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The week ahead for aries

Get ready to relate a little differently to your money, assets, what you have and your self-worth, Aries. Bank on tapping into hidden resources and feeling more abundant and ready-to-receive. Selling out is so not your style now.

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Have a value audit

Relate to what you have differently

Step into abundant flow

If money talks then what is yours saying to you this week? Your value system will be in focus as the Sun and Mercury leave your sign on the 19th.

Everything is really about our relationship to it. And money isn’t simply numbers on that bank statement or pay slip. It’s energy. So, if you want to feel more in charge of where your money goes or how you earn it, you need to change up the energy around it.

Love what you value

Venus rules your 2nd and is already in residence in here along with Uranus which is asking you to radically overhaul your relationship to your self-worth. And where the buck stops for you. We all have those ‘Not for sale at any price’ areas. The things that are precious or priceless in fact. Very often these are intangibles and what money can’t or doesn’t buy us. Love for instance – well, the real kind. Our time. Our beliefs.

So, as the Sun and Mercury move through here and entangle with both Venus and Uranus, you will be facing up to whether the price is right over something. Or basically not worth selling your soul out over. This week could bring a new source of income for some of you. While others just feel richer for knowing their self-esteem and values cannot be bought. Remember, it’s all about relating NOT about how much you have now.

What money can and can’t buy you

Ruler Mars is on the move into your 4th from the 23rd – the same day as Venus and Uranus collide in your 2nd. So, don’t be surprised if part of this value-added audit includes your home, living arrangement and those you live with. Mars in this house is not the best Airbnb guest to entertain. This is a nurturing, relating house and Mars is concerned with action – not feelings. To harness this energy, channel it into home and lifestyle upgrades, moving, decorating etc.

Bear in mind that at the same time Juno, planet of marriage and partnerships, turns retrograde in your 9th. While mercury and Venus square Saturn in your 10th and Vesta powers up again in your 6th. If those values tell you that what you do is not being valued on the domestic front or you are being asked to do more than your fair share this week, you’ll act accordingly Aries.

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Start a new cycle of opportunity

Happy Astrological New Year

You’re the Wiz!

Who makes it happen? You do this April, Aries. Your usual pro-active warrior spirit propels you forward. You know wishing isn’t enough. You gotta get doing for magic to happen. Above all this month, listen to your own inner wisdom. And as the month draws to a close, pay close attention to so-called leaders and ‘experts’.

Wizard of What?

I am not saying ignore advice or wisdom from those who have earned the right or are qualified to speak on a subject. Your friendly local Nobel prize winner, scientist or similar individual in a position of authority who has spent years studying or working towards the position they are in today. No, I’m talking about the self-proclaimed kind of ‘expert’. The person behind the curtain pulling the levers that make you think you are talking to the wizard.

You may see this in action or played out on the larger stage towards the end of the month when Ceres in your 1st squares Pluto on the 30th. Pluto will be the first planet to leave the all-planets direct rave we’ve all been part of. And this takes place on the 27th – the day we have a full Moon in Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio, hitting your 2nd/8th house axis of money, assets and empowerment. When this happens it will be extra important to stay connected to your own compass. More on this shortly.

Me After You

Blend that individual flava for something irresistible and outrageous right from the first week of April, Aries. New deal, new year, new you. Or should I say the new me after the old you?

Because you are the 1st house of the natural zodiac, we say the astrological new year begins with you. So, your birthday gift if you like is the opportunity to re-boot the year four months in to it. Which may throw the rest of 2021 into a more optimistic light. Yes, you do sometimes get the opportunity to begin in twice. The new Moon in your 1st on the 12th is just that.

First however, getting you or your ideas across to others should be child’s play from the 4th when Mercury arrives in your sign. It’s not just that you want to talk about your ideas. You’re showing not telling. This can manifest via changes to your appearance, image or style. But also due to Venus working its way through here, you attracting solutions, opportunities or even people, who propel you out and away from the same-old, same-old.

Jumping in, suggesting alternatives, compromises or simply daring to try something different could take you right up to that new Moon I mentioned. All thanks to the Sun, Mercury and Venus meeting Chiron and Ceres in your 1st. The trine between first Saturn in your 11th and the North Node in your 3rd on the 10th and then Venus and Jupiter (also in your 11th) on the same day, is all about a cycle of opportunity. Either you being given the chance to initiate a new one, or one set in motion coming full circle.

Fate wants you to set your direction and with Venus and your 11th involved – that direction could easily involve someone else. Anyone from a friend to a partner or even someone you work with.

The new Moon of the 12th will be close to Venus and make an irressible call to action when it comes to something you desire. Sitting around talking about it – yes, you have the right words. But you need to back that up with action too. And you won’t sit around waiting for things to happen. You will initiate them now.

Venus will move off into its ruling 2nd on the 14th. I will have more to say about money and what you value shortly. But when it comes to the actions you want to take or what you initiate now on the ideas from, you have support from Mercury as just prior to it too leaving your 1st on the 19th, it sextiles Jupiter and ruler Mars on the 17th. While Mars trines Jupiter from what is Mercury’s ruling 3rd.

News, the internet, writing, commerce or even getting around may form part of sweeping changes now. With long term benefits to be reaped. But again, you’ll see this all stems from you and what you have set in motion, Aries.

From the 19th, you’ll benefit from the big planetary line up in your 2nd of money, assets, possessions, values and self-worth. Mercury arrives first followed by the Sun shortly afterwards. You are going to experience shifts around your money, possessions, income, what you share with others, mortgages, credit, loans and benefits as your 2nd/8th house axis is triggered.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be meeting Uranus in here. While Venus and Mercury meet on the 25th. So, think values, what you deem priceless and a non-negotiable and cultivate a new rich mindset. That may include what money can’t buy you but is simply not for sale. Time, love, self-worth for instance.

But having done the work on the outer you earlier this month, it’s now time for you to show how this reflects those inner values. And do the home work when ruler Mars lands in your 4th on the 23rd. Also, as the full Moon appears in here on the 27th and opposes both Uranus and Venus, what is quite simply unshakeable for you. Above all at this time, stick to your standards and again, if you are given advice especially around money, ensure that the person giving it really does know what they are talking about and has the experience to back it up.

Yes, you’re worth it

If this contradicts what your inner voice is saying, or runs contrary to what you know to be right for you, then don’t be pushed into a hasty decision now. The 30th sees the Sun and Uranus meet. The same day as that Ceres/Pluto square. Remember in mythology – Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. And when it came to a stand-off between them, sure there was a compromise reached. But Pluto did not get his own way over it. Situations which have made you feel trapped may even transform by the light of this all-powerful full Moon. By all means be ready to compromise if the other party is willing to meet you halfway. But don’t sell out this month what you know to be true, Aries.

In a nutshell: You get two New Years, Aries. And two fresh starts. This month hands you a second-time-around cycle of new opportunities and beginnings. Jump in and start something new.


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Aries 2021 Forecast

Dream not coming true? Get a bigger one!

People power your future

Get ready for bigger, bolder, higher love!

Chances are the past two to three years have been the hard yards for you, Aries. Why? Well, ‘heavy’ cardinal weather in your 10th of career, public image and reputation. Jupiter’s entrance into here at the end of 2019, might have offered some solutions. But not all of them. Progress may have been difficult, blocked or your options limited.

This has in large part been down to Saturn in here which would have been squaring your Aries factors during its 2.5 year stay. You’ve had to stay the course no matter how hard or restrictive it may have been. Or work with less resources than usual. And possibly for fewer rewards too.

Create a Grand Design for Your Future

Now as 2021 begins, look forward to a new focus on goals, plans and forward progress. You should have felt a distinct sense of release and freedom in December 2020 as Saturn and Jupiter exited your 10th and moved on into your 11th. The Now Age of Aquarius which began on December 21st, 2020 and takes you on into the New Year is all about designing your future. And the people who form part of this Grand Design.

Learn from your past but don’t repeat it. And don’t whatever you do, continue to live in it. The first five months of 2020 – so I am talking up to and including your birthday season which begins March 20, are all about you looking forward. And the people who are sharing your vision of where you want to get to.

With Saturn in your 11th, friendships get locked in for the long term or left behind you. Older or simply more worldly wise or experienced friends could feature. If your connection with a person or even a larger group, cause, party, association, club, union or network, comes to an end now, be accepting about it. Simply understand it has run its course and let it go with gratitude for the experience.

Wish upon that star – but do the groundwork!

When Jupiter enters our 11th house, I always tell people to make three wishes. And to expect at least one to come true during Jupiter’s time in here. Also, to be aware that our future vision and therefore those goals, plans and dreams are linked to other people. Because nobody does it alone. Yes, you can be blogging, writing a book, designing a product or have a plan or idea, but you need visitors, publishers, readers, clients, followers to make it all happen.

Jupiter in your 11th can manifest in person. A larger-than-life, generous friend or contact who wants to open doors for you with no apparent agenda in mind. With Saturn also in here they can also lend gravitas or experience. And remain for the entire journey. Understand that your progress and your success story in 2021 – whether around work, career or your personal goals – is linked to who you know or meet.

Work that va-va-voom!

That feeling of going nowhere fast or that someone had hi-jacked your mojo in 2020 was exacerbated by ruler Mars making an ultra-rare retrograde in your sign from September to November. Then, when it finally did move forward again, there was that feeling of making up for lost time. Or the realisation you had your mojo all along – but just weren’t feeling it!

You are back in full force va-va-voom mode right up until May 2021. Then – remember what you learned about having your mojo all along, as we have a rare and special event happening. After powering through your 11th in just five months, Jupiter then moves into the sign of Pisces and your 12th on May 13th, 2021.

Rediscovery is your next adventure

The past is where you visit but no longer live. Just remember that as aspects of your past draw you back with Jupiter in here. This is also about exploring strange new worlds and other dimensions. Jupiter rules our beliefs and it also rules travel and higher learning. So, you may study the Tarot, astrology, philosophy, mediumship, psychic ability or even Quantum physics with Jupiter in here.

Travel to places you have visited or even lived in the past is also highlighted now. If not in person then via your armchair, the internet or the Discovery channel! You’re being invited to see the larger meaning behind your life and that there are ‘More things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy’. Or have been until now.

Where you fit into the grand scheme of things and also how the people around you fit into this big picture, especially past life connections, is your territory to explore. Expect people from the past in this lifetime and the past in others, to reappear. If they are helping you, this is because you did the same for them in the past.

Jupiter enters your 12th on May 13, spends approximately a month in here and then on June 20th heads backwards, landing back in your 11th on July 28th. So, gather up the people, learnings and higher wisdom you can glean from the past, and now use it to re-envision your future.

Jupiter will head direct again at 22 degrees of Aquarius on October 18, 2021. Check your chart for aspects at 22 degrees of any sign, as this will mark an important opportunity or new beginning in a key area. If you are unsure one of our astrologers can give you more insight. It will then land back in your 12th on December 29, 2021 and will trigger a major new expansion cycle when it arrives in your sign in May 2022.

Don’t stop believin’

Plan – and think big. Also, do everything you can to make that future vision real. Show others you are serious about it. Saturn grounds us and brings us ‘down to earth’. It tells us that unless we get serious about our dreams and take steps towards making that goal reality, it will remain just that – a dream. Jupiter however says to dream on and dream big. So, dream big while it is in your 12th and then when it re-arrives back in your 11th and heads direct again, be ready to gather up your resources of contacts, friends, connections and people power, to make it real.

Above all, believe in yourself, your vision and your ability to create a new future. If you do, others will join you. Share what you have learned along the way. Be open to new ways of getting to your goal. And to go deep into what that ultimate goal really is and what is driving you.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

So, now you know you have your mojo no matter what, where can it take you in 2021 when it comes to love? Hang on to that truth about your sexiness, confidence and ability to attract. No matter what – you always have it. Best times for love are your birthday season when you have not only the Sun but also Venus in your 1st. This marks the start of a powerful cycle of attraction for you when coupled with the new Moon in your sign on April 12.

We are also have major eclipses taking place. Two of these occur in Sagittarius and Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart. The first is a total lunar eclipse on May 26. The second one in here is a total solar Eclipse pm December 4. In between we also have an Annular Solar eclipse in your 3rd on June 10 and an all-change partial lunar eclipse in your money house on November 19. As you know, eclipses conceal. With the eclipses on your 9th/3rd house axis – expect this to eventually reveal aspects relating to people overseas, long distance travel, airlines, mass media, large animals, your university, foreign connections, the law, religion or even hidden ways to get to your dreams.

With Uranus in your money zone and an eclipse in here in November, stay flexible and use caution when it comes to money matters. And be open to new ways to make your bread which may free you from restrictions in the long term. Again, these may come about via those you know or who you are connected to.

River deep, mountain high

July sees both Venus and ruler Mars in your fabulizing 5th making this another time for romance, attraction, play and sheer pleasure. Due to Saturn and Jupiter in your 11th, understand the main focus of the year are your connections as in your wider ones. But this does not rule out love. You just need to be aware of when the best times for this are.

Again, when Jupiter is in your 12th, this could see the return of a past love. Other major cycles of attraction and when it-takes-two-baby will be the August/September/October period when we have Mars, the Sun and Venus in your 7th. All will oppose Chiron in your 1st as they move through here. Impossible, outrageous love fortune and outcomes could follow. If you are willing to take a chance on you – or love itself that is.

With Jupiter in and out of your 11th and 12th houses, 2021 is all about finding your path and also about the people who will walk that path with you. It asks you to imagine or envision a new kind of future and to big up those goals and desires. And above all, to take the steps necessary to make them real. If you’ve needed help doing this then hang on – it’s on its way. You have both the dream and the dream team this year, Aries!

In a nutshell: Hard work and heavy going are feelings of the past as you power on and up into the Now Age of 2021! Design a future and a goal worth reaching for. Because if you do, others will join you on your journey. It could just be a year when wishes turn into reality, Aries!


All about aries

Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You’re a natural born leader who’s nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You’re the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you’re are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more.

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