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The week ahead for taurus

Success and status defining strategies that you have been pursuing pay off now, Taurus. Shifts around your status, home, career or income have others looking at you with awe. And you powering forward into a fresh cycle!


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Leverage all you have to offer

Three times a charm!

The long game pays off now, Taurus

You of all signs knows that slow and steady spells success in the long run, Taurus. Let those other signs do the sprinting. You’ll arrive not only not out of breath but looking amazing at the same time! That total package and real deal kind of success could be yours this week. A reward for your long game as Mercury and Jupiter have their third and final encounter in your 10th. Recognition, rewards or that next step up that ladder could boost your public or even personal reputation.

Werk that Cred!

You’re bang on the money in more ways than one as Mars leaves you sign and enters your 2nd the day before the conjunction occurs. This could literally drive you to pursue material and self-worth enhancing benefits. Let’s not forget ruler Venus in your house of connections and the future either, Taurus. What occurs has those who know you sitting up and taking notice as Venus angles to Uranus in your 1st on the 3rd. Changes are designed to raise your desireability level in all areas. And for keeps. Keep on working that long game, Taurus. You should see this week just how worth it you (and it) are.

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Has the new left you in need of a re-charge?

Reflect on all you’ve achieved

Breathe in and then let go. The future will take care of itself

Wow, Taurus. All that frantic rushing around and getting your head around sparkling new developments and Close Encounters of the Unexpected Kind, may have left you out of breath and craving some down-time and home comforts. Maybe that favourite beverage and putting your feet up with that boxset? Or just closing your eyes and letting go while wrapping yourself in a sense of satisfaction like a snuggle blanket? Take time and do what you need to do to reward yourself and re-charge.

Ruler Venus has been moving through your wish fulfilment 11th. Plus this month brings you the third and final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your ambitious 10th. Once Mercury clears retroshadow on the 13th, we have every planet in the sky direct and powering forward. No wonder you’re feeling breathless!

Friends, teams, connections, clubs, organisations, that Meetup group and Zoom room have all had a role to play too. New ways to get to your goals, the people who can co-create your dreams and the reasons you have them in the first place will be extra important now. Don’t dismiss the visions you have or what you are instinctively drawn to. This isn’t fantasy but reality asking you to discover fresh ways to make it just that.

Practical Magic!

Take time out to visualise and delve deeper into why you want what you want or those ideas or dreams for yourself that no matter what, you keep being pulled back to. The one reason we have dreams is for them to come true. And if they are not coming true – it could be because we need a bigger dream or else simply need to stop telling ourselves it isn’t possible. Because usually a version of the dream IS.

Explore creative ways to get to it or have it on some level. Your intuition is both your map and your compass. Opening up magical pathways and inspired ideas on the

New paths to explore to get to goal could magically open up on the 3rd thanks to the alignment from ruler Venus to Uranus in your 1st from Uranus’s ruling house. Doors open to opportunities on the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet – the day after Mars exits your sign and lands in your 2nd of assets and self-worth. The moves you make cement your stock and your own sense of value. Don’t hesitate, Taurus. For the first three weeks of the month, keep up the pace and know you can do this!

Forecasts for a Fresh Future

This month’s new Moon in your 11th could bring in new contacts or see you benefitting from existing ones in your wider network. It really is wishcraft time and about allowing your imagination to set you new dreams and paths to pursue. Past connections both personal and professional could feature or reappear especially when ruler Venus meets Neptune on the 14th. The new Moon falls very close to both Venus and Neptune. Making it a time to really give your imagination free rein when it comes to what you want.

Those you know could add that extra touch of reality bringing magic by offering introductions, resources, solutions or their own smarts. This really is about what you can achieve when you have a dream team. It is also more about friendships than romance. However – don’t rule that out in the last third of the month. More shortly.

In the interim, it’s time to begin something new for yourself linked to what, how and where you envision your future. So, all that breathlessness I spoke about could simply be you unable to resist the call to begin it – and making the most of each and every moment.

The pace doesn’t stop until the both the Sun and Venus move out of your 11th and into your 12th on the 20th and 21st. That may be the time you take a deep breath, and for the moment to put your feet up and unplug. Allow yourself recharge and reflection time now. The energy shift may see you happy to be home. And also appreciating your surroundings and those you live with more. Linked to this may see you looking at your space in a new way.

This cycle is all about preparation and completion both at the same time. This may lead you to the realisation it is time for a declutter and a sort-out. Many of you will feel you are on the cusp of something new or a big change. Now for some of you, the form this will take should be crystallising now. Either way, you may find yourself wanting to shed, refine and take a ‘less is more’ approach to what you have.

You will examine both your external environment plus your inner one in preparation for your new cycle next month. It’s time to look at what stops you from being in your flow.

What this is may surprise you. It can even be that comfort zone. This is different to you needing your soul couch on which to reflect, recharge and revive. Yes, that comfort zone is cosy and familiar but is it supporting you or keeping you stuck? Same goes for that habits, thoughts and yes, that ‘stuff’. Do you want to make new memories or simply to sit reliving ‘good times’? If your answer is the former then as the Sun and then ruler Venus arrive in your 12th on the 20th and 21st, embrace the desire for change.

If you meet with resistance, whether this is from others or simply in yourself, push through it now. Mars in your 2nd trine Saturn on the 22nd isn’t just about upping your professional ambitions. But hands you the determination to push through barriers between you and anything that will benefit you. Including your own resistance.

Go through those cupboards and closers. I’m not saying to get rid of everything you associate with wonderful memories. Just to look at it and even hold it. We all know about sparking joy. But do you need to hang on to it simply to spark old memoires because you don’t know when you will make new ones? If so, that is no reason to continue to hold on to it. And yes, dear Taurus. It is estimated that most of us have about £3,000 worth of unwanted stuff lurking in our closets. Have a think about how releasing it could just turn into a Go Fund Me for future good times. What’s aiding you? This month’s full Moon in your 6th on the 28th which also illuminates Venus in your 12th.

Occupy Your Future

No matter whether you sell, donate or trash, use this time to clear a space for the new to occupy. Your future remains in motion and the people who are destined to have a big impact on that – even if they are at a distance right now! That distance includes the past. Who or what relating to this do you consider beyond the realms of possibility? As in: Well, I’ll never hear from them again or that opportunity has gone for good.

Think again and prepare for the unexpected. Not only do we have Mercury meeting Neptune in your 11th on the 30th, the day after the full Moon sees the Sun and Chiron meet in your 12th. When it comes to your future, you could end up saying never say never again. If something or someone returns now, come to it from a place of having taken a deep cleansing breath and time to realign your soul. If so, you’ll recognise whether it (or they) had your name on it all along. Or whether this is just one more thing telling you its time for a declutter. What comes around now goes with you, or stays behind. Pause before April, Taurus. This is merely an intermission between one new phase and the next.

In a nutshell: Pausing for breath may take more effort than usual, Taurus. And may not happen until after the 20th. Take time to reflect however. Especially about what may be getting in the way of your future. Release and exhale this March!

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Taurus 2021 Forecast

Become who you are meant to be

Love transforms

Make a serious commitment to what you want

Continue to look at what’s worth it and refine that value system as 2021 arrives, Taurus. You still have Uranus in your sign for the long term. And it’s making an important point for you – the need to be yourself and not bend yourself out of shape to ‘fit in’.

Reinvention is your process. Continue to evolve your soul, your image, your look, brand, style, message and appearance. The Now Age of Aquarius is here and for you, this is going to be about elevating yourself, reaching higher and above all, being taken seriously. To do that, you need to project you are serious about who you are – or who you are becoming.

Above all, don’t continue to ‘settle’. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself something is ‘good enough’ or ‘not so bad’. Not so. Deep down, you know where the shake up needs to occur. Don’t be afraid to initiate one and shake yourself out of what is confining you. Which could simply be others out-dated take on who you are and what you are capable of.

2020 saw Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart. But its ability to hand you freedom, expansion and opportunity was tempered by Saturn also in here. However, the way forward for you should have started to appear as early as November 2020 and taken you on into December when Jupiter and Saturn both set the new benchmark for what you can achieve when they entered your 10th and the Now Age of Aquarius began.

Who do you think you are?

This puts issues such as your career path, your relationship status and your public image very much in the spotlight for 2021. How others see and perceive you is vitally important. Now more than ever before. It doesn’t matter whether this is your boss, your bestie, your partner – present or prospective, or the world at large, be aware at all times of how you are coming across. Someone to be taken seriously or a lightweight to be dismissed?

This of course rests on how you see and perceive yourself. Hence, working with Uranus in your 1st to set those values and refine, reinvent and relaunch that image if necessary. Who you believe you are (or can be) is how you will come across.

Are you starting to get more comfortable with change? Listen, none of us like it! But you are a sign who cherishes the familiar so change for you can be harder than for others. Even when deep down you know its necessary. Again, this leads back to those feelings of things being ‘semi okay’ so you continue to cruise along with them. If so, expect to be propelled out from putting up with less and on towards more. This is due in part to Uranus but also your Now Age 10th house. Alight from February as ruler Venus moves in here and vibes off Saturn and Jupiter.

This is one of the best periods of 2021 for career matters. Doors may swing open wide and those in positions of influence, power and authority are looking at you favourably. Believe in yourself and that you are heading up there where you belong. And you could just see your stock set to soar.

Single? Ditch any niggles over punching above your weight. But know what it is you are looking for and above all, stick to that. Be upfront about it. You are a keeper but don’t waste your time on those who tell you they are not in the market for something real. Taking yourself seriously means you take others seriously too. And that includes not telling yourself someone will ‘change their mind’ down the track when they tell you all they want is something casual. That’s fine if you want the same. But if not, take your time and your heart seriously enough not to waste either. Wish them well and move on.

Saturn is in its ruling house now and asks you to build on what you have already established. That reputation and track record in other words. If you are on the right path, then doors will open. If you need to change direction, then Jupiter in here up until May will help in you choosing a fresh path. Your contacts, networks and connections will prove to be your greatest asset. And if you do want a career change, then look to approaching companies and people who are established in the field you want to enter. This could prove to be your best way in.

2021 brings us one of the most unusual Jupiter cycles we have seen for a long time. Jupiter usually spends 12 uninterrupted months in a sign. Not so this year. It will power through Aquarius and your 10th, and then land in Pisces and your 11th on May 13. Yes, during your birthday cycle, Taurus.

Your social life and who you know will take on a fresh significance as will you goals and vision for your future. Friends and who you meet will be linked to this now. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter enters their 11th. And to expect at least one to manifest during the time it is in here. So, do that, especially if this is linked to anything long term. A relationship or career move for instance.

Is it love that you’ve been looking for?

Shifts around moving, home and family, those you live with – your flatmate, sharers etc, or your live- in lover, spouse, children, could occur around the eclipses on June 10th in your 2nd and May 26th and December 4, in your 8th.

Please bear in mind you may be ‘in the dark’ at these times. So, if signing agreements, contracts, leases, divorce papers, loans or any important documents which impact on you in the long term – please ensure you know what you are getting into (or out of). And whatever you do, don’t be pressured. In fact, if this is what you feel, then this is your cue to slam on the brakes and seek independent, professional advice if necessary.

Road blocks to new love should have been lifted now Saturn has moved into your 10th. Jupiter’s short foray into your 11th highlights not just your social life (which has hopefully escaped lockdown), but shows you that love is to be found when you connect, share and circulate. So, be open to the fact it may show up in unexpected places.

Jupiter will head backwards in your 11th soon after arrival in it (call this a taster session!) and return to your 10th on July 28. Here it will remain until December 29. So, think of the second half of 2021 as your time for major decisions and to cement what you have set in motion.

Love and business ventures and decisions bloom and loom from September 23 onwards when Venus arrives in its ruling 7th. You have the Sun in here from October 23, Mars from October 30 adding passion, heat and confidence, and an all-important new Moon on November 4 which will oppose Uranus in your 1st.

Between this and the eclipsed full Moon in your sign on November 19, you may well reach a decision regarding the future of one particular partnership or work set-up. Whether you are ready to act on it or tell others – that’s another matter entirely. You may wait until after the December 4 eclipse in your house of sex, ‘other’ money and sharing.

December also brings us another Venus retrograde which is when you may be ready to reveal those plans. Also, going back to an old love, deciding to move on from one that you have perhaps settled for, or finally deciding to change a long-term alignment so it reflects those values and who you are, are likely. In fact, no matter how many times you have put things off, you will now be unable to prevent yourself from acting to transform the long term. You could even feel forces beyond your control have taken over and are pushing you down a pre-determined path.

This is due to Venus conjunct Pluto not once but twice in December. The first time this occurs will be on the 11th when Venus is still direct but slowing down. The second time on the 25th when retrograde. Between then and Venus direct once more at the end of January 2022 to when it meets Pluto in March, expect lasting transformations around your relationship status, close working partnerships or career.

Singles could transform themselves into couples. Settleds could take the next step. Others could enter into a significant, long term business or career relationship. Or leave a path that has turned into a dead-end for a new one. If any of these scenarios are linked to a long-term vision of how you see yourself in the future, then take this seriously as Jupiter re-arrives in your 11th on December 29th. Make a wish around love or doing what you love in 2021, Taurus.

2021 in a nutshell: Make a wish around love. Or how you see yourself in love, partnerships or doing what you love. And take it seriously, Taurus. You’re on show this year. So, don’t be seen as someone content to settle for anything less than what you’re worth.


All about taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Ok, you’re stubborn and pig headed but when you love someone, you love them forever. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good.

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