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The week ahead for sagittarius

Promises and contracts you’ve entered into in the past have brought you to where you are today. Is it time for a new deal, Sag? You’re ready to get serious and whether you’re in or out, you’re playing for keeps.

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Past, present and future commitments feature

Ready to sign that soul contract, Sag?

Get beautifully serious about love

We’ve got the South Node swinging back through your sign and the North in Gemini and your 7th. With Mercury in your 12th meeting Juno in here this week, this is about past promises and soul contracts. Perhaps karmic ones. And those made not just in this lifetime, but others.

Decisions you made in the past or promises or contracts you entered into, come full circle now. You may also enter into new ones. Or in some cases, consciously uncouple yourself from a present one. Debts can be cleared and settled as there is a need for the books to balance on some level now. Alternatively, Ceres re-arrival in your 3rd of contracts from the 27th, says existing agreements can be re-negotiated, compromises reached and new deals can be on the table. Don’t be afraid to suggest one.

Past, present and potential partners

Past, present and potential partners may play a role in this thanks to Venus in your 9th making a trine to retro Mars in your 5th on the 28th. Babies, children, your adult children could also feature now. As could any relationship with the potential to turn you into a parent or step parent! If actual children are not a feature, then your inner child is clamouring to be heard this week. You’ve a deep, emotional need to express yourself thanks to Chiron also in here being ignited by the Sun on the 30th. Just one say before the full Moon appears in here.

This is the first of two full Moons we will experience this October. It’s a Blue Moon month so take this as a sign to be daring and take a chance on some level. You may be feeling even more outgoing and spontaneous than usual. Above all, you’ll be craving a way to express this. As far as those soul contracts go – if anything ends now because it has run its course, you will know that this has been a long time coming. Chances are, you’ll be open to new beginnings as a result.

Venus’s arrival in your 10th from the 2nd has you aiming higher. What is that next step you feel you have to take? Is that also part of your purpose or soul journey? Venus in your 10th is about getting beautifully serious about something. That includes your path, purpose and yes, those promises.

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Release yourself back into the flow of abundance

Reclaim that big love

Assemble that dream team

Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your money zone from the 13th. Financial restrictions may start to ease. It’s been a tough few years for you, Sag. Perhaps stretching back to 2017. The good news? It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you’ve only a couple more months of it. Plus you could just end it on a high note!

Don’t ignore what you feel

This month’s full Moon on the 2nd is in its ruling 4th. Just remember no matter how intense your emotions may get now – feelings are not facts. Of course, they are real. But no matter how uncharacteristically vulnerable you may be feeling – along with the possibility that you want to run away, you may not be seeing things as they truly are. Simply distorted through the lens of your emotions.

You may feel you want to run away and hide. On that remote beach. In your blanket fort. If your gut is telling you it’s time to unplug and have a duvet day, then why not listen? This Moon will bring a lot to the surface. And it could be that you’ve been ignoring this. Now is the time to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Without trying to stuff those feelings down or dismiss them. If they are intense, it is because you have ignored them for far too long.

You have your feelings for a reason

So, if you need to, crack open a tub of Netflix n’ Chill and do just that. Above all, allow yourself to feel what you do feel. Without brushing it aside or dismissing it. It’s not that your feelings are not valid. Just that under this full Moon, you may over-react to them rather than express them appropriately. You feel what you feel for a very good reason. So sit with it and explore just what that is – and why.

The answers you get from this process may surprise and astound you. Understand they don’t have to make logical sense but despite this represent real wisdom you can use. Watch for solutions and ‘out there’ insights afterwards on the 11th when Mercury now you in your 11th opposes Chiron in your 5th. And the Sun in your 10th opposes Neptune also in your 4th.

If you need something – a hug, someone to listen – ask for it. Directly. Like all full Moons the energy of this one only lasts a couple of days. By which time you will be able to express those emotions in a way that supports you and is a true reflection of what you feel. But only if you allow yourself to feel them fully first.

Fall in love – all over again

Venus’s arrival in your 9th on the 6th is about those big dreams and loves which are simply a part of you. You could see an opportunity arise at the end of the month to reclaim one of these when Venus aligns to Mars in your 5th – which is where all the action is now centered.

Your children, babies, adult children, parenting, self-parenting, hot love, that potential lover or past or present partner and those activities at which you feel you shine are all being re-forged in the fires of transformation thanks to Mars retrograde in your 5th from the 9th.

Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. But it’s been 32 years since it last went backwards in your 5th and its ruling sign of Aries. So, we can say for many of us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as it won’t happen again until 2047!

This is your house of romance. Mars is of course the planet of passion and ah-hem – sex. So, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the attraction you have been feeling for someone may suddenly be missing. Or alternatively, flings get flung but then inexplicably fizzle out once Mars heads direct again.

Reigniting the fire however is entirely possible if things have cooled down lately. However, again be aware that if the flame cannot be re-ignited between you and that lover, Mars may simply want to clear the way for someone new. If you are seeking love now – go for the slow burn which Mars retro specialises in. Don’t rush things.

That past passion could also be fired up again in the form of a creative project, hobby or pastime. Mars retro asks you what areas has the heat been missing lately? Are you feeling passionate, sexy and alive? And if not, Mars will now have you doing something about it. This is your house of indulgences! So, if you are coupled up this could include date nights or surprising your boo with that sexy lingerie or some naughty role-play.

Seeing red

Single? This is your house of performing and being in the spotlight. So, spoiling yourself and looking the part could see your mojo restored. Is there a disconnect between how you look and feel with how you want to be? Mars sends you out to make this right.

And if you are undertaking any personal image renovations to feel good about yourself again, remember – Mars’s ruling colour is red. Why not try it? It doesn’t have to be an entire outfit. An accessory, lingerie, lipstick, tie or scarf can really pop your look, draw people’s attention to you and also boost your energy and your confidence. Try it and see!

Grab your mojo and go!

The more you focus on being who you know you can be – the lover, the creative magician or connecting to the bold, brave warrior child within, the more you will find you attract and life takes on a fun, flirty and more passionate feel to it. Mars rules boundaries. Usually the ones we need to put in place with others. But also the restrictions we may have placed on ourselves. Such as stopping ourselves from being just who we are. No more madness – Mars says if they don’t love you how you are – they aren’t worth bothering about. (Actually Mars would be far ruder about that but I’m not writing that here!).

Get ready for bold moves

Growing bolder? Mars begins its retrograde from 28 degrees of Aries and your 5th. It will head backwards until Nov 13 when it will station at 15 degrees of Aries before moving forward again. Smart Sagis will already have worked out that if they have Sag planets between these degrees, Mars will trine them – twice during this cycle. These dates will be very important for you for love, your children if you have them and yes, showcasing yourself. For more insight and exact dates, you can talk to one of our gifted astrologers. So, get ready to make your move.

The 17th marks the start where you need to look at what you want to achieve and have a plan for doing just that, Sag. We have a new Supermoon in your 10th and also it trines Saturn (which rules your 10th), at present retrograde in your money house.

So many Sagi’s have been feeling the pinch lately. Not just to do with Covid restrictions but for some, since 2015 when Saturn entered Sagittarius. So, we are talking a five-year period where you may have felt confined, blocked and since Saturn entered your 2nd in 2018, that you have had to work harder for your money and make do with less than usual.

This new Moon may mark the beginning of a new period when restrictions begin to lift and abundance flows once more. But to fully engage with this new Moon energy, you need to have a plan and to understand that only one person makes it happen: You. A willingness to do the work, commit to whatever it takes, and above all, take those goals and ambitions seriously, could see doors that have been closed for a long time, re-open for you.

Above all, however, don’t get bogged down in regrets over opportunities not taken. Or compared your success to that of others. If you do you will block the flow of the new into your life. And isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for?

It doesn’t happen in isolation

Soul travellers such as you need kindred spirits to journey with. And to help them achieve what they set out to do. Those friends, support network, that group, band, club, party, organisation, circle. The Sun’s entry into your 11th from the 22nd asks you focus on your people. It’s joining Mercury which entered here on the 5th.

Accept all invitations even socially distanced ones. And connect any way you can if not in person. On-line, via Zoom or other apps. Circulate and even if you cannot go far, invite the world to join you on your couch. This is a key period for you Sag especially when we hit the new Moon in your 11th next month. It has the potential to set your future on a new course via others and people you know. If you act like a hermit you will remain one for some time to come. So, reach out as if you do the world will reach back and connect in turn.

Looking for love or someone to share your passion even for an activity, cause or project? Your key dates are the 24th when Mercury opposes Mars and the 28th when Venus trines it.

Mercury arrives in your 12th from the 27th asking you to look back over the past 12 months. But not to get sentimental about it. You need to celebrate your achievements and how you have handled any restrictions and acknowledge what you have yet to conquer. But not in a way that diminishes what you have done. Let go and release what no longer serves you.

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron in your 5th on the final day of the month could see you taking a big chance on something you have thought about doing but hesitated about until now. This could be a ‘What have I got to lose?’ moment.

Or it could deliver an opportunity via a contact you never thought would come about. The impossible just got real. So, be ready to accept it when it does, Sag. Wherever the future is taking you, you have your people to explore it with now.

In a nutshell: This month shows you that you don’t have to go it alone, Sag. And also offers you solutions to long term sticky issues. It all adds up to being stuck no longer. Look at freedom in a new way.

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Sagittarius Yearly Forecast 2020

Hey – must be the money!

Strike that deal

2020 sees the return of real love

Ruler Jupiter says Ride Wit Me in 2020, Sag. Hey -must be the money! Time to put on your bling, your cowboy hat and fire up that Trans Am, Sag. Sure, I just described that dream road trip! Want to take it in 2020? Jupiter in your 2nd is saying that if money has been stopping you you’re now paying cash, first class and having your Nelly moment. If the past two years have seen you doubting to flow, all this is set to change, yo. And if your mantra is ‘Instant gratification takes too long’ – you won’t have long to wait either as powerful changes transform your money, bank account, assets and self-worth starting in January.

But it’s not your ruler that’s the main focus as 2020 begins. Unless you’ve been road-tripping on well – Pluto, you will know we have once-in-500-year weather happening in your 2nd as Pluto and Saturn meet in here on Jan 12. Although your ruler has been in your 1st in 2019, many Sagittarians have been left asking: Where’s the beef? That feeling of being short-changed has been due to Saturn placing restrictions on you – especially around your cash or income. You may have had to work harder than ever before for your money for instance. Or had to manage on less and make it go further. Your efforts may not have yielded the results you hoped for no matter how much time you invested. Worse, the money you would usually spend on those pursuits that make life worth living for you – and yes, that includes that road trip, may have had to be used for other things. Which has left you going nowhere fast, Sag.

But you have gained serious financial smarts by experiencing this. You know what’s truly valuable to you now. And what is simply a waste of your time and investment. You’ve a new strategy in place because of this. One that leverages your self-worth and makes the most of what you have. You’re about to strike the deal of a lifetime now. It’s not just Saturn and Pluto that meet on Jan 12. But Mercury and Ceres which joins them. Mercury rules news and messages while Ceres carries the special power of the Art of the Deal. Striking a new bargain that is very much in your favour being part of this.

In mythology, Pluto ruled the underworld. We use mythology even today to predict how astrology works. It’s archetypal energy. The underworld is where all the riches are buried. Gold. Platinum. Gems. Minerals. You can only access these if you dig deep and enter Pluto’s realm. We mine our talents and skills for instance. Saturn on the other hand is all about raising something up and going the distance. The long haul. The hard yards. You’ve now done that and got the t-shirt to prove it. Pluto hands you the riches, Saturn raises you up. Jupiter sends you the opportunity to expand. Events in your work, the outer world could open doors to let you move on up and access more riches. You get a bigger slice of the pie that others may have been keeping to themselves.

As the year progresses, Jupiter is going to hand you not one, but three opportunities to improve your finances and set a gold standard for self-worth and rewards. Your key dates are March 30, June 30 and Nov 7.

Past Loves Return

It’s an ‘Hello, again!’ kind of year when it comes to love and doing what you love. Picking up something you used to love to do, but have been prevented from doing due to time/money restraints can happen as early as March when Saturn exits your 2nd and enters your 3rd on the 22nd. It’s now time to give serious consideration to everything you say you are going to do. And follow through with Saturn in here. It asks you walk your talk and keep your word. Your ideas will be taken seriously now. Especially by people who can help you make them happen. Lasting agreements and promises can be entered into and made. Saturn exiting your 2nd means you should have more time and other resources to spend doing what you love rather than what you have to do.

But there’s a bigger past flavour to all this than just going back to being able to do the things you love. Who you have loved in the past and how also features thanks to two unusual retrograde cycles in your house of partnerships and your sector of lovers in 2020. Venus rules your 7th and retrogrades in here from May 13 until June 25. Please do not go looking for new love during this cycle. Not only may you be looking in all the wrong places, even if you attract someone, they will not be what you’re seeking in the long term. This applies to business partnerships and any kind of collaborative venture.

Venus retro can bring back that former partner or lover and offer you an opportunity to see if you can rekindle the spark. However due to other aspects in your chart, please proceed with caution as the past can often be a trap. All you may be setting yourself up for is a repeat performance. Ask yourself if that is truly what you want (or need) now?

What Goes Around Comes Around

The reason I am asking you to exercise additional caution when it comes to that former flame during the Venus retro is that you also have the North Node of Destiny entering this house on May 8. The last time it was in here was 1983. The Nodes rule karma and the cycles of our lives. Lessons which repeat again and again until we learn to make different choices. If you lost a great love however, they can bring new a new one.

Love gets a fresh look from June 25 when Venus heads direct once more. You also have the second meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Venus’s ruling 2nd on June 30. This house also rules relationships that you can ‘bank on’. Something or someone new may emerge but has a familiar feel for example. The start of August is a time to bring in exactly this kind of relationship for you as Venus and the North Node meet.

Who Moved My Mojo?

What just happened, Sag? One moment you were hot and then – you’re not. In fact, you may feel as if you’re off the radar invisible when it comes to attracting lovers, attention or anything that can make your heart beat even remotely faster. The culprit in September is Mars heading backwards in your 5th from the 10th. Like Venus, Mars retrogrades infrequently. But when it does we can feel our confidence and passion simply ebb away. Things appear lacklustre and too much effort. Again, this is not the time to go seeking a new love. Not only may you end up wondering what on earth you saw in them by the time Mars heads direct from November 14, the reverse also applies. You can end up missing out on someone wonderful simply because your own mojo isn’t working. Insecurities can surface which end up driving you apart. Or because you don’t feel a spark right away you reject them. Revive the love between you and your boo if you have one now. And if you don’t – revive that hobby or creative interest that used to fire you up instead of seeking it in human form.

Ride into 2021 Wit Jupiter

Jupiter and Pluto will make one final ‘the world is your oyster’ meeting on Nov 7. December sees Jupiter join Saturn in your 3rd and asks you to take an idea and discover just how far it will take you. Your birthday season this year hands you the gift of a mystery wrapped in an enigma. December 14 sees a new Moon appear in your sign and a total solar eclipse. This may be about a new beginning, launch or plan that you are not yet ready to reveal. Or one that you cannot yet see. You may be choosing to keep a few plans or secrets to yourself as we head into 2020. Or feel that someone else isn’t being quite as candid as they could be. This is all about wait and see.

Total eclipses mean we are totally in the dark or are ourselves, concealed within it. Which is it? There’s something alluring and mysterious about being the dark horse of the zodiac. Of waiting to reveal yourself and in choosing who you let in to your own little private world to get a glimpse of the real you. All that second house action this year should have shown you that not everyone is worthy of this. So, shore up that self-worth by choosing who you allow to ride wit you and Jupiter this year, Sag. You are the money to follow now.

In a nutshell: The smart money is on you now, Sag. Finances ease and 2020 should see an improvement in your cash, earning ability and self-worth. As ruler Jupiter invites you to ride wit me!

All about sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion. The most adventurous and philosophical of the Zodiac Sagittarius embrace freedom for all. Wildly unpredictable these are the adventurers of the Zodiac. Your soul lesson is to put your philosophy into action and accept and be the unique soul that you are.

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