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The week ahead for leo

Those antsy feelings or desire for something bigger and better alert you to what needs to be let go of, Leo. Don’t be afraid to ditch anything that’s been lived out. You no longer need a safety net to soar!

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What do you need to let go of?

Take a leap of self-faith

Friends offer entrée into new experiences

Change catches up with you this week, Leo. But there’s no need to fear it. It’s all part of your fabulous process to prepare you for your new cycle. Mercury direct in your 12th nudges you to stop dreaming and start doing! Your ruler the Sun, also in your 12th, trines Neptune in your sector of changes.

Don’t ignore those soul prompts

Look closely at the areas in your life that you are simply not satisfied with, Leo. The Sun in your 12th should have highlighted these for you. For good reason. You know, it’s a funny thing about dissatisfaction. The soul truth behind it usually lies with us clinging to something that no longer serves us. So, what are you still refusing to let go of? Mercury and the Sun say ditch it baby! The Sun’s trine to Neptune (which rules your 12th) lets you step free of regret.

Show yourself a little tenderness

It opens up the path which allows you to see you were doing the best you could with what you had. But it’s now time to step free. This can involve anything from thoughts, old relationships or self-soothing crutches you automatically reach for. Your strength shines through. And you see you no longer need these. So, shower yourself with self-love and move forward and embrace the changes that appear now.

Friendships and freedom

The fabulizing truth about July- even before we reach your birthday, is that once Mercury is direct, we have stepped free of the worst of that retroactive gloop we’ve all been wading through lately. Take off the astro-wellies and grab the Louboutins instead. Venus now very much direct brings you friends offering benefits. As in the good time to shine kind. Chiron in your 9th brings you unlooked for opportunities to explore and move into something bigger. Foreigners, far away places, the mass media, studying, the law, the outdoors and plain all-bets-are-off astounding luck could feature. If you just step out of your usual comfort zone that is.

This week asks what do you dare to do that you have held back on before? Such as let go of that safety net or security blanket you’ve held on to. You don’t need that magic feather to fly anymore, Leo. Soar away this week.

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Do you as only you can

Enter the Now Age of Love

Happy birthday, Leo!

You are in deep preparation time for most of July, Leo. Yes, the 22nd marks the arrival of your ruler the Sun in your 1st. And your birthday cycle of shining new possibilities to explore. First there’s a release to be done. And chances are you are feeling the need to do just that as July begins.

Lighten your load

Retrograde Saturn is paying its final visit to your 6th from the 1st. Once it heads direct again it won’t be back in here for almost 30 years. Time now to look at the small stuff – that routine included and understand the small stuff is actually big stuff. Everything you do matters in fact.

Inner work, keeping spiritually cross-fit, working behind the scenes, random acts of kindness, anything you have been uncredited for but have committed to, selflessness – call all these karmic credits. Who balances the books? Saturn of course.

Your ability to keep those soul promises, those times you have paid it forward without expecting anything back, working invisibly behind the scenes (so not you but we all have to pay our dues, Leo!) – take it all of this has been noted. And every little thing has been added up. Saturn rewards like no other planet if we learn to work within its boundaries. So, make every little thing you do magic – or if you have, prepare to be rewarded now with gits to take with you into your new cycle.

Time for release

Radical improbabilities are your other magic essence you have to play with in the run up to your birthday. First however, you have an eclipsed full Moon in your 6th on the 5th. What is this telling you? You know the secrets of eclipses as well as any sign, Leo. If not better.

You have no place in a rut. Or habits that no longer support you. And we can fall into these so easily without realising it. This eclipse is hiding something that is no longer good for you. But on a daily basis. That way of working, that diet, the choices you make and the order you make them in – the list is endless. As you know, eclipses conceal. But with a lunar eclipse, we have emotional insight into what the eclipse is hiding.

So, stop and listen. Especially to what your body is telling you. How it is reacting is everything you need to know. And then you need to act accordingly. Remember, this can even be linked to a place, a person or something that works for others – but may not be for you. This is about you understanding what you need – or your body needs, in order to fuel yourself for what’s to come.

Baby, you’re a firework!

Take it from me you’ll be happy to ditch any mental, physical and spiritual soul drains you discover. You don’t need to wait for the Sun to arrive in your 1st to enter into your new cycle. Your present is – the present. And any early B-day gifts are a result of those little but consistent efforts you have been making, Leo. They have added up. Even if you have been unaware of this. Or certainly, not done the work with any kind of reward in mind.

So, what triggers your payday from the universe? It’s all happening mid-July just before your ruler knock knock knocks on the heavenly door to your sign on the 22nd. First we have Mercury direct in your 12th on the same day. This marks the start of you leaving the past behind. And readying yourself for your new cycle. The 14th sees your ruler oppose Jupiter in your 6th, and then Pluto on the 15th. That surprise package concealed by that eclipse could now be revealed with a ta-da! Work opportunities, a chance to escape that rut or set yourself free of what’s been draining you.

Ain’t love a surprise

Right when you have those freeing aspects happening between your ruler in your 12th and Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th, and you’re looking at greater empowerment and work freedom, you get an extra special boost. Mars and Chiron meeting in your 9th provide the wind beneath those wings, Leo. Unexpected and frankly improbable ways to break free and expand present themselves.

Chiron is not a planet. It’s not an asteroid either. It’s a comet. What astronomers call a ‘dirty snowball’. Chiron defies any attempts to pigeon hole it. Chiron is the maverick, the daring and the unexpected. So, the way the universe may choose to reward you now may come in a very unexpected way. Surprise!

Get a diploma in good karma

Knock knock knocking on your door – the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 22nd officially starting your new cycle. Just two days before this you have a new Moon in your spiritual 12th. This appears opposition Saturn in your 6th. Saturn rules karma and timing. Also deferred gratification and a willingness to do the soul work.

This adds up to you being released from past patterns and set free. Graduate from karma school. Well – we never really do, but see this as getting your high school diploma at the very least. It’s also time to set some goals for the upcoming cycle. And to have a serious plan to pursue them. This is how you will grow – and then graduate karma university.

Do you like nobody else can

Your month of superstardom has finally arrived. During the next 12 months be prepared to enter into the Now Age of Love when Jupiter arrives in your 7th and Saturn sets up its jewellery store for the next 2.5 years. In other words – put a ring on it. Or not. This is set to be a defining time for partnership matters of all descriptions. Where existing loves can get taken to the next level and fate-charged new ones come packaged with long term promise.

You attract effortlessly – and that includes that perfect partner whether it’s for love, business or just to share roaring good times with, when you are being yourself. So, time to do you. As only you can. So, get your glam on and see this birthday season as your chance to perfect the perfect you prior to this cycle starting. The perfect double act may begin with going solo – but it won’t stay that way!

Karma links you and another

Wind down July with yet one more spiritual freedom busting move from now direct Mercury in your 12th opposing Jupiter on the 30th. Although you may not be able to see it yet, this already involves you and another person. Someone may offer you an opportunity or this ties in with a past, present or potential partner.

You are about to head out on a new journey. But then birthdays are all about new beginnings on some level, Leo. With this one you’ll gain a fresh sense of self-control, determination and freedom. Party like only you can.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Leo! Your gifts include the confidence and empowerment to direct your future where you want it to go. The best gift however – you won’t be going there alone!

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Leo Yearly Forecast 2020

Feed your soul in 2020

Get ready for serious love

Reclaim the passion and the fire, Leo!

This year has a question for you, Leo. Are you serious? Time to prioritise health, routine, work (paid or unpaid), that mind/body/spirit connection and lastly – yes, love. Take what your daily needs and your needs around partnership matters seriously. It’s time for the ‘C’ word – commitment.

The cycle of big commitments begins for you in January. First with getting serious about your daily work (paid or unpaid), your routine and your overall wellbeing. Events impacting on this which may occur outside of your control may have you looking yes – seriously, at changes you need to make if you have not already set these in motion. Understand this is more than mere short-term New Year’s resolutions. This is work and lifestyle changing stuff. Remaining stuck to that routine or rut may simply no longer be an option.

Super 6th house weather in your chart the like of which you have never experienced before nor will again may just remind you that life’s too short. January 12-13 shows you that you need to not only just do it as the slogan encourages – but do it NOW. Changes may occur to your work, study, how you feel in terms of your daily wellbeing, those daily tasks you do or even your commute, that show you things cannot remain the same on a day-to-day basis. This is all down to the mega meeting in here between Mercury which rules this house, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres on the 12th. The following day your ruler the Sun joins this urging you to take action on any necessary changes you now see need to be made.

What is Your Soul Hungry For?

Escape from that rut? More meaning to your work? The excitement of learning something? Feeling good about how your body feels? You need food for the soul this cycle which in turn feeds the body. Dr. Feelgood in the form of Jupiter is IN and offering solutions. Make no mistake – there’s a massive opportunity emerging from all this. Yoga, pilates, meditation, your doctor, physiotherapist, psychotherapists, personal trainers, structured exercise regimens and diets which support your body feature. As could simply getting rid of anything that drain you from clutter to that tired old routine or even people. Shed it and feed your soul instead! Especially if of love you have neglected to treat your body like the Golden Temple that it is and a fast food outlet instead. Seizing that opportunity could involve stretching to sign up for the course to upskill or return to education or applying for that better, more exciting job. Whatever excites you feeds and nourishes now. Take wellbeing seriously.

Time for Serious Love

Saturn is probably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. If you have ever looked at it through a telescope you’ll know what I mean. Despite its sheer unbelievable shimmering ringed beauty however, Saturn is still regarded with dread by many astrologers. Saturn puts a ring on it. And by that I mean sets restrictions. But if we work within this, Saturn rewards like no other planet. Not even Jupiter. Saturn asks we take the area of our charts it is spending 2.5 years in seriously. In your case from March 22 this is your 7th of partnerships, long term loves and opposite numbers of all descriptions. Get serious about what you want. And this includes also consciously uncoupling if something is no longer working for you.

It’s been almost 30 years since Saturn was last in this sector of your chart. So, for many of you, this will be the first time you have experienced Saturn in your house of long term relating. Some of you will therefore take your present relationship to the next level – becoming engaged, married or moving in together. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. The sign of the mountain goat who climbs high. Business partnerships are therefore favoured with Saturn in here if you are both serious about what you want to achieve. Like mountaineers roped to one another you can scale the heights – and help one another over the crevasses.

A Serious Contender For Your Heart?

Singles could attract someone who has serious long-term potential and who makes your heart burst with pride. They would be considered a ‘catch’. Ambitious, hard-working and likely to be established in what they do or else marked for success. They may be in one of the ‘traditional’ professions – banking, finance, medicine, politics, government, architecture, journalism or the corporate world. They could even have their own business. They may dress conservatively for business but this covers the soul of a rock star and a killer sense of humour. Deeply sensual, they enjoy the good things of life. They may not be keen on the latest trendy restaurant but instead prefer established venues with an excellent reputation. If they are wooing you, they give high quality, traditional gifts – flowers, perfume or cologne, jewellery. If you are wooing them – well, now you know. When they get to know your individual preferences, expect them to put a lot of time and thought into gifts which will always be understated expensive. They value quality over quantity. They are looking for something serious. Are you it?

Watch and Wait

We have two unusual retrogrades occurring this year aside from the usual Mercury mayhem we know to expect three times a year. 2020 sees both Venus and then Mars head backwards. Venus in your 11th is almost always about the friendship kind of love and experiencing the generosity of friends rather than romance. No matter what house Venus retrogrades in, when it does I should not need to remind you that this is not the time to embark on a new love affair. Venus retro in your 11th from May 13 means that if you do, you will probably see it de-evolve into just a friendship once Venus heads direct again from June 25. This is a fabulous time to revive old connections, return to old haunts you love and also reinfuse goals with fresh meaning. Also be aware that just prior to Venus moving forward, we have an eclipse occurring in your 12th house on June 21 which makes a challenging aspect to Saturn in your 7th. This could mean there is something you do not yet know about a partner, potential partner, business partner or long-term friend. Your 12th is your house of hidden enemies – the one you don’t see coming. But you will eventually as this is an annular eclipse. This brings the ‘ring of fire’ effect around your ruler. In other words, a flash of intuition or insight into someone or a situation. Please take this seriously.

The second rare retro occurs in your 9th of long-distance travel, big business, the law, higher learning, opportunities and freedom. Mars in its ruling sign of Aries retrogrades from Sept 10 until Nov 14. The term ‘going nowhere fast’ comes immediately to mind on this one. Mars rules both action – yes, we’re back to Just Do It – and also passion. Simply put, you may not want to push forward with big plans, feel that areas of your life are at a standstill or be simply mired in the Mehs. You’re not feeling it right now. Any attempts you do make simply may seem like they require a massive effort on your part – and then don’t get you the result you hoped for. If you are travelling or doing business overseas, expect delays and also take care when visiting places you do not know or in entering agreements with people you have not done business with before. That overseas love interest may also not be what they seem. Are they telling you they are stranded in Timbuktu with no cash? Take it they are sitting at a computer in Russia.

What is this retro good for? Reclaiming what used to fire you up and your sense of adventure. We’re back again to that theme triggered at the start of the year of escaping any ruts you have fallen into. Reclaim the fire and the passion. Head back towards the heat, Leo!

Prepare to Take the Plunge!

Your 5th is where you are seen. Where you radiate and attract. It’s your house of all things close to your heart. So, who turned out the lights? December 14’s new Moon plunges your ruler into darkness. Yes, we have a total eclipse happening. You’re now feeling your way through something and having to work by instinct. This could be around a lover, children, a creative venture or something that looks like a ‘lucky’ break for you. Watch your on-line profile, what you post and who follows you. You may not realise the importance of a meeting, a contact or something someone says until later. Something is emerging from this that may take time to show you it’s full potential.

Jupiter is on the move again. Do you believe love is a journey better untaken with someone whose heart beats in the same rhythm as yours? Jupiter in your 7th for the next 12months from December 19 offers you the chance to explore a bigger, wider, wilder partnership experience that could take you places you’ve never been before. Be open as this may not be a long-term love or marriage type union (but it can be). The perfect double act for you could turn out to be that friendship, working relationship, activity partner or close collaborator. Jupiter should hand you at least one and possibly more opportunities to experience the Power of Two in 2021. Along with Saturn in here, this could add up to a lifetime of journeying together for some. You and someone else are going places together now, Leo.

In a nutshell: 2020 promises work opportunities and the chance to bring sexy back when it comes to that routine, your body and wellbeing. Love could turn into the journey of a lifetime, Leo. Get ready for serious love!

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Leo is a passionate fire sign ruled by the Sun. You are the most charismatic sign of the Zodiac. Warm and generous people love to be in your presence. If people don’t know you they can mistake your outer confidence as arrogance. Your soul lesson is to transform your pride into a strength and let kindness be your super power. Check out my video for more.

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