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The week ahead for aries

Time to claim your right to shine, Aries. All thanks to this week’s full Moon in your 5th. And if you’re not getting the recognition and/or attention you deserve, you’ve also the power to put that right now.

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Open a path to your goals

Are you getting enough of what you need?

Make that stand-out move!

This week is all about how your stand out from the rest, Aries. Both personally and professionally. We have a full Moon in your show-stopping 5th house on the 28th. It will also oppose Jupiter in your 11th. This Moon is known as a Wolf Moon or Snow Moon. Strangely the term ‘Wolf Moon’ isn’t thought to originate from Native Americans as we might think. But from Anglo Saxon culture. Don’t forget, wolves use to be prevalent in the UK and across Europe.

We all need to stand out in some way, receive positive strokes, praise, love and recognition. So, this week asks: Are you getting enough, Aries? Maybe on some areas but not in others perhaps? Do you get told you are doing a great job? Are special in some way? You are loved? Are you having fun and feel free to express yourself? Expect this full Moon to have you looking at all of this.

Time to Shine!

The Sun in your 11th highlights any discrepancy between what you know you deserve and what you receive as it angles at Uranus in your 2nd on the 26th just prior to the Moon waxing full. You can now identify this and also, put in plans to get it during the Mercury retrocycle in your 11th which begins on the 30th.

However, rewards, attention or recognition could arrive too thanks to the meeting between Venus and Pluto in your status sector on the 29th and an even better pairing of the Sun and Jupiter on the 29th. Wishes and dreams – or the way to get to them, may just appear. Get ready to get noticed, Aries. If only by the universe saying ‘Yes, it’s YOUR turn!’

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Hit the New Year running!

Get ready for the Now Age

The future starts here

2020 handed us a year like no other. Due to extremely rare planetary configurations we had not experienced in our lifetimes. So, what’s 2021 got in store for you, Aries?

Fire up those ambitions!

You begin the year in a ‘Can do’ mood thanks to ruler Mars now in full forward motion. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction in your career sector pushes you towards a new kind of success strategy for the coming year. You want to explore your full potential and discover exactly what you can achieve when you try. Mars in your money zone from the 6th hands you confidence and also a willingness to take a chance on pushing yourself or going further.

You’ve a desire to achieve more now. And are also willing to experiment. You won’t be afraid to stand out as January progresses. Venus rules your money house and begins the process of enhancing your public image and professional reputation as it enters your 10th from the 8th. It will trine Mars (9th) and also Uranus (14th) as it moves through here. Make those ambitious New Year career moves around these dates.

Meanwhile, those Now Age planets in your 11th will be set off by Mercury’s arrival in here also on the 8th. You want to do things differently now and be seen differently especially when it comes to carving a niche for yourself.

It’s a month to adopt a new view of you, and also to adapt to continued changes in the collective. The more flexible you are, the more you will be in a position to take advantage of this exciting new cycle.

Check Your Chart

You might also want to check your birthchart for Taurus factors. Many Aries have planets in the sign next door. As Mars and also Uranus move through here, they are going to meet any Taurus planets you have. Plus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in your 11th from the 19th, will square them. We also have big squares occurring this January between Mars and Uranus in your 2nd and all those Now Age planets.

Remember, this is your push out of the door especially as Uranus rules your 11th. It’s all about cooperation, community and connection. If you want to get ahead, you need to connect. What you are seeking is linked to who you know. Especially when it comes to earnings and income this month. So, bear this in mind.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

The Buck Stops and Starts with You

This month’s new Moon in your 10th on the 13th asks you to set new targets when it comes to those ambitions, Aries. Above all, stay closely aligned to your values. Uranus in your 2nd is all about re-setting these if needed. It flags you up on what is truly important to you. What you place beyond price in your value system. What is simply not for sale or negotiable at any price.

For many of you experiencing the radically different energy in your 10th now Saturn and Jupiter have left, this may mean a radically different version of what you thought of as ‘success’ than you held a few years ago. This new Moon marks the start of an important transformational phase due to it falling very close to Pluto in here. Harness you power and don’t allow your story or your future to be defined by others. There’s a new dynamic at play here. And you get to author it. Set your targets for 2021 by this new Moon.

The January 28th full Moon in your 5th opposes Jupiter in your 11th. This isn’t a full Moon under which to hide yourself away. Sure, actually being out and about may not be possible for some of us. But what ways can you think of to socialise, share and connect? To share yourself with others? Tap into creativity and fun to do this. This full Moon represents the peak of attraction. What you have attracted, what you want to attract for the future. Is there something you need to release to make way for something new? This full Moon sets your intentions.

And if you’ve been asking: But what about the love? Remember – your 2nd is ruled by Venus. Unexpected flirtations that turn into something more serious, like attracting like, that person who suddenly is front-and-centre for you? Dates to watch are the fabulous trines between Venus and Mars on the 9th and Venus and Uranus on the 14th.

Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury begins its retroshadow time mid-month. But won’t head backwards until the 30th. Yes, we know a Mercury retro delivers breakdowns, cancellations, confusion. But it’s also time to revise and revisit. To reconnect. Especially when it is in your Now Age 11th of friends and the future. Get in touch with old contacts. Revise your goals.

Look to your sense of belonging and community. How has 2020 affected these? Is it time to reconnect with people? Look to new ways you can forge fresh connections. Or to revisit those goals for relevance. Keep to the ‘re’ words during a Mercury retrograde and you can’t really go wrong. This includes reinvention. Just be philosophical if Mercury throws a retro spanner in the works. In your 11th it’s always important to keep that universal perspective.

The good news is that due to its retrograde, Mercury will meet Jupiter not one but three times! Triple Jupiter benefits via those you know could be heading your way this month and in February. Ruler Mars meets Uranus in your 2nd on the 20th and then squares Jupiter on the 23rd. Remember what you know – there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ Jupiter aspect – only solutions and opportunities.

Once the Sun has arrived in your 11th it meets Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). The final week of January is a time of power moves thanks to the meeting of Venus and Pluto in your 10th on the 28th. Go after what you want this month, Aries. Then, sit back and enjoy just how much you have accomplished in just the first 31 days of 2021!

In a nutshell: Ruler Mars sends you rushing into 2021 fuelled with desire for something new and better, Aries. Whether you’re seeking love or a new way of working, it all revolves around who you know or are connected to in the Now Age.

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Aries 2021 Forecast

Dream not coming true? Get a bigger one!

People power your future

Get ready for bigger, bolder, higher love!

Chances are the past two to three years have been the hard yards for you, Aries. Why? Well, ‘heavy’ cardinal weather in your 10th of career, public image and reputation. Jupiter’s entrance into here at the end of 2019, might have offered some solutions. But not all of them. Progress may have been difficult, blocked or your options limited.

This has in large part been down to Saturn in here which would have been squaring your Aries factors during its 2.5 year stay. You’ve had to stay the course no matter how hard or restrictive it may have been. Or work with less resources than usual. And possibly for fewer rewards too.

Create a Grand Design for Your Future

Now as 2021 begins, look forward to a new focus on goals, plans and forward progress. You should have felt a distinct sense of release and freedom in December 2020 as Saturn and Jupiter exited your 10th and moved on into your 11th. The Now Age of Aquarius which began on December 21st, 2020 and takes you on into the New Year is all about designing your future. And the people who form part of this Grand Design.

Learn from your past but don’t repeat it. And don’t whatever you do, continue to live in it. The first five months of 2020 – so I am talking up to and including your birthday season which begins March 20, are all about you looking forward. And the people who are sharing your vision of where you want to get to.

With Saturn in your 11th, friendships get locked in for the long term or left behind you. Older or simply more worldly wise or experienced friends could feature. If your connection with a person or even a larger group, cause, party, association, club, union or network, comes to an end now, be accepting about it. Simply understand it has run its course and let it go with gratitude for the experience.

Wish upon that star – but do the groundwork!

When Jupiter enters our 11th house, I always tell people to make three wishes. And to expect at least one to come true during Jupiter’s time in here. Also, to be aware that our future vision and therefore those goals, plans and dreams are linked to other people. Because nobody does it alone. Yes, you can be blogging, writing a book, designing a product or have a plan or idea, but you need visitors, publishers, readers, clients, followers to make it all happen.

Jupiter in your 11th can manifest in person. A larger-than-life, generous friend or contact who wants to open doors for you with no apparent agenda in mind. With Saturn also in here they can also lend gravitas or experience. And remain for the entire journey. Understand that your progress and your success story in 2021 – whether around work, career or your personal goals – is linked to who you know or meet.

Work that va-va-voom!

That feeling of going nowhere fast or that someone had hi-jacked your mojo in 2020 was exacerbated by ruler Mars making an ultra-rare retrograde in your sign from September to November. Then, when it finally did move forward again, there was that feeling of making up for lost time. Or the realisation you had your mojo all along – but just weren’t feeling it!

You are back in full force va-va-voom mode right up until May 2021. Then – remember what you learned about having your mojo all along, as we have a rare and special event happening. After powering through your 11th in just five months, Jupiter then moves into the sign of Pisces and your 12th on May 13th, 2021.

Rediscovery is your next adventure

The past is where you visit but no longer live. Just remember that as aspects of your past draw you back with Jupiter in here. This is also about exploring strange new worlds and other dimensions. Jupiter rules our beliefs and it also rules travel and higher learning. So, you may study the Tarot, astrology, philosophy, mediumship, psychic ability or even Quantum physics with Jupiter in here.

Travel to places you have visited or even lived in the past is also highlighted now. If not in person then via your armchair, the internet or the Discovery channel! You’re being invited to see the larger meaning behind your life and that there are ‘More things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy’. Or have been until now.

Where you fit into the grand scheme of things and also how the people around you fit into this big picture, especially past life connections, is your territory to explore. Expect people from the past in this lifetime and the past in others, to reappear. If they are helping you, this is because you did the same for them in the past.

Jupiter enters your 12th on May 13, spends approximately a month in here and then on June 20th heads backwards, landing back in your 11th on July 28th. So, gather up the people, learnings and higher wisdom you can glean from the past, and now use it to re-envision your future.

Jupiter will head direct again at 22 degrees of Aquarius on October 18, 2021. Check your chart for aspects at 22 degrees of any sign, as this will mark an important opportunity or new beginning in a key area. If you are unsure one of our astrologers can give you more insight. It will then land back in your 12th on December 29, 2021 and will trigger a major new expansion cycle when it arrives in your sign in May 2022.

Don’t stop believin’

Plan – and think big. Also, do everything you can to make that future vision real. Show others you are serious about it. Saturn grounds us and brings us ‘down to earth’. It tells us that unless we get serious about our dreams and take steps towards making that goal reality, it will remain just that – a dream. Jupiter however says to dream on and dream big. So, dream big while it is in your 12th and then when it re-arrives back in your 11th and heads direct again, be ready to gather up your resources of contacts, friends, connections and people power, to make it real.

Above all, believe in yourself, your vision and your ability to create a new future. If you do, others will join you. Share what you have learned along the way. Be open to new ways of getting to your goal. And to go deep into what that ultimate goal really is and what is driving you.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

So, now you know you have your mojo no matter what, where can it take you in 2021 when it comes to love? Hang on to that truth about your sexiness, confidence and ability to attract. No matter what – you always have it. Best times for love are your birthday season when you have not only the Sun but also Venus in your 1st. This marks the start of a powerful cycle of attraction for you when coupled with the new Moon in your sign on April 12.

We are also have major eclipses taking place. Two of these occur in Sagittarius and Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart. The first is a total lunar eclipse on May 26. The second one in here is a total solar Eclipse pm December 4. In between we also have an Annular Solar eclipse in your 3rd on June 10 and an all-change partial lunar eclipse in your money house on November 19. As you know, eclipses conceal. With the eclipses on your 9th/3rd house axis – expect this to eventually reveal aspects relating to people overseas, long distance travel, airlines, mass media, large animals, your university, foreign connections, the law, religion or even hidden ways to get to your dreams.

With Uranus in your money zone and an eclipse in here in November, stay flexible and use caution when it comes to money matters. And be open to new ways to make your bread which may free you from restrictions in the long term. Again, these may come about via those you know or who you are connected to.

River deep, mountain high

July sees both Venus and ruler Mars in your fabulizing 5th making this another time for romance, attraction, play and sheer pleasure. Due to Saturn and Jupiter in your 11th, understand the main focus of the year are your connections as in your wider ones. But this does not rule out love. You just need to be aware of when the best times for this are.

Again, when Jupiter is in your 12th, this could see the return of a past love. Other major cycles of attraction and when it-takes-two-baby will be the August/September/October period when we have Mars, the Sun and Venus in your 7th. All will oppose Chiron in your 1st as they move through here. Impossible, outrageous love fortune and outcomes could follow. If you are willing to take a chance on you – or love itself that is.

With Jupiter in and out of your 11th and 12th houses, 2021 is all about finding your path and also about the people who will walk that path with you. It asks you to imagine or envision a new kind of future and to big up those goals and desires. And above all, to take the steps necessary to make them real. If you’ve needed help doing this then hang on – it’s on its way. You have both the dream and the dream team this year, Aries!

In a nutshell: Hard work and heavy going are feelings of the past as you power on and up into the Now Age of 2021! Design a future and a goal worth reaching for. Because if you do, others will join you on your journey. It could just be a year when wishes turn into reality, Aries!


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Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You’re a natural born leader who’s nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You’re the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you’re are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more.

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