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The week ahead for aries

This week sees you restless and hungry for something that takes you out of the ordinary. The escape route is there if you look for it, Aries. Shake up that dull routine. Domesticity isn’t you this week.

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Make time for what you want to do

Love gets back in touch

Reclaim the dream

Mercury retroshadow begins in Cancer and your 4th this week. So, begin to apply the Retro Rules especially around anything to do with property. Buying and selling, leasing and renting, roommates if you have them, your landlord and even – clunk – domestic appliances. With Jupiter still very much retrograde in your career house this too could be affected.

Reframe those roles

Looking at who does what around the home could also be in focus thanks to Vesta entering your 4th on the 4th. Talking about what’s fair may feature on the day as the Sun in your 3rd tightly angles to ruler Mars in your 12th.

Some of you may hear from blasts from the past this week or good news you have been waiting on finally arrives as the Sun and retro Venus in your 3rd meet on this day. You’ve a deep need for something now that expands your soul. Hence you may chafe at what restricts you now like distancing and lockdown. Which is why narks around domestic duties may surface.

Re-ignite the dream

This week’s full Moon of the 5th is an eclipsed one in your 9th. The house of adventure, expansion and freedom. Stirring your desire for something more and to escape what you feel confines you. Look deep within as to what you may be trying to escape. Eclipses conceal don’t forget. If you can’t actually go anywhere right now, is it time to re-focus on those big dreams you’ve stopped pursuing?

Release yourself

It also once more triggers ruler Mars and the Sun in your 3rd. This is all about a release into something bigger. Which can be as simple as switching up that routine that’s become a rut. It’s time to speak up when it comes to taking on more than your fair share this week. All work and no play makes Aries very dull indeed. And we all know that’s not you now, is it?

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Get your love mojo back!

Intuition guides you towards hidden truths

Seize the moment and break free

We’re not only still in retrograde weather – we’re now in eclipse weather too, Aries. Time to proceed slowly and with caution when it comes to property matters. Buying, selling, renting or leasing, roommates, sharers, Airbnb’s. All this and more! Here’s your guide to navigating an intense June!

One step at a time

Your best rule here is only take one step at a time. And then only when that next step is perfectly clear. Don’t count on anything. Delays, indecision, chains, reversals or in some cases even hidden elements may feature. If you are now looking at a move – please check everything carefully. Get expert advice and read the small print if signing anything. Especially connected to your as Mercury retroshadow begins in your 4th on the 2nd. Mercury will pull a full reverse from the 18th. And it will not clear its retroshadow phase until next month.

Retro Rule: If it comes back it’s yours

However, in some cases this can work in your favour. An Aries friend of mine once saw the dream property she lost out on, get put back on the market during a Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, she made it hers.

Something you thought done and dusted, signed off on or agreed could change or return. It may smack of bias. Or even an attitude you have had to deal with in the past. But now you have a whole new toolkit at your disposal. Vesta meets the North Node in your 3rd on the 3rd. The same day as the Sun conjuncts retro Venus. Does someone want something all their own way – still? If so, you are unlikely to go along with this any longer as the following day the Sun squares ruler Mars in your 12th while Vesta moves off into your 4th. This is no time to be disempowered by someone’s demands.

Reality Check

That ‘one step at a time’ rule applies on the 5th. We have an eclipsed full Moon in your 9th. The way ahead may suddenly feel unclear. As if you’ve lost your sense of direction. Read this month’s general forecast for more insight into what to do if this occurs. It’s asking you to follow on where your instincts are taking you as it triggers a powerful aspect with ruler Mars.

Sure, this is no time to hesitate when it comes to what you know needs to be done. But at the same time, it is also telling you not to be impulsive. You may need to wait to see what’s real and what isn’t. Simply call this a scrambled signal. However, this can also be a break-free moment for you. Amazing outcomes could be the result as retro Venus in your 3rd flirts with Chiron in your 1st on the 9th. Plus, if you never expected to hear from someone again – this could simply let you know to never say never again.

News has a fated flavour

The Sun meets the North Node in your 3rd which could bring you pivotal news on or around the 20th. This occurs hours before it arrives in your 4th and marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter in the Southern.

Hidden whispers and rings of truth

It’s ‘follow the bread crumbs’ season in your very own fairy tale as the year pivots, Aries. Mercury is now in retro-active motion. Plus we have the second eclipse occurring on the 21st. The new Moon brings us an annular solar eclipse. This will also make a challenging angle to retrograde Saturn. Use extra caution with any property dealings and career matters.

Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. We are literally in the dark about something. An annular eclipse is one that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of.

Go with your gut above all else now. No matter what contradictions or denials you are meeting in the outside world. Think of your gut feelings as that trail of breadcrumbs you follow out of the dark woods of concealment into the light. This could involve your living arrangements, your family, those you live with or even your reputation. Along with that moon-walking Mercury retro, nothing is decided so don’t jump to conclusions. Wait this one out.

Be open to the truth – especially in love

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year in retrograde motion. Remember as it heads backwards in its ruling 12th, that retrogrades are illusions and these are what Neptune rules! So, when retro Neptune’s illusions can be revealed for what they truly are. That information hidden within the eclipses may now begin to come to light. Love finally gets the green light once more as Venus moves forward on the 25th. And expect any illusions around love to be shed and left behind now.

End the month in power mode!

You leap back to being your usual assertive, sexy, powerful self as ruler Mars enters your 1st on the 28th. Plug into your power, Aries! You have had plenty of time to think about what it is you want and now you are unafraid to go for it. Shrug off any remaining self-doubts but continue to remain aware of the information your intuition is feeding you. That’s the killer combination of action and insight you can bring to any situation now.

June ends with another pivotal and transformational meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We last saw this occur in April. This time is slightly different as both planets are retrograde. There could be another opportunity to reach for that higher path or solution. You are being asked to stretch yourself. To discover what you are capable of and are made of. The Right Stuff? That’s you now, Aries.

In a nutshell:

There are things known and there are things unknown. And in between is your intuition, Aries. It acts as a door to the truth so pay attention. Love gets a green light again.

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Aries Yearly Forecast 2020

Reach higher

Open the door to new connections

Love has a plan that can’t be rushed

It’s all abut your public image, your status, title, your career, recognition and how you are seen by the world at large as 2020 begins, Aries. As you are the sign of action, be ready to take just that as there are opportunities at large for you. Especially between January and March. It’s also going to be about owning your actions. Whether these are in the past or the present. And in doing this, see how your choices have resulted in where you are today. Making this connection will allow you to make the most of the future determining opportunities on offer for you. Simply by seeing that choice is what sets your future in motion.

Even if you are not currently in paid work or are studying, this reputation defining process still applies. You can be affected by changes in your partnership status or via your partner’s choices for instance. How you are seen by the world at large and how you deal with people ‘at the top’ still applies. Who is holding doors open for you? Who is hindering you or asking for an accountability? It’s all connected to those past choices. And as January begins, it’s also going to be about how powerful you feel when taking the initiative to make new ones.

Old dynamics fall away to make room for new ones. Shifts in hierarchies and who holds or wields the power are a likely result which will affect all of us. But especially you as the super conjunction in Capricorn and your 10th on the 12th and 13th of January. This does not just affect those at the top. But those of us in the middle or even at the bottom of the pile as Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres and then the Sun all meet. Act with soul and integrity now. Jupiter also in here but outside this extremely rare aspect, promises a bigger opportunity to ‘move on up’ if we reach for a better, higher solution to get where we want to go. That solution will stretch you and also give you the chance to show the world you’re the right stuff – in every sense of the word! This is no longer about just ambition. But aligning your soul with what you want to achieve now.

It’s not just what you know – but who

A new world order is coming as a result of this. Possibly around power sharing as opposed to power hoarding by just the 1%. You’re feeling part of something bigger and a new connectedness. Your goals may shift along with this. And new and important connections can be made. Existing ones get locked in for the future. Those that have served their time and purpose will begin to fall away. What I want you to remember in 2020 and on into 2021, is that friendship has no age limit. Influential friends, friends where there is an age difference between you – I am talking about plus or minus at least seven years or more, or friends rich in experience – all hold the keys to your future path as Saturn arrives in your 11th for the first time in 30 years, on March 22.

This is just after the Sun arrives in your 1st and just before your new Moon in here on the 24th. Take every opportunity you can to connect and meet people. Suspend ideas around what friendship is – or can be. This also applies to work and professional connections. Extend you network in any way you can. Understand you will be judged by the company you keep now so choose your companions wisely as well as the places you hang out. Ruler Mars will meet Saturn on March 31st giving you the confidence to make that new approach or actively seek out new social groups, clubs, associations and experiences. You need people around you who share your passion. Fake friends? You’ll exercise unerring judgement in spotting them.

Time for love?

Understand that love may take time or have its own schedule in 2020. Despite your signature impatience, one of your main lessons to embrace this year is you can’t hurry love. One new connection that appears this year has the potential to become far more than just a friendship. But it will not only take its own time to emerge but also know it is going to be up to you at the end of the day whether it heads in this direction or remains a friendship. However, know the potential is there. Again, this may involve someone older or younger than you by quite a bit. Love also has no age limit and operates on its own schedule.

This especially applies during the two rare retrograde phases you are going to experience this year. Venus will retrograde in your 3rd from May 13 until June 25. I should not need to tell you that with the ruler of your love life going backwards, this is not a good time to embark on a new love affair. Unless ‘it’s complicated’ situations, reversals and limbo love affairs make your heart beat faster! It is however a good time to say what needs to be said that you may have been putting off around love. Or revive a past one. As Venus also rules your money and bank account, please try not to enter into new financial agreements now. And keep an eye on your spending.

Many of you may feel someone pressed the ‘pause’ button on your love life as potential partnerships get put on hold. Or you may feel you are going over old ground on an existing one. This is why love has its own timing now. Yes, it may take its own time. But it has the potential to go the distance.

Look Before You Leap!

Your ruler Mars will also make a rare retrograde in your 1st from September 10th 2020 until November 14th. You may feel passion is lacking, be mired in inertia and uncertain about what to do. Take this opportunity to go back over the themes which you were dealing with at the start of the year. Where you made that connection between your actions and the results they achieved for you. It’s not about whether or not you got what you wanted. It’s the learning curve that counts! So, before you take any action during this retro cycle, step back and think about any and every possible result that could arise from it. And if in doubt at all – wait and do nothing.

This is all about self-discipline and self-control – no matter if others are pushing your buttons. Change your reaction and you step free of the situation and back into your power. This is what your ruler retrograde wants to teach you. This will especially apply around the start of October when the full Moon in your 1st highlights someone ‘opposite’ you. For some this could even be about reclaiming passion. For others, showing someone where the boundaries lie. Take a considered approach now.

Find that Higher Path in 2020

Jupiter in your 10th for most of the year has been showing you that there is more than one way to climb to the top. There may be an easier, broader path than the one you have been on. There’s more still to be revealed around this however. Many of the themes begun in 2020 will continue on into 2021. Especially around contacts, friendships, groups, friends, work connections and who you know. December hands us a total solar eclipse on the 14th – in Jupiter’s ruling 9th house in your chart. What do we know about eclipses? That they conceal. Total eclipses mean we are completely in the dark. In your 9th this relates to travel – especially the long-distance kind. So, have back up plans if you are heading aboard now. This also governs doing business with people overseas, foreigners, the mass media, publishing, higher education, the law, ‘big’ business, sports, the outdoors and large animals – especially horses. There’s something you don’t yet see or know. This may not be anything negative. It could be that hidden, easier path to the top. But as you’ve been learning the wisdom of waiting before putting those plans into action all year, this is your opportunity to put this into good practice.

Jupiter exits your 10th and joins Saturn in your 11th on December 19th. This is not just your house of friendships, but where the future takes shape. Benefits flow from connections old and new. Your social scene will expand during the next 12 months. As this is your house of goals which of course are tied to your future path, make three wishes now. If you are willing to take even a small step to making them come true, you will be amazed at the people and opportunities which will cross your path in 2021, designed to help you do just that. At least one of them should manifest for you – possibly more. You’ve authored a new path for yourself in 2020, Aries. But this is more than just a story you’ve been telling yourself – and others. Now – live the journey for real.

In a nutshell: 2020 hands you the ability to be seen by those who matter in a brand new light. You can author a fresh image, future or path. Love however has its own schedule. Meet it on your journey, Aries!

All about aries

Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You’re a natural born leader who’s nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You’re the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you’re are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more.

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