Pisces Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Take a walk on the wild side now, Pisces. Do you want a more powerful, sexier, more fearless version of you? If you have your Sun in Pisces or a Pisces ascendant, the wild, unexplored path that releases all this within you, is where Jupiter may be planning on taking you. After spending 12 months in your partnership sector, Jupiter is on the move this September and arriving in your 8th house. How has the past 12 months unfolded in terms of relationships, Pisces? Are you happily coupled up? Or are you still single? Do you yearn for a partner or alternatively, to be ‘consciously uncoupled’?  When it comes to your relationships, the past year could well determine how this one unfolds.

First however, let’s look at how Jupiter in here will affect other areas of your life. Your 8th house is the house of transformation. Of endings and rebirth. Sex, death, taxes, corporate and shared money all come under the rulership of the 8th. As do your fears. What manifests during Jupiter’s transit through your 8th house may have been thought about by you or alternatively, feared by you, for some time. The good news is however that this is your house of personal power, karma and will. Jupiter can reconnect you to your incredible and limitless well of empowerment and self-belief. That untapped reservoir within you that you can access to make the changes and bring about the results you desire.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter in your 8th house was associated with receiving a legacy or being the beneficiary in a will. Of course, this kind of ‘windfall’ usually comes with a loss attached. I cannot rule out that some of you may in fact find yourselves benefitting from the loss of someone as the 8th rules death and the deep side of life. However, on a brighter note we can say that Jupiter visits this house in our charts several times during our lifetime and we certainly won’t be the beneficiaries in someone’s will every time he does so. What is more likely to occur is that we receive a ‘legacy’ of a different kind. This can involve someone giving you financial backing, a salary increase, bonus, pay-out, maintenance payments, benefits or a settlement. All these come under the auspices of the 8th and involve someone else’s resources being put at your disposal.

Another way Jupiter can send this kind of experience our way is that we are given control or management of someone else’s money on their behalf such as managing their funds, accounts or acting as a trustee or treasurer. If this occurs please whatever you do ensure all your dealings are transparent and above board, Jupiter demands honesty and your 8th house is ruled by Pluto. Plutonic energy is all about power and how we use or abuse it. Abuse it and it will backfire on us leaving us with fallout that can take a very long time – and by that I mean not just in this lifetime, to clear up. Therefore ensure everything is an open book.  But being the recipient of Jupiter’s generosity in some way, shape or form is highly likely now.

Jupiter in here also can bring about a transformation in how you see your money – or money in general. What are your beliefs around money? Is it the ‘root of all evil’? Do you believe you have to work hard to get it? What about people who have plenty of money? What about those who don’t? Do you peg your value of people and therefore yourself, on how much money they have? Or do you go around saying you don’t care too much for money? If so, chances are money does not care too much for you either. Money is energy given a physical value. Nothing more, Nothing less. It is not good, It is not evil. It is neutral. Fears and insecurities around money and what you believe you deserve could be magnified under Jupiter’s influence now with a view to you learning that this stuff is all your thoughts and nothing else. Again, leave money out of it – money is neutral. Once you understand this, funnily enough you change your ‘money vibe’ and may just at the same time attract an experience of having more of it. So, do you have power over money or does it have power over you? All this can come up with Jupiter in your 8th.

Where you from, you sexy thing? Yes, this is the house of sex and our deepest desires, hang-ups and taboos around the subject! If Jupiter delivered a love partner during his transit in your 7th or brought an existing one closer, then your sex life should be undergoing a major upgrade now. Sexual healing and a willingness to own your desires, explore and experiment will be hallmarks of Jupiter’s desire to see you expand your sex life. The 8th house in your chart is the sign of Libra – the sign of the scales indicating balance in all things as well as being the sign of partnerships. If you are single and sadly celibate, then Jupiter may deliver a lover who rectifies the situation. If you find sex difficult to talk about, if you have suffered sexual trauma in the past, then Jupiter will want to restore the ‘balance’ by enabling you to either enter into a positive sexual relationship or else deliver someone such as a counsellor or therapist who can help you towards healing. Remember – a healthy sex life is part of being a healthy human being.

Of course, the other big taboo we tend to steer away from is any topic linked to the occult. Unless we are in the company of people we know who share the same interest, we are usually reluctant to speak about anything to do with death, dying, mediumship, life after death and life between lifetimes as well as topics like karma and reincarnation. As Jupiter is all about higher learning, don’t be surprised if your own interest in these subjects deepens and you find yourself seeking out more information. Jupiter in any house in our charts can make an appearance in person. In the case of your 8th this can be that impossible to resist, magnetic lover who takes us on that walk into our wild side. The other possibility is that Jupiter appears in the form of a guru, mystic, shaman or teacher who makes it possible for us to explore the deeper side of life.  Watch out for anyone who appears as a guide in these areas.

Some kind of rebirth for you is on its way during the 13 months Jupiter will spend in this house of your chart. Jupiter says don’t be afraid to explore where you have feared to tread before. Claim your legacy. Of a more empowered, more sexy, more fearless you! Go where the wild things are and discover the power of your own wild side.