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The week ahead for leo

Get your glam on and prepare to party and to get yourself noticed. Professional recognition or snagging the attention of that perfect match could follow. Live large this week, Leo.

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You go, glitterball!

Bring your passion

Don’t doubt your instincts – you know what is right

It’s a week to get yourself noticed, to party and to play, Leo. All thanks to the glitterball full Moon in your 5th this week. Choose clothes that sparkle and allow you to stand out. This is no week for neutrals. This is your house of all things Leo-ruled with a touch of freedom and larger than life luck and opportunity thrown in. Parties and invitations may feature as could professional recognition although I would suggest you ditch the sequins in the boardroom – or maybe not depending on the area in which you operate. This is a full Moon under which to dance, create, date and mate. A recent romance could go to the next stage, if settled you will shower your partner with your personal brand of extra special passion and desire. Others could snag the attention of someone whose star quality is the perfect match for your own thanks to the alignment of Venus in your 11th to Jupiter in your 5th.

The past is also in focus as this is your lead-up time to your birthday next month. Mercury and Mars are meeting in your 12th this week and your ruler enters here on solstice day – the 21st. Mercury will enter retroshadow phase – again in here on the 20th while Neptune which rules your 12th retrogrades in your 8th on the 21st. You’re now seeing someone or something in a very different light and are unafraid to talk about this or act accordingly. Know that your first response is the correct one and act on that. Don’t doubt your instincts are correct now and put yourself first.  The meeting of Vesta and Uranus in your 10th on the 23rd is a timely reminder you are worth more. Juno arrives in your 1st on the 21st putting you in the mood for long term love – no imitations, knock-offs or time waters. It’s the real deal like you – or nothing, Leo.

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Expand your connections

Love provides the entrée into a whole new world

Seek answers

The new Moon in your 11th on the 3rd should stir your desire to connect and be with or find your people. This is an important new Moon for you. Especially if you feel your social life could do with an upgrade. Please make an extra special effort to connect and get out and about. The little understood aspect of this new Moon is that this is your house of the future. So, what you do or don’t do under it has long term implications. If your social life is lacklustre and you don’t make any effort to rectify it during the next 28 days following this new Moon – it will remain that way for some time to come. New friends can be made and if you have been thinking about joining a group, club or organisation, now is the time. Get social in the true sense of the word – not the social media sense. Having said this, this is an excellent time to launch that new site, blog or profile as this Moon is all about connectivity and your 11th rules the internet. This is also your house of goals as of course, a goal is something we don’t yet have and only exists in the future. To make it real, we need to take action to make it so. Setting fresh goals is another aspect of this new Moon as is recommitting to an existing one. Above all, the same rule applies as does to your social life. You must take action – intention alone is not sufficient.  You need to take whatever steps you can towards making that goal a reality during the next month. Otherwise it will remain in the realm of dreams.

Normally with Venus joining your ruler the Sun in your 11th from the 9th, I would be telling you that the next month would be more about the love of friends and enjoying good times than romance. But in your case Leo, the rules do not apply. This is because you have Jupiter in your sector of romance, children and of course, love affairs that could possibly lead you to becoming a parent or step parent.  One more reason to be out, about and being seen, Leo! Fabulous days to attract are the 10th– 11th when your ruler the Sun opposes Jupiter and a rare Mutable Grand Cross opens up a portal of creation for something new to manifest, the 12th when Venus will oppose Ceres pointing to something new, the full Moon in your 5th on the 17th, and Juno’s entry into your 1st from the 21st. Juno rules marriage and commitment don’t forget. You also have a date with big love or opportunities for play, pleasure or do attract attention for all the right reasons on the 23rd when Venus moves opposite Jupiter. To attract something or someone new, to activate your ability to do this, you need to craft a different image of yourself in your mind. To this by actively seeking out different things  – articles, ideas, experiences and yes, people. Try a new food, look or venue. Get your news from a different source. Choose a different magazine. This sends out a powerful signal to the universe that you are open and ready for new experiences. Try it and see!

Work and career changes may lie ahead whether you see these coming or not. As the planets move through your mysterious 12th house they are going to impact on both Saturn and Pluto in your house of work, wellbeing and pets. Tune in to undercurrents in your workplace. Pay attention to what your psychic self is telling you. Don’t get involved in office gossip now but keep your own counsel about what you hear and also what you feel. This especially applies around the period of the 18th – 20th when Mercury and Mars will meet in your 12th and both will oppose Pluto in your 6th. The feeling of certain dynamics being overturned in the work area (or even your thoughts around health and fitness) are further echoed elsewhere in your chart – in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Vesta moved in here on the 9th and on the 23rd for the first time in your adult lifetime, meets Uranus in here – planet of revolution, upheaval, invention, awakenings and surprises. Vesta, whose symbol is the sacred flame the Vestal virgins in Rome guarded, also has subtle connections to power and competition. In the corporate or business world we would point to one person at the top making decisions for all the others below. And because the Vestal virgins answered to the Pontifex Maximus, this could relate to pay equality or simply that glass ceiling. All of it directly points to your awakening around whether you are getting equal pay for an equal job done or whether your rewards are an accurate reflection of your responsibilities. Others may literally see power changes thrust upon them. Again, your intuition is sending you the heads-up so please pay attention. Especially if that heads-up tells you to update your CV immediately once Mercury retrohadow begins from the 20th, and Neptune which rules your 12th, heads retrograde in your change sector on the 21st. This is the same day that ruler the Sun moves into your 12th and you enter what I like to call your soul house clearing period. The Marie Kondo transit time where our energy and desire to get things done peaks. And also when we test everything from relationships to ideas for their continued relevance. What do we take forward into our new cycle with us? And what do we need to ditch? Think of this shedding as your chrysalis to butterfly period. The more you shed, the more the realised new you is revealed.

This is also the time when we are most in touch with our guides, higher selves, angel, universal wisdom or dearly departed one we feel is still there. If you are seeking answers to any question, and genuinely want them no matter what they tell you, then as Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 27th, and during its entire retro/shadow cycle, expect to receive them. How you use this information is up to you but choosing the new is what will bring you the results you seek to power you on into a whole new world, Leo!

In a nutshell: Step into the light and shed whatever holds you back in the shadows. New people and the possibility of new love could brighten your month, Leo. No more waiting in the wings.

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Find that niche that suits you

Dive in to romance, creativity and playfulness

You’re a firework – light up the sky!

If ever there was a time to shine, to radiate and to glow, it’s 2019 for you, Leo! Jupiter, planet of opportunity and abundance, will spend most of this year in your fabulous 5th. That glow of yours can now expand can light up the world – and perhaps someone else’s at the same time!

You’ve not experienced Jupiter in your sector of all –things Leo-like for 12 years. If you were 18 or over 12 years ago, think back to what was going on at that time. Chances are you are now going to see similar themes emerging. No matter what else is happening in your chart (and I will get to that shortly), this year is primarily about romance, creativity, following your own personal star, being a star and expressing yourself. Time to shine!

Who do you think you are? That’s the grand question for you to answer this year. Because a lot of the good things that want to enter your life hinge on the answer. 2019 asks you to believe in yourself, your talents and dreams. Jupiter always wants to expand our experience and then add a magic sprinkle of luck for good measure to super-charge those dreams. But we have to work with him. In the case of Jupiter in your 5th, being the person you believe you are – and no-one else, is the key to unlocking Jupiter’s benefits. Showcase yourself. This is no time to pretend to be anything other than who you are. Unless of course, attracting those dreams and desires and expressing your passion is something that doesn’t appeal to you?

It’s a year to be daring and sexy and say: What have I got to lose? Above all, it’s a year to say ‘Yes!’ to opportunity – and to bear in mind that opportunity doesn’t always look the way we expect it to. Opportunities to showcase your talents are just one benefit Jupiter in your 5th promises. And when it comes to being rewarded for your skills money, accolades, attention and recognition – along with the odd ‘lucky’ break, are part of the Jupiter package. Do the work, take the first step to living and expressing yourself – then go along for the ride.

Children, young people, the next generation. If you are a parent then your relationship with your child(ren) will benefit from Jupiter in here. You may also embrace new ideas around parenting as Jupiter rules higher education and philosophy. Some of you may decide to become parents under this cycle. A word of caution as Jupiter always expands – if the patter of tiny feet is not for you right now then take extra precautions to ensure this does not happen! Even if you are not a parent or desire to be one, expect children, those younger than you to play a role in the good times for you in 2019. Or perhaps this is just about giving your inner child permission to create, have fun and play?

We cannot talk about your 5th without talking about love and romance. Looking for someone who will love you just the way you are? If you’re committed to believing in yourself, someone who reflects your belief is likely to put in an appearance. They will most probably be laid-back, well-travelled and effortlessly funny and sexy in equal measure. Like you, they have a generous nature when it comes to those they love. They will broaden your horizons – even if it’s just your repertoire between the sheets. What’s more – they are totally and happily themselves and their ‘Don’t change a thing’ attitude means you get to bask in total acceptance. If you are a settled Leo you’ll want to explore new ways to express your passion – or new joint ventures that you and your partner can

enjoy together. This is also a cycle of creativity where ideas burst forth like stars. Light up the sky with your originality – you’re a firework now.

Express yourself to impress. Especially when it comes to career matters. The year begins with ruler the Sun conjunct Saturn which rules your career sector in your house of work. You also have a partial solar eclipse happening in here on Jan 6. I had a great deal to say about eclipses in the forecast for your Cancer neighbours. The reason being of course that eclipses involve both the Sun and the Moon and Cancer is Moon-ruled. You are the other sign which feels the energy of eclipses the most and in the case of a solar eclipse, your ruler’s light is blocked or concealed. So, we can say that during these times you are literally left ‘in the dark’ about something. 2018 gave us a series of eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis. So, your 1st and 7th houses were affected and this would have been about personal relationships, partnerships and you and another be it a romantic, business, collaborative or deep friendship or even that opponent. What we see as the New Year begins is one final eclipse take place in your 1st house on Jan 21 which will be a total eclipse of the full Moon. This is also a supermoon. Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal. This is all about a deep emotional connection and a release to come.

What we have occurring next will be a series of eclipses on your 6th/12th house axis. The first of which as I said, occurs on 6 Jan. Because your 12th house rules all things hidden and eclipses conceal, please take extra time in gathering the facts, don’t jump into things or even accept the first answer you get if you inner voice is telling you that you don’t have the full picture yet (you don’t). Adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude and above all, listen to your gut instincts.

The eclipse in your 6th at the start of the year could be setting you up for bigger work and career changes to come. 2017 saw Uranus, the planet of freedom, awakenings and revolution, make a brief appearance in your 10th of reputation, rewards and status. You only had a short time to grasp what this may mean before it turned retrograde and headed back into your 9th again. On March 6 it re-enters your 10th where it will remain for the next seven years. Time to look not just at what you are you alone have to offer in the professional sphere, but also to assess whether the path you are on is the right one for you. Uranus awakens us. In this instance, you could be awakened to all the possibilities that are available to you when it comes to career choices. Or perhaps just to your own awesome potential.

Do not undersell yourself now or more importantly, underestimate yourself. If you are the proverbial ‘square peg in a round hole’ in terms of your career path, Uranus will bring you an alternative that does not require you to bend yourself out of shape. This may come about in a totally unexpected way. The opportunity to work with visionary or even influential people or an organisation could offer you the freedom you seek. Uranus in your 10th enables you to generate unique ideas and solutions which you can put to hands-on, practical use. It’s this dual approach coupled with your highly individual take on things that can get you noticed and impress. You have never experienced Uranus in this sector of your chart before and never will again in this lifetime. But what I can promise you is that at some point over the next seven years your career path will radically alter and become far more creative, satisfying and ultimately rewarding for you if you are open to experimenting and above all, allowing your inner visionary to take the lead!

Keep both eyes open and above all, an open mind during and just after your birthday cycle this year. The new Moon in your 1st on Aug 1 marks the start of your new cycle no matter what date your birthday falls on. But as the Sun enters your 2nd of money and values it will make its first trine to Uranus from here beaming across something value-adding into your life. You also have a massive stellium forming in this house which could set off a cascade effect with Uranus and Jupiter bringing you real, material, tangible benefits.

As 2019 winds down we will see Jupiter move on into your 6th of work and wellness and a continuation of the 6th /12th house eclipse cycle. 2020 will see you continuing to explore better more expressive ways of working while also embracing a fresher routine and enjoying increased satisfaction and wellbeing. But for 2019 – it’s time to love and come out and play!

In a nutshell: Love invites you to create and come out and play in 2019, Leo! Above all, it’s a time to express yourself when it comes to attracting success – on a professional and a personal level.

2 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION SATURN (6th House)

6 Jan 2019 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (6th House) (Partial Solar Eclipse)

6 Jan 2019URANUS TURNS DIRECT (9th House)


11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION PLUTO (6th House)

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (5th House to 8th House)

21 Jan 2019 FULL MOON ECLIPSE OF MOON (1st House) (Total Eclipse of Moon. SUPERMOON/BLOOD MOON)

19 Feb 2019 FULL SUPERMOON IN VIRGO (2nd Hse)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (10th House) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)

7 Mar 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION NEPTUNE (8th House)

21 Mar 2019 FULL SUPERMOON IN LIBRA (3rd Hse)

19 Apr 2019 FULL MOON IN LIBRA (3rd Hse and the second of two full Moons in the same house in two months – rare event)

23 Apr 2019SUN CONJUNCTION URANUS (10th House)

10 Jun 2019 SUN OPPOSITION JUPITER (11th House to 5th House)

27 Jun 2019 MERCURY ENTERS LEO (1st Hse)

2 Jul 2019NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN (12th House)



9 Jul 2019 SUN OPPOSITION SATURN (12th House to 6th House)

14 Jul 2019 SUN OPPOSITION PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)

23 Jul 2019 SUN ENTERS LEO (1ST Hse)

1 Aug 2019 NEW MOON IN LEO (1st Hse)

30 Aug 2019 SUN TRINE URANUS (2nd House to 10th House)

3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (2nd House) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (6th House) and Uranus (10th House) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (5th House) and Neptune (8th House)

10 Sep 2019 SUN OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (2nd House to 8th House)

7 Oct 2019 SUN SQUARE SATURN (3rd House to 6th House)

28 Oct 2019 SUN OPPOSITION URANUS (4th House to 10th House)


8 Nov 2019 SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (4th House to 8th House)

24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (4th House to 10th House)





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