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The week ahead for aries

In a nutshell: A week where it’s not in your best interests to hide yourself away, Aries. Get your glow on and go for it. The stars could just be working in your favour so take steps to stand out!

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No time to be shy

Don’t delay what you need to do

Define your right to shine your way

The combination of gorgeous Ganymed and Mercury conjunct in your 6th (15th) and retrograde Vesta re-entering Aquarius and your 11th (21st) puts gender politics, LGBTQI+ issues and wellbeing well and truly front and centre this week. Just put it this way – no matter what your identity, expressing it authentically is good for you. And actually good for the rest of us too.

This is one of the luckiest weeks of the year so far for you when it comes to attraction and what you are able to set in motion, Aries. Ruler Mars powers into your 3rd on the 20th where it is set for a long term stay. It pushes you to act on what you say and to do so without any more delays. Especially as Mercury in its ruling 6th begins its retro-shade period from the 21st. The same day as it opposes Neptune in your 12th. Tackling something is your priority on this day.

Venus trines Jupiter in your 1st on the 18th while the 20th sees the Sun still in its ruling 5th trine the Galactic Centre in your 9th. Make this week one where you refuse to hide yourself away, take steps towards what you want, let go of concerns of what others think and define your right to shine. By doing so and ditching any moves that are understated or simply don’t do you justice, you’re able to throw yourself back into the full flow of life, laughter and love. You get back what you put out there, Aries.

In a nutshell: A week where it’s not in your best interests to hide yourself away, Aries. Get your glow on and go for it. The stars could just be working in your favour so take steps to stand out!

Aug 15 2022 Mercury and Ganymed conjunct in Virgo (6th)

Aug 16 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (6th to 2nd)

Aug 18 2022 Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries (5th to 1st)

Aug 20 2022 Mars enters Gemini (3rd)

Aug 20 2022 Sun in Leo trine Galactic Centre in Sagittarius (5th to 9th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (6th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (6th to 12th)

Aug 21 2022 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Aquarius (11th)

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What goes down comes back up

There’s nothing you can’t handle

Show those true love colours!

After months of forward motion we are heading into retro weather again, Aries. You may have felt this a little earlier than other signs due to both Jupiter and Chiron both putting on the brakes in your 1st. This month sees Uranus retro-active in your money zone from the 24th – at which point all the outer planets are backwards. Mercury is now slowing down in its ruling sign and house in your chart (Virgo and your 6th) and goes Retro Lite from the 21st when it also opposes Neptune in your 12th. It will be easy to forget or overlook something on this day so please – pay close attention!

The month could begin with shocks or upheavals around your cash flow. An unexpected expense or you having to rob Peter to pay Paul – or should I say rob ruler Mars to pay Uranus? These two collide in your money zone at the very top of the month. Either asking you to act on a money making opportunity or to stem the flow in another direction! If it’s the latter this may have a knock-on effect into your social life as you may have to make cut-backs in other areas. Thankfully, you are surrounded by generous friends this month and a fast-spinning cosmos which can turn in another direction in an instant! What goes down may quickly reverse itself in an upward direction.

Ruler Mars will enter your 3rd on the 20th where it is set for a very long stay due to an upcoming and rare Mars retrograde which will begin at the end of October and take you all the way through to 2023. You don’t have to worry about this yet however. Mars is putting the power behind what you say and send out now. With Mercury slowing down now is the best time to revise and review those communications and perhaps even resurrect those ideas.

You will certainly tackle any conversations you have been putting off. You have a ‘Talk is cheap – actions speak louder than words’ approach. And this extends to those around you. You expect the same in return. Anyone who fails to deliver will be called into account by you now. Especially if there has been a history of this which you may have let slide.

This month’s full Moon which appears in your 11th on the 12th is known as the Sturgeon, Grain or Lynx Moon. It will make a square to Uranus in your 2nd and again, keep a tight grip on those purse strings. If you are out and about under this full Moon which does favour socialising, resist the urge to spend too much. Also choose your company wisely as someone’s actions could throw a spanner in the works and again, lead to unexpected expenses. This full Moon tells you not to bow to peer group pressure if it doesn’t seem right for you. There’s no pressure when you are with your people. Take this on board. For more on what’s packaged within it, see your Full Moon in Aquarius Moonscope.

You love taking action but with the planets slowing down or heading backwards and Venus landing n your hot zone 5th from the 11th it’s time to cultivate patience. Yes, you are the throw your heart into the arena sign. Your passionate, all-in approach is what endears others to you. But as the Sun and Venus move through your 5th they will oppose ‘Wait and See’ Saturn in your 11th. Beware the love or friend bomb in other words and while mid-month offers you the best window for romance, fun and attraction, before you hand over the keys to your heart, take your time to ensure the keeper is worthy.

The 16th – 18th offers you trines between Mercury and Uranus and Venus and Jupiter. The 15th brings us a meet-cute with Mercury and LGBTQIA+ Ganymed in Virgo and your 6th. Love your way and how you show it does you and the world good. This is your window to find and express your love. It tells you to come out to play, let your colours show because all the world loves a lover! Love needs to be carefree, vibrant and happy. You want to ditch worries now and join in with those who make you forget the serious side of life. Just be aware that Venus in here is all about love affairs rather than the forever kind. So, by all means love the one you’re with but if you are seeking something lasting, keep it light and live in the moment rather than look too far ahead.

Throughout mid-month and all the way through to the end of August, if you do need the support of friends you will get it. You will know who you can count on and who you can’t. Saturn acts as cosmic sorting hat for you. There’s also a new deal on love on offer or an opportunity waiting for you to claim it around the 22nd when Venus and Ceres meet in your 5th. This is the final day of your personal pleasure cycle and it may wrap it up n a way to remember or which continues into your more practical and pragmatic cycle which begins the next day when the Sun enters your 6th.

That fast moving cosmic wheel I mentioned now turns in your favour again and if you experienced unexpected expenses at the start of the month you will now gain back that lost ground once the Sun is in your 6th. The other pivotal day is the 27th which brings a new Moon in here promising new avenues with work or to increase that income. See your New Moon n Virgo Moonscope for more. This helps you gain further inroads to those work/financial goals but again, you need to take a practical and patient approach. You can’t afford to rush or skip the details, Aries. You have the determination, the confidence and the staying power.

This month offers fun, romance, enjoyment and also shows you that when you are focused, there is honestly no problem you can’t tackle. August is like a theme park ride for you – but one that gets that heart beating faster and your self-esteem and love ju jus flying high!

In a nutshell: August offers a fairground ride of experiences, Aries. From the romance merry-go-round to the money rollercoaster you’re in for an adrenaline rush which shows you what goes around spins you in a wonderful new direction.

Aug 1 2022 Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (2nd)

Aug 2 2022 Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (4th to 2nd)

Aug 3 2022 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (4th to 2nd)

Aug 4 2022 Mercury enters Virgo (6th)

Aug 7 2022 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (4th to 12th)

Aug 7 2022 Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius (2nd to 11th)

Aug 9 2022 Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (5th to 1st)

Aug 9 2022 Venus in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn (4th to 10th)

Aug 11 2022 Venus enters Leo (5th)

Aug 11 2022 Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (5th to 2nd)

Aug 11 2022 Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (2nd to 12th)

Aug 12 2022 Full Moon in Aquarius (11th) (One degree from a square with Uranus)

Aug 14 2022 Sun in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius (5th to 11th)

Aug 14 2022 Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (2nd to 10th)

Aug 15 2022 Mercury and Ganymed conjunct in Virgo (6th)

Aug 16 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (6th to 2nd)

Aug 18 2022 Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries (5th to 1st)

Aug 20 2022 Mars enters Gemini (3rd)

Aug 20 2022 Sun in Leo trine Galactic Centre in Sagittarius (5th to 9th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (6th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (6th to 12th)

Aug 21 2022 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Aquarius (11th)

Aug 22 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (6th to 10th)

Aug 22 2022 Venus and Ceres conjunct in Leo (5th)

Aug 23 2022 Sun enters Virgo (6th)

Aug 24 2022 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (2nd) – All outer planets retrograde

Aug 25 2022 Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (5th to 1st)

Aug 26 2022 Mercury enters Libra (7th)

Aug 27 2022 New Moon in Virgo (6th)

Aug 27 2022 Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (5th to 2nd)

Aug 27 2022 Sun in Virgo square Mars in Gemini (6th to 3rd)

Aug 28 2022 Venus in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius (5th to 11th)

Aug 28 2022 Ceres in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (5th to 1st)

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2022 hands you searing self-confidence and determination to achieve those personal goals and dreams, Aries. Jupiter arrives in your sign telling you to bring your game face! Be bold, be fierce and above all – authentically you when it comes to attraction!

Are you ready for something more heart-starting after the non-events of ‘20 and ‘21, Aries? Sure, they may not have been total fizzers. And last year may have brought you improvements compared with 2020. But now I’m talking a big, bold, brazen, blaze a trail 12 months that aligns you to those totally personal goals and dreams. And sends you hurtling down a path towards them like the ultimate theme park ride!

We don’t just have once in 12 year opportunities coming your way. But once in many lifetime opportunities too. This year can see you finally step free of any past restrictions, take your creative and/or psychic abilities to the next level and even hand you sparkly fresh, newly minted karma! 2022 can be a great cosmic reboot for you across so many areas of your life, Aries. Are you ready? Start your engines.

The slow-moving planets Saturn (11th), Uranus (2nd), Neptune (12th) and Pluto (10th) remain in their current houses all year. Saturn acting as cosmic sorting halo when it comes to friends and connections and setting goal intention, Uranus refining your values and relationship to the material world, Neptune in its ruling sign linking you to the limitless wisdom of the multiverse and opening up your well of insight while Pluto continues to work on transforming your path and public reputation.

It is your 10th of career and your 11th of friends and goals which will be your main focus as 2022 begins. Ruler Mars will meet with Venus in both these houses during February (16th) and March (6th). This is a rare and special event. In fact, we have a few coming your way in ‘22. But two conjunctions in a space of three weeks in two signs can only occur when Mars is moving forward in close proximity to Venus retrograde. So, Mars catches up with Venus while Venus is backwards, Venus then moves forward to catch up with Mars as Mars is the slower moving planet. Make sense?

Use this period to not only focus on success and what it can bring you in terms of recognition and rewards, but to adjust your path if necessary and to time any career plans and moves accordingly. You’re in that rare position of feeling confident and also being able to impress at the same time. Venus will enhance your image, Mars simply has you going for it. And when Venus catches up with Mars once more you are looking at rewards and also a change around how others see you!

What you may find over this key period is that you may apply for or initiate something which is all based on your smarts, knowledge and experience. But the outcome you get three weeks later is also due to your people skills, who you know or what dynamic you personally add to the mix. Work what and who you know during this window as it can be a determining factor not just for this year – but for the long term. This is a time to be your boldest, most go-getting version of you when it comes to ambitions, work and career, Aries.

Prepare for Breathtaking

Let’s now talk birthday blessings because the bonuses 2022 has for you simply don’t stop there. The Sun lands in your 1st on March 20 and the new Moon in your sign on April 1 is a key trigger for you to begin something new. This period has you self-starting those goals and engaging in a whirlwind of activity. But then feeling a deep need to decompress and recharge for a while. In fact, 2022 may bring you intense progress for half the year and being ‘out there’ and then refueling on a soul, physical and mental level for the other six months! This doesn’t run concurrently so don’t worry. But do stay tuned with that energy and don’t resist the call to recharge when it comes.

The reason for this is that Jupiter will be paying your sign a visit for the first time in 12 years for six months of this year. And then retreating back into your mysterious 12th for the other six. Look back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time. What did you start or begin back then? What did you dare to try? How did you give yourself that little bit ‘extra’? What role did your appearance, look, brand, style play in all this? Did you broadcast yourself in a bolder way? Big up that image? How did you work you? What opportunities did you attract and what did you do with them?

All these themes are returning now. Possibly increased in their fabulous potential and enhanced by your own inner wisdom and soul progress. Because you can work this to your advantage now thanks to that once in 165 year karmic event I mentioned which is Jupiter and Neptune meeting in Pisces and your 12th on April 12. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces.

You can shed past regrets now. Link to the wisdom of your past lives and all the other ‘you’s’ across the vast multiverse. Your beliefs may change or expand. Deep healing can occur on a karmic level. You may see all too clearly why you have chosen what you did in the past. But remember what I said about no regrets? This is about realignment and healing.

It is also preparing you for Jupiter’s arrival in your 1st on May 10. Jupiter’s arrival coincides when Venus in is your sign making this one of the best periods of attraction for you for the year. Above all however, use the meeting between Jupiter and Neptune to open up to insight and relink to those dreams. If you do have regrets about the past, take away what you have learned and open to a second, better opportunity. Chances are Jupiter will oblige and deliver it while it is in your sign.

There are three things which cannot stay hidden for long. The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. So, let’s talk this year’s eclipse axis which is across your 2nd/8th houses. The most important one for you in terms of your money, values and self-worth occurs on April 30th in your 2nd and is an eclipsed ‘Black’ Moon. This is the second new Moon to fall within a calendar month and can only occur once every 2.5 years. An eclipsed Black Moon is even rarer.

Eclipses hide and conceal. But what they hide doesn’t stay hidden for long. Look to what or who may be making you feel you are not worthy or good enough under this Moon. Time to upgrade. Between this and the eclipsed full Moon in your 8th on May 16 look to fears or insecurities around money, abundance or not having or feeling worthy of ‘enough’. Who may be responsible for these feelings may surprise you when you get to the truth.

Mars makes a timely arrival in your 1st on May 24 and this is certainly one of these periods where your soul warrior confidence surges and you feel you can go after anything and succeed. May 29 has Mars and Jupiter meeting. Your optimism, charisma and fierce boldness are irresistible now. Jupiter in your 1st can often be a better transit for love and partnership matters than Jupiter in our 7th. So, if you are seeking any kind of partnership – the loving or work kind, this along with October is one of the best periods of the year for you.

Bring your brand

Chiron also remains in your sign for ‘22 and along with Jupiter is telling you this is a time to show the world and celebrate everything about you that makes you well – you. The only mistake you can make now Aries is being anyone other than who you are. Be an original. Don’t bend yourself out of shape to people please. Or be a ‘yes’ person. If someone is making you feel as if you need be something other than who you are, you need to look long and hard at this connection now. Because this year, there are plenty of people who want that utterly unique brand you are selling. So, why bother with those who don’t?

Don’t give self-doubt house room!

Don’t allow old insecurities to resurface in late October November. The total eclipse in your 8th on October 25th combined with Jupiter returning to your 12th and ruler Mars retrograde in your 3rd from October 30 could make you wonder who hijacked your mojo! That unshakable self-belief and which has fueled you since April suddenly runs dry. Intimacy issues in relationships may surface. You may start second guessing yourself or hesitate to voice your opinions or doubt your ideas.

This is your time to recharge if you have spent the past months in full forward motion. Boundaries may need to be looked at or reinstated. This may apply to yourself if you have been running on empty. Or it could apply to another. Above all, while your ruler is retrograde which it will now remain until ‘23 and Jupiter in your 12th, do not allow anyone to dismiss or devalue your emotional experience or ideas. Remember, the truth cannot stay hidden – even if its being gaslit at the time.

Overall, you spend the year wanting more closeness and depth in all your relationships. In love you need someone who is up for the journey with you. For periods of intense activity and hedonistic pleasure and who supports your ambitions. But then who is happy to flip that switch and unplug for a while and join you on a soothing soul journey. And yes, if you need time alone, respects that too. Ensure you communicate what you need at any given time clearly, Aries to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, especially once Mars is backwards in your 3rd.

Best times for home, family matters and you feeling secure, supported and at one with your world and those around you? That’s going to be from May to July when Ceres enters your 4th house. Property dealings, lifestyle, and benefits via female family members or those you live will take precedence now. You will be attuned to the needs of those around you. And want to find ways to meet these. Any steps you take now simply enhances your feeling of connection and belonging.

You will end the year on a high note when Jupiter returns to your sign on December 20th and Chiron heads direct on the 24th. Between the period when Jupiter exits your 1st on October 28 and returns, enter the dreamtime of possibilities. Unplug then if needed and spend time looking at all you have done, started, achieved and experienced since the year began. Now – set your intentions for ‘23, Aries. This has been the first stage on a longer journey. What you can imagine you can have. 2022 says go directly to your dream. It’s ready to be claimed!

All about aries

Aries Is the first sign of the Zodiac and a fire sign. You’re a natural born leader who’s nature is spontaneous and impulsive. You’re the hero of the Zodiac and are usually brave and fearless. You can be demanding but you’re are also incredibly lovable and charming. You feast on life and have courage and passion. Your soul lesson is to be a warrior of love and to learn completion. Watch the All about Aries video for more.

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