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The week ahead for taurus

Can you see what that next big step could be for you? This week dares you to take it, Taurus. And to bravely let go of what holds you back in the process. Kickstart that future this week!

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Work it your way

Time for that game face!

Let go of what is no longer needed

Time to do success your way, Taurus. Work what you have to offer like a boss this week as the Sun and new Moon light up your 10th of career, rewards and honours. Time to bring it and to put your best game face on. This house of your chart is a ‘public’ house. You are ‘on show’ in some way and people – especially those who are VIP’s or in positions of authority and influence, are watching you closely. Whether you are aware of this or not. It is time for recognition now and also for the books to ‘balance’ in some way as what you are owed for a job well done or what you owe, all falls due. For some this could mean a new job or next step on that ladder. Or simply the recognition and acclaim you’ve been after.

Coming to the attention of a larger audience, moving from behind the scenes to front of house, getting yourself noticed in all the right ways could be yours – courtesy of ruler Venus now in your 11th. It trines the North Node in your house of business and messages on the 20th while Jupiter in its ruling 8th in your chart makes a door opening angle to opportunity with Venus on the 23rd. If travelling now, the people you meet could offer benefits or unlooked for opportunities. The power to change your path is yours if you can rise to the challenge and let go of what is no longer needed as Mars in its ancient ruling 8th tightly aspects Venus on the 25th. Let go and live a little, Taurus!

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Recognition flows from past efforts

Release yourself into new and unexplored opportunities

That life-changing journey begins now

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Just who have you been working so hard to impress, Taurus? You are the sign of sustained effort. One which often works long and hard behind the scenes. So, people underestimate you as a result. This month’s intense Capricorn weather in your 9th could blow you right into the spotlight when it comes to showcasing yourself not just on a local stage – but a world one!

Jupiter is the natural ruler of your 9th house and it just so happens to be paying its once-in-a-12 year visit in here right when all this occurs. So for you Taurus, the potential to go further under this influence, is maximised more than almost any other sign. Travel, learning, the law, publishing, the mass media, foreign trade, studying overseas, religion, sports, the outdoors and foreigners could feature. As could emigrating as this cycle offers radical and lasting change and freedom with where and how you live. Going from a backroom boy or girl to a leading man or lady in your field is one more potential January 2020 could set in motion for you.

Some of you may therefore be starting the year heading to the airport, passport in hand. If so, prepare for a journey that will open your eyes and widen your horizons like no other ever before. Or possibly again. For others this could be a metaphorical trip. Whichever it turns out to be, you will not see the world in the same way again. And neither will it see you for that matter.

For some time now, you have needed the opportunity to grow into a bigger life experience. Without change the cygnet does not become a swan. If you are heading overseas, you may see yourself caught up in world events or being witness to some. Or seeing them via other people’s perspectives. Even if you are not travelling, what occurs far away deeply impacts on your worldview. Again, this shifts yours.

What you have said, written, published, shared, taught or communicated and even your ideas, should be pointing the way ahead for you at the time of the full Moon in your 3rd on the 10th. This may gain you the response or recognition from those you have been working so hard in order to gain their backing, attention or support.

Just two days after this full Moon sending you along a destiny-driven path, we have the world changing meeting of Saturn and Pluto occurring in your 9th. Mercury and Ceres forms part of this. So, what we are seeing is a new world and new ideas being born. And for you personally, new and bigger opportunities ahead if you dare to venture towards them. Yes, this may mean leaving the familiar behind. Scary? A little. But there’s the feeling along with this of being truly alive again!

The 13th sees the Sun join in this weather. This is all about you and your biggest dreams and what you feel a need to experience and fulfil. But on a soul level. The Sun is now illuminating the next step along this journey. Dare to take it. You may find you come to the attention of someone you have been working so hard in order to gain their notice. They may literally open a door to an opportunity for you. Watch for anyone generous, out-going and larger than life as if you encounter them, take it this is Jupiter paying you a visit in person.

The thing about major astrological events especially what we are seeing right now, is that often the planets do manifest in the form of people via whom we experience the energy of the transit. With Saturn and Pluto entangled this could be someone extremely powerful and influential. Again, they could assist you or else stop you in your tracks and send you back to the start to begin again. Or else the energy manifests with you realising that it is you and you alone who has been keeping yourself stuck or restricted. This is intense energy which demands change. So, becoming the change is one way to actively embrace it.

We are now on the cusp of what I like to call the Now Age of Aquarius as the Sun and other planets begin to move out of your 9th and on into your 10th from Jan 20. The new Moon in here on the 24th combined with Ceres arrival on the 31st, points to a fresh opportunity to carve a niche for yourself, reap the rewards of that work or re-set your status in some way. This too forms part of the journey into fresh possibilities and release from restrictions that this month promises you, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Hold on to that bigger vision you have for your future, Taurus. One of recognition, release and freedom. January says the time is now to begin a new journey. The world will never look quite the same to you again.


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Taurus Yearly Forecast 2020

Get ready for take-off!

Embrace the butterfly effect

Love has to be the real deal

I heard a wonderful quote just prior to writing this forecast for you Taurus. It could have been uttered with you specifically in mind. It’s this: There would be no butterflies without change. Change is something your sign tends to resist. Even when deep down in your soul you know it is necessary. You tend to stick with what you know and have invested in. Even if it no longer works. Time to emerge, spread your wings, show your colours and fly in 2020, Taurus. You were always destined to be a butterfly not a caterpillar, so why resist it?

Massive, once in several lifetimes aspects the like you will never see again promise freedom, opportunity and expansion resulting from change in January. This occurs in your 9th house. The 12th marks the end of one phase and the start of another. A real or metaphorical journey which releases you into something bigger. And yes, it’s designed to change you and your circumstances. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres all meet on the 12th. The Sun joining the line-up the next day. Something bigger is calling to you now. Pulling you inexorably towards it. Don’t resist.

This could hand you an opportunity to expand a key area like no other. You have been restricted for too long by something, Taurus. You need room to grow! Events which shake up and redefine your world or what you have believed is possible for you ask that you go with them. Don’t resist these. A door could open wide now thanks to Jupiter also in here. This is Jupiter’s ruling house and it will remain in here until December. This may require you to have the courage to set change in motion yourself. You know its long overdue. Taking the higher ground over something, daring to set events in motion or simply to let others know you are worth more, can be more and deserve more, are the actions of that butterfly emerging. Fly free.

You Can’t Fake It!

March 22 sees Saturn enter its ruling 10th in your chart for the first time in 30 years. For many of you, this will be the first time in your adult life that Saturn has handed you this kind of ability to achieve and author your future. It’s in your hands now. During the next 2.5 years expect big commitments to be made. This is all about the long term. Your long-term plans and career path, your status and what you can achieve. In this house it is all about authoring this your own way by being yourself and not imitating others. It’s also about honesty too. Owning what works and what no longer does. You won’t be able to fake enthusiasm where it no longer exists. Be it for that career, long term relationship or even how people see you. The real you and the truth is all that will do for you now. And if this involves change – so be it. Saturn in here can reward us like no other planet. Even Jupiter. If accolades are due, you will reap the rewards now. If you are on the wrong path or in anything that has been lived out– nothing and no one will keep you there now.

Brand New World – Brand New You!

You continue 2020 with Uranus remaining in your 1st. Living your truth authentically and even reinventing yourself could form a big part of your journey this year. Especially during your birthday cycle when the Sun will meet Uranus on April 26. You may dazzle others with no just your brilliance but your newly acquired and unexpected ability to showcase fresh aspects of yourself. Look to your appearance, style, brand, look, image, social media profile or even your title. Anything here dated or tired? Rebirth is the mother of opportunity for you during this time. Don’t be afraid to experiment or even challenge people’s perceptions if they have had you pigeonholed. Show the world there’s so much more to you than they realised or took for granted. April and May represent your perfect time to unfurl and plan a relaunch.

Love on Rewind – May to June 2020

Changes to your relationship reflect the changes within and without. Partners need to be evolving in a way that supports and compliments you. Being a Venus ruled sign, love is an important factor for you. You want to make things work. Whether this is what is happening or not will become apparent from mid-May when ruler Venus begins a rare retrograde cycle. This also occurs in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Love is on hold or rewind now. This is also your house of money. You can use this time to build a better relationship with your cash. Just as you can use it to sort out financial matters with partners. However, this is not the time to begin a new relationship or to take out fresh loans, credit cards or buy that big-ticket item. For one thing, if you purchase something wildly expensive and indulgent, when Venus heads direct again, you are likely to either fall out of love with it. Or find it much cheaper somewhere else.

Refinancing is favoured. As is rekindling a past love. Reconciliations come under a Venus retrograde. Is it time to extend an olive branch? If you are ‘consciously uncoupling’ this retro time can aid you in doing just that. But unless you enjoy not knowing where you stand, lovers who blow hot and then cold or again, or simply just wondering what you saw in them in the first place once Venus heads direct once more, avoid the dating scene. If it’s real – it will wait for Venus to move forward again from June 25.

What Do You Need to Know?

We have another unusual retrograde occurring from September until November when Mars in your 12th and its ruling sign of Aries, also turns retrograde. This is all about the secrets you are keeping or which are being kept from you. Above all, avoid at all costs getting involved in anything clandestine or ‘complicated’ now. Be careful also who you confide in as they may not respect your confidence. Mars in here sends you fearlessly in search of the truth. Hidden information will have its own way of surfacing too. Another reason why you need to ensure you are not engaging in any activity you would not want made public – otherwise you could be left with a lot of explaining to do. And fallout to clean up. If anyone wants to draw you in to theirs – my advice is to walk away.

If however you feel something is being kept from you, you will dig and probe and ask questions until the truth emerges. Confronting certain aspects of your past and reconciling these with your choices – especially where you have held yourself back from your butterfly destiny, sets you up for freedom once Mars heads direct again from November 12.

Change Your Love Story for 2021

After months of love being on hold, November hands you the opportunity for wonderful new beginnings in either an existing or a new partnership. The day after Mars moves direct in your 12th sees a new Supermoon appear in your 7th. All that probing you’ve done into the recesses of your deepest needs and longings frees you to enter into the kind of love or partnership opportunity that you now know you need and deserve. Ruler Venus’s entry into its ruling 7th from the 21st promises attraction and you being able to fully express how you feel. In ways that express your true colours now. More changes may be about to occur now. This time around what you share with someone or what they share with you. Joint accounts, assets, income, mortgages, pay-outs, home and even things like housework or who has responsibility for looking after the children if you have them, may come up for renegotiation. Be upfront about what you expect and clearly state your terms and conditions for any pact – be it financial or emotional in December. We have a total eclipse of the Sun in your 8th on December 14. Remember, total eclipses tell us we are completely in the dark over something. An area of our lives is ‘blacked out’.

Being clear and upfront about what you need and expect is one solution to this. As is insisting the other party is similarly transparent. In any agreement, take it you may not yet have a clear idea about what is involved. Don’t gloss over any hard to talk about issues now especially around finances, responsibilities or who ultimately calls the shots in anything from your position at work to who takes out the trash. Your house of sharing implies just that. Ensure those T&C’s reflect this rather than being unilateral.

Jupiter in its ruling 9th in 2020 along with the changes triggered by other planets in here should hand you travel and expansion opportunities that bring about those much-needed changes. This can even be simply giving yourself permission to pursue something bigger, wider and higher. You are now set for a major status shift and continuing improvements on into 2021 when Jupiter switches houses on December 19th. It’s time to ‘big up’ those career ambitions and prepare to go further and higher than you have in the past. After all, you have the wings to fly now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Fly into a no-limits future on the wings of change in 2020, Taurus. Is it time to be a butterfly rather than a caterpillar? Travel, expansion and new love opportunities come if you dare to showcase those true colours!

All about taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Ok, you’re stubborn and pig headed but when you love someone, you love them forever. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good.

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