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The week ahead for capricorn

Passion, joy, romance, fun. No, these are not indulgencies. They are food for your soul, Capricorn. As the Sun leaves your sign for your self-worth 2nd, time to focus on how much more you truly deserve.

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Set your sights on abundance

Ditch lingering doubts

Reconnect to the feelgood factor!

The Sun leaves your sign this week landing in your 2nd on the 19th. It is going to meet ruler Saturn in here on the 24th for the first time in almost 30 years. This can be a defining moment when it comes to those financial goals. So, time to look at exactly what these are, Capricorn.

This can also be a time where you can attend to matters of self-worth. There’s no doubt you’ve faced challenges over the past few years. Have these left you doubting yourself and/or your abilities on some level? Or even your sexiness and desirability? If you’re feeling lacking or lacklustre in these areas this week could begin to deliver the turn-around for you.

What you love is food for your soul

Mars in your 5th reignites passion for you or shows you just where it might be missing. It’s reminding you that fun, pleasure, play, enjoyment and yes, love, are important facets of being alive. You can’t afford to ignore them. Or to think they are not as important to you as air, food and drink. They are food for your soul.

Unexpected ways to reconnect to all this if needed could appear when Mars and Uranus entangle in here on the 20th. Or simply highlight for you what you need to bring back into your life. The solution or opportunity to do just that isn’t far behind. Mars angles to Jupiter in your 2nd on the 23rd asking you if you are ready to simply accept MORE for yourself. More love, more self-worth, more abundance, more ability to attract what you want in the long term. It’s my guess your answer is ‘Yes’ to all of that, Capricorn. This week says – don’t be afraid to go after it. And above all, give it the priority you know it deserves.

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Love yourself enough to own what you want

Channel your energy

Reset your priorities and lighten up!

A new you for the Now Age? We’re still in your birthday season as we enter 2021 and it’s all about new beginnings. The Now Age is pulling you into the future like an irresistible force. So, as January unfolds think about just what this new you wants from it, Capricorn.

You’ve been forged in the fires of transformation these past few years. Ruler Saturn has set you serious soul tasks during this time which have resulted in you having a new set of priorities. Especially when combined with Uranus in your 5th (more on this in a moment!). Your needs may have changed along with your attitude. Is that self-appreciation you’re projecting? By now you should know just how much you are capable of as you met the challenges in your path head-on. So, enter this new cycle knowing nothing is beyond you.

Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your 1st and Mercury joins it on the 5th. You’ll have no problem on this day stating what it is you want. Venus also arrives in your 1st on the 8th while Mars shifts into your 5th on the 6th. Review the past year just prior to this. Chalk up your achievements. Show yourself some appreciation.

Venus in your 1st also hands you more insights into what you really want. And why you want it. That deep emotional motivation. How you go about getting this. How you shine and attract. On the 9th it makes a perfect trine to Mars. It’s time to put your energy into getting what you want. And just what is that, Capricorn? A lover? A project? A job that is a showcase for your talents and abilities? Recognition? An Oscar? Be honest because getting what we want begins with total honesty – at least with ourselves.

Venus will also trine Uranus on the 14th. The same day as the Sun meets Pluto in your 1st and the day after the New Moon in your sign. It’s time for new beginnings and also to give what you want to achieve fresh importance and priority. Above all, harness that energy into making things happen. If you don’t then you’ll suddenly wonder why you feel snarky, narky and short-tempered instead.

Do you have Aquarius Factors?

All energy has to find an outlet or expression. Especially Mars energy which always demands we do something. We have to take action with Mars. In your house of romance, lovers, children and creativity we can act with passion, confidence and have a magnetic allure. Our powers of attraction are at a peak. Powered by the actions we take.

As Mercury lands in your 2nd from the 8th, it will meet Saturn (10th) and Jupiter (11th). Mars will be squaring these Now Age planets as will Uranus. Check your chart for Aquarius factors which many Capricorns have. Are any of the Now Age planets conjunct these? Or are Mars and/or Uranus squaring them? If so, double up on your efforts. And please, be open to changing direction or something new too. Especially if its love you’re seeking.

Just be aware if something isn’t working now, both Mars and Uranus are likely to bring this to a sudden end. Especially around the 20th when they meet. For others however they could bring in an intriguing new alternative. Love may not look like you thought it would. Neither could opportunity for that matter. Another reason to be open. So embrace something (or someone) different.

New ways of making your bread may also be on offer with Mercury in your 2nd. Just be aware that from the 15th, Mercury will slow down in preparation for full fat retrograde on the 30th. So, as the Sun arrives in here from the 19th and meets ruler Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th, ensure you have got that application in or can bring any current plans to the stage where you can enter a review or revision period.

Just prior to the retrograde, and on the same day as Venus and Pluto empower those personal goals and your image, a full Moon appears on the 28th in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. Just be aware if you are negotiating anything or waiting to hear back about a job, client, loan, mortgage or any agreement or outcome, if you have not sealed the deal by this time, then be prepared for things to remain in limbo for a while.

Take a Turn for the Better

People may change their minds, move the goal-posts, change the T&C’s, delay, engage in power plays or make additional demands. I should not need to tell you to check the fine print of anything you sign under a Mercury retrograde. Especially if this relates to your money. You may want to consult a financial adviser or other professional if you are unsure. If you can, delay matters until Mercury turns direct again and clears retroshadow in March.

However, this retrograde does come with a hidden advantage. Because during its retrograde phase Mercury is set to meet Jupiter two more times. Once as it is retrograde and then again when it heads direct once more. Some may see an offer back on the table again you thought had gone for good. Others may see the other party make a U-turn or concession when you thought nothing would shift. A job you wanted but lost out on is re-advertised. When someone said no, another person says yes. That’s the kind of benefits and solutions Jupiter can deliver as we head on into February.

In a nutshell: That feeling of dragging a heavy load with you? Gone for good as 2021 begins, Capricorn. Look forward to a sense of life lightening up again. And in being able to go after those truly personal wishes and dreams.

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Capricorn 2021 Forecast

You should be experiencing a feeling of lightness stepping into 2021, Capricorn. As if a burden has been lifted. Your birthday cycle and the New Year sees Pluto as the only slow-moving planet left if your sign.

The new Moon on the 13th will mark an important new beginning for you. It will appear one degree away from Pluto pointing to a key point of transformation. You may simply feel a sense of release. Something that has been limiting you or holding you back may cease to be a problem. It may simply fall away or no longer have a hold over you as your attitude to it changes. Very often we don’t actually solve problems. They simply no longer have any power over us. One way or another, you begin January with a sense of freedom and optimism.

Set Your Values

Think of the Now Age of Aquarius as your Go Fund Me for your future, Capricorn. With ruler Saturn and Jupiter in your Now Age 2nd, expect one of the main focusses of the year to be on your finances. And combined with Uranus in your 5th house, on your values. What you will or won’t ‘sell out’ over. Your self-worth. What you will and won’t do in the name of love as well. Knowing your worth.

The latter is the most important element of this year for you. It is where you set your ‘price’ or value system if you like. Ruler Saturn is there to help you set this. Think of its rings as encircling you and what you stand for. Saturn as you of all signs knows, rules restrictions while Pluto remaining in your 1st, rules control.

Don’t think of restrictions as necessary being negative. We can voluntarily create them. Perhaps even on ourselves. One aspect of this could be setting limits on your spending by deciding to only buy what you need instead of giving in to what you want. And understanding the difference. You value yourself too much to end up worrying about debt. So, you take control to avoid that.

That being said, Jupiter in your 2nd promises that at some point during this year, you should have more of that folding stuff, your income may increase or you are the recipient of generosity and gifts. As well as a raise or better paying job, others may increase their earnings via a side hustle. This is a time of exploration and also being unafraid to try. Yes, do you research first. But if this reveals things add up, then go for it.

A good time to begin is January with Mercury in your 2nd. It meets ruler Saturn and then Jupiter in here. It will retrograde and then hit Jupiter twice more. Making this an excellent time for budgeting, spending and business plans. Review expenses. Talk to an accountant if necessary. Venus lands in what is its ruling house from the 1st February. And with that Mercury backwards and forwards across Jupiter between then and March, this adds up to one of the best periods of the year for shoring up self-worth and re-evaluating your talents and skills to your advantage.

Innovation and seeing your skillset differently may form a part of your process. Some of you may even embrace an entirely new way of earning a living. Striking out in a fresh direction which seems more authentically you. If you have felt like the square peg in a round hole, or if you have been sticking out a role which wasn’t you but you did it out of a sense of duty and responsibility, 2021 could be the year that breaks you free.

Falling in and out of love

Love is the other great experiment for you this year. Uranus in your 5th is all about you needing more variety and freedom to be yourself in relationships. If your current partner does not provide you with the room to evolve and love you ‘just the way you are’ – then you will attract one who will. If 5th you are one of the many Capricorns who have been through relationship challenges during the past few years, 2021 should allow you to begin anew. Either via a new partner or with you and your current boo entering a new cycle stronger and more together than before.

Just be aware that this will either be a year when you attract a partner in effortlessly. Or else you look for love in all the wrong places. So, bear this in mind. Sudden, exciting and unusual partnership prospects can appear. This could see lightning strike when you least expect it! Or an unexpected, heart starting flirtation leads to so much more.

The only period where you should take care not to rush in is November when you have a partial lunar eclipse in your 5th on November 19. If you have recently met someone new, then take things slowly. Others may need to pay special attention to their children at this time. The rest of the year’s eclipses will involve your 6th/12th house axis. More on this shortly.

You start the year with Venus in your 1st making a trine to Uranus. One thing to bear in mind now and with the Now Age planets in your 2nd – personal image and how you see yourself will have a big influence on career progress and your earning ability now. Think not just investment dressing but investing in your future via your appearance, look, style and image. It could just pay dividends. Especially if you are seeking a new role. Look the part, Capricorn. Also, dress like you are a keeper when it comes to love.

Join the Creative Revolution

Your creativity as well as your powers of attraction will be at a height in May. All thanks to Venus in your 5th. Children, babies, millennials, young people and teenagers may play a larger role than usual. If you have teenagers at home, they may challenge you or test the boundaries this year. And you may find yourself having to reach for new ways to communicate with them. You’ll find old authoritarian models don’t work. Also, step back and ask yourself if they are reflecting a need within you to rebel on some level?

You may find creative pursuits or hobbies are an excellent outlet not just for children but for you too. Writing, painting, photography, journalism, acting, teaching, presenting, influencing and the internet hand you an Access All Areas pass. Again, this may influence how you earn a living. You have Neptune, planet of inspiration in your 3rd. This opens up the realms of fantasy and imagination to you. Storytelling, ideas and channelling that muse.

Jupiter also enters this house briefly in May. It will only remain in here for two months before re-entering your 2nd again on July 28th. But take this as handing you a preview of what 2022 has in store for you in terms of business, commuting and giving you a glimpse of just how far an idea can take you.

June and July see Venus, the Sun and Mercury in your 7th making this another excellent phase for duos of all descriptions. Including working ones. Keep in mind all year what I said about how attracting love should be effortless without you needing to chase it.

Explore the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of this year’s eclipses occur on the 6th/12th house axis of your chart. The first on May 26th is a total lunar eclipse in your 12th. Emotionally, this is a blind spot for you. Think of the card of The Hermit in the Tarot. In fact, meditating on this card at this time may uncover just what is being concealed now. The Hermit holds a lamp which is the only light in the darkness. The lamp represents intuition and wisdom. So, heed those hunches and follow up on insight now.

The next eclipse will be a solar one in your 6th on June 10th. This is about the mind/body/spirit dynamic. It is about the effects of what you do every day. What you eat, drink, exercise (or not), your work (paid or unpaid) and the effect all this has on your overall wellbeing. This is an Annular eclipse which results in a ‘ring of fire’. So, you have a glimpse of the truth. But not the whole picture.

Venus enters your 1st on November 5th, but it is slowing down to prepare for a rare retrograde in your sign from December 19. Love will go on hold or reverse at this point. And Venus’s arrival occurs days before the eclipse in your 5th (19th) which is why you need to slow down when it comes to any matters of the heart. We have one final eclipse in your 12th on December 4. This is a total eclipse in your house of secrets, spirituality and hidden truths. So, take it you are utterly in the dark or this is a ‘blind spot’ for you. What is concealed may not now be revealed until 2022.

But take it that by the time the Sun enters your sign on December 21st, you should be looking back on a year where you have seen significant improvements around your income, money, values and love compared to the years previously. Jupiter will re-enter your 3rd on December 29th promising expansion, travel and learning opportunities for 2022. What you say or communicate will turn out to be your ticket to success. 2021 is the year where you begin the funding process for you future.

All about Capricorn

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn the lord of responsibility. The most tenacious sign of the Zodiac Capricorn will always reach the top of the mountain. Powerful, strong and forceful Capricorns are capable of great success. Your soul lesson is learn to let go sometimes and let someone love you!

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