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Time for a love reinvention, Scorpio. This can extend to self-love and feeling more beautiful. Or it could see an old love revive. Get loved up on way or another this week!

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Reinvent yourself

Love returns from the past

Work your brand

Time for a beautiful reinvention this week, Scorpio. Of course, you are the sign which specialises in this as you rule transformation and rebirth. This week it’s all about a make-over  or relaunch on a very personal level. Time to look and feel beautiful. Venus retrograde in your 1st asks whether or not this is how you do feel now. Are you in need to an update? Make yourself your own work of art. Just a word of caution before you throw that and your credit card to the winds in search of that new you – Venus retrograde can tempt us into expensive purchases and impulse buys around which we have major regrets just a short time later. Usually when Venus heads direct again which will occur mid-November. So, keep any expenditure within limits. If you have been thinking long and hard about changing your look for some time, then stick to this vision and you should avoid this common Venus retro pitfall.  This is an excellent time to think of your appearance as part of your ‘brand’ and look at what this is telling others about you.

Venus retro is not the time to begin a new love affair nor take on any new financial commitments – hence my warning about over-spending. It is however a time when past loves can reappear as can missed opportunities. What you hear around the 15th when Mercury and Venus meet in your 1st could spring from your past. Especially as ruler Pluto impacts on Ceres in your house of the past and Mercury opens up lines of communication with Neptune in your creativity and romance zone. That past lover or past love could return. You’re different now – ask yourself if they are too. It could just be time to reinvent love as well as yourself, Scorpio.


15 Oct 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  BLACK MOON (1st Hse to 4th Hse)


16 Oct 2018 MERCURY SEXTILE  VESTA (1st Hse to 3rd Hse)

17 Oct 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  ERIS (12th Hse to 6th Hse)

17 Oct 2018 PLUTO SQUARE  CERES (3rd Hse to 12th Hse)

19 Oct 2018 MERCURY TRINE  NEPTUNE (1st Hse to 5th Hse)

19 Oct 2018MERCURY SQUARE  MARS (1st Hse to 4th Hse)

21 Oct 2018 JUPITER TRINE  HYGEIA (1st Hse to 5th Hse)

monthly horoscope

Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Actions over the past 12 month determine the coming year

Set your intentions around love

Cut yourself one large slice of birthday cake this October, Scorpio. As you have a new cycle beginning that is like no other you have experienced for a very long time. Your past has a huge part to play when it comes to how the next year – or longer, will unfold. As we head towards your birthday season which begins on the 23rd, you’ll be engaged in some serious self-discovery and exploration. One thing is certain, if you have learned from your past, you’ll be in a position to make big gains in 2019. So, for the first three weeks of this month, be prepared to journey back in time and above all, use your insight and intuitive abilities to guide you.

The month begins with Venus, planet of love, attraction, creativity and abundance, heading backwards in your 1st. Unlike Mercury whose retrograde madness we are all too familiar with, Venus only retrogrades once every 20 months. So, the energy can feel strange and unfamiliar. When it comes to love and money – all bets tend to be off now. It’s not a good time to begin a new love affair, borrow money or spend it for that matter. Venus can lure us into making impulse or expensive buys which we quickly regret when it heads direct again. So, stay away from everything from the shops to Net-a-Porter as you may not get the long term satisfaction from that must-have item you think you will.

With Venus retro in your 1st this is about your image (again, avoid expensive makeovers or new looks) and your beliefs around your ability to attract. Venus heads backwards from the 5th and you have a new Moon in your 12th on the 9th which will square ruler Pluto and make an angle to Neptune in your romance and pleasure sector. This could see an old lover get back in touch or something revive. Especially as Mercury arrives in your 1st the following day. Here’s the thing: you could get something you always wanted – only now to find you no longer want it after all. Or else be hit by the powerful revelation that you have been operating under limited perceptions. In that what you have attracted (or not as the case may be), has been determined by your beliefs around what you deserve. You may have blamed outside forces and someone or something may in the past have brought this about. But now you see you have the ability to set yourself free of these perceptions. This could literally be game-changing for you. Free your thoughts – free your future.

This especially applies to partnerships and even working relationships. Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 10th and will oppose Uranus in your 7th for the first time in your lifetime. You’ve the ability now to make different choices and think about different outcomes too when it comes to close relationships. Your needs or what you are looking for in a partner or any long term connection will be evolving now. Hence my saying you may get what you thought you wanted only to discover that now you don’t any more. Again, with Venus retro in your 1st this is not the time to begin anything new but you may now be looking at all the alternatives that are available to you. And see those past choices as a result of what you thought was available to you – as opposed to what was.

Your 12th is your house of psychic ability, the past, intuition and also hidden truths. The Sun remains in here until it arrives in your 1st on the 23rd. Powerful angles between this and ruler Pluto in your 3rd put a spin on a situation you just could not see before around the 12th. This can also be an angle of revival. Pluto rules rebirth after all. And while you may decide you don’t want something after all, the flip side of this is that you realise you still do. Mercury and Venus meet in your 1st on the 15th after which Mercury will move on to align with the ruler of your 12th, Neptune (in your 5th) on the 19th and ruler Pluto on the 22nd. What do you now see differently? What revives or returns? What remains relevant for you as you now stand on the beginning of your brand new yearly cycle?

All this is designed to give you spiritual surety and clarity about what you will take forward with you and also what you truly DO now want as opposed to what you have outgrown or lived out. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on this and to let the process continue just for a few weeks longer if necessary as the Sun arrives in your 1st from the 23rd. This cycle of release to make way for new beginnings is actually going to last through to November when Venus heads direct once more. During this period you can expect all your relationships to be examined especially under the light of the full Moon in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart on the 24th. This full Moon can be the catalyst for changes around love and partnership matters as it triggers aspects between the Sun and Venus in your 1st, Uranus in your 7th and the North Node in your 10th. Destiny and relationships that add (or subtract) from your mojo play a role here. Remember, this includes working and business relationships as well as friendships as well as romantic partnerships. All of these contribute to your sense of being loved and play a major role in your soul path. So see, every close connection as being a thread of your destiny for you to weave or pull from the tapestry of your future now.

Once the Sun enters your 7th you will have an incredible four planet stellium in your 1st. This of course includes Jupiter who just has a few more weeks remaining in here and this is the final time you will have both Venus and Jupiter in your 1st for 12 years. If ever there was a time to push forward with your personal goals (excluding those new love or money ones of course!), this it is. It’s time to set some big intentions now and while taking on new financial responsibilities may be on hold until next month, now it the time to be adopting an abundance mindset in preparation not only for Venus heading direct again but Jupiter moving out of your sign and arriving in your money zone in November. For more information on what this cycle can bring you please see your lucky Jupiter horoscope. Preview night of this may just occur when Mercury and Jupiter meet on the 29th bringing for some of you big news and the beginning of a new phase of expansion especially when it comes to business, communication or travel.

Mercury moves on into your 2nd on the 31st and it’s time to make your resources work harder for you and have an audit on your finances. Like I said, you should see a big improvement in money matters ahead of you in 2019. Venus meanwhile moves back into your 12th and it’s time to suspend judgement and above all, not rush into acting until Venus heads direct again. Stay connected to what it is you want now and for your future and please, if the past reappears, don’t get lost in nostalgia about ‘the way we were’. Love or even past love may not be what it seems and this transit is all about reshaping that past for you. Take your time before jumping back in to ensure that you don’t find what you thought you wanted isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Retro Venus in here says above all, listen to your higher self. If you do, the start of this birthday season could sow the seeds for lasting success, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season begins filled with as yet unmined potential. Something you have set in motion in the past year proves your investment was worth it. Happy birthday, Scorpio.

annual horoscope

Scorpio 2018 

You begin 2018 on an optimistic note with Jupiter in your 1st. This is a year to expand your horizons, to be confident and to dare to do something new! You will always have your deep Scorpio side, but this year sees you more outgoing, open and embracing whatever comes your way. Of course, it has to have depth, meaning and purpose for you. Above all, Jupiter in here is telling you not to be your old self. So, where do you feel the need for change? In how you look? How others see you? At the very least, project a confident, optimistic outlook and you’ll find Jupiter working for you to bring new opportunities your way. When they arrive – be ready to say ‘Yes!’ to them. And just be aware than sometimes that perfect opportunity doesn’t look quite how we thought it would. That’s why it just pays to be open-minded. Jupiter in our 1st often sees us being sent what we need – not what we think we want. 

You’re beginning the year on a high thanks to not just Jupiter but ancient ruler Mars in your 1st who makes a fabulous angle to new ruler Pluto in your 3rd. With Uranus heading direct again in your work zone you’ve the energy to tackle almost any task – especially when it comes to work changes and agendas. Jupiter will also make a highly beneficial angle to Pluto during the second week and January which could see you not only in a position to successfully push forward with ideas, but a beneficial transformation occur on the work front or around a particular project or plan.  

The biggest shifts for you in 2018 are around love and relationships, Scorpio. Neptune with his long term stay in your romantic 5th is linking you to the prospect of a more spiritual connection. Just ensure you see your partner for exactly who they are however no matter the depth of the connection that you feel. If you are placing them on a pedestal, not only could you be setting them up to fall off of it, but it actually says more about you than it does about them. When we elevate a partner what it is really saying is that deep down we think they are ‘better’ than us and that we don’t deserve them. So, if you find yourself doing this, look within rather than at them and work on your relationship with your self-worth. You’ll then be surprised at how your relationship with a real human being improves out of sight! 

In fact, a radical new approach to relationships could be on the horizon for you in 2018, Scorpio. Uranus, planet of surprises and thrills, exits your work sector on May 15 to arrive in your partnership zone. After the work you’ve been doing on opening up to yourself and the courage to be yourself, it’s now time to open up in new ways to others. There may be surprising twists and turns ahead with partners or potential partners – or even enemies as they are ruled by this house in your chart. But the way you are in close relationships or what you need for a partner, is likely to undergo a radical overhaul now. Get ready for the love revolution, baby! It’s a time where you get to define who or what it is that makes your heart beat faster. Unusual, off-beat and highly individual partners or potential partners may appear now. They may even keep you guessing. The thing about Uranus is that all bets are off. Just prepare to be surprised.  

Saturn and ruler Pluto in your 3rd this year make for serious thoughts, ideas and a more serious attitude towards them. You can be taken more seriously at this time especially by those in business or who you present those ideas to. You’re liable to think before you speak, waiting to think through the likely outcomes before saying anything. It may take you longer to bring projects to completion now but the results will be worth taking your time over.  

In October, Venus retrogrades in your 1st bringing personal desires, love affairs and even your creativity to a standstill. This will not be a good time to begin anything from a creative venture to starting a new love affair. Venus retrogrades rarely but when she does it is our opportunity to look at what we want from our relationships and review them. During her retrograde cycle, Venus will move back into your mysterious 12th in November before heading direct again and arriving back in your 1st at the start of December. Watch what comes to light during this time as something is about to be revealed – possibly concerning a partner, lover or even a creative project. The past can feature but in a Venus retrograde, be very wary of getting re-involved with someone from your past. If someone reappears and wants a second chance, my advice to you is to wait until Venus is well out of her retrograde shadow which will happen after the third week of December, before giving your answer. 

During this Venus retro, Jupiter is going to move out of your 1st and on into your 2nd on November 8.  This is of course your house of money, assets, property, talents, self-worth and people who are assets to you. Venus rules this house and again, while Jupiter in here should see your bank account increase, your personal stock soar and you handling larger amounts of moolah during this transit, don’t rush into new financial dealings while Venus remains retro. There’s no hurry as Jupiter is set to be your cosmic banker for the next 12 months.  You’re about to step out of a cycle where the focus has been entirely on you to one where you experience all the freedom and pleasure than comes from experiencing the good things of life. You’ll learn a lot about yourself during 2018. 2019 will give you all the opportunity in the world to apply it. 

In a nutshell: 2018 is all about expansion. You’re bolder, brighter, more beautiful! And your relationships reflect this dynamic new you as a new style of relating follows. 


2 Jan 2018 until  7 Aug 2018  URANUS Turns Direct 6th Hse) 


8 Jan 2018 MARS SEXTILE  PLUTO (1st Hse to 3rd Hse) 


9 Jan 2018 VENUS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (3rd Hse) 


9 Jan 2018,  SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (3rd Hse) 


16 Jan 2018,  14 Apr 2018,  12 Sep 2018 JUPITER SEXTILE  PLUTO (1st Hse to 3rd Hse) 


24 Jan 2018, MERCURY CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (3rd Hse) 



9 Mar 2018, JUPITER Retrograde until 10 Jul 2018(1st Hse) 


2 Apr 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  SATURN (3rd Hse) 


17 Apr 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  JUPITER (7th Hse to 1st Hse) 


17 Apr 2018 CHIRON ENTERING ARIES (6th Hse) 


22 Apr 2018  until 1 Oct 2018 PLUTO Retrograde (3rd Hse) 


26 Apr 2018 MARS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (3rd Hse) 


15 May 2018 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (7th Hse) 


25 May 2018 and again 19 Aug 2018 JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (1st Hse to 5th Hse) 


6 Jun 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (9th Hse to 3rd Hse) 


12 Jul 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  PLUTO (9th Hse to 3rd Hse) 


27 Jul 2018 ECLIPSE FULL MOON (4th Hse) Moon Conjunct Mars And T-Square Uranus (7th Hse)  


9 Sep 2018, 2 Dec 2018 VENUS ENTERING SCORPIO (1st Hse) 


1 Oct 2018 Pluto Turns Direct 





15 Nov 2018 MARS ENTERING PISCES (5th Hse) 


6 Dec 2018 Mercury goes  Direct  




21 Dec 2018 SUN ENTERING CAPRICORN (3rd Hse) 


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Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto the lord of transformation. Deep, mysterious and captivating you have the power to delve into the furthest corners of your own and others souls. Your sizzling power is mesmerizing but you don't trust easily. Your soul lesson is banish negativity from your mind and embrace all of your magnificence. Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Scorpio.

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