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The week ahead for cancer

Embrace a final cycle of positive change for ‘21 as the retro weather clears this week. This includes dealing with that emotional backlog, Cancer. Yes, you don’t like upsetting others. But your feelings matter as much as theirs. Don’t hold back.

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Love puts you back in the flow

Attend to home matters

Yes, your feelings ARE valid – don’t dismiss them

Love gets a new life or undergoes a powerful transformation as the Sun lights up its ruling 5th in your chart. Time to fall in love with love again. Or even just with your own life. Being in love doesn’t have to be confined to just love for a person. Whether we are single or settled we can fall in love with the flow that we have created all around us.

High time for this to happen. Mercury retro in your 4th and Jupiter retro in your 8th may have added up to uncertainty around those all important home matters. Or even cash outcomes, Cancer. Mars also in your 4th makes for an unsettling house guest. Think short tempers and feelings that others are not respecting your space or house rules. How many times do you have to repeat yourself? Why won’t people listen? Jupiter and Mercury direct on the 18th may relieve some of the tension or feeling stuck, but not all of it.

Use caution with property dealings and money matters for three more weeks and bear in mind that nothing may be settled until mid-November. The full Moon is always a big deal for you. Bringing something to a climax or conclusion or showing you that those feelings are actually valid and not to be easily dismissed. And you do know you can do this, dearest Cancer. Due to your kind and selfless tendency to put the emotional wellbeing of others before your own.

Give your emotions space

Mars is all caught up in this week’s full Moon in your 10th on the 20th. Be aware that it won’t take much now to make you fly off the handle. It may be hard to decompress but that is what you may need to do. Above all however, take what you feel seriously now. Especially if it is impacting on home or anything to do with your security – emotional, material or financial. Do you need more help for instance? Are you running on empty?

A work or career matter may peak or demand your attention. As could something closer to home. If you feel someone is deliberately going out of their way to annoy you or push your buttons – they may not be but this could simply be the result of you being unwilling to upset the apple cart by dealing with it earlier. But now’s your chance. But take a deep breath first before rushing in and giving someone a piece of your mind. Keep your response appropriate to what is happening in the moment – not the weeks leading up to it! Someone may have to do the adulting in your house this week. This may be you after all, Cancer.

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Create your castle of dreams

Stick to the facts in business

Follow where passion leads

With a lot of activity in your 4th this month you are going to come to a deeper understanding of your needs both emotional and material, Cancer. Family connections or at least your history or background, will factor in. The stories handed down or where certain values and ideas first took root for you. You’ll be going back over these during the Mercury retrograde in here which ends on the 18th. And continue to make adjustments during the direct retroshadow which takes you on into November.

Spending money on your home, renovating, redecorating and also looking at your relationship to your home, lifestyle and yes, your cash too, brings with it not only a greater sense of satisfaction, but helps you for the future too.

For some of you, family members may be particularly helpful now and more hands-on and involved than usual. We start the month in major retrograde weather. The first break in this comes on the day of the new Moon in your 4th when Pluto heads forwards in your 7th. Joint decisions and plans now get the green light especially if these are linked to home, lifestyle and family.

This month’s new Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house. Making it especially meaningful for you. It also appears conjunct Mars in here. Now, as you know, Mars energy is totally the opposite to the domestic and nurturing vibe of your 4th. But this simply means you are handed real desire and passionate intent when it comes to seeing through changes and initiating new beginnings on the home front. Your in protective mode if you like. And doing whatever it takes to feel secure or add to that.

Pimp that castle!

Create your castle for you, your lifestyle and/or your loved ones. If you do need to think about moving however, please try to delay until after Mercury heads direct unless this cannot be helped. Conversely, if you feel you have been living too long in your family’s shadow, this new Moon marks the point where you are able to strike out on your own.

It’s not just Venus which rules your 7th. Saturn is your put a ring on it, love planet which is another planet retrograde at the start of the month. It heads forward in your 8th from the 11th. This is your house of marital assets so again, favours joint decisions and moving plans as well as anything that contributes to your feeling of security – your salary or payouts for instance. But its forward motion now has you able to think about what you want from love in the long term. Especially if you are looking to go seek it which is favoured after the 22nd.

Jupiter also in your 8th removes any further barriers when it too heads direct from the 18th – same day as Mercury. Now is a good time to apply for that loan or mortgage, or put in that offer or application.

This month’s full Moon on the 20th is known as the Hunter’s Moon. Again, Mars is implicated because as it waxes, the full Moon will oppose Mars still in your 4th. The Moon needs you to stick with the facts and compartmentalise when it comes to career and business now. You may be dealing with someone who embodies that saying ‘There is no room for emotion in business’. If so, keep yours under lock and key no matter how you feel or what buttons are pushed. Especially if you want to be taken seriously.

This can just as easily be an authority figure in another area to work – your bank manager, an officer of the law, a bureaucrat or official. What matters is how you present and stick to the facts – not feelings. Above all, in an effort to impress now if you are in any kind of interview or presentation process, don’t fudge the facts or promise more than you are able to deliver. You will be left with egg on your face and a lot of explaining to do if you do!

That being said, you are able to bring something to a successful conclusion now and impress doing so if you come across as someone in control of their destiny. So, project that.

Make passion your business

Having got that out of the way its time to lighten up. Passion and attraction take over from the business vibe as the Sun and then Mars cross into your 5th. This can also see financial pressures lift, a change of focus from spending on home and security to spending on fun and pleasure (and the means to do that), and hot, hot love – or lust, once Mars arrives in what is its ancient ruling sign (Scorpio).

Whether something long term is on offer depends on your personal chart factors (one of our astrologers can explain) as Venus is now in your 6th from the 7th and this is a house concerned with extreme self-care (wellbeing), earning money via what you love to do and having fun doing that, and showing your habits and daily routine the love as opposed to one person!

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

October 31 sees Venus meet Juno in your 6th. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we make we can’t easily back away from. Maybe this includes that better work/life balance. Working from home. Your side hustle. Promising to eat, sleep, exercise better? How can you express this? Perhaps decorate your home and make it a more beautiful, sacred space. Have a Halloween celebration. Think soul food and recycled decorations. Vintage and preloved clothing. Multicultural themes and wellness rituals.

Anything you initiate this Halloween no matter how small, that you can adopt as daily practice, is likely to stick now. With beautiful results. Home is always where your heart is and where traditions begin. You can set new ones for yourself this October, Cancer. And create something where not only increased security and belonging moves in, but attraction of the new too!

In a nutshell: Your home, nest, crib, family and support system is your focus as October begins. Get your domestic deity happening, Cancer. Every jewel needs a perfect setting to sparkle. So design yours and then get ready to radiate.

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Cancer Forecast 2021

Love is freedom

Self-empowerment gets you the results you seek

What you do on a daily basis has a ripple effect

As the Now Age of Aquarius gets underway you’ll feel a big shift around relationships. That’s due to Jupiter and Saturn moving out of your 7th and on into your 8th. Pluto now remains the only outer planet in your 7th and the New Year kick-starts with a new Moon close to it on Jan 13. It promises a transformation with a touch of alchemy! Yes, relationship transformations can and may still occur. But that ‘heavy’ feeling around them now lifts for 2021.

Hopefully you now know when you stand when it comes to your current love-in status. If you are still undecided about the future of one connection, then between now and your birthday cycle, expect this to be finally sorted. One way or another. Just understand there is no middle ground on this. You are all in – or all uncoupled, consciously or otherwise.

Things may have been difficult due to Saturn opposing your Cancer factors since 2018. Yes, for some of you, Saturn may have led to taking your relationship to the next level. Others could have seen the arrival of a serious new love interested and realised they were ‘the one’. Settleds could have been grappling with serious issues impacting on their home, income, family or living arrangements which in turn, had a knock-on effect on their loving relationship. If you are now emerging from this cycle intact, then you are entering a new cycle of cemented togetherness.

Get to the Hidden Truths Around Wellbeing

You have important eclipses occurring this year on your 6th/12 house axis. Wellbeing – mental, physical, spiritual should be your priority during this cycle. How your thoughts and choices o a daily basis effect you, the people you surround yourself with, the habits you have created – expect revelations around how all of these impact on you. And in ways you may not have realised until now.

With Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th, you will also be looking at sharing, what is shared with you, your money, assets, mortgage, loans, salary, benefits. And also power sharing too. Or simply how powerful you feel. Where you have given away your power and energy drains are the hidden message of the eclipses. Remember – anything that involves our 12th house is often something we cannot see. Hence, you may not have been able to make the connection before. But as eclipses conceal and blind – here is where you can start.

Take your power back Checklist for 2020:

Staying with people/relationships/situations which deep down you know are bad for you or even toxic. But you stick with them out of fear of change or what others may think.

Living with a routine which has become a rut. Life lacks spontaneity and that all important joy factor necessary to keep your immune system functioning. But you don’t want to make waves or disrupt the status quo even though it drags you down.

Bending yourself out of shape to people please. Living up to someone else’s expectations or even their ideas of who you should be or what you should be doing with your life. This can range from anyone from friends to your family or your partner. Then wondering why you feel tired, depressed or why your relationships simply aren’t meeting your needs.

Despite being the sign of the empathic nurturer, you can also be the sign that nurtures hurts and a desire to get even! Yes, it’s a little discussed fact about your sign. When it comes to revenge, you can put a Scorpio to shame. But there’s an old saying: Before embarking on revenge, first dig two graves. Are you walking around wanting to ‘get back’ at someone who has hurt you? Or waiting for when the karma bunny calls on them and they get their come-uppance?

I am not entering into whether they do in fact deserve it or not. Just that if they do, then you don’t need to do anything. And all that energy you’re putting into this is draining you. What’s more, it means they still have power over you. The power to affect you like this. To steal your time, your thoughts, your life force. You don’t have to forgive anyone. But you can choose to let it go and move on. Especially when the worst thing any of us can do to someone who has wronged us is to be well and happy. So, reclaim your power and channel your resources into doing just that.

People’s true colours will be revealed under this eclipse cycle. Your dates are the following: May 26 – full Supermoon in your 6th – total Lunar eclipse. June 10 – New Moon in your 12th – Annular Solar Eclipse. December 4 – New Moon in your 6th – Total Solar Eclipse.

You have a Partial Lunar Eclipse in your 11th on the Nov 19. This one could impact on a particular friendship or even a group of friends. Expect ripples across your social circle! And be be ready as shadows clear to see them in a new light. Make your own wellbeing a priority as the Now Age is all about feeling powerful when it comes to being your very own catalyst for change in your own life.

Vision what you want to create

It’s important to hold the dream now. And to know who is there to support you. If you are being held back, then understand that the Now Age combined with the eclipse cycle will simply allow you to transcend this. Either by you seeing it differently or by simply outgrowing it to the point you no longer react to it the same way – if at all.

You can be bigger, more forgiving and loving than any other sign, Cancer. So, love yourself enough to step free of any of the above if you feel these are the traps you have fallen into. And forgive yourself at the same time if needed.

Welcome to the Vault

You feel at your best when you can shine in your own domain. Be at the centre of the home, family or even your own little world you have created. Now that heavy weight Saturn has stopped opposing your Cancer planets, expect doors to open to doing this or you to be able to shine in your own environment once more.

Jupiter in your 8th along with Saturn promises visions you have held on to for a long while to manifest. Possibly via access to more resources. You’ll also be fearless when it come to looking at fears which have been holding you back. Perhaps playing it safe for instance. A little self-belief goes a long way in this cycle. Especially when it comes to what you believe you can have, do or experience.

Hold on to that vision. Jupiter opens the doors to the vaults of self-empowerment and having access to more up until May 13. At this point we have an unusual Jupiter event occurring. Because instead of spending a year in one sign like it usually does, Jupiter now exits your 8th and enters its ruling 9th. You are on a journey now of the soul and spirit.

Get Ready for a Close Encounter

This will be even more pronounced in 2022. Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house and also the ancient ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. Next year it will meet Neptune in here making this one of the most important transits for you. Doors to new worlds of experience and ways of seeing things will swing open like never before. I could say if you wanted proof of life on other worlds or simply other planes of existence, this could possibly hand you that!

For now however, Jupiter just puts a toe in the water of your 9th because it will head back into your 8th on July 28th. But during this short stay, expect luck, solutions and opportunities to appear. In other words – a preview of what Jupiter has in store for you next year! So, think big and act with confidence. Especially during your birthday cycle when you may be feeling especially optimistic.

Happy Solstice!

As well as having Jupiter’s full generosity gifting you during your birthday season, you also have Venus in your 1st. The Sun, Venus and Mercury when it arrives will all trine Jupiter in your 9th, beaming in extra special birthday bonuses and amping up that attraction factor.

Those Close Encounters I mentioned, also include the love and partnership kind. Connections which expand your world or your ideas of what it is possible to experience with another soul. Your best times for love or for exploring any dynamic when it comes to you and another – and this includes work and deep friendships, are the start of the year as Venus moves through its ruling 7th in January. June when Venus arrives in your 1st and triggers Jupiter in your 9th. September when Venus lands in your romance zone and then November and up until the start of December when it returns to your 7th.

Love is the catalyst and the change

At this point however, hold off on seeking out those new love experiences. Venus is slowing down to retrograde in its ruling house. So, think the same ‘re’ words as you do on a Mercury retrograde but around relationships – reconciliations, reconnections, revivals, returns. The winter solstice could have you looking back at past loves in preparation for a love that frees you and opens new possibilities.

Look at how love has changed you in the past especially around Christmas Day when Venus meets Pluto in here. When we share ourselves, our love and our life with another, we and they are transformed on some level in the process. You are the loving person you are today, due to that experience – no matter how it ended up. Again, if you have been holding on to past hurts and resentments around a relationship, see it in these terms and let it go.

2021 arrives two days early for you as Jupiter returns to its ruling 9th. Time to look at how much more empowered you have become during its journey through your 8th. You should now see just what you can achieve when you are focussed and unafraid of change. So, step into the New Year with new confidence – and the willingness to explore something new, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Dream big and act with a fresh self of self-determination and empowerment in 2021 Cancer. Explore new resources at your disposal. You’ll come to see when it comes to the changes you seek – you’re more powerful than you know!

All about cancer

Cancer Is ruled by the Moon planet of emotions and is a water sign. Protective, nurturing and loving Cancer is the homebody of the Zodiac. Even if you’re not traditional you have the ability to make other people feel at home. You can be over sensitive but also intuitive and feel things deeply. Your soul lesson is not to manipulate out of fear and to know you are a creator Goddess/God watch my details Cancer video below.

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