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The week ahead for pisces

You have an innate sense of what the right choice for you is. So, don’t allow others to sow seeds of self-doubt. Yes, they may be coming from a place of caring. But take it you know what’s right for you.

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Take it to the next level

Trust your gut – you’re ready

Protect what’s priceless

Ideas which are grounded in practicality and fit for purpose flourish this week. You could also be looking at an offer on the table Pisces. Mercury rules contracts and commerce. Its angle to Saturn in your sign from Mercury’s ruling 3rd could see you signing on the dotted line. And committing to taking something forward into your future.

Everything you do or take on board this week is likely to enhance your future in some way. Even if to others, it may seem like you are making a radical or unusual choice. The more conservative amongst your family and friends may voice some concerns. But provided you have done your due diligence, and your gut is telling you this is the right path for you, then act with confidence. It’s always important to remember that often when others voice their reservations, they are coming from a place of caring rather than trying to hold us back. And what is right for them may not be right for you. It’s your right to choose what that is. And this week gives you the freedom to do just that.

The Mars/Chiron meeting in your 2nd (29th), could signal a change in how you earn your money, a fresh new source of it (which you have engineered), or a major shift in your priorities when it comes to where you direct your precious resources. Not just your cash but your time, your love, your abilities.

You see your passion as a priceless asset and one you’re not about to just give away. The fact is – it’s not finite. And what you do have to give needs to be invested in something or someone worthy. That may be the point you need to get across when it comes to that decision. The right choice for you this week is the one you are willing to keep investing in for the long haul. And the one that breaks you free into something so worthy of your love.

In a nutshell: You have an innate sense of what the right choice for you is. So, don’t allow others to sow seeds of self-doubt. Yes, they may be coming from a place of caring. But take it you know what’s right for you.

28 May 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

29 May 2024 Mars and Chiron conjunct in Aries (2nd)

31 May 2024 Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

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Say it and mean it

Time to launch

Prepare for Homecoming!

What’s on your mind, Pisces? This is no time to keep it to yourself. A sense of purpose grips you. Especially when it comes to self-initiated projects and plans. Or the desire to say what you need to say.

Be self-directed and set something in motion. When you look back at this month you’ll come to understand that one particular conversation, piece of news or an action you took instigated a chain of events which landed you an opportunity or saw you end up exactly where you wanted to get to.

A change of direction could be on offer for some of you. Ancient ruler Jupiter is finishing up its stay in your 3rd house before moving on into your 4th on the 25th. Before it leaves, it could deliver a result or piece of surprising news which leads to a new beginning for you. If you have been waiting for a green light, May sees them all wink on and its pedal to the metal as Mercury clears retroshade in its ruling 3rd in your chart (13th).

If you’ve been waiting to push the button on something – possibly quite literally as this house rules the internet, look to the new Moon on the 8th. It falls conjunct Uranus which rules your devices as well as that larger audience and the wider, wonderful world of innovative ideas, electric communication and invention. Groups, networks, platforms and who you are connected to as well as the means of transmission itself, see you getting your message out there.

Travel may also feature this month. Last minute trips, short stays or different destinations. Even if you are going somewhere familiar – you may discover some new facet to it. Don’t get too hung up on schedules, plans or even how you are going to get somewhere. Be open, flexible and willing to take that exciting detour if you encounter it. Uranus in in the mix this month which can bring in the unplanned element. But one which turns out to get you where you wanted to go faster if you go down it in the spirit of adventure or just for the hell of finding out!

Dates to pivot are the 18th – when the Sun meets Jupiter and Venus meets Uranus. Unexpected news could call on you to drop one plan in favour of something better. Or you receive an offer you can’t possibly refuse on the 23rd. When Venus and Jupiter not only align in your 3rd – but both angle to ruler Neptune in your 1st. In other words, you could even achieve a better outcome than you expected. Or an offer that’s too good to miss.

We’re entering a big, fat mutable cycle like no other. Where the energy shifts to expansion.

It’s a cycle defined by a call to action: Make your move. And this is about to continue into 2025. It’s about the good life. Living large. Your place in the world. That corner of the earth which smiles at you. The people who inhabit it who feel like home ad Jupiter rolls out the welcome mat in your 4th house from the 25th.

It’s a crowded house in here – and all the planets are wonderful house guests. Jupiter moves in for a year. And is in residence at the same time as the Sun (20th), and Venus (23rd). This is about what underpins your life. What provides you shelter, safety and security. Physically, materially and emotionally. Expect expansion, opportunity, big benefits and yes for some, a big move. Because Jupiter also rules your career sector – your move could be a career related one. Or this is where you reap those Jupiter rewards. Obviously progress in this area hands us that feeling of security in others.

Relocations could feature. And for some, they may be big ones. A different town, area or even country. You find your ‘home’. Others find their ‘family’ and this may be different to the one you were born into – but the one you create from the souls you get to choose. But yes, Jupiter can see your biological one expand as well. Money can be made from property. Investments, renting a room. Others are able to get their foot on the property ladder or land that social housing or rent control abode.

As the planets move into your 4th – they will trine Pluto now in your 12th. If the past contains pain – you can now transcend it. Others see a miraculous resurrection take place. Something comes alive again. Or they are drawn back to somewhere from the past that forms a part of them. Dates to watch are the 22nd (Sun trine Pluto), and 25th (Venus trine Pluto). The 25th especially may hand you satisfaction around a home or family matter.

People are on your side now. Especially those who deal with property – you get a good one from contractors, architects, interior decorators or even estate agents. Others may find local authority figures helpful in pushing planning or an issue through. Or a close relative steps in with an offer of help. Jupiter in your 4th can make you restless. And more likely to pull up roots than at any other time if you don’t feel your current location truly meets your needs. And as for those, you’ll have a greater understanding of what you need emotionally to bring about that all-important sense of belonging. Whether it’s from the people who surround you. Or the place you call home. Get ready for growth.

In a nutshell: Get ready for move which brings in a bigger sense of security and for some, a larger lifestyle or home, Pisces. Ancient ruler Jupiter offers the key to living large. Or finding the place and the people where you belong.

1 May 2024 Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (3rd to 12th)

2 May 2024 Pluto stationary retrograde in Aquarius (12th)

3 May 2024 Mars in Aries sextile retrograde Pluto in Aquarius (2nd to 12th)

7 May 2024 Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

7 May 2024 Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (2nd)

8 May 2024 New Moon in Taurus (3rd)

8 May 2024 Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus (3rd)

8 May 2024 Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (3rd)

13 May 2024 Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus (3rd)

13 May 2024 Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

13 May 2024 Mercury retroshadow ends in Aries (2nd)

15 May 2024 Mercury enters Taurus (3rd)

17 May 2024 Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (3rd to 12th)

18 May 2024 Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

18 May 2024 Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

19 May 2024 Mars and North Node conjunct in Aries (2nd)

19 May 2024 Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

19 May 2024 Ceres retrograde in Capricorn (11th)

20 May 2024 Sun enters Gemini (4th)

22 May 2024 Sun in Gemini trine retrograde Pluto in Aquarius (4th to 12th)

23 May 2024 Full Moon in Sagittarius (10th)

23 May 2024 Full Moon in Sagittarius sextile retrograde Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 12th)

23 May 2024 Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

23 May 2024 Venus in Taurus sexile Neptune in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

23 May 2024 Jupiter in Taurus sexile Neptune in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

23 May 2024 Venus enters Gemini (4th)

25 May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini (4th)

25 May 2024 Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (4th to 12th)

28 May 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (3rd to 1st)

29 May 2024 Mars and Chiron conjunct in Aries (2nd)

31 May 2024 Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (3rd)

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What do you believe, Pisces? Your interests in more than heaven and earth will be awakened now Pluto lands in your 12th house. Explore the fundamentals of the cosmos and watch how this changes you. Ancient ruler Jupiter offers you the key to a door in ‘24. Unlock it and find what mysteries lie behind it.

Do you believe? – Nick Frost to Jane Lynch: Paul, 2011

Your beliefs, your thoughts around religion, spirituality, mediumship, the ‘other side’, the multiverse and what’s ‘out there’ are set to be redefined as Pluto reaches your house of mystery and secrets, Pisces. Yearning for a Close Encounter? Proof of life beyond? Be it our solar system or life itself? This cycle takes you to the deep side of life. Where mysteries are probed and answers discovered.

Unconventional and outside the mainstream theories can take you into alternative realities, Pisces. There is a caveat attached to this with Pluto in this house. Beware of false gurus. Those who tell you they have the answers you’re seeking during your search for your truth. And ask for increasing amounts of money or your unswerving devotion in return.

The upside? Your giving spiritual sexy this year, Pisces. Saturn continuing through you sign hands you a new kind of groundedness too. You won’t waste what you’re serving on the undeserving now. Pluto is the bringer of truth in your 12th. Secrets and lies – including the lies we tell ourselves, are exposed. There’s no looking away or denial. Expect outings – which shift your idea of reality.

Your fundamental beliefs may change. You delve deeper. This is an especially good Pluto position for anyone involved in research, physics, investigations, covert ops, healing, psychology or spiritual work. Along with shifts to your beliefs come questions you need answered. These two work hand in hand. Good karma flows your way via those you meet. If they are helping you, you have done the same for them – once upon a lifetime.

Your mantra is: I want to believe. In something deeper and more resonating. You’re prepared to explore new areas to find this.

Your birthday cycle brings a massive four planet stellium in your sign – Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. The Pisces new Supermoon (March 10), keeps that number up despite Mercury’s exit while Venus arrives on the 11th. It’s Pisces season and then some! Time to work your special kind of magic. This is one of your most powerful attraction cycles of the year. Yes, you do have others, Pisces! But the beauty of your birthday season means you can set the tone for the rest of the year by using that powerful insight and creative intuition provided by Pluto to kick-start those dreams.

Best days of your fresh cycle come just before Leap Year’s Day when the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all fuse (Feb 28th). The 8th where truth, love and beauty, heart and head are all in alignment as Mercury meets ruler Neptune. And the day of the new supermoon itself (Mar 10).

You have an extra long cycle of new beginnings and self-image upgrades this year which will take you on into April due to both Venus and then Mars moving through your 1st. Time to make some serious moves, Pisces. Faith in yourself takes you further now. Make it unshakeable.

As well as your beliefs undergoing a massive transformation, your life path will follow. This is due to the continued presence of Saturn in your sign. Also – when what we believe changes – including what we believe about ourselves, everything else follows. The ripple effects fan out into your life style and how you are living. Right up until the end of May, ancient ruler Jupiter will continue to being you travel, learning and work opportunities as well as making the internet your playground. Writing, teaching, publishing, the media and your on-line presence prove to be gold mines. As does that idea you’ve got.

At the end of May, Jupiter changes signs and moves into Gemini and your 4th. Jupiter in here hands you a key to a door. For some of you this may be literal. This is your home house and Jupiter always expands. Expect your space to expand. Either through moving to a bigger home or extending your present one. Your lifepath opens wider during this cycle. Touching on your career too.

Your family itself may expand – your own household or that of family members. Living freer, living better, living larger is what Jupiter is about to bring you. Accept the key during the coming year. This includes unlocking your past and freeing you from past hurts and traumas too. Anything that has kept you stuck or trapped will either be exposed for true healing and release to take place. Or else your attitude to it is transformed. Either way – you are free. Your pivotal time to make your move comes between April 29 – June 3. The 29th sees Mars and ruler Neptune conjunct in your sign. A now or never moment when combined with the rarest of the rare trines between Jupiter and Pluto on June 3. This is the first time in our lifetimes that these two planets have aligned from these two signs. As this involves your ruler, expect a positive and powerful rebirth to occur around healing, living and lifepath choices.

Money and income are highlighted for you across March – April. And this sector remains active all year due to the presence of the North Node. Your enhanced sense of purpose and determination means you are in a position to end the year in the black if you maintain your focus. And also pay off any outstanding debts. By harnessing Saturn’s influence in your sign, you take on a deferred gratification philosophy. Changes around income, alternative ways to generate more may feature. And yes, the Node tells you that you and your money have a karma and destiny. You can change this for the better now by adopting a different approach.

Do however avoid expenditure and big financial decisions around the eclipses. Because the North Node remains in your 2nd, this puts the eclipse axis across your 2nd/8th houses. Dates to refrain from any financial activities are the March 25th when we have an eclipsed full Moon in your 8th. And on April 8 – the day of the Great North American Eclipse – a total eclipse in your 2nd. It also occurs when Mercury just so happens to be retrograde in here as well. Eclipses conceal as well you know. And a total one is an absolute cover-up.

As well as money, income, borrowing, loans and mortgages, you are advised to pay attention to joint financial matters with partners as well. This also applies at the time of the next eclipse – in your 1st on 18th Sept at the time of the full Moon. This may impact on your feelings around someone. Avoid dating decisions and partnership matters if you can leading up to this lunar eclipse. And stay tuned to your intuition with the next eclipse in your 8th on Oct 2nd. Especially around any relationship where sex or money feature.

Let’s also talk foreshadowing and fate at this point. This eclipse is just that as it signals the Nodal Shift which lies ahead for you. From January next year, you will experience the North Node in your 1st house and the South Node in Virgo and your 7th. As well as marking the start or close of a 19 year cycle when it comes to partnerships, this shift will activate your imagination and psychic/creative skills. And also bring answers and healing if love in the past has brought you pain and heartache. Just take it that this eclipse is the first stage to entering that emotional truth.

Mercury in your chart is all about messages of love and flirtation. The above dates aside, look to August/September for your next love high. Past lovers or partnerships could revive now thanks to a Mercury retrograde in here along with Venus. This cycle begins before the Sun reaches this house from Aug 5. Plus the summer equinox (June 20) ushers in your yearly cycle of delight with the Sun in Cancer and your 5th. Pleasure, romance, holidays, creative ventures, positive strokes, your children or even other people’s feature and add to your sense of lightness, fun and being one with the world. Schedule any romantic or creative endeavours designed to get you noticed for this period.

Since Pluto’s arrival in your 11th since 2008, you will have noticed your friendships and social life shift and transform. In this house, Pluto takes on the role of Great Cosmic Sorting Hat when it comes to who is and who isn’t on your team. This also applies to your goals as you will shed those which you are no longer passionately invested in. And will have replaced them with new ones. Pluto adds one final finishing flourish to this process when it returns here in September – November. Then it moves back into your 12th on Nov 19 where it will remain for the next 20 years.

Last year we saw an extended Venus retrograde in Leo and your 6th house. The year ends with Mars retrograde in here. Asking you to pay close attention to health, work, wellbeing and routine matters. Have you been living off energy drinks and fast food? Are you running on empty? Is your work (paid or unpaid), satisfying and energising? Or the reverse? This retrograde will also last for several months. During which time you are invited to tackle all these areas and make lasting and radical changes.

It’s a call to let your body talk. And to listen closely to what it is saying. Combined with Pluto in your 12th this all acts as a catalyst. Cleansing you from any pain from your past. Whatever you still hang on to in terms of your beliefs and what is and isn’t possible – expect these ideas to transform now. Another dimension opens up to you, Pisces. It’s your own greatness calling. You have the power to draw to you what you want. And transcend past limitations. So – believe in it.

In a nutshell: Nothing and nowhere is ‘off-limits’ to you with Pluto in your mysterious 12th. Your own wisdom is your unerring compass for gaining insight and the truth. The power is within you to make the changes you seek in 2024.

21 Jan 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (12th)

19 Feb 2024 Sun enters Pisces (1st)

24 Feb 2024 Full Moon in Virgo (7th)

28 Feb 2024 Sun and Mercury conjunct in Pisces (1st)

28 Feb 2024 Mercury conjunct Saturn in Pisces (1st)

28 Feb 2024 Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunct in Pisces (1st)

8 Mar 2024 Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (1st)

10 Mar 2024 New Supermoon in Pisces (1st)

11 Mar 2024 Venus enters Pisces (1st)

17 Mar 2024 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (1st)

21 Mar 2024 Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces (1st)

22 Mar 2024 Mars enters Pisces (1st)

25 Mar 2024 Full Moon in Libra – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5o 7’ (8th)

3 Apr 2024 Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces (1st)

8 Apr 2024 New Supermoon – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 24’) (2nd)

8 Apr 2024 Sun and Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron in Aries (2nd)

10 Apr 2024 Mars and Saturn conjunct in Pisces (1st)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Virgo (7th)

29 Apr 2024 Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (1st)

25 May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini (4th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (4th to 12th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (1st)

2 Jul 2024 Neptune stationary retrograde in Pisces (1st)

11 Jul 2024 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (5th to 1st)

5 Aug 2024 Venus enters Virgo (7th)

5 Aug 2024 Mercury stationary retrograde in Virgo (7th)

8 Aug 2024 Retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo (7th)

19 Aug 2024 Venus in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces (7th to 1st)

22 Aug 2024 Sun enters Virgo (7th)

28 Aug 2024 Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (7th to 1st)

3 Sept 2024 New Moon in Virgo (7th)

18 Sept 2024 Full Supermoon in Pisces – Partial Lunar Eclipse (25 41’) (1st)

18 Sept 2024 Full Supermoon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus (1st to 3rd)

21 Sept 2024 Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (7th to 1st)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon in Libra – Annular Solar Eclipse (10 04’) (8th)

1 Nov 2024 New Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (9th to 1st)

19 Nov 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (12th) – Never to return to Capricorn

6 Dec 2024 Mars stationary retrograde in Leo (6th)

7 Dec 2024 Sun in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini (10th to 4th)

7 Dec 2024 Neptune stationary direct in Pisces (1st)

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Pisces is a water sign and the most psychic sign of the Zodiac. You have empathy, a brilliant imagination and a profound sense of love and romance. You feel other people’s pain and have a vivid creativity. Your soul lesson is to let go of fear and be a love revolutionary embracing your psychic super powers!

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