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The week ahead for virgo

Your work, money, self-worth and security issues feature this week. And ask that you weigh up what you value against how you are rewarded. Selling yourself short isn’t an option for you any longer, Virgo.

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There’s more than one way to be rewarded

Invest in self-worth and satisfaction

What can love create?

With your entire work/career/sharing/power money sector of your chart lit up this week we can’t not talk about values, Virgo. First, whether you feel valued and rewarded by what you do each day. Whether this is paid or unpaid work. It may not simply be about the cash you receive although of course, this plays a role thanks to the full Supermoon in your money zone on the 8th. It’s also about that emotional pay-back. You feeling what you do is worthwhile and appreciated. You need that take-out and if it’s missing, the alignment between Mars and Uranus in your 9th on the 7th along with the trine between Mars and Vesta in your 10th the next day, may shake you into doing something about it. Especially if you have been feeling taken for granted of late. What can your love create this week? There’s romance and the creative power of love. You could see powerful results from a creative process or take a trip which changes their perceptions of the world forever.

Ruler Mercury is on the move this week into your 8th on the 11th. Which is where the full Supermoon shines its searchlight. Full Moons always reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. This is all about financial relationships. And yes, that begins with your relationship to your own self-worth. So, think marital assets – your home, mortgage, security, things you share – everything from the bed to the chores and the kids if you have them. Loans, your salary, pay, shares, taxes, benefits, savings and investments. Time to talk about money, what you value, shared values and to negotiate a better deal if need be. Because the Moon rules our security it relates to that too. Sometimes feeling more secure in the long term requires us to make changes which look less secure in the short term. Your self-worth determines how secure you feel about this. Invest in that this week.

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It’s all about the sharing

Opportunity is in the here and now

Get serious for results!

Money, values and assets are in focus at the start of April. You don’t have to be front of house but can be at home to make adjustments to your image and how you want to be perceived in the future. Especially by bosses, bank managers and people in positions of authority. What you share with others especially partners could form part of this as ruler Mercury and Neptune meet in your 7th. It could be a month of discussions about your future or new agreements between you.

But as April begins it ushers in a week where what you share, joint assets or what is shared with you or which you benefit from, could be negotiated as the Sun in your 8th opposes Juno in your 2nd on the 2nd. You’re committing to something long term while the ruler of your 2nd Venus, enters your 10th on the 4th and trines Saturn which rules this house which is in your Now Age 6th. Your work and income are in focus with decisions to be made which could result in positive chances around your long term security.

We’re entering a period where the love of what you do is going to be increasingly important so focus on this now. You also only want to invest in something you believe will result in long term rewards. Be this a career or a relationship. Since the end of last month when Jupiter and Pluto first came into alignment, you’re been coming across as someone to be taken seriously whether on a business or a personal level. Serious focus on this could produce opportunities to be found around your day to day working life, routine, wellbeing or immediate environment as Jupiter and Pluto make a perfect alignment on the 5th. Put that serious focus into what is right under your nose. The everyday contains opportunity, Virgo.

Above all for the next couple of months, don’t shy away from talking about your feelings, your ambitions or what you want to achieve. Venus in your 10th combined with your ruler and Neptune in your 7th can sometimes see you more reticent to talk about issues – especially with partners or people close to you. But don’t put those emotions on lock-down. Because if you do you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to establish something better for yourself in the future. Such as a fresh understanding.

This month’s full Supermoon in your 2nd on the 8th shines its light back into your other money house – your 8th. Mortgages, loans, benefits, your salary and joint assets – what you share with a partner for example. Some of you may be involved in salary, benefit, restructuring, refinancing or renegotiating terms as ruler Mercury arrives in there on the 11th. Mid-month asks you to ask for something you may have shied away from putting on the table before as Venus meets Vesta in your 10ht on the 13th and your ruler meets Chiron in your 8th on the 15th. Whether you are involved in a conversation with your bank, or need to talk to your boo about just who does what around the house, this line-up is daring you to ask for something you may have hesitated to before. Unusual times demand unusual measures. Take them especially if they will result in a greater feeling of wellbeing. Especially as the Sun impacts on Jupiter in your lucky 5th and Ceres in New Deal for the Now Age 6th on the 16th and 18th.

Focusing on your body, structured exercise – yoga, pilates or simply getting as much fresh air and physical activity as you can – even mindful breathing – will help keep you well and also optimistic as the Sun arrives in your 9th on the 20th. The best medicine is something to look forward to. So, what are those big dreams, Virgo? A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Take it at the time of the new Moon in here on the 23rd happens close to Uranus. A planet which always wants us to evolve and break us free of restrictions. The Sun meets Uranus in here on the 26th.

Yes, like most of us, you may be operating within confinement and restriction. But around the time of this new Moon and in the immediate days following it, tune in. Strangely enough, this is a highly intuitive new Moon so please listen to your higher self when it tells you what to do and follow through even this is just in the form of research now.

You could feel you are entering a new world of experience – even if you are staying where you are now. Your 9th also rules religion, philosophy and your belief in a higher power. As well as your beliefs around what you can and cannot do, have or experience. One, any or all of these are set to be challenged and this is the Moon in conjunction with Uranus working to break you free of any restrictions – especially if they are self-imposed ones. Like a new Moon in your 11th, this one has a link to your goals and dreams. In connecting you set your dreams and your future in motion and they stop being ‘someday’ goals you simply talk about.

You may discover you have more support around you than you thought as Ceres enters your 7th on the 24th and trines the cosmic North Node in your 11th. Whether it’s love or simply the support of kindred souls you are seeking, this alignment activates soul contracts and the kind of relationships which evolve your understanding of love. People may be in touch or offering support in ways that show you that even if you are by yourself, love is all around you.

It’s not a time to undersell yourself and what you have to offer others in return. Ruler Mercury’s arrival in your 9th is about your very own shout-out. It wants you to reorganise your life so you accommodate a plan to attain those dreams. Writing, publishing, the internet and yes, broadcasting and selling yourself and your ideas sow the seeds for freedom and success. And the great thing is that you can engage in this kind of dream-weaving anywhere. Above all, bring your fire and enthusiasm because that is contagious! Venus in your 10th is all about your public image. Lucky today we have so many tools at our fingertips we can put ourselves out there – from our couch if need be! Take what you send out seriously. And take the opportunity to re-design the message if necessary. This applies equally across everything from your CV to your Instagram feed.

This can be a powerful time of completion for you especially around the 28th when Mercury squares Saturn and don’t be put off by that tight angle. You can put the finishing touches to existing projects all the while initiating new and bigger goals for your future. If you know your stuff, have a solid plan and can back up those ideas with fiery facts, solid inroads to future goals can be made. Don’t be tempted to bluff however as you will be caught out. Time to refine how you structure your daily life, go after what you want and sell yourself better. This is all part of the sharing cycle for you, Virgo. Share yourself.

In a nutshell: It’s all in the sharing now, Virgo. What is shared with you or by you will be important. As will be having the courage to ask for what you want. The message you share is also important. Take it seriously.



4 Apr 2020 VENUS ENTERS GEMINI (10th)






11 Apr 2020 MERCURY ENTERS ARIES (8th)





20 Apr 2020 SUN ENTERS TAURUS (9th)


23 Apr 2020 NEW MOON IN TAURUS (9th) nb: Falls three degrees of Uranus

24 Apr 2020 CERES ENTERS PISCES (7th)






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Virgo Yearly Forecast 2020

Work it like a boss!

You can’t have it all – but you can have what you really want

Love, babies, children, creativity and getting noticed see you shine

Surprisingly, this forecast is steering clear of your ruler’s retrograde cycles. Of course, I will go into these in your monthly and weekly forecasts as 2020 unfolds. By now being Mercury ruled these Moon-walking cycles should contain very few surprises. Besides which, they happen approximately three times every year. 2020 however hands us once in 500-year aspects which we will never see again. And it’s these we will be focussing on for you. And yes, ruler Mercury IS involved so you will feel the effects whether directly or indirectly, on a personal level.

Go With The Unexpected

You’ve been experiencing intense 5th house weather in your chart ever since Pluto was joined in here by Saturn at the end of 2017. This peaks in January possibly reshaping your love, parenting or creative landscape in ways you have never experienced before. Nor will again. Of course, you have Jupiter planet of opportunity in here. So, part of this cycle is going to hand you an expanded and transformational love experience. You are a sign which craves order and routine. However, events or news could show you that no matter how we may try to impose order in our lives, the universe has other plans for us. And opportunities, wishes and dreams arise out of the unexpected twists and turns of events. So, go with flow and let go of the old order, Virgo!

January 12 is the date everyone is watching as for the first time in half a millennium, Saturn and Pluto meet in Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn. This is all about transforming the old order. For you, this could herald a transformation around romance, parenting, a trip which changes the course of your destiny or inspires you or even recognition for your creative or other talents. Ruler Mercury and also Ceres are caught up with this meeting. It’s about the power of love and also the power of information for you. That creative idea for example or what you say. Unexpected, future defining news could arrive which shows you to quote the Sugababes: Ain’t it crazy how you think you’ve got your whole life planned, Just to find out it was never ever in your hand?

What is it you REALLY Want?

Saturn mixed up with your ruler as well as Pluto and Ceres isn’t necessarily about bad news. It’s about the power to choose instead. It’s not about having everything you want in your 5th. It’s about choosing what you utterly and really love. Or love to do. And committing to that. Babies, children young people, your partner’s children, relationships that could eventually see you becoming a parent, that journey you long to take, being noticed for what you can do – look to your desires around this. And then be realistic. For example, if you want to be a National Geographic explorer but also want to have a settled relationship – unless you find another explorer to hook up with, how practical is having both? Trying to attain both may actually prevent you from achieving either. You have the power of choice and making the right one right now. So, use your incredible gift of focus and weighing up the pros and cons now, Virgo.

Work That Signature Vibe!

Saturn moves into your 6th where your Virgo vibe resides for the first time in almost 30 years on March 22. So, for many of you this will be the first time you have experienced Saturn’s ability to hand you the stamina and focus to tackle any task without feeling burned out or overloaded. Your focus is laser-honed now. And this extends to your wellbeing too. Saturn rules the structure of the body – bones and teeth. Ensure your diet has enough calcium and also cruciferous vegetables now. Saturn in here can aid you in losing weight and also keep you on track and committed to that exercise plan. Because Saturn rules structure it favours structured forms of exercise. Yoga, pilates, cross training and weights for instance or anything that focusses on core strength.

At work you can impress managers, supervisors and bosses with your ability to deliver and get the job done without fuss. You’re not about instant result but details and ensuring any task is done well the first time. Saturn in here also asks us to step up into a more serious role. If we consign ourselves to unstimulating work or that dead end job, what can happen with Saturn in here is that we end up making mistakes – even though the job is easy and does not tax us. So pay attention if this begins to happen. Saturn wants you to take seriously all you can do – and have to offer now.

Destiny Drives Those Career Moves

Get ready for a new kind of retrograde experience this year. And be ready to review your public and professional image as well as the path you are on. Saturn is the ruler of your 10th of course. You will not only be seeking recognition and rewards this year for the work you do, but want enjoyment and meaning to be equal take-outs. Venus will make a rare retrograde in your 10th from May 13 until June 25. Just a few days prior to this, the North Node will enter your 10th for the first time in 19 years. This is all about the path you are destined to take. If you are on the wrong one now, expect destiny to steer you on the right course.

Be aware of your public image and guard this carefully. I should not need to tell you of all signs, that with the ruler of your love life heading backwards in any house in your chart, you should not embark on a new love affair if you are seeking something lasting. You will also be acutely aware during this transit of how your partner’s status impacts on yours. Lost career opportunities could however reappear now. As could ‘the one that got away’. Watch who or what resurfaces around the third week of May when ruler Mercury and retro Venus both meet.

Look Before You Leap

Mars rules action. Especially the kind of actions that transform us or our relationships. The second unusual retro weather cycle begins in September when Mars heads backwards in its ruling 8th in your chart. With the ruler of boundaries, pro-active moves and yes, your sexiness, retrograde until November 14, you may feel you’ve lost your mojo. Or simply find yourself uncertain about what to do – especially if this involves you and someone else. This is your house of joint assets, what you share with others, relationships where sex is important, mortgages, loans, benefits, pay outs, your salary, shares, legacies, wills, maintenance and empowerment. Needless to say, if you find yourself embroiled in any negotiations or discussions involving any of the above, you may feel at a distinct disadvantage.

Entering into long term financial agreements isn’t favoured as simply put – the odds may not be in your favour. Losing that mojo includes looking at the person you could not keep your hands off the day before and now finding them as attractive as a used teabag. Mars retrograde always tells us nothing in haste. Especially in its ruling house so please remember that.

Reignite the Power and the Passion!

Nothing lasts. Especially retrogrades. You know this. Mars shifts forward from the 14th November firing you up with new passion and rekindled sex appeal. Bringing sexy back is a great use of retrograde Mars. Just 10 days prior to Mars heading direct, ruler Mercury moves forward in your money house. Yes, I know we are not going deep into Merc retrogrades but this tells you that from the 14th, your self-confidence is reset and bank account boosting moves can be undertaken.

Bring it on home!

Where you belong and what you need for that sense of belonging, home and family matters shift into focus in December. But what you need to understand is that you may not have all the pieces of the puzzle you need in order to feel grounded and secure. Not yet anyway. The 14th sees a new Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th. The same day as Mercury also now in your 4th conjuncts the South Node in here and opposes the North in your 10th also brings us a total solar eclipse. You are in the dark about a career, security, home or family matter. And you don’t have enough information to proceed. Be especially wary now if this is around moving, buying, selling or leasing property or even a family member. Or if the news you receive around this time smacks of déjà vu. Before falling back on your usual emotional response, if you can – wait. A new or different option may change not just your story but that of family karma too. But you may not know it is a choice – yet.

Where in the world?

Where we live is so often tied to what we do. Or aspire to do. Where in the world can you find that place where work and lifestyle align? Once more, Jupiter may have the answer for you. Just five days after the eclipse, Jupiter will move into your 6th handing you the best opportunities to find where that is. If you are seeking a new job or to return to the workplace, Jupiter will hand you your best prospects for 12 years during 2021. Feel a return of daring, a can-do attitude and vitality! Above all, with Jupiter and Saturn in here its an unprecedented opportunity to create that perfect work/life balance that sustains for the long term. Whether this is right where you are now, in another town or area or even in another country, you’ll work all this like a boss in 2020 and for years to come, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Do you believe destiny has a plan for you, Virgo? It could reveal this in 2020. Especially around love, opportunities to shine, children, babies and creativity. Get ready for opportunity’s spotlight to single you out!

All about virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. You’re analytical and brilliant with details however try not to be too analytical but trust your intuition and gut feelings. Funny, quick witted and extreme in your passions and desires.  Your soul lesson is to learn balance and turn your self criticism into unconditional love.

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