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The week ahead for scorpio

There’s a deep transformation happening in a key area. This may impact finances but is just as likely to be around how you see yourself. This is your opportunity to become your own work of art, Scorpio. You’re your own Project Runway this week.


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Follow the money

Get working smarter

Get your glam on any way you can!

A situation may transform or be in the process of doing just that, Scorpio. But you may not be able to a) see where this is happening or b) if you do, grasp the implications of this yet.

Eclipses are neither good nor bad. Like any other aspect, they just ARE. We don’t know things under an eclipse. But what we do know about eclipses is they hide stuff. We are now in eclipse season with the eclipsed full Moon in your 8th this week. This is your ‘other’ money house. Salary, loans, mortgages, taxes and joint assets as in the marital home for instance.

Have a resource audit

The next eclipse in December will be a total one in your money zone. So, as we enter this cycle it’s best to avoid entering into new financial dealings. Unless you are certain you have all the facts and/or have 24 carat impartial and professional advice to rely on. Mercury leaves your 1st this week, joining the Sun in your 2nd. And trines Chiron in your 6th on the 4th. This could hand many of you a better way of working – whether paid or unpaid. Innovate that daily life. And understand that some resources you have – such as time, are finite so look at how you are spending them.

Venus remains in your 1st for a while longer. Its trine to Neptune in your 5th could bring you a much needed pleasure break, a soul boost, inspiration or else gown you with glamour and attraction. I say ‘gown’ in a gender-neutral Harry Styles on the cover of US Vogue way. The new attraction factor is how you choose to rock out YOU, Scorpio. Just remember, like draws like this week. So, become your own transformation work in progress.

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When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Okay, so the Moon won’t be in your 7th house as the Now Age of Aquarius begins. That privilege is reserved for Capricorns. Plus, Jupiter won’t align with Mars. It will however meet with Saturn in your 4th of home, family, security and owning your path this month. As from December 21, the Now Age of Aquarius is cosmically underway.

With both these planets exiting your 3rd, your ruler Pluto is the only heavy hitter still in residence. It will remain in here until 2024 then it too will head into your 4th – by which time both Jupiter and Saturn will have moved on. Until then, take it that you are about to establish something bigger for yourself. A home. A career. A lifestyle. A way of living that you design. As well as The Age of Aquarius on your Spotify playlist, Billy Joel’s My Life could be set to be your anthem for the coming Now Age.

What’s your money mindset?

First, we are in mutable weather with the Sun, Mercury, Venus from the 15th and Juno in Sagittarius. Neptune and Ceres in Pisces. Plus, the North Node in Gemini and Vesta in Virgo. And mutable eclipse weather too with a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius and your 2nd on the 14th. The day when Mercury will oppose the North Node in Gemini. This is a karmic eclipse for many and will take us back to 2002 – or even further in 19-year cycles.

Remember – ‘mutable’ means changing. So, what emerges or what you hear under this eclipse is going to change. Eclipses conceal or cover-up. When we have a total eclipse the cover-up is just that. We are totally in the dark about something.

Look back 19 years if you are old enough at what was happening with your money, income, possessions etc and also your self-worth. What about anyone and anything you consider to be an ‘asset’? Your talents and your relationships. The people you know have your back and whose love and support you can ‘bank’ on. This may give you a clue of what this month and the eclipse may bring up for you.

First, check your chart for any factors at 23 degrees. Especially in any of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. If you are unsure then one of our knowledgeable astrologers can help you. If you have chart factors at 23 degrees of ANY sign (including your own), then this eclipse will impact you in a personal way on some level. Even if this involves events at a distance.

What you value, what you won’t ‘sell out’ or ‘give away’, usually refers to something else other than your cash. Something intangible but without which we would feel bankrupt. At least on a soul level. So, your standards and those values may be what you need to fall back on with a total eclipse in your money house. And yes, this is linked to your money mind-set too. Saying ‘The buck stops here’ says you have self-respect and standards. Hang on to these.

Needless to say, because a total eclipse is a total cover-up, please use caution when it comes to financial dealings now. Avoid large purchases. And especially hard-sells. Ask yourself why someone is so desperate to get you to sign on the dotted line so to speak. If you have been neglecting your finances lately – not opening those bills or checking where the money goes, then this eclipse is the ideal time to open up what you yourself have been covering up. Upgrade that money mindset by taking care of business.

As a general rule – try not to borrow or lend money under a total eclipse in here. Read any loan or credit agreements carefully. And if you do lend someone money – understand that no matter how good their intentions, it may not be repaid when they promise. So, unless you can afford to write the sum off for the long term, please think carefully before helping out. Others may discover that events that impact the global financial markets trickle down and affect their own income or investments. One way or another. What eclipses hide is not necessarily bad. But until we know what – we need to use caution.

It’s Hip to be Square

On December 17, Saturn finally leaves your 3rd house of work, commerce, communication and the internet. Not to return for another 29 years! Jupiter will follow two days later on the 19th. For many of us, the restrictions we have been labouring under began at the end of 2017 when Saturn first entered here. And peaked in 2020 when we had the life-changing conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, your ruler Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn in January. Since then, we’ve had to adapt and work within restrictions – symbolised by Saturn’s rings.

Work or study may have been extra hard work to get the results you were after. You may have felt misunderstood or simply not heard. A job could even have come to an end. Breakdowns, outages, feeling restricted or your ideas rejected. Or nobody may have appeared to want what you were selling – including your talents and skills. Jupiter’s entry into here at the end of 2019 may have offered some solutions. But not all of them.

However, so many of us are now emerging from this cycle with a new perspective on what really matters. This has also been due to Uranus’s presence in that other earth sign of Taurus. In your chart your 7th house of lasting love and partnerships. Along with those restrictions, it’s refined our value system. In your case you know that some things are just priceless. Like love.

So now, take this forward into 2021 and the Now Age of Aquarius. It’s going to be about a new world where those new values matter. Two days after Saturn arrives in your 4th, Jupiter follows. Now, check your chart again for any aspects at zero degrees of any sign but especially any in your 4th house of Aquarius. This includes your ascendant or rising sign, descendant, IC or midheaven as well as your North Node. Again, if you need more insight, one of our astrologers can help you.

The 21st also brings us one of the most powerful solstice events of the decade. This day sees the Sun light up your 4th house and you will feel the difference in the energy now ruler Pluto remains the only slow-moving planet in here. This day brings the ‘official’ start of the Now Age with the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th at zero degrees.

Many of you will have realised by now that at some point, both Jupiter and Saturn will square your Scorpio factors during this cycle. Another reason for checking your chart. But with Jupiter involved it’s hip to be square. In other words, yes, we may have to work at something or push ahead with determination which Saturn asks of us. But Jupiter will ultimately ease the way for us. Especially when we are prepared to network, mine our resources or think outside the box.

In focus now: Creating a lifestyle that works for you. Moving. Getting a foot on the property ladder. Establishing something – a home, family, something which sustains and supports you, or simply your own direction. Jupiter in here can bring a big move or relocation. Or upgrade your present living arrangements. Feeling more secure but also a grand design that allows you to live your way, could be part of living in the Now Age for you.

You could have a vision of this during the full Moon on the 30th in your 9th. This is usually an explorer’s Moon but this could simply involve exploring living better or arrangements closer to home for you. The final day of 2020 sees Venus in its ruling 2nd oppose the North Node in your 8th. This could send some of you back to a situation with something you share – such as your home or living space, you encountered 19 years ago. Or it can hand you the empowerment to get moving and strike out towards a better way a living. It’s the way you live Now – all the way into 2021.

In a nutshell: Home, security, family matters and where you belong and who you surround yourself with will define the Now Age which begins this month. It’s also about owning your future path, Scorpio. You get to determine that from here on in.

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Scorpio Yearly Forecast 2020

One idea can change your world

What kind of love do you need next?

Live it large in 2020 – and beyond

It’s Superhero January for you as 2020 begins, Scorpio. Ready to suit up? So just what is your superpower? Words. Ideas. What you communicate. The internet could turn out to be where you turn into your own version of Captain Marvel or Jean Grey. Ruler Pluto hands you the power. Saturn hands you the control. You’re a cosmic force for change for the better. For you and for those you do business with, talk with and communicate with.

This is no rehearsal. This is opening night. Your launch. A say it/do it/make your move now or never moment. Pluto and Saturn are meeting in your 3rd for the first time in 500 years. This meeting has always accompanied ideas which change the world. And sometimes all that is is one. The idea whose time has come. What’s yours? This could be around selling, working, teaching, speaking, writing or doing business. That blog, Insta feed, website, book, screenplay or product. Your CV and how you market yourself which again, all comes down to communication.

Jupiter in the background here says round round get around, I get around. And so does what you say and your ideas. To a larger, bigger, wider audience than ever before. You are simply set to go further now. January 12 sees that mega meeting between Saturn and Pluto take place along with Mercury which rules this house and Ceres. One idea or deal you strike now can literally change or reshape your world. The Sun joins in the following day making this an offer you can’t refuse.

What Your World Needs Now

Is love. Let go of what the ‘perfect’ partnership for the next stage of your love evolution looks like. Take it that the universe knows and don’t judge a book by its cover. It could be this is a romantic duet. Or it could equally be a business or working relationship. A close friendship. Venus and Uranus meet in Venus’s ruling sign and house in your chart on March 9. The love rules are changing for you, Scorpio. But they also reflect the inner changes that have been going on within you. If something has run its course, you’ll be set free to go seek the companion for the next stage of that love journey. What love looks like may look radically different but the message is who cares as its all love!

Saturn is on the move in March into your 4th. Over the next 2.5 years you will be laying your foundation for the future. Either in your career or where you live. Possibly both. Your home, family and living arrangements will be cemented in some way. The key here is what works for you and your unique needs. Long term decisions can be made and you need to be looking forward not just at how you want to be living and where in the here and now, but in the future. Saturn in here allows you to put down roots. Or send those shoots out far from the original tree to more fertile ground for you.

Feel the Fear – and Do It Anyway!

Jupiter and Pluto meeting in your 3rd on March 30 supersizes potential and possibility. But you have to do something with this. Pluto as you of all signs should know, is all about power. Especially the kind you may keep hidden or simply be afraid of. Do you want to discover just what you can achieve if you unleash your superpower? Maybe the possibility of success is what you fear. Not that you don’t want it. But you’re scared of the changes it may bring. Feel the fear and do it anyway now. Plus you’ll get another chance to dare to see what you can do if you simply allow yourself to try when these two meet again in June and November. Claim your power on these dates. Take your message further. Jupiter rules the mass media and also travel. This house rules both traditional and digital forms of communication. Pluto is all about the power behind these. Find your platform and send that idea or message far.

Enter the Unknown

In ancient times unexplored areas of the world would be blank on maps but often contain the words: Here be dragons. Nobody knew what was ‘out there’ and they concluded it was most probably something scary that was out to eat them. The house opposite to your 3rd is of course, your 9th. That’s the one Jupiter rules. So, think of it this way. Everything that the 3rd contains is supersized in your 9th. Your 3rd rules your early education, neighbourhood, your commute, short journeys in terms of distance and duration and your every day communications and work. It also rules small animals as its linked to Mercury which rules these. Your 9th is universities, degrees, long distance travel, the mass media, big business and foreigners as well as the outdoors and large animals – bigger than say a sheep. So, horses and everything up to whales are ruled by your 9th.

This is your house of long journeys whether real or metaphorical. Getting your degree is a long learning journey as it takes you three years. It will take you longer if you are aiming for a post graduate qualification or entering a field like medicine, the law or science. When starting out, you may have some idea of what the journey may entail. But you don’t really know. It has to be experienced. And you need a map, syllabus or plan to get to where you need to go. The Annular Solar Eclipse in your 9th on June 21 puts you in dragon territory. There is some detail missing that you don’t know about or cannot see. While this house in your chart is the sign of Cancer and associated with home, in those dragon ruled Game of Thrones eras of the past, Cancer was the sign associated with explorers due to the restless nature of the tides. If you are travelling under this eclipse please take extra care. This could feel like a Mercury retro on steroids. If you are having any dealings with the law, the mass media, overseas business transactions or even sporting activities – take it that you are in the dark over something. If you are venturing into an unknown area, you need to exercise caution. Also, don’t buy a horse either. Especially without having it vetted first by a top rate veterinarian. The same applies to buying a dragon.

Big loves can feature in 2020. Or a love which expands your horizons or knowledge in some way. You could meet someone well-travelled, from overseas or with foreign connections. Generous, adventurous and wildly sexy. They see love as a journey. You could be along for a wild ride now but please – keep in mind the new retro rules for 2020.

Retroactive Love

2020 sees unusual retrograde weather where love and passion may temporarily leave the building. Venus retrograde in your 8th of power money and yes – sex tells you that not only should you avoid any situation that comes under the guise of ‘It’s complicated’ you need to refrain from taking out a new loan, mortgage or making that major purchase now. At least until Venus heads direct again from June 25. You should also try to avoid starting any new relationship. Whether it is complicated or not. Unless you are content just for flings to get flung and aren’t looking for anything lasting.

The rule in astrology is that the ancient rulerships still apply. So, when your ancient ruler Mars heads backwards – which it does in your 6th of work and wellness from Sept 10, along with the Aries out there, you will be most affected. Lack of drive, energy and just feeling everyday tasks are beyond you can accompany this retrograde. You may simply find you cannot bring your best game no matter how hard you try. Because this is your house of everyday connections across the whole mind/body/spirit spectrum, this retrograde can uncover how problems in one area are impacting on others. Your job drains you even at the best of times and because of this you come home too tired to enjoy your free time would be a classic example. Now is not the time to take action on any insights you get however. Downshift for a while then push forward with changes once Mars heads direct from Nov 14.

Become Bolder

The day after Mars swings into affirmative action once more, you have a new Supermoon in your 1st ushering in a fresh start or bold new relaunch for you. It makes a wonderful angle to Jupiter and Pluto in your 3rd giving you the confidence to begin a fresh phase or reclaim what’s been missing from your life. As we head into December you need to have set your values when it comes to your self-worth. To have used the year to determine just how far your skills, talents and ideas can take you and to experience how the world rewards you for these. Hold onto this as the new Moon of Dec 14 in your money zone plunges you into total darkness as it delivers a total eclipse of the Sun. Don’t be undersold now – or undersell yourself. If anyone or anything makes you feel underserving or unworthy, you need to examine this in the cold light of day once the eclipse has passed. This is our house not just of money but of how we are treated by others.

Steer clear of financial dealings now if you possibly can. This eclipse tells you that you simply don’t have all the information you need or they may be hidden strings attached. If something looks too good to be true – from that job offer, to that bargain or even that person – take it that it probably is. You’re off the money map now and can’t see where you’re going. Avoid unnecessary expenditure, impulse purchases and keep your financial details safe. Remember in stories, that hidden vault of gold was usually guarded by a dragon! Don’t be undersold when it comes to your worth, but play safe when it comes to your money and other assets.

Get Ready to be Given the Key

Jupiter enters your 4th on December 19th. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last unpacked for a year long house stay in here. Doors to property dealings swing open wide – especially when combined with Saturn in here as it rules establishment and foundation. If you move under this transit, then this should be a long term one and you’ll be unpacking for some time to come. Under this influence some of you may be able to take your first step up the property ladder or move to a bigger, better home. Even if you are renting, Jupiter should bring you an opportunity to upgrade your present living arrangements and expand your lifestyle. Saturn also rules your status and your career. A move to a better neighbourhood or larger home could be the natural result of a promotion or better job. Others may extend or renovate their present home. Jupiter in this house says you need space to really live. It is also asking where in the world that is? It could be right where you are now. Or it could be in another area, town or even country. You’re going to spend 2020 discovering how far an idea can take you. Follow it into 2021 to where you can put down roots, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: News, ideas, the internet, what you write, say, communicate has the power to re-shape your world and take you further than you thought possible. Say it like you mean it in 2020, Scorpio.

All about Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto the lord of transformation. Deep, mysterious and captivating you have the power to delve into the furthest corners of your own and others souls. Your sizzling power is mesmerizing but you don’t trust easily. Your soul lesson is banish negativity from your mind and embrace all of your magnificence.

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