Scorpio Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Soul depth exploration and healing. That’s the promise of Jupiter in your 12th house, Scorpio. If you have your Sun in the sign of the Phoenix or if Scorpio is your rising sign, then you are about to enter the most mysterious and possibly the most game-changing Jupiter cycle there is. If you have Libran friends you might want to talk to them about what Jupiter in your 12th is all about. Even then, they either may not disclose all or else be unable to find the words to describe it. That’s the cosmic effect of Jupiter in here. It has to be lived out rather than talked about.

You are about to take a journey to the deep side of life and the hidden recesses of your soul. Jupiter always wants to bring us benefits, but his benefits while in here as usually felt on an inner level rather than seen in our outer lives. But Jupiter’s gifts while in here are likely to be lasting even if they cannot be seen.

The 12th house is the house of what is real but cannot be seen. It can be experienced but cannot be quantified. It is the house of the past. Astrologers refer to the 12th house as ‘womb and tomb’ as it tells us where we have been and where we are heading next. It is also the house of hidden enemies. During the next 13 months as Jupiter transits this house, people will show their true colours. You will confront people who help you – and some may do this with no agenda and expect nothing in return – even if you have known them a short time. Others who you thought were friends may reveal themselves to be something different.  Or you may discover someone you trusted was not worthy of that trust. Jupiter will highlight these and also get you wondering just why this is. If someone is helping you is it because you helped them in a previous life or because they are an agent of karma sent to reward you because you helped someone else in this lifetime? If someone is hindering you, is it because you hindered them in the past? Big questions may dominate your thinking.

Past connections will feature in some way or another. You could reencounter people from your past in this lifetime. Remember if this is the case to look carefully at whether or not to rekindle the relationship. Sometimes someone returns and it is a second time around chance or you realise one or both of you just weren’t ready for the relationship to happen before – but now you are. Other times, the past represents a trap. Again, which is it? Take all the time you need to decide which one.

You could meet new people but it feels as if you have known them before and if so, you need to consider the fact you have. Especially if they have pronounced Sagittarian or Jupiter qualities about them. This could be a sign fate is at work and they are in your life for a reason now. As your 12th house is the sign of Libra and ruled by Venus, then when it comes to love, you will be looking for that lover with whom you can connect on a soul level which transcends physical attraction. A word of warning here – if your present relationship does not offer that opportunity for growth, then it is likely you are going to pull in a person who does. The 12th rules clandestine activities of all kinds and that includes affairs. Unfortunately Jupiter in here may leave you exposed so your secret love is unlikely to remain a secret. As this is the house of karma, ensure that if you are discontent with your present relationship you deal with this one way or another before embarking on another. Unless you want to be found out – and are prepared for the consequences of that whatever they may be.

As this is the house of hidden enemies, the most covert and undermining of our enemies is always the one who is invisible most of the time. The enemy within. The part of us which holds us back, sabotages or undermines us – often without us realising it. Jupiter in our 12th exposes our shadow side and also gives us the confidence to deal with it once and for all. What’s more, Jupiter is also likely to deliver whatever it is we need to conquer our hidden saboteur and enable us to see without resorting to blame, how this arose in the first place. Jupiter is likely to deliver the therapist, counsellor or even the right articles or books which seem to have been sent or written just for us in mind. They bring about the breakthrough and ‘’Ah-ha!’ moment we’ve been waiting for – without us even realising it. As the 12th is the house of compassion, if we have been holding on to anger or blame for what has happened to us in the past, Jupiter may also help us along the road to forgiveness or at least give us the ability to move on. If we can start this process then we are free of the past and no longer a prisoner of it. Remember – Jupiter is all about freedom and this begins on a soul level.

The 12th house rules our psychic abilities and dreams. Don’t be surprised if these increase during Jupiter’s transit. This is an excellent period to study anything metaphysical or theoretical for that matter. Theoretical mathematics and quantum physics also come under the 12th house as they require a mind that can grasp abstract concepts which nonetheless underpin reality. Many of you could be drawn to studying or simply reading about these subjects during this cycle.

Jupiter rules travel and some of you may even travel overseas to volunteer to help others as the 12th house rules compassion, charity and our empathy. Some of you may find yourselves journeying back to somewhere you visited in the past which has renewed meaning for you. Or else you travel to somewhere new but discover it feels oddly familiar. Again, if you feel you have ‘been here before’ then chances are you have.

Re-framing your past, bringing it into perspective. Knowing what to keep from your past and what now has to be discarded for you to create the future you deserve. Seeing clearly what has held you back – all these are the unseen gifts Jupiter is about to bring you. Sometimes he can restore something that we lost in the past that should have been ours – that lost opportunity, love, home, self-worth. If something returns to you from the past it is likely to be because it will have renewed relevance for your future – and was always meant for you in any case.

As I said, the Jupiter cycle 12 has to be lived rather than explained. As the 12th is the house of inspiration, here just for you and no other sign only, is an inspired list of Jupiter cycle 12 reading and films that may just give you an idea about the themes this cycle may contain for you. But as with all journeys, this one is for you to live – and you alone. Only you know how deep you can go.

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. Book and/or film starring Julia Roberts a fellow Scorpio who will be entering her Jupiter 12 cycle along with you.

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell. Book and/or film

Interstellar – film directed by Christopher Nolan starring Scorpios Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway who will also be having their Jupiter cycle 12!

I Dreamed of Africa – Kuki Gallman. Book and/or film

The Snow Leopard – book by Peter Matthiessen

Contact – Carl Sagan. Book and/or film. Again, stars Matthew McConaughey and another Scorpio – Jodie Foster. Do we see a theme emerging here?!