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Your birthday season comes wrapped in potential and tied with the ribbon of intention. Set your goals for the coming year. And don’t forget to include others in your plans!

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Happy birthday, Libra!

Happy birthday, Libra. The Sun arrives in your sign this week along with Mercury, the planet of commerce, movement and communication. Our birthday is always the best time to make our ‘New Year’ resolutions as this is the start of our new year and new cycle – not the calendar date. What is more, at our birthdays we have the energy available to set and stick to our intentions because they are heart-centred as opposed to just something we think we ought to do just because the date is January 1. Plant the seeds of what it is you want to accomplish now secure in the knowledge that if your intentions are true, you will get to experience it. True New Year’s resolutions begin here.

Mercury in your sign is all about communicating your thoughts and ideas to others but it also hands you the combined magic of inspiration and aspiration. You can be inspired by an idea, a project, plan or course of action and then not want to rest until it is accomplished. The great thing about sharing those plans and dreams with others is that right now your enthusiasm, vision and pure faith in your ideas, is contagious. Others want to join you or else lend their support. This could be the start of a birthday journey which lasts all year, Libra. Get celebrating.


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Intuition knows the answer

New connections seem familiar

Happy birthday, Libra!

You begin the month with ruler Venus in your 1st. The run-up to your birthday sees you in a party mood – even before that party has officially started! Mercury in your 11th of friends, acquaintances and groups, issues an invitation to Venus on the 3rd to kick-start the celebrations and also to follow your instincts when it comes to who with and where you socialise. If you follow you intuition, you could find yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected opportunity or benefit.

Go with this now, as once Mercury moves into your 12th from the 6th and a new Moon appears in here on the 9th you’ll be entering a more inward period. More on this shortly. Saturn also moves direct once more from the 6th. Between now and October pursue long term career goals, anything that relates to your financial future and also your living arrangements. Money, values, your security, property dealings or unexpected news or developments around these areas could be the result of the Grand Earth Trine triggered by Mercury in your 12th and Uranus in your 8th as well as Saturn on the 7th. Ruler Venus also squares Mars in your 4th the day after indicating something may need to be dealt with on the home front that could touch on security. This could be with your home itself or emotionally. The term ‘boundary issues’ springs to mind. If so, the solution is best achieved diplomatically.

The new Moon in your 12th on the 9th leads you into what I always refer to as our ‘soul house clearing’ period which occurs each year during the month before our birthdays.  Time to look at what needs to be shed and what you want to keep to take forward  with you into your new cycle. The signs of which are going to appear sooner than you think due to Venus moving into its ruling 2nd on the same day. This new Moon is in opposition to Neptune in your 6th of wellbeing so you do need to look carefully at who or what enhances or detracts from this. Your intuition knows the answer so please listen. It’s also time to look at those deep-seated fears and insecurities. Very often we don’t even remember where these started. Usually in childhood but we can even bring these forward with us from past lives. We can be just as afraid of success as we are of failure which is what can lead us to self-sabotage. Time to face down any secret fears once and for all before your new cycle officially starts.

Venus in your 2nd opens the door to increased prosperity, abundance and starting something new. This can be anything from a new romance or important new friendship to a new job or way of earning extra money. You of all signs should know your ruler in this house can easily tip you into extravagance so please, try to avoid this pitfall as well as spending any extra money as fast as it materialises. Venus in here wants us to experience worldly pleasure but with a purpose.  If there’s extra money around you this month, it’s all about directing towards what adds value to your life, provides you with something meaningful such as an experience or invests in your future rather than just buying more ‘stuff’.  For the first time in your lifetime, Venus will oppose Uranus in your 8th from here on the 12th. What you truly value, what you share, what others share with you and where you direct your resources, could undergo a radical renegotiation or shift. Your priorities may change. But the result is you could end up with more of what you want and less of what you don’t need.

A new friend or connection made now could have a very familiar feel to them. And this may happen despite them being different or unusual in some way. This person could benefit you in unexpected ways which is another indicator this may not be your first encounter with them – even if you only just met in this lifetime! Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 22nd a day before the Sun and the start of your birthday cycle. This is your true ‘New Year’ – not January 1 which is just a calendar date for most of us. So, time to make a few New Year’s resolutions which should focus on what you want to do, achieve or experience in the next 12 months and to set your direction. Project confidence and also, look at the kind of person you want to be – or to be seen as by others. After the inner work you did while the planets were in your 12th, it’s now time to focus on the ‘outer’ you. Your image and appearance and how you present yourself to your ‘audience’. Communicate clearly and share those ideas, thoughts, dreams and goals for the future. Set your direction now and commit to it.

The 25th brings a full Moon in your 7th of partnerships – that subject that is food, wine and life to any Libra. This really is now about who goes into that new cycle with you. Or does the full Moon shine on empty space in your heart? Full Moons reflect don’t forget. If you’re settled and content, weave a little togetherness magic along with those birthday celebrations. This full Moon makes you even more accommodating to your partner’s needs and focused on creating balance and harmony between you. If this full Moon highlights that person-shaped empty space in your life that needs filling – resolve to do something about it with the caveat attached that there are many kinds of love partnerships out there. Then allow the right one for your love evolution to come through. Love not working? This is a new beginning to resolve to have one – one way or another.

The month ends with a fabulous passion-igniting, party-starting angle between the Sun in your 1st and Mars in your 5th. You won’t be in the mood to wait for the good times to begin rolling – or for what you desire to come to you. Whether it’s a celebration or making that first move – let’s get the party started now, Libra!

In a nutshell: You’ve some soul exploration to do as you decide what goes with you into your new cycle. But despite that, the party starts early for you this year. Don’t wait to celebrate YOU, Libra!

annual horoscope

Libra 2018 

Your love life is under the spotlight for most of 2018. Quirky Uranus has been given you quite the rollercoaster ride over the past seven years. 2018 Kicks off with Uranus turning direct in your house of love. Have you had shocks, surprises or revelations connected to an ex? If so things are calming down after the 2nd.

Having said that you are still keen to make radical decisions to find peace and harmony in your close relationships. Venus, your ruler, is joining forces with game changer Pluto in your home and family zone. If you’ve been waiting for an energy shift, Pluto could deliver. Be proactive and think about what you can do to give it a helping hand. The Sun is also conjunct Pluto on the same day giving you the confidence to say what you need and want from home and family.

2018 could be a spectacular year to invest or transform property, look out for an idea on the 16th when Jupiter the planet of good fortune in your money and security zone sextiles Pluto. With Saturn as your houseguest in your 4th, you are laying the foundations for something that truly sustains you. Home, family and your roots as well as your past will either be cemented or re-defined by you. There’s an element of putting the past in perspective here. Of looking to what truly sustains you and of establishing your priorities. You may move or buy property at this time. See Jupiter as your banker and Saturn handing you the keys. This is all about creating a future and thinking in the long term. You’re bringing a new maturity to this and also a new perspective. You make your own rules and perhaps, if you have long term issues around family, then to heal these. This may involve re-writing the rules about what family is to you. You can live on your own terms now and again, these are keys to your future.

February brings you the ability to bring about a deep healing as Venus conjuncts Neptune on the 21st.  This allows you to move into a space of self-love and forgiveness. 2018 is an empowering year for you. Through being compassionate with yourself, there comes a magical shift in your love life. There could be cosmic and karmic link and soul contracts operating here. Venus enters Aries and your 7th house of love on the 6th March further enhancing the cosmic magic. Chances are your higher self has been sending you messages through dreams, insights  and just ‘gut’ feelings before all this transpires. You may have an intuitive sense someone is going to appear – and then they do. Tap into your inner knowing now.

Jupiter goes retro from the 9th March bringing in a possible return of potential from the past. Take meetings and hook up with past contacts who might prove more influential than you think. Where you in love with a project or had a lofty dream you let go of? Now is the chance to reboot, revamp and upcycle it. For best results be consistent. Nothing pays off like persistence. It’s time to dedicate yourself to a dream – and see it through.

The major news of 2018 is Uranus which moves from your relationship zone to your house of primal power. Uranus in the 8th house is going to make the next few years incredibly interesting.. Expect profound experiences and close encounters this year. Sex, money, life, death, rebirth and intense experiences. Uranus is waking up the depths of your soul; anything buried now  rises from the ashes. The Universe is asking you to examine your relationship to power and powerlessness and all your raw emotions and subconscious desires. Remember, all the parts of ourselves we fear, we disown – these ‘shadow’ elements are in fact where our power resides. Uranus in here can have us looking at these very differently and integrating them. We can reach own for new solutions, new ways of framing experiences and in fact see that our fears have no power over us – unless we choose to give it to them. 

On the 7th August Uranus will take you on a magical mystery tour into your past as Uranus seeks to surprise you with old patterns and tunnels of enlightenment. If there’s anything you have chosen not to deal with obsessions, sexual issues or losses from yesteryear Uranus will lend a helping hand. At first it might appear overwhelming but Uranus is intent on showing you your true power. Step out into a radical new dynamic now.  

Unlike Mercury, Venus your ruler rarely goes retrograde. So when she does on Oct 6 and in her ruling house in your chart (2nd), this is your cue to pause for serious thought. During the retrograde period she will move back into your sign and while she is moving backwards, Jupiter will shift out of your 2nd and on in to your 3rd. Is there an opportunity you have missed? You are being asked to look again or to be given a second chance opportunity. This is one of those rare cycles that can bring back something you missed –or return something that was always intended for you. Grab it when it reappears. 

Jupiter in your 3rd sees a yearlong focus on writing, communication, commerce, the internet, study, travel or just you discovering how far one idea can take you. Actually a very long way indeed. If you have a book, script, blog, website, business  or idea you need to share with the world, now is the time to do it. Jupiter will remain in your 3rd until December 2019 and remember, he is also in his ruling sign. This makes him extra expansive, optimistic and adventurous. It’s a time to dare to reach for that dream and Jupiter gives you the confidence to do that, while Uranus plugs you into the power of trying something new, innovative and maybe a little bit radical. The results could just be powerful magic with which to build the cornerstone for your future, Libra. Make 2018 the year of making the many opportunities around you realities.

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