Hack Your Planet Scorpio: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

If you have your Sun in Scorpio or Scorpio rising then lucky you as you have not one but two ruling planets. Your ancient ruler is fiery Mars who is a very different animal with your water-sign influemce than he is in his other ruling sign of Aries. Then you have your modern day ruler – Pluto. Yes, he is a planet again and he is the Lord of Transformation. Your ancient symbol was the phoenix – not the scorpion as it is today and this is far more fitting for you. When you have a modern day ruler, your old rulership still applies but we can say your new ruler adds more insight and depth to your sign. So, understanding how both work gives you an extra edge. To make the most of your almost limitless potential, here are seven key hacks to plug you into your full phoenix power!

¶ You will benefit from studying anything to do with shamanism and ancient mythology. The Hero’s Journey applies to your lifepath more than any other sign. Read The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell or anything to do with monomyths to understand this. Every culture has a story about the hero who is tested by taking a journey into the ‘underworld’ and then returns with new wisdom or ‘treasure’ to be shared. This is very much a metaphor for your lifepath and the more you understand it – and what stage you are currently at on your journey, the more you will be able to maximise the many opportunities that will come your way in life.

¶ Yours is the sign of personal power – and part of your life journey will involve lessons around this. Understand that very often, people with the Sun in Scorpio or Scorpio rising are actually more likely to be victims of powerplays rather than turning into Machiavelli’s themselves. Watch out for relationships where control, manipulation and domination themes emerge. You may need to work on your boundaries and when to say ‘No’ and mean it. Partners who attempt to control you in any way must be treated as your Kryptonite. You need to understand that you are not powerless. In fact, once you embrace your personal power you may actually find yourself in a position of power or where you are in charge of someone’s assets or resources. If this occurs, keep everything squeaky clean and above board and don’t whatever you do, use what you have to manipulate others as Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac and rules karma!

¶ You feel things very deeply. But are often very good at hiding them. You are the sign for whom the saying ‘Still waters run deep’ most applies. Others may be unable to fathom you out or not realise how sensitive you are. Because you experience your emotions so intensely you may have been made to feel this was unacceptable as a child which is why many Scorpios become so adept at hiding their feelings. You will flourish in relationships where your ability to feel things deeply is both valued and accepted and very often you will wait to get to know someone well before allowing them to see your incredible sensitivity. There is always more going on beneath the surface with you than meets the eye!

¶ Embrace your dark side! All those parts of you that people have made you feel are unacceptable. All those aspects of yourself you would like to disown. There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing about you that is not linked to the sacred journey you are on. Once you embrace and accept those parts of yourself that you feel you need to keep hidden or suppress, then you step into your full phoenix power. This is where your ‘treasure’ is hidden and your ability to transform what others may consider darkness, into gold.

¶ Because you feel things intensely, you may need to go through a learning process where you discover that mere intensity does not necessarily make someone or something interesting – or even good for you. You seek out intense experiences but this can lead you into relationships where it’s constant drama as in monumental break-ups followed by intense and mind-blowing make-up sex, or the inability to let go of a relationship when it comes to a close. You need to understand that relationships are meant to be easy and that there is the intensity you seek to be found in a love that flows (relatively) smoothly yet more deeply over time.

¶ Keep it clean! Your modern day ruler Pluto is associated with all things ‘Plutonic’ – think Plutonium for example. His discovery coincided with the start of the nuclear age. Pluto’s potent mix of energy can put you in situations during your life where you may face temptation on some level. Now, I know that sounds like fun but unless we keep Pluto’s energy clean and green, what do we get? We end up with fallout. Pluto can test us and if we are tempted to do what we know deep down may be wrong, what we end up with is our own personal Fukushima to clear up. This too is a transformation (which Pluto rules) but probably not the kind we were hoping for.

¶ And lastly – sex. Yes, your sign rules the sex, passion, taboos around sex and the 8th house rules relationships where sex is important. Like your next door sign of Libra, you may be on a long search for that perfect partner – but in your case that partner has to be the perfect bedmate for you as well. Others may not understand this but it is not sex itself you seek but sex with depth – although you may have to shop around to find this – hence the confusion. However, once they have found this, most phoenixes tend not to stray from their partner. They know a good thing once they find it.