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The week ahead for sagittarius

Freedom is always your #1 goal. But to get it you first need a foundation. This week offers the chance to establish or add to yours, Sag.

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What have you learned about money?
Establish yourself
Create a spiritual home

Venus occupies its ruling 2nd in your chart Sag and this week has two cash-attracting encounters with both Saturn (18th) and Pluto (23rd). Saturn is all about the long term – delayed gratification, which runs contrary to your sign’s belief that instant gratification takes too long. Pluto rules power and in this instance, power money and how powerful you feel in the material world and in earning the money you need.

Venus just wants to bring pleasure. Not just your money but your assets are in focus this week – your possessions, your talents and skills and your values. The past years should have seen you take a very different approach to your cash. Instead of a ‘borrow today, pay it back someday’ approach you now appreciate that financial security is in fact the key to the freedom you crave that is part of your make—up. If you have truly embraced this lesson, this week could quite literally deliver the rewards – straight to your bank account.

Keep the focus on the long term as the Sun swings into your 4th of home and security on the 18th. Anything to do with property matters or your career is favoured now especially as Mercury which rules commerce and contracts is also in this house in your chart. Your ‘spiritual’ home or creating a lifestyle which truly aligns with who you are and where you want to be is a deep emotional need which requires your input.

This week’s full Supermoon in your 10th shines on opportunities which would allow you to do just that. The Moon rules our emotions, full Moons bring peak emotional experiences and Supermoons supersize these. However, the 10th is the one house the Moon appears in where we can remain objective about things rather than subjective. It’s not that you are unemotional – far from it. Just that you can act in a way that ensures your emotional needs are met over the long term rather than just reacting to how you feel in the moment.

Making the right decision that is true to who you are and what you need for the future is what this full Moon promises. Set your future foundation and you’ll have the freedom you’ve always wanted now, Sag.

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Plant the seeds for your future

Small changes contain big potential

Opportunity may not look like you think – but it’s what you need

Themes around home, security and your money dominate February. Decisions will be reached and important papers and documents signed. You’re going to be given the opportunity to create a strong foundation and when this appears, please take it. Each decision you make this month will build on the previous one. The upshot is you could just end up in a stronger position than you have been for a very long time.

Your message, brand, the internet, communications, study, teaching, writing, business or just leveraging that idea for all its worth, are highlighted by the new Moon in your 3rd on the 4th. That favourite of all Sag activities – travel, may also be possible now. Above all, this is a new Moon under which to plant the seeds for something long term. Initiate this now especially if it involves new business, applying for a new job, starting that course, side hustle or project. Plant now to reap the full harvest in the future. But this Moon combined with activity elsewhere in your chart, also tells you that you may receive validation that you are on the right track sooner rather than later.

For the past seven years your creativity has been expressed in new ways, your experiences with lovers has taken on a decidedly different flavour and children and young people – your own or another’s, may have featured. Lovers – past, present, potential would have provided you with experiences you would never forget – even if the connection did not last. Some you met may have entered laden with potential – which then failed to manifest. Some may have experienced a dating Sahara while others found love in the most unlikely places or with someone totally different to what they would have expected. A new boldness should have crept in with how you express yourself. Being afraid to stand out should never have been your problem. And if others have a problem with you – you have now let go of caring about what people may think. Hopefully you are emerging from Uranus’s transit of your fabulous 5th loving yourself a whole lot more no matter what your romantic history has been during this time. The 13th offers you one final experience around these themes as Mars meets Uranus in your 5th for the final time in your lifetime. Something you put in motion may bring you totally different results to what you expected. But suddenly you see – this is no bad thing and may in fact be exactly what you wanted. Grasp sudden opportunity and be on the lookout for chance encounters.

Mars moves on into your 6th of work (paid and unpaid) and routine on Valentine’s Day. This is ahead of Uranus’s arrival in here next month. It’s time to start a personal revolution when it comes to your work, your health and your routine. Shake things up especially the order in which you do things. Are you saying you want change but are not becoming the change you want to see in your world? It begins by altering your routine – just slightly to begin with. When we change this up, we open up the way for change. Mars gives you the confidence to do this. You will have more energy at this time but please, do not rush or worse, become slapdash otherwise accidents can occur and mistakes can be made. You need forward motion now – not having to go back and do something all over again because it was not done right the first time!

Seek out new ideas and people who challenge your thinking. Because this is a month that has you looking closely at where you are living, expect more interaction with your neighbours or your neighbourhood. Feeling ‘at home’ doesn’t just involve being happy about your home and living arrangements but extends out to neighours and the area you inhabit. Are you happy with what surrounds you and do you feel you ’fit in’? Does it offer what you need or are looking for? What kind of people live in your neighbourhood? Are you like them or is there a misfit? If you are the arty, funky, doing your best work in the coffee shop kind of person, then picket-fence suburbs may not be where you flourish the best. Mercury rules our neighbourhood and immediate environment and enters your home sector from the 10th. The Sun follows on the 18th and the 19th sees Mercury and Neptune meet in your 4th and also a full Supermoon in your career sector. This is not just about where you belong in terms of where you live but where you work and the path you are on. Success in our work and career naturally impacts on where or how we live. A change in one can lead to a change in the other. Big changes around your money could fuel a major decision around where you are living thanks to Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart meeting with first Saturn (18th) and then Pluto (23rd). You’ve been on a big learning curve with your money and resources these past few years and this is the point where it all could literally pay off for you. Saturn is all about that structure and stability I’ve been talking about while Pluto is not only about transformation but guards the treasures of the underworld. Venus – well, the material girl planet just wants to bring pleasure and an enhanced connection to the material world. If you’ve been doing serious work on issues around self-worth and your ability to feel in control of your financial destiny, what transpires now could be a direct reflection of the progress you’ve been making as you literally cash in.

Powerful Ceres in your 1st places future decisions in your hands at the end of the month as it angles to the Sun in your home sector. By now you know you have to move in the direction your heart is telling you to go in. You may have to compromise to live the life of freedom you’ve been striving for by concentrating on security and stability – and success, first.

In a nutshell: Unlock hidden resources and forge a new relationship with the material world this month, Sag. You’re in a position to aim for the stars – and launch the rocket to take you there.


4 Feb 2019 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS (3rd Hse)
10 Feb 2019 MERCURY ENTERS PISCES (4th Hse)
14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (6th) 
18 Feb 2019 SUN ENTERING PISCES (4th)
19 Feb 2019 FULL SUPERMOON IN VIRGO (10th)



28 Feb 2019 CERES SQUARE SUN (1st to 4th )

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Get a bigger dream

Expand your world

Love gets a whole lot bolder and brighter in 2019

So, what was happening 12 years ago for you, Sag? If you were over 18 then, think back to what experiences you were offered. What doors opening for you and which ones did you decide to walk through? Which did you decline? What worked out for you and what didn’t? Did you travel? Study? Expand your horizons in some way? 2019 sees similar themes and second-chance opportunities appear thanks to the return of ruler Jupiter – in your sign for the first time in 12 years.

Some of you may be experiencing Jupiter in here for the first time in your adult life. If so, what’s important to remember, is that Jupiter invites us on a journey. It is entirely up to us whether we go along for the ride or not. Mind and body are working as one now as physically and psychologically you should be on top form and please read what I have to say about your important transit of Uranus through your sector of health and wellbeing later in this forecast.

Jupiter’s transit through your 12th during 2018 may have taken you to the deep side of life. While this may have deepened your understanding of universal truths, it may have also tested you, mind, body and soul. If you have been feeling depleted, your ruler in your 1st restores your energy and your usual optimistic outlook on life. Watch how early this begins in the New year for you as Venus meets Jupiter for the first time in your 1st in 12 years on Jan 22. This comes the day after a total eclipse of the Moon in your 9th. Bearing in mind that eclipses conceal and reveal later, this marks the start of a new beginning but wait for it to fully emerge. A new romance, a cycle of learning or expansion is about to begin. It all feels like a new beginning for you now – and it is. This also goes hand-in-hand with a new you. This is an excellent time to update your image, to set your intention for the coming year and to step free of the shadows of the past 12 months.

Travel, that favourite Sag activity, beckons. Jupiter says ‘Let’s fly away’. Update that bucket list and plan to tick at least one item off it during the next 12 months. Expand yourself into the world on some level. Stretch and above all, big up those dreams. Jupiter in your 1st says if your dream is not coming true it is because you need a bigger one. Your imagination expands along with you embracing new possibilities. This can be a highly creative period. If you are working with ‘big business’, the mass media, higher education and people in positions of power and authority, expect success – and for benefits to flow from these areas. Be prepared however to build on your achievements during the first four months of the year or else see the return of a major opportunity during the Jupiter retrograde period which lasts from April 10 until August 11. Above all, watch carefully for something that may have its roots in your last Jupiter in your 1st cycle 12 years ago – and which you may have given up on, returning to you bigger, better and more real than before. You are at the start of another 12 year journey now. Set your course for the stars!

How are you working it, Sag? By this I mean your day job (whether this is paid or unpaid work), your routine and your wellbeing. What works for you? Do you feel your work adds value and that you in turn are valued for what you do? Are you valuing that body and your health? This of course relates back to Jupiter in your 1st rejuvenating you mind, body and soul. Welcome also Uranus, planet of light bulb moments and revolutionary awakenings in your 6th from March 6. Last year saw it enter this house for the first time in your lifetime. It only spent a few months in here before turning retrograde and heading

back into your 5th for one last heart-fluttering foray. This time it returns to your 6th where it will remain for the next seven years. Time to take a radical new approach to work matters and what works for you when it comes to that mind/body connection – which you will see in a totally new way by the time Uranus leaves here in 2026.

You’ll be exploring new approaches to your diet, health and fitness now. This may be a very good thing as while Jupiter in your 1st can restore your energy level, if we are not careful its ability to expand extends to us! You could be looking at complimentary health practices, new exercise routines or just making very different choices with what you eat. Your daily routine will also undergo an overhaul. You will be able to see the difference between a routine which supports you and allows you to be more productive – and a repetitive rut. Making different daily choices and being unafraid to experiment even on a small daily level, will have a major impact not just on how you feel, but in other areas too.

As for that day job –bear in mind that even the most glamourous jobs have their mundane or boring elements. Ask any actor waiting on set for hours for their call and then having to do take after take for example. That being said, you are a sign that needs a great deal of freedom and flexibility in order to produce your best work. Uranus is all about an individual or unique approach. It also rules entrepreneurs and inventors. People who work and think ‘outside the square’. If you are stuck in a job rut, expect Uranus to shake you free of it. If you want to start your own business or just work for the kind of organisation that allows for you to ‘work it your way’ then Uranus can deliver the opportunity to do this. Uranus unshackles us from what holds us back or isn’t right for us. Often in unexpected ways. Working differently and in a way that is aligned with your values, is going to be another benefit of Uranian-style job changes. If it works – work it!

Jupiter always wants to bring us benefits and no more so than when he is in our 1st house. This is a time when our power to attract is at its peak. I have found that Jupiter in our 1st house can act as a more powerful magnet when it comes to attracting romance or other partnership opportunities, than the transit of Jupiter through our 7th. When it comes to love, opportunities for long term working partnerships of any description or just attracting that insanely ‘lucky’ break we can associate with Jupiter you have several star-struck periods lined up in 2019. Venus in her ruling 2nd from February 3 until March 1 should bring you not just a boost to your bank account and an opportunity to indulge in the good things of life, but people who are quite literally ‘assets’ to you. In other words partners or potential partners. Romance sparkles along with opportunities to shine when Venus reaches your 5th on April 20 and May 9 sees her make a trine to Jupiter from here making this a day of love, pleasure and attraction. Get ready to make an impression. Venus will enter her ruling 7th in your chart on June 9 – the day before the Sun opposes Jupiter in your 1st. Look at who is ‘opposite’ you and what you are drawing to you as this two week period should be one of your best periods to attract love or anything else you need.

When it comes to the kind of lover you may attract, remember your ruler can turn up in person. They may have distinct Sag-like qualities about them. Well-travelled or even from overseas. Free-spirited. Bolder. Larger than life. And so sexily funny. Expect someone who feels like a soulmate to put in an appearance. Even if this is not a lover this can be someone you have a strong work or friendship connection with. It’s all about big love no matter how it manifests or expresses itself. You will benefit from the connection and this person will expand your horizons in some way.

Travel, those big business and mass media themes and expansion will feature during July and August which sees both the Sun and Venus in your 9th, both of which will trine Jupiter again. This period also marks a Mercury retrograde which will begin in your 9th and head back into your 8th before returning to

your 9th direct again in August. By August we have both Jupiter and Mercury direct. An opportunity could re-present itself during this period or else you will see a totally fresh direction begin to open up for you. Watch closely for any themes that began at the start of the year returning – especially if they began at the time of that eclipse. If anything was covered up or concealed at that point, you should have the big picture now.

The year should end on a high note for you with you getting an early start on your new cycle thanks to Venus arriving in your 1st on November 1. The Sun heads in here on November 22 and Venus and Jupiter will have their final date in your 1st on November 24. Jupiter will move out of your 1st on December 2, joining Venus, Saturn and Pluto in your money zone. Expect a massive transformation to occur around your money and assets during 2020 as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all meet in here.

As the year ends, start to think about what you want to build in terms of your financial security. If you don’t have a long term financial plan, you are now being asked to come up with one. Think of it this way: dreams require financial backing. Rockets need a launch pad. That is what you are going to be asked to build in the coming year – or expand on if you already have one. This year should open the way for you to put that in place. In the interim, a larger experience of the world – and of love, awaits you.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter arrives in your sign for the first time in 12 years. New opportunities beckon and lost ones return. It’s all about big dreams, big experiences and big love, Sag.

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (1st House to 4th House)


22 Jan 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION JUPITER (1st House)

25 Jan 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (5th House to 1st House)


6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (6th House) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)

10 Apr 2019, JUPITER RETROGRADE UNTIL 11 Aug 2019 (1st House)


20 Apr 2019 VENUS ENTERS ARIES (5th Hse)

5 May 2019 MARS OPPOSITION JUPITER (7th House to 1st House)

9 May 2019 VENUS TRINE JUPITER (5th House to 1st House)

21 May 2019 SUN ENTERS GEMINI (7th Hse)

21 May 2019 MERCURY ENTERS GEMINI (7th Hse)

31 May 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION JUPITER (7th House to 1st House)

9 Jun 2019 VENUS ENTERS GEMINI (7th Hse)


23 Jun 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION JUPITER (7th House to 1st House)



25 Jul 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (9th House to 1st House)


3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (10th House) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (2nd House) and Uranus (6th House) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (1st House) and Neptune (4th House)

17 Sep 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION CHIRON (11th Hse to 5th Hse)


22 Nov 2019 SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS (1st Hse)


24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (12th House to 6th House)

26 Nov 2019 VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN (2nd Hse)



12 Dec 2019 NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (1st Hse)

13 Dec 2019 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (12th House to 4th House)

15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (2nd House to 6th House)

26 Dec 2019 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (2nd House) (Annular Solar Eclipse****)


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