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The week ahead for aries

Delays are likely and the path ahead may not be clear, Aries. Anything that requires a major decision or even travel, requires careful planning. Or simply a watch and wait philosophy this week.

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No more playing by someone else’s rules

Go deeper to discover the truth

Faraway so close – connect to that inner travel compass

Keep an open mind on news or information you receive this week, Aries. And please – treat the week like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. The 29th sees the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 9th while ruler Mars in your 8th trines Neptune (about to head direct) in your 12th. This is your house of secrets and hidden truths while Mars is in its ruling 8th of power money, changes and transformations. What you are being told this week may be an edited version of the truth or you simply don’t yet have the bigger picture. If something looks too good to be true – take it that it is.

You do however have a bad ass, break free moment occurring on the 2nd when Vesta also in your 9th trines Chiron in your 1st. Don’t be limited, pigeon-holed or assigned a role simply based on bias or the archaic definitions imposed on you by others.

Align to the truth of your soul compass

If you are travelling this week, are engaged in studies, legal proceedings, the mass media, dealing with businesses or people overseas, the supply chain, publishing, airlines, mass transport, shipping or thinking of making a major purchase – anything from that appliance to a horse – then don’t. This is where the Mercury retro on steroids aspect comes in. We have a total eclipse in your 9th on the 4th at the time of a new Supermoon. So, all of us are completely in the dark in a key area.

Delay decisions if at all possible. If you are travelling then have a Plan B and allow extra time for your journey. Do not venture into ‘dodgy’ areas and singles – be wary of that potential love interest contacting you from far, far away. What is covered up may take some time to come to light. Best way to proceed? That inner compass. Take the path to your soul True North this week.

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Aim high

Take time out for dreamweaving

Get ready for big, bold personal breakthroughs

High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 10th acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22. Love will be on hold as will money matters from that point onwards. So, use the first three weeks of December to put those finishing touches to career moves, projects and status-setting plans and then shelve further progress until the New Year. Just see this as a way of getting into the holiday spirit.

The start of December brings the final eclipse on your 3rd/9th axis. It’s not just the eclipse axis which changes in 2022, but the Nodes too. The North Node will enter your 2nd and the eclipses for next year will all occur across your 2nd/8th houses. Think money, assets, what you share, sexual alchemy, transformation and empowerment. The new Moon in your 9th on the 4th is a secret Supermoon. When a Supermoon occurs at a full Moon well – it’s hugely obvious. Not so on a new Moon – it’s hidden. We can’t see it. Just as we can’t see what’s hidden within an eclipse. This is a Total Solar Eclipse on a secret Supermoon so take it you are utterly in the dark over something. The more you admit the less you know – the smarter you look in fact.

Whatever the cover up – it’s big. Look to 9th house themes for clues. Long distance travel, foreign connections, universities, the law, the mass media, airlines, shipping, the supply chain, border controls, the great outdoors, sports, animals, gambling and your biggest ever goals and dreams. A little time spent dreamweaving under this eclipse – looking at the gap between desire and manifestation, could eventually reveal a new path to get where you want or what you want.

But aside from soul travelling – I should not need to tell you that this eclipse should be treated like Mercury retrograde on steroids if you do happen to be travelling now. And aside from the unforeseen affecting your travel plans, keep in mind if you are dealing with people overseas for business or even on a personal level, there may be something they are not telling you – yet. As usual, go with your gut. Avoid large expenditures. If you can avoid travel in the two days leading up to the eclipse and afterwards – then do so. And put those big plans on hold for now. You could be literally missing something vital.

You could uncover what you need to know or else discover that a delay around this time has worked in your favour when ruler Mars arrives in here on the 13th. The action you need to take should be far clearer now. Plus you have the confidence to get to the truth if the big picture is still unfocused. This day also sees Mercury enter your 10th. You are now on the countdown not just to the holidays, but to both the Venus retro (19th) and the beginning of the Mercury retroshadow in here on the 29th.

Sure, you are reflecting on all you have achieved this year. But that bolder version of you that Mars has unleashed now wants to clear the way towards those desires for 2022! And let’s face it Aries, you’ve also had to tough it out in several areas since 2020. But this has just made you all the more determined to succeed when it comes to your goals.

Go Your Own Way

The 15th brings one to a key stage or propels you to set something new in motion when Mars opposes the North Node conjunct Ceres in your 3rd. The explorer, pioneer and innovator in you surfaces. You’re not content to sit back and just talk. Yes, this could involve you and someone else coming to an agreement. But you (and they) need to be in complete alignment. You are a warrior soul but look back and ask yourself if lockdown and so many changes have left you feeling vulnerable and with your signature confidence dimmed? If not – you’ve now the fierce audacity to strike out on your own.

Watch the 21st when Chiron heads direct in your 1st. You may surprise yourself not just others with what you dare to try. Some of you may design a very different take on how you spend the holidays. Don’t be afraid to give that gift to yourself if you have ended up dreading the usual rituals.

That’s the Power of Love

With the Venus retro days away you and someone else need to be totally on the same page however if things are to keep heading forward. Especially as Ceres retro backs up into your 2nd and Taurus on the 22nd. Shared values determine your joint future. The 21st brings us to Solstice Day as the Sun enters your 10th. The longest or shortest day depending on our hemisphere. Give acts of love and also self-love now. This is the ultimate act of giving. Especially on the 25th which shows you the power of this when retrograde Venus backs into Pluto.

Powerful dynamics could be revealed like the ultimate present within relationships. It’s all a bit Back to the Future and whether you’ve received a hoverboard or not, you’ll be unwrapping your thoughts of where love and other key connections need to take you for your future. Commitment could be the key issue you unwrap now. What it looks like, what you want from it, whether you continue it or seek it elsewhere. Someone could set you an example of this one way or the other. Take note. And if you don’t like how you spend this holiday season then commit to doing things differently on the next one! No matter what.

Mercury is now slowing down entering retroshadow the day it meets retro Venus on the 29th. While Jupiter enters its ruling sign of Pisces and your 12th on the same day. You are ending the year with a vision of higher love or where or what you need to aim for in 2022. Please see your Lucky Jupiter Forecast for ‘22 as it is now heading right for your sign making this the year of big, bold personal moves.

The highest possible potential swirls around you as the year closes. You are on the brink of a transformation and your desire to experience something new may lead to an important conversation as the year ends as Mercury and Pluto meet in your 10th on the 30th. Don’t shy away from this but if you need to talk to someone see this as an act of love. Even if the topic may be difficult. Or your excitement and commitment to your plans may simply mean you have to share them with someone. A new kind of New Year’s celebration could simply be a goal sharing party. Go higher into ‘22, Aries.

In a nutshell: What’s the hidden truth you need to uncover, Aries? It could form a big part of a larger puzzle. Such as realising that dream or stepping into opportunities you had no idea existed. Cross the threshold of discovery this December!

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2022 hands you searing self-confidence and determination to achieve those personal goals and dreams, Aries. Jupiter arrives in your sign telling you to bring your game face! Be bold, be fierce and above all – authentically you when it comes to attraction!

Are you ready for something more heart-starting after the non-events of ‘20 and ‘21, Aries? Sure, they may not have been total fizzers. And last year may have brought you improvements compared with 2020. But now I’m talking a big, bold, brazen, blaze a trail 12 months that aligns you to those totally personal goals and dreams. And sends you hurtling down a path towards them like the ultimate theme park ride!

We don’t just have once in 12 year opportunities coming your way. But once in many lifetime opportunities too. This year can see you finally step free of any past restrictions, take your creative and/or psychic abilities to the next level and even hand you sparkly fresh, newly minted karma! 2022 can be a great cosmic reboot for you across so many areas of your life, Aries. Are you ready? Start your engines.

The slow-moving planets Saturn (11th), Uranus (2nd), Neptune (12th) and Pluto (10th) remain in their current houses all year. Saturn acting as cosmic sorting halo when it comes to friends and connections and setting goal intention, Uranus refining your values and relationship to the material world, Neptune in its ruling sign linking you to the limitless wisdom of the multiverse and opening up your well of insight while Pluto continues to work on transforming your path and public reputation.

It is your 10th of career and your 11th of friends and goals which will be your main focus as 2022 begins. Ruler Mars will meet with Venus in both these houses during February (16th) and March (6th). This is a rare and special event. In fact, we have a few coming your way in ‘22. But two conjunctions in a space of three weeks in two signs can only occur when Mars is moving forward in close proximity to Venus retrograde. So, Mars catches up with Venus while Venus is backwards, Venus then moves forward to catch up with Mars as Mars is the slower moving planet. Make sense?

Use this period to not only focus on success and what it can bring you in terms of recognition and rewards, but to adjust your path if necessary and to time any career plans and moves accordingly. You’re in that rare position of feeling confident and also being able to impress at the same time. Venus will enhance your image, Mars simply has you going for it. And when Venus catches up with Mars once more you are looking at rewards and also a change around how others see you!

What you may find over this key period is that you may apply for or initiate something which is all based on your smarts, knowledge and experience. But the outcome you get three weeks later is also due to your people skills, who you know or what dynamic you personally add to the mix. Work what and who you know during this window as it can be a determining factor not just for this year – but for the long term. This is a time to be your boldest, most go-getting version of you when it comes to ambitions, work and career, Aries.

Prepare for Breathtaking

Let’s now talk birthday blessings because the bonuses 2022 has for you simply don’t stop there. The Sun lands in your 1st on March 20 and the new Moon in your sign on April 1 is a key trigger for you to begin something new. This period has you self-starting those goals and engaging in a whirlwind of activity. But then feeling a deep need to decompress and recharge for a while. In fact, 2022 may bring you intense progress for half the year and being ‘out there’ and then refueling on a soul, physical and mental level for the other six months! This doesn’t run concurrently so don’t worry. But do stay tuned with that energy and don’t resist the call to recharge when it comes.

The reason for this is that Jupiter will be paying your sign a visit for the first time in 12 years for six months of this year. And then retreating back into your mysterious 12th for the other six. Look back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time. What did you start or begin back then? What did you dare to try? How did you give yourself that little bit ‘extra’? What role did your appearance, look, brand, style play in all this? Did you broadcast yourself in a bolder way? Big up that image? How did you work you? What opportunities did you attract and what did you do with them?

All these themes are returning now. Possibly increased in their fabulous potential and enhanced by your own inner wisdom and soul progress. Because you can work this to your advantage now thanks to that once in 165 year karmic event I mentioned which is Jupiter and Neptune meeting in Pisces and your 12th on April 12. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces.

You can shed past regrets now. Link to the wisdom of your past lives and all the other ‘you’s’ across the vast multiverse. Your beliefs may change or expand. Deep healing can occur on a karmic level. You may see all too clearly why you have chosen what you did in the past. But remember what I said about no regrets? This is about realignment and healing.

It is also preparing you for Jupiter’s arrival in your 1st on May 10. Jupiter’s arrival coincides when Venus in is your sign making this one of the best periods of attraction for you for the year. Above all however, use the meeting between Jupiter and Neptune to open up to insight and relink to those dreams. If you do have regrets about the past, take away what you have learned and open to a second, better opportunity. Chances are Jupiter will oblige and deliver it while it is in your sign.

There are three things which cannot stay hidden for long. The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. So, let’s talk this year’s eclipse axis which is across your 2nd/8th houses. The most important one for you in terms of your money, values and self-worth occurs on April 30th in your 2nd and is an eclipsed ‘Black’ Moon. This is the second new Moon to fall within a calendar month and can only occur once every 2.5 years. An eclipsed Black Moon is even rarer.

Eclipses hide and conceal. But what they hide doesn’t stay hidden for long. Look to what or who may be making you feel you are not worthy or good enough under this Moon. Time to upgrade. Between this and the eclipsed full Moon in your 8th on May 16 look to fears or insecurities around money, abundance or not having or feeling worthy of ‘enough’. Who may be responsible for these feelings may surprise you when you get to the truth.

Mars makes a timely arrival in your 1st on May 24 and this is certainly one of these periods where your soul warrior confidence surges and you feel you can go after anything and succeed. May 29 has Mars and Jupiter meeting. Your optimism, charisma and fierce boldness are irresistible now. Jupiter in your 1st can often be a better transit for love and partnership matters than Jupiter in our 7th. So, if you are seeking any kind of partnership – the loving or work kind, this along with October is one of the best periods of the year for you.

Bring your brand

Chiron also remains in your sign for ‘22 and along with Jupiter is telling you this is a time to show the world and celebrate everything about you that makes you well – you. The only mistake you can make now Aries is being anyone other than who you are. Be an original. Don’t bend yourself out of shape to people please. Or be a ‘yes’ person. If someone is making you feel as if you need be something other than who you are, you need to look long and hard at this connection now. Because this year, there are plenty of people who want that utterly unique brand you are selling. So, why bother with those who don’t?

Don’t give self-doubt house room!

Don’t allow old insecurities to resurface in late October November. The total eclipse in your 8th on October 25th combined with Jupiter returning to your 12th and ruler Mars retrograde in your 3rd from October 30 could make you wonder who hijacked your mojo! That unshakable self-belief and which has fueled you since April suddenly runs dry. Intimacy issues in relationships may surface. You may start second guessing yourself or hesitate to voice your opinions or doubt your ideas.

This is your time to recharge if you have spent the past months in full forward motion. Boundaries may need to be looked at or reinstated. This may apply to yourself if you have been running on empty. Or it could apply to another. Above all, while your ruler is retrograde which it will now remain until ‘23 and Jupiter in your 12th, do not allow anyone to dismiss or devalue your emotional experience or ideas. Remember, the truth cannot stay hidden – even if its being gaslit at the time.

Overall, you spend the year wanting more closeness and depth in all your relationships. In love you need someone who is up for the journey with you. For periods of intense activity and hedonistic pleasure and who supports your ambitions. But then who is happy to flip that switch and unplug for a while and join you on a soothing soul journey. And yes, if you need time alone, respects that too. Ensure you communicate what you need at any given time clearly, Aries to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, especially once Mars is backwards in your 3rd.

Best times for home, family matters and you feeling secure, supported and at one with your world and those around you? That’s going to be from May to July when Ceres enters your 4th house. Property dealings, lifestyle, and benefits via female family members or those you live will take precedence now. You will be attuned to the needs of those around you. And want to find ways to meet these. Any steps you take now simply enhances your feeling of connection and belonging.

You will end the year on a high note when Jupiter returns to your sign on December 20th and Chiron heads direct on the 24th. Between the period when Jupiter exits your 1st on October 28 and returns, enter the dreamtime of possibilities. Unplug then if needed and spend time looking at all you have done, started, achieved and experienced since the year began. Now – set your intentions for ‘23, Aries. This has been the first stage on a longer journey. What you can imagine you can have. 2022 says go directly to your dream. It’s ready to be claimed!

All about aries

Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You’re a natural born leader who’s nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You’re the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you’re are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more.

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