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The week ahead for leo

Jupiter’s arrival in your 8th – your ‘other’ money house is all about sharing, empowerment and knowing what you want. It’s also about sexy self-assurance. You own it from now until July, Leo!

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Someone on your mind? Get in touch

Take something to the next level

Get serious

One particular connection could have a larger role to play this week so don’t judge a book by its cover, Leo. Old friends and contacts could also be back in touch now. If someone has been on your mind lately – why not make the reach-out yourself?

The new Moon in your 10th on the 11th wants you to give serious attention to all aspects of your status, reputation and career path. What’s connected to this house is your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. This rules your salary, loans, shared assets, benefits etc. So, think either shared with you via your employer, bank, a government institution or even your partner as this is the house of joint (marital and business), assets. So, it figures that if you are aiming for a better paying job or long-term ambition, it will have a knock-on effect here – on the bottom line.

Open the vault

Your biggest helping hand in this area comes from generous Jupiter’s arrival in here on the 13th. It leaves your 7th for approximately two months. For some of you enjoying a double act, Jupiter’s arrival in here can take things to the next level of commitment. Where you move in or pool your resources. Others could be heading towards a ‘Yes’ answer on that raise, loan, better paid position, mortgage etc. Jupiter always wants to give you access to more or provide you with solutions.

This is an excellent time to re-finance or look for a better rate on any existing loan. Or so take your courage and ask for that raise. Jupiter says time to make your move. In preparation for an even bigger one in ’22.

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Goals and destiny join forces

Big up that empowerment

Positive change fuels freedom

Your ruler the Sun begins the month in your 10th of career and status. So, stay focused on those ambitions until the 20th and showcase your seriously promotable side. You value your reputation being the sign associated with royalty. Be a class act and also be seen as someone who adds that touch to any venture. Think of yourself as an asset. And act the role.

The planets are on the move into your house of the future long before your ruler gets there. Mercury on the 4th, Venus on the 9th and then your ruler on the 20th. As they enter here they are going to intersect with the North Node. Key dates are the 10th (Mercury), 17th (Venus) and 31st (Sun). It’s about people power and how who you know influences your future in ways you may not realise at the time.

Jump back 19 years if you are old enough. Or 19 years again. Who entered your life? What did you get involved with in terms of groups, causes, movements, associations, parties, bands, organisations? Were you offered opportunities to explore beyond your usual social or professional circle? And if so, did you accept? And if you did, what happened as a result?

Get ready for reapperances

Fated friendships, people who hold doors open for you and contacts who can help you towards your goals can and will appear now. And old contacts can reappear repurposed and with fresh resonance. Watch for this as Mercury enters its retroshadow from the 15th before heading full retroactive on the 29th. Mercury will also make a station on Venus before heading backwards. You also have Saturn in your 7th time turning from the 23rd. This could see the return of a past love for some if there is still unfinished business between you.

We have a new Moon (11th) and Ceres (9th) in your 10th, points to fresh starts, a new deal on the table plus a new kind of powerhouse move. One of balance rather than merely skewed to climbing higher. It’s a success story but told in a fresh way. If you have been looking for work, then the new Moon could usher in an opportunity or see some of you taking up a new project or position.

This new Moon connects us to the people who shape our path. It is also one under which to spend some time thinking of the goals that truly fire up your soul. You may suddenly no longer want to pursue something as a result. Unless what you want aligns to your soul purpose and expression, there is no point in going after it. Because even if you do manage to attain it, you will be left with that inexplicable feeling of anti-climax if you do. You’ve changed, Leo. So have your ambitions.

Brilliant insights into what you really want and ways to get it are possible now. Just remember, it has to be true for you. Not a goal that looks good on paper or will impress others. Your individual dream is calling you now. And people power your path to it once your ruler lands in your 11th.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The biggest shift of the month is that of Jupiter from your 7th into your 8th from the 13th. This is your house of empowerment, money, sex, transformation and rebirth. And legacies. Bear in mind that these can take more than one form than just being a beneficiary in someone’s will. Jupiter enters our 8th house many times during our lifetimes. And while the traditional interpretation of a will is a bequest, we won’t be the beneficiary of one every time Jupiter pays this house a visit.

This is also your house of shared assets. When someone places what they have at our disposal. Or we merge what we have with what someone else has – as in marriage and joint assets. Jupiter can open the vault doors. To empowerment, answers and generosity. Access to more via a partner, employer or even the bank, may be on offer now. All these are legacies in their own way.

Time for a sensitive approach

You love to love. Tune in to whether or not someone close to you is going through some dark night of the soul emotionally around the time of the totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 5th. They may not be letting you know. Perhaps because they don’t want to worry you. Or even worse – because they don’t want to appear a downer. If you get a feeling that something simply isn’t right with someone, then reach out or if you don’t want to be seen as prying, at least try to spend quality time with them.

Or is it you that’s ‘Keeping up appearances’, Leo? Being the life and soul of the post-lockdown socializing rules party but simply not feeling it? If so, open up and be honest. It could be by doing so you help someone else as well.

I would also add that because this eclipse takes place in your house of romance, it truly is not a good idea to start something new now. Eclipses conceal as you know. Total eclipses – well, you are utterly in the dark. Perhaps about their intentions or their situation. The same goes for any kind of ‘proposal’ now and this includes collaborating, working together, creating something. I am not saying no, but I am saying proceed with caution.

Booking that holiday – another 5th house ruled activity, probably isn’t a good idea with Mercury about to turn retro too. Ask yourself if it can wait. Because it could be you can’t afford not to. Because this is also your house of children, take extra care under the eclipse if becoming a parent isn’t part of your grand plan right now. Especially as the Moon rules mothering, nurturing and gestation!

The final day of May has your ruler conjunct the North Node in your 11th. We’re back to those goals, the people you know, what you believe in and join. Being part of something. Your circle, sense of community (on-line and off), connections and networks. It’s time to come together in any way you can. Only particular friend or contact could power you onwards towards something you have wanted for some time. If so, this is karma asking you to party. Sure, some things remain on hold. But what’s on offer for you in May, more than compensates, Leo.

In a nutshell: Who you know opens up fresh paths to getting what you want, Leo. But it’s time to actively engage with the positive power of change as Jupiter arrives in your 8th. Share the power of transformation.

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Leo 2021 Forecast

Get yourself a serious helping of love for 2021, Leo. The hard work of the past few years is now well and truly over as that heavy duty Capricorn line up in your 6th breaks up – for good.

December 2020 saw both Saturn and Jupiter leave this sector of your chart and enter your 7th. It’s been approximately 29 years since Saturn entered here for a long-term stay. And 12 years since Jupiter last paid this house a visit. If you are old enough, think back to those periods and what transpired in partnership matters of all kinds. Did you marry, move in together, get engaged? Or did you consciously un-couple for instance? Did you meet the person you are now with?

This house governs long term relationships of all descriptions. Close working relationships and business partnerships. Long haul friendships. Collaborators, activity partners and even that enemy or opponent. It’s your opposite number and this person may not necessarily be a romantic connection.

Put a Ring on It

However, having said that, this is now one of the best periods for attracting that serious love interest with long term potential. Saturn’s rings literally symbolize this. And Jupiter always wants to big up our experience. In this instance possibly with a big love. But you are being asked to be serious about what it is you want. One way or another. And also, not to entertain any potential suitors who are not equally serious.

If you are a settled Leo, then many of you could be seeing your union go to the next level or benefit from your partner’s generosity or success. You can both achieve so much more together during this cycle than you could individually. Provided you are both committed that is.

Jupiter offers solutions to problems and also opportunities if you are seeking love. But be aware that Saturn rules timing. Jupiter cannot fix anything that has been lived out but it does want us to experience freedom. So, for some this may entail ending something to start anew. If so, you will find this easier to do than at other times.

You will have Mercury retrograde in here during February going back and forth over Jupiter and also meeting your ruler in here. This is going to highlight any issues you have and also show you the way forward. This could also see an old partner return. If this happens, be aware that you either make it work this time or they will go out of your life for good. Be upfront with them about what you expect this time around and don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

This is one of the best times of the year for love and attraction due to the fact that Venus which rules this house, is also in here. The new Moon in here on Feb 11 marks one of the most important new beginnings when it comes to partnerships you will have experienced for many years. See the end of your forecast for key dates. There will also be more details in your weekly and monthly forecasts as the year unfolds.

Take a Deep Dive into Love

As you know if you have already read your Jupiter forecast for 2021 – Jupiter will power through this house and then land in your house of sex, money and empowerment in May. It will spend two months in here and then head back into your 7th in July where it will remain until December.

During this time, you may confront any issues you have around intimacy or even money and work these out via a partner or other close relationship. This is powerful stuff. If there are barriers between you and making that real connection, you should be able to identify them now. Don’t shy away from exploring these.

Neptune continues its long term stay in this house, but Jupiter will not meet it on this occasion. However, Neptune aids you with the deep dive into hidden areas of your psyche. And along with Jupiter, will allow you to make intuitive connections when it comes to seeing through what stands between you and love freedom. March 11-14 is especially good for this kind of inner work thanks to both your ruler and Venus meeting Neptune in here. Higher love potentials can be realized now.

The Heat is On!

You’re a sign that responds to passion and heat, Leo. Feel the fire and blaze a trail during the final quarter of March when ruler the Sun and Venus are in your 9th – Jupiter’s house. Big passions, big loves and big moves can be made. During this cycle take a chance – a calculated risk on love or doing something you love. Fortune favours the brave now, Leo.

Mars in your 1st from June 11 hands you the incentive for hot, confident action and to make the first move – or opening line. You’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind – with a sizzling flirt factor thrown in. Above all, what you say comes across as passionate and direct. This is also especially good for business dealings, writing, studying and the internet.

We still have eclipses happening on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. So, your 11th and 5th houses. The North Node also remains in Gemini. So, the South is in Sagittarius. Friends, lovers, children, young people or even holidays and creativity are blind spots for you during these times. May 26, June 10 and especially the total solar eclipse in your 5th on December 4th are periods to proceed with caution. Especially if you meet new people around these dates. If so, please allow time to get to know them. And if you have any gut feelings follow up on these.

The Power to Attract

From June onwards you will have Mars and then Venus moving through your sign. Once Jupiter returns to your 7th from July 28, then you will have your ruler plus the other planets in your 1st opposing Saturn and then Jupiter. This brings you a birthday cycle like no other you have enjoyed for a very long time.

The new Moon in your 1st on August 8 is especially powerful when it comes to setting your intentions for your upcoming cycle. You should be filled with the desire to seriously commit to manifesting something major for your future. The key here is you must really, really want it to harness the energy of this new beginning.

October delivers another cycle of attraction for you with Venus in your 5th and Mars and your ruler in your 3rd. All of these will be making trines and sextiles to Jupiter which will be direct once more from October 18.

December sees your ruler in your 5th and also that eclipse I mentioned earlier. This could hit deep in the heart of how you see yourself as well as bringing up issues around children. Because your ruler is ‘covered up’ you may need to be gentle with yourself. You may feel less confident or even vulnerable at this time.

This won’t last however. Once this eclipse is over you are in full glow once again. You’ve already had a taste earlier this year of Jupiter in your 8th. So, once it enters here again on the 29th, you should be ready to embrace the powerful shifts ahead around self-empowerment, money, sexy self confidence and fearlessness.

What you do need to bear in mind as we head towards 2022 is that Venus will be retrograde in your 6th from December 19. It doesn’t matter which house in our chart Venus heads backwards in. Just like a Mercury retro there are rules we need to follow. The main one being this is not the time to go looking for love if you are seeking something serious.

It’s also time to look to your body and make wellbeing your priority. You may pick up themes which came in during the eclipse. Time to feel and be your best ahead of the New Year, Leo. You have so many opportunities waiting for you in ’22.

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Leo is a passionate fire sign ruled by the Sun. You are the most charismatic sign of the Zodiac. Warm and generous people love to be in your presence. If people don’t know you they can mistake your outer confidence as arrogance. Your soul lesson is to transform your pride into a strength and let kindness be your super power. Check out my video for more.

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