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The week ahead for virgo

Ruler Mercury is still retrograde and now Jupiter has you turning back to old loves as it too heads backwards. Is it time for a revival or renewal? Keeping your word has never been more important, Virgo. Just bear in mind this includes the promises you make to yourself.

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Work it like a boss

Keep your word to yourself

Get ready for a love revival

Keep in mind that ruler Mercury is still retro in its other ruling sign (Gemini) and your 10th until next week. And use all due caution when it comes to career matters or anything which could potentially impact on your public image or reputation. Work your rep like a boss in other words. And whatever you do – do not promise more than you can deliver.

Mindfulness is your best approach as is hanging on tight to the truth that your reputation is your word. This also includes keeping your word to yourself. Perhaps the most important contract we can keep. Saturn always wants to ‘put a ring on it’ and in your 6th and squaring Uranus on the 14th this is all about acting in your own best interests. And not selling your soul out over something you intrinsically know isn’t good for you. It’s a week of rewards and/or revelations. Something may pay off because it’s right. Or you realise it simply no longer is.

Jupiter in your 7th is all about exploring partnerships. Everything from a working dynamic to that bae. Jupiter in this house in your chart should deliver at least one opportunity to go deeper in to an existing connection or embark on a new double act. But this is just your 2022 preview as it turns back towards your 6th of all things Virgo-cenrtric to serve you more work-a-day-world-benefits from the 20th.

Love goes the distance

However, one important connection related to your status or career could be front and centre despite this now. A relationship that is an asset to you especially a working one thanks to the Sun in your 10th aligning to the Moon in your 2nd also on the 20th. This could still revolve around a significant other as your 10th rules the status of your partner – and also your relationship ‘status’ as in married, single, divorced etc. For some this could be a sense of satisfaction over reaching a key stage or agreement. And this may not have happened overnight either. There’s the feeling of having stayed the course or worked hard for this. If so, congratulations, Virgo. Just call this a success strategy for the heart and the path.

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Work in tandem towards fulfilling that potential

Wear your heart on your sleeve and dress for love success!

Set your intentions in the right direction

We’re still in big mutable weather this month, Virgo. So please – check your chart factors. Big benefits Jupiter remains at an early degree of Pisces and your 7th. This is going to be all about duos, double acts and duets. One of your best cycles for higher love and working with someone towards your highest potential that you have experienced not just in 12 years. Especially if you have early Virgo factors. But for all Virgos in 165 years.

Now I have your attention, wear your heart on your sleeve and your eyes on the future and how you want to design this. Yes, this includes your relationship future. But also want you want to have, achieve and experience. As well as your 7th and 10th houses being illuminated due to this mutable weather, we also have planets moving into your 11th of friends, goals and future possibilities. Starting with Venus on the 2nd which then trines Jupiter on the 3rd.

The future turns on who you know

Mars in here will oppose Pluto in your 8th on the 5th while Venus will do the same on the 23rd. Powerful new connections could appear but also, you may discover one no longer holds that resonance it once did. You may let it go as a result. As you may also see your goal focus change and shift too. Again, this is all about your highest potential wanting to be expressed in a way that is right for you.

This all adds up to freedom at the end of the day. Uranus rules your 11th but presently sits in your 9th as well you know – Jupiter’s ruling house and therefore, your house of freedom. Watch what happens around the 11th. This is an important day and you’ll see why as you read on as it involves your ruler and those mutable factors. Uranus and Ceres meet in the fixed sign of Taurus on this day telling you that nothing is set in stone. Be ready to change direction if need be. And if something propels you out of the predictable – or what you thought would not change, then know it is designed with what you need in mind. Which is way different to what you want.

Let’s also talk about your highest calling, Virgo. Your true path which may be different from what society defines as worldly success. Success your way in other words. And how to tap into and discover this if you are unsure. That’s what’s on offer this June. So, release yourself into your highest potential. (This includes that love potential too!).

Start your engines

Ruler Mercury will remain retro in its other ruling sign of Gemini until the 22nd. This adds to that mutable factor. This is your status sector but it’s not just backwards facing Mercury which has you looking at re-writing that success story and how high you can fly now – but on your terms. We have the Sun in here until Solstice day, the North Node and on the 10th the new Moon in your 10th triggers an eclipse.

This is all about delving deep into your path. The one you have taken and where it has brought you. Eclipses conceal as you know. Pay attention to any undercurrents in your present job. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Yes, that ‘ring of fire’ effect which gives us a flash of insight which is gone just as fast. But it contains the truth. If you receive this now – hang on to it.

Your ruler is caught up in the shadow of this eclipse as the following day the Sun meets it in here. So, you may be given an edited version of what is really going on. Need help getting to the truth even if you’re scared of what it is? Help is on its way in the form of Mars in your 12th the same day.

But we also need to look at that 165-year factor. Just what is this and how does it relate to you? Exactly. It’s all about relating. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun. So, that’s how long it’s been since it last paid your 7th house a visit. Jupiter lands in here once every 12 years. But again, these two can only ever be in here at the same time approximately once every 165-year cycle. Sure, Jupiter has just ventured a short way in here this visit. It turns back towards your 6th on the 20th. But the good news is that when it returns to your 7th at the end of 2021, Neptune is still in here and these two will make a historic meeting in 2022.

Move up towards a higher destiny

This month offers a real preview of your love or partnership karma that is ahead. Starting with the trine between Venus in your house of the future and Jupiter on the 3rd. Jupiter is of course, in Venus’s ruling house. Look at who or what partnership dynamic past, present or future, is in focus now. Especially as karmic love connections get triggered by the Venus/Neptune trine on the 21st.

Just like high above our heads in the month of June – karmic love magic happens. I’m not just talking of the trines – of which June delivers four major ones including a Grand Water Trine. But the migration of the Painted Lady butterflies. Each year at this time, clouds of these beautiful butterflies arrive. Their paper-delicate wings having brought them all the way here from Africa. And they continue on from here, up into the Arctic Circle – to Norway and Iceland, in search of the perfect ‘home’ or place to mate. And then they return.

This is a 12,000 km round trip and no single butterfly completes it. It takes several generations to head north and then back again. When they arrive here the conditions are right for them. Or if not they will continue onwards. So, they too are propelled by their karmic path or destiny in search of love. Or are willing to move on to find it. But knowing they will if they do.

So, as the shadow of the new Moon eclipse will directly cross the North Pole AND hits your ruler, you could find yourself directly impacted by issues related to climate change if travelling. On a deeper, global scale, the effect this is having on the earth’s magnetic core and orbit. Watch the media as there may be more in the news about this. Again, this is related to those butterflies and their migration. You know the Mercury retro rules backwards Virgo. If travelling, allow extra time for delays, cancellations, detours or even the weather!

The Sun’s arrival in your 11th awakens your warrior spirit when it comes to those goals. And once your ruler Mercury is direct, you’ll be ready with an action plan too. Above all, proactively seek out opportunities and people who can help you. Put yourself out there and its not just your heart you need to wear on your sleeve but your dreams, wishes and ambitions too.

The Grand Water Trine of the 22nd links Venus, Neptune and the Moon in your 3rd. Someone you hear from or connect with now could be central to that wish fulfilment. The final week of June is all about attraction. Hone your desire like a laser beam and focus it on your most vivid and heart-starting wish. Love? A work or study opportunity? That business idea? The adventure of a lifetime? The 23rds sees the Sun align to Jupiter in the month’s best trine. Someone could just make that wish reality. With a little hands-on destiny driving from you. So, take the wheel now and steer in the direction of those dreams.

Venus in your 11th opposes Pluto in your 5th adding to the intensity. Transformations could occur around romance, children or even what you do that makes you shine. Creating, performing, holidays and pleasure may form part of this for you as this month’s full Moon appears in your 5th on the 24th. This full Moon is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time when we would see them ripen – before air transport made them available year-round. It’s a fruit associated with indulgence and the ‘sweet’ things of life.

This is a fabulous full Moon for date night or to just allow yourself to do whatever it is that you love to do irrespective of whether you are partnered up or not.

Look closely at what this is if so. Is this the path towards love you should take as in what you love to do? Sometimes our passions are merely our purpose in disguise. Examine the path now both Jupiter and Neptune are backwards in your 7th and Venus moves into your 12th on the 27th. Next month will hand you extra path defining intention. For now, trust that once in 165 year direction is the right one for you, Virgo.

In a nutshell: You’ve been given a sneak preview of what 2022 may hold for you, Virgo. Now, tweak that vision. Past, present and potential partnerships feature. As does who you know or meet now.


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Virgo 2021 Forecast

Do the work in 2021, Virgo. And do it with love. That in a nutshell, is going to be your recipe for success.

You begin the year with your 6th of all things pure, pristine and shiningly simple lit up. It’s the Now Age and you have both Saturn and Jupiter in here. You are of course, the 6th sign of the zodiac. So, to say ‘You got this’ should be an understatement. Hopefully you have also read your Jupiter 2021 forecast for your sign. So, you know that this cycle is about creating your best life to live every day. It begins with taking care of your body and wellbeing. Then the environment you inhabit or work in. And onwards and out from there.

Small adjustments result in larger shifts. Plus you get a chance to refine all of this come February when ruler Mercury retrograde in here and goes backwards and forwards across Jupiter. Just see this as an extra serving of benefits. Provided of course you are willing to do the work!

Werk it and Own it!

Order, structure, schedules, systems and routines as well as time keeping will assume greater importance for you now. This is due to Saturn in here. If you tap into your innate Virgo talent for organization, you will work Saturn to your advantage.

If you are seeking work or to change jobs, then both these planets in here – with the emphasis on Jupiter, should bring you at least one job opportunity during this cycle. Also, be aware no matter what you are seeking or trying to do during this time, your network plays a big role. So, begin by asking who you know or anyone you have connected with in the past. This especially applies during Mercury’s retrograde in here. For key dates, please see the end of this forecast.

If you are a settled Virgo, your significant other could be entering a big success cycle. They may receive a promotion, job offer or pay rise or perhaps take more than one significant step up that career ladder during ‘21-23. If you are in a business or collaborative partnership, you and your partner may be poised on the brink of expansion and success. Team efforts are highlighted.

For singles and seekers of dynamic duos and twosomes of all descriptions, Jupiter in your 7th from mid-May until July offers you one of the best times of this year to snag that serious love prospect. Plus, this is also a special period for moving, doing things to the home and family matters too.

Come Home to Higher Love

Of course, this is just a preview of what Jupiter has in store for you in 2022. But the good news is that this is not your only cycle for bringing home the love. February has the Sun and Venus in your 7th which Venus rules. March sees ruler Mercury, Venus and the Sun meet Neptune in here. This is higher love and also a link to past loves – as in past life ones. And also what you love to do.

Use this time to imagine your best expression of love. And then no matter your status – single or settled, do your very best to live that right now. When we feel it, when we begin to live it, we attract it. Or an even better alternative.

Uranus in your 9th wants your freedom. And it is also telling you not to be too attached to a goal or outcome. Always add ‘This or something better’. Because no matter how far your imagination can take you, Uranus can push the envelope and go further when it comes to potentials and possibilities in 2021.

New beginnings can spring from old during your birthday cycle and the lead-up to it. We will be in Mutable Weather again at this time. Go back to your focus at the start of the year and take care of wellbeing and the small stuff. And understand that while it is ALL small stuff, it is important. Little things matter and are not to be lightly dismissed. Especially when it comes to you and others at this time.

The mutable weather is due to the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sag and of course, Neptune in Pisces. We have eclipses occurring in Gemini and Sagittarius – so on your 4th and 10th house axis of home, family, status, security, public image and success. Remember – eclipses hand us blind spots.

If they are mutable eclipses they can create tension with your natal Virgo planets. This can leave you thinking ‘Didn’t we deal with this all ready?’ as others re-hash the past or refuse to let it go. Or they may resort to stonewalling, sulking or emotional blackmail. You may have to keep your cool if so and not be drawn into any family psycho-drama or conflicts at work. Avoid major decisions around the eclipses – the dates are at the end of this forecast. And understand that sometimes retreat is the best kind of action you can take.

Strut into effortless attraction!

Doing the work means doing you when Mars lands in your 1st. Nobody is going to miss that scorching sexy confidence you radiate in July. The end of that month has both Venus and Mars in your 1st. You snag the best of both from those Leos next door. It marks the cycle of attraction – just don’t waste it on wishful thinking. This is about you knowing what you want but also being realistic.

The air around you should snap and sizzle with potential. Especially at the start of this cycle because Venus in your 1st will oppose Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 7th. If you are plugged into the vibe and walking your talk, people and opportunities should simply gravitate to you. As if you have magnetized them. Call this the pre-party for your birthday season. It’s a special time for you and once your ruler Mercury gatecrashes your 1st from Aug 11 while the Sun follows on the 22nd.

As the Sun, your ruler and other planets move through your sign, they will oppose Neptune in your 7th and trine Pluto in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th. This could also deliver an out of the blue flirtation with someone very different to the kind of potential lover you usually attract. Don’t dismiss them however. You could be more compatible than you imagine!

It’s a cycle that’s daring you to try. So, go with it. Ask yourself what have you got to lose? And the answer is only settling for more of the same as you’ve had in the past. This cuts across all areas of your life now. Experiment, try it and watch your results.

Once the Sun and other planets move off into your 2nd in September, don’t imagine things will slow down. You will be able to make serious inroads into business and money matters or see that relationship deepen as the planets will trine Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th as they move through here. Keep the momentum up.

But be aware that from September 27, ruler Mercury heads into reverse. Not only that, we have a total of six planets retrograde at this point. It’s time to now pause, look at progress to date and refine any plans. Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate your wins or simply your soul progress this year. You will have earned it by now. Second time around chances or opportunities could also be yours at this time due to the fact Mercury will trine Jupiter more than once.

You are on a roll from August onwards but the only sour grape in your Chardonnay may be the discovery that not everyone is as happy for you as you would be for them. Be prepared during this time for someone’s reaction to disappoint you. This may lead to a parting of the ways as a result.

You’re not about to allow this to throw shade on what is an end of year cycle where you get to shine however. As the year ends your thoughts may turn automatically to your home, family, living arrangements and your emotional needs. You need to trust your own gut feelings more than what others may be telling you at the time of the total eclipse in your 4th on December 4. Especially if this is squaring any of your Virgo planets. One of our astrologers can explain this. As a general rule of thumb – avoid big decisions and property dealings at this time if you can. You are totally in the dark with only your inner wisdom and what you know is right to guide you.

The year ends with Jupiter taking up residence again in your partnership zone from December 29. The day a Mercury retroshadow begins in your 5th. Plus, Venus will be retrograde in your 5th from December 19. I should not need to tell you that heading to a dating app at this point would not be your best tactic.

If you look back on 2021 from this point, you should be able to see the periods where you being in the zone with your transits allowed you to attract and bring about the outcomes you needed. This tells you as one year ends and a new one starts there’s no rush.

All about virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. You’re analytical and brilliant with details however try not to be too analytical but trust your intuition and gut feelings. Funny, quick witted and extreme in your passions and desires.  Your soul lesson is to learn balance and turn your self criticism into unconditional love.

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