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The week ahead for libra

Shine like a star this holiday season, Libra. If you do, you’ll attract unexpected love, gifts and encounters. Where does your heart call home? Time to define this ahead of 2020 now.

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Embrace the festive spirit

Tis the season to shine brightly

Where is it that calls your heart home?

Along with next door sign of Virgo, you two just might be the brightest stars glittering in the sky or on top of that tree this holiday season. Ruler Venus enters your 5th decking you with tinsel, glitter and glamour. Time to move to centre stage if you’ve been lurking in the wings of someone else’s production recently. Venus in here promises attraction, romance, pleasure and good times. The holiday spirit for you may be in the giving and receiving of love, connecting to the child within or experiencing the wonder you’ve lost touch with via a child or young person. Ditch any tendencies towards cynicism. It has no place in this line-up. Someone could be about to change your viewpoint or even impact on your future in a big way – perhaps via what they are willing to share with you now. Watch for unexpected interactions or turns of events as Venus entangles with Uranus in your 8th. This could revolve around something you share with another – passion perhaps?

The Sun’s entry into your 4th on Solstice Day could have you in a ‘no place like home’ mood now. You may be entertaining at home or going home. If home or family matters have been hard work, hard to resolve or if alternatively, home is somewhere else than where you find yourself right now – take heart. Release and opportunity to head to the place or people which truly sustain you could be on offer now. And increase in potential as we head on into once-in-a-lifetime aspects in this sector of your chart in January. Home is where you heart truly lies. Get ready for moving experiences which truly align you to your people – and your sense of place.

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Unlock the door to really living

There’s no place like home now

Get ready for festive star quality, Libra!

Have home or family matters been ‘heavy’ going of late, Libra? Perhaps you have wanted to move, expand or change that lifestyle. But have kept on encountering blockages to doing this. Expect to be handed the key to a door now Jupiter arrives in your 4th from the 2nd.

Jupiter is always set on expansion. So, many of you may move to a bigger, better home during this transit or simply find your money buys you more than what you bargained for. Others may extend their home and this could be due to expanding family needs. Because Jupiter rules long distance travel and foreign affairs, some of you could even emigrate or make a major relocation to another part of the country with Jupiter in here. Where calls to you? Where is it you truly feel ‘at home’? For more insight into what Jupiter in here can deliver please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for Libra. But take it that at some point in the next 12 months, opportunity will come knocking.

For you, destiny could be a place now. Where you are meant to be. Ruler Venus is also in your 4th and meets the South Node on the 3rd. Ceres which rules deals and compromises also conjuncts the Node on the 8th. Deals can be struck and arrangements entered in to which suit not only you but those you live or even work with now.

The scene is being set for the long term. Jupiter will spend 12 months in this house. Look back if you are old enough 12 years to when Jupiter was last in here. What opportunities did you have to make yourself secure? Also think back 19 years. Again, provided you were a fully-fledged adult back then. The Nodes are linked to 19-year cycles. Where and how were you living back then? Similar themes may emerge now. As could family karma for a chance to be healed. This cycle wants you to remember this is your life to be lived your way. It’s time to do some adulting and to leave your karmic childhood behind.

Know this month major decisions can be made and each one you make will enhance your feeling of security for the future. Life is flowing in a new direction so follow this. Mercury which rules contracts and important papers exits its retroshadow on the 7th and arrives in its ruling 3rd in your chart on the 9th. The very same day as Jupiter offers you a major solution or opportunity to unwrap as it angles to Chiron. This may be radical or even unexpected. Dare to agree and say ‘yes’ as this could literally be an answer to those home and living centered prayers.

Venus will meet Saturn in your 4th and then Pluto on the 11th and 13th. This points to that big property or long-term decision that transforms your current arrangement. Especially as both of these fall either side of a full Moon of release in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart on the 12th. If money matter have been holding you up, Jupiter’s angle to Uranus in your 8th of shared resources and assets could open up the way to make that move. Or simply put those long-term plans into action.

Venus showers you with holiday sparkle as it arrives in your fabulous 5th of romance, pleasure and attraction on the 20th. Putting you in a party mood at the very least. You’ll be the star on top of the tree wherever you go now. You’re also in a generous mood but please don’t blow your budget when it comes to showing your love to others via expensive gifts. However, Venus in here could snag you that new lover or see you bask in someone else’s generosity when it comes to that wishlist.

Foundation making moves for 2020 can now be made as the Sun enters your 4th on Solstice Day (22nd). This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. The new Moon in here often sees a change for the better appear in your circumstances. Again, this relates to any blocks or that ‘heavy’ going around home or career matters I touched on earlier. This new Moon is no different in that respect. Especially as it appears within one degree of Jupiter. But the difference with this one is that it triggers an eclipse. By now you know that eclipses cover something up. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. The kind that gives us the amazing ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun where we can see the corona. So, you have a ‘flash’ of insight but not the bigger picture now.

This could relate to an upcoming move, where your ‘gut’ feeling is telling you that you need to be, or even that feeling you should wait a bit before making that decision around a property. Whatever it is you intuit, please follow its advice. More may be revealed sooner than we would usually expect with an eclipse due to the Sun and Jupiter meeting in here the day after it and the Sun’s conjunction to the South Node on the 30th.

Fate simply may wash you up exactly where you are meant to be. Mercury’s entry into your 4th on the 29th bumps those planets up to six plus the Node. (The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto). Mercury’s angle to Uranus on the 30th could bring a positive answer around a mortgage or finance or point to an upswing in business. Others could benefit from a helping hand from someone.

This month is the start of a year where the saying ‘There’s no place like home’ takes on a new meaning for you. It should hand you the keys to a door behind which you can create just that. Wherever in the world you feel most like you belong.

In a nutshell: Where in the world do you want to call home, Libra? From Kensington to Kansas, Jupiter offers you the key to a new doorway. Or a bigger, better way to live that suits you.

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Get ready to make your move

Help yourself to some serious love

You’re a class act in 2020, Libra!

You may have spent 2019 clicking the heels of those red Jimmy Choos for all you were worth, Libra. Home matters and family ties may have been to put it simply- hard to ground or make progress with. Sure, you know there’s no place like home. But anything that impacted on your long-term security, sense of belonging and four walls, probably felt like very hard work. Mortgages, leases, banks, landlords, sharers, buying, selling and renting, renovations, Airbnb, your salary or changing family dynamics all may have had their role to play. The good news about 2020 is that it brings you a new opportunity around all these, an easing of constraints and the key to a new sense of place. Plus, you shouldn’t have to wait very long once the year begins to see these themes on your doorstep knocking to be let in!

This has of course, all been down to Saturn transitting your 4th house. March will see Saturn exit here and arrive in your 5th (more on this shortly). Before this occurs however, we have a once-in-a-500-year event taking place in your 4th. Which could see you emerging from it with a new sense of foundation in place. A compromise may need to be struck to achieve this. But this is all about your soul values when it comes to achievement, where you belong and the lifestyle you need to create to sustain you.

Move On Up!

Who or what has been dictating your lifestyle, living arrangements or even your career, Libra? Whether this is a person or simply circumstances, look forward to events which free you to choose your own path as early as January 2020. Jupiter began to ease you into someone larger or show you solutions to present restrictions, when it arrived in this house back in December 2019. Those once-in-an-eon events I spoke of don’t contain Jupiter. But Jan 12 sees Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres all meet in your 4th. And the 13th, the Sun joins this. There’s a power shift occurring now. And the chance to begin again or lay a fresh foundation for the future. If you have been in a situation, either at work or at home, that is unfair (‘Wage slave’ is one term that pops immediately to mind), this marks a change in the balance of power. Opportunities may open up to move on up. Either to a better home, job, living arrangement or simply just in how things are assigned or shared. This may be via events in the outer world having a beneficial impact on your personal situation. One example would be a shift in property values puts home ownership within your reach. Or a change in your company’s structure brings an opportunity for promotion. Be ready. This could re-shape your world.

Even if you do not engage in paid work, changes could impact on you via your partner’s or a family members status. If your career path is not one you have chosen yourself, you will be given the opportunity to forge your own. One that brings rewards, satisfaction and meaning. Or a new home could not beckon with a freer, easier lifestyle. Watch for big and beneficial changes at the end of June when Jupiter and Pluto meet in here.

Dynasties and Serious Love Affairs

Let’s talk about your 5th house. It’s the house where you get to be wooed, noticed and shine. It’s also the house of children, the younger generation. Why? Because it rules the bedchamber. It’s also the house of royalty as it is associated with the Sun and the sign of Leo. However, your 5th house is future-thinking Aquarius. Becoming a parent, establishing the ‘royal’ line if you like are all possibilities with Saturn in here for the next 2.5 years from March 22. As could be entering a relationship that sees you become a parent, step-parent, foster parent in the future. If you have adult children, you could find yourself a grandparent (or should I say GLAMparent as this is your glittering, showy 5th house!).

Lovers may look very different than what they have done in the past with Saturn in here. You are likely to meet someone who is seeking something serious. And who may be seven years older or younger than you. Or more. Saturn rules age and timing but many people forget that this can work either way.

Serious recognition could also be yours when it comes to your talents and creative ventures. Especially if you have been ‘doing your time’ honing your craft or abilities. Expect your work to come to the attention of the people who matter now. And take what you have to offer – whether on a personal or a professional front, seriously.

Your style may also change with Saturn in here. Classic yet individually you. You will be drawn towards timeless items and investment dressing. Even if you are on a budget. Saturn in here reduces the urge to splurge. It will see you dressing for success and instead of opting for throwaway fashion, you’ll buy the item you’ll not only be wearing for years to come, but which makes a classy statement about you. And tells others you need to be taken seriously. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for you to head to Prada, you’ll comb the charity shops, vintage stores and eBay for bargains that simply scream ‘class act’. Less is always more with Saturn. It tells you that maybe all you need is one. If it’s the right one!

Head Back Towards Love

We have two very unusual retrogrades this year in addiction to the usual Mercury backwards mayhem in the sky. Ruler Venus retrogrades in your 9th from May 13 until June 25. I should not need to emphasise to you that new love is a No Entry zone for you. Not unless you like guessing games or broken promises or hearts that is. Venus only retrogrades once every 2 years or so. What makes this retro especially unusual is that it occurs just days after the North Node also entered this house on the 8th. Once Venus heads direct we will see it and the North Node meet in here on Aug 5. As this is your house of travel, travelling back to somewhere you love or reconnecting to a past one are high possibilities now. If you are old enough, then themes around travel, learning and big loves that you experienced back in 1983 may repeat or reappear. This could even involve a come back or second chance at success.

Lost passion can also be recovered when Mars also heads backwards in your 7th from Sept 10 in its ruling sign of Aries. Again, this is not about starting something new. Also, please do not take any long-term action or make decisions around existing partnerships and unions right now purely on the basis that you are ‘no longer feeling it’. If you can, wait until Mars heads direct from Nov 14. You may suddenly find the heat is on again!

Reinvention and Relaunches

Look to those Saturn themes when it comes to relaunching yourself during your birthday season. You have a new Supermoon in your 1st and while the Sun is in your sign, it will oppose that retro Mars. You can therefore totally change up the image people have had of you in the past and replace it with a new one that is who you authentically are today. Or how you want to be seen in the future. This can ripple across your appearance, your social media profiles and your presence everywhere. Your best gift and the one that lasts this birthday is making a present of yourself to yourself. The way you want to look or be perceived. By the time Venus enters your 1st on Oct 28 you should be ready to show the world what you are becoming. Be it now.

Ensure you understand what is being said and also that others understand you in turn in December. Above all, unless you have it in writing, its not a done deal. And even if you do, you need to check that fine print and check it again. And even get an expert to check it for you. This may sound like super-sized Mercury retro weather. We have a total solar eclipse in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart on Dec 14 so there are parallels to be drawn to retrograde confusion. The difference here is that a total eclipse says this is not just a misunderstanding or miscommunication – you are utterly and completely in the dark. Someone may promise you something and simply not deliver. But you don’t see it until it is too late. Aside from hooking up everyone you know to a lie detector, your best strategy is a ‘wait and see’ approach. The deal’s not done no matter what someone may be saying.

Just as in a Mercury retro, you are advised not to enter into agreements or sign important papers now. Ask for clarification and ask again if necessary. Ensure everything that is agreed is in writing. Back up important calls, meetings or interviews with minutes, emails or documentation that lists what was said and agreed and who said it. Keep copies of everything. Don’t buy a car, computer, phone, tablet or book that trip unless it cannot be helped. That ‘bargain’ probably isn’t. If travelling under the eclipse ensure you confirm all departures, flights and reservations. And you know where you are going and have an alternative route if necessary.

How Lucky Do You Feel?

Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th from Dec 19 promises a year long streak where luck and love are on your side. As it will meet Saturn in here the effects of all this could simply be lasting happiness. Jupiter rules long distance travel and this is your house of holidays. So, many of you could be taking that bucket list trip in 2021. Big loves, attention and glittering prizes await she or who is willing to take a chance in the year ahead. Now you have home matters firmly in place, you’re feel to explore all that’s on offer as you finally step free of restrictions. And head towards that lucky break in 2021, Libra.

In a nutshell: Move on up away from home and career restrictions in 2020, Libra. Love and romance get serious. As you craft a timeless approach to your image, message and your talents. The world sits up and takes notice now as it opens doors.

All about libra

Libra Is an air sign ruled by Venus the planet of love. You are kind and fair and hate disharmony and arguments. You love beautiful things and can always see the beauty in the people you meet. Your soul lesson is to not get caught in indecision but to express your voluptuous humanity!

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