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The week ahead for taurus

This week could break you free from a situation which has gone on for far too long. Ready to step into something bigger, Taurus? Friends and soul collaborations form a part of the journey.

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If the journey doesn’t go to plan – enjoy where you are

Release yourself from what holds you back

Soul resonant friendships move into the future with you

Travel plans need back-up plans this week as retrograde Mercury re-enters its ruling 3rd in your chart. You also have a partial lunar eclipse at the time of the full Moon of the 16th. This occurs in your house of long distance travel, overseas connections, foreign affairs and mass media and transportation. Because eclipses cover up, if you are travelling, part of the journey may not go according to plan. Possibly the part you could not foresee. Reservations could be lost or one connection missed rather than the entire journey affected. As usual under a retrograde but especially one accompanied by an eclipse in a house that affects travel and getting around – have a Plan B even if it’s just knowing where the great coffee can be found if you get delayed, and confirm everything before setting out.

However, this week also comes packaged with opportunities for you to experience positive and long term freedom. Ruler Venus in your 3rd wants to bring you good news or see you break free of confinement on some level. It will oppose Saturn as well as Pluto in your 9th intent on transforming a situation which may have held you back for far too long and releasing you into something bigger. Venus also makes an inspirational angle to Neptune in your friend zone on the 18th. People who are very much on your wavelength feature. You’ll seek out those you already know but this aspect could also deliver new connections with whom you feel a sudden, striking familiarity and shared spiritual resonance. Forming collaborations for creative or even spiritual endeavours is favoured now – perhaps a psychic study group or Tarot workshop. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher on some level. They’re part of your break free movement this week.



17 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION  SATURN (3rd to 9th)

18 Jul 2019 VENUS TRINE  NEPTUNE (3rd to 11th)


21 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd to 9th)

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Get more living space

Don’t say no to the flow!

Break out and break free

Moves, changes, renovations, revamps, redecorating, grand designs, changing rooms, tree changes, sea changes, your lifestyle, living arrangements, relocations, Airbnbing, leases, purchases and where you call home. Get ready for a seismic shift or a long overdue overhaul of your current living space which gives you more breathing room and simply more freedom, Taurus. There’s a break away and break out feel to July. Simply put, you don’t want to be confined and feel you need more space.

This may not only apply to that accommodation which may be feeling cramped, but you need room to love, room to grow in your relationships too! Expand a little or even a lot now, Taurus. This isn’t just your body and your heart that needs more space, but your soul and spirit also need breathing room too. June could be about creating this.

The new Moon of the 2nd comes wrapped in a mystery as it brings a total solar eclipse in your 3rd house. What is not being said or what is being withheld from you, Taurus? I have written about the tools we have to probe what’s being hidden in an eclipse. You’ll recall all eclipses conceal or cover up. Partial ones partially but total ones mean we are utterly in the dark. In your 3rd house this relates to information, communication and extends on into siblings and your neighbourhood, commerce, how you communicate, get around and also contracts and agreements.

With Mercury which rules this house about to head retrograde in your 4th, I have one thing to say about this and this is do not and I repeat, DO NOT sign any important documents or agreements under this eclipse unless you have gone through them with a fine tooth comb or even sought professional advice. Get everything in writing as people may go back on their words, renege or even leave out key information. Try to avoid buying new household appliances, a new computer or phone and certainly that car unless it cannot be avoided. In other words, your current one breaks down beyond repair. Get second opinions and quotes if so and only buy from a trusted source. There is more going on than meets the eye.

Above all, if you feel someone is deliberately withholding information or is just being downright dishonest, even if you have no proof of this, please pay attention. You need to do this especially if the situation smacks of a similar one you have faced in the past or you have had this feeling about an individual before.  This could even remind you of something similar you encountered three years ago. The other aspect of eclipses is our blindside. We can be blind to our situation, to another person’s agenda or what their actions truly convey, or even blind to our own needs and desires.

One question that may come up for you this month is have you become blinkered when it comes to you need to more space or freedom on some level? In fact, what is it you truly need when it comes to love and living? Have you stopped recently to ask yourself that? Funny as there are often two questions in our lives we should ask but don’t. Perhaps because we are afraid of the answers. The first one is to ask our partners if they are happy. Yes, we may tell them we love them but we may neglect to ask this all too important question.

The other one is to ask ourselves what we truly need. Again, we may be afraid due to the fact that the answer we get back may tell us what we have is not it.  This month says it is time to ask this especially during the period between the new Moon eclipse and the partial eclipse of the full Moon in your 9th on the 16th. The answer to the last question at least will come if you ask.

Ruler Venus is intent on giving your heart the breathing space it needs. The day after the eclipse sees it enter your 3rd and it along with the Sun in here until the 22nd, shines a ray of light into those blindspots and also shows you where you need to open up and let the love flow.  You are more willing to talk about your true feelings now – whether this is with someone close to you or even friends. On a soul level you are sending out a vibe that tells others you are ready to connect on a deeper, more open level than before. You are also saying that you welcome new connections which may introduce you to new ideas, people, places and other ways of seeing the world. June is your chance to escape, to step free of what is confining you and preventing you from moving forward.

There is also a ‘what goes around, comes around’ feeling to all of this. At some point this month, pause and look back at times in the past where a door marked EXIT has opened up in your life or the opportunity to explore a new path has presented itself. What prevented you from taking it back then? Did you come to regret your decision or simply wonder what the road not taken would have held for you?  June sees fate present you with another choice – or one that may echo with déjà vu.

What are you going to choose this time around? The Sun opposes Saturn and conjucts the North Node on the 10th– the day after Mercury heads retrograde. This means when this occurs Saturn in conjunct the South Node which is always about history repeating itself. The backdrop of heavy retrograde weather could usher in something with heavy shades of the past attached – even if it comes in under a fresh guise. Venus and the Sun are opposing both Saturn and Pluto in your 9th. Plus you have a partial lunar eclipse in your 9th on the 16th. Can you see your way ahead and the path you need to take to freedom? Or are you still blind to it?

Saying what needs to be said is possible from the 19th when retroactive Mercury re-enters its ruling 3rd. The 21st which sees ruler Venus oppose Pluto allows you to bring about transitions or a new direction but say and do what needs to be done with diplomacy and love especially when Venus and Mercury meet in here on the 24th. Please, if changes in direction need to me made, now is the time to make them so don’t hesitate any longer. New deals, new worlds can be negotiated after the Sun and then Venus enter your 4th of home and security. The 28th sees Venus make a wonderful aspect to Ceres in your 8th. Changes can sweep away the old dynamic when it comes to money, living arrangements or that sense of freedom you’ve been seeking. You can strike a deal that both benefits and frees you at the same time.

When it comes to how you are living an loving, change may be overdue. Yes, I know being a fixed sign that word can push a few buttons. Which is why I like to refer to it as merely stepping back into the evolutionary flow. The Sun in your 4th will make a snarky angle to Uranus in your 1st on the 29th, reminding you that change is now inevitable. So why not just abandon yourself to it? You have a choice this month. Your blindspot could simply be a refusal to accept that things cannot continue the way they are. Without change they cannot improve. What the universe wants to deliver this July is an improvement in how you live, work and love. It’s offered you this before. So use your wonderful openness and desire to connect and embrace this too. Don’t say no to the flow this July, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Feeling confined? Need breathing space? Your intuition knows the direction you need to take, Taurus. Freedom is both and experience and a way of life. Head there this July.

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Choose different when it comes to love – and life

Own up to those dreams

 Your Three ‘R’s – Rebirth. Reawakening. Revolution!

What’s the alternative, Taurus?

You begin 2019 with an unanswered question or else just feeling something is ‘left over’ from 2018 which needs to be clarified or ‘wrapped up’ for good. In fact, there may literally be something ‘under wraps’ – a hidden motivation or a secret that you need to unearth. Something needs to be brought out into the open for you and perhaps this is just you owning up to what you truly want and need, Taurus. January asks you to get to the bottom of something and also not to be afraid any more of upsetting the apple cart when it comes to owning up to what that big, sensual heart of yours desires. What’s the alternative? Well, if you don’t deal with this at the start of the year, what will happen later on is that this will all burst forth but in totally unexpected ways. And most probably also in ways that will cause the maximum disruption. So, as January begins, if you feel there’s something going on that you require an answer to – go seek it out. And if it’s you who is holding back then clear the air. Unwrap those questions or true feelings like late Christmas gifts and share them. You’ll be very glad you did as this will clear the path for you to experience a year like no other you have ever had before.

The key to making the most of this year will be flexibility. To be willing to change direction. To explore different options and different ways of doing things. To not to get too attached to plans and to go with the flow. For this year and the following six to come, sometimes you may feel that life has a strange and charmed direction all of its own. And all you can do is go along for the ride. You’ll be reawakening to your true passion and purpose (which is why honesty is called for at the start of the year – either yours or another’s), and if you have strayed from this path, expect events to conspire to put your feet very firmly back on it. You are the leader of the soul evolution now Taurus. Expect radical changes to how you see and interact with the world, and perhaps even around your image and how you look. Last year, you had a preview night in the astrological sense, of what this seven-year cycle may bring you as Uranus briefly entered your sign in May, turned retrograde in August, then re-entered Aries again in November. This March however, it re-enters for the next seven years. Hang on to your hats because you are set to explore a wild new side of yourself – and your world!

Look at alternatives – something which may or may not have occurred to you, in all areas of your life is going to feature as Uranus is not only the planet of the revolution, but also of our individuality. Are you living your uniqueness? Showing the world what that is? This could all result in a radical image/lifestyle/lifepath overhaul if you find you are living other people’s expectations of how you should be rather than your own. Pay particular attention to this when ruler Venus arrives in your 1st on May 16 and meets Uranus on the 18. This takes place just days after a new Moon in your sign on the 14th – a Moon which I can only describe as marking the point of a rebirth or reawakening for you and which could result in a whole new you with a new look at a new set of dreams to go with that. What’s the alternative? The answer is there are now more alternatives available to you than you ever dreamed possible.

We really can’t talk about Uranus in your 1st unless we talk about your money and your values. Now, you’re not alone here as these are themes all of us are going to be dealing with while Uranus is in your sign. But for you, it will feel all very up close and personal. However, you could be right where the smart money is at now provided you are ready to embrace that new value system. Which may be pretty well self-defined. Uranus rules the self-starter, the success story, the entrepreneur, the maverick, the rebel. But not in a way that breaks every rule. The rebel who plays by their own rules. Is this you now? As your values re-align to your true self, so will your priorities. Which in turn will open up all those alternatives and possibilities for you. What is priceless for you? What cannot be bought and what are you willing to sell? And for how much? If you have been locked into a way of dealing with the material world, your money and investments that is not truly your own, then Uranus is about to shake you free of that.

But it’s not just Uranus that will be saying ‘Show me the money!’ in 2019. You currently have Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, sitting in your 8th of shared assets, loans, what you owe and are owed and corporate money. Now, Jupiter in our 8th is traditionally associated with a legacy. While this is a possibility, we can say that Jupiter will be in our 8th house many times during our lifetimes and we are unlikely to be the beneficiaries of someone’s will every time this happens. And of course, neither do we want the inevitable loss and pain that often accompanies this. Bear in mind that there is more than one kind of legacy. Receiving backing or support for your idea is a legacy – and you may be creating one of your own in the process. Jupiter in your 8th is usually about someone else’s generosity and you being the recipient of this. Your 8th is your house of power money so this can be you receiving a raise, salary increase or other benefits. Because Jupiter also rules philosophy and your belief system, your philosophy around money, wealth and your ability to attract it should also expand. Which basically puts us back to those values once more.

We can’t talk about Jupiter in your 8th without talking about sex and relationships where sex is important or features. Jupiter being all about expansion says it’s time for some Big Bang Theory. If you are currently enjoying your sex life then Jupiter in here will have you exploring ways to make it even better. You’ll be able to express your needs to your partner and be up for a little exploration and adventure in the erotic realms. If your sex life has been meh or if you are in need to sexual healing, then Jupiter should bring you a lover who acts as your guide to a new world of sensual pleasure. There is one warning here, and that is this is your house of endings as well as rebirth. If a relationship has not been going well, Jupiter in here may well bring it to a close – especially when coupled with Uranus in your 1st. If an ending does occur, please be as universal as possible in your outlook and try not to play a blame game. Anything that does end now has been well and truly loved and lived out.

August and September see your 5th of romance, pleasure, creativity and fun alight with amazing planetary activity designed to get you noticed and also which could see you finally step free of any restrictions that may still confine you. Ruler Venus arrives in your 5th on August 21 and will not only trine Uranus in your 1st, but between then and September 3 we will see an incredible array of planets in your 5th – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars which will form a Grand Trine of Attraction between Pluto in your 9th and Uranus in your 1st as well as aligning to Jupiter in your 8th and Neptune in your social 11th. If you are looking for that new lover – or looking to attract anything from a new job to new friends, this period could just be as unforgettable as you are. Don’t be surprised if that new lover you attract is very different to anyone you may have encountered in the past. No matter

what you do now, you can’t fail to be noticed whether it’s for what you do or who you are. Lucky breaks, synchronicities are yours to play with but please remember –you have to put yourself in their path. Children and people younger than you may also feature and some of you may decide to become parents now. Others could see a child leave home and rediscover the romance that having time for one another brings.

This period continues on into October when Venus will be in your 7th and her ruling house in your chart and again, making highly charged angles of attraction to Uranus in your 1st and Neptune in your 11th. Remember, your 7th also rules long term working relationships, collaborations and friendships while your 11th rules groups and the collective. If you need a new relationship of any description, make that effort to reach out in any way you can. Let love find you.

The end of the year sees Jupiter move off into its ruling 9th in your chart on December 2nd. You are set for a cycle of expansion now like no other you have experienced in the past 12 years. Again, how you benefit from this will all depend on your flexibility and willingness to embrace those alternatives I keep referring to. Consider the fact as 2019 progresses that there are far more options available to you – and ways of seeing the world, than you may have thought possible up until now. And some of them have the potential to change your life for the better.

Whether you realise it or not, you are embarking on a new journey as 2019 draws to a close. An annular solar eclipse in your 9th on December 26 falls very close to a perfect trine to Uranus in your 1st and Saturn and Pluto are in close alignment. Remember the eclipse rule: eclipses initially conceal and then reveal. The following day the Sun and Jupiter meet in here which will mark the start of this journey towards freedom for you. The direction may or may not be obvious to you, but the signposts are there. That alternative route will widen towards even greater opportunities in 2020 if you begin to take the first steps down it in 2019.

In a nutshell: Like a bolt from the blue, 2019 opens up exciting possibilities for you – shaking you free of restrictions, Taurus. Get ready to explore alternatives when it comes to love, money and your career.

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (8th Hse to 11th Hse)



23 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION PLUTO (9th Hse)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (1st Hse) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)


20 Apr 2019 SUN ENTERS TAURUS (1ST House)

23 Apr 2019 SUN CONJUNCT URANUS (1st House)

9 May 2019 VENUS TRINE JUPITER (12th Hse to 8th Hse)

14 May NEW MOON IN TAURUS (1st Hse)


31 May 2019 VENUS TRINE SATURN (1st Hse to 9th Hse)

3 Jun 2019 VENUS TRINE PLUTO (1st Hse to 9th Hse)

23 Jun 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION JUPITER (2nd Hse to 8th Hse)

17 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION SATURN (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

18 Jul 2019 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)

21 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

24 Aug 2019 VENUS CONJUNCT MARS (5th Hse)

26 Aug 2019 VENUS TRINE URANUS (5th Hse to 1st Hse)

3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (5th Hse) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (9th Hse) and Uranus (1st Hse) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (8th Hse) and Neptune (11th Hse)

4 Sep 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 11th Hse)

7 Sep 2019 VENUS TRINE PLUTO (5th Hse to 9th Hse)

12 Oct 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION URANUS (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

21 Oct 2019VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 11th Hse)

24 Nov 2019 VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER (8th Hse)

13 Dec 2019 VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO (9th Hse)

15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (9th Hse to 1st Hse)

26 Dec 2019 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (9th Hse) Annular Solar Eclipse****

27 Dec 2019 SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER (9th Hse)

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