters your 1st on January 19. Look back 19 years if you are old enough as this is all about what began then.

March brings you a period where all planets are direct, making this an excellent time to push forward with personal and professional goals. April is all about who you know rather than what, Taurus. Yes, you are a sign who takes so much pride in what you have worked so creatively and diligently to achieve. But this is a period where people will be your greatest asset along with the connection you feel to them. Rather than those epic talents and track record, Taurus!

We have the rarest of the rare conjunctions occurring on April 12th in your 11th of people and your future. This brings Jupiter and Neptune together in their joint ruling sign for the first time in 165 years! This is magical wishcraft at its most potent. It is telling you to focus on what you want to attain. That big goal, dream or vision. And also that the people who surround you or who enter your life now are destined in some way to help you or influence this.

No matter what you are seeking, mine your existing network and go out of your way now to extend it. Please be open minded and don’t judge a book by its cover. Pay special attention to anyone who offers you entrée to a new and different circle to the one you usually orbit. This is about outside experiences which open up your horizons. And people in a position to help or benefit you in a destiny driven way which may not be obvious at first. The future is in motion so don’t get in its way.

Ruler Venus also makes a conjunct to Neptune on April 27th right in the middle of your birthday season. And meets Jupiter the day of the eclipsed ‘Black’ Moon in your first on the 30th. This is not only an extremely rare new Moon which can only occur once every 2.5 years anyway, but it is eclipsed and is conjunct passionate Eros in your 1st! What begins now may not be obvious in its searing potential for love and partnership possibilities. But take it a new direction is emerging for you under what is potentially, one of the most love-struck days of the year!

Jupiter is on the move and spends approximately half of this year bigging up those contacts and goal getting opportunities. And the other half asking you what you really want when it enters Aries and your 12th from May 10th. This is another pivotal period for you as May 11 sees the Sun and North Node make a historic meeting in your sign. Go deep within, connect to that voice of inner wisdom and please Taurus, follow its advice to the letter. Don’t ignore what it is telling you even if acting on its means upturning the status quo for a while. This is an opportunity or solution like no other you have seen in a very long time.

It must be the money!

Mars will spend an extended period in your 2nd house during ‘22. And its retrograde from October 30 which will last into ‘23 adds up to not taking risks with your money. If you are involved in negotiations, payouts, settlements or even in some cases, spitting assets due to divorce, you are strongly advised to know when to say ‘The buck stops here’. And also to seek professional advice where necessary.

This should be a good year overall for you financially. And for many of you a year where you benefit from two-getherness or via those people you know. You will however be dealing with issues in relationships around my needs vs. our joint needs due to the eclipse axis I talked about earlier. By now, Uranus should have handed you that soul worth reset and you do need to hang on to this over the eclipse dates.

Remember, while eclipses hide or conceal, there are three things in this universe which cannot be hidden for long and this is your hack when it comes to handling eclipses. They are the Sun, the Moon and the truth. So, while a cover up can occur at an eclipse, just like the Sun and Moon emerge again, so does the truth. Eventually. Mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, what glues you together or what you no longer have in common is set to emerge under the eclipse cycle. Remember being Venus ruled that love and money are two sides of the same coin. And it’s the hidden truth of this that is waiting to emerge from the shadows of the eclipses.

Your key dates to take things slowly in any kind of relationship or money situation and know that you don’t yet have that big picture are the total lunar eclipse in your 7th on May 16, the partial eclipse in here on October 25 and the total eclipse of November 8 which falls conjunct Uranus in your 1st. This one has the ability to totally blindside you so please stay connected to both your intuition and also your core values when dealing with what is exposed afterwards.

Astrology is meant to empower you – not scare you. This could just as easily be a unexpectedly lovely surprise. But knowing the eclipse’s capacity to hide something from you even temporarily, puts you in a position where you are prepared for any eventuality!

You will end the year on a high note as Jupiter returns to your 12th on December 20 handing you the ability again to plan where the upcoming year wants to take you. What’s more, unlike ‘22 which began with your ruler retrograde, Venus is once more in your 9th (which Jupiter rules) and now very much in forward motion!

Your focus for ‘22 will be me + you, your spiritual and religious beliefs, deep healing, higher learning, astrology, psychic abilities and learning from the past. You will let go of limitations and tap into the full power of dreams, goals and imagination. Expect exciting encounters, new connections and redefined love. And remember – who you know as opposed to what defines your fate – and your future!

All about taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Ok, you’re stubborn and pig headed but when you love someone, you love them forever. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good.

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