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The week ahead for cancer

Don’t think of it as change, Cancer. This of it as evolution and planting new seeds for your future. There’s fresh possibilities to be explored. But to do that you need to let go of the old.

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Enter the season of change

Opportunity points the way towards something new

Plant the seeds of your future

Embrace the inevitability of change. But understand you are in a position to control and direct it now, Cancer. Something has been lived out or outgrown by you on a soul level. What is it? It can be anything from a goal to a set of values or a relationship. Deep down you have known this for some time. But chances are in your kindly, Cancerian way you have put your best face forward and pretended all is well due to not wanting to upset anyone. The arrival of Ceres in your 8th and also the start of Mercury retroshadow in here from the 2nd, tells me that no matter how much you may want to spare other’s feelings, if its at the cost of your own, you won’t be able to keep up the pretence much longer. Take it that the season of change has begun. Time for you to plant something in fresh soil and watch it take root and grow.

If love or even your work has become confining or restricting, this week opens up the doorway to freedom. A breathtaking conjunction between your ruler the Moon, Venus and Neptune on the 28th brings a glimpse of something bigger or what freedom and opportunity look like. This in turn squares Mars in your sector of wellbeing. Mars is all about action and if something is now affecting how you feel or your physical or soul body, you will now see that change or doing something about it is not just inevitable, but necessary now. There’s a new world waiting for you in a key area but it requires you to leave the old one behind. Go explore the possibilities now, Cancer.

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Ready for a new kind of double act?

What is shared with you reflects your true worth

Do you dare make the first move?

Have a Plan B – and back-up plans C thru to possibly Z if travelling especially long distances this month. Mercury which rules getting about, retrogrades in your house of foreigners and long haul flights from the 17th. So, Mercury’s capacity to create mayhem will be magnified. Confirm all connections before departure. At both ends of your journey. Extreme weather could delay some so please, check it at your destination. This is also your house of doing business overseas – again, check contract details and if you can, put off signing or entering into purchases with people far away unless it cannot be helped. Launching legal proceedings is also not favoured as this is also your house which rules the law.

Travelling back somewhere you have visited in the past should prove less problematic however. The Sun will enter your 9th from the 19th and you have a new Moon in here on the 23rd. This would normally point to travel, expansion and opportunity. By all means, plan for this but try to put off big launches or that trip until next month if you can. You may also during this retro cycle, enter into negotiations involving you and another especially around joint accounts, marital assets, mortgages, loans, your salary and anything shared with or by you. Refinancing or re-negotiating existing terms does get a green light with Mercury backwards.

You have experienced unprecedented intensity and focus on relationships and partnerships of all descriptions. Due to this, some of you may be navigating changes around your marriage, live-in lover, your relationship status or even a business, collaborative or working relationship – or even that opponent. This is all connected to your public status, your title and how the world sees you. You have the opportunity to change this and step into a brand new cycle of empowerment as the focus begins to shift this month from you and another as in ‘me and you’ – to you as you appear to others. Whether single or settled, expect a new dynamic to emerge now as Venus enters your 10th on the 7th enhancing your reputation and raising your stock value both personally and professionally.

Dare to make a move that gets you noticed or ask for something that you would have hesitated over in the past on the 9th. Venus meets Chiron in here while you have a full Moon in Venus’s ruling 2nd on your chart. This is all about knowing your true value and worth and stating your terms around it. Remember, this may not involve actual money – although this may play a role, but be around how you expect to be treated in a relationship. A new deal could be on the table as a result on the 11th when Venus and Ceres in your 8th align.

We are now heading into what I am calling the Now Age of Aquarius. For you this will follow on from this intense focus on your relationships and their status. Where whether you are coupled up or single (or back on the market again), you will live by a new set of values and a new sense of self-worth. That’s something which pays dividends across all areas of your life, Cancer. You will also feel the confidence that comes from knowing you are in charge of the direction your life is headed in during this cycle. It’s time for deep personal change and much of this is going to revolve around your interactions with what makes you feel worthwhile and your sense of personal power when it comes to making changes.

First however, Mars enters your 7th from the 16th while on the 19th, Jupiter also in this house aligns to Neptune in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. This could hand some of you the opportunity to reach for a higher solution around love, or go off in search of freedom to find that. You are also benefitting from Uranus in its ruling 11th. Fabulous new friendships can be forged now with the potential for perhaps being more than ‘just friends’. There’s a strong sense of fate and timing around who you meet and who goes in and out of your life towards the end of the month as Mars opposes the North Node in your 1st on the 25th. Understand what begins or ends now has its own schedule which was agreed by you and the other party before you got here. Something which has its roots back 19 or even 38 years ago depending on your age, could come full circle or seem very familiar. It’s time to choose and in choosing, close a karmic circle. This is Mercury retrograde working for you as you have faced this before in some way.

This Leap Year promises changes to your relationship status or the beginning of something which has the potential to do this in the future, your job title, how others see you and your living arrangements. All thanks to Venus acting as your personal PR agent in your 10th. It opposes Juno in you 4th and squares Pluto in your 7th on the 25th and 28th respectively. This is all about changes around big commitments and lasting promises. In or out for the long haul in other words. Try to avoid signing on the dotted line if you can but making that soul promise – you’re certainly in charge of that and need no Plan B to say ‘I do’ if only to freedom and self-empowerment– one way or another this Leap Year, Cancer.

In a nutshell: It’s all about the double dynamic still, Cancer. Duos of all kinds feature. New connections could have long term implications. Make a promise and close the circle of destiny this month.

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Cancer Yearly Forecast 2020

Relationships transform and transform you in the process

Take a new partnership journey

Big commitments see you putting a ring on it!

You’ve been on a journey with someone these past years – or is that a rollercoaster ride? It’s all been down to the presence of Pluto in your 7th of partners and also rivals and opponents. It’s through the person ‘opposite’ us that we evolve our understanding of love. And our understanding of ourselves. Your 7th is a house of both attraction and reflection. The opposite number reflects back at us an aspect of ourselves. This has especially applied to you thanks to the presence of the South Node in here. This rules cycles that repeat until we understand the lesson and step free. Usually by changing something about ourselves rather than trying to change the world. Or in the case of your 7th – the other party.

Saturn also in this house rules timing and karma. It tells us there is serious work to do in a particular area of our lives. In your case relationships and the ‘c’ word – commitment which Saturn also rules. Saturn can make things feel like they are ‘heavy’ going. Hence the heavy weather feeling around relationships which peaks in January. The thing to realise is that Saturn is simply too big to push around. You can’t ‘make’ things happen with a Saturn transit. It’s either time to be in a long-term relationship or even time to consciously uncouple. Resistance is futile under Saturn.

Saturn can however reward like no other planet when we work within the structure symbolised by its rings. Yes, ‘put a ring on it’. Or remove it. Pluto also in your 7th rules transformation, sex, endings and rebirth. So what you can expect as 2020 begins is a major restructuring around a key relationship be this a marriage or love connection or even a business one. If you do not work but have a partner, you may be affected by changes to your partner’s status perhaps at work. This is also about status. Yours or your partners. Or potential partners. Being a ‘Mr’ or a ‘Mrs’ for example.

This 7th house weather is about to peak in a way you have never experienced before – nor will again. Decisions can be made around key connections which transform the relationship, yourself and the other person. Or something shifts and begins which hands you this potential. Jan 12 sees Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres all meet. Both Pluto and Ceres rule power in their own way. In mythology, Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. For some of you, this could result as just that – an in-law clash or the realisation an in-law is calling the shots on your relationship. Others could experience status shifting changes within a close union. Going from married to separated, single to settled for example. Promotions, demotions, moves and becoming aware of seismic shifts within you that impact on your closest ties and what you need. Within all of this there is an opportunity to reach for a higher way to relate to others thanks to Jupiter also in this house until the year’s end. Whatever occurs in January paves the way for a bigger kind of love experience.

Know Your Worth

This isn’t just about feeling the love of another person. It’s also about showing yourself self-love. We tend to think of the 7th as about partners. But there’s one relationship we are in from cradle to grave – the one with ourselves. If you want changes to outer relationships, begin with the one with yourself. Shower yourself with self-love no matter what your partnership situation is or is evolving into. Feeling confident in this, stable in your commitment to yourself translates simply into confidence in your relationship decisions for the coming year. You’ll experience this from the time that Saturn shifts out of your 7th and on into your 8th from March 22. You’ll know what to ask for in both your personal and your professional relationships based simply on your new self-worth value system. That ring? 22 carat!

You’re Becoming Gold

Stability and security are important to you. Your needs are in focus due to a special kind of retrograde energy this year. You’re diving deep into the true nature of love when Venus retrogrades in your 12th from May 13. This may be an intensely personal experience. The past could resurface in the form of a past lover. Is there left-over business between you? A soul contract to be re-written perhaps? Or just changes within that you need to work out based on past experiences to hand yourself a new love future? The North Node leaving your 1st and swinging back into your 12th says you have the power to change your destiny now simply by understanding the path you have been on.

I should not need to tell you that with the ruler of your love life and your money backwards in here, embarking on a new liaison or even taking on big financial commitments is not advised. That lover or even that get rich quick scheme is not what it appears to be. If it looks too good to be true – it most probably is. Jupiter is also retrograde at this time in your 7th and with both planets backwards for some this could deliver a missed opportunity or reconciliation. Just ensure it heads forward on a new basis in order to succeed.

Venus will head forward once more from June 25. And on June 21 you have an important eclipse in your 1st. This is an Annular Eclipse at the time of the new Moon. You also have two new Moons in your sign during your birthday cycle. Two opportunities for a fresh start. But the first one may be unclear. Eclipses conceal something. We’re in the dark. Not totally with an Annular Eclipse because it gives us that ‘ring of fire’ effect. A flash of insight if you like. The ring of truth which Saturn wants us to embrace. Add this to the Venus retrograde and this adds up to caution when it comes to starting anything new – or ending something. Take it you don’t have the big picture yet. Wait until at least after the second new Moon in your 1st on July 22 and if possible until after Venus arrives in your 1st on August 7 when a clearer picture will begin to emerge.

New Beginnings In Love

Your best times to begin that new relationship or to rekindle the love between you and someone else are when Venus is in your sign from Aug 7 until Sept 5. This period favours new beginnings and reinventions. Across any area from your personal look, image or style to your professional one. The time of the new Moon in your 5th of attraction, attention and romance on November 15th is another one. The new Moon makes a powerful angle to Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th. This can point to lucky breaks, new beginnings in love or a fresh opportunity to showcase your talents and shine. A cycle of success could be triggered now if you are willing to take a chance – perhaps on yourself and your abilities. Self-love adds up to believing in yourself too!

How What You Do Affects How You Feel

You need to apply that signature Cancerian intuition to that work/body/spirit connection during December. What I can tell you is that this is all interlinked in a way that is not obvious. But will be. The effect your job or daily routine, the ‘vibe’ you are living or working in, the food you fuel your body with and how good or drained you feel. The answer to all this will emerge as will the connection. However, you are in the dark right now about some aspect of this. All due to a total eclipse in your 6th of work, wellbeing, duty and routine on Dec 14. You may feel something is going on behind the scenes at work. Or have a hunch that what you are doing, eating or repeating may not be good for you after all. Wait for the feelgood factor to slowly reveal itself and above all, follow your gut instincts when it comes to changing your diet, daily routine or health regimen. You’ve supported that inner you with self-love. It may now be the time to show that body some love too. Try a little tenderness and don’t take on too much in your desire to nurture others if self-nurturing is called for.

Power Money & Big Commitments

Jupiter leaves your 7th on Dec 19 when it joins Saturn in your 8th. Hopefully it should have delivered at least one potential partnership dynamic for you during the past 12 months. Or eased you out of one that no longer worked. Jupiter is the planet which keeps on giving. In here it adds up to big benefits, money or other resources that are shared with you by someone, corporate money as in your salary, pay-outs, maintenance, wills, insurance, legacies and mortgages and loans. Along with Saturn, long term commitments can be entered into. You should be handling larger sums of money, taking on more responsibilities or be handed the ‘keys’ to the vault. As in that mortgage, employment contract, loan agreement or even someone giving you access to what they have freely. It’s time to know what you want. And to get serious about it. You’re putting a ring on love, self-love and above all, what you know you need for the long term in 2020, Cancer!

In a nutshell: You’ve an invitation to explore a new kind of freedom in love, Cancer. Life offers a new partnership experience in 2020. Between you and another or even just you and yourself. And yes, no matter what form it takes – it’s all love!

All about cancer

Cancer Is ruled by the Moon planet of emotions and is a water sign. Protective, nurturing and loving Cancer is the homebody of the Zodiac. Even if you’re not traditional you have the ability to make other people feel at home. You can be over sensitive but also intuitive and feel things deeply. Your soul lesson is not to manipulate out of fear and to know you are a creator Goddess/God watch my details Cancer video below.

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