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The week ahead for sagittarius

Ruler Jupiter moves in to your 4th of home, family, security and living arrangements for a two month stay this week. Where in the world do you want to call home, Sag? This week sees you moving on up.

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Time for a new love future

Get space for really living

Home is where the journey begins

Your past, present or potential partner – the 10th brings news or a recurring theme around long term love, double acts or duos. All down to Mercury triggering the North Node in your 7th. Mercury rules writing and communication as well as the internet. Is it time to re-write your love her-story or history?

The new Moon in your 6th puts your day job, routine, habits, diet, exercise and anyone or anything that touches on your health and wellbeing on a new footing. Fresh habits established today are likely to go the distance.

Expand your living arrangements

The biggest event in the sky this week – especially as far as you are concerned Sag, is ruler Jupiter entering Pisces and your 4th house. Expand your living space or find that corner of the earth that smiles on you. Room to move will be the order of the day and many Sagittarians could be upgrading their homes either between now and July – Jupiter is more of an Airbnb quest this time around, and then into 2022 when it unpacks for a longer stay.

Jupiter can hand you keys to a door – in this house literally. While others may extend or expand their space. If relocation or emigration is your desire, then Jupiter can smooth the process. It’s not so much there’s no place like home – Jupiter wants you to have a home you can invite the world into or explore from it. Roll out the welcome mat.

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Change your fate, change your luck, change your love

Be present

Explore the power of everyday magic

Back to your love future, Sag. May the 4th – yes, Star Wars Day, sees Mercury enter its ruling sign of Gemini and your 7th of all things partnership-centric. Take it duos and double acts of all kinds will feature. Especially when Venus lands in what is its ruling house on the 9th.

We are in big, fat mutable weather this month. One where you can literally change your fate, luck or direction. But to do this you are going to need to stay grounded and work with what you have in the moment. If we are to use a Star Wars quote which seems appropriate at this point, as Master Yoda said: All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was… what he was doing.

You are the sign that is naturally draw to looking at what the next adventure could be. A Sag friend of mine would describe how in pre-Covid days, she would already be planning her next trip even as she waited in the departure lounge to board the aircraft to take her on the current one! To make the most of what happens this month, it is important to simply be present. If you can do this, then you will see that horizon magically draw closer without you having to move. And any current frustration you feel around present restrictions, fall away.

Be in the moment

Ruler Jupiter is on the move from the 13th as it moves into your 4th of home, homeland, lifestyle, living arrangements, property matters of all descriptions and what unpins your path, Sag. Sure, you can reach for the stars. But to do that you need to first build a launch pad. And a rocket to get you there.

Check your chart!

Check your chart for Sag factors at 0-2 degrees. And also Pisces, Gemini and Virgo factors at the same degree. If you also have Scorpio factors – which many Sagittarians do have, again look to see if you have anything at 0-2 degrees. If you do, Jupiter is about to trine these. Remember for you – this is your ruler and there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ Jupiter square or opposition. However, you may have to make the effort and set opportunity in motion.

Where you feel you belong. What ‘home’ means to you and benefits via property or family should feature. Yes, I know for some, home may not be where you find yourself right now. Where you have lived in the past could feature to. During this first cycle which lasts from now until July, some of you may be drawn back to visit places you have lived in the past. Especially if this involves travel within your own country you are now allowed to take.

You may rediscover your roots and if you do travel back to places you have lived or have past connections to, you will see them in a new light. If there is somewhere you have always felt ‘drawn’ to in a way you cannot explain, visit it virtually for now but consider you may have a past life connection to it. Visiting it for real may follow in 2022, when the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in here may remove many of the barriers to travel we are seeing at the moment.

Your ability to work with what you have in the here and now gets a boost thanks to the new Moon in your pragmatic and practical 6th on the 11th. Your day job (paid or unpaid), habits, routine, diet, exercise, wellbeing and schedule can all benefit from a reboot now. And you can bring fresh focus and also a new desire to get the job done, to those things we know you love to hate, Sag. You know what they are. The mundane matters that stand between you and those big dreams. But nonetheless need to be done.

Sweep that launch pad in preparation for take-off. Make a countdown of tasks to be ticked off. And instead of seeing these as what you so don’t want to be doing, instead you can love the sense of satisfaction and increased energy doing the work and where you are and what you are doing, hands you!

Now for the love

Partners of all kinds – past, present and future, are in focus too. In the obvious form of joint property decisions, but also entering into a new partnership dynamic is highlighted or injecting fresh commitment and passion into an existing one thanks to the planets all meeting the North Node in your 7th this month.

Be aware however that the all system go one planetary direction is very much at an end this month. Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th in your 7th and will turn retro 2.0 in here from the 29th. You also have Saturn retrograde from the 23rd in what is, Mercury’s ruling house in your chart. Despite the Sun’s arrival in your 7th on the 20th, this is a time to put seeking new love on hold. Or entering any kind of new partnership dynamic for that matter. Instead see this as a period where you can get extremely clear about your needs and what you want from love.

This is further emphasised by the eclipsed full Supermoon in your 1st on the 26th. You are totally and utterly in the dark around something or someone. Again, check your chart for your Sag factors this time at 5 degrees or 5 degrees of Gemini. This will truly impact on you and another if you have them.

Entering into any new partnership of any description should be avoided now. And you need to heed messages from your gut around anything to do with existing unions. If this sounds scary – its not meant to be. Eclipses just are. They are not necessary good or bad. It’s just that we can’t see (yet) what they are covering up.

That big fat mutable weather however can bring you changes for the better as we steam into June. Mars’s trine to Neptune in your 4th on the 31st points to positive outcomes around shared resources, money or property. You also have the Sun conjunct the North Node in your 7th this week. A cycle of love could come full circle with you gaining that better understanding not just of your needs, but your partner’s. Or even the kind of person you now see you need. This could be totally different to who you thought you needed in the past.

Time travel 19 years back if you can. That’s also a Jedi trick. To make the most of the present, you need to understand your past. So, when it comes around again – you make it into something new. Right from the present moment, Sag.

In a nutshell: An important long term love cycle could begin now. One set to redefine your partnership experience. You may not realise the significance at first however. Stay present or you’ll miss out on the magic, Sag!

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Sagittarius Yearly Forecast 2021

For you, it’s always a big deal when Jupiter changes signs. Your ruler cleans house for you in a specific area of life when it does. It turfs out problems and replaces them with shiny new solutions and opportunities. The dog days should now be over when it comes to your cash. Jupiter along with Saturn in your Now Age 3rd says you’re back in business – in more ways than one.

As you will know if you have already read your Jupiter forecast for 2021, we have a highly unusual Jupiter cycle this year. Because instead of spending 12 months in one sign as it normally does, Jupiter will visit two. It begins the New Year handing you the power of ideas to move you ahead. Then in May, it enters Pisces and your 4th of home, lifestyle and family.

We say Jupiter is happy in here because it was Pisces ruling planet before the discovery of Neptune. It will only stay two months in here however before heading back into your 3rd in July. You might want to check your chart for any planets at an early degree of Sagittarius or any of your fellow mutable signs – Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. If you have them, expect Jupiter’s ability to bring you opportunities, solutions and lucky breaks to increase. One of our astrologers can give you more insight into this.

Show and Tell

The main flavour of the year for the Now Age will be business, studying, communication, commerce, writing, publishing, media, the internet and getting around. Above all, you need to be doing something with your ideas now. Presenting, speaking and teaching could even play a role for you.

There are some astrologers who think that photography should not be included in your 3rd house but I disagree. It’s not just that a picture can be worth a thousand words. Your 3rd is ruled by Mercury which is associated with quicksilver. Before the advent of digital photography, film relied on silver to capture that image. So, your Instagram feed or visual messaging and branding is also in focus. It’s all communication.

You start the year with Saturn and Jupiter in your 3rd. And Mercury which rules this house retrograde in here at the end of January. Mercury will meet Jupiter not one but three times. First when it enters here at the beginning of January. Then again when it is retrograde in February and a final time when it heads direct again. Three times the charm, Sag? Something like that. So, think revision and refinement of ideas. Beta test but don’t launch until March when Mercury is full-throttle again.

You are both the message and the messenger combined during this cycle. So look to how you communicate. Bear this in mind if you are using agents, representatives and go-betweens which your 3rd also rules. You need to ensure they get your ideas or what you are trying to sell or achieve. Unless you are 100% sure of this, you are better off acting on your own behalf so your message isn’t diluted. This especially applies to the eclipses this year which are mostly on your 1st/7th house axis. Allowing someone else to speak for you at these times may not be your best approach.

Allow 2-3 days either side of the eclipses to be certain. The dates are at the end of this forecast. Aside from the eclipse in your 6th which takes place in November, the eclipses could well involve you and a past, present or potential partner. This is also due to the on-going presence of the North Node in your 7th. Remember, eclipses conceal. A total eclipse is a total cover-up. Now what’s under wraps may be neither good nor bad. But take it you are in the dark during these times.

If someone returns during the Mercury retrograde/North Node conjunctions in your 7th in May, and especially around the eclipse in here on June 10, please take things slowly and don’t jump straight back in. Yes, there is the potential for reconciliations and new beginnings. But it’s all very well for someone to say they have changed. They have to prove it. So, if you are looking at giving someone a second chance, by all means do so. But don’t shy away from insisting you go back to the beginning and date again as if you had just met. And please don’t brush the reasons you split up under the carpet. Unless you want history to repeat itself that is.

This is due to the first of two eclipses in your sign. A total lunar eclipse which takes place on May 26. The second will take place on December 4 at the time of the new Moon in your 1st. This will be a total solar eclipse. You are utterly in the dark at these times. June 10 brings you an Annular Solar Eclipse in your 7th. This is an eclipse which produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect. I like to think of this as a ‘ring of truth’. But you still don’t have the bigger picture – yet.

So, If this involves a long-term relationship and emotions are stirred up at the time of the eclipses, you may want to wait before jumping to conclusions or making major decisions. What this eclipse cycle is likely to bring to light eventually, is how you define or see yourself. And how you see yourself in terms of your relationships. This may be a process of unfolding. When we see ourselves differently, we see our relationships in a new light too. Again, like all eclipse factors, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s part of our process in simply being here!

Real World Experiences

Best times for love and attraction? Or any kind of activity involving self-promotion which dating is after all. Mars in your 7th from Mars 4th could see the temperature rising between you and someone new. And this occurs the day before Mercury makes its final pass at Jupiter in your 3rd. It’s brilliant for business or simply bringing passion into that conversation. Flirtation could sizzle. Or ideas burn bright.

Selling yourself should not be a problem. And all kinds of partnership opportunities are highlighted right up until the end of May when Mercury takes another retrograde turn – this time in your 7th.

By now, Jupiter has reached your 4th which it enters on May 13th. Home, security and emotional wellbeing will be your focus now. Jupiter opens doors and for some Sagittarians, this could be one to a new home or the door to that office. If it enhances your sense of security, these are the kinds of benefits you can expect with Jupiter in here.

Just be aware that Jupiter in here along with Neptune can make you uncharacteristically over-sensitive. Yes, it can also boost your intuition. But the flip side to this is you pick up on so many feelings, ‘atmospheres’ and vibes from people around you that you become overwhelmed. You may feel the need to retreat during these times. And you could notice this even more next year when Jupiter returns to this house for a more lengthy visit.

Home Matters

You also have Neptune as a long-term house guest in your 4th. Alerting you to the need for boundaries. This could involve a family member, someone you share your home with, a tenant, landlord or something which appears to intrude or step across the line. This could even be yourself as Neptune in here asks you stay organised or even set limits. Especially if like many of us you are now spending more time at home. Watch what you eat, drink, take and for escapism in all its many forms. Which can include anything from denial to binge watching.

On the other hand, this can hand you inspiration when it comes to psychic or creative work and offer a doorway to living a more soulful lifestyle. It all depends how you harness this.

Certainly if you create structure this year, you should see the financial restrictions you have operated under recede now. However, avoid major financial decisions at the time of the partial lunar eclipse in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th, on November 19.

Best Times for Aiming High!

Jupiter will return to your 3rd on July 28th and will now remain in here until December 29th. Late June and July are starred for holidays and travel with Venus and Mars in your 9th. And possibly even a fling with someone with overseas connections or distinct Sag qualities that you love!

Venus will arrive in your 1st well ahead of your birthday cycle this year. Landing on October 7th. This is an excellent time to update your look and also for socialising and circulating. Look to setting new goals at this time as Jupiter shifts forward in your 3rd from October 18.

Once the Sun lands in your 1st, you’re in the mood to say ‘I do’ to something lasting this birthday cycle. They or it are close to your heart Sag. Venus alongside Juno isn’t just seeking romance. It’s playing for keeps. Just keep in mind that the eclipse in your sign on the 4th holds the seeds of a new beginning. But you just won’t be able to see it quite yet.

Venus is slowing down to make one of its rare retrogrades. This will occur in its ruling 2nd from Dec 19. As well as all things love-related being on hold for now, understand this also applies to money matters too. We touched on this back in November. Avoid splurging over the holiday period if you can. You are a naturally generous sign but ask yourself if you feel the need to show love via the amount you spend on people? Is there another way to express this? Sometimes it truly is the thought that counts.

The year ends with ruler Jupiter in your 4th from December 29. It’s going to be a year where you focus on lifestyle, your home and family. Expect expansion. Perhaps in the literal sense as in moving to a larger home. Or your family could expand. Jupiter is about to hand you the key to a new lifestyle in 2022. 2021 sees you pave the way for this.

All about sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion. The most adventurous and philosophical of the Zodiac Sagittarius embrace freedom for all. Wildly unpredictable these are the adventurers of the Zodiac. Your soul lesson is to put your philosophy into action and accept and be the unique soul that you are.

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