Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Scorpio

Your Money Planets – Scorpio

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

If you are not a Scorpio that is comfortable with money then you are a Scorpio that is not owning their power. Forget about the obsession with sex and death. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and therefore has access to the riches the underworld contains. Also, master-builder Saturn jointly rules your bank account so you have the patience and determination to amass real wealth provided you use these qualities. For Scorpio, money equals power and there are many rich, powerful Scorpios out there as role models – Bill Gates topping the list. Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac and this also rules shared resources and inheritances. Many Scorpios inherit money or else may have someone else’s money placed at their disposal. Just make sure if the latter happens you are scrupulously honest in your dealings. Your ruler Pluto demands you keep his energy ‘clean’ or else the fallout will be severe.

The Scorpio desire for money is usually far from straightforward however. People forget you are a water sign and have a deep-seated need for security. However, job security and home security are two different things. Scorpios tend to resent the restrictions a salaried position imposes on them. Therefore they will look to make themselves financially secure in order to free themselves of wage slavery. The staying power of Scorpio means they will be in for the long haul when it comes to savings and financial plans. Scorpio spending habits can veer between Scrooge and Imelda Marcos depending on which planets are influencing them at the time. They are unlikely to let a splurge derail their long term financial plans however.

Scorpio success comes from tapping into their power and never losing sight of their goals. Faith in their ultimate ability to succeed ensures they reach them even if they encounter set-backs on the way. It’s important to focus on just one goal at a time to hone that powerful laser-like energy that’s available to you. Reading about inspiring true-life stories of triumph against the odds will keep you on track if you find your will wavering.

Don’t be afraid to consult others and let people in on your long term plans. Remember, you are the sign of shared resources and people may place more than their expertise at your disposal when it comes to helping you attain your goals – financial and otherwise. With regards to your ruler Pluto – as previously stated, you must keep this energy very clean so steer clear of any ‘shady’ deals, insider trading or even ‘fast money’ as this is likely to back-fire.

Even though you may be the recipient of a pay-out, windfall or inheritance you must not rely on these to enable you to reach your financial goals. If you do benefit from them, just regard them as bonuses. You have the power to literally tap into the energetic wealth grid that weaves its way around the entire planet and direct it into your career of choice. If you don’t believe that you can reach your financial goals then you need to re-connect to your power in order to get the money flowing again.

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