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The week ahead for capricorn

Knowing the difference between wants and needs has you focussing your resources – and your ambitions, towards what really satisfies your soul. That could also be a place or a lifestyle you call home.

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Focus on what really matters

Innovate those resources and talents

Star a homecoming conversation

This week bring a full Supermoon in your status-seeking 10th. It shines a light back into your 4th of home and security. Asking you to look closely at what you have at your disposal right now to meet your needs. It’s time to separate wants from needs as these can be two very different things. This time could have you appreciating the difference and put your focus firmly on what’s most important. You may be happy to cocoon and simply be grateful for what you do have. Especially when it comes to where you choose to direct your resources. This week also has you looking at what money buys you or where it goes thanks to Mars now in your 2nd. Handling material resources and building a relationship with our money, assets and possessions is part of our spiritual experience here. This week may see you getting more creative or innovative around how you make your bread or what you spend it on, as Mars makes a budget defining angle to Uranus in your 5th. It then asks you to empower yourself when it trines Vesta in your 6th on the 8th. This could have you looking seriously at what you buy, save or spend. Channelling what you have right now into what matters rather than splurging could see you feeling richer for the experience. And taking this lesson to heart.

Mercury arrives in your 4th of home, family and emotional security. Of course, this ties in with your money and resources. How you live, where you live and family ties feature. As does what you need to feel settled and secure. Talking about your needs, kitchen table discussions with family members, flatmates, co-sharers about what’s important when it comes to your lifestyle defines what you need rather than what you want. This week says that’s a place to call home and a purpose which defines you, Capricorn.





11 Apr 2020 MERCURY ENTERS ARIES (4th)

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Be open to what opportunity now looks like

Stand by your values

You are the Right Stuff!

Ruler Saturn is showing you some Now Age values to align yourself with. By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of what’s most important to you. So, stand by those as an important alignment between the Sun in your 4th and Juno in your 10th of career and status occurs on the 2nd. The decision you make around where you live or work is a long term one now and it’s important that this enhances your life as you will live with it for a long time to come. Bolstering your mojo are Jupiter planet of opportunity aligned to Pluto in your 1st. Since the end of last month, Jupiter and Pluto have been in close contact. On the 5th, they perfectly align. This will be the first of three times they do this. Despite what is happening in the world, Jupiter always wants to hand us an opportunity. Be open to what this is for you. This may be just a future promise right now, but make no mistake, it is very real.

Venus enters your 6th of everyday work and routine on the 4th and trines Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the same day. Again, this is all about your values and also your money. Pay and salary negotiations will feature as will cementing your relationship with your money, possessions and assets. Making what you have really work for you. This month’s full Moon is a supermoon and it too is linked to home, career and status as it highlights these from your 10th house. It’s asking for that emotional work/life balance. Have you recently discovered what this is? It’s asking you use insight to keep positive changes in place. And also for you to look at what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. This is not the best position for the Moon. But what it does highlight for you are those real needs and what really matters to you. So, hold fast to those now. An extreme example would be suddenly seeing that worldly success isn’t worth sacrificing home, family, your health or love over. This Moon gives you the opportunity to see what is truly lasting and important.

Also, please don’t allow any insecurities around your work undermine you either. You are a sign for whom doing a good job is all important. This Moon can stir up questions around whether you are the right stuff, have got what it takes, whether bosses or superiors are happy with your performance or even impostor syndrome! Also, you may for instance, feel you are not doing enough for those closest to you. Understand at this time all any of us can do is our best within our current limitations. The other aspect of this Moon is that you need some nurturing, emotional support and reassurance yourself. If so, ask someone for this. If you are self-isolating alone, then facetime a friend or family member to talk and share your feelings. It’s important at this time to understand we are not alone – even if it feels like that. If you are an essential worker now, you may feel under increased pressure. Again, keep hold of the fact you and everyone else are doing their best in times we have never experienced before. You are enough now to meet this challenge!

You are the Right Stuff. Venus in your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing allows you to get creative with the day job (paid, unpaid, out there or indoors). And also helps you with ways to support your overall healthy and immune system. This is also a wonderful transit for starting up that side hustle from home if you have been thinking about doing that. You can infuse those ideas with an extra special layer of creativity. And work it in with your existing routine. But stay organised and have a plan otherwise you can get caught up in the dreaming as opposed to the doing!

Make the business of simply being you your priority. The Sun’s arrival in your 5th on the 20th would usually usher in a time of lightness, pleasure and romance. But this time around it can serve as a reminder that you can only climb so far before taking a break. What has been on hold for too long in your life? Fun? Love? Now, please remember that Venus is starting to slow down and will retrograde in your 6th next month. It doesn’t matter what house Venus makes its rare backwards motion in. Of course, this area will be most affected but when the planet of love heads retro this basically means love is on hold for now. So, if romance is on your mind, now is the time to look – and if this means virtual dating – go for it!

Your new Moon of attraction sets sail in here on the 23rd and falls within three degrees of Uranus. You’re craving excitement and something different. It’s time to express yourself to quote Madonna. And depending on your circumstances, this could mean reviving a hobby, a creative project or simply making real plans for when restrictions get lifted. Pampering yourself right now is a great immune system boost. Indulging yourself with ordering pamper products or simply something which makes you feel special – so needful right now!

You’ve that extra special advantage when it comes ideas, those future moves, your social media presence, the internet, writing and communication as Ceres arrives in your 3rd on the 24th and trines the North Node in your 7th. This is telling you it is the season to say it, send it out, launch it if you can, share it. By doing so you could reach a new agreement with someone or again, launch something new.

You are allowed to show yourself the love too. Change or update your appearance. Treat yourself and you are also allowed to shift your focus off of work and on to doing the things you love to do. Especially if you are waiting for life to move forward once more. So, glam yourself up and feel good even if it’s just for you! Especially when the Sun meets Uranus on the 26th. Do something different, daring and unusual. Order that radically different outfit to what you would normally choose – but one that makes you feel like a superstar! Just knowing you’re ready to show the world this new you as soon as you are able, will keep you positivity up.

Pluto retrogrades in your 1st from the 26th. By now you should know that Pluto backwards means that you go to yet another deeper level, like unlocking the levels on a video game, but one that is intensely personal. Mercury enters your 5th the following day and will angle to ruler Saturn in your 2nd on the 28th. How you are rewarded and treated by others both on a professional and a personal level are reflections of how you see yourself. It could be time to reach for a new level of self-empowerment and confidence. Asking for what you want or need may not always come naturally. Neither could prioritising yourself. But this alignment prompts you to do just that. April should show you that when it comes to working with what you have, you can make the most of any task or situation. Give yourself the Right Stuff treatment this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Have you been doubting yourself? It’s time to reward yourself for the incredible work – both inner and in the outer world, that you’ve been doing. Reward yourself for bring the Right Stuff!



4 Apr 2020 VENUS ENTERS GEMINI (6th)






11 Apr 2020 MERCURY ENTERS ARIES (4th)





20 Apr 2020 SUN ENTERS TAURUS (5th)


23 Apr 2020 NEW MOON IN TAURUS (5th) nb: Falls three degrees of Uranus

24 Apr 2020 CERES ENTERS PISCES (3rd)






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Capricorn Yearly Forecast 2020

Become your own success story

Love is the asset you can bank on

You’re the real deal for 2020, Capricorn!

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last paid your sign a visit, Capricorn. If you were 18 or over back then, recall the opportunities the planet of expansion may have handed you. And what changed around your image, appearance or how people saw you. It’s been over 500 years since your ruler Saturn met Pluto in your 1st. So, as 2020 begins take it you have never ever experienced anything like this. Nor will you again. Time to reach higher and go further than you ever imagined possible.

Jan 12 sees the meeting between not just Saturn and Pluto, but also Mercury and Ceres occur. Mercury is all about the message – or in your 1st also the messenger. That’s you. Ceres rules the power of deal making and compromise. Knowing when to sacrifice something in order to get what we want. The other side may think they have won – but they haven’t. The next day sees the Sun arrive highlighting this. It’s time to follow your highest potential. Up, up, up as far as this can take you. To do this, you need to be sure of yourself and project confidence and above all, authenticity.

Your sign is associated with high climbers and the desire to summit and reach the top. Saturn as you know is all about karma and along with Ceres we have a real ‘reap what you sow’ moment as this dwarf planet is associated with harvest and the seasons. Pluto rules transformation and also demands ‘clean’ energy. Which may seem strange when we are talking about a planet discovered as we entered the nuclear age. But not when you think of the term ‘fallout’. So, opportunities open up and rewards are on offer like never before for those who have worked with integrity and self-authority. But those who haven’t will now experience the fallout of their past actions.

Just Do It!

Hierarchies will shift, fall and crumble as a result. Making either new structures or more room for a different kind of leadership at the top. Which basically translates into unparalleled opportunity for you to move on up. So be ready as 2020 begins. Project an aura of someone to be taken seriously. And above all, make things happen for yourself. Especially when we enter February and Mars arrives in your 1st. You feel the desire to take on something new which adds that element of passion to your life. You want to prove what you can do to others – and yourself! Your confidence allows you to make that move and not wait for doors to success open – but to push through barriers that stan between you and what you want.

Others cannot help but sit up and take notice now, Cappy. One of the best days of the year to go for what (or who!) you want occurs on March 19 when Mars and Jupiter meet. Simple dare to do something you might have hesitated over before. Ask for that raise, promotion or even commitment from someone. Take that trip you’ve been putting off simply because you felt nervous about taking it on your own. Or try that activity. If you are interviewing or pitching for business now, ask for the job or the order. You are the offer they can’t refuse. Also the universe is telling you that the time is now. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do this. Or to sit around waiting for life to begin when that partner turns up. Mars and Jupiter together tell you seize the day and make your own luck.

Keys to the Vault

Your ruler is on the move on March 22. It will pay you a brief re-visit during its retrograde in July. But once it heads direct again and re-enters your 2nd on Dec 17, it will not return to your sign for another 29 years. Saturn in your 2nd is going to be all about the keys to that vault. Not just money but those inner riches such as your abilities, talents and skills. It’s time to plan in the long term when it comes to your cash. Saturn tells you to take your money seriously. No matter how much or how little you have of it. Many astrologers harp on about how Saturn in the 2nd can restrict our income or require us to work much harder for it. But forget so many millionaires and billionaires are born with natal Saturn in the 2nd. Saturn asks us to care for our money, to be mindful of what we spend it on, and to value what we have. To put our resources to the best possible use. When we act like we are the guardians of our own personal vault, Saturn then rewards with more to put in that vault!

You can now put in motion a 2.5 year plan for long term financial stability. Invest in your future. Plus you have backing! Jupiter is the planet which rules the world of big business and major plans. Pluto rules the underworld where treasures are buried. These two will meet not once but three times in your 1st as 2020 unfolds. The first time on March 30, the second on June 30 and the final time in your sign for your lifetime on December 15, just days before Jupiter joins Saturn in your 2nd. Use these days to advance your personal success agenda. Especially if this involves important meetings or interviews with people in positions of power. You could just be handed the keys to riches ‘as above, so below’.

Retroactive Power

Aside from the usual Mercury mayhem we expect three times every year, we have two highly unusual retrograde cycles occurring in 2020 which we all need to pay attention to. The first occurs from May 13 until June 25 when Venus retros in your 6th of work and wellness. Like any retrograde, it doesn’t matter which house the planet goes backwards in. It is what it rules that matters. In this case your love life, partnerships of all kinds and even your enemies. So, when the planet of love is heading backwards, it follows that this is not a good time to start a new relationship. That is unless stops, starts and eventual disappointment is your thing. Repair the love during this period. Love for existing relationships to reactivate that feel-good factor. And love for that body. Nurture that precious self- but don’t over-indulge it.

Feeling meh about your day job is a common side effect of retro Venus in here. But did you used to love your job? Was it different to the one you are doing now? If so, do you need to look at going back to it? Venus wants you to love what you do and infuse it with creativity and beauty. Sure, that’s not always possible but look at where you can bring pleasure into simple tasks. And reassess that work situation if necessary.

Mars in your 4th is not a happy houseguest. The reason being this is a nurturing, emotional house and Mars is all about action. It does not want to cocoon on the couch or talk about its feelings. Mars retrograde in your 4th – another kind of roommate entirely. From Sept 10 until Nov 14 we have Mars retro in here. This can allow you to make changes to living arrangements without it becoming a battlefield. Mars backwards is all about planning and strategy rather than moving. Redecorate, renovate, clear your environment of anything no longer needed. If you do want to move, then clear the way to take action once Mars heads direct again. If you have been putting off doing something – such as taking to those you live with about doing more around the house for instance, you’ll find the direct approach works best. Whatever you do – don’t continue to hold on to resentments or feeling you are taken for granted. Mars retro in here tells you to speak up. You’re the voice of reason rather than letting things get to the stage where they boil over instead.

You and Others

Jupiter in your 1st can often work harder for you in love matters than Jupiter in your 7th. The reason being that Jupiter is helping you project a bolder, more adventurous and downright sexy vibe that boosts your ability to attract. It pumps up that confidence so you feel more daring and willing to take a chance. Because of this, you are less worried about the possibility of rejection or what others think. Saturn’s entry into your 2nd also lifts barriers and stops any lingering self-doubt or you being unduly cautious when it comes to going after what you want. Aside from avoiding the Venus retro cycle when it comes to starting something new, there are two other key periods you need to be aware of when it comes to past, present or potential partners. The first occurs on June 21 when we have a new Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse in your 7th.

This is the kind of eclipse that delivers that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse images. You know eclipses plunge us into darkness. There is something we cannot see. In your 7th this revolves around someone opposite you. That squeeze, collaborator, friend or dare I say it, opponent. It does give you a ‘flash’ of insight which then vanishes as quickly as it came. It you have a sudden gut feeling around somebody, please heed it. Because eclipses reveal over time what you will find is that the truth will be exposed which confirms that thought. Hold on to it.

The time around this eclipse is therefore one where you should take things slowly if embarking on a new relationship. It tells you that someone may not be all they appear to be. Or that you may be unaware of the potential in the relationship. What is ‘hidden’ from you may not be bad. So, give people plenty of time and don’t necessarily instantly dismiss that potential suitor based on first impressions. Unless of course, the ‘flash’ of revelation is telling you they may not be what they appear.

Eclipse two on December 14 occurs one day before Saturn and Jupiter make a final meeting in your 1st, and is a total one. So, take it your are utterly in the dark as it occurs in your house of secrets. This could relate to a hidden opportunity or something deliberately concealed from you by someone. Saturn and Jupiter promise the revelation ‘in time’ and that also it is set to free you in some way no matter what is eventually revealed. You need to stay connected to that intuition, inner compass and unexplainable feeling. You may not yet have proof, but take it you are 100% right.

Reach higher for that love opportunity in 2020.

All this may sound serious and you by now may be feeling you have had enough of serious stuff! But wait as they say in the infomercials – there’s more. Or basically I’ve been saving the best until last. Saturn leaves you 1st for good re-entering your 2nd on Dec 17 while Jupiter follows just two days later. Throughout 2020 you’ve been able to reach for that higher love but now with both your ruler and Jupiter in here together, it’s all about love you can literally bank on for your future. Opening that vault in 2020 and on into 2021 is going to be all about knowing if your current love falls into this category, or it will send you one that is truly going to turn into the best investment your heart could make now. Bank on first yourself and your sense of worth and watch how the world agrees you’re right on the money when you come from your highest values. 2020 says: Yes, you CAN, Capricorn!

In a nutshell: That more brilliant, refined and successful version of you that you’re revealing in 2020 asks you to reach for your highest potential. It’s time to make your mark in both love and career. Yes, you CAN, Capricorn!

All about Capricorn

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn the lord of responsibility. The most tenacious sign of the Zodiac Capricorn will always reach the top of the mountain. Powerful, strong and forceful Capricorns are capable of great success. Your soul lesson is learn to let go sometimes and let someone love you!

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