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The week ahead for scorpio

You’ve a more serious approach to love. And what you love, Scorpio. Saturn’s slow-down in your 5th of romance, creativity and children sees you willing to say no to something if you see it can eventually get you to yes.

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No is the new yes

Is it time to put a ring on it?

Love needs boundaries to thrive

Parenting issues and long term loves will be impacted by Saturn retrograde in your 5th. As could be how well you parent yourself, Scorpio. Sometimes that means saying no and setting boundaries. You may be asked to set them with a child or young person. Just as you may have to tell yourself – no more when it comes to someone else. Or at the very least let them know where the line has been drawn.

You have feisty, fiery Mars in your 7th. Mars is all about the boundaries. And Saturn’s rings symbolise these. Saturn also rules time, taking responsibility and commitment. If you are dating now, you’ll need to know where you stand or what the long term picture looks like.

This is a long, slow retrograde. Lasting right up until your birthday season. So you may take your time in your approach. Or when it comes to self-parenting and protecting you from well – yourself, the new rules you instil may take a while to be fully integrated into your approach. Yes, this all sound like tough love, doesn’t it? But the thing about this week is that it shows you that getting tough and setting limits (be this with others or with yourself), earns you respect and strangely freedom at the same time.

Don’t shy away from putting someone on the spot, asking for what you want or from stating your needs right from the get-go. Your decisive approach gets you the outcome you desire and also strengthens ties. As well as eliminating time wasters when it comes to your precious time and emotions. Between now and your birthday you could seal the deal on a relationship, offer a child the strength and guidance they need or simply self-parent yourself to a wiser, better outcome. Get ready for lasting love.

In a nutshell: You’ve a more serious approach to love. And what you love, Scorpio. Saturn’s slow-down in your 5th of romance, creativity and children sees you willing to say no to something if you see it can eventually get you to yes.

26 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (9th to 5th)

29 June 2024 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (9th to 7th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (5th)

30 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (9th to 7th)

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Double up on your self-belief

Like attracts like

Don’t cling to the old

Both your rulers contemporary and ancient have major roles to play in forging your future path this month, Phoenix. And what do we say about the ancient rulerships? They still apply.

Double your rulership – double your power and potential! That’s why you always need to take note of where old ruler Mars is as well as contemporary ruler Pluto. We are working across two sections of your chart. Your 4th of emotional, physical and material security. And your 7th of partnerships, marriage, long term unions and frenemies and opponents who no longer have the power to even ruffle those glowing feathers any more. The latter courtesy of your old ruler Mars in your 7th working in tandem with bold, brave Jupiter in your 8th.

Mars enhances your ability to attract. And your desire for sensual pleasure! You’re seeking out excuses to indulge and turn up the heat with your partner if you’re settled. Single? You’re set to scorch. But that dynamic vibe draws to you all kinds of possibilities. So, don’t limit yourself as professional, activity partnerships or long term friendships could prove to be your gateway to fulfilling that need for a deeper, more intense connection.

First up – the trine between Jupiter and Pluto (3rd) is something we have not experienced in our lifetimes with the planets in these particular signs. The same trine also occurs between Mercury and Pluto the following day. But it’s the Jupiter one that’s the big, door opener to powerful, positive change. The Mercury one may just confirm it. Many astrologers are calling the Jupiter/Pluto alignment the luckiest of 2024.

Above all – do not cling to the status quo and allow something moving to enter your life. This combined with the beautiful new Moon conjunct Venus in your 8th (6th), are set to hand you a better foundation. Something from which a new future can take root and grow. You also step into a cycle where you astound others with that confident aura you project. It says: I’m in charge of my destiny. And I know it!

So, just how might this manifest? A relationship that moves to the next level. A new home. The ability to pay off debts or be given access to funding – that mortgage or business loan. An increase in assets and resources. Your income soars. Someone offers you backing, entrée, their support. It’s time to be given more, handle more, work with more – and know you are ready to do so. And to be unafraid doing so.

This can also disentangle you from something which has become stunted, toxic or holding you back in some way. Even if the alternative (freedom) seems scary because it’s unfamiliar – again, don’t get in the way of the process. It’s all for your ultimate benefit. Just let go.

As the planets move into your 9th – starting with Mercury and Venus on the 17th, you’ll discover you’re feeling at your most outgoing and extrovert. When it comes to relating, you’ll be unafraid to express yourself. Your open hearted approach wins hearts and minds for the upcoming month.

Now you’ve been handed something which underpins your sense of security – you’re ready to go further. So, think of it as your launch pad and then the countdown all the way up to the Sun’s arrival in your 9th on the 21st. This is ‘We have ignition’ day. So, think of the run up to this as readiness, and all that happens after the 21st as the point where everything moves forward ending a period of waiting or even wheel-spinning!

This is of course the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. And the Winter Solstice in the Southern. A time when the Sun appears to stand still in the sky and where often we do too as we look back over the past six month at what we have achieved. And then forward to what we want to crush next off our To Do lists! Take it you are moving ahead either physically or in your mind towards a brighter destination. This is your house of travel so that may feature now. As could news, ideas and a desire for a new experience which creates the impulsion you’re seeking!

The 22nd brings a full Moon in your 3rd. This is 1 of 2 full Moons in this house while the Sun remains in your 9th. So, the next one is a ‘Blue’ Moon. It asks you add that emotional content to the forward motion that surrounds you. To act on news or an idea. Single and seeking this month? Love could come from a galaxy or a land far, far away. Be found at your gym or linked to that subject you’re excited and passionate about. You won’t need to be ‘appy’ to find it as that aura you’re projecting sends out a homing beacon.

The time of the full Moon and also capture you and sweep you up in a momentum that’s all their own. The tide is synchronistic and a little magical. And again – why would you try to struggle against it? Trust where you are being taken and also thanks to Jupiter in your 8th, that you’ll end up where you are meant to be.

Take it that there’s release, a different spin on an old track, a solution or offer that changes your circumstances available this month. Across the 26th – 29th, watch carefully for what alters or changes for the better. There’s a feeling of rapid movement cutting across all of June for you. Don’t stop it from occurring, Scorpio. This could just be the transformation you’ve been waiting for. Or a double one as having two rulers means double the action, and double the results!

In a nutshell: Both your rulers ancient and modern fuel major moves this month, Scorpio. And reawaken your belief in your ability to bring about the outcomes you seek. Above all, don’t stand in the way of powerful and beneficial change by clinging to the old. The new is just waiting to enter.

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

3 June 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (7th to 5th)

3 June 2024 Mercury enters Gemini (8th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

4 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

4 June 2024 Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini (8th)

4 June 2024 Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini (8th)

6 June 2024 New Moon in Gemini (8th)

6 June 2024 New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini (8th)

8 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (8th to 5th)

9 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (8th to 5th)

9 June 2024 Mars enters Taurus (7th)

11 June 2024 Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (7th to 4th)

12 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (8th to 5th)

14 June 2024 Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini (8th)

17 June 2024 Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (8th to 6th)

17 June 2024 Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (8th to 5th)

17 June 2024 Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini (8th)

17 June 2024 Venus enters Cancer (9th)

17 June 2024 Mercury enters Cancer (9th)

20 June 2024 Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (8th to 5th)

21 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (9th to 7th)

21 June 2024 Sun enters Cancer (9th)

22 June 2024 Full Moon in Capricorn (3rd)

26 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces (9th to 5th)

29 June 2024 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (9th to 7th)

29 June 2024 Saturn stationary retrograde in Pisces (5th)

30 June 2024 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (9th to 7th)

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You glow, phoenix! 2024 is a year when you step into your power. And no-one can ignore the fact you’re a force for love to be reckoned with. Escape any residual pain of the past and embrace a new kind of love. Ruler Pluto tells you it all begins close to home. The power is right where you are now.

The year begins with the Sun and ruler Pluto make one final infusion in your 3rd. Serving a nutri-bullet for your ideas and projects, before both exit this house and move into your 4th across January 20-21st. There are themes in motion at the beginning of the year which will also recur at the end of it. So, pay close attention to what is happening as 2024 begins.

Time to check your chart, Scorpio. For any factors at 0-1 degrees of your own sign or any of the other fixed signs – Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. If you have them in your own sign or that of Taurus and your 7th, then Pluto will square them. If they are in Leo and your 10th, Pluto will oppose them. In Aquarius – Pluto will conjunct them as the year begins and again at the end of 2024. Plus you have your ancient ruler Mars also in your 4th. Bringing you intense and powerful energy on Valentine’s Day when both meet. Which could have a direct impact on your home, living arrangements, who you live with and even your lifepath.

Pluto will make one more short reversal back to your 3rd later this year. But by November it will return to your 4th where it will remain for the next 20 years. Once in a lifetime transformations willl occur around property, your family dynamic, how you live and where. You will also begin and end the year with not only Pluto in this house in your chart, but Venus as well. It’s extremely rare for this to happen. Therefore we could say 2024 offers you a homecoming like no other. And sometimes this involves coming home to ourselves and honouring our own needs.

If you carry wounds from your childhood, family karma, trauma or life has been unsettled for you, your ability to confront these with a fearless desire to be free of them, is what creates for you a fresh foundation on which to build something so much more sustaining. Materially and emotionally. Your foundations are shifting. Becoming more defined. For this to happen, you are called to fearlessly examine and confront your past. You’re moving to the bold side in ‘24.

Pluto is primal, creative energy. You of all signs know that, Scorpio! You’re going to bring something into being during Pluto’s stay in your 4th. A new home. A new purpose. A new life. Passion moves in to stay.

Uranus remains in your partnership sector. And you start the year with Jupiter continuing to big up togetherness in all its doublicious varieties. Uranus may have brought you surprise twists and turns but also a new liberating take on love and partnerships. Yes, sometimes this means letting an old form of it go, so a new and better one can emerge. This is a theme which will intensify once Jupiter and then your ancient ruler Mars are in your 8th mid-year.

Your 5th of romance and creativity continues to be under the long term influences of both Neptune and Saturn. Yes, Neptune can have you dreaming of love. Or even idealising it. But Saturn says: are you serious?! Or often – is the other party truly serious about you? This combo of planets across your entire love sector produces a shake and bake effect.

This is also setting you up for what’s to come in 2025, Phoenix. It’s 2025 Preview Night on September 18th, 2024. So, mark that date in your diary right now. This is when themes around romance, children or what makes you stand out and shine, take on a date with fate feel. January ‘25 will see the North Node which is presently in Aries and your 6th, move into Pisces and your 5th. Which will of course, put the South Node in your 11th and Virgo.

Before the Nodes change signs, we see an eclipse occur on the new nodal axis. The full Supermoon in Pisces on Sept 18, is a partial lunar eclipse. You have a teaser trailer if you like of what this new karmic cycle has in store. Do pay attention. And if you are old enough, it is now time to look back to when the North Node was last in Pisces – December 1987 – May 1989 and then June 2006 – December 2007. Look to what occurred then with love, babies, children, adult children, parenting and co-parenting, abortion, IVF, adoption. As well as what lights your fire – your passions and pursuits. What you enjoy and what you do that seems like pure pleasure and as effortless as breathing. All these themes are about to enter a new phase. And if it is your first time as a fully-fledged adult firebird. So, prepare to ignite your soul!

A new kind of intimacy emerges that allows you to craft a deeper and more passionate understanding between you and your partner. Or even you and your own needs thanks to Jupiter’s move into your 8th from May onwards. Yes, of course you are comfortable with this kind of energy. Your attitude is Bring it On. And serve it large. You know nothing superficial satisfies you, Scorpio.

Jupiter’s endgame in your 7th coincides with the new Moon in here on May 8. This is one of your most important new Moons of the year. The others being the one in your 6th on April 8 (more on this shortly), and of course, your extra special moon of new beginnings during your birthday cycle on November 1.

The new Moon on May 8th falls conjunct Uranus and this opens a fresh path towards love evolution and freedom. Are you still feeling limited? Trapped? Or that what you want remains permanently elusive and out-of-reach? If you have not yet felt the effects of the divine change of healing from your past sweep you up and away from it, by May this is a happening thing. And you will be all too aware it is happening for you!

Now you can author an entirely new story. Not just for yourself, but for you and another. As Venus and Jupiter meet on May 23rd – just days before Jupiter leaves this house, be sure not to shut yourself away from who or what wants you. Even if this process involves extreme bravery on your part by opening that deeply resonant heart of yours and taking down those barriers you created out of self-protection.

Forget the sting in the tail. That old and out-dated stereotype that is just the refuge of basic astrology. There’s nothing basic about you. Because the fact is – and we both know this, phoenix, that you are the one most likely to be stung rather than be the stinger. And once you are wounded, it cuts deep into your soul. So, this is why Jupiter leaving your 7th and entering your 8th is nothing but good news for you. Old hurts get real healing – not just a Band Aid approach.

Empowerment, wholeness and passion drive you forward. May 25th bringing a once-in-a-lifetime trine between Jupiter and ruler Pluto. With Jupiter in Pluto’s house this kick-starts transformation around your money, resources and what you share and is shared with you in return.

Jupiter may show you its most generous and open-handed face now. Especially when it comes to money, home and career. And did I mention sexy? If you’re single potential lovers appear like moths drawn to a flame. Do be discerning however, Scorpio. Real empowerment is the power to say no just as much as it is about saying yes, yes, YES!

If you also need to say No More, mid year points to the time where you will be able to do this. Uranus may have brought you unexpected endings in unions when perhaps you did not want this. But if something is not working from your standpoint, then nothing and no-one will keep you there. Be this a marriage or other romantic partnership or a professional one. Or in certain cases this may even relate to your lifestyle or living arrangements. July sees Mars your old ruler in its ruling 8th and making another first for this lifetime angle to Pluto (July 22nd). This may mark for some of you the end of one cycle and the start of another. And if resources have been an issue and holding back change, this can bring about you accessing what you need to make it happen.

You may have to let something go in order not to remain at a standstill. Oh but baby, the benefits are huge if you do! August 14 sees it all work in your favour as Mars and Jupiter meet. The key to making the most of this is simple: Just be your authentic self and own your truth.

The Great North American Eclipse of April 8 is a total solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 6th. This will be the most powerful eclipse of the year for all signs. Slow down at this point as it is in your house of wellbeing and health. As well as work, study and your day job (paid or unpaid). Eclipses conceal and total eclipses are a complete blackout in a key area. This is your house of details. So, don’t neglect them. Or fail to pay attention to that hunch.

Changes are happening but you may not see them – yet. Searching for a new job should be postponed for now. And if you do subsequently go in search of something new, it is likely to be in the same kind of area rather than a different one. In fact, look at building on what you already are doing. When it comes to health matters – do seek out second opinions if you are unsatisfied. And don’t ignore what your body is saying whatever you do. What can also emerge from this eclipse is the impact of your relationships and connections on your physical and mental wellbeing. Especially if you have been unaware of this up until now. Again, if you discover this is not enhancing your life but in fact, feeding off your life-force, you will also know what to do about it. And feel all the better for it when you do.

The rules around your company, your work, your employment, studies or area may change and if so, this puts you in a position of power being the sign of rebirth and reinvention. You’ll adapt and in fact, this may result in the discovery of fresh opportunities for you. Career issues with be in focus from December onwards.

Get an early start on your new cycle for 2025 from the end of September onwards when Venus arrives in your sign. Upgrade your image if needed. And ensure that the outer you reflects all the changes that have been occurring within. October 22 sees the Sun arrive in your sign with that extra special new Moon on Nov 1. Ruler Pluto returns to your 4th on November 19, never to return to your 3rd in this lifetime.

Look to all you have achieved during these past 12 months, especially in terms of career and your ambitions as co-ruler Mars makes a rare retrograde in your 10th from December 6. Above all, stop comparing yourself to others. This retrograde will take you through to the new year. Put further moves on hold until then. Instead – plan what new worlds you will conquer then. And do look closely at how seriously you take yourself. Because others take their cue from this.

Your year’s bookends especially for home and family matters, are the beginning and the close of 2024. You should see something completed or come full circle for you as Venus will be back in your 4th at the year’s end and meet Pluto on Dec 7th. It will also oppose retrograde Mars on December 12th. 2024 shows you where your power truly lies, phoenix. Do I need to say anything more? By now you should know exactly where to access it. Within your glowing soul. What you want is within you – and just waiting to be released in ‘24!

In a nutshell: If you still doubt your own power, 2024 is the year where you’ll know not only where it lies, but how to access and wield it, Scorpio! Ruler Pluto brings you home to where that lies. And transforms everything from your home, your money, your path and how you live and love from here on in!

21 Jan 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (4th)

14 Feb 2024 Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (4th)

17 Feb 2024 Venus conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (4th)

19 Feb 2024 North Node and Chiron conjunct in Aries (6th)

22 Feb 2024 Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius (4th)

10 Mar 2024 New Supermoon in Pisces (5th)

25 Mar 2024 Full Moon in Libra – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5o 7’ (12th)

8 Apr 2024 New Supermoon – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 24’) (6th)

29 Apr 2024 Venus enters Taurus (7th)

8 May 2024 New Moon in Taurus (7th)

8 May 2024 Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus (7th)

8 May 2024 Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (7th)

19 May 2024 Mars and North Node conjunct in Aries (6th)

23 May 2024 Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus (7th)

25 May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini (8th)

25 May 2024 Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

3 June 2024 Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

12 Jul 2024 Venus in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 4th)

15 Jul 2024 Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (7th)

22 Jul 2024 Mars in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (8th to 4th)

23 Jul 2024 Sun in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius (10th to 4th)

14 Aug 2024 Mars conjunct Jupiter in Gemini (8th)

2 Sept 2024 Retrograde Pluto re-enters Capricorn (3rd)

18 Sept 2024 Full Supermoon in Pisces – Partial Lunar Eclipse (25 41’) (5th)

23 Sept 2024 Venus enters Scorpio (1st)

2 Oct 2024 New Moon in Libra – Annular Solar Eclipse (10 04’) (12th)

22 Oct 2024 Sun enters Scorpio (1st)

1 Nov 2024 New Moon in Scorpio (1st)

19 Nov 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius (4th) – Never to return to Capricorn

6 Dec 2024 Mars stationary retrograde in Leo (10th)

7 Dec 2024 Venus and Pluto conjunct in Aquarius (4th)

12 Dec 2024 Venus in Aquarius opposition retrograde Mars in Leo (4th to 10th)

All about Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto the lord of transformation. Deep, mysterious and captivating you have the power to delve into the furthest corners of your own and others souls. Your sizzling power is mesmerizing but you don’t trust easily. Your soul lesson is banish negativity from your mind and embrace all of your magnificence.

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