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The week ahead for virgo

Put moving or home matters on hold this week as a total eclipse in your 4th puts a blackout on anything to do with property or even your security, Virgo. Others may appear distant this week. Answers leave you unsatisfied. Wait for the shadows to clear.

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Bring it on home, baby!

Own your purpose

No move may be your best one

Home, family, the people you live with from your partner to your children or that roomie or airbnb guest. Landlords, leases, mortgages, buying, selling, renting, leasing. Your locality, council, homeland – the place you feel ‘there’s no place like it’ about – be it where you live now or another place entirely. Also, your roots and heritage. Your own path. All these will be directly impacted by this week’s total solar eclipse in your 4th house.

Check your chart for any of your Virgo factors at 12 degrees give or take two degrees either side of this. If you have them, this eclipse will affect you even more intensely. Also please check your chart for any factors in any of the other mutable signs at this degree. So, planets, asteroids, the Node or ascendant/descendant/MC/IC at 12-14 degrees of Sag, Pisces or Gemini. Again if you have these take it this eclipse impacts on your directly.

The 29th sees the Sun and your ruler Mercury meet in your 4th. But if there is news or anything occurring around your home, family or which impacts on your living arrangements or security either emotionally or financially, take it that you may not have the bigger picture. I like to sum up an eclipse like this as Mercury retro on steroids. Eclipses conceal and total eclipses bring a total blackout in a key area.

Hello? Can you hear me?

Another way this may impact you is that you may not be able to tune in to the emotions of people you live with or may feel somehow ‘cut off’ from them. Neptune heads direct in your 7th this week while Mars in your 3rd trines it on the 29th. A conversation may only provide you with partial answers.

Vesta also in your 4th trines Chiron in your 8th just two days before the eclipse. If there are issues you need to discuss on the home front – around roles and responsibilities for instance, get them out of the way before the eclipse. Any news to do with property – moving, buying, renting – may change or something has yet to be uncovered. Get expert advice on any problems which surface. And above all, keep those emotional boundaries in place this week as you may feel extra vulnerable now.

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Shake up those perceptions

Your attention is needed closed to home

Get ready for a bigger, more breathtaking love

Holiday you could take on a radically different persona this year, Virgo. For one thing, you’re determined not to take anything seriously once you have the total eclipse in your 4th out of the way. Eclipses cover up or hide. This one will square any Virgo factors you have between 10-14 degrees. You should also check for other chart factors at the same degree in the other mutable signs – Sagittarius where the eclipse occurs, Pisces and Gemini. The eclipse is at 12 degrees so if you have anything at that degree or within a 1-2 degree orb, you will be directly affected.

Your home, apartment, property dealings – buying, selling, renting, leasing, council, homeland, family, that lodger or roomie if you have one and even that Airbnb guest – all come under the rulership of this house. What underpins or undermines your sense of security, nourishment and place. If you are involved in any property transactions at this time, then there may be something you don’t yet know concerning the buyer/landlord/area or even the property itself. Get expert advice and delay signing anything around this date if you can.

If you have anyone moving in or out, again, use caution and please, as this is one of your houses of intuition and ‘gut’ feelings – pay attention to them now. Going home for the holidays? Check your arrangements and also if you feel something is ‘up’ with your family, again – hold that thought and start probing if necessary.

This could even extend out into your career, your status or the path you have chosen as we have the North Node and Ceres meeting in your 10th on the 12th and then Mars in your 4th opposing both on the 15th.. If you need to take action to make that move or begin to map it out for ‘22 then the full Moon in your 10th on the 19th trine Jupiter in your 6th offers door opening opportunities. And the chance to bring a work matter to a successful conclusion for many of you.

Along with the other Mercury ruled sign of Gemini, I don’t have to hand you retrograde hacks. You wrote the book on them. High in the sky at the start of the month will be Venus in your 5th, acting as an early Christmas star. If you are in the UK or Europe you should be able to see Venus as the evening star from around 4pm onwards. Venus is in fact slowing down to begin one of its rare retrogrades from the 19th which will take you on into ‘22.

Mercury your ruler joins Venus in here on the 13th ahead of the Sun’s arrival on the 21st. Venus will begin its retrograde the day of the full Moon – the 19th. This is your house of lovers, romance, children and pleasure. And as with all retrogrades – there are rules. Big do’s and don’ts you need to follow in order that you don’t end up wrecked on the retro rocks. And this applies no matter which house in our charts Venus is backwards in.

To add to the potential for snarks and snafus – Mercury itself will enter its retroshadow phase from the 29th. So, let’s just quickly run through the Do’s and Don’ts for this particular cycle.

DO: Love what you have and cultivate a ‘less is more’ approach in the season of jolly consumerism. This runs the gamut of the love you have – no matter its form, the money in your bank account – it’s not about how much but how you feel about it that counts. And your ‘stuff’ and what you give and receive. Keep the focus on connections and experiences – the gifts that keep giving.

DON’T: Go seeking new love. Resist the desire to swipe right until both Venus and your ruler are direct once more. And avoid overspending or entering into new financial agreements.

The ghosts of lovers past come calling

Because this is your house of romance, this retrograde could redeliver the ghosts of lovers past. Yes, this could be as simple as old memories triggered by the nostalgia of the season. But you are one of the signs who may experience a reconciliation during this retrocycle. Love or simply that carefree feeling that’s been absent for so long, may have a rebirth as Venus has two encounters with Pluto (11th and 25th).

This could result in you opting for happy-go-flow instead of hand on the details which I mentioned earlier. How does that feel, Virgo? Maybe you’re just happy to allow others to take care of things now. Sure they may not do things exactly the way you would. But you are determined to kick back this year and let go of any need to take charge or micromanage. Isn’t it just the perfect gift to yourself to hand things over to others?

Yes, new love is now on hold. But ‘22 promises you partnership opportunities or benefits that aren’t simply once in a lifetime – but once in several lifetimes. Jupiter returns to your 7th (Venus’s house) on the 29th. Expect duos, double acts and duets of all descriptions to pull you into a dance in the coming year. Next year, Jupiter will meet Neptune in here – something which has not occurred for 165 years! Soul contracts and karmic connections feature. Just be aware however that if something is broken beyond repair, Jupiter cannot fix it. The Venus retrograde will enable you to see the truth around any present union now. What Jupiter can do for you however is to make it easier to free yourself than at any other time. For more on this, see your personal Jupiter forecast for your sign.

Simply relaxing this December, surrendering to the moment, embracing what you have with new appreciation, is all that is required of you for now, Virgo. If taking charge is your default holiday role, relax and relinquish it to others. Getting into the flow of next year before it begins puts you in an ‘Good things come my way effortlessly’ frame of mind. Take a let go let flow approach into ‘22.

In a nutshell: If your soul cry has been ‘Show me the love!’ – get ready for the universe to answer or at least point you in the right direction in ‘22. Jupiter returns to your partnership sector this month and Fat Cupid is aiming that arrow right at you, Virgo!

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Don’t judge a year by how it starts! ‘22 begins with heavy retro weather than may make love and money matters elusive or reverse. But this could turn out to be the very best year for partnerships and personal ambitions you’ve experienced in a very long time, Virgo. It’s all about that higher love for you in 2022!

The love on hold vibe that ‘22 ushers in doesn’t just apply to you, Virgo – but to everyone. So, don’t take it personally! This is all down to Venus retrograde until Jan 29. For you however, it does get a little more intense. First Venus is retrograde in your house of romance and pleasure. It’s not just love or new love that’s the no-no but splurging in those sales too. Take it from me – that bargain isn’t or even if it is, you may fall out of love with that purchase once Venus heads direct again.

All this is gets a double serving due to your ruler Mercury which begins its retrograde in its ruling 6th but then retreats back into your 5th joining Venus in here. Stay away from the stores -on line and off and also that dating app. You actually don’t have long to wait before everything including your ruler, moves forward again. By March we have every single planet in the sky direct again. In the interim, focus on enjoying and appreciating what you have right now rather than acquiring more. That includes love whether this is the romantic kind or not.

If you are now thinking ‘So, what is this year good for then? Or ‘Oh no! This sounds like a re-heated 2020!’ – let me tell you 2022 is anything but that! What gets off to a slow start may in fact turn out to be one of the best years for love and success you’ve experienced in a very long time. In fact – ever. Use the initial slow time in January to get very clear about what you want this year. Especially when it comes to love and partnerships of all descriptions. It will be worth the work and worth the wait by the time April arrives, believe me!

What’s so special about April? As you know, you have Jupiter in your relationship sector for six months of this year. Giving double acts, tempting two-somes and duos the biggest boost you’ve experienced in 12 years. Jupiter in here simply says – don’t go it alone now. But – there’s more! Because Jupiter is always about expansion. Big, bigger – supersized love and potential around another person or party.

Give me a higher love!

It’s not just a once in 12 year opportunity you are entering with regards to a long term connection this year – but a once in 165 year one. Because that’s how long its been since Jupiter and Neptune where last in this house in your chart at the same time. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and your 7th. Both function at their highest when in their ruling sign. And they make a cosmic meeting in here on April 12. Handing you one of the best transits under which to join up, double up or draw that perfect love situation to you that you will experience this year.

Remember, both planets are connected to higher learning. While Neptune links you to the past and past lifetimes. So, that higher love could be your love partner – past, present, potential. But that higher love experience could manifest in the form of a new bestie, that mentor, teacher figure, collaborator, activity partner. They could have two legs or four. It’s all love and it’s all about the next stage of your love evolutionary experience. Be bold, be brazen and be open to who or what appears now. And then embrace it!

Of course, given the retro start to the year and the fact Neptune governs your past, a reconciliation or reunion may be how this manifests for some of you. But this transit is also about letting go of the past if that needs to happen to allow the future of love to enter. So please, if you have been hoping an old love will return and they do not come back in effortlessly now, understand the universe has a new plan for love for you now. Release the past and walk open-hearted into your new love future!

This year also brings exploration, opportunity and release into another long term experience cycle as we have the North Node shifting into your 9th which puts the South into your 3rd of ideas, short journeys and the internet. Look to how far an idea could take you or a message you have and what its reach could be now. As well as the call of far away this is also about your locality and short distance travel. And discovering something big without having to go too far – Covid concerns aside.

This also coincides with a similar shift in the eclipse cycle for this year with the axis again cutting across Taurus/Scorpio – your 9th/3rd houses. Travel, foreigners, commuting, communications, study, writing, publishing, speaking, the internet. Use caution around these areas during eclipse season. Just as you would during your retrograde periods in fact. There’s a wise saying that three things cannot stay hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. Eclipses conceal the truth or something we need to know. And during an eclipse either the Sun or the Moon is covered up or in shadow. But this reminds us that sooner or later, light returns. It’s a fabulous way to understand what happens at an eclipse. And also reminds us that sooner or later, what the eclipse hides is revealed.

Your eclipse dates for 2022 when using your tried and trusted retro rules as your eclipse safety net will pay off begin on April 30 when we have a partial solar eclipse at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon in your 9th. This is also the day when Venus and Jupiter meet in your 7th – Venus’s ruling sign. This means love could arrive in disguise but also means if something (or someone) looks too good to be true – it probably is.

Hold on to those values and tight to those retro rules at the next eclipse on May 16. This occurs in Mercury’s ruling 3rd and Mercury is retrograde when this happens. Go with those feelings and if you feel something is ‘off’ – it is.

You have a partial solar eclipse in your 3rd again on Oct 25 so try to finalise projects and plans and get important papers signed by that date. The total lunar eclipse in your 9th on Nov 9th has the Sun conjunct Mercury and opposes Uranus in your 9th. You don’t know the final outcome. Expect reversals or twists in the tale. Above all, use extra caution traveling and watch for storms – electrical and emotional!

Your Mercury retro dates for ‘22 are Jan 14 – Feb 4; May 10 – June 3; Sept 10 – Oct 2. And from Dec 29 into 2023. Allow three weeks either side for retroshadow.

As well as handing you your ticket to the love train, Jupiter also spends six month this year in your 8th or ‘other’ money house. This is also your house of sex and shared assets. So see this house not as scary but as a natural extension of what begins in your 7th. Where things get deeper. You may see yourself handling greater amounts of money or being given access to other people’s resources now. Yes, that includes that boo giving you the key to their apartment. This house also includes mortgages, loans, benefits, legacies, expense accounts, bonuses and perks. Or even intangible assets such as someone putting their contacts or expertise at your disposal.

This is also a house which demands integrity and total transparency. Abuse what you are given under this house and it will ‘blow up’ in your face leaving you with fallout to clear up which can last for years. So please, if you are put in charge of handling someone else’s assets or access to that expense account, bear this in mind. Otherwise – enjoy. Jupiter hands you the keys to the vault in some way. Or the means to transcend a difficult situation which has kept you restricted for far too long. This transit along with the North Node in your 9th (Jupiter’s house) tells you to be ready to fly free – on into ‘23 now. And yes, Virgo. Love will be the wind beneath your wings!

All about virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. You’re analytical and brilliant with details however try not to be too analytical but trust your intuition and gut feelings. Funny, quick witted and extreme in your passions and desires.  Your soul lesson is to learn balance and turn your self criticism into unconditional love.

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