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The week ahead for taurus

Home matters and what you need to sustain you for the long term give way to a desire for excitement, fun and some hot, disco style love. You CAN have both, Taurus!

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What’s the new deal on the table?

Look to long term success and sustenance

Unleash that inner love warrior!

Money talks now Ceres enters your 2nd this week, but your values are your gold-standard, Taurus. So, know what these are especially when it comes to what sustains and supports you. It’s important to be very clear on this as Mercury arrives in your 4th of home, family, security and nurturing and Jupiter returns to your 10th of success and status on the 28th where it will remain for the rest of the year.

This is a fabulous week for decision making. But again, you need to know what you will or won’t ‘sell out’ over or the result you want to achieve. Property matters and career will be highlighted on the 1st when the Sun and Mercury meet. Don’t forget – Ceres rules the art of the deal and in your house of money, possession and assets, simply wants you to come out ahead. Without selling out in the process. Bring surety not uncertainty to the table in any kind of negotiation now.

Get Your Glam On!

We are now on the cusp of a change in the Astro weather as Mars enters mutable Virgo and your 5th on the 29th. This could see you with something to celebrate but also set you off actively seeking change which is unusual for you as you like the status quo. This is your house of lovers, children, fun, holidays, indulgence and attraction. Mars in your 5th always unleashes that inner rock star or desire to be noticed in some way. It puts you in glam mode and wanting to stand out. And also sees you no longer willing to wait around for things to happen but actively setting them in motion.

If things are vanilla, tepid or so-so, Mars will see you change all that and turn up the heat – Saturday Night Fever style. It’s a glitterball and you’ve got all the right moves going on. Don’t keep these to yourself either personally or professionally this week, Taurus. And dress for success.

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Come home to your emotional truth

Get a fresh sense of everyday satisfaction

Feel the love within to experience the love you’ve been without

That work/life balance is going to be your main focus this month, Taurus. What you want to achieve in that big wide world vs. what you need emotionally. You’ll be asked to examine all of this and look to where compromises or bargains can be struck. Especially with others.

We have Mercury powering up again and it leaves behind its retroshadow in your money zone on the 6th. It will enter its ruling 3rd in your chart from the 11th. The day after we have an intention setting new Moon in here. This is your house of communication, ideas, writing, business and commerce. The house where you sell yourself and your message, the internet, publishing, that side hustle if you have one and your message. So, this links in to the bigger picture of career and ambitions.

If you know it, it will answer

July truly is asking you to know what you want and what you are prepared to do to get it. But it also needs you to understand that you don’t have to sacrifice what you need to get what you want. You usually take a slow, considered approach and weigh things up before taking action. Don’t lose touch with that now, Taurus. Long term efforts could pay big dividends and recognition could be on its way. Or you may be able to take a significant step towards a long-term goal.

Mars and also ruler Venus are in your 4th. Hence the emphasis on those emotional needs, home, family, security and living arrangements. Both planets are going to make status setting and path elevating moves to Saturn in its ruling 10th, Chiron in your 12th which is all about your purpose and Uranus in your 1st which is about that value system. This takes place from the 1st week of July to just prior to the new Moon’s appearance in your 3rd. It’s saying its time to prioritise and choose. But also to avoid a ‘success at all costs’ approach.

One door which could be opening is of course a literal one as in a new home or the prospect of moving. Mercury in its ruling 3rd favours contracts and negotiations and once in your 4th from the 28th, signing on the dotted line.

Good times could be on offer around your family, home, sharers, Airbnb experience either as a guest or host, housemates or you get increased enjoyment out of your home and time spent there. Beneficial property dealings could even be on the table for some as Venus and Mars meet in your 4th on the 13th. If you are on a family staycation now or are lucky enough to be on any kind of holiday, then you should be making memories which last long after it is over. Again, this is all about that work/life balance so please do look at the important stuff and making time for what matters.

Your children if you have them, young people or those from your extended family may also feature. As could plans for working out of your home if you have not already embraced this via hybrid working. Success is very much driven now by your personal definition of it. So just ensure that vision includes time for the people and activities that matter. The 15th brings a fabulous trine between the Sun in your 3rd and Neptune in your 11th. This also forms one angle of the Mystic Rectangle which drops through your cosmic letterbox on this day.

If you have ever looked at a chart where a Mystic Rectangle has formed, you’ll see it looks like the back of an envelope. Astrologers have noted over the years that actually, when it comes to this kind of aspect, the literal interpretation is the correct one. It contains a message, offer, announcement, important news or papers. Today of course, it would most probably arrive digitally but the meaning is the same. Here’s your news, your announcement, your reward. You may have to sign or collect – that contract, agreement, sale but it’s the feeling of achievement and validation that’s priceless.

Make a deal, strike a bargain, find that compromise or sweet spot when it comes to your home, path or purpose or how you want to live at the time of the square between ruler Venus and Ceres in your 1st. Above all, if something is bothering you, don’t avoid discussing it with loved ones. This is not the time to avoid ‘difficult’ conversations. If you keep things inside, you will find you will become depressed. If this is what is happening, please seek out professional help if needed.

The Sun’s arrival in your 4th has you seeking soothing self-love and nurturing. You tap into the truth that we all need to feel supported and emotionally nourished in order to go out into the world and shine. Focus on this and also sharing your feelings with those closest to you. Avoid blame or criticism. And yes, this incudes self-blame and self-criticism too! ‘I feel’ is your power statement now. By sharing your emotional truth with others, you open up to their truth too.

This is one of the best times of the year for doing things to your home, enjoying your home, entertaining from home and looking at your support system. If you love where you live, commit to it. If not, commit to moving now Mercury lands in here favouring real estate deals of all kinds. It tells you ‘If not now, when?’. Don’t put off living the way you want to today rather than telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Or worse – ‘someday’.

Live your emotional truth – in the moment

Coming home to yourself, your truth and what you now need to support your journey sets you free rather than ties you down so remember this as ruler Venus lands in your 5th. This is when you get to shine brightest. You may feel a pull/push between going within and recharging/cocooning and wanting to go out there and blaze a trail like a comet! That’s fine and also the natural reaction to these two transits occurring simultaneously. Healing takes place when you honour your needs moment by moment. So, go with this.

Needless to say, this is the start of a cycle of attraction which builds for you on into August/September now Mars follows Venus into your 5th. Living your emotional truth leads to new ways of loving too. Be unafraid to express your full glory and have fun doing so, taurus. Letting go of fear of criticism and judgement frees us to not only enjoy ourselves, but release our power to attract. Why worry about what others think? As RuPaul says: What other people think about me is none of my business. And if you are loving what you do, then why do you care?

The bottom line this July is that when we allow ourselves to be who we are, we heal and attract those who love us just this way anyway. Whether in our personal lives or in our career. So, be in the moment and go with what the moment is telling you to do. Especially as Jupiter returns to your 10th at the end of the month and we have a full Moon in here on the 24th. This is no longer about blind ambition or playing by someone else’s rules. But your definition of success. August will be all about your self-worth as Ceres enters your 2nd on the final day of the month. Find your balance and everything else follows.

In a nutshell: Owning your emotional truth and committing to living it opens up joy for you on an everyday level, Taurus. This month gives you the perfect mix of home and love – and could hand you attraction and satisfaction in the process!


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Taurus 2021 Forecast

Become who you are meant to be

Love transforms

Make a serious commitment to what you want

Continue to look at what’s worth it and refine that value system as 2021 arrives, Taurus. You still have Uranus in your sign for the long term. And it’s making an important point for you – the need to be yourself and not bend yourself out of shape to ‘fit in’.

Reinvention is your process. Continue to evolve your soul, your image, your look, brand, style, message and appearance. The Now Age of Aquarius is here and for you, this is going to be about elevating yourself, reaching higher and above all, being taken seriously. To do that, you need to project you are serious about who you are – or who you are becoming.

Above all, don’t continue to ‘settle’. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself something is ‘good enough’ or ‘not so bad’. Not so. Deep down, you know where the shake up needs to occur. Don’t be afraid to initiate one and shake yourself out of what is confining you. Which could simply be others out-dated take on who you are and what you are capable of.

2020 saw Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart. But its ability to hand you freedom, expansion and opportunity was tempered by Saturn also in here. However, the way forward for you should have started to appear as early as November 2020 and taken you on into December when Jupiter and Saturn both set the new benchmark for what you can achieve when they entered your 10th and the Now Age of Aquarius began.

Who do you think you are?

This puts issues such as your career path, your relationship status and your public image very much in the spotlight for 2021. How others see and perceive you is vitally important. Now more than ever before. It doesn’t matter whether this is your boss, your bestie, your partner – present or prospective, or the world at large, be aware at all times of how you are coming across. Someone to be taken seriously or a lightweight to be dismissed?

This of course rests on how you see and perceive yourself. Hence, working with Uranus in your 1st to set those values and refine, reinvent and relaunch that image if necessary. Who you believe you are (or can be) is how you will come across.

Are you starting to get more comfortable with change? Listen, none of us like it! But you are a sign who cherishes the familiar so change for you can be harder than for others. Even when deep down you know its necessary. Again, this leads back to those feelings of things being ‘semi okay’ so you continue to cruise along with them. If so, expect to be propelled out from putting up with less and on towards more. This is due in part to Uranus but also your Now Age 10th house. Alight from February as ruler Venus moves in here and vibes off Saturn and Jupiter.

This is one of the best periods of 2021 for career matters. Doors may swing open wide and those in positions of influence, power and authority are looking at you favourably. Believe in yourself and that you are heading up there where you belong. And you could just see your stock set to soar.

Single? Ditch any niggles over punching above your weight. But know what it is you are looking for and above all, stick to that. Be upfront about it. You are a keeper but don’t waste your time on those who tell you they are not in the market for something real. Taking yourself seriously means you take others seriously too. And that includes not telling yourself someone will ‘change their mind’ down the track when they tell you all they want is something casual. That’s fine if you want the same. But if not, take your time and your heart seriously enough not to waste either. Wish them well and move on.

Saturn is in its ruling house now and asks you to build on what you have already established. That reputation and track record in other words. If you are on the right path, then doors will open. If you need to change direction, then Jupiter in here up until May will help in you choosing a fresh path. Your contacts, networks and connections will prove to be your greatest asset. And if you do want a career change, then look to approaching companies and people who are established in the field you want to enter. This could prove to be your best way in.

2021 brings us one of the most unusual Jupiter cycles we have seen for a long time. Jupiter usually spends 12 uninterrupted months in a sign. Not so this year. It will power through Aquarius and your 10th, and then land in Pisces and your 11th on May 13. Yes, during your birthday cycle, Taurus.

Your social life and who you know will take on a fresh significance as will you goals and vision for your future. Friends and who you meet will be linked to this now. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter enters their 11th. And to expect at least one to manifest during the time it is in here. So, do that, especially if this is linked to anything long term. A relationship or career move for instance.

Is it love that you’ve been looking for?

Shifts around moving, home and family, those you live with – your flatmate, sharers etc, or your live- in lover, spouse, children, could occur around the eclipses on June 10th in your 2nd and May 26th and December 4, in your 8th.

Please bear in mind you may be ‘in the dark’ at these times. So, if signing agreements, contracts, leases, divorce papers, loans or any important documents which impact on you in the long term – please ensure you know what you are getting into (or out of). And whatever you do, don’t be pressured. In fact, if this is what you feel, then this is your cue to slam on the brakes and seek independent, professional advice if necessary.

Road blocks to new love should have been lifted now Saturn has moved into your 10th. Jupiter’s short foray into your 11th highlights not just your social life (which has hopefully escaped lockdown), but shows you that love is to be found when you connect, share and circulate. So, be open to the fact it may show up in unexpected places.

Jupiter will head backwards in your 11th soon after arrival in it (call this a taster session!) and return to your 10th on July 28. Here it will remain until December 29. So, think of the second half of 2021 as your time for major decisions and to cement what you have set in motion.

Love and business ventures and decisions bloom and loom from September 23 onwards when Venus arrives in its ruling 7th. You have the Sun in here from October 23, Mars from October 30 adding passion, heat and confidence, and an all-important new Moon on November 4 which will oppose Uranus in your 1st.

Between this and the eclipsed full Moon in your sign on November 19, you may well reach a decision regarding the future of one particular partnership or work set-up. Whether you are ready to act on it or tell others – that’s another matter entirely. You may wait until after the December 4 eclipse in your house of sex, ‘other’ money and sharing.

December also brings us another Venus retrograde which is when you may be ready to reveal those plans. Also, going back to an old love, deciding to move on from one that you have perhaps settled for, or finally deciding to change a long-term alignment so it reflects those values and who you are, are likely. In fact, no matter how many times you have put things off, you will now be unable to prevent yourself from acting to transform the long term. You could even feel forces beyond your control have taken over and are pushing you down a pre-determined path.

This is due to Venus conjunct Pluto not once but twice in December. The first time this occurs will be on the 11th when Venus is still direct but slowing down. The second time on the 25th when retrograde. Between then and Venus direct once more at the end of January 2022 to when it meets Pluto in March, expect lasting transformations around your relationship status, close working partnerships or career.

Singles could transform themselves into couples. Settleds could take the next step. Others could enter into a significant, long term business or career relationship. Or leave a path that has turned into a dead-end for a new one. If any of these scenarios are linked to a long-term vision of how you see yourself in the future, then take this seriously as Jupiter re-arrives in your 11th on December 29th. Make a wish around love or doing what you love in 2021, Taurus.

2021 in a nutshell: Make a wish around love. Or how you see yourself in love, partnerships or doing what you love. And take it seriously, Taurus. You’re on show this year. So, don’t be seen as someone content to settle for anything less than what you’re worth.


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Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Ok, you’re stubborn and pig headed but when you love someone, you love them forever. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good.

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