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The week ahead for pisces

Get connecting, Pisces. This week is all about those friendships and connections that have your back. The ones you know are there for you – no matter what. You could even commit to a new one now. Your people are your greatest asset. Go find them.

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Who has your back is beyond price

Make lasting new connections

Your people are waiting for you

Venus in its ruling 2nd is not just about money – it is of course, but there is far more to abundance and riches than just your cash, assets and possessions. There’s your self-worth, your talents, skills, ability and those relationships you can completely and utterly bank on to be there for you. This week could just hand you one of those. Or see you commit more completely to an existing one. Now, this could be a friend or even a work set-up as well as a love or marriage partnership. But you know you have each other’s backs and are in it for the long haul now. If this is the kind of relationship you are seeking then time to be seen and active seek it. Know that whoever this may turn out to be is seeking you in turn. Mars in your 11th powers your confidence to put yourself out there while the North Node in Cancer promises fated encounters on the 25th.

This is the same day as Venus in your 2nd opposes Juno in your 8th which could bring in a permanent decision around a sharing or collaborative partnership dynamic. Venus also squares Pluto in your 11th on the 28th. Don’t forget this is the house of your future and your goals. Venus rules this one as it is in its ruling house. Powerful friends or allies whose support you can rely on could play a massive role in turning those dreams into goals and those goals into reality. You’ll never know unless you go looking and leap into fresh circles in search of the people who can make your future happen. They are waiting for you to find them. Simply bank on it.

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Change your mind about what being a spiritual being in a material world entails

Ensure the outer you reflects those deep inner changes

Happy birthday, Pisces!

Happy birthday, Pisces! You are starting your new cycle with a wonderful feeling of increased optimism and self-worth thanks to Venus which leaves your 1st and enters its ruling 2nd on the 7th. Abundance and experiencing the sensual side of the material world is going to be your focus while Venus is in here. Above all, you need to jettison any ideas around money, assets and possessions not being ‘spiritual’. I am not talking of course about just having money and more ‘stuff’ for its own sake. But the simple truth that part of our experience in this material realm is understanding what money can and can’t buy us. And in enjoying the things it can.

Simply put – money buys you choices. Not things. And this is nothing to do with whether you prefer Louis Vuitton or Hermes either. Birkins aside, choice means simply having more than one option. Or none at all as in Hobson’s Choice. Your past choices are going to be under review during February. Especially during the time heading up to your birthday. You’ll be looking at what these cost and what they actually ‘bought’ you in terms of lasting happiness, love or experiences. Was this just a temporary rush or something lasting to treasure?

Mercury enters your 1st on the 3rd. As well as ruling what we say, communicate and how we get about, Mercury also rules our mind and intellect. Which is why it is associated with ideas. It will retrograde in your 1st on the 17th – just two days before the Sun arrives in your 1st. So, as it does, expect your new cycle to begin with your mind taking you back to those choices you have made. The thoughts you have had about what money does and doesn’t buy you and also, your ideas around it. The root of all evil? Hard to come by? Easy come, easy go? How about the ‘good’ things of life that money buys you? Yes, those choices. Denial is as much an imbalance as decadence. Too little as bad as too much. Where do you sit on this? Above all, what are your expectations?

We are poised on a new cycle for all of us. And for you it is going to involve balancing the material with the spiritual as never before. Experimenting with ways you can increase your income and shoring up that self-esteem if it is lacking see you daring to try something new or even ask for more than you have allowed yourself to have in the past. Courtesy not just of the Venus/Chiron meeting on the 9th, but also Venus and Uranus brokering you a new kind of deal based on those fresh inner values as they align to Ceres in your 12th on the 6th (Uranus square Ceres) and 11th (Venus sextile Ceres).

The full Moon in your 6th on the 9th shines back into your 12th illuminating whether something is actually worth the price for you. It’s asking whether it adds lasting value and meaning. This could be the time when you realise that ‘settling’ for something isn’t doing you any good at all. Or that the investment you have made in terms of time, love, money or simply your heart and soul, is too high a price to pay. If you discover something truly isn’t worth it now, don’t be afraid to cash in and reinvest all you have to offer in something new instead.

Reinvention, image updates, make-overs and relaunches may feature as the new Moon appears in your 1st on the 23rd. Mercury retrograde is all about renewal when it comes to how others see you – and how you see yourself or want to be seen. The Now Age is about to bring an intense focus on your beliefs, your secret dreams and desires, your hidden facets, religion, astrology, psychic development, inspiration and enlightenment. This is going to result in profound changes within. The process has already begun and when we make changes within, we have to adjust or evolve our outer appearance to reflect this. So, anything from a new hairstyle, make up or even a wardrobe or cosmetic procedure could follow. And again, this is all about interacting with the material world and the good things it offers. It’s what reflects your spiritual growth. So, who says what money buys you isn’t part of your soul experience?

Bear in mind, the usual retro rules apply to you during this Mercury cycle. Yes, it’s about new beginnings – planning these and you have a green light to make changes to your appearance. But hang fast on other changes such as beginning a new relationship for instance. The changes you are broadcasting not just to the outer you but that inner you, are sending out ripples of attraction now. And others will respond. New people and even potential lovers may cross your path as a result. Don’t however, be tempted to leap in this Leap Year. Wait and get to know them and what is truly on offer. That enhanced self-worth means you know you can afford to take your time as what is meant for you, has your name on it (or them!). Mars in your 11th opposition the North Node in your 5th on the 25th could draw someone or even an opportunity to you. This could even be someone from your past. Before you go all-in – and Venus opposition Juno in your 8th tells you that if you do, exiting won’t be easy, stop and consider how far you truly have come.

If you had not made a profound shift, you would not be in this moment, contemplating this choice. This alone should give you a sense of seriously self-empowerment and deep satisfaction. Along with this comes the self-assurance to know when it comes to anything lasting, you can take your time in exploring it and giving your answer. Venus makes a tight angle to Pluto in your 11th on the 28th. This could see someone influential or powerful make you an incredible offer or hold open the door to opportunity or an inner circle. Ensure if so, you know what is expected of and from you. And also, what you expect from the other party in return. That increased self-worth gives you the confidence to ask the questions you need to and have you understanding what you are getting into. Worldly success goes hand-in-hand with intuitive inner wisdom in the Now Age of You, Pisces!

In a nutshell: Your birthday gifts include enhanced self-worth and a new attitude around what it is you can have, attract and deserve. You know it’s now so much more, Pisces. Ensure the outer you is aligned with those freshly minted new values!


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Pisces yearly forecast for 2020

Radiate, scintillate, socialise and connect

Others play a leading role in your destiny

Goals, wishes and dreams enter the reality zone!

The future glows like a neon sign in the desert for you as 2020 begins, Pisces. When it comes to others, friends, groups, networks, bands, clubs, parties, associations it’s all looking like a major convention in Las Vegas. Who you know, knew, meet or will connect with will have the biggest impact on the direction your life is set to take. If you are a member of something larger than you – a political party or group lobbying for change, then you will find yourself caught up in a bigger destiny than your individual one. It’s who you know, not what. But it’s also about the collective too.

This is no time to be a hermit. It’s time to be a joiner. You’re part of something more important than just you. So, as January begins, if you have been thinking about getting involved in something or simply that your social life needs some major reviving, don’t just sit at home thinking about it. Also, accept every and all invitations to get involved that come your way. This isn’t about the power of one to make things happen, it’s about the power of the many or the crowd. And strangely enough this applies to your personal goals and dreams too.

Nobody Does It Alone

What’s that huge, inspired goal you see yourself achieving in the future, Pisces? Because in order to do it you need your team, entourage or cheer squad. Your followers, door openers or supporters. Even if your dream is to see that novel in print you need agents, editors and publishers to make it happen. And then people to buy and read your book. If your dream is a totally Pisces one of sailing around the world single handed you still need that yacht builder, possibly a backer and all kinds of people in-between from the coastguard to whoever is on the other end of your radio. Want to be an Instagram star? You got it – you need followers. January brings a seismic shift such as you have never seen in your lifetime – nor will again, around the people you need, know, are connected to or will meet.

Your destiny could be in the hands of others. But you control who you meet, connect to and also share those dreams and aspirations with. Friends in extremely high places can be made now. Possibly those with influence, a public presence or who have the power to make things happen for you. These may come from outside your usual social or professional circles which is why it is so important to accept entrée into any areas you have not ventured before.

Welcome to the Revolution

Inventors. Entrepreneurs. People whose ideas turn the accepted way of doing things upside down. Mavericks and revolutionaries are all ruled by your 11th. Are you one of them? Or in good company with them? Jan 12 sees a once in 500-year meeting occur between Saturn and Pluto in your 11th. Joined by Mercury and Ceres. The 13th has the Sun joining what is the biggest astro political and world shifting party any of us will ever experience. For you, it is going to be about who you meet, know, connect with and impress. Especially as Venus will enter your 1st the day after this happens. Pointing to the fact it’s not just the love of the people but this is all linked to that intimately personal goal you have for your future. You can connect to this now in the form of a person, group or organisation. To do so, ensure you are projecting the right image – one that embodies the future you. Beautifully. Consider any enhancements you make to your image or appearance a future-proof investment now.

Wishes and Dreams

Jupiter remains in your 11th until December. The planet of expansion and opportunity also promises at least one goal will come true via those you know, interact or deal with during this time. After the ground breaking events of mid-January, we will see this 11th house weather slowly begins to disperse in time for your birthday. March 22 onwards may see your focus shift slightly. From what has been going on in your outer world to what lies within or beneath as Saturn enters your 12th.

It’s been almost 30 years since Saturn last paid a visit to your house of secrets and depth defying truths. So, for many of you, this will be your first experience of Saturn in this house. Time to look at your beliefs around a higher power, karma or ‘what’s out there’. To discover your path or purpose. Don’t however spend too long reliving regrets or what might have been. Know if you now see you could have made a different choice in the past, that back then you were doing the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. If you recognise this, then you have learned from it and it is time to move on.

If you find yourself unable to escape painful memories of the past, remember, Saturn represents the older, more experienced teacher or guide. Seek the help of a professional who embodies Saturn in person. A doctor, therapist, priest, healer or even a psychic or astrologer, who can help you heal and move past any wounds.

Back to the Future!

We have two important retrogrades happening this year which will allow us to revisit the past in a healthy way and reclaim what still works for us, while consigning what doesn’t firmly behind us. You’ll be a highly active participant in the first one which is Venus retrograde in your 4th. This occurs on May 13 which is the same day as Mars arrives in your 1st. Venus only retrogrades once every two years. Bear in mind that no matter what house this happens in, what Venus rules is now in limbo or going nowhere fast. In other words, your bank account and your love life. So, put that search for that new love on hold now until at least June 25 when Venus heads direct again.

That romance or new love potential really does need to be approached with a great deal of caution during this Venus retro. Because chances are, they may not be what they seem. You have an Annular Solar Eclipse occurring in your house of love affairs on June 21 – right when Venus is retrograde. An Annular Eclipse is the kind that gives us that ‘ring of fire’ effect you’ve probably seen in so many eclipse photos. As you know, eclipses tell us we are in the dark about something or someone. Annular eclipses have a ‘ring of truth’ about them – a flash of sudden insight which then vanishes again. So, if you experience this around someone, you need to stop and go no further for a while. If someone is trying to rush you, time to ask yourself what the hurry is? Wait for July and August and also October, as these are your best months for opportunities around love, romance or immersing yourself in pleasure, fun and good times.

This may also not be a time to take out a mortgage or loan or buy, sell, rent or lease property. Instead, look back at past loves which need to be reclaimed or simply consigned to the past. This can encompass somewhere you used to live even. Redecorating, renovating and upgrading your home now should bring you results you’ll love to live with.

The House Always Wins

The second important retroactive period happens when Mars retros in its ruling sign of Aries and your 2nd house from Sept 10. I made the analogy at the start of this reading about you heading towards the neon lights of Vegas. Mars retrograde in your house of cash, income, assets, possessions and self-worth is telling you that this is NOT a time to take chances or gamble. Because yes, the house always wins. Your ability to sell in yourself or your talents may not be at its best as Mars rules our confidence. This is also not a time to launch that new business or side hustle. Your impetus and energy may the at a low ebb.

I would also add please don’t loan anyone money unless you can afford to write it off and please, steer clear of pushy salespeople or ‘bargains’. Your ability to resist may also be compromised as Mars rules our boundaries. So, at this time it can be easy for us to be talked into buying something we don’t need or else being ‘sold’ a supposed good deal only to discover later it is anything but. Mars retro in here can have us looking at past sources of income or talents to earn more we can revive once it is direct again from Nov 14. Or we can use this energy to get a firm handle on those outstanding debts and implement a financial ‘action plan’ for the future that gives us better control of our cash.

Protect Your Reputation

Your career, public image, reputation, title and status asks you to keep a close eye on it. Whether you know it or not, you are being watched by people in positions of authority and influence. You have a new Moon in your house of public recognition, your partner’s status if you have one, your status if it is linked to them as in ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’, that title on your business card and just how you are seen and perceived by people in general on Dec 14.

You are your word, actions and deeds now. Under no circumstances promise more than you can deliver. Walk your talk and speak the truth. This new Moon delivers a Total Solar Eclipse so you are utterly in the dark now about something relating to your work, career, reputation or situation regarding you, your partner’s status or your partnership status, your job title or your actions and how they have been perceived. All you can do is act with total integrity now. Even if you suspect someone else may not be. If you get this feeling, then please heed it. I would add that eclipses are neither good nor bad. What is hidden within them can be an opportunity we are not yet aware of. We can be covertly assessed by the powers that be for our suitability for that big role or promotion for instance. But nobody has yet spoken to us about this. So, this is why at this time you need to stay aware of how you are coming across.

Playing for Keeps

Saturn moves back into your house of secrets on Dec 17 after one final door opening and wish granting encounter with Jupiter in your 11th on Dec 14. Again, this may relate to that opportunity you cannot yet see. Jupiter will follow Saturn on Dec 19 taking you on a journey into the mystic side of life. Over the next 12 months you can be handed tools and resources you never thought existed. You’re back at the table at that cosmic Vegas casino but this time with a winning hand as you tap into your secret power hidden within. Unleash it in 2021, Pisces.

In a nutshell: A year to dive in and join in, Pisces. Your destiny is determined by who you know – not what. Radiate, scintillate and connect. You could end up with friends in high places who propel you forward towards those dreams!

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Pisces is a water sign and the most psychic sign of the Zodiac. You have empathy, a brilliant imagination and a profound sense of love and romance. You feel other people’s pain and have a vivid creativity. Your soul lesson is to let go of fear and be a love revolutionary embracing your psychic super powers!

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