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The week ahead for scorpio

Play with potential and possibilities this week, Scorpio. Who could you be? If you want to reboot your future, now is the time to imagine something different for yourself. You have your dreams for a reason.

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If you could be anything, what would you be?

Align to soul values

Plan a little escape

Put yourself out there this week while the Sun remains in your 11th, Scorpio. It’s time to focus on your social life and also your future. This is an excellent week also to spend a few hours thinking about your direction and path in life.

Both your rulers ancient and modern give you the opportunity to do this one way or another. Ancient ruler Mars enters your 12th on the 15th and has you looking back and asking questions like ‘How did I get here?’ and ‘Is what I am doing aligned to my values?’. The latter question could be triggered on the 17th when the Sun trines ruler Pluto in your 3rd.

Explore your potential

Don’t be afraid to explore this and if you have always had a secret ambition to do something else than what you ended up doing, ask yourself if it is really so impossible? Venus in your 1st nudges Saturn in your 4th on the 17th bringing up questions about the path you have chosen and where you are living. As your annual soul house clearing starts now, time to look at anything long term you need to change. Including where you live and what you are doing with your life. It’s never too late to change this.

The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on the 14th shines on a dream or good times. A little fantasy, creativity or even escapism is good for the soul. This is a good time to get away from it all. Just don’t allow fantasy to take over romance however. Unless you want to be brought down to earth with a bump later. But again, this is a wonderful transit to connect to what you love to do and dream about what that could possibly be. Then perhaps – just do it for real.

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Showcase your authenticity

Friends, lovers, connections support who you are

Attract with ease

Mix and mingle. Meet cute and greet. Clicks and connects. November says – don’t stay home, Scorpio.

Just understand however that in the lead up to your birthday next month, you are now in a peak energy period. You’re in a mood to tie up loose ends, take action and tackle anything you’ve been putting off when your ancient ruler Mars moves into your 12th from the 15th. You’ll be very clear from this point onwards what needs to be said and done. Especially as Mercury also in your 12th, begins retroshadow from the 7th and turns full retroactive from the 27th. This allows you to go back over anything left unfinished or else, have that conversation you’ve put off for far too long.

Previews of what the year ahead could hold for you appear this month but by its end, prepare for a slowdown until the Sun arrives in your sign next month. So, think potential and then a wait before it finally blossoms in its full form. This especially applies to that love interest or a project or plan. So, think fast forward and then spinning your wheels until you new cycle when you shift back into high gear again.

Opposites attract

You have two house lit up this month. Your 11th of friends, networks, communities and your future. And your 5th of lovers, children, pleasure and good times. You can see how these two are opposites but also aligned at the same time. This is your time to immerse yourself and join in, but also to be noticed for who you are. To stand out and shine. And to attract with effortless ease when you do.

Your social life is in focus from the 3rd. Ancient ruler Mars forms part of a Mystic Rectangle in here. A super-charged aspect which looks like the back of an envelope when we see it in a chart. Knock, knock, ding dong, ping ping. Answer the door or the call to action. Let opportunity in. Don’t procrastinate or worse – pretend you’re not home! The last Mystic Rectangle appeared back in July. What happened back then?

So, think message in a bottle, email, snail mail, news, texts, that WhatsApp group, answers, announcements, invitations or door knocks. There’s an offer, acceptance or something opens up for us under these aspects which are a mix of trines, sextiles and oppositions. They are free-flowing but at the same time we have to make some kind of effort or stretch ourselves. Or we have already done that and now comes our result. Or we now make that extra effort to make it real.

Both your rulers ancient and modern are caught up in this axis which is what makes it especially powerful for you. As well as Mars in your house of friends and future pathways we have modern day ruler Pluto in your 3rd – the house of news and communication. Indicating that no matter the source this could be a game-changer. Neptune in your 5th brings a touch of magic and dreamy intent while the Moon in your 9th whispers emotional freedom.

The new Moon in your 11th appears just days after this event. Casting a pristine, focused light towards a new path and you being part of a fresh group or network. This is one of the most important new Moons of your future for the year as it sets the tone for your social life for the upcoming 12 months. So, from now up until the full Moon in your 5th on the 20th, please make an extra effort to connect or circulate.

Venus in your sign from the 10th tells you its time for a little (or a lot!) of self-validation and love. Are you being too critical of yourself or even others? Venus’s arrival wants you to appreciate true beauty within and without and also stop judging – period. Venus in our 1st wants balance restored on some level. It also craves attention! By all means indulge yourself to showcase your unique va-va-voom but please don’t overspend doing this. Venus doesn’t care about how much it costs. Only how good it looks or makes you feel. But you do however!

Sometimes all we have to do is pay more attention to ourselves and use what we already have in new ways. Venus now offers opportunities to Be Two for singles. This could just as easily be that new bff, activity partner, collaborator or work duet. Or even attract in that person who can offer a major assist towards that goal. But just like you’re no longer judging yourself – don’t judge a book by its cover either.

Getting in touch with your passion and creative fire is what the full Moon in your 5th promises on the 20th. This is the full Corn or Harvest Moon. The time of gathering as the year pivots and day and night becomes equal on the 22nd with the Sun’s entry into your 12th and the equinox. Or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is spring and your time for planting.

On its way to Pisces and your 5th house, the waxing Moon passes both Saturn and Jupiter in your 4th.. This process will have you looking deep into your needs. Especially when it comes to being supported, nurtured and accepted for who you authentically are. Do you feel you have to bend yourself out of shape to people please? It doesn’t matter who – family members, partners, friends. Do you worry if you didn’t they would withdraw? As the Moon waxes you’ll see who or what provides you with the kind of love that allows you to be seen and heard and appreciated for who you are.

Take some time if you need with this process. Remember, the Moon spends approximately two days in a sign so allow this. Ensure you take some ‘me’ time even if its just an hour a day. By the time the full Moon bursts through, a new you should have emerged from this. Radiant, confident – owning it! And in your house of pleasure, attraction and attention. Who or what responds now should be aligned with who you are.

The more we learn about Vesta and see it in action, the more we realise that it governs far more than gender issues or home and hearth. Vesta is all about our identity. How we see ourselves and our right to define who we feel we are without having labels put on us. So yours may undergo an additional state of refinement as you take that full Moon process once step further, when Vesta arrives in your sign on the 21st. And what will be increasingly important to you now is surrounding yourself with the people who support that.

The Sun in your 12th brings the equinox, the balance between night and day no matter where we are. This month also sees key alignments between the planets in your 12th and the North Node in your 8th. Mercury (3rd), Mars (21st) and the Sun (26th). Effortless transcention of something icky that has kept you stuck is one potential outcome of the Grand Air trine also on the 26th. Decisions which see you taking control of your own life, no longer giving in to inner fear or self-doubt and letting go of anything that stops you from being boldly and authentically you can be made on these dates.

You may feel life begin to slow as we head towards October as Mercury enters Retro 2.0 in your 12th from the 27th. The usual Retro Rules apply, Scorpio. The past or people from your past could be in touch. Please test these connections for continued relevance and look to whether or not they support that authentic soul you’ve now worked for hard to claim. The Venus/Neptune trine on the 29th could show you one person or opportunity which truly does honour the real you and support those passions and desires. Let’s face it, Scorpio. Only that will do going forward now.

In a nutshell: It’s a month of attraction, of finding your people or what truly honours and supports that authentic you, Scorpio. You won’t be afraid to ditch anything that gets in the way of that. Accept only the real deal when it comes to love and support.

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Scorpio Yearly Forecast 2021

Hello from the other side, Scorpio. At least you may have felt like an Adele anthem since 2018 with the signals trying hard to escape from the supermassive black hole of your communication zone.

Blame the heavyweights in here. Saturn, Jupiter and yes, ruler Pluto. Jupiter may have offered you some solutions – but not all of them. So, you may have found it hard to get your point across, sell yourself or your ideas in during this time. Studies may have felt like hard work. Business, work or commercial ventures blocked. Or people may have come across as deliberately misunderstanding you or disregarding anything you had to say. You could have found your ideas dismissed and also, having to repeat yourself again and again. Added to this may have been breakdowns, glitches, cancellations, snafus, issues with siblings or neighbours or how you get around.

You are coming out of this feeling as if you have survived an extended Mercury retrograde on steroids. Saturn and Jupiter exited your 3rd in late December. Leaving ruler Pluto as the only slow- moving planet left in here. So, take it you now have the Power of Words to work in your favour. With nothing left to prevent you from using this to maximum effect. Gone are the days of feeling your words are falling on deaf ears or your ideas are being rejected or dismissed.

State your intentions

Sure, certain people might not want to hear what you have to say. But you now know that if they don’t listen, they are not taking you seriously. You will be upfront about your intentions so don’t be afraid of asking others just what theirs are to. January allows you to start the year as you mean to go on in this respect.

In fact, the meeting between Mercury in its ruling 3rd with your ruler on January 5th and then again on December 30 can be seen as bookends. You start and end the year on a hot topic or important conversation that reclaims your power and which sets the tone for this year. And the next.

Venus in your 3rd meets Pluto providing the ultimate turn-on talk for settleds and singles alike. If you being flirting with someone now, expect it to turn XXX fast. Just ensure you are prepared to back up talk with action however. Especially when it comes to career and work.

Move It On Up!

You are a Fixed Sign. Think of part of this as being that ‘Ever Fixed Mark’ that can’t be shaken that Shakespeare wrote about. This is one of your best qualities and which others value in you. You do have a fine line to walk this year however. It’s between holding firm to your values yet being ready to adapt without ‘selling out’.

We’re in the Now Age with Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th and Aquarius – a fixed sign like you. As well as Uranus in your partnership sector and Taurus – another fixed sign. July/August will see this fixed energy intensify when the Sun and other planets cross into Leo and your 10th of status, reputation and career. Smart phoenixes will already be one step ahead here. You will have realised that all these factors will square or oppose your Scorpio ones. What does this mean for you?

Put your focus on being organised, disciplined and establishing something for yourself over the long term. But remain adaptable about it or what it entails. Jupiter and Saturn in your Now Age 4th should open doors to new ways of living and security – both physical, material and emotional. Some of you may move, get a foot on the property ladder, upgrade your current home or even if you are renting, see yourself in a better place with regards to tenure and/or affordability.

Invest in anything that enhances your overall lifestyle. But understand that when you are dealing with squares or oppositions, there are no shortcuts. No magic bullets or get rich quick schemes. You have to do the work or see things through. If you show you are serious, then you’ll receive the rewards as together, Jupiter and Saturn deliver.

Your best times for home and career are the end of January to February when you have the Sun and Venus moving through your 4th. You also have Mercury retrograde in here in February. Which means it will hit Jupiter a total of three times while in here. If you miss out on something it could redeliver it or replace it with something better by the end of the first week in March.

Channel some inspired love

Out of this world love connections can be made in March with the Sun and Venus meeting Neptune in your 5th making this a magical time for romance or rekindling the spark for settleds. Children may be important now. And if you work in a creative field or have creative hobbies, expect what you create to be infused with a new kind of channelled resonance and inspiration.

You have an unusually long cycle this year where relationships past, present or potential will be in focus. This especially applies to you if you are seeking a romantic partner or a collaborator. Venus will enter its ruling sign and 7th house from April 14. The new Moon in this house appears on May 11 – just two days before Jupiter enters your romance zone. This could mark an important new beginning when it comes to love, your children or parenting.

Just ensure when we enter July you retain that flexibility I spoke about earlier. Above all, do not get into arguments or conflicts with bosses or authority figures. If you do, you won’t win. It’s time to protect your image and reputation. To be seen as someone who keeps their word but who will explore a compromise position when necessary.

You may be making a final push now with career matters or a project or plan. Remember what I said about making an extra effort at this time. You have determination, confidence and energy in reserve thanks to ancient ruler Mars along with the Sun in here. You could make incredible in-roads when it comes to career matters, that business plan or advancement.

Flex it!

However, please don’t insist on a ‘My way or the highway’ approach. Whether this is in your professional or your personal life. If you do you will end up with conflicts in your personal life. And instead of being handed a key to that door, you will see it slammed firmly shut.

You have the opportunity to use this fixed sign weather this year to harness your true purpose and sense of empowerment. Someone who knows what they want and where they are going is sexy. You can own it from mid-year onwards Scorpio.

We have a series of eclipses on your money and sharing axis – your 2nd and 8th houses this year. As well as one in your 7th in November in the middle of your birthday cycle. Both your money houses are impacted by the 2nd and 8th house eclipses. As is the effects of what you earn, have or share on your self-worth or how you see yourself. You may have to look beyond the obvious or any shifts around income or finances at these times – dates are at the end of this forecast, to uncover the truth of your feelings around your money. Often we find this hard to talk about. Or even admit to ourselves.

Remember, eclipses bring a blind spot. So, avoid financial decisions or expenditure during these times. The eclipse in your 7th on November 17 is a partial lunar eclipse. So, you only have a piece of the puzzle regarding you and someone else. You will find out what this is between the time of this eclipse taking place and Venus retrograde in your 3rd from December 19. It will meet your ruler Pluto in here on the 11th. Then head backwards and meet it again on the 25th. Once it heads forward again in January, it will hit Pluto again. So, expect the full picture to emerge at some point during this time.

Above all, take extra care if the patter of little feet is not what you want after the holiday season is over. 2022 is already looking good for love from December 29 when Jupiter returns to Pisces and your 5th. It’s just that this house rules babies and children too.

Mercury has now gone full circle around the Sun as it once again meets Pluto on the 30th. You began the year with a conversation. You’ll end it with one too. Is it the same discussion or a new one? Hopefully no matter the topic, you’re in a better place thanks to the Now Age as 2022 calls.

All about Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto the lord of transformation. Deep, mysterious and captivating you have the power to delve into the furthest corners of your own and others souls. Your sizzling power is mesmerizing but you don’t trust easily. Your soul lesson is banish negativity from your mind and embrace all of your magnificence.

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