the week ahead for aries

You’ve got a high speed link to the cosmos this week, Aries. Intuition brings answers or at least leads you to where they can be found. There’s no mystery you can’t unearth now.

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Connect to universal wisdom and truth

Discover a deeper meaning

What’s revealed to you this week may have a direct impact on intimacy or a few relationship. A few emotional buttons may get pushed in the process. You’re the psychic detective, the cosmic researcher determined to arrive at the truth. Follow the clues or at the very least the nudges from your intuition. Of course, it could be you who is the one being all mysterious. Do you have something that you are keeping close to your heart and are just not ready to share? Whichever area this falls in to heed that inner voice now.

Psychic, metaphysical and occult matters are likely to fascinate you so delve deeper. You know there’s a deeper meaning behind everything and if you are seeking answers you will find them if you look this week. You’re being aided by Mercury in your sector of depth and transformation aligning to Neptune in your house of the spirits. That’s your high speed link to universal wisdom and truth right there. What you learn this week will have you looking at the reality of one particular situation in a whole new light. But you’ve got a handle on it and are able to deal with this in a whole new way thanks to your enhanced perspective. Shifts in your social circle are also likely this week. Your best tactic? Keeping a universal mindset and understanding it’s all small stuff no matter what it looks like at the time.


15 Oct 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  BLACK MOON (8th House to 11th House)

15 Oct 2018 MERCURY CONJUNCTION  VENUS (8th House)

16 Oct 2018 MERCURY SEXTILE  VESTA (8th House to 10th House)

17 Oct 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  ERIS (7th House to 1st House)

17 Oct 2018 PLUTO SQUARE  CERES (10th House to 7th House)

19 Oct 2018 MERCURY TRINE  NEPTUNE (8th House to 12th House)

19 Oct 2018MERCURY SQUARE  MARS (8th House to 11th House)

21 Oct 2018 JUPITER TRINE  HYGEIA (8th House to 12th House)

monthly horoscope

Don’t underestimate yourself

Passion reawakens

Have a love revival

It’s the month of mists, mysteries and yes – Halloween! So, it’s probably fitting to talk about what could possibly ‘come alive’ again for you this October. The ghosts of lovers past, resurrection, rebirth, something you thought had ended coming alive again and second chances. Is this Night of the Living Zombies?! No. It’s Venus retrograde in your 8th house.

Unlike Mercury which we all know retrogrades regularly three times a year, Venus only heads backwards every 20 months.  So, when this happens we often don’t know quite what to expect. Venus will appear to backtrack across your 8th from the 5th. This is your house of intimacy, of things you share – especially Venus-ruled things like money or love. This house rules your sense of power and of powerlessness, and of course, relationships where sex is important. Venus backwards in here can be all about revival or having to finally admit something is over and probably should not be brought back to life. You may think a particular chapter is closed but then find there is still one more to be written. Except this time you may have more control over how the story ends. This is your house of passion so don’t be surprised if this is reawakened too just when you thought those feelings had gone dormant.

Venus rules both our 2nd (money and values) and our 7th houses (partnerships, marriage and long term connections). Your ruler Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th with Pluto being the modern one. You have a new Moon in Venus’s 7th which occurs on the 9th. Watch closely now as new beginnings have their roots very firmly planted in your past. Both the new and the full Moons this month could mark significant periods where your present situation can be traced back to your past – or when people from your past reappear. The new Moon in your 7th is always about a new cycle of relating and attraction. But because Venus is retrograde you could find yourself looking back at what you’ve failed to attract or feel you missed out on. There’s a saying: Nature abhors a vacuum. What happens is the Law of attraction will respond to fill the void. Be ready, especially when Venus will re-enter its ruling 7th on the 31st. This is the day that what you thought dead or over with, literally does live again!

With Venus moonwalking, please bear in mind that this period has similar rules to a Mercury retrograde but they apply to Venus-ruled areas of our life. So, if you are seeking a long term love, the ruler of this house going backwards is not the time to begin a new relationship. As Venus rules our money, this is also not a good time for major purchases and you need to avoid impulse buys or put off major purchases as chances are you will regret them by the time Venus heads direct again. Our 8th house is the house of our salary and Other People’s Money as well as money we are owed in turn. Venus retrograde in here is excellent for renegotiating loans, your pay, maintenance or asking someone for the return of that money if you are the one who is owed. Again, avoid taking on any new major financial commitments, new loans, credit cards etc.

Venus retrograde is about re-balancing the books and re—evaluating your assets (monetary and intangible) and transforming your relationship to your money. But on a soul level it’s about your values and what you believe you are worth. And how the people, circumstances and situations in your life reflect this. Uranus is in Venus’s other ruling house in your chart (2nd). The time of that full Moon in this house (24th), will see the Sun now in your 8th fall conjunct Venus and oppose Uranus for the first time ever in your adult lifetime! This full Moon in her brings up what you put first, what price you put on yourself, your skills, your time. What you will ‘sell out’ for and what you won’t for any price. In other words, your value system. Any negotiations you are involved in could peak now or enter a final stage. Again, this is your house of relationships which are ‘assets’ to you so watch for themes around this or that person returning. People may surprise you and possibly in the best possible way now.

The Sun’s entry into your 8th just prior to the full Moon on the 23rd asks you to dig deep into your soul power and passion. Look closely at where passion has been absent in your life and I am not just talking about sexual desire for someone but living a life of passion. This month can be your ‘come back’ cycle where if others have counted you out, you prove to them you are not to be underestimated. And what transpires now may also show you where you have been underestimating yourself.

You’ve just a few weeks left of Jupiter in your 8th and pivotal news around finances, a settlement, payout, business or work could reach you on the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter meet in this house for the final time in 12 years. Mercury will move into your expansion and big business sector from the 31st when you get to see just how far an idea can take you. Travel is also now very much on the agenda. Venus re-enters its ruling 7th on All Hallows Eve so watch out for the return of love on some level. Remember, this house doesn’t just rule romantic partnerships but close working or collaborative ones, your BFF’s and also whatever or whoever is your ‘opposite’.  As I said at the start of this forecast, this is your house of attraction and what you have failed to attract is every bit as important as what you have. This month gives you the empowerment to fill that hole if there is one, Aries. Get ready for a love reawakening.

In a nutshell: Halloween month could just see the return of an old love. Something new could just be reborn from something old. As you awaken to a passion and power revival, Aries!

annual horoscope

Aries 2018 

HOLY MOLY! The Astrology of 2018 is going to be life changing! Since 2011, Uranus, the rebellious, unpredictable, genius has been in your sign. No doubt your life has had a revolution over the past seven years. On top of that, your world may have been plagued by instability and wild times. Hopefully, by now, you realise that there has been deeper meaning and opportunity in all the crazy events? Whatever you thought of as stable seven years ago has long since transformed. Mr Electric is not quite finished with you yet, so make the most of it, and awaken your genius within. Be the individual that you are and push your originality, especially in the first few weeks of this year.

2018 Astrology kicks off with a helping hand as Uranus turns direct on the 2nd giving you a final chance to break free from any chains that still hold you. With Mars your ruler joining forces with lucky Jupiter on the 7th in your subconscious shadow side, you are overcoming issues of powerlessness and grabbing the reins. Be careful of not chucking yourself into 2018 by being too dominant. When you seize command, make sure you do it honourably. Jupiter is in your power zone until November 2018 and is bringing you benefits (as long as you face your shadow side) and could turn your finances around. Jupiter is helping you deal with sexuality issues and helping you unleash your inner lover. Others find you compelling and magnetic. In fact, much of 2018 is about you coming into your sexual and financial power as well as facing and letting go of fear.

When Uranus enters Taurus on the 15th May, he brings a revolution to your security and finance. The good news is that it may be that he delivers a surprising success. Dramatic events force you to use your unparalleled flare while taking risks to succeed. You can also have extraordinary achievements with anything technology based. So write the blog, create the app and dare to do and allow your inner wizard out to play.

Uranus retrograde does nip back into your sign in November 2018 until March 2019. However, when he exits once more, the personal revolution that has taken place for you is now well and truly over as he takes up his usual seven-year stint in your 2nd. 2018 gives you a taster of what’s to come from 2019. Having said that you’re more equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you, as you’ve got used to his erratic ways. Keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected and think outside the crate!

Saturn the serious has already shifted signs and gone into his bosom buddy Capricorn. I expect we will see some shady goings on in the world of finance and a leaning towards conservative values. The old world order is about to change and with it your own attitude to your career and your reputation. I’m not saying you are going to become a part of the establishment or don a hipster suit to work, but you are going to get more serious about what you want to achieve.

In 2017 you lived a pretty free and bohemian existence, 2018 turns your attention to work and structure. Arrangements that are not working will be broken down. 2018 is not the year to cut financial corners, or invest in the cheese windmills of Siberia, but it is the year to go for an unusual idea with a practical approach. You are empowered with exceptional stamina. You have a renewed focus on achievement as this is the culmination of a 30-year cycle. What have you been building up to over the past 28/30 years? Watch what happens when Mars conjuncts Saturn on April 2nd giving you the stamina of a Game of Thrones dragon ridden by a Queen.

On the 6th March, Venus La Amore goes into Aries! March is your love magnet time, you ooze charm and have a way with lovers. Spring is the perfect month to attract a lover, heal a relationship and make peace and nurture yourself. Your view and experience of love elevates now. How are you going to make the most of Venus snuggling you? What do you want from love?

One of the big deals of 2018 is  Chiron, the wounded healer, going into your sign. Now Chiron is not technically a planet, he’s a Comet, but a pretty special one. He has a very irregular way of travelling the Universe. When Chiron comes to your sign it has massive spiritual significance; it’s time to heal your deepest wounds. Chiron’s wisdom is that our hurts have also given us gifts and he encourages us to recover and support others with the understandings we have learned along the way. Any dents in our ‘ego’, in our sense of self are healing.

The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968 – 1977 a time of punk rock, feminism and all sorts of ‘fighting to be individual’. Martin Luther King was assassinated 3 days after Uranus went into Aries in 1968 and John F Kennedy was also murdered a few months later, both of these men changing the world in the process. We also landed on the Moon (allegedly haha). Chiron teaches us that our vulnerability is our strength. It’s an inner acknowledgement of where we have come from.

Mars your fiery ruler goes retrograde from the 26th June which might initially make you feel a bit Meh. The Fire King is in your social and collaboration zone. While Mars is doing his backwards slide, it might be worth taking time out and focusing on putting your personal energy into projects and work alone for a while. Don’t panic if you feel all Hermit-like, take the time to recharge. Mars will soon be back dragging you into the limelight from August 28th.

On the 8th November Jupiter Lord of luck and expansion enters Sagittarius and your house of adventure. From November onwards you’re about to become quite the swashbuckler! The Universe is bringing all sorts of travel possibilities, higher learning, a thirst for knowledge and treasure. The more you express your unique soul, the bigger the reward. Unusual and fascinating people are going to cross your path and show you a world of jewels you never knew existed! Get ready for a bigger soul stretching experience and see 2018 as your training ground to get you ready for what’s to come.

2 Jan 2018 until  7 Aug 2018  URANUS Turns Direct 1st House)

7 Jan 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  JUPITER (8th House)

17 Feb 2018 MARS SQUARE  NEPTUNE (9th House to 12th House)

6 Mar 2018 VENUS ENTERING ARIES (1st House)

9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018 (8th House)

2 Apr 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  SATURN (10th House)

17 Apr 2018 CHIRON ENTERING ARIES (1st House)

15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (2nd House)

16 May 2018,  2 Aug 2018,  19 Sep 2018 MARS SQUARE  URANUS (11th House to 2nd House)

25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (8th House to 12th House)

26 Jun 2018 until 27 Aug 2018 MARS Retrograde (11th House)

27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (11th House) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (2nd House)

7 Aug 2018, VENUS ENTERING LIBRA (7th House)
Also Uranus turns Retrograde (2nd House) until the end of the year

11 Aug 2018 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF  SUN (5th House)

6 Sep 218 Saturn turns Direct
6 Sep 2018 MERCURY ENTERING VIRGO (6th House)

7 Sep 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (6th House to 12th House)

9 Sep 2018, 2 Dec 2018 VENUS ENTERING SCORPIO (8th House)

1 Oct 2018 Pluto Turns Direct

5 Oct 2018 until 16 Nov 2018 VENUS Retrograde (8th House)

29 Oct 2018,  27 Nov 2018,  21 Dec 2018 MERCURY CONJUNCTION  JUPITER (8th House)

6 Nov 2018 URANUS Re enters  ARIES (1st House )


15 Nov 2018 MARS ENTERING PISCES (12th House)

7 Dec 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  NEPTUNE (12th House)

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