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The week ahead for virgo

Expand into a bigger, freer lifestyle. The wherewithal to achieve this could just open up now, Virgo. You need more space for truly living. It’s time for a Grand Design for your life!

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What is changing around how you see love?

Get ready for an upgrade!

This week’s full Moon is in its ruling 4th and points to opening up your living space, living larger or family expansion. Learning about what supports and sustains you over the long term and what you need for your everyday security could be revealed now. Upgrade that lifestyle if necessary. Above all, don’t cling to the past now. This Moon marks an emotional letting go in preparation for owning a new future. There is also a fabulous door opening aspect occurring between Venus in your 10th and Jupiter in your 4th on the 23rd. This could literally lead to a new home for some of you or a career opportunity which paves the way to a bigger, better and more abundant lifestyle. Upgrade that space or even that deskspace!

Ruler Mercury is in your house of the future and your social life and meets Mars in here on the 18th while both will oppose Pluto in your 5th pointing to changes around your social scene and shifts within friendships. Mercury is about to enter its retroshadow phase from the 20th so if there are deals to be agreed or contracts to be signed you do not need me to tell you to do this before then unless you like delays and mind changes. There’s also a shift in perceptions occurring around dynamic duos of all descriptions as Neptune heads backwards in your 7th and Juno which rules marriage and formal long term unions, arrives in your 12th. You may re-think a commitment or else commit to seeking out a future one that is more authentically you. Especially if you feel you and another are no longer on the same page. Past partners may reappear or what you have learned from these can be put to good use as Vesta and Uranus meet in your house of learning and soul freedom. By all means contemplate the long term future in love. But wait to sign on that dotted line if you can, Virgo.

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Step into the vibe of this month’s success-setting new Moon in your 10th on the 3rd. Your love of details and natural ability to see clearly the steps you need to take to get to a goal mean you above all signs, can make the most of this new Moon’s potential. Break down those career goals now and create the structure on which you can build your future success. Be mindful that ruler Mercury which is on the move from the 4th into your 11th house of the future, will enter retrograde shadow from the 20th. It will also enter your 12th from the 27th, where it will retrograde next month. Past contacts could hold the key to the future but also, be prepared to go back and forth over career matters, promotions, applications, interviews, meetings, contracts etc. Yes, begin it now but understand it may take until August for you to get the results you are after. Venus is set to enhance your professional image when it arrives in here on the 9th. While your 10th is your house of professional achievement, it is also one of the houses where we are ‘on show’. We get noticed by people in positions of power, influence and authority. We need to be taking ourselves seriously during this cycle – the Sun in also in here too don’t forget. Cultivate an aura of expertise and know your stuff now, Virgo. This should not be hard with your focus on the facts and attention to detail. This is not a ‘fake it to you make it’ time. You need to  reach within and know you are the real deal.

Showcase those unique gifts and talents, work them with self-confidence and empowerment at the start of the second week of June. This is going to be one of the best weeks of the month to apply for that new job or promotion, make that presentation or simply impress those opinion makers and people in positions to say ‘Yes’ to you as Chiron in your power zone trines a brand new day is dawning Ceres in your sector of long term security.

Let’s not only talk about those career smarts your projecting but also that ‘come hither’ romantic intensity that you’re broadcasting, Virgo. Look for love for the long haul or simply someone or something pulse-pounding? Venus in your 9th trines Pluto in your romance zone the same day that new Moon appears. If it’s not got what you’re seeking however, Juno in your 11th also entangled with Pluto could clear the way to bring in something more to your liking. Step through a portal of potential when it comes to a personal or even working relationship as for the first time in 12 years the Sun in your 10th opposes Jupiter in your 4th on the 10th– 11th. This also sees the Moon in your 1st and Neptune in your 7th. Get very clear now about what it is you need for your future – in terms of emotional and financial security. You can use this aspect to create increased satisfaction and something lasting. Venus is moving to oppose both Ceres (12th) and Jupiter (23rd) in your 4th. Again, this is the first time this has happened in 12 years. Think carefully about what you need to truly satisfy your soul in the long term – be it in love, where you live or your work. And choose based on these criteria.

What these may be and what you need to be completing or working towards will be all too apparent round the time of the full Mon in your 4th on the 17th. This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart so you will feel its effects more than usual. Don’t allow yourself to become over-emotional however. But any issues it highlights are those you need to take seriously and they relate to your long term needs when it comes to emotional and material sustenance. Family issues may feature as may those to do with your home or living arrangements. Again, look to what you need to satisfy your soul and if that is missing, come up with that strategy to get it.

Who you know as opposed to what you know will provide the basis for new beginnings and also influence your future path. Ruler Mercury and Mars spend most of the month in your house of friends, contacts, groups, clubs, networks and associations. Mars especially allows us to overcome shyness and gives us the confidence to connect. Both of these planets will oppose Saturn and Pluto in your 5th of fun, pleasure and lovers – again this adds to your magnetism when it comes to drawing potential, game changing love to you. It can also deliver us powerful friends and people who can influence our future.  The 18th sees Mercury and Mars meet in here which may see your desire for excitement, stimulation and social activity peak. Get out and about and accept all invitations that come your way especially over the next month as the Sun also arrives in here from the 21st. Connecting with friends or people from your past is also likely with Mercury not only entering retroshadow in here but also in your house of the past from the 27th. Be advised however, that is a friendship has been lived out, goodbyes may result. Take a universal viewpoint on this as it opens up the space for new and more soul resonant connections to fill it.

There’s also a release into something bigger and freer promised for you this month, Virgo. I could say a more equal arrangement when it comes to power sharing in either your personal life or your job. Or even just an escape from confining circumstances. This could even happen suddenly or unexpectedly. You may also feel you have been walking around in a fog when it comes to a relationship or situation, but now see things clearly for the first time! Uranus is always intent upon unshackling us from something that binds us and also ripping the blinders off if we’ve been walking around in blissful ignorance. This could affect a key relationship dynamic, your university course or study, travel, foreign affairs, sports or even horses if you have them! What you are seeking is a level playing field and you may suddenly see the way to either get this or else escape something that has been anything but for you as Vesta and Uranus meet in your 9th on the 23rd. If you are still intent on clinging to any remaining illusions, the reality bites angle between Venus and Neptune the next day, has you seeing things all too clearly. If love or work isn’t what it was cracked up to be, you have the power to change things by taking a radical new approach now. This may involve going down a path less travelled for you. But so much of the new is waiting there for you to discover it now. Take the signpost which says: To the Future this month, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Future making decisions, friends and even lovers act as signposts on your evolutionary journey. Work those smarts this month. You’re about to see things clearer than ever before, Virgo.

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Express your love

Expand your space

Desires and dreams take physical form

Lovers, children, pleasure and passion. 2019 begins with one, some or all of these in focus. That past, present or potential love interest. Your child, children, people younger than you or even empty nest syndrome. What you want to create in other words and be aware that a creative project is a ‘child’. What you love to do and how you express yourself. There’s more going on around these themes than meets the eye at the New Year begins. The reason being a partial solar eclipse in here on the 6th. Remember the eclipse rules – they initially conceal with more to be revealed later. Something could come to light or transforms in the wake of this – especially as ruler Mercury will meet Saturn in here and then Pluto.

If you are still not certain of what this is all about or what to do, then first listen to your intuition and then wait for more to be revealed. It’s definitely going to be during February when Venus will also transit your 5th while Mercury having now reached your 7th meets Neptune and then heads retrograde in here early March. The first three months of the year is going to involve a dance or a decision around you and one other person. The 19th February which is the day Mercury meets Neptune planet of insight, creativity and all things hidden and mysteries is also the day you have a full Supermoon in your 1st. Expect this to illuminate just who or what this is for you Virgo.

Some of you could see the emergence of an important new relationship. Others could take an existing one to the next level. But behind all this is a calling to freedom and if your connection does not give you the freedom you’re now craving, you may decide to let it go in favour of searching for one that does. 2019 offers you a smorgasbord of delights and exciting decisions. And also an invitation to explore new possibilities and to ditch anything that restricts you. Are you ready to accept it?

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and over-the-top abundance, will spend most of 2019 in your 4th of home, homeland, family, security and your sense of place. There’s no place like home for you this year. But where exactly is that, Virgo? Jupiter always wants to expand so chances are you will be expanding your living quarters – be it upgrading to a larger home or apartment or extending your present one. Your family may expand too – especially given the aspects in your 5th at the start of the year. Some of you however may feel a calling or a ‘pull’ towards a certain place on the map that just feels right for you – no matter where you are presently living. Jupiter also rules foreigners and far away destinations. Relocating not just to another part of town but to another area or even to another country entirely, is possible with Jupiter in here. The fact is, if there is a place that has a claim on your soul, now is the time to acknowledge that and do whatever it is in your power to relocate there. Please remember – and I say this to all signs. Jupiter is not Santa Claus. To tap into Jupiter’s benefits we have to take action on our own behalf. So, it’s no good just saying to yourself: I’d love to go live in such-and-such. Do whatever you can to bring that about but you may be pleasantly surprised at the heaven-sent assistance you receive if you do.

Some of you may manage to get your foot on the property ladder if you have been trying to buy your own home. You may receive help from a family member. Even if you are just renting at this

time, chances are Jupiter will send a larger or better property your way than you thought you could afford. If you are looking to make extra money from your home, as Jupiter does rules travel and foreigners, and if you have the space, becoming an Airbnb host could just be one option for you. If you live with someone – a partner, a family member or even a flatmate, there’s an extraordinary feeling of generosity, give-and-take and goodwill operating under this cycle. You may benefit from whoever crosses your threshold in extraordinary ways and expect the world to come knocking on some level.

March sees Uranus, planet of awakenings and freedom, arrive in what is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart (9th). Uranus entered here briefly last year before turning retrograde and heading back into your 8th again. From March 6, it re-enters your 9th for good – or should I say for the next seven years. You have never experienced Uranus in here before and most likely will not again in this lifetime. So, what can you expect? The answer with Uranus is always: the unexpected. Opportunities to travel, to learn, to experience the world in a new way are designed to bring benefits. The key to any Uranus transit is to be flexible and not get attached to plans or routines. Now, some of this may be difficult for you Virgo as after all, you are the sign of routines and responsibilities. Shockingly enough however (Uranus rules electricity), some of you may answer Uranus’s call to freedom by ditching that routine and wanting to shed those responsibilities.

Uranus provides us with the slap to the side of the head (metaphorically speaking of course) that changes our perspective for good. It’s a radical reality re-boot. What we thought worked for us now no longer does. Or we get to see this was never our idea in the first place and go out there to experiment to find what is. If your worldview has become limited, Uranus will send you a wider one but in a totally unorthodox way. If you have become stuck in that rut, Uranus will shock you out of it. Uranus in our 9th house is an ‘all bets are off’ position but also one of the most exciting. It’s swings and roundabouts but when the ride is over we always find we have come off it in a better place than when we started. Windfalls, golden opportunities, sheer blind luck, more money, unexpected journeys and experiencing people and places you have only ever dreamed of are all promised by Uranus in your 9th. Like Bilbo Baggins Uranus knocks on your door and invites you on an adventure. Don’t hesitate. Answer the call. Reading anything about the mythology of the Hero’s Journey can help you align yourself to Uranus in here. This may be your best travel guide now.

Your birthday season this year comes laden with a potential you may not have experienced for a very long time. Mars and Venus will arrive in your 1st ahead of the Sun on the 23rd. You have one of the most powerful days to attract whatever it is you desire for the upcoming year the following day (24th) when Venus and Mars meet. Look to your desires and also your ability to receive. Is your channel open? How are you ‘relating’ to yourself first and foremost? What do you believe is possible for you? Are you still operating under any limitations? If so, time to ditch them as this energy is now building up and about to peak opening up a clear path between you and your desires. Ruler Mercury enters here on the 29th while the Moon in here on the 30th falls conjunct the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

What we see occurring next is a cascading matrix of pure potential that has not happened before. The New Moon will trine Uranus marking the start of a new cycle of personal freedom and exploration. The 3rd will see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars set off a Grand Trine between Uranus in your 9th, Pluto in your 5th and also involving Neptune in your 7th and Jupiter in your 4th. An pivotal

event occurs which releases you into a whole new world or way of being and relating. You will not have experienced anything like this before. And what this is could start to make itself known between the first and second weeks of September when Mercury makes powerful aspects between Neptune (7th) and Pluto (5th). Venus in your 1st will also oppose Neptune in Venus’s ruling house. You could see those dreams and desires take actual form now – perhaps a human one as this could be yet another star-lighted period for relationships for you in 2019.

As a Mercury-ruled sign we cannot talk about the year ahead without touching on those times when your ruler engages in its regular retrograde activity and mayhem rules on a very personal level if you are not prepared. The dates to watch out for are 5 – 28 March, 8-31 July – when we are in major retrograde weather with not just your ruler going backwards but four other planets. And finally November 1 – 20. By now, you should know the Retrograde Rules by heart. Please also bear in mind the Retrograde Shadow applies to you – perhaps more than other signs except for Gemini that other Mercury ruled one. Retrograde Shadow lasts until Mercury direct has passed beyond the point in the sky where it headed backwards. So think of this as another three weeks where Mercury has yet to gain traction and act as if it were still retrograde. In other words – continue to dot those ‘I’s’ cross those ‘T’s’ and reach for all those Virgo back-up plans and details.

The end of the year will see Jupiter exit your 4th and enter your 5th. 2020 will begin with the themes with which you started 2019 enlarged or amplified in some way. Your desire for freedom to express yourself and to experience the world will continue to grow as will your creativity, capacity for enjoyment and curiosity. What else is out there? What have you yet to do, to experience or explore? You’re on a journey that is set to last seven years and it begins in this one. This year may take you on a ride where you don’t always feel you are in control. That’s because you never were. Know you are being taken where you need to go. Take the first steps into a larger, more vibrant and above all, more passionate and exciting world in 2019.

In a nutshell: You’re on a rocket ride to the stars this year. Floating in zero-gee. Go boldly into 2019 if romance, travel, learning and passion are your destinations, Virgo!



13 Jan 2019, JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (4th Hse to 7th Hse)

18 Jan 2019 MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO (5th Hse)






5 Mar 2019, MERCURY Retrograde until 28 Mar 2019 (7th Hse)

6 Mar 2019 URANUS ENTERING TAURUS (9th Hse) (Last time was 1934 – 1942 !) (okay, he’s in for good now but not the first time he’s been in as he was in here last year)




18 Jun 2019, MERCURY CONJUNCTION MARS (11th Hse)


18 Aug 2019 MARS ENTERS VIRGO (1ST Hse)

21 Aug 2019 VENUS ENTERS VIRGO (1st Hse)

23 Aug 2019 SUN ENTERS VIRGO (1st Hse)


29 Aug 2019 MERCURY ENTERS VIRGO (1st Hse)


30 Aug 2019 SUN IN VIRGO TRINE URANUS IN TAURUS (1st Hse to 9th Hse)

30 Aug 2019 NEW MOON IN VIRGO (1st Hse. Five planet stellium in 1st)

30 Aug 2019 NEW MOON IN VIRGO TRINE URANUS IN TAURUS (1st Hse to 9th Hse)

3 Sep 2019 Stellium Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars (1st Hse) setting of a Grand Trine Uranus / Pluto (5th Hse) and Uranus (9th Hse) and Setting off T-Square with Jupiter (4th Hse) and Neptune (7th Hse)


7 Sep 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (1st Hse to 7th Hse)

9 Sep 2019 MERCURY TRINE PLUTO (1st Hse to 5th Hse)


7 Oct 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION URANUS (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

31 Oct 2019, Mercury Retrograde until (3rd Hse) 20 Nov 2019

24 Nov 2019 MARS OPPOSITION URANUS (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

26 Nov 2019 VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN (5th Hse)


15 Dec 2019 JUPITER TRINE URANUS (5th Hse to 9th Hse)



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