Scorpio Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

Forget what you think you know about Scorpio! This is a sign with incredible depth. The ancient symbol for Scorpio is not the scorpion but the phoenix rising transformed. This is what you are seeking from a partnership – that alchemical transformation through another. It’s about far more than just sex although that is an important aspect of a relationship for you as you are one of the most passionate signs. You are the still waters that run deep, the dark horse of the zodiac and you most likely only reveal your hidden depths to someone you feel safe with. You will take secrets to the grave with you but woe betide the lover who betrays yours as you will not forgive them. If you have a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio ascendant, Scorpio Moon or personal planet in Scorpio – Mercury, Venus or Mars – Scorpio’s ancient ruler, or if Pluto Scorpio’s modern day ruler, is prominent in your chart, then you are likely to express yourself as a Scorpio in some way. Once your love and loyalty is given, you are likely to stay faithful and you make a steadfast partner but again, if you are betrayed on any level by someone you love, you will become vengeful. As well as often having a distinctly kinky side,  Scorpio prominent in the birthchart usually means that issues around power, domination, manipulation and control can be triggered in relationships. Strangely enough, it is very often not the Scorpio who is responsible for this – very often they are the victims of another’s machinations. It’s all about tapping into your personal power if these emerge – and in knowing where you boundaries are. So, what promise do your love connections have, by sign? Discover their potential for love alchemy!

Scorpio + Aries: You both share a ruler – Mars and even though you have a contemporary one in Pluto, the old rulerships still apply. So, Mars meets Mars and what do we have as a result? Nuclear meltdown in the sex department. That attraction is so intense it could split atoms and the heat the two of you are generating could rival the Sun. Flame on with this one unless those power issues I mentioned at the start begin to surface (usually not yours). Arguments may start to revolve around just who is in charge (they want to be) or else one or both of you flies into a jealous rage. At first all this will get glossed over with heavy-duty make-up sex, but after a while if it keeps happening, it will start to get very tired, very quickly. This will take work and compromise on both sides to keep it together for the long term. Sadly, it may end up fizzling out into resentment after an electrifying start.

Scorpio + Taurus: You’re Mars, and they’re Venus. You’re both fixed signs and both of you want to be right (and are unlikely to admit to being in the wrong even if you are). Oh yes, there’s that heady, heavy sexual attraction hanging over this. It could almost tip into addiction it’s so good. So good in fact that you are willing to overlook how often you butt heads over something. Having said that, this one could very well be that sex-and spiritual connection you are searching for. It’s backed by the potential of intense personal and spiritual growth for the two of you. You could fall in lust and remain so for the rest of your lives. Well worth the nurturing – and cooking your Taurus their favourite meal. Enjoy the banquet as you could have a lifetime of feasting ahead of you.

Scorpio + Gemini: Being a fixed sign you can fall into a rut without even realising it. If a Gemini appears on the horizon take note because they are there to shake you out of it. Say ta-ta to tedium and hello to adventure and experimentation – in all areas. You begin by some snappy come-backs and sizzling double entendres. Your Flirt-o-Meter gets stuck on ‘high’ from your very first exchange. Spontaneity is back on the menu thanks to Gemini. Gemini will fuel your ambitions, encourage you to think outside the box – especially when it comes to pursuing your ideas.  I’m not saying this is all smooth sailing but you offer Gemini the mental turn-on they are always seeking and despite their roving-eye reputation, once their gaze has alighted on you, they are unlikely to look any further. You could push each other to new heights – from the bedroom to the boardroom. Any investment you make here could prove to be well worth the effort.

Scorpio + Cancer: If music is the food of love – play on or else this coupling could just be the perfect recipe. You are both Water signs so there’s plenty of emotional resonance. Due to the fact that both of you are extremely sensitive (you just hide it better than Cancer does), you’ll feel you can open up and be safe with Cancer around. This can be a fabulous soul-learning connection that’s laden with fun and adventure for you both but much depends on the kind of Cancer you have attracted. If you have attracted the emotionally open, caring, curious, sensual and loveably as restless and changeable as the tides Cancerian, then a lifetime of excellent cooking, sexual exploration, travel, a secure home life and sensuality could be yours. There’s another kind of Cancerian however. And I’m not saying they don’t also have a lot of teach you and that is the difference between being emotionally vulnerable and emotionally manipulative. You can allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone because paradoxically you are coming from a place of personal power which says it’s okay to be open about your feelings as you are safe. If you are emotionally manipulative however, you don’t come from a place of soul power but from a place which says in order to get what you want you must nag, wheedle, manipulate, emotionally witdraw and pull all kinds of weird co-dependent stuff. So, success depends on which kind of Cancer you’ve netted here.

Scorpio + Leo: That Leo is the best and you know you deserve the best as you’ve always got your eye on the prize whether others realise it or not, Scorpio. However, that Leo also knows they are the best too. Now, this could end up being the best possible union on all levels – or one of you ends up loving and the other being loved. Guess which one this will be if that’s the case? Right again. There you are uncharacteristically worshipping that Leo but are you receiving the same amount of devotion in return? Chances are that Leo just thinks that’s their due and you should be grateful for the opportunity. If your Leo is what I call a Golden Leo – generous to a fault with those they care about and also with their love, you could both drown in the sexual adoration. If however, you have what I also refer to as a Brassy Leo – yes, they shine bright but are not gold at all but tarnished by an over-blown sense of entitlement, the end may not be pretty when you realise you’ve fallen for Fool’s Gold. Make sure you have the hallmarked 24 carat kind.

Scorpio + Virgo: Devastating sexual attraction – check. Intriguing glimpses of hidden depths or even secrets – check. Reliability – check. Smarts – check. Lover and best friend all rolled into one well-groomed package? Check, check, check. If you have that love wish list, chances are Virgo is going to tick every box plus a few more you left off – probably because you didn’t think they existed or were impossible to find in one gorgeously presented package. Yet, here they are.  This is your naughty, red-hot lover and the one you can take home to meet the family – and they will approve. Virgo may come with a few quirks that mean they are just so interesting and different – despite the fact they may conceal these behind conventional packaging. Just what the quirks may be are yours to discover and you know how that intrigues and turns you on like nothing else. You’d be completely crazy to say no to this one.

Scorpio + Libra: This connection could push some buttons – especially the one marked ‘Trust’. You may get the impression Libra is keeping something from you – that credit card debt, addiction, a secret past, that lover on the side – but they seem so open and ingenuous. You end up feeling a bit like Carrie from Homeland in which case you blame yourself – it’s all in your head. Except it may not be and you do need to consider if the feelings persist, that you have a Brody on your hands – no matter how sexy and willing they appear to be or how hard you have fallen for them. Libra is your 12th house – of secrets and of your past and this includes your past lives. Remember, just because you have a past-life connection with someone, does not mean that either of you have signed up for an easy time this go-around. If trust issues are triggered on one or both sides of this relationship, then know they have been triggered before and you are both trying to resolve them together – again. Whether you do or not – that remains classified.

Scorpio + Scorpio: Two phoenixes rising together. This may be pure alchemical magic that defies the laws of time and space. Be prepared to journey to the emotional depths – and then rise and soar together again. This can be a relationship of extreme highs and lows but chances are, you will stick together and weather the lows because deep down you both know you belong together and when the good times are good, they would never be as good as with anyone else. Guard against jealousy or control issues ruining what could otherwise be a twin-soul union. This can be a connection of karmic reward – and pure gold.

Scorpio + Sagittarius: I know of so many Scorpio/Sag unions that have turned into lifetime success stories and happily-ever-afters. Often you have planets in next door sign of Sag and they may have planets hanging around in yours which helps matters. Of course, you’re kept hooked by the sheer unpredictability of being involved with a Sag which renders them fascinating in your eyes. The fact they are generous with everything – including themselves in the bedroom, doesn’t do any harm either. The only problem which can emerge can revolve around any tendency on your part to try to control your Sagittarian. You may as well start with something a lot easier such as say, altering the planets in their orbits or shifting the Earth’s tectonic plates before moving on to anything as difficult, time-consuming and quite frankly, futile as controlling a Sagittarian. Remember with Sag – they love their freedom but it’s the illusion of freedom they need – not necessarily the actual sort. Despite their reputation for not being fenced in, Sag craves a fellow free spirit to run with and they are also incredibly loyal once they have given you their hearts. If your Sag believes they are free to go anywhere, they will remain close to your side.

Scorpio + Capricorn: Like you, Capricorn values privacy and is a keeper of secrets. You’ve also got so much else in common and plenty to talk about. Whether this is a love partnership, a business partnership or a combination of the two, together you can succeed and if it’s for the long haul then you should do very well financially. Like your own sign, Capricorn is often misunderstood and you’ve already sniffed out the fact that beneath that ‘respectable’ exterior or job title lurks someone with the heart of a poet or rockstar and a lover to die for. You may have very similar backgrounds or something that links the two of you in the past. You both see this as just one more thing to build on and yet another sign you are meant to be together. You could surprise everyone with your lavish wedding and house in exactly the right neighbourhood. It’s all built to last.

Scorpio + Aquarius: Can you agree to disagree? You’re both fixed signs and Aquarius will defend their often unconventional and eccentric ideas to the death. You are of course, equally opinionated. You could meet them in the UFO section of your local bookstore or else the computer shop as they obsessively upgrade their technology – possibly to prevent the NSA or GCHQ from eavesdropping on the sexy Skype chat you’ll soon find yourself having with them. It all looks very promising and initially you may find their ideas intriguing. Just understand that what you see is what you get with Aquarius. They will not change and you will not be able to convince them that there is no conspiracy going on to cover up the alien landings (even though after a while you may have a sneaking suspicion they are from another planet themselves). You’re Scully and they are Mulder. Your tolerance levels may be tested and while at first the fact they appear just so tantalisingly out of reach is both a turn-on and a challenge, this may in the end just get tired – as may their inability to consider your point of view. Approach with a sense of open-mindedness and caution.

Scorpio + Pisces: Fellow water sign Pisces is your 5th house of passion, romance, fun and pleasure with heaps of creativity thrown in! You’ll soon discover that you and your adoring Pisces like so many of the same things – the same kind of music, art, design, movies, TV shows and you may both share that creative streak. You can create a beautiful lifestyle together and yes, beautiful babies as this is the house of children too. One thing I would caution as this is likely to be fuelled by a lot of spontaneous passion and love-making is that if you don’t want children right now, you do both take care this doesn’t happen as an ‘Opps!’ moment is likely with this combination. Your Pisces is openly adoring but please ensure that they are gainfully employed and have no addictions before handing them your heart or the PIN number of your card. Ensure the two of you come up with a plan for the future and don’t just abandon yourselves to having fun and living in the moment. If your Pisces tempers their spiritual and creative side with living up to their responsibilities then this could literally be the love affair that lasts a lifetime.