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The week ahead for virgo

Surprise opportunities could lift you out and away from restriction and routine, Virgo. This week marks the beginning of an important learning curve. Where luck has its own role to play.

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Take a trip down an unexplored path

Play with chance

Opportunity frees you to explore something new

Freedom beckons on so many levels this week, Virgo. Under normal circumstances I would be saying get ready to pack your bags as travel is highlighted. By there is more than one kind of journey to be undertaken besides the passport waving-kind, as ruler Mercury lands in your 9th along with the Sun on the 19th. Both meet on this day.

Going down an empowered and personally-charged path may be the figurative or literal journey you choose to take now. Free of the rules or restrictions others may have imposed on you now Vesta heads direct in your 1st from the 21st. This especially applies to expectations placed on you due to the gender you identify with. How you are supposed to think, act, behave or even aspire to. Not your rules, not your playbook, not anymore.

Luck just may be the surprise this week!

Uranus is a planet concerned about evolving and freeing us. It’s the ultimate soul freedom ticket-to-ride. Be aware with Uranus that if we do not take the steps to initiate this, it will step in and do it for us. But remember the old school astro rules – especially when you have Mars in Uranus’s ruling house and that of your future from the 23rd – planets LOVE being in your 9th house.

So, unexpected luck, opportunities to break free of what holds you back and solutions could appear this week as Mercury and Venus interact with Uranus and each other in here between the 23rd – 25th. Be ready to go off in a totally new direction which sees you leaving your comfort zone -and those rules, far behind. Break free and off into the unknown on some level this week, Virgo. It will not only expand your experience, but take you to where the magic happens.

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Make good on your promises

Don’t hesitate to ask

No topic is off-limits

Tap into diplomacy and self-confidence this April, Virgo. Above all, don’t allow self-doubt or fear get in your way. But you may find yourself in a situation where you have to choose your words carefully or else state your terms and be prepared to stick to them.

Above all, don’t resort to saying something if someone crosses a line and then not following through on it. One example of this would be issuing a lover an ultimatum as in ‘Are you serious and if so, I would like a commitment please’ – and setting a time limit on this. But then not taking action when the deadline is reached. I am not saying you will be faced with anything that extreme however!

The first three weeks of this month also tell you not to be afraid to ask. This is all down to the big planetary line up in your 8th. The Sun, ruler Mercury from the 4th, Venus, Chiron and Ceres are all in here. And this peaks on the 12th when a new Moon shines out from here conjunct Venus. Venus of course, rules balance, double acts and the diplomatic approach. So, if you want to table a conversation, suggest a new and better deal or arrangement, this is you time to do it.

Your sensitivity will be at a peak but please ensure you are not being over-sensitive when it comes to others during the first three weeks of April. Ruler Mercury in here is reminding you that the best way towards understanding is to talk about your feelings. That being said – pun intended, this is a month where new deals can be entered into especially around the 6th -10th and 15th – 17th.

Plug into Empowerment!

This includes pay, salary, benefits and all kinds of maintenance payments and other pay-outs. As well as mortgages, loans, assets and joint accounts. This house is about sharing: what is shared with and by you. It’s also again about how confident and powerful you feel asking for what it is you want and need from others. And if you are not feeling that confident in this area, the planets are supporting you with practicing to see what this feels like. Remember, self-empowerment is like any other skill we can acquire. We may have to practice to get good at it. Just seeing how this makes you feel is the best way forward.

Want to know a secret?

Our 8th house is about secrets where our 12th is about hidden truths. What’s the difference? Well, in our 8th, it’s about the stuff we don’t want to talk about as opposed to the stuff we don’t want to see. In other words, we know it’s there but we don’t want anyone else to know! This often revolves around sex and money. With money usually being a bigger taboo for many of us than sex.

Time to air things now, Virgo. Especially if you feel this is something you need to get to grips with, are ashamed of or feel if people knew the truth about, they may judge you. The important thing to know is that any judgement is probably in your own mind. Of course, this doesn’t mean you tell just anyone. Like that gossipy friend for instance. If necessary, talk to a professional or someone with a code of ethics who is qualified to give you the best advice.

If there is a touchy topic in your life, you will find talking then taking action suddenly cuts the whole thing down to size. It takes the sting out of stigma in other words. But know that overall, April should see you looking at having more assets at your disposal one way or another. And this can even stem from simply managing what you already have in a better way.

If you are in a long-term relationship, then this month favours discussions about joint finances, refinancing, mortgages and loans. And please, don’t dismiss this as ‘unromantic’. Worrying about bills or arguments about money are about an unromantic as you can get. So, deep dive and confront any area that strikes a primal response during the first half of April. There’s big pay-offs waiting for you if you do. Again, if the discussions involve you and another – partner, employer or even an institution or government body, use diplomacy and craft those responses.

Now for the release

You should however arrive at the second half of the month with a sense of sexy, self-empowerment and achievement. You will begin to feel a big energy shift around the 14th which is the day when Venus enters your 9th. As I have been explaining to the Leo’s next door – planets love being in our 9th house. This is very old school astrology and old school rules still apply no matter what new knowledge we add to them. But you are the sign who loves the details so you will appreciate this. And also want more on how to hack this new planetary vibe that’s streaming through this sector of your chart now!

Your 9th is about freedom, learning, expansion with a dash of luck thrown in for good measure. It’s about striking out in a fresh direction and above all, taking a chance. What’s special about your 9th as the planets assemble in here is Uranus. Teaching you so much about what really matters, offering you release from what restricts you, and new and different opportunities to embrace.

This isn’t a time to sit back and wait for things to happen. It’s a time to initiate, launch and take a chance. This especially applies if it is connected to anything the 9th house rules. Foreign people, countries and businesses, travel and mass transportation, higher education, religion and philosophy, the mass media, the law, sports and the outdoors, publishing, big business, large animals especially horses, and your biggest goals.

Time to reach higher or just answer that inner call for a bigger experience in a key area. Like so many of us, those restrictions you’ve been under may have begun to really chafe now. As the planets arrive in your 9th expect solutions to this. All based on your sense of what is truly your priorities now. Confronting those fears or insecurities around your power to change things may have helped you clarify these. So, bring this to the fore.

Uranus is the planet which wants to evolve your soul. But through freedom creation. Think about what confines, restricts or binds you. The way through, past or away from this may have begun to appear around the time of that new Moon earlier in the month. Now as the Sun and ruler Mercury land in your 9th on the 19th, expect things to gain momentum.

Your rules, your playbook

Vesta heads direct in your 1st from the 21st. You won’t be willing to play by rules you had no part in writing from this point on. The 19th – 25th could bring [positive news or developments that unshackle you from restrictions or even those old fears we talked about. The 24th and 25th especially.

This month’s full Supermoon on the 27th is a super-sized pink one. Named for its association with spring blossom. And it appears in your 3rd of transcending or game-changing communications. This highlights Uranus and Venus in your 9th. One piece of news or even a connection could open a door to a new level of experience for you. Talking to others may be easier than ever under this full Moon. In fact, you won’t be able to suppress what’s on your mind.

The day of the full Moon also has Pluto heading backwards in your 5th of love affairs, creative self-expression and children. It’s the first planet to break up the one direction party that’s happening. Don’t rush into romance now especially if the appearance of that new lover coincides with this Moon and the Pluto retro. News around children or what allows you to stand out could also feature. But what matters now is talking about what’s close to your heart. And winning the hearts and minds of others with your words, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Change powers you forward this April. Whatever you do, don’t get in its way, Virgo. Confronting what you keep hidden releases you into a brand-new cycle. Love just got a little bolder in April.

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Virgo 2021 Forecast

Do the work in 2021, Virgo. And do it with love. That in a nutshell, is going to be your recipe for success.

You begin the year with your 6th of all things pure, pristine and shiningly simple lit up. It’s the Now Age and you have both Saturn and Jupiter in here. You are of course, the 6th sign of the zodiac. So, to say ‘You got this’ should be an understatement. Hopefully you have also read your Jupiter 2021 forecast for your sign. So, you know that this cycle is about creating your best life to live every day. It begins with taking care of your body and wellbeing. Then the environment you inhabit or work in. And onwards and out from there.

Small adjustments result in larger shifts. Plus you get a chance to refine all of this come February when ruler Mercury retrograde in here and goes backwards and forwards across Jupiter. Just see this as an extra serving of benefits. Provided of course you are willing to do the work!

Werk it and Own it!

Order, structure, schedules, systems and routines as well as time keeping will assume greater importance for you now. This is due to Saturn in here. If you tap into your innate Virgo talent for organization, you will work Saturn to your advantage.

If you are seeking work or to change jobs, then both these planets in here – with the emphasis on Jupiter, should bring you at least one job opportunity during this cycle. Also, be aware no matter what you are seeking or trying to do during this time, your network plays a big role. So, begin by asking who you know or anyone you have connected with in the past. This especially applies during Mercury’s retrograde in here. For key dates, please see the end of this forecast.

If you are a settled Virgo, your significant other could be entering a big success cycle. They may receive a promotion, job offer or pay rise or perhaps take more than one significant step up that career ladder during ‘21-23. If you are in a business or collaborative partnership, you and your partner may be poised on the brink of expansion and success. Team efforts are highlighted.

For singles and seekers of dynamic duos and twosomes of all descriptions, Jupiter in your 7th from mid-May until July offers you one of the best times of this year to snag that serious love prospect. Plus, this is also a special period for moving, doing things to the home and family matters too.

Come Home to Higher Love

Of course, this is just a preview of what Jupiter has in store for you in 2022. But the good news is that this is not your only cycle for bringing home the love. February has the Sun and Venus in your 7th which Venus rules. March sees ruler Mercury, Venus and the Sun meet Neptune in here. This is higher love and also a link to past loves – as in past life ones. And also what you love to do.

Use this time to imagine your best expression of love. And then no matter your status – single or settled, do your very best to live that right now. When we feel it, when we begin to live it, we attract it. Or an even better alternative.

Uranus in your 9th wants your freedom. And it is also telling you not to be too attached to a goal or outcome. Always add ‘This or something better’. Because no matter how far your imagination can take you, Uranus can push the envelope and go further when it comes to potentials and possibilities in 2021.

New beginnings can spring from old during your birthday cycle and the lead-up to it. We will be in Mutable Weather again at this time. Go back to your focus at the start of the year and take care of wellbeing and the small stuff. And understand that while it is ALL small stuff, it is important. Little things matter and are not to be lightly dismissed. Especially when it comes to you and others at this time.

The mutable weather is due to the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sag and of course, Neptune in Pisces. We have eclipses occurring in Gemini and Sagittarius – so on your 4th and 10th house axis of home, family, status, security, public image and success. Remember – eclipses hand us blind spots.

If they are mutable eclipses they can create tension with your natal Virgo planets. This can leave you thinking ‘Didn’t we deal with this all ready?’ as others re-hash the past or refuse to let it go. Or they may resort to stonewalling, sulking or emotional blackmail. You may have to keep your cool if so and not be drawn into any family psycho-drama or conflicts at work. Avoid major decisions around the eclipses – the dates are at the end of this forecast. And understand that sometimes retreat is the best kind of action you can take.

Strut into effortless attraction!

Doing the work means doing you when Mars lands in your 1st. Nobody is going to miss that scorching sexy confidence you radiate in July. The end of that month has both Venus and Mars in your 1st. You snag the best of both from those Leos next door. It marks the cycle of attraction – just don’t waste it on wishful thinking. This is about you knowing what you want but also being realistic.

The air around you should snap and sizzle with potential. Especially at the start of this cycle because Venus in your 1st will oppose Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 7th. If you are plugged into the vibe and walking your talk, people and opportunities should simply gravitate to you. As if you have magnetized them. Call this the pre-party for your birthday season. It’s a special time for you and once your ruler Mercury gatecrashes your 1st from Aug 11 while the Sun follows on the 22nd.

As the Sun, your ruler and other planets move through your sign, they will oppose Neptune in your 7th and trine Pluto in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th. This could also deliver an out of the blue flirtation with someone very different to the kind of potential lover you usually attract. Don’t dismiss them however. You could be more compatible than you imagine!

It’s a cycle that’s daring you to try. So, go with it. Ask yourself what have you got to lose? And the answer is only settling for more of the same as you’ve had in the past. This cuts across all areas of your life now. Experiment, try it and watch your results.

Once the Sun and other planets move off into your 2nd in September, don’t imagine things will slow down. You will be able to make serious inroads into business and money matters or see that relationship deepen as the planets will trine Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th as they move through here. Keep the momentum up.

But be aware that from September 27, ruler Mercury heads into reverse. Not only that, we have a total of six planets retrograde at this point. It’s time to now pause, look at progress to date and refine any plans. Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate your wins or simply your soul progress this year. You will have earned it by now. Second time around chances or opportunities could also be yours at this time due to the fact Mercury will trine Jupiter more than once.

You are on a roll from August onwards but the only sour grape in your Chardonnay may be the discovery that not everyone is as happy for you as you would be for them. Be prepared during this time for someone’s reaction to disappoint you. This may lead to a parting of the ways as a result.

You’re not about to allow this to throw shade on what is an end of year cycle where you get to shine however. As the year ends your thoughts may turn automatically to your home, family, living arrangements and your emotional needs. You need to trust your own gut feelings more than what others may be telling you at the time of the total eclipse in your 4th on December 4. Especially if this is squaring any of your Virgo planets. One of our astrologers can explain this. As a general rule of thumb – avoid big decisions and property dealings at this time if you can. You are totally in the dark with only your inner wisdom and what you know is right to guide you.

The year ends with Jupiter taking up residence again in your partnership zone from December 29. The day a Mercury retroshadow begins in your 5th. Plus, Venus will be retrograde in your 5th from December 19. I should not need to tell you that heading to a dating app at this point would not be your best tactic.

If you look back on 2021 from this point, you should be able to see the periods where you being in the zone with your transits allowed you to attract and bring about the outcomes you needed. This tells you as one year ends and a new one starts there’s no rush.

All about virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. You’re analytical and brilliant with details however try not to be too analytical but trust your intuition and gut feelings. Funny, quick witted and extreme in your passions and desires.  Your soul lesson is to learn balance and turn your self criticism into unconditional love.

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