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The week ahead for gemini

Time to step into a fresh cycle of opportunities, solutions and freedom as the Sun arrives in your 9th of the Now Age. Before you do however, you may need to confront something that has been holding you back.


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Discover the truth

Blocks to progress vanish

Move into Now Age freedom!

When it comes to Mars in Taurus and your 12th, one thing that comes to mind is ‘Red rag to a bull’. If you have been putting up with something or someone’s behaviour for a while but not saying anything, this could be the week where you can no longer stay silent. Especially as Mars bumps into Uranus in here on the 20th.

Should you discover someone has been lying or misleading you in any way, your reaction is likely to be the same. Sudden blow ups could occur if you discover things are not how you have been led to believe.

Step into Fresh Possibilities

Take it that this week will free you of anything that is holding you back. And if so, there is a good reason for this happening. Both Uranus and Jupiter are planets which want your freedom. And there is nothing wrong with Mars energy so keep this in mind. Mars rules boundaries along with Saturn which is also aspected this week. But Mars in particular shows people where they have crossed them.

This week sees the Sun arrive in your Now Age 9th joining ruler Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in here. This is Jupiter’s ruling house and the square it makes to Mars in your 12th on the 23rd could close one door but at the same time, open a new one wide. If there is an ending now, a better, bigger, brighter new beginning will follow. The Sun meets Saturn in your 9th on the 24th. Saturn rules time as well as karma. Time therefore to move past whatever holds you back. And don’t be surprised if this turns out to be you, Gemini.

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Don’t just wish for change – be change

How much do you really want that goal?

Explore alternatives

Impatient, Gemini? You may begin the month wanting change or simply the chance to begin something new. Anything that provides that alive feeling and replaces the one you’ve had enough of already – going nowhere. Or just the plain boring Meh’s. Mars lands in your oh-so-mysterious 12th on the 6th. The day after ruler Mercury and Pluto meet in your house of rebirth and empowerment. This is the moment where things could well being to shift forward for you once more.

Become the Change You’re Waiting For

That ‘something’s gotta give’ feeling leaves you antsy. But also determined to do something about it. The 8th sees Mercury join the party in your Now Age 9th. The same day as Venus lands in your 8th. If the way forward to reclaim the passion what has been missing has been elusive of hidden, you now see what needs to be done. This covers anything from dealing with an on-going situation to taking action to make what you want happen.

You’re looking at situations fearlessly whereas before you might have looked away. Is there any empty space in your life which needs filling? Own your need for love if so. Or that goal or dream. The timing is also perfect for tackling anything that has been allowed to go on for far too long. You may have avoided this, but now you’ll see that procrastination is keeping you stuck right where you don’t want to be.

Check Your Chart for the Way Forward

You might also want to check your birthchart for Taurus factors. Many Gemini’s have planets in the sign next door. As Mars and also Uranus move through here, they are going to meet any Taurus planets you have. Plus, ruler Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in your 9th from the 19th, will square them. We also have big squares occurring this January between Mars and Uranus in your 12th and all those Now Age planets.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

This is a truth exposing cycle. And Uranus is always associated with freedom and revelations. So, what comes to light during this month really is designed to set you free. The only question is: are you ready for the unvarnished kind, Gemini? You’ll see the past, people and situations as they truly are as opposed to what you might have been told or want them to be. If someone is keeping something from you, expect it to come out in a surprising or unexpected way.

I would also add that nothing will stay in your own closet now. There is a difference between confidentiality and things you want to keep hidden. Hopefully there is nothing that you would be ashamed of if it came to light. When it comes to confidentiality – which your 12th rules, please keep this if someone confides in you.

And if there is something you want to remain in the vault, choose carefully who you confide in now. As I said, people will show their true colours. This can range from them raining on the dreams you confide to gossiping. If you need to share something intensely private, you may want to talk to a professional whose ethics or code of conduct ensure what you say goes no further. A doctor, priest, therapist, lawyer, counsellor or even one of our psychics depending on the issue.

Welcome in Change

Pluto rules your 8th and it’s not just ruler Mercury that gets entangled with it this month. Against the backdrop of intense fixed sign squares in your 9th to 12th, we have the Sun and Venus meeting Pluto on the 14th and 28th. These dates could mark powerful shifts along with the new Moon in your 8th on the 12th which appears very close to Pluto.

Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life. It will also make two soul satisfying trines to Mars in your 12th on the 9th and then Uranus on the 14th – same day as the Sun meets Pluto and the day after the new Moon in here. This could see you entering a new era of empowerment when it comes to your income, assets or something you share with someone. What you owe or are owed could also feature. And remember, while this is your ‘other’ money house, the assets we have access to or are offered to us may not just be of the financial kind.

Link Back To Your Purpose

Karmic debts and balances will be paid or settled now. Especially due to you having the North Node in your 1st. But this also links in to the reasons you are here too. Your dreams are part of who you are. You have them for a reason. They form part of your path and your purpose for being here. Reignite them and also be ready for radical ideas on how to achieve them thanks not only to Mars and Uranus but also to those Now Age planets.

Jupiter is in its ruling house in your chart. So think extra servings of luck. Plus you have the Sun in here from the 19th meeting Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). Sure, Saturn can throw up the odd challenge or two. But think of this as Saturn asking you how much do you really, really want it? Claiming your dreams is not for the faint-hearted. Saturn asks us to show our dedication. It can drop a speed bump or obstacle in our path to see what we do when we discover there’s no open road to get to our goals.

Do we just turn back? Or to we look for alternative routes which is where Uranus’s inventiveness and Mars’s confidence take over? Especially around the 20th when Mars and Uranus meet. Because if what we want is part of our path and our purpose, we look for new ways to get it if the first attempts don’t work for us. Remember – Saturn may throw a challenge our way but Jupiter always provides a solution.

Explore More Ways Than One!

The Sun arrives in your 9th from the 19th and meets Saturn on the 24th then Jupiter on the 29th. This month’s full Moon appears virtually opposite Jupiter in your 3rd on the 28th. The same day as Venus and Pluto meet in your 8th. Venus with Pluto is amplifying your personal charisma. You exude magnestism and irresistible sex appeal. This could see a date night – even a stay-at-home or Zoom one, sizzle and crackle. Expect the talk to go from not to hot very quickly.

This is also an excellent date to aim for if you want to bring a business, negotiation or money matter to a conclusion or have that discussion I talked about earlier. You radiate empowerment and surety under this full Moon. If you want to make a stand-out move, this is your night to do it. People are also going to take you at your word now. So one word of caution – don’t engage in flirtation unless you intend to follow through. Talk is cheap and actions need to speak as loud if not louder now.

Don’t leave anything or anyone hanging and tie up all loose ends before the month does.Ruler Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th and then turns full retro-active on the 30th. You know the drill, Gemini. You also know that Mercury retrogrades – or any retro planet for that matter, are part of the natural cycle. We just need to know what to do and what not to do when they occur. Use your ‘re’ words – revise, revisit, reassess, release, reedit, return, renew. And yes, revelations which we touched on earlier is also a ‘re’ word!

This will be your first retrograde for the Now Age. And during its cycle Mercury is going to go back and forth across Jupiter in here. In what is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. So yes, returns of opportunities and solutions come under what could be for you, a little retro-active magic. Be ready for second time around chances should they appear. Your Now Age 9th is about something bigger. So, it could be that you simply missed out on something the first time because something better was in the works.

Expect more than one path, solution or opportunity to be uncovered as Mercury goes back and then forward again. Rediscoveries are also part of this and these includes places you have visited in the past too. You may not see all the alternatives until March. But trying more than one alternative could all add to the sense of adventure that awakens you in the Now Age, Gemini.

In a nutshell: January wants to show you there may be more than one path to those big goals and dreams, Gemini. Look at the alternatives. Ruler Mercury is asking you settle unfinished business this month. It will pave your way to freedom.

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Gemini Forecast 2021

Big up that luck factor in 2021

Love gets larger than life

Open up to a wide, wild world of possibilities

While 2020 may have delivered restrictions or even difficult situations involving just who was in control when it came to your money or your life, Gemini; you should arrive in 2021 with a new appreciation of just how capable and powerful you can be when it comes to making changes.

You’re now leaving the issues which may have haunted you since 2017 behind you. Living in the Now Age is about to connect you to fresh opportunities. And the even better news? 2021 is merely a foretaste or the first step towards something even bigger, better and more satisfying in 2022!

Living under a wandering star

With Jupiter in its ruling 9th and Uranus in your mystical 12th, you’re in search of deeper meaning, new beliefs and a truth which resonates in your soul, Gemini. You are the sign that loves to play with fresh ideas. So, don’t be surprised if these revolve around psychic abilities, mediumship, philosophy, religion, different belief systems, ways of seeing the world, the Tarot, astrology, numerology. If you are open to receiving answers – you will get them. Gurus, teachers, shaman, lecturers, priests, prophets, angels – one, any or all of these could cross your path and trigger a desire to explore and learn more.

Your personal beliefs and way of seeing, being and believing may shift. And possibly via the people you meet and encounter during this cycle. You are on a journey now and depending on events in the collective, this could be a literal one involving travel, or a learning one you undertake from home. Either way the ideas and/or people encounter open your eyes to new possibilities and broaden your horizons.

It’s not just a wandering, exploratory star you are living under this year, Gemini. But a karmic one too. The North Node remains in your sign transporting you back in time 19 years. Or further depending on your age. So, personal themes and above all, relationships may go full circle. If you married 19 years ago, then your marriage karma returns in some way, shape or form. Remember, if you are entering into a long-term relationship this year, you are setting a new cycle in motion!

When is that past likely to door knock if it’s coming? You of all signs should know it would be when ruler Mercury heads into reverse. Dates to carry the retro rules with you at all times and also to watch for what returns are as follows: Jan 30-Feb 21 – Mercury retrograde in your 9th. May 29th – June 22nd – Mercury retrograde in your 1st – expect major snafus and revisits to your past. And then finally September 27th – October 18th in your 5th. As usual, have your retro rules in place during the retroshadow times which include the period three weeks before and three weeks after the full retro cycle.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

The May/June retrograde period will be particularly profound and impactful. Not only is this the time of your birthday, but we are also in a major eclipse season which is going to involve you and your closest personal ties. Now, you should not need me to remind you that when your ruler is retrograde in your 1st or your 5th houses, this is NOT the time to begin a new love affair or go seeking one. Neither is eclipse season across your 1st/7th house axis – whether it is combined with a Mercury retrograde or not. But even more so when it is!

What do we know about eclipses? We are in the dark. During a total eclipse this is a complete black out when it comes to a key area of our lives. While 2021 promises better outcomes for finding love or your existing partnership, for your best chance of happily ever after, you do need to avoid both the Mercury retro cycle AND the eclipses.

May 26 brings a total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and your 7th. Right slap bang in the middle of Mercury retro in your 1st. So, you may feel emotionally distanced, confused around someone’s intentions or that they are holding something back. New lovers could be shrouded in mystery and may not be what they appear to be. If an old one returns – hold back and wait before leaping back in. Have they really changed or are they just saying what they think you want to hear?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and probe further. The problem with this eclipse cycle is that it may cause you to doubt your own insight and feelings. You may on a deep level not be entirely satisfied with what you are hearing – but then not want to ‘spoil things’ by asking for answers or simply feel it’s not your place to ask. If so – ignore this and continue to ask anyway. If you’re still not satisfied, this is your answer.

The truth is sensed, not told

You have a second eclipse in your 1st on June 10 at the time of the new Moon. Again, Mercury is still retrograde. This is an annular solar eclipse. This delivers that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in many eclipse photos. So, think of this as something having a ‘ring of truth’ to it.

Again, this may involve you and someone you are in a close relationship with. Or have been or could be. So, yes, it could be your partner, live-in lover or spouse. Or it could be your boss, activity partner, business partner, collaborator, bff or even that person you do not like. It could run contrary to what you are being told in the moment. Please pay close attention and again, if this is a new or emerging relationship, take it slowly and stay connected to the insights you receive.

Between now and the next eclipse in your 7th on December 4th – expect some part or even all of the truth, to emerge if you are willing to look for it.

Connect to Luck

With Jupiter in your Now Age 9th, luck, expansion and opportunity will flow to you via who you know and connect with. This year brings us a highly unusual Jupiter cycle however. Instead of spending 12 consecutive months in a sign like it normally does, Jupiter transits its ruling house at warp speed and lands in your 10th on May 13. While the new may be off the table during eclipses and retro cycles, revivals certainly aren’t. Neither is reaping the rewards for past efforts. Yes, rewards are a retro word too as it starts with the all-important ‘re’!

Jupiter is very happy here in your 10th. That’s because this is its ancient ruling sign of Pisces. It will reawaken those ambitious dreams and visions you have had around who you can be and what you can achieve. This is your 2022 preview happening right now. Think of this as you sitting in the cinema and watching a trailer for an upcoming release. But you are the star, writer and director of this film.

Expect Jupiter to boost your status while in here. Or open doors to doing just that. But remember – it’s a preview of bigger things to come. Jupiter will remain in here until July 28 when it re-enters Aquarius and your 9th again. This time to remain in here until December 29.

Lost loves and forgotten pleasures as well as missed opportunities make for spectacular come-backs and revivals in September/October when you have Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart and the Sun and your retro ruler in your 5th. By the time the Sun arrives in your 7th on Nov 22nd. Mercury is very much direct and hot on its heels. Both meet in here on November 29 making this one of the best weeks of the year for fresh starts in partnerships and love.

Right up until the total eclipse of December 4 when you need to simply look at what you are not seeing around relationships. You have the blinders on at this point. Remember, it may not be someone else who is pulling the wool over your eyes. Sometimes we simply do not want to see the truth so we ignore it. However, the full Moon in your 1st on December 19 may highlight these and you may not be able to look away!

But what does Cupid or even opportunity look like in 2021? Think big and larger than life. Think lovers connected to the following: travel, aircraft, mass transportation, teaching, academia, the law, mass media, animals, exploration, religion, foreigners, sports, the outdoors. Opportunities on the career front may also come to you from these areas. Love and lucky breaks will also be found outside your usual social or professional circle – and/or that comfort zone!

When Jupiter pays its brief visit to your 10th, it won’t just up those ambitions, but your criteria for selecting a mate may include someone you can literally ‘look up to’ and who shares the same outlook on life as you do. Meeting a potential partner via your work, career or extended professional network is one love avenue Jupiter can open up for you while in here. You will certainly be attracted to people who have ‘made it’ on some level. Especially if you are still seeking someone in 2022.

2021 Rocks – But Wait Until You See 2022!

Jupiter loves being in its ruling 9th house. Remember, if you want to discover just how it can big up the luck an opportunity factor for you while in here, you need to do whatever you can to set Jupiter’s energy working for you. Jupiter is not a cross between Santa Claus and a pantomime fairy godmother that looks like Stephen Fry in drag! Yes, it can hand us solutions and lucky breaks. But only if we do whatever we can to make it happen first. Wishing is not enough.

Open you mind to what you believe is possible for you. Then take a chance on your vision and act on it. Jupiter says: You will never know until you try. And it is in the attempt that we engage not just Jupiter’s ability to put the right people or solutions in our path, but which will set you up to attempt or aim for even more next year!

Because Jupiter likes your 10th house even better than your 9th. Again, this is because it is Jupiter’s ruling sign. So, look forward to a fabulous 18 month period of Jupiter magic. And then in 2022 – get ready to make that wish. Because by then, you may just see it come true!

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