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The week ahead for gemini

Plug into the soul power within this week, Gemini. You’ve the ability to craft outcomes. An opportunity to break free of something that’s restricted you could appear. Go with it.

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Set your intentions

Empowerment is freedom

Embrace a new and better deal

You’re very much in the driver’s seat this week when it comes to money, your home, possessions and your reputation, Gemini. So, time to know not only where you want to get to, but to believe in your own power to get yourself there.

You’ve got the power!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling at the mercy of your circumstances, your money, a tight situation or even like a pawn in someone else’s chess game, Gemini. Who calls the shots could have been a theme since 2017. This could have revolved around you and one particular person. A partner, boss or other authority figure. Or you and an organisation. The company you work for, your bank, the government for instance. But the question behind this has been: Who is in control? If you’ve been feeling lately this wasn’t you, get ready to plug back into empowerment.

Release yourself into new possibilities

Jupiter has always been associated with opportunity. As it re-encounters Pluto in your 8th of dynamic change for the second time on the 30th, expect one to appear which releases you from a situation or else now tips the scales back in your favour. This could mark a major release from something that has restricted you for far too long.

This week’s eclipsed full Moon also in your 8th could well deliver a powerful surge of confidence. If you’ve been afraid to take action on your own behalf, hesitation vanishes. You can access inner resources you had no idea were available to you. Plus, you know exactly the outcome you want to achieve. Something needs to be tackled or let go of. Set change in motion if you want to avoid further blocks or frustrations in a key area.

Get ready for serious results

What you are really after though is something better and fairer all round. Power sharing and equality are your goals. Or simply a better deal. You won’t be afraid to ask for this as Vesta and the Sun in your money zone trine deal-maker Ceres in your status shifting 10th.

The shift you’re having within this week is that as you see you have what it takes to get what you want, results in you taking affirmative action on your own behalf. And jumping on an opportunity for change when it presents itself. Your 8th rules negotiations, loans, your salary, payments and bonuses. Your bonus this week? Discovering that self-assurance is oh so sexy Gemini. Work that for results now.

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Get ready for adventure

Cash in that karma

Love has a green light again

Unusual, striking, exciting and unexpected people, encounters or even an opportunity to grasp that goal could be yours this month, Gemini. It all rests on your ability to go where change wants to take you. If you are ready and willing to let go and trust however, what comes to you or where you end up could just astound and amaze.

Money Talks

Ruler Mercury is direct once more from the 12th in your money house. Don’t forget, it will remain in retroshadow phase for another three weeks. But what’s that statement you need to make about your worth now? It’s about more than just your cash – although you can expect your moolah to feature. But it also links to deservedness and how you expect to be treated. In other words -your values.

Uranus sitting in your 12th has its own part to play in all of this. During its time in here expect what you consider to be truly valuable to undergo reassessment. This includes the value you put in yourself! Funny how we can carry issues around this from lifetime to lifetime. This month could see you consigning any ideas around ‘I’m not worthy’ as you demand your fair share. And okay, maybe dare to ask for a little bit more in true Oliver Twist fashion!

Cash in those karmic credits!

Your ‘other’ money house is of course, your 8th. Which is the house where you ring up the karmic balance sheet. And those changes you need to ring in. Once more you’ll going to have a heavy line up in here. You’ve Jupiter, the opportunity maker, Pluto which rules your 8th offering a powerful re-birth around something which is an ‘asset’ to you. This especially applies to when the Sun in your 2nd opposes first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th).

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn which is of course your 8th house. It re-arrives in here for its final visit for almost 30 years on the 1st. Saturn rules karma plus checks and balances. Now throw into this highly unusual mix a full Moon eclipse on the 5th. You know by now eclipses conceal. And this is an emotional concealment. Who or what is stopping you from having what you want or getting where you need to go?

Feel the fear – and show it some love!

The answer if you are willing to peer into the shadows, may surprise you! Often the thing we want the most is also the thing we are most afraid of having. That fabulous job, that relationship, that pot of gold at the end of that eclipsed moonbeam! Or alternatively, we may realise that we are being held back by the fears of others. They may not be doing this consciously. Or even out of meanness. It could be they fear us leaving them behind if we’re successful.

Look at all the angles now especially when it comes to money, something you share with another – anything from a bed to a bank account; and themes around generosity and freedom vs. Scrooge-like mean-spiritedness. Then take it one step further if needed.

Because you’re worth it

Are you trying to prove yourself ‘good enough’ to someone? Facing constant criticism either on a professional or personal level? Which leaves you feeling that nothing you do is ever praiseworthy and you simply will never measure up? We have now come full-circle back to the themes of self-worth and values. It’s about knowing you are good enough and do have value. And if these themes surface it is time to step back and ask yourself: Just why are you trying so hard to impress this person? Are they really worth it?

Those of you who worry about making the wrong choice, impostor syndrome or falling flat on your face into something brown that isn’t chocolate to cries of ‘Told you s/he would fail!’ – need to feel the fear and do it anyway. Pluto hands you power. Jupiter luck and the ability to leap.

Mission: Impossibly Possible

Let go of what you think may be impossible for you. Ways to reach out and grasp those long term, out-of-reach goals could present themselves. As could people who may be able to help you with this. Let’s talk about Chiron for a moment. Presently sitting in your 11th of friends and the future. Who or what is Chiron? Is it a planet? Is it an asteroid? It’s neither. It’s a comet with a two million kilometre long tail.

But then Chiron was first discovered it got mistaken. It took a while for astronomers to get a good look at it and work out exactly what it was. And in the intervening time, astrologers had been gathering plenty of information of the effect this new astral body had when it hit points in our charts. Which they never would have done if they had known from the start that Chiron was a ’dirty snowball’ – which is how astronomers refer to comets.

Chiron is the impossible polymath. Musician, centaur, healer, teacher. It defies definition and makes its own rules. What we know about Chiron is that it dares us to try something new or to break a few rules. In your 11th its about daring to dream as this house rules your goals. And then daring to try as it bumps into Mars in here on the 14th. Mars is all about action.

This can also deliver people who want to hear your story. And share your journey. Or even be a part of your success. Unexpected paths to your goals could open up. You’ve heard the saying about entertaining angels unawares? In other words, they come in disguise. Pro tip: so do fairy godmothers/fathers. Especially with Chiron in here. Want an invitation to the ball? Chiron could just deliver. Or you fire up the chutzpah to ask for it anyway. And yes, you get to come just as you are. And people will love that about you.

Go in the direction of desire

Venus in your 1st also enchants Chiron this month perhaps connecting you with someone highly unusual but in a position to point you in the direction of your desires. Dare you take a new route. Or explore a different social circle. Chiron could turn up in person. Assertive, outrageous, difficult to define but oh so sexy too. Maybe it’s that caring streak you’ll get a glimpse of. Don’t judge a book by its cover now.

Money can’t buy you values

Bring those values home at the time of the new Moon in your 2nd on the 20th, Gemini. Because one of the things money can’t buy you aside from love, is a value system. Yet your values are so connected to your feelings about the folding stuff. This new Moon is all about building a new relationship to your cash. And also what you truly value. But this has little or nothing to do with how much money you have right now.

Know your worth

The Moon rules our emotions. New Moons bring in a new emotional experience in a key area. In this case your cash. Or that ‘worth’ I was talking about earlier. Relate to what you have as if it were a person. Protect, nurture and above all, value it. And at the same time re-evaluate your own self-worth, skills, talents, abilities and what you have achieved. This investment could just open up a new flow of abundance into your life. And again, be aware that abundance takes many forms – not just the financial kind!

Perhaps it’s time to let go of past ideas of what is possible for you between you and the material world as part of your Mission: Impossibly Possible from this point on.

Your way and the information superhighway

The Sun in your 3rd from the 22nd shines a light on news, ideas, communications and the internet. And just four days later ruler Mercury finally clears retroshadow in your 2nd. Your ruler on the move means you are too. Mercury and Jupiter are the planets which rule movement. Mercury rules details, Jupiter the big picture. Got a message, idea or story? Or even that updated CV? Put it out there. The internet is your playground. And to work your way.

Jupiter opens the doors to opportunity that Mercury’s ideas launch. Watch what doors taking action on your ideas opens for you as Mercury opposes Jupiter on the 30th. Karma and daring to try something different – your secret to success this July, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Get ready to explore new ways to get to those desires, Gemini. Above all, don’t judge a book by its cover. Fairy godmothers don’t always have their wands (or wings) on show!

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Gemini Yearly Forecast 2020

Be the phoenix which rises

Demand a new and better deal around love

Rule the past to remake the future

This year is all about partnerships. And also about what you share with others and what is shared with you in return. It’s also about rebirth, transformation and power. When we talk about sharing, this has to include power sharing too. Who calls the shots in other words. Is this equal? Or is one party more equal than the other? Expect any imbalances to be addressed as 2020 unfolds for you.

What occurs this year has been longed for or thought about by you for some time. Whether you are aware of this or not. This includes those things that you fear. Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. This applies to you this coming year. You’ll come to understand that what you thought was scary really isn’t after all.

I’ve Got the Power!

Stepping into your full power and potential is what this year is asking of you. The year begins with a once in a 500-year line up in your 8th house. That’s right. We have not seen anything like this for generations and neither will we again in our lifetimes. Or for many more to come. Your 8th is one of the most powerful and deep houses of your chart. It rules amongst other things money as in corporate money (salary), benefits, maintenance, legacies, wills, mortgages, loans etc. And joint assets you share with a partner such as the marital home or joint accounts. Shares, insurances, taxes, pensions and property dealings also fall under this house. And yes, sex or relationships where sex plays a major role (or not as in some cases).

Pluto is the ruler of this house and you will be well aware it has been in here for several years now. Events around the themes I mentioned are likely to peak or shift dramatically in January as your ruler Mercury, Saturn, Ceres (which also rules power) and the Sun all collide in your 8th over two days governing the 12th and 13th of January. All this takes place against the background of Mars, the ancient ruler of your 8th, in Sagittarius and your 7th house from the 3rd.

This asks you to claim your power (or reclaim it) to renegotiate or set in motion a new deal between you and someone else. This could be your marriage partner or long-term live in love. Your boss or even the bank. Its time to challenge something if you have come to realise power is not being shared equally. And to be unafraid to do so.

Solutions Send You Soaring

This is your house of transformation and rebirth. Jupiter also in here but out of orb of the super-conjunction, nevertheless hands you an opportunity to find a solution to anything that you have feared tackling or has held you back until now. Your symbol for the coming year is the phoenix. We often simply rise above and transcend our problems rather than solve them. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s you this year, Gemini. Reach higher even if this scares you. Last year saw Jupiter in your 7th of partnerships of all descriptions. This year can see a key one change or deepen. Sometimes the thing we want the most – and this includes love and intimacy or even success, is what scare us the most too. Although we may not be aware of this. 2020 shows you if this is the dynamic ruling your life. And Jupiter allows you to soar above it for good.

Freedom vs. Staying Put

Saturn enters your 9th house on March 22. It’s been almost 30 years since the planet of putting a ring on it (or running rings around something) visited this house in your chart. So, for some of you this will mark your first contradictory visit by Saturn which encloses and restricts, in your zone of freedom. Some of you may even be having your Saturn return. If so, you may feel an intense pull between the desire for freedom and the need to commit to something – or remain in it. Beware as Saturn in here can have you throwing that baby out with the bathwater as your yearning for freedom leads you to overthrow something you have established. Especially given Saturn was involved in that 8th house super weather back in January.

The flip side of this is that you desire freedom but it scares you at the same time. So, you hold yourself back. Saturn in here can often show us the only person placing restrictions on ourselves is actually us. So, you stay in that dead-end job rather than apply for something better. Or you reject opportunities to study or see more of the world. Saturn tells you that leaving your comfort zone may be necessary for freedom. Or paradoxically, that true freedom may come from security. Which one is it for you? December will bring answers.

Look Back At Love to Move Forward

When it comes to managing retrogrades – you rule, Gemini. After all, you’re adept at managing the thrice yearly ones of ruler Mercury. But 2020 delivers a very different kind of retrograde energy. And this occurs right at the start of your birthday season. Venus begins a rare retrograde cycle from May 13 until June 25 in your sign. Not only that, we have the cosmic North Node arriving in your 1st just prior to this. This puts the South Node in your 7th of partnerships. The nodes are linked to karma and a 19-year cycle. What goes around comes around in other words. IF you were 18 or over 19 years ago, time to look back 19 years and see what is repeating now – especially around partnership matters. Have the players changed but the themes remain the same for example?

I should not need to tell you of all signs that beginning a new love affair or even a business partnership under a Venus retrograde is not a good idea. Not unless you enjoy reversals and commitments being reneged on or changed that is. This retrograde can however deliver that blast from the past. If so, due to the nodes, ensure that the issues that caused you to part in the first place are no longer well – issues. Unless you want a repeat performance. Venus retro has you looking back at your love history to unlock your love future. Also, in your 1st it can see you making changes to your appearance, image or style. That theme of the phoenix rising includes a rebirth of you on a physical level.

Charge up Passion to Change Up!

There’s another kind of Back to the Future retrograde happening. This one in your 11th which as well as your friends and connections, rules your goals and your future. Mars which governs passion and action, also makes a rare retrograde in here from September 10. You may become suddenly aware that a group or social scene has lost its lustre. When it comes to those goals – did you lose interest or simply lose hope? Has someone been instrumental in this? Dampening your dreams for example? There’s a saying: Misery loves company. Sometimes others don’t want to be left behind when the phoenix soars. They want us to stay down in the ashes with them. You’ll be looking closely at who empowers and energises you and who doesn’t. This is all about reclaiming your passion about your future. No more mehs. Mars retro asks you what fires you up about your future? You need passion- not ambivalence. If a goal no longer ignites your soul – you need a new one. If friends or other contacts are demolishing your dreams instead of supporting them – you need a fresh support network. If you let go of something that represented a deep desire within you – reclaim it between September and November 14 when Mars heads direct again.

What You Know About Love – and What You Don’t – Yet

The year long themes around sharing and partnership matters culminate in December with a total solar eclipse in your 7th on December 14. This day also sees ruler Mercury in here opposing the North Node in your 1st. You and another are about to come full circle. This also includes business partners, close friends or even that enemy, rival or opponent. Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. In your 7th this relates to someone opposite you. You’ve experienced an intense learning cycle that has seen you revisit the past when it comes to relationships. Now, draw on that and wait for revelations. This can even be around a new relationship beginning which you may not see yet. With the Nodes involved it is also about timing. It’s also not about instant answers. It’s about wait and see and what will be will be.

Freedom and Release

Solutions and opportunities which solve your security vs. freedom dilemma triggered by Saturn are now to hand as 2020 finishes. Jupiter enters its ruling 9th on December 19 opening doors to travel, learning, expansion and banishing doubts around whatever still holds you back. Saturn in your 9th can have you seeing the world in very black and white terms. Jupiter now adds all the 50 shades and more in between. It’s now not about just who you love and what you share but what you love and what the world has to share with you. 2021 promises something bigger. 2020 is your staging point where you get to show how powerful you can be in crafting your own solutions. And in demanding your fair share of anything from money to love, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Time to claim your power. Opportunities arrive for you to transcend anything that holds you back from achieving your true potential. There’s more than enough to go around, Gemini. And that includes love for you in 2020.

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