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The week ahead for pisces

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter in your sign asks that you shed those inner limiting thoughts. What you imagined was possible for you in the past alters and shifts. The future is yours to create. No limits, Pisces.

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Aim for a bigger dream

Who you know directs your future

Realign to your passion

The focus is on who you know, not so much on what this week. Friends, groups, contacts prove your best resource and have the ability to send your future down a fresh path. You could also hear from people from your past and it could be time to re-explore that resonance you once shared. Chances are it’s still relevant, Pisces.

Venus heads direct in this house from the 29th and Mars enters it on the 24th – same day as Juno and Pluto make a pivotal pact in here. You may be faced with a key and future determining decision around one particular friend or even more intimate connection. Don’t succumb to trying to resuscitate anything which no longer has a heartbeat however. Face the truth and let go with a universal mindset.

Aim for passion

Ruler Jupiter meets heart-starting Eros in your sign on the 30th. So, if one era ends take it a new one is beginning. Launch that flaming arrow of desire at a fresh target now. One you may have told yourself was impossible to reach in the past. Obstacles could just vanish like so much sea mist. Or you have a revelatory moment where you see just how or where you have been holding yourself back. It’s only a thought you need to change if so – so now banish it for good. Unexpected solutions could wash up on the shore of your deepest hopes and dreams. Or the answer to a prayer appear. Remember, the planets act through people in our lives. Those connections hold the answers you seek.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter in your sign asks that you shed those inner limiting thoughts. What you imagined was possible for you in the past alters and shifts. The future is yours to create. No limits, Pisces.

Jan 24 2022 Mars enters Capricorn (11th)

Jan 24 2022 Juno and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn (11th)

Jan 28 2022 Vesta in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries (11th to 2nd)

Jan 29 2022 Venus stationary direct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 30 2022 Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (12th to 3rd)

Jan 30 2022 Jupiter and Eros conjunct in Pisces (1st)

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Don’t limit your imagination!

Chase the dream to live it

Step into your biggest potential in ‘22

If there is one thing you should not restrict now, Pisces, it’s your ability to reimagine your future. This month keeps the planetary focus very much on your 11th house where you goals and dreams reside. As do your friendships, contacts and all social connections. Exploring how these are interlinked can open the door to reinstating both friendships and goals. Your 2022 restart begins here!

You also begin your year with both your rulers ancient and modern in your sign. Preparing for a big meeting later this year which has not occurred in 165 years! Because the planetary focus this month is very fixed on your 11th – even after the Sun enters your 12th on the 20th, is it hands you real tools to turn dreams into reality. It’s taking you on a journey. Towards invention and amazing possibilities. Combined with your Pisces imagination, I t could just be that your beliefs and ability to visualise and invent, open up well – a truth more amazing than fiction.

This cycle wants you to understand that if you can dream it, then you can experience it in some way, shape or form. If your social life has been lacklustre then its time to look to how to revive connections. The planetary focus on Capricorn which continues all month long, hands you tools to set your purpose and intention and commit to the long haul. In practical and pragmatic ways.

With Venus still retrograde in your 11th until the 29th and Mercury retrograde in your 12th from the 14th and returning to your 11th on the 26th, this is a time to reconnect to and revive old friendships, contacts and yes, your goals. There’s resurrected meaning and fresh relevance to be found if you do so. Please do be aware that Venus in your 11th is about friendship love, not romantic love. And no more so than when it is retrograde in here. So, unless you want to be friendzoned – avoid seeking the latter kind for now.

If you have interests in sci-fi, entrepreneurship, tech, the Tarot, psychic abilities, astrology, mediumship, spirituality, learning or simply a cause or movement which resonates for you and have past connections which share these or have considered joining a group which does, now is the time for a reach out even over Zoom. Watch the time of the new Supermoon in here on the 2nd for invitations, reconnects or even that seemingly random post for a new activity or group that pops up on your Facebook feed. There’s your invitation to join in.

Old friends could be in touch and while new love is off limits now, an old one could revive or else you reimagine your connection as a friendship when retro Venus and Juno meet on the 7th. Reunions or revisiting old haunts or even those dreams, is possible on the 9th when the Sun and Venus meet. Vesta now joins the gathering in your 11th from the 12th – this is about inclusivity and whether or not the group you are part of allows you to be yourself or who you identify with. If you have had to pretend to be anything other just to fit in – this time is now at an end. As will be associating with people who don’t support your vision and dreams. Especially after Mars arrives in here after the 24th.

The full Moon of the 17th is known as the Snow or Wolf Moon and appears in your 5th of lovers, children, self-expression and pleasure. Full Moons always shine their light back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. You’ve a desire to connect and be around like minded people now. And you will also know whether the company you’re keeping is right for you – or not. This Moon can also expose whether you and that existing lover are aligned. It’s a wonderful full Moon to find yourself in the right company – to share good times, party and play (within whatever restrictions may be in effect for you), but it will also show you if you need to go find your real people.

If you are at home alone under this full Moon, use its energy to immerse yourself in a hobby or activity you love. Express your vision in some way. This is an especially powerful full Moon under which to create a vision board in fact.

Uranus, the ruler of your 11th house moves forward in your 3rd from the 18th. But remember, the ruler of your 3rd is now retrograde so unless you are reviving an idea, hold off that launch for now. You have plenty of time to push forward with your ideas as the North Node arrives in here the very next day. In focus will be writing, communicating, speaking, design, photography, studies, travel, your commute if you have one, your devices, siblings, cousins, business plans and especially the internet.

It’s been 19 years since the North Node last paid this house a visit. So, if you were an adult back then, look at what happened around these themes. With the ruler of this house backwards, its a good time to revise anything that amounts to a message – from that CV to that manuscript, thesis, website or social media presence. What you say, think or share will have wings during this cycle. Something may come full circle for you or you may hear from someone from your past on the 23rd when the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in your 12th. The meeting between Pluto and Juno the following day points to you deciding whether you want to continue or revive something – or else let it go and head towards something new.

The Sun’s influence in your 12th opens doors to solutions you did not know existed. It has you seeing the world in new ways, reframing your past but also act as a portal to something bigger if you are open to exploring this. Again, I’m talking about your ideas and imaginative/psychic abilities. You can lay the groundwork to make incredible leaps now and on into ‘22 which is set to become a year like no other you have ever experienced.

A foretaste of what is to come for you occurs on the 30th when Jupiter and Eros meet in your 1st. This is about taking aim at something very real and very personal to you. A goal, wish, dream that forms part of who you are. You can’t let it go any more than you could change who you are on a fundamental level. You now have to dare, see and try to make it real or happen. And the funny thing is setting off in pursuit of it can be just as satisfying as attaining it. Doing nothing with your dreams is not an option for you this year, Pisces. Go chase them as this is what ‘living the dream’ is actually about.

In a nutshell: Whatever you do in ‘22, don’t put fences around your imagination, Pisces. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to where your ideas can take you. Especially when you bring them down-to-earth by sharing them.

Jan 1 2022 Sun in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus (11th to 3rd)

Jan 2 2022 New Supermoon in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 2 2022 Mercury enters Aquarius (12th)

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 12 2022 Vesta enters Capricorn (11th)

Jan 14 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Aquarius (12th)

Jan 14 2022 Ceres stationary direct in Taurus (3rd)

Jan 16 2022 Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 17 2022 Full Moon in Cancer (5th)

Jan 17 2022 Eros enters Pisces (1st)

Jan 18 2022 Uranus stationary direct in Taurus (3rd)

Jan 19 2022 North Node Enters Taurus (3rd)

Jan 20 2022 Sun enters Aquarius (12th)

Jan 23 2022 Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Aquarius (12th)

Jan 24 2022 Mars enters Capricorn (11th)

Jan 24 2022 Juno and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn (11th)

Jan 28 2022 Vesta in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries (11th to 2nd)

Jan 29 2022 Venus stationary direct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 30 2022 Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (12th to 3rd)

Jan 30 2022 Jupiter and Eros conjunct in Pisces (1st)

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A magical, dreamweaving, spell casting year hands you the ability to redraw your path; and decide what role you want to play in your future, Pisces. If you can imagine it – chances are you can be it, have it or experience it – in some way shape or form in ‘22!

Big, bigger, BIGGEST! 2022 promises to be the biggest year ever for you when it comes to releasing yourself into opportunity and flow. Allow your imagination free rein. Give in to that vision your gifts of fantasy, visualization and insight can dream up for you. And then ask yourself if this is in fact more than just a dream but how you should be living or what you should be doing.

Whatever you can imagine for yourself now – chances are a version of it is available for you. To have, see or experience. What makes this more possible than at any other time? The presence of both your rulers in your sign. Jupiter and Neptune are set to meet in your 1st on April 12. This has not happened in 165 years! Take action on your dreams or towards what that intuition is telling you is your destiny now. Above all, if you feel the nudge from spirit or that nagging whisper that simply won’t be silenced in your head – obey it! Your soul compass is aligned to your higher purpose or path now.

Barriers to progress may simply dissolve. Where you would once have hesitated you now take the plunge. This will be one of the best transits you have ever embraced for personal goals, travel, learning, creative projects and anything to do with entering a bold, brilliant and breathtaking phase.

However – the year may not start off like this. You may be waiting until your birthday season begins to begin to see the kind of miracles I’m talking about. Don’t get disheartened or judge a year but it’s first few weeks however. We start 2022 with Venus retrograde in your 11th and Mercury retro in your 12th – it will then back into your 11th before heading forward again. Add to Mars transitting your 11th and 12th while this is going on and you may begin the year having a cosmic clear out of stuff from the past you no longer need. Old thoughts, memories, goals, junk in that closet, connections you have outgrown and raw open emotional wounds you thought you had dealt with – all get the heave-ho and chapters closed for good. Now you’re ready, Pisces!

Because yeah, baby! It may feel your birthday season just carries on like the ultimate 60’s love-in thanks to planets moving through your 1st all the way into May! The spotlight will be very much on you. So – how do you rock that? Don’t be a mass-produced item. Be an original. That’s the message of Jupiter in your 1st. You’ve got what’s unrepeatable and rare – that combination of atoms, stars, thoughts, feelings and vibe that is nowhere else in the universe! So, express this in whatever way simply feels right for you. Jupiter will spend approximately six months in your 1st from the start of the year until May 10 when your image, appearance, style, personal message or brand will be supersized and more important.

Others can’t help but be drawn to what you project. Especially during that key March-May period and again in September when the Sun is in your 7th. No more hiding yourself away. Feel it and believe it to become it – or draw it to you, Pisces. Find ways to showcase yourself, your talents, your skills or just your unique fish-eye view on the world. You’re Insta-fabulous now.

From May until the end of October and then again from December 20, Jupiter will be in your 2nd for the first time in 12 years. Look forward to a surge of self-confidence and also in stepping into abundant flow. Handling larger sums of money are common with Jupiter in here. Just don’t be lured into spending it as fast as it comes in. A better paying job, raise or income from a side-hustle are Jupiter benefits in this house.

This year’s eclipse axis for 2022 is Taurus/Scorpio so your 3rd and 9th houses. When these occur this may seem like a Mercury retro on steroids! Use your retro rules at these times and if you can delay agreements, purchases, travel and signing anything. Don’t take what you are told as gospel – it may not be or may be carefully edited. The term ‘spin’ applies.

Feel as if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Even if you’re not certain just how, one thing you do know is that something’s ‘off’. Hold that thought. Three things cannot stay hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. It’s a perfect eclipse metaphor and what it tells you is that the truth eventually surfaces. That uneasy feeling you may not yet have facts to back up is your early warning system. It tells you don’t act – watch and wait for revelations. These could come to light in surprising and unexpected ways due to Uranus’s long term transit of your 3rd. Uranus always wants to free us. And this includes freeing us of illusions. So take it that expose when it does occur will do just that.

Your other major transit will be Mars which will spend an unusually long time in your 4th this year. And it will be retrograde in here from October and on into ’23. Mars is not comfortable in this house. Too touchy-feely, throw pillows and cupcakes for the warrior planet. But wait – Mars in here gets you moving if it’s needed. Or discovering the confidence to strike out on your own path if you feel the one you’re on isn’t what you would have chosen but was chosen for you. Channel this energy into physical activities – DIY, redecorating, renovations, gardening and finish off any declutter you left half-done at the start of the year.

Just watch for oversensitivity and narkiness with those you live with! Deal with issues right away. Don’t allow them to fester otherwise you will find your frustrations burst out in unexpected ways. And at inopportune moments. That’s Mars energy. It always finds an outlet. Give it a positive one.

Mars retro will allow you to pace yourself however. This year promises intense periods where there are big leaps forward, a pause and then the year’s end brings you a final push with those ambitions. Most of you should end the year in a much better position financially than you have been in the previous two. Provided you don’t allow your spending to get out of control however!

Love should take on a magical quality and singles should see at least one potential suitor step up to try to win their heart! The theme of this year is All About YOU however. Your look, face, brand, style, message, profile, social media feed, title, appearance, image. Some of you may undergo a make-over; or even contemplate fillers, Botox, cosmetic dentistry or surgery to ensure what they see in the mirror matches what they feel on the inside. And on the inside is where your transformation begins. You are not set in stone. You are a work in progress. Take yourself to the next level this year. Feel it, believe it and then become who you believe you can be. The world could just be watching.

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