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You could strike gold with your ideas this week. Share them or get involved with the ideas of others. Collaboration breeds success, Leo.

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News adds value

Cooperation and collaboration gets results

Impress with those smarts

Ruler the Sun and Mercury have a value-added final meeting in your money house this week before both head off into your 3rd. News may not only boost the bottom line but enhance that Leo glow as you bask in the satisfaction of what you have been able to achieve yourself. Our 2nd is always about our money and our ability to earn it rather than other people’s (8th) and windfalls (5th). So, enjoy the moment and take stock of those feelings of worth that accompany that boost to your bank account. And please – I’ve said this before in your forecast recently, don’t just fritter those gains away. It’s all about your stewardship of what you have at the moment, rather than the actual amount. Define what is truly valuable to you rather than just spending.

The 3rd is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart. Along with the Sun in here success is very much tied to you sharing your ideas and also cooperating with others on theirs. The collaborative approach will bring benefits and these can include more material success as this is your house of commerce and business. Upgrading your phone, tablet, computer or even car is likely now. Expect increased interaction with neighbours and siblings if you have them. When it comes to anyone you want to impress with those smarts – employers, customers, colleagues, followers – or potential ones, you’re in a position to do that. State your proposition – then follow through this week.


monthly horoscope

Get life working for you

Know your worth

Chart a fresh course

Stop the heavy lifting when it comes to work and lighten that load, Leo. The 6th sees Saturn finally move forward in your work sector. Hopefully you have used this retrograde period to examine what supports and sustains you. This especially applies to your diet. ‘Sustenance’ is the key word here because in order to succeed, you need to support and sustain that body. What have you identified that does not do this? I’m not only talking about what you eat, but people and situations which drain you as well. This is your house of routines, habits and attitudes. Have these shifted recently? You need to lighten the load when it comes to what doesn’t work in order to get life – and that body, working with you rather than against you.

Mercury joins ruler the Sun in your 2nd the same day Saturn shifts to forward motion once more. Expect a renewed focus on your money, values, skills, work, assets and self-esteem – the value you assign to yourself in other words. This doesn’t just apply to this month as this will continue on into October. Just one small caveat attached to this: get any money matters – especially if it involves credit, loans or major purchases, signed and delivered by the start of October. However, when it comes to business dealings – work, selling, commerce, ideas and communication matters, your chart is alight with activity right through to the last week in October. You’re right on the money during this period, Leo.

Tap into those core values, the value you put on yourself, your time, talents and skills, how you expect to be treated or recompensed, as well as what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. What’s your price ticket, Leo? You know where the ‘buck stops here’. Stay connected to this as the Sun asks Neptune in your 8th what you stand for on the 7th. You can’t afford to be unsure or ambivalent about this. Know your true worth Leo, especially if you are involved in any kind of financial dealings, salary or pay negotiations or even the terms of a relationship! Bring those values ‘down to earth’ now by focusing on your assets and what you have to offer. Above all, be seen as someone ‘real’ – who knows what they want and what their worth is. This is your collateral now.

Venus enters your 4th on the same day as the new Moon appears in your 2nd. Your 2nd is of course, Venus’s natural ruling house in your chart. While the 4th is the Moon’s. So, this new Moon and Venus are having a conversation. Venus makes us more receptive, more open and more vulnerable. We may feel more emotional than usual especially when it comes to those we love. We will also naturally gravitate towards the people who make us feel loved, safe and nurtured. The new Mon in your 2nd points to new financial beginnings and so this is an excellent time to look to your long term money plans and for doing anything to the home. Especially anything that enhances or beautifies your surroundings. Just be aware that Venus can easily make us ignore our budget as this planet’s priorities are always beauty, indulgence and luxury. Remember, it’s nurturing you need as Venus in here is actually about our needs as opposed to our wants. Our need for a place to call home – and perhaps someone nice to come home to if we are single and seeking. For now, focus on ‘feathering’ your nest and channel your energies into establishing material security. You have Jupiter as well as Venus in your 4th right now. And you will not see these two planets together in here for another 12 years! The Sun makes a materially beneficial angle to Jupiter from your 2nd on the 11th and a more powerful one to Pluto in your 6th the same day. Changes around your work or even your home could lead to more financial security and you feeling more settled in the future.

If contracts or agreements are to be signed, this could occur at the start of the third week as the Sun and Mercury meet. Others could receive positive news around career or finances they have been waiting for. Mercury moves on into its ruling 3rd on the 22nd and your ruler follows the next day. Ideas, communication, publishing, the internet, business, commerce and increased communication all feature. As will your neighbourhood, your daily routine and commute and siblings if you have them. Agents, go-betweens, taxi drivers, Uber, couriers could be part of your world for the next month. One chain of emails, texts, letters, calls or meetings may demand your focus  for entire days and you may have deadlines to meet. It’s time to have increased confidence in your ideas. Both Mercury and your ruler will be enhancing your communication skills while in here. This is where you don’t just get to deliver your message – you get to roar, Leo! This is also a good time to buy a new phone, tablet, computer or car, to book that trip or go on it or to receive positive news about that job application, proposal, exam or submission. Validation should be all around you so walk that talk. If you have been thinking about up-skilling or retraining, sign up for that course. Some of you may even be offered this via your current job.  Grab any opportunity that comes along to increase your knowledge or your skills now. Because yes, it all adds to your worth.

This month’s full Moon appears on the25th in your house of freedom and expansion. It’s one that I always associate with exploration and setting sail. You’re embarking on a journey now whether real or metaphorical. After your ‘there’s no place like home’ earlier in the month, you’re now watching the shore disappear in your wake and sailing into uncharted waters. If something completes under this full Moon, it’s not so much an ending but the point of a fresh departure. This month began with Saturn asking you to shed what no longer works for you. You don’t want to be taking any excess baggage with you on this journey. Under this Moon you’ll identify a new goal and a new star to guide you to it. Your optimism and above all, your faith in the future will be rekindled due to increased self-confidence.  And you won’t tolerate anyone negative or who does not share your vision or see the potential around you. As I said, this cycle of increased communication, movement and momentum continues right into October.  Chart your course towards something bigger this September, Leo.

In a nutshell: Travel, work and business dominate the month. Messages, ideas, meetings propel you forward into fresh opportunities. One cycle ends – with an exciting new one to follow now, Leo.

annual horoscope

Leo 2018 

2018 is a year which promises many radical changes. One word of caution though, your ruler the Sun makes quite a few oppositions this year, so he is having trouble asserting himself. Much of your focus is going to be on your career and changing your lifestyle, and this change is likely to be a radical one. Saturn has already sauntered into your health and wellbeing/work zone and joins Pluto who already has a few plans up his sleeve. If you need a work change (or even if you feel you don’t), a development is coming. Uranus is fuelling the fire by entering your 10th house of career bringing in both opportunity and surprises and perhaps even a complete change of direction.

There’s also an overhaul of your body and health habits, as you hone your energy for the journey ahead. All of this power comes to a peak in March when fiery Mars also enters your 6th of work and health and wellbeing. Having felt overwhelmed and perhaps under-powered, you shift gears and can push through your ideas and energetically transform your lifestyle.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your home and family zone until November so this is a fabulous time to move, deal with property, or heal family rifts. Your home, living arrangements or just your space should have expanded or you will have benefitted from your home in some way. Some of you may have used your home to generate extra income such as becoming an Airbnb host. Others could have extended or upgraded their home or moved to a better one – larger or in a better neighbourhood. Relocations are favoured and that includes long distance ones. To another part of the country or even to another country entirely for some. Long terms moves of one kind or another can be made or benefits come to you via family or property. There’s no place like home with Jupiter in here.

On the 27th June, your ruler the Sun, opposes serious Saturn who urges you to be practical. A situation might cause you to question your spiritual beliefs or to doubt your intuition and close connections. All of the things that are happening are facilitating a vast shift. You are completing a cycle now with a rebirth ahead.  A series of powerful eclipses are about to pave the way for this.  Unlike last year, there are no total solar eclipses this year. However, even a partial eclipse of your ruler will pack a powerful punch. Remember, eclipses cover up then reveal. The eclipse at the time of the new Moon on July 13 occurs in your 12th so this is ultra-mysterious. What is nudging your subconscious? Pay close attention as this is pointing you towards what form the shift will take. The second eclipse follows in your partnership sector on July 27. This is a lunar eclipse and it’s all about relating. The message here is of course, none of us are islands. If you are in the process of a rebirth (which you are), it therefore follows that your closest connections will be re-examined too. Not just with regards to your needs within them but what is being reflected back at you. This may take some time to emerge so don’t hurry the process. The soul refinement continues up to the point of the August New Moon in your sign which marks the next eclipse. There’s a chance now for you to reboot your soul’s journey, it’s a clean slate and fresh start. For you and perhaps for a key connection. Again, wait and see.

Be very cautious my feline friend, around money transactions on the 7th September, make sure you’re not hoodwinked into lending someone money or investing in a dodgy scheme. It might be that you have a fantastic idea connected to your spiritual path, BUT make sure you triple check the figures and seek advice regarding a business plan to make sure it’s legit, as the Sun opposes illusionary Neptune on the 7th September. Get rich quick scheme? Bear in mind with Saturn in your 6th there is no such thing for you at the moment. It’s all about regular and sustained effort which pays off for you. Keep this in mind when looking at any opportunities. They are around you, yes. But they require attention to detail and honing your craft to pay off now.

After all this hard challenge, you deserve a break, and thankfully Jupiter is going to give you one as he moves into your pleasure zone on the 8th November. Oh, yeah! Jupiter in here marks the start of what is a year long stay in the spotlight so let’s get this party started! Jupiter wants you to learn, grow and expand your capacity for joy, happiness, creativity, soul connections and children. When the Sun conjuncts Jupiter on the 26th of November you could have the time of your life! All the hard graft of 2018 is going to pay off and if you’ve put your all into it, a massive reward is coming your way. Jupiter in here is all about being willing to take a chance. Luck is on your side. By that I don’t mean taking an unnecessary risk (re-read my comments above about get-rich-quick schemes and investments) but taking a chance on your talents, skills or a job opportunity or to just branch out in a new direction is likely to pay off. Travel is likely now – especially the long distance variety and people from overseas or doing business with them will bring benefits. Romance could sweep you off on a journey you will never forget. It’s a time where events make your heart beat faster. Be prepared for breath-taking things. If you find yourself in the spotlight this year, which is likely, then allow others on your journey to share it with you. Chances are you did not arrive there all by yourself. If you share it, the lasting benefit of this cycle will be the people who will form part of your Dream Team and will be there with you and for you for a very long time to come.  

This year could offer the fresh start you have been waiting for Leo, where you redefine yourself, your talents and your capacity for love. So leap into 2018 and let the world hear you roar!

31 Jan 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (1st House)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (10th House)

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (12th House to 6th House)

12 Jul 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)

13 Jul 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (12th House)

27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (7th House) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (10th House)

11 Aug 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (1st House)

7 Sep 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 8th House)

24 Oct 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  URANUS (4th House to 10th House)


26 Nov 2018 SUN CONJUNCTION  JUPITER (5th House)

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