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The week ahead for pisces

Set your sights on that dream – and go directly to it, Pisces. Weed out those who don’t support you this week. Because you’ve plenty on your side who do.

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Dreams are designed to come true

Who is truly on your team?

Welcome back a long lost love

Second star to the right – and straight on to your dreams, Pisces. What goal are you telling yourself you cannot have, attain or achieve? This week’s partially eclipsed full Moon in your 11th wants you to not only look at this – but also who is helping or hindering you on your way. Because eclipses are about our blind spots you may not see this unless you look closer. Is someone truly on your side or does the saying ‘misery loves company’ apply? Sometimes success makes people afraid. Usually afraid of being left behind or unwanted by the person who succeeds. Just be aware of these kinds of undercurrents now.

However, true support and also romance trump any negativity in your social circle. Venus in your 5th only wants to deliver the good things of life. To see you showered with attention, pleasure and yes, love. Of course, there’s the love of true friends, benefactors and the rush of pleasure that comes from realising that goal. What you wish for – you may get or at the very least, a helping hand towards it as Venus opposes Saturn and then Pluto in your 11th and trines ruler Neptune in your 1st. Powerful or influential friends could open doors. Mercury in full retro-active mode could re-deliver a love you thought was long gone and this includes something you love to do or a missed opportunity. This week’s secret message hidden within the eclipse is that things happen when the timing is right and when the past magically metamorphoses into the present. Something catches up with you now – and what’s more, you want to be caught, Pisces.



17 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION SATURN (5th to 11th)

18 Jul 2019 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (5th to 1st)


21 Jul 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (5th to 11th)

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Love is blind but the heart sees clearly

Get ready for cosmic encounters

Banish self-doubts

You’ve an eclipse in your 5th at the start of July, Pisces. This is your house where you shine, of your creativity and self-expression, where you have fun, how you embrace pleasure, your children and romance. Especially with someone who could make you a parent, step parent, foster parent, god parent. It’s about people younger than you, the younger generation and young family members. This is a total solar eclipse and eclipses are always about our blindspots.

Now, if we are talking about our children specifically, they often represent our greatest achievements and also, our biggest blindspot. Someone tells us something about our child we don’t want to hear. Usually this is to do with their behaviour. Little Timmy has acted out and is in trouble. We move into full Protection and Denial mode. Your Timmy would never do that. And if he had – he didn’t mean to. An eclipse in this house – and this is a total eclipse so you are totally in the dark here, is like Mercury retrograde on steroids. And yes, Mercury is turning retrograde and yes, during this cycle will re-arrive back in your 5th – on the 19th to be precise.

You’re looking through a glass darkly now and this also applies to love. This despite the fact that the Sun occupies this, its ruling house, and is joined in here by Venus from the 3rd. What’s your love blind spot? Just what is it that you are unable to see? Is it that relationship history? Do you always go for the same ‘type’ and end up with the same outcome? If so, what’s the common denominator? That’s what you can’t see. Clue: You know them, although perhaps not as well as you think. Make certain you are seeking love for what it is and not how you want it to be.

Destiny defining aspects between the Sun in your 5th conjunct the North Node and opposing Saturn conjunct your soul in your 11th could result in cosmic encounters or commitments to becoming a parent or else a creative enterprise on the 10th.  What you create, start, begin or immerse yourself in is part of your karma. There is a bigger story and a bigger picture and this could include your past – those past choices in either romantic attachments, children or even if you work in a creative profession, how you are seen or acknowledged by others.

Because the nodes are involved and rule karma and what returns, look to what was happening in any of these areas during the eclipse season of 2017 or even 2000-2001 or further back still to 1981-82 if you are old enough. Your adult children if you have them could also feature in some way. Perhaps you have not been fully aware of what they have been up to.

Mercury retrogrades from the 8th in its ruing 6th so expect an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem. This brings the number of retro planets to five including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and of course, ruler Neptune.  The Sun and then Venus will trine Neptune in your 1st on the 11th and 18th respectively. Meetings which take place now may feel strangely familiar even if you are encountering one another for the first time.

If you are seeking and single, just bear in mind you may not have the full picture when it comes to that lover now. Encountering one from your past however, is likely especially after Mercury arrives back in your 5th and meets Venus in here on the 24th, as is meeting old friends or business contacts. Just bear in mind that this month is all about looking at history – or herstory, but not letting it repeat itself if it has not resulted in your happiness.

This month’s full Moon brings you another eclipse – this time in your 11th on the 16th. This one is a partial one so while most of the picture is in focus, some of it is blurred. This is your house of friends and of the future. Could it be that you have outgrown some connections but are as yet, unaware of this? Or do you get a feeling that something is going on and you’re no longer included? Be especially wary of new people who big note themselves and who tell you how important they are. Promises may be made that won’t be kept – possibly because the person was in no position to grant them in the first place.

Be discerning when choosing who you hang out with under this eclipse. This is a full Moon under which to seek out the company of old friends with whom you feel you can be yourself and not worry. To head for hangouts where you can talk and share your feelings without having to shout over loud music or crowds. Bear this in mind. Social circles in particular may feature – teams, clubs, groups, bands, associations and yes, even social media. Be careful what you post under this influence.

With the ruler of your work sector retrograde, its best to avoid starting any new work projects or looking for that new job unless you are unemployed or timing dictates otherwise. The Sun enters your 6th on the 22nd and Venus follows on the 28th. You also have Jupiter retrograde in your sector of long term career, rewards and renown. Time to leverage what has already been started and to think about relaunching it or even renegotiating your present position. Mars also in your 6th lends you energy to complete outstanding tasks but also the determination to beat any competition and to prove yourself.

If there are already career or work projects, pitches or interviews in progress from before the start of the Merc retro, then the 25th is a good day on which to schedule those final meetings as this is the day when Mars will trine Jupiter giving you that competitive edge and a massive injection of confidence! You’ll dare to tackle any task plus you’ll see any nerves which might have held you back, vanish. The final six days of July bring you one of those periods where you could enter a meeting, trip and fall flat on your face and all this will do is make you an even more desirable candidate or client as your ability to laugh it off and at yourself, tells everyone you are a ‘the show must go on’ kind of person they want on their team.

A new and better deal than before could be on the table. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or even to suggest the outrageous now when it comes to those ideas. In fact, as July comes to a close, outrageous fortune smiles on those who dare to try. Venus in your 6th blesses the deal as it angles to Ceres, also in your 10th. The Sun in your 6th makes an equally attractive angle to Chiron in your money zone. That outcome you thought impossible, the job or promotion you thought you wouldn’t get but threw your hat in the ring over anyway, that client you figured wouldn’t take you seriously – what you imagined impossible could just come to pass. Remember however to leave a little room to manoeuvre for when Mercury heads direct again. S/he who dares wins this July, Pisces.

In a nutshell: What you think you can’t pull off or achieve – the universe offers you an outrageous solution. Get to the heart of the matter when it comes to romance – or those you love, Pisces.

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Use your superpower!

Step into success

Make the perfect love connection

This year, people may not quite understand how your mind works. But what I can tell you is that despite this, they are going to love your ideas. Uranus rules electricity and current and in your 3rd house this adds up to Brainwaves. Flashes of genius and ideas that you and only you could have come up with. New and radically different ways of seeing the world, old problems transformed, innovations and standing accepted thinking on its head. You’re able to work faster, learn quicker and above all, come up with highly original ideas. Uranus always delivers the unexpected and in this house, this ability is increased. Think of this as surprises on steroids. Expect the unexpected. Unexpected news, ending up in unexpected places, running into the last person you expected to see – all these bear the hallmarks of Uranus and if so, will usually come packaged with an unexpected opportunity too.

As this is your house of work, unexpected job changes could form part of this but don’t underestimate the power of those brainwaves to bring about the kind of changes you want. On a more mundane level, taking a new approach to anything from your daily tasks to your commute could pave the way towards success which continues long after this cycle ends. And Uranus will remain in here for seven years. Just be aware that the two most powerful times for this cycle and when you will see the biggest changes occur are the end of it – and the beginning which you are entering now.

Get ready for rush hour! This all adds up to your work, business, what you say and even your studies having an electric quality to them now. Uranus also rules entrepreneurs, inventors and ideas which can ignite and inspire the collective. If you have dreamed of running your own show, launching that start-up, website or blog, writing that novel or even becoming an influencer, Uranus in here gives you that unique edge that allows you to not only stand out from the competition, but to engage those followers too. It’s all about your unique voice, not copying anyone else and also doing things in a way which adds value for your audience.

But there’s more. This year will see Jupiter spend almost the entire 12 months in your house of career and professional success. It’s been 12 years since the planet of luck, expansion and opportunity was in this sector of your chart. If you were over 18 back then, think back to what opportunities presented themselves in terms of your career path. Also, whether anyone in a position of power or authority helped or assisted you when it came to career progress. Did you land that coveted role? Secure yourself a mentor perhaps? Take a big step towards a longer-term career goal? See your ambition soar? Get yourself recognised and rewarded for what you do? Did you manage to exceed not just the expectations of others but your own? It’s time to prepare for another huge leap forward or if this is the first time you have experienced Jupiter in here since you turned 18, then this year could bring you your first real opportunity to prove yourself and discover how high you can soar.

Expand those ambitions now. Time to project confidence and be seen as someone who knows what they want, where they are going and above all, knows their ‘stuff’ no matter what sphere you operate in (or what to). If you want to explore alternative career options to the one you are on, Jupiter will aid you in changing course. Alternatively, if you are that round peg in a spherical hole, Jupiter will bring you at least one opportunity to expand your role and also how you are rewarded. Be open during this time to other people’s advice – especially those with the experience to back it up. You could benefit from this especially when it comes to your finances or in property dealings. Be seen as someone who can combine self-leadership and determination with taking on board the advice of others when you need it. This could just turn into a winning combination for you as your open attitude and willingness to learn will

impress people in positions of influence. Opportunities and financial benefits may come your way from unexpected sources or just plain luck. Just one word of caution with Jupiter in here – you may find yourself working long hours and often alone or carrying a great deal of responsibility during this cycle. You may not mind this as you will have tangible results and rewards. But be prepared to invest heavily – certainly in terms of your time, if you’re serious about success. This may mean not being able to commit in other areas such as your social life on occasion. But don’t worry – this is not forever – it’s just temporary! But it will be worth it, I promise you. You have the opportunity to lay a foundation that will determine your path for the next 12 years and also to gain the support of those who can help you over the long term.

Ruler Neptune remains in your sign until 2026 and while it does, it will continue to provide you with a gateway to higher insight, creativity and spiritual wisdom. Your ruler is highly unusual in that it spends almost half of every year retrograde. These retrograde cycles enable you to see clearly how when you follow Neptune’s nudges to your intuition, you end up in the enviable position of having one foot in the present and the other already in the future. You often know what is going to happen before it does. Think back over the times when you have listened to your intuition and when you have chosen to ignore it. Chances are you will see that usually your intuition was spot-on 100% of the time. The only variable in the equation was whether you acted on the information or not. Your very special new Moon of March 6 (the same day as Uranus arrives in your 3rd of communication), appears within one degree of Neptune in the sky. It’s filled with the promise of enhanced intuition, inspiration and psychic ability. It’s also reminding you to think of these as your superpower – and to be mindful of what can occur when you don’t remain connected to it. Your birthday cycle this year which begins on Feb 18 will give you the ability to measure once and for all just how powerful and accurate that superpower can be. People from the past are going to feature as Mercury will meet Neptune on Feb 19 and then on March 5, turn retrograde in your 1st and then meet Neptune again on April 2. You will know who or what is going to appear or happen before it does so please pay attention. Also remember, this cycle is normally about new beginnings and this one carries shadows of the past. Past loves could be resurrected and remember, this can include past projects or opportunities as well as people. The past is ours to revisit and learn from but it can also represent a trap. Chances are if someone re-enters your life it is for one final go-around. This time you make it work – or if they exit again this time it will be for good. Again, your intuition will be advising you. Don’t ignore your superpower!

Hopefully I am not painting a portrait of a year which is all work and no play. Because this year also comes packaged with fabulous opportunities for partnerships and pleasure. You have a

Get ready to claim your dream and also your gorgeous, authentic self. That part of you who you know deserves the recognition, the romance and the chance to express itself that may have been suppressed. It’s time for courage, creativity and above all, confidence and also to be unafraid to be yourself. And to know what it is you need. This year brings a new set of eclipses for you on your 5th/11th house axis. Yes, it’s about romance, your social life, your connections, children and passion. We have a total eclipse of the Sun in your 5th occurring on July 2.

Remember, eclipses cover up and what I have to ask you straight out is: is it your true self or an aspect of it that is being covered up? Have a mid-year soul stocktake at this time. Look at the people you are surrounding yourself with and who and what you are attracting. Do you feel you can truly be yourself with your friends or with your lover? Do you feel you have to hide a part of yourself away or pretend to be something else in order to loved and accepted? Are you afraid to express yourself because of what people might think? Or, on an even deeper level, are you continuing to maintain connections when deep down you no longer feel a resonance with them? Between this eclipse and the next which is a lunar eclipse in your 11th on December 26, step into a cycle of honest passion. Being open, expressing yourself, being able to come from a heart-centered place will bring to you spontaneous opportunities for fun, increased depth in your connections and also if you need to, attract new people including that

potential lover, they will be every much on your wavelength. Your intuition should also be broadcasting this message loud and clear: don’t be anyone but yourself now.

The August/September late summer period sees a big emphasis on long term love and partnerships as your 7th house of duos and twosome combinations of all descriptions. It’s late summer and the heat is on thanks to not just the Sun but Mars stoking those passions, Venus adding the power of attraction, Mercury opening up communication and a new Moon pointing to a fresh phase of relating. At its peak five planets will be in here at one time and this is Venus’s ruling house in your chart. All these will at one point trine Uranus in your 3rd and oppose ruler Neptune in your 1st. You have the ability to draw to you your emotional desires and above all, who you need now to express yourself within a long term relationship. For those of you who are settled, this can bring about a recommitment to one another and a reawakening of love and desire again. An existing connection may deepen with a bigger commitment made. Others could attract someone with serious long term potential and with whom you feel a deep, spiritual tie. Be aware this cuts across all kinds of partnerships and for some of you, the perfect love connection for you to experience now will be a business or working partnership, a collaboration or a very close friendship. It’s all love whichever way you look at it. And it all flows from you coming from a place where you are expressing, not hiding yourself – so do remember this especially if you are searching for love this year.

You should end the year on a high note when it comes to career achievements and status thanks to Venus having one more power meeting with Jupiter in your 10th on November 24. Make that final presentation or push now. December sees Jupiter exit your 10th and arrive in your 11th. Time to make a wish – or three, as this is your house of goals and dreams as well as your sector of friends and connections. It’s also the house which is ruled by Uranus in your chart. Unexpected meetings or opportunities could be heading your way before the old year gives way to the new thanks to a fabulous alignment between Jupiter and Uranus on Dec 15. New people are set to enter your life and expect them to have a big effect on your destiny. As always, tap into your superpower and let your intuition be your guide.

In a nutshell: Career opportunities are highlighted for you in 2019, Pisces. But it’s not all about work. An increased emphasis on love and expressing yourself adds up to romance and pleasure for you too!

13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (10th Hse to 1st Hse)


18 Feb 2019 SUN ENTERS PISCES (1st Hse)

18 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION SATURN (11th Hse)



6 Mar 2019 NEW MOON IN PISCES (1st Hse – note: 1 degree off Neptune!)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (3rd Hse) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)


26 Mar 2019 VENUS ENTERS PISCES (1st Hse)




20 Apr 2019 VENUS ENTERS ARIES (2nd Hse)

27 Apr 2019 MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE (4th Hse to 1st Hse)

14 Jun 2019 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 1st Hse)

21 Jun 2019, NEPTUNE RETROGRADE until 27 Nov 2019 (1st Hse) (NB: Raphael’s says 22nd)


18 Jul 2019 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 1st Hse)

18 Aug 2019 MARS ENTERS VIRGO (7th Hse)

23 Aug 2019 SUN ENTERS VIRGO (7th Hse)

30 Aug 2019 SUN IN VIRGO TRINE URANUS IN TAURUS (7th Hse to 3rd Hse)




3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (7th Hse) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (11th Hse) and Uranus (3rd Hse) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (10th Hse) and Neptune (1st Hse)

4 Sep 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

7 Sep 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

10 Sep 2019 SUN OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 1st Hse)


14 Sep 2019 MARS OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

21 Oct 2019VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (9th Hse to 1st Hse)

8 Nov 2019 SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (9th Hse to 1st Hse)

24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (9th Hse to 3rd Hse)



13 Dec 2019 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (9th Hse to 1st Hse)

15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (11th Hse to 3rd Hse)



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