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The week ahead for aries

Happy birthday, fiery Aries! The world and the people in it will be your mirror this week. Send out love to have it reflected back and illuminate what truly matters. It’s a gift!

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Love needs to be equal

The world reflects your values

Happy birthday, Aries!

Happy birthday, Aries. You’re in a cycle of expansion but this week it’s important to hold tight to what you value and look at who or what adds true value to your life. Yes, your money, assets and possessions are in focus thanks to ruler Mars and now Uranus in your money zone. But for you more than any other sign entering the Uranus in Taurus cycle, it really will be about what matters most to you. Being your birthday season, more possessions are likely to be coming your way. But the fact is, this exciting new chapter isn’t about more ‘stuff’ – as lovely as that can be, but self-worth and what’s priceless to you. Only you can set those values but what you can be sure of is, they will define you and quite possibly your financial future too. That is not to say a powerful financial shift may not translate into money in the bank for you this week thanks to a powerful alignment between Mars and Pluto in your 10th. This may be fuelled by your desire for success, recognition and also financial security. The results of any action you take may be apparent on the 23rd when the Moon in your 8th opposes that newly arrived Uranus in your 2nd. If there’s a financial revolution happening for you now, it is down to your own efforts and you setting it in motion.

The day after the Sun reaches your 1st, we have a full Supermoon shining out from your 7th house. This is all about the person opposite you or even the world, reflecting back those values. This Moon has so much to tell you about who or what really matters to you – and in the case of a relationship, how much you matter to them. If it’s equal your open, brave Aries heart will give its all. You’ll seek balance in all your interactions and this Moon can bring in wonderful relationship rewards – be your connection a business one or just all about the love. In fact, this week truly is all about the love whether it’s what or who you value, Aries.

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You know nothing, Jon Snow . . .

Be fired up by passion

Birthday decisions determine the year ahead!

Start the month by admitting you know less than Jon Snow when it comes to what’s really going on, Aries. Expect misinformation, disinformation, misunderstandings, miscommunications and secrets to feature. What you think may be true may turn out not to be. Your best option – keeping an open mind and staying organised. We have major Mercury Mayhem occurring in your 12th this month as it heads retrograde in here from the 5th. It will meet with Neptune ruler of this house while in here. There’s very much a feeling of ‘Now you see it, now you don’t’ hanging around all of this on top of the usual retro stuff you expect. You may experience searing insights and clarity one moment – especially when the Sun meets Neptune in here on the 7th, and then muddles and confusion the next.

Above all, keep well away from anything clandestine and try to embody the upfront and ‘what you see is what you get’ qualities we associate with your sign. If you are asked to keep a secret, lock it in the vault. Watch who you confide in as they may not extend the same courtesy. Keep a close eye on your on-line security – passwords and account details. The new Moon in here on the 6th however does favour working behind the scenes is favoured as well as finishing up projects that have been hanging around. Usually the time leading up to your birthday boosts those intuitive and psychic abilities but this year, things may be muddled. People may also not keep their word or flip-flop back and forth like a fish out of water. In fact, that’s the general vibe happening in the background – certainly until Mercury exits retroshadow in the middle of next month. So despite the fact it will begin to move forward again after the 29th, please don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is over then.

I would not for one moment think that any celestial event could over-shadow the arrival of the Sun in your sign on the 20th. However, Uranus exiting your 1st and arriving in your 2nd on the 6th could run a very close second. For the past seven years you have been engaged in a highly personal revolution when it comes to your appearance, image, profile, look, how you see yourself and how you want to be seen. What has changed during this time? Look back at those old photos seven years ago and look at yourself today. What has shifted? That weight perhaps? That personal style which should now transcend fashion and reflect who you are in a timeless way. It’s been about showcasing what is individually you and owning it, baby! The thing about Uranus is it frees us and usually this comes about in exciting and unpredictable ways. Swings and roundabouts perfectly sums up Uranus in your money sector. And the world’s financial markets for that matter. How you earn your money and even how you handle it, bank it, spend it, invest it – all is now subject to Uranus’s merry-go-round of surprises. Expect no matter what, to forge a new relationship with both your cash and your internal values during this period. Unexpected opportunities to gain will present themselves – as could equally unforeseen expenses or events in the outer world which affect your money. You need to hang on to three unassailable and gold-standard truths during this period. 1: What occurs is

designed to free you 2: Finances may fluctuate but true self-worth remains unshakable and finally 3: You will exit this period ahead in some way. Inroads to this process could well occur around mid-month when ruler Mars strikes a reward and recognition note in your second with Saturn in its ruling 10th and another one with Pluto in here on the 20th pointing to positive career transformation with the attendant knock-on benefits to your bank account. Please note however, this will be all down to your own efforts.

Delays, cancellations, strikes, wrong turns or even the weather could disrupt travel plans also around this time when Jupiter which rules long distance travel and airlines makes an angle of disruption to that retro Mercury on the 15th. Allow extra time to get wherever you are going, check the weather at your destination, your route and confirm all connections and reservations before you even set out. Have travel documents backed up just in case.

When a full Moon appears it brings in a peak experience. It also reflects the light back into the opposite house in our charts that it appears in and this is what is illuminated for us emotionally at this time. The 21st doesn’t just bring us a full Moon – it brings us a full Supermoon – and in your 7th house. All that intense light floods back to highlight you. So, under this full Moon you need to look at who or what is directly opposite you. Your partner, close friend, long term work or business collaborator – or your potential one. Also your frenemy or outright antagonist as this is the house of open enemies. Combined with all the intense activity in your 12th, a few of you may suddenly see someone is not on your side after all and they ‘move’ from the 12th which is hidden enemies and into the 7th instead. What you feel about or for someone will be intense – one way or another. What does this Moon tell you however? That no matter if love or the opposite is reflected back at you, the only person’s emotional response you can control is your own. This Supermoon asks for balance and this begins with you giving a balanced response if something is revealed to be out-of-kilter between you and someone else. Or lucky Aries suddenly sees that the person opposite brings balance to their force. This super-sized Moon can have you seeing the perfect love or person reflected back at you.

Venus which rules your 7th is now on the move, entering your 12th on the 26th. If you have Pisces factors in your chart, expect the themes of psychic ability, secrets and your past to dominate now. Pay attention to your intuition and also use the inspiration you are given to create – not just to dream. For the first time in your lifetime, Venus in here will make an entrancing angle to Uranus in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 28th. Expect insight into what truly matters to you.

Ruler Mars is also on the move at the end of the month. The 31st sees it arrive in your 3rd. If you are inspiration-struck right now, Mars’s arrival in here sees you taking action on those ideas. This may in fact, set in motion events which define your path in the coming year. Feel the surge of excitement and renewed confidence in yourself and your abilities. This will go a long way to off-set any lingering residue of confusion caused by that 12th house build up! Your ruler in here hooks you back up to passion and the ability to express that – whether it’s to advance your professional or your personal agenda! Those future defining moves you make now could well include making your move on someone special or just taking action on your love life if you are single to change that. Your ambition increases with Mars in here – as does your desire to ‘win’ people over to your ideas, point of view or perhaps just you in an interview or dating situation. Mars in here says have the courage of your convictions – and set that future in motion of the coming year, Aries.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season tells you it’s time to set your future in motion. Do that by getting very clear on what truly matters to you. Winning hearts and minds plays a big role in this, Aries.

5 Mar 2019, MERCURY Retrograde until 28 Mar 2019 (12th)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (2nd) (Last time was 1934 – 1942!)

6 Mar 2019 NEW MOON IN PISCES (12th)





20 Mar 2019 MARS TRINE PLUTO (2nd to 10th)

20 Mar 2019 SUN ENTERING ARIES (1st)


23 Mar 2019 MOON OPPOSITION URANUS (8th to 2nd)


26 Mar 2019 VENUS ENTERS PISCES (12th)



31 Mar 2019 MARS ENTERS GEMINI (3rd

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Create your own success

Love crosses oceans and borders

Star in your own show

You’re stepping into your full empowerment potential as 2019 begins Aries. The first day of the New Year sees ruler Mars arrive in your sign. January begins with four planets in their ruling signs – Mars being one of them. We also have Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. For you, this means they are also in their ruling houses in your chart also giving you the ability to maximise all this potential. You should be filled with confidence, dynamic energy and courage putting you in a go-getting mood. It’s time to plant the seeds of the future and Mars in your 1st says take action – and set the events of the year in motion.

You’ll actively be looking for the thrill, the challenge and the risk too. Because you want to succeed now and for you real success means conquering something or going up against the ‘competition’ – and winning of course! Whether this is just in your head or in the outside world your drive and determination plus a large helping of big dreams, will see you through. You want something to show for your efforts and also thanks to Jupiter in your 9th, you are craving freedom too. As far as your work goes, if you have ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss, this is your year. No matter whether you decide to release your inner entrepreneur or look to improving your current work situation, you are very much going to be running – and starring in, your own show in 2019.

However, that does not mean you will be flying solo however. When your birthday season begins in March love, partnerships and above all, relating will take on a new meaning for you. This is due to two rare full Moons in your 7th house across two consecutive months. The first, on the 21st March is actually a Supermoon. The second one appears on April 19. To have two full Moons in the same sign/house two months in a row is highly unusual and sees you wanting to reach out and connect. Especially as the day after the second full Moon in your 7th appears, Venus the ruler of your 7g house, enters your 1st making this an enchanted time for relationships and your power to attract. You’ll now be striving for love, beauty and harmony and if you’re single, you will make finding someone with whom you can express this your priority during what is a special three month period. You are getting an extra dose of love potion from Venus due to her moving from your 1st on into her ruling 2nd until the beginning of June. So you can fully explore the potential unleashed by the two full Moons. Don’t be surprised if this pair of unusual full Moons result in an unusual pairing for you however. I’m talking about a love that has the potential to leap across barriers, oceans, social circles and age gaps. It’s about the differences that complete us. So, you could fall in love with someone much older or younger, from another country or from a very different background to yours. For you, love knows no borders in 2019.

Your birthday season also asks you to release your inner rock star. You began the year with retrograde Uranus in your sign having a brief re-visit. Uranus went direct on January 6 and by March 6 has re-entered Taurus – this time for good. One theme that is going to emerge for you during Uranus’s seven year visit to your 2nd house is being in rhythm. Music may take on a new meaning in your life especially modern music. Your taste in music may change or undergo a radical shift. Finding

your rhythm, your theme, your anthem if you like, will create a soundtrack to your life. A beat to whatever it is you do that you did not have before. However, Uranus in your 2nd will not just be bringing you alternative bands, but also altering the way you look at your money and your value system. You may find yourself looking past the pounds, dollars, euros, yen or even Bitcoin and asking yourself: what’s the real cost here? Am I selling out? How does having this add real value to my life? These are the kinds of questions you may not have asked yourself until now and with Uranus involved the answers you receive may surprise you. How you earn your money may change as well as your attitude towards it. Again, Uranus is the ruler of the inventor, the entrepreneur, the visionary maverick who rides the next wave before anyone else knows just what, when or where that may happen. You could be the idea whose time has come.

Big ideas are just one possibility that can open your eyes to a whole new world of experience thanks to Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart for 11th months of the year. Yes – you’re off on a magic carpet ride – Map Genie optional. Have your passport handy because travel is highly likely – especially the long haul, overseas variety. But do remember that unlike Uranus who frees us unilaterally, with Jupiter we get the choice whether we go along for the ride – or not. Even if you do not travel far from home at this time, it’s likely you will have dealings with people who have travelled extensively, are from overseas or who just come across as being somewhat larger than life. If so, you are encountering Jupiter in person regardless of their gender and will benefit from them in some way.

People and experiences will open up your eyes to possibilities and paths that you either did not know existed or did not think were for you. If you were over 18 12 years ago when Jupiter was last in your 9th house, think back to the themes that emerged back then for you. What opportunities were you offered? Which ones did you take up and which did you leave unexplored? It’s likely that similar themes will emerge again now and if you have any regrets about something you did or did not take up back then, you may now get the chance to choose differently this time around. It’s all about learning, exploring, not taking any of this too seriously, flying by the seat of your designer jeans and above all, having fun while you do it!

Your sexy self-confidence and fiery daring streak ensures you not only know what you want but have no hesitation in going after it. Especially during May when ruler Mars and Jupiter together ignite first your business and communication sector and then your house of romance, creativity and pleasure. You’re in the hot zone now basking in attention, recognition or success – or perhaps all three!

As we head towards the end of the year, you will have an opportunity to turn the answers to those questions you were asking earlier in the year around money, values and true costs into tangible results as Jupiter changes signs in the first week of December and heads into your 10th of career, reputation and renown. What do you want to be known as or for? It’s time to take yourself and your career ambitions seriously if you have not been doing so up until now. But what you should now be aware of is the true cost of getting to the top. Uranus and Jupiter want you to realise that true success is self-defined. It is your journey, not anyone else’s. And one person’s or even society’s idea of what ‘success’ is may be vastly different to yours. But yours is the only definition that matters. And the only one worth valuing. And the experiences you have will prove to be the most valuable things of all.

In a nutshell: Step onto a magic carpet ride! 2019 promises to open doors for you, to change your worldview and also to set you free of anything that is stopping you from reaching your potential.


1 Jan 2019 MARS ENTERING ARIES (1st House)

6 Jan 2019URANUS TURNS DIRECT (1st House)

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (9th House to 12th House)

25 Jan 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (1st House to 9th House)

2 Feb 2019 MARS SQUARE PLUTO (1st House to 10th House)

13 Feb 2019 MARS CONJUNCTION URANUS (1st House)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (2nd House) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !)

20 Mar 2019 MARS TRINE PLUTO (2nd House to 10th House)

20 Mar 2019 SUN ENTERS ARIES (1st House)

21 Mar 2019 FULL SUPERMOON IN LIBRA (7th House)

5 Apr 2019 NEW MOON IN ARIES (1st House)

17 April 2019 MERCURY ENTERS ARIES (1st House)

19 April 2019 FULL MOON IN LIBRA (7th House – Full Moon in the same house/sign two months running – rare event)

20 April 2019 VENUS ENTERS ARIES (1st House)

5 May 2019 MARS OPPOSITION JUPITER (3rd House to 9th House)

14 Jun 2019 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (4th House to 12th House)

14 Jun 2019 MARS OPPOSITION SATURN (4th House to 10th House)

20 Jun 2019 MARS OPPOSITION PLUTO (4th House to 10th House)

11 Jul 2019 CHIRON RETROGRADE IN ARIES (1st House)

25 Jul 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (5th House to 9th House)

3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (6th House) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (10th House) and Uranus (2nd House) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (9th House) and Neptune (12th House)

9 Sep 2019 MARS TRINE SATURN (6th House to 10th House)

4 Oct 2019 MARS ENTERS LIBRA (7th House)

24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (8th House to 2nd House)

13 Dec 2019 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (8th House to 12th House)

15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (10th House to 2nd House)

21 Dec 2019 CHIRON DIRECT IN ARIES (1st House)

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