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The week ahead for libra

Are you ready to stand out, be noticed and shine? All the world’s a stage and you’re the star now, Libra. Even if the ‘stage’ is your lounge room. Nobody puts Libra in the corner this week!

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Feed your creativity

Stars shine brighter when the sky is darkest

Shantay – you stay!

Shantay – you make an entrance and you get to stay in the spotlight this week! RuPaul has defined ‘Shantay’ as ‘To weave a bewitching spell’. It’s that unstoppable and breath-taking combination of fierce and beautifully unique. Hint: That’s YOU, Libra.

Or it should be now the Sun lands in your Now Age 5th on the 19th. Yes, this is your house of children, babies, young people, teenagers. But don’t forget this is also a house of attraction, romance, creative self-expression, indulgences and what it is about you that allows you to stand out and be noticed. In other words – dare I say it, shine like a drag queen.

Get Your Glamazon On!

What do you need to do to express all of this? Has lockdown dulled that lustre, Libra? Do you need to Fab Five yourself? Dress up and feel like a star even if you are staying home? The red carpet is wherever you find yourself this week. And you can share you, your experience and the end result even from the comfort of your lounge room.

So, ditch any self-neglect. Act and feel like you are ready for your close-up. Seeking love? A creative platform? Put yourself out there in any way you can especially on line. There’s the promise of radical and much needed change attached to this. Self-transformation is the key as Mars and Uranus offer the potential for a re-birth as they meet in your 8th on the 20th. Mars then says go big or go home as it angles to Jupiter also in your 5th on the 23rd. You’ve the confidence and the charisma to get this done.

Taking your need to shine, to express yourself, to receive love, recognition, adoration, applause and pleasure seriously is NOT indulgence or self-absorption. It’s good for your soul. And hey, as you radiate it out there, good for those whose lives you touch too. So, don’t be selfish, Shantay. Share yourself.

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Love has you seeing yourself differently

Know where to draw that line

Time to let go and trust

Babies, children, teenagers, young people. Romance. That red-hot lover. Relationships that could bring parenting, step parenting or simply younger people into your life. And even indulgences. This is a month that boosts your creativity. Self-expression will be increasingly important. As will be your ability to let go and not take things too seriously. A little light relief after the heavy going of the past few years.

It should be plain by now you’ve arrived in a very different year to those you’ve trudged through since 2017. Chances are you have dealt with heavy matters that have hit at the heart of what you care about, your money, your living arrangements, family, job or even relationships. This month you should see solutions and opportunities dissolve any left-over shadows for good.

Home matters, moving, buying, renting, selling, leasing, renovating, decorating. Ruler Venus asks you show your living arrangements some love. It’s not just improvements but enhancements to your family, lifestyle or way of living. Venus in your 4th along with Mercury and the Sun conjunct Pluto in here could see some of you upgrading your home or moving in with your significant other. If you are looking for a new flatmate or sharer, chances are Venus will send someone easy to live with. Or that gifted tradesperson who can help you create that ideal home. Or you and your partner double date with Farrow & Ball to make that home a work of art.

Unleash your creativity first around your living space. Then go for a more personal make-over. Mercury lands in your 5th from the 8th. It will meet Saturn and Jupiter in here on the 10th and 11th. Begin something important now that is close to your heart. The search for love, an outlet for your talents, a creative project or a joint shared goal with your one-and-only if you have one. This is an opportunity to start something big – and lasting. Don’t be deterred if the goal seems daunting. Chunk it down into small, fun, easy to take steps.

Now Age children, love, parenting, relationships, and creativity It’s all about attraction and you know or should do, that like attracts like. Saturn in your 5th is asking you if you believe you are entitled to enjoy the good things of life. Or do you feel you need a reason? Have you been walking around with beliefs that love should be difficult for instance? Or holding yourself back from enjoyment, pleasure or simply opening up to love?

Do you welcome in spontaneity, fun and being yourself or do you worry what others may think? Or to you hang back and end up watching others enjoy themselves while feeling separate or apart? Saturn can throw all these questions up in here. But you have Jupiter offering you the solution too. It wants us to expand. And in your 5th it offers lucky breaks and big benefits for taking that first step.

Time to Trust

Plus, the upside of Saturn in your 5th is serious playfulness or love. Second childhoods but experienced with the wisdom you’ve gained. Same goes for romance. This is a month to ditch past hurts and to open up. To trust and be more trusting. You are in an important cycle when it comes to love relationships, children and/or what makes you stand out and shine. And you are going to see yourself in a different light by engaging in one, some or all of these areas. You will redefine yourself and also bring in solutions and opportunities if you do.

Check Your Chart Factors

We are in heavy fixed sign weather now. So this is a good time to check your chart for aspects in the fixed signs. Many Librans have chart factors in next door sign of Scorpio for instance. So, check for these and make a note of the degree they are at. And also look for chart factors in the other fixed signs – Leo, the Now Age Aquarius and your 5th, and Taurus. Again, make a note of the degree any are at.

This month sees Mars land in Taurus and its ancient ruling 8th. You also have Uranus in here. This amplifies that fixed energy. You are going to be looking closely at your values now and that line where you say ‘The bucks stops here’. If you have fixed sign aspects, at some point either the planets in your 5th and/or your 8th will conjunct, oppose or square them. One of our astrologers can explain in more details and give you exact dates if you are unsure.

As Venus moves through your 4th it is going to trine Mars and then Uranus in your 8th. Joint moves, negotiations, financial matters and powerful changes could be the result. Some of you may finalise career, financial or home matters. This may result in you freeing yourself from the cycle that has persisted since the end of 2017. Especially around the time of the new Moon in its ruling 4th on the 13th.

But you may have to stand by your values and beliefs due to the series of squares between the planets in your 4th and those in your 8th. Mars however hands you certainty and confidence. Uranus offers freedom and also access to new ways of thinking. Both will be working in your favour when they meet on the 20th. With Mars squaring Jupiter three days later.

Just remember, with Jupiter involved there is no such thing as a narky square! Sure, some of these squares involve Saturn and we all know Saturn can hand us a learning challenge or obstacle to overcome. But just remember, Jupiter always hands us the solution. And as Saturn and Jupiter are close together in your 5th, this should see their speedy arrival if Saturn throws up a speed bump!

Get some love innovation

Love or what you love will be your catalyst for change or see you looking at yourself differently during the Now Age. Especially when the Sun arrives in here from the 19th. It too sets off Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). You also have a wonderful full Moon o the 28th – the same day as ruler Venus and Pluto meet in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. This sees you being very open about those emotional needs in a way you may have hesitated over before. You’re unafraid to be vulnerable now. This is an ideal time to share your feelings as well as your goals for the future with friends or someone close to you.

You will also be looking at what aspects of yourself or goals you may have relinquished in the past. Is it time to reclaim these? Mercury retrograde in your 5th from the 30th is all about the ‘re’ words. Sure, rescheduling is one of those. But reuniting, reconciling, reviving are others. During this retro cycle Mercury is going to meet Jupiter twice more. Once backwards and again when it shifts forwards.

Romance or dreams may go back and forth but by March there’s a stunning re-boot or new beginning. This could even see you rekindling that desire, hobby or commitment to that goal. Or remembering an important facet of just what makes you so loveable, Libra. Reinvention is the key. As in incorporating old loves with new for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Love and relationships are about to become the great redefining force in your life, Libra. You will change how you see yourself via romance, children or creative self-expression. It’s love for the Now Age this month!

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Libra Yearly Forecast 2021

Freedom, beauty, truth, love. You’ve been waiting for a cycle like this for years, Libra. Gone is that feeling of trying your hardest with little to show for it but disappointment and frustration. There’s a revolution happening in your love sector thanks to the Now Age. Finally, you are able to create positive change and step back into the flow again.

Do you believe happiness, good times, joy, indulgence and self-expression are valid spiritual experiences? Think of it this way: When things go well, we have more to give as opposed to running on empty. Wanting what our hearts want isn’t selfish at all. It’s quite the opposite in fact. Happiness is the ultimate perpetual motion engine which powers the universe.

Happy people have open hearts. People feel good being around them. They raise the vibration of others who in turn feel happy too. Then they go off and spread their happiness and so on. Generating more good vibes and good times. Especially when Jupiter is in Aquarius which rules your friends, groups and the collective.

Shiny, Happy People Everywhere!

Good times, luck, love and other opportunities are going to spring from who you know and you spreading your joy, Libra. Now for some of you this could be via what you do, a hobby, pastime or talent. 2021 may see you forge important new connections with people who share your optimistic vision of the future. Or who are even in a position to help or promote you in some way.

If you are a single Libran, romance could start out as light-hearted flirtatious fun with someone you meet via shared contacts or interests. But then you discover they are more serious than you first thought! Understand that things are meant to be free-flowing and fun now. Sure, you have Saturn in this house as well as Jupiter this year. But this Saturn is not as restrictive as it has been in the past.

Saturn is a very grown-up planet. What its saying is to know what it is you want, but to then trust the process. Knowing that sometimes we have to state our ultimate intention, and then just let go and see where we end up. Saturn hands you the maturity to know when it’s ‘hands off’ and there’s no point pushing things. And if we are constantly having to do that, this is usually a red flag anyway.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

The past few years may have left you filled with self-doubt. Did someone just throw Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak over you? Do these Muggles not see all you have to offer? Or did someone steal your mojo back at the end of 2017 and you’ve been searching for it ever since?

That feeling of being over-looked, unrecognised or consigned to the losers table is at an end as Jupiter unhooks that red rope and welcomes you back to the VIP section. You’re feeling special once more. Not just that, but confident in your talents and that sexiness. Saturn’s rings of truth tell you your mojo never went missing. Just that the challenges of the past few years interrupted the current between you and your ability to believe in yourself. So, you’re emerging from all of this vowing never to lose touch with it again.

Recognition, praise and forward progress does the rest of the repair work for you. Especially in February when ruler Venus is in your 5th and meeting both Jupiter and Saturn in here. This is going to bring you opportunities to shine both personally and professionally. To be noticed and above all, acknowledged and rewarded too. We all need positive strokes. You will be set to receive these and also to make your very best impression on people. Be ready, Libra.

Sign of the Trines

You’re not just limited to the start of the year to stand out, attract and create opportunities for yourself. Partnership matters of all kinds feature in March with the Sun and also Venus in its ruling 7th. These will also turn on Saturn and Jupiter in your 5th as they move through here. Think double acts and duos of all descriptions including working ones.

Jupiter moves out of your 5th and into your 6th briefly on May 13. This means basically that when the Sun and other planets reach Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart, they will not trine it. However, when it comes to money, work and career matters, the period around the Summer Solstice hands you the ability to make real progress as the Sun will trine Jupiter shortly upon arrival in your 10th. Schedule those all-important interviews, meetings and plans for this period if you can.

So, if follows that your birthday season and the period leading up to it this year puts you in fierce mode. By this time Jupiter has returned to your 5th from July 28th. From this time until the end of December, focus on your goals and your ability to attract them. Or the people who can form a dream team of attainment. See connections, social media, your brand, look, presence, image, appearance and message as the ingredients for the ultimate cosmic ordering system. Above all, showcase yourself, put yourself out there and communicate and connect any way you can.

How lucky do you feel?

Your natal Libra factors will also be trined by Jupiter and depending on where they are in your chart, also Saturn this year. Plus, your birthday cycle has Mercury retrograde in your sign which will impact on Jupiter more than once. If your Libran Sun or other birth factors are being hit, this hands you even bigger Jupiter bonuses. One of our astrologers can give you key dates. Just take it you have an extra special luck factor happening during these times.

This all begins in August when Venus arrives in your sign. This year also brings you eclipses on your 3rd/9th house axis and one partial eclipse in your 8th. As well as the time travelling North Node in your 9th which will be hit by planets in your 9th in May and June, planets in your 1st from August onwards and then planets in your 3rd in November/December.

Many of these transits fall close to those eclipses. The Nodes take us back in time. While eclipses conceal. Fate and purpose, what you set in motion 19 years ago and karma being mysterious forces we often don’t quite understand until after the events take place. Wait for more information and have plans B through to Z if travelling or going anywhere during the May-June eclipse cycle.

Avoid making major financial decisions or jumping to conclusions around the time of the eclipsed full Moon in your 8th on November 17. And above all, don’t come from a place of fear. Look beyond any knee-jerk emotional responses. This eclipse asks you connect to inner strength and values. And not to be swayed from that. This may involve putting in boundaries – perhaps telling someone where they lie or even for yourself. There may be a line you need to draw around this time.

Fall in Love with Your Life Again

The final eclipse of ’21 takes place on Dec 4 in your 3rd of communication, commerce and getting around. Think of this as a Mercury retro on steroids. Take nothing you hear on face value, fact check, proof read, look to sub-text and please, don’t sign important papers or make a major purchase around this time unless it is unavoidable. Something may be misrepresented – anything from that job description to that guarantee. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply are. This one is more about what is left unsaid than what you hear now.

Ruler Venus in your 4th is slowing down and will make a rare retrograde in here from December 19. Home and family matters may require your attention now but after a year of romance and attraction, please now put finding new love on hold for a while.

Jupiter re-enters your 6th on December 29. This is a powerful house so please don’t underestimate the benefits Jupiter can bring you while in here. Think of this like the ultimate energy drink and watch that everyday vibe soar. Jupiter in here wants you to be able to live your best life each and every day. Not just some days or on holiday. It begins with your work (paid and unpaid), studies, habits and routine. Even small changes to these bring massive benefits. Jupiter bigs up the small stuff so you can see how it truly matters.

Expect your energy to increase now and you may feel like there is nothing you cannot take on. Just don’t allow this to tip into burn-out however. Just like in ’21, Jupiter will power on through this house in ’22 to land in your all-important partnership zone. You should know by then who or what you have the ability to attract. Be ready to claim the attention and the prizes, Libra.

All about libra

Libra Is an air sign ruled by Venus the planet of love. You are kind and fair and hate disharmony and arguments. You love beautiful things and can always see the beauty in the people you meet. Your soul lesson is to not get caught in indecision but to express your voluptuous humanity!

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