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The week ahead for leo

One particular link or friendship may take you by surprise as you see it (or them) in a new light. When it comes to something longer term that has been baffling you, the answer turns out to be simple, Leo.

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Solutions may hide in plain sight

People show their true colours

Who’s the name that jumps to mind?

One particular connection, group or friendship needs your attention, Leo. Now, bring that attention to the name or names that immediately sprang to mind as you read that. All I would say is – this is your intuitive Marco Polo moment. Only you can say who is ‘It’ but keep that knowledge close and to yourself during the eclipsed full Moon in your 11th.

Someone may show their true colours. Or you may come to realise the resonance you once shared is no longer there. Others may realise their friend needs them – if so, you know what to do. Or you yourself need to reach out if you haven’t lately. However, use caution if anyone new appears who either wants to friend-bomb or love-bomb you now. The truth is – and eclipses always conceal that, is that friendships like love need time to grow and deepen. Chances are if you go all in, you can find yourself all-out just as fast.

Friendships may surprise you

We are now in eclipse season and December will bring your ruler totally eclipsed in about two weeks. This will take place in your 5th of lovers, children, young people and creativity. Hence the need to be cautious now rather than later. However, this week can also expose a previously hidden route to a goal or someone you thought was just an acquaintance but who is now revealed to be so much more.

Mercury in your 5th from the 1st highlights ideas, love talk, children, pleasure and those activities that you adore so much hours pass like minutes when you are doing them. One discovery could be love right under your nose. Or seeing how what you love can turn into something to sustain you workwise.

Mercury’s alignment to Chiron is asking you to take a chance on this on the 4th. Changes to living arrangements or something you share with another could occur around the 6th when Venus in your 4th trines Neptune in your 8th. You may not have seen the benefits or even the necessity to change things before now. But now you do. The solution to something long term is simple and could have been right under your nose all along.

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When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Okay, so the Moon won’t be in your 7th house as the Now Age of Aquarius begins. That privilege is reserved for Capricorns. Plus, Jupiter won’t align with Mars but all the planets in your 5th house this month, including your ruler the Sun, will. Jupiter will however, meet Saturn in your 7th of lasting love, marriage and partnerships, dynamic duos and double acts of all descriptions. Love will steer your future, Leo. As from December 21, the Now Age of Aquarius is cosmically underway.

First, we are in mutable weather with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Juno in Sagittarius. Neptune and Ceres in Pisces. Plus, the North Node in Gemini and Vesta in Virgo. And mutable eclipse weather too with a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th. The day when Mercury will oppose the North Node in Gemini. This is a karmic eclipse for many and will take us back to 2002 – or even further in 19-year cycles.

This is extreme ‘mutable’ weather and ‘mutable’ means changing. So, what emerges or what you hear under this eclipse is going to change. You of all signs should know eclipses conceal or cover-up. When we have a total eclipse the cover-up is just that. We are totally in the dark about something. This applies to all of us no matter what our sign if the eclipse hits our chart factors. But it applies especially to you, Leo when it is a solar eclipse as the Sun is your ruler. So, it’s you who are plunged into darkness and simply cannot see. This is why total solar eclipses can seem so personal.

Where’s the love cover-up?

First, check your chart for any factors at 23 degrees. Especially in your own sign but also in any of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo and Pisces as well as Sagittarius. If you are unsure then one of our knowledgeable astrologers can help you. If you have chart factors at 23 degrees of ANY sign, then this eclipse will impact you in a personal way on some level. Even if this involves events at a distance.

Your 5th house contains all things Leo-ruled and with which you are familiar. But bigger, brighter and more supersized. So, think of your life as a theatre or film set for a moment. Imagine every detail – the audience, the ambiance, the lights, the actors, the stage hands or crew, the scents, the lights, the glamour, the costumes, the action and then – someone pulls the plug and plunges the whole show into darkness. And not in a stage-managed, story-driven way either.

It’s not so much as ‘On with the show’ as ‘When will the show go on and if it does, what’s the story about anyway?’. On a global level we can say Covid has performed the same snafu with our lives. So, where is the cover up and what’s the story, Leo? Were you centre stage when the lights went off and not only can you not see the audience, but they can’t see you either? An eclipse in here can have that effect. You’ve gone from on-show to invisible. That lover ghosts you. You wonder what you did wrong. You’re passed over for promotion at work or don’t get that job. Nobody comments on that artwork you posted to social media. Isn’t it any good? Your children don’t seem to be listening. Are you talking to yourself here?

As with all eclipses, the truth will emerge – over time. As will you if the world seems to be passing you by or ignoring you. However, please take things slowly if a potential lover crosses your path now. They may not be all they appear. A hidden history or perhaps not as ‘separated’ as they make out. Steer clear of travel plans even if restrictions ease. Guard your creative ideas – they could be stolen. And when it comes to your children if you have them, if you get a ‘gut’ feeling, you need to probe deeper. Also, if you do not want to be a parent at this time, take precautions. What’s hidden in eclipses takes time to emerge, so ensure the surprise won’t appear in 9 months’ time unless this is something you want.

You have all the time in the world for love now

Yes, you can afford to take all the time you need when it comes to love. Whether this is the return of a past lover or a new one. Let’s talk time for love but first, let’s put that hard yards cycle which began at the end of 2017 and has lasted into 2020 into perspective and finally behind you, Leo.

The many details that make up wellbeing

Your day job whether paid or unpaid, your routine, your habits – good and not so. What you fuel that body with and what you do with it. Couch potato princess or prince or workout god/ddess? Pets if you have them. How you map out your day. Your responsibilities and to return to the theatre metaphor of earlier, yes, the backstage stuff that makes you happen. Your 6th house rules all of this. You don’t get the big production happening unless you take care of the details. And that ‘heavy’ planetary weather in your 6th has had you looking at all of this. Especially what affects your energy and ability to shine.

Taking care of the daily business of simply being alive may sometimes have seemed daunting. Work may have been harder. Routines could have turned into ruts. You may even have sought escape at times. And this could have ranged from yoga or exercise on one hand to binge watching and comfort eating on the other. Hopefully however, what has emerged from this is a healthier, streamlined lifestyle. Even if again, this has taken a lot of work, organisation and focus.

This began at the end of 2017 when Saturn arrived in your 6th. And peaked in 2020 when we had the life-changing conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn in January. Since then, you’ve been asked to get serious about the changes you need to make. To form new and better habits. Jupiter’s entrance in here was tempered by the presence of Saturn. But Jupiter always wants to expand our experience. So, some of you may have found a new job which you work rather than it working you. Or discovered the lasting, feel-good results of a new fitness routine.

What money can’t buy

Many of us are now emerging from this cycle with a new perspective on what really matters. This has also been due to Uranus’s presence in your 10th of recognition and status. It’s fine to have ambitions and want to achieve. You are the sign designed to stand out after all. But not at the cost of your relationships, time or wellbeing. Uranus has had you looking at the price of success. And possibly you are still in the process of designing the perfect work/life balance. But you now know what you will give to succeed – and where the cost is simply too high.

On December 17, Saturn finally leaves your 6th. Not to return for another 29 years! You should feel the change in the air almost immediately. Especially when Jupiter follows two days later. The 21st also brings us one of the most powerful solstice events of the decade. This day sees you ruler arrive in your 6th. But this is also the day when Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 7th at zero degrees of Aquarius. And marks what will be the ‘official’ start of the Now Age.

Check your chart again for any aspects at zero degrees of any sign. This includes your ascendant or rising sign, descendant, IC or midheaven as well as your North Node. Again, if you need more insight, one of our astrologers can help you.

At some point during their transit through your 7th, both Jupiter and Saturn will oppose your Leo Sun and any other planets you have in your sign. So, think serious love commitments now and ‘putting a ring on it’ which is what Saturn symbolises. Jupiter always wants us to expand, love long and prosper to preface the Vulcan saying. So, if you are a single Leo, Jupiter’s journey through here in the Now Age should bring you at least one serious potential candidate for your heart.

Remember however, you need to be serious about what you want. And not shy about what you are seeking. Be upfront as if you were on stage and playing to that audience of potential lovers! It’s simple. If you are seeking something lasting, be honest and don’t waste time on someone who tells you they want to keep it casual. No matter how glowing and adorable you are, you are not going to change their minds. Thank them and move on.

For settleds, Jupiter and Saturn in here can cement that union or see you take an existing one to the next level. Just be aware however, that while you can become closer within Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s generosity, this isn’t a Band-Aid that will fix a broken union. Saturn rules time. And sometimes being serious means taking that serious decision to part. What I will say is that Jupiter’s presence should make is easier to consciously un-couple now. And when you have done, may send someone new your way.

Finding someone new whether single or newly so could be linked to who you know, joining in something (even at a social distance), groups, clubs, associations or simply you focussing on friendship and enjoying yourself and being open to who you encounter.

Any remaining eclipse mysteries may begin to be cleared up at the month’s end. Ahead of hopefully a loved-up 2021 for you, we have a full Moon in your psychic 12th on the 30th. Plus, New Years’ Eve sees Venus in your 5th oppose the North Node. This could activate your intuition as you tune in accurately to what 2021 has in store. Or else it may point you towards shining a light on that eclipse mystery. Either way, back into the light is where you’re headed for the Now Age, Leo.

In a nutshell: What’s the big secret around love, Leo? Is it a new one waiting in the wings? One thing is certain, the start of the Now Age of Aquarius this month is going to link you to a new kind of love experience. And it could be linked to who you know.

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Leo Yearly Forecast 2020

Feed your soul in 2020

Get ready for serious love

Reclaim the passion and the fire, Leo!

This year has a question for you, Leo. Are you serious? Time to prioritise health, routine, work (paid or unpaid), that mind/body/spirit connection and lastly – yes, love. Take what your daily needs and your needs around partnership matters seriously. It’s time for the ‘C’ word – commitment.

The cycle of big commitments begins for you in January. First with getting serious about your daily work (paid or unpaid), your routine and your overall wellbeing. Events impacting on this which may occur outside of your control may have you looking yes – seriously, at changes you need to make if you have not already set these in motion. Understand this is more than mere short-term New Year’s resolutions. This is work and lifestyle changing stuff. Remaining stuck to that routine or rut may simply no longer be an option.

Super 6th house weather in your chart the like of which you have never experienced before nor will again may just remind you that life’s too short. January 12-13 shows you that you need to not only just do it as the slogan encourages – but do it NOW. Changes may occur to your work, study, how you feel in terms of your daily wellbeing, those daily tasks you do or even your commute, that show you things cannot remain the same on a day-to-day basis. This is all down to the mega meeting in here between Mercury which rules this house, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres on the 12th. The following day your ruler the Sun joins this urging you to take action on any necessary changes you now see need to be made.

What is Your Soul Hungry For?

Escape from that rut? More meaning to your work? The excitement of learning something? Feeling good about how your body feels? You need food for the soul this cycle which in turn feeds the body. Dr. Feelgood in the form of Jupiter is IN and offering solutions. Make no mistake – there’s a massive opportunity emerging from all this. Yoga, pilates, meditation, your doctor, physiotherapist, psychotherapists, personal trainers, structured exercise regimens and diets which support your body feature. As could simply getting rid of anything that drain you from clutter to that tired old routine or even people. Shed it and feed your soul instead! Especially if of love you have neglected to treat your body like the Golden Temple that it is and a fast food outlet instead. Seizing that opportunity could involve stretching to sign up for the course to upskill or return to education or applying for that better, more exciting job. Whatever excites you feeds and nourishes now. Take wellbeing seriously.

Time for Serious Love

Saturn is probably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. If you have ever looked at it through a telescope you’ll know what I mean. Despite its sheer unbelievable shimmering ringed beauty however, Saturn is still regarded with dread by many astrologers. Saturn puts a ring on it. And by that I mean sets restrictions. But if we work within this, Saturn rewards like no other planet. Not even Jupiter. Saturn asks we take the area of our charts it is spending 2.5 years in seriously. In your case from March 22 this is your 7th of partnerships, long term loves and opposite numbers of all descriptions. Get serious about what you want. And this includes also consciously uncoupling if something is no longer working for you.

It’s been almost 30 years since Saturn was last in this sector of your chart. So, for many of you, this will be the first time you have experienced Saturn in your house of long term relating. Some of you will therefore take your present relationship to the next level – becoming engaged, married or moving in together. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. The sign of the mountain goat who climbs high. Business partnerships are therefore favoured with Saturn in here if you are both serious about what you want to achieve. Like mountaineers roped to one another you can scale the heights – and help one another over the crevasses.

A Serious Contender For Your Heart?

Singles could attract someone who has serious long-term potential and who makes your heart burst with pride. They would be considered a ‘catch’. Ambitious, hard-working and likely to be established in what they do or else marked for success. They may be in one of the ‘traditional’ professions – banking, finance, medicine, politics, government, architecture, journalism or the corporate world. They could even have their own business. They may dress conservatively for business but this covers the soul of a rock star and a killer sense of humour. Deeply sensual, they enjoy the good things of life. They may not be keen on the latest trendy restaurant but instead prefer established venues with an excellent reputation. If they are wooing you, they give high quality, traditional gifts – flowers, perfume or cologne, jewellery. If you are wooing them – well, now you know. When they get to know your individual preferences, expect them to put a lot of time and thought into gifts which will always be understated expensive. They value quality over quantity. They are looking for something serious. Are you it?

Watch and Wait

We have two unusual retrogrades occurring this year aside from the usual Mercury mayhem we know to expect three times a year. 2020 sees both Venus and then Mars head backwards. Venus in your 11th is almost always about the friendship kind of love and experiencing the generosity of friends rather than romance. No matter what house Venus retrogrades in, when it does I should not need to remind you that this is not the time to embark on a new love affair. Venus retro in your 11th from May 13 means that if you do, you will probably see it de-evolve into just a friendship once Venus heads direct again from June 25. This is a fabulous time to revive old connections, return to old haunts you love and also reinfuse goals with fresh meaning. Also be aware that just prior to Venus moving forward, we have an eclipse occurring in your 12th house on June 21 which makes a challenging aspect to Saturn in your 7th. This could mean there is something you do not yet know about a partner, potential partner, business partner or long-term friend. Your 12th is your house of hidden enemies – the one you don’t see coming. But you will eventually as this is an annular eclipse. This brings the ‘ring of fire’ effect around your ruler. In other words, a flash of intuition or insight into someone or a situation. Please take this seriously.

The second rare retro occurs in your 9th of long-distance travel, big business, the law, higher learning, opportunities and freedom. Mars in its ruling sign of Aries retrogrades from Sept 10 until Nov 14. The term ‘going nowhere fast’ comes immediately to mind on this one. Mars rules both action – yes, we’re back to Just Do It – and also passion. Simply put, you may not want to push forward with big plans, feel that areas of your life are at a standstill or be simply mired in the Mehs. You’re not feeling it right now. Any attempts you do make simply may seem like they require a massive effort on your part – and then don’t get you the result you hoped for. If you are travelling or doing business overseas, expect delays and also take care when visiting places you do not know or in entering agreements with people you have not done business with before. That overseas love interest may also not be what they seem. Are they telling you they are stranded in Timbuktu with no cash? Take it they are sitting at a computer in Russia.

What is this retro good for? Reclaiming what used to fire you up and your sense of adventure. We’re back again to that theme triggered at the start of the year of escaping any ruts you have fallen into. Reclaim the fire and the passion. Head back towards the heat, Leo!

Prepare to Take the Plunge!

Your 5th is where you are seen. Where you radiate and attract. It’s your house of all things close to your heart. So, who turned out the lights? December 14’s new Moon plunges your ruler into darkness. Yes, we have a total eclipse happening. You’re now feeling your way through something and having to work by instinct. This could be around a lover, children, a creative venture or something that looks like a ‘lucky’ break for you. Watch your on-line profile, what you post and who follows you. You may not realise the importance of a meeting, a contact or something someone says until later. Something is emerging from this that may take time to show you it’s full potential.

Jupiter is on the move again. Do you believe love is a journey better untaken with someone whose heart beats in the same rhythm as yours? Jupiter in your 7th for the next 12months from December 19 offers you the chance to explore a bigger, wider, wilder partnership experience that could take you places you’ve never been before. Be open as this may not be a long-term love or marriage type union (but it can be). The perfect double act for you could turn out to be that friendship, working relationship, activity partner or close collaborator. Jupiter should hand you at least one and possibly more opportunities to experience the Power of Two in 2021. Along with Saturn in here, this could add up to a lifetime of journeying together for some. You and someone else are going places together now, Leo.

In a nutshell: 2020 promises work opportunities and the chance to bring sexy back when it comes to that routine, your body and wellbeing. Love could turn into the journey of a lifetime, Leo. Get ready for serious love!

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Leo is a passionate fire sign ruled by the Sun. You are the most charismatic sign of the Zodiac. Warm and generous people love to be in your presence. If people don’t know you they can mistake your outer confidence as arrogance. Your soul lesson is to transform your pride into a strength and let kindness be your super power. Check out my video for more.

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