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The week ahead for libra

There’s only one you, Libra. So ensure your message and what you stand for is ‘on brand’ this week. Those you want to impress are watching. Get you while you’re hot!

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You are what you say, do, act and value

Add some signature glamour to career moves

Create that brand you – and own it!

What you write, communicate, say, blog about or post is going to get you attention now. Craft that message carefully under the full Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. Also see where you can add a little extra bit of signature style, glamour and emotion. You could reach a bigger audience than you ever dreamed of or else get exactly the response you were after from a specific one. Travel, foreigners, mass media, teaching, publishing and the internet are yours to explore and even benefit from now thanks to ruler Venus in your 9th opposing Jupiter also in your 3rd.

Long term ambitions which may be linked to these themes are also in focus now. You are ready to follow through when it comes to those career plans and ambitions – fuelled by Mars in your 10th which also meets Mercury in here the 18th. Both go on to oppose Pluto in your 4th of soul needs, home and security so expect this to earn you the ability to make changes around this area too. It’s time to stand up and receive the recognition and the rewards you’ve been working towards. Success and what you are willing to sacrifice, pay or trade off to get it are long term themes for you as is your relationship to your money, mortgage, home and other assets. Watch for decisions that tell the world what you stand for as Uranus and Vesta meet in your 8th on the 23rd. Mercury retroshadow begins on the 20th and the Sun joins it and Mars in your 10th from the 21st. the spotlight is very much on you. This is a time when you are ‘on show’ so look and act in awareness of this. The same goes if you are looking to attract a partner. What do you want what you say, your status and who you are to broadcast to a potential mate? You are both the messenger and the message this week, Libra. Ensure who you are and what you stand for broadcasts consistency – and unrepeatable presence.

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Take a leap into something breathtakingly bigger

Love moves to its own beat

Leave the competition in your wake!

With a new Moon, ruler Venus and the Sun in your expansive 9th this month, it’s time to look at what you need to seek out, experience and explore, Libra. Travel is favoured now especially as Mercury is direct and will not enter retroshadow until the 20th. June is like one of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books which you may have read in your childhood. There are many paths opening up and invitations will be issued to you by the Cosmic-All-That-Is to take one towards a new opportunity. Other people have a huge role to play on your journey so open up to all connections now. Fresh starts and new beginnings are on offer. And this includes love. Big love, foreign affairs, long distance loves – this may not simply be for a personal but can be for a place, something you love doing or for something wilder and soul freeing. If you’ve been feeling restricted lately, this new Moon combined with other factors in your chart, should break you free on some level and possibility within the first three weeks of the month.

Life’s a journey and it’s time to live it to the full. Again, there are people around you who are destined to take it with you – perhaps in reality but certainly in spirit. But when it comes to love this month, someone who is very much master or mistress of their destiny and who has the confidence to chart their own soul path could feature now. This person brings music for the mind, heart and soul into your life. If you are single and seeking, be on the lookout for that lover who walks to the beat of their own soundtrack – someone highly individual, philosophical and worldly who could offer entrée into a new world of experience as Chiron in your 7th angles to Ceres in your 3rd.

Working relationships and your career, friends and coleagues in high places and dealing (successfully) with people in positions of authority and influence are also top of your agenda this month. Mercury enters your 10th handing you the ability to influence and impress with what you say and your ideas from the 4th. Mars is also in here, firing up your desire to get yourself noticed and achieve. Both Mercury and Mars will oppose Saturn which rules this house and is in your 4th, and Pluto this month. Power moves can be made. You need to be organised above all else and know when and into what you need to channel your energy. Waiting for your moment and not scattering it will be your secret to success. Above all, and I cannot emphasise this enough, these aspects hand you the ability to make in-roads into career goals like no other, especially when coupled with Uranus in your 2nd. But unless you can channel the energy productively you can end up creating conflict with people in authority or simply butt heads with immovable objects. It’s all about strategy and knowing when to push forward and when to use disretion. Do this, and you could be looking at substantial results.

You’ve both the will, energy and determination to rise to any occasion on the 18th when Mercury and Mars meet in your 10th. You’re also welcome any competition now as emerging the winner simply adds to that feeling of success. You want to be stretched, to showcase what you know, to communicate those ideas. And impress while doing so. Portals to travel and potential open wide for you now in a way they have not done for 12 years – or perhaps even more. By all means look back 12 years and look at the opportunities that were on offer then as the Sun opposes Jupiter on the 10-11th and Venus follows on the 23rd. This may go back even further however depending on your age. To the turn of the millennium or even as far back as the 80’s. It’s familiar but its new at the same time. There’s a new deal to be struck or signed or a journey with roots in your past to be undertaken as a rare Mutable Grand Cross between the Sun and Jupiter, Moon in your 12th and Neptune in your 6th may show you. This occurs just before Venus opposes Ceres in your 3rd indicating important messages, contracts or agreements which involve opportunity and propel you in a fresh direction. If it does came wrapped in that slight déjà vu feeling, you need to look back and see what you have learned since then. Choose a slightly different approach or deal this time around. This could even be signed, sealed and delivered to you under the full Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. This is a good time to bring meetings, talks and projects to fulfilment if you possibly can or even head to the airport if you are planning that trip.

Solstice Day sees the Sun arrive in your 10th and despite Mercury now being in retroshadow, this means you can still push ahead with that career agenda for now. Know you are totally ‘on show’ in some way. People especially those with influejce which we have discussed, are watching. You need to guard your reputation now, ensure you are always seen in the best possible light, and make your word your bond. You follow through on whatever you promise, especially in the professional sphere. Changes around your salary, income, money, assets, benefits, payments and anything you share with another results in a more equitable arrangement. New dynamics in power sharing or even job sharing – these too could result from the Vesta/Uranus meeting in your 8th on the 23rd. Negotiate for freedom now and perhaps this could just be freeing up the time to do what you want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Neptune in your sector of work, responsibility, routine and daily duty shifted into reverse on the 21st. Neptune is unusual as it spends almost half the year retrograde. Neptune reversals allow us to bring how we imagine things are in alignment with the reality. You can correct imbalances that have led to you bring trapped in a rut when Venus highlights these for you on the 24th.

Mercury in your 11th from the 27th sees you dealing with more people now and on a grander scale. This could be the result of your efforts in your career but also extends the month long themes of wanting to experience ore into the realm of friendships and connections. June should see you with something to celebrate and to share. So step into a bigger experience all round, Libra.

In a nutshell: Time to escape the routine and step into something bigger, Libra. Your ambitions are stirred and your thirst for new experiences increases. Opportunity and love may have a familiar feel.

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Awaken to your full potential

A new love and success future is yours to create

One success story builds another

Forget the past. 2019 says you don’t live there anymore. If you try to hang on to the way things were, or even the way you were, you’ll end up blocking what is probably the most exciting period for new beginnings and dynamic change you have ever experienced. The key to making the most of 2019 is therefore to always look forward and if occasionally, life feels as if it has a direction all its own – to go with it and don’t resist the current.

For the past seven years you’ve had Uranus in your all-important Libra-centered partnership sector. Last year saw the planet of awakenings, make a brief appearance in your 8th of power money, transformation, endings, rebirth and yes – sex. This was just your taster session as Uranus headed retrograde and back into your 7th again after a few months. On March 6 this year it re-enters your 8th where it will remain for the next seven years. Uranus has not been in this sector of your chart before and will not again in your lifetime as it takes approximately 84 years to orbit the Sun. In your 8th it’s about your serious money and what you share with others. What you earn, borrow, lend or are owed. It’s all deep down about your values. What is priceless, what you would never sell out for and it is going to be you re-defining what these are that will affect all the other areas this house rules.

This is also your house of taboos and fears. Uranus in here will show you the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Your 8th house is of course the sign of Taurus the Bull. With Uranus in Taurus in your 8th you are the epitome of the Fearless Girl statue facing off the bull of Wall Street. So, while Uranus is in here think of yourself as her. Facing down what scares you – especially around money and assets. Take a ‘No bull’ approach to money and above all, understand it doesn’t matter how much of it you do or you don’t have in this cycle. It is ultimately about how you value yourself. Do you ‘peg’ your market value on how much money you have? Uranus in your 8th says you are worth more no matter what that bank statement says.

Doing things different in terms of what money you do have and how it may come to you are other hallmarks of this cycle. As will be some fearless negotiating when it comes to anything from a salary package to things you share with another. This can be anything from a bed to a joint bank account, an idea or even a horse. Time to step into your own individual brand of personal power – and what this mojo is will vary between each person. Own your power – own your life. It’s that simple. Uranus will awaken you to where you have given this away – and break the chains if necessary.

So, we can’t really talk about your 8th without talking about sex and relationships where sex is important. Funny as this is the house of taboos and so many astrologers don’t talk about it. Single? Your tastes are changing. Expect the appearance of at least one radically different lover and the start of a delightful experiment. Don’t look too far ahead. Uranus in here isn’t about that. Whether something lasting is promised depends on other factors in your chart. See this as part of your alchemical process, embrace the difference and enjoy! Settled? Not talking about sex? Things vanilla or even non-existent? If you’re happy then you’ll be in a mood to experiment more too. If you value your relationship then you’ll reinvest heavily in this part of it. Nobody can sustain the passion we feel at the start of a relationship over the long term despite what the media would like us to think.

But we can deepen and reawaken it. This is your house of investment after all. Think of it this way. Another great taboo in our society is a reluctance to talk about long term relationships where sex is entirely absent although statistics tell us these are a lot more common than what we think. The 8th house does not just rule sex – it rules the lack of it too. If you are in a relationship where this has become the norm and are both happy about it, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, if I have described your situation and you are not happy about it, Uranus will bring about a radical change in this situation one way or another.

Jupiter will spend most of 2019 in your 3rd of communication, education and commerce. Think back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time. What did or didn’t pan out for you then? Especially if it relates to any of the following: travel, doing business overseas, studying, writing, publishing, the mass media, the great outdoors, animals, the World Wide Web, the world stage, philosophy and the law. What you are going to find is that if you were experiencing any of these themes 12 years ago they will be back now with a vengeance. Magnified and amplified. Plus, what didn’t quite work out for you last time round, will this cycle. And quite possibly better than it might have done the first time around.

Benefits may flow to you from your neighbours or your siblings or cousins if you have them. And while travel is highlighted with Jupiter in here, you may also find the world comes knocking on your door. Chances are you’ll encounter people from far flung places either going about your daily routine or right in your neighbourhood. Want to be an Airbnb host? This is a great cycle for that. The people you encounter this year will broaden your horizons or expand your experience of the world. Travelling via books, ideas or studying is also favoured. You’ve a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. News, messages and communications will dominate the year as this house is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Jupiter in here can also expand not just the way you get around – a better car, an interest-free loan on that season ticket for example, but also how you communicate. Upgrading that phone/tablet/computer could be your first step to reaching a bigger, wider audience for your blog, story, product or service. This is your house of commerce and business. Jupiter in Mercury’s house takes your message further and to more people than you would have thought possible.

These are your two major transits for this year. But it all gets personal when the personal planets are involved of course. The year begins with a boost for all those Jupiter themes I just talked about with an added magic touch of romance thanks to your ruler Venus meeting him in your 3rd on Jan 22. February could bring fated encounters or see you making career in-roads as Venus moves on into your 4th and will meet first Saturn and Pluto in here. Fire up those ambitions and see yourself as a powerhouse of potential now. You’ll be on the radar of people of power and influence. If they enter your life take it as a sign you belong with them. Act accordingly.

March and April bring is a rare event for you. You have two full Moons in your 1st – one a Supermoon across two consecutive months. Remember a full Moon reflects the light back into the opposite house to the one it appears in. This is your 7th of partnerships so this is all about you and another person and your feelings and emotions. You have an unusually long window between these Moons to work this all out. Also be on the lookout for a potential love interest who appears now. Especially as the second full Moon on April 19 appears the day before Venus enters her ruling 7th in your chart representing an unusually long cycle of attraction. Venus will make a come-hither angle to Jupiter in

May before meeting Uranus later in the month. Visualise what you want and think about this creatively in vivid pictures. By the time Venus meets Uranus on May 18 then let go of your images and be open to what responds to your call.

June and July could just re-write your success story as Venus transits your 10th of career, recognition and rewards. Was someone once the music of your soul – or even your muse? Chiron retrograde in your 7th from 11th July could see them return or you healing long standing wounds around love or partnership matters (this also applies to business relationships too). August and September represent powerful links to your past and expect past themes or people from your past to make an appearance now. Yes, some of this is relevant if it appears in a fresh form or you have re-purposed your past from a fresh perspective. But please keep in mind what I said about the past at the start of this forecast – you don’t live there anymore.

New beginnings will beckon in September when Venus and Mercury arrive in your 1st ahead of the Sun on the 23rd. You have an opportunity now to build on the achievements of the year and end it on a high note as Venus first transits her ruling money house and then will make one final meeting with Jupiter in your 3rd on Nov 24 – the day Mars and Uranus put you in a power position when it comes to financial rewards and negotiations. This could well be the day when you put the past well and truly behind you.

December sees Jupiter leave your 3rd and arrive in your 4th of home, family and security. Understand that the successes of this year and your willingness to embrace change have been setting you up for this cycle to begin. While you need to remain flexible you now also need to plan in the long term. Invest any gains of this year into creating your foundation. Look to your home and where you are living and expect expansion. Invest in your lifestyle or create your dream one. If you love where you are living, commit to it and improve or extend it in any way you can. If you are not satisfied – do something about it. Jupiter in here may see many of you who have been unable to get on the property ladder take the first rung now. But even if you are renting and want to move, Jupiter should deliver you a bigger, better property than you thought you could afford. This is your future. And it’s where you live from here on in.

In a nutshell: 2019 sees you stepping into a future that you can direct and determine. Whether it’s in love or business, take the best of the past forward with you and weave in exciting new elements!

1 Jan 2019 MARS ENTERING ARIES (7th House)

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (3rd House to 6th House)

22 Jan 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION JUPITER (3rd House)

18 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION SATURN (4th House)

23 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION PLUTO (4th House)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (8th House) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)

21 Mar 2019 FULL SUPERMOON IN LIBRA (1st Hse)


19 April 2019 FULL MOON IN LIBRA (1st Hse. Two full Moons in the same sign consecutively. A rare event)

20 Apr 2019 VENUS ENTERS ARIES (7th Hse)

9 May 2019 VENUS TRINE JUPITER (7th House to 3rd House)

18 May 2019 VENUS CONJUNCTION URANUS (8th House)

23 Jun 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION JUPITER (9th to 3rd)


17 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION SATURN (10th House to 4th House)

18 Jul 2019 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (10th House to 6th House)

26 Aug 2019 VENUS TRINE URANUS (12th House to 8th House)

1 Sep 2019VENUS TRINE SATURN (12th House to 4th House)

3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (12th House) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (4th House) and Uranus (8th House) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (3rd House) and Neptune (6th House)

4 Sep 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (12th House to 6th House)

7 Sep 2019 VENUS TRINE PLUTO (12th House to 4th House)

14 Sep 2019 MERCURY & VENUS ENTER LIBRA (1st Hse)

17 Sep 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION CHIRON (1st Hse to 7th Hse)

23 Sep 2019 SUN ENTERS LIBRA (1st Hse)

28 Sep 2019 NEW MOON IN LIBRA (1st Hse)

8 Oct 2019 VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO (2nd Hse)

12 Oct 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION URANUS (2nd House to 8th House)

21 Oct 2019VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (2nd House to 6th House)

24 Nov 2019 VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER (3rd Hse)

24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (2nd House to 8th House)

26 Nov 2019 VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN (4th Hse)




15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (4th House to 8th House)



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