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Are you doing too much, Aquarius? Trying to be all things to all people for instance? Or simply feeling stuck and confined? Do you know how to say ‘No’ to family members and loved ones? If you are feeling cranky, frazzled and have been running on empty for far too long, ruler Uranus is about to say ‘Enough is enough’ at the top of the month. Please don’t feel guilty. But also do put the brakes on and delegate to others – or simply draw a line, before you explode if you can.

Changes around home, living arrangements or even your cash could be pushing you to adapt or simply draw the line as Mercury leads the charge on into your 8th from the 4th. You remain in your yearly partnership peak on into September. This is due to Venus arriving in its ruling 7th from the 11th. As an added bonus for you – Mars is also on the move. Out of your 4th (which has contributed to that cranky-pants feeling) and on into your fabulizing 5th on the 20th.

It’s a joy juice shot which will take you on into ‘23, Aquarius. Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to fall out of love. Mars is here to fix any disillusionment and hand you back your sexy self-confidence if this has been wounded. Your starting point is the feeling that there are so many ways to express love – not just the romantic kind. And it flows on from there. Rekindle your creative spark and your belief in love. No, it’s not hard to find or something that happens to others. And yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea you wouldn’t want to reject. To attract them – simply immerse yourself in doing what you love or expressing it.

Your best days for luck, love, attraction, projects and good news of all kinds are the 9th (Sun trine Chiron) and the 18th (Venus trine Jupiter). Some of you may go back to love – picking up an old pastime you used to love to do. Or even reconnecting with people from your past. We have big retro weather happening this month. Once your ruler Uranus retrogrades from the 24th, all the outer planets are backwards. We also have Mercury enter retro shade in your 8th from the 21st. It will continue moving forward into your 9th but then turn back next month.

Mars’ long staycation in your 5th is also down to a rare retrograde but this will not occur until October. But August sees half the planets in the sky backwards or in retroshadow. This tells you again to slow down – something the start of the month would have emphasised for you. Do get to grips with this before the extremely powerful full Moon in your sign on the 12th. You need emotional support and this full Moon – known as the Sturgeon, Grain or Lynx moon, shows you who or where it is needed.

Perhaps there is an empty space in your life which needs filling to enable you to get what you want? Hold tight to the upcoming surge of renewed faith which is simply days away. Or perhaps you need to ask the most obvious person highlighted by this Moon. It will square your ruler Uranus and also falls close to Saturn in your sign. Time to let down those barriers and be vulnerable if necessary. Have you felt you have needed to remain strong for far too long? It’s okay to let go as in your vulnerabilities lie your strength. For more on this, see your Full Moon in Aquarius Moonscope.

LGBTQIA+ astral body Ganymed is telling us all to renew our faith in our own gloriousness days later when it meets Mercury in your 8th on the 15th. This occurs the day after a powerful Sun/Saturn opposition and a powerful trine between Mars still in your 4th and Pluto in your 12th. You transform your ideas around how you express yourself and are no longer willing to be bound by other people’s expectations or restrictions for that matter.

Do your due diligence over big financial decisions or expenditures on the 21st. This is the day Mercury begins its retroshadow but it also opposes Neptune in your 2nd. You can strike a much better deal if you wait a day for Venus to meet Ceres. Resist pressure to reach a decision and if someone is applying this you need to take a step back and ask ‘What’s the hurry?’. This also applies to relationships. That lover who just seems a bit too keen and eager to insert themselves into your life for instance.

The Sun’s arrival in your 8th puts you in control of your decisions and the path your life takes from here on in. This is one of your peak power transits of the year and it is important for facing your fears, healing and also taking back your power in areas where you may have given it away. In fact, it follows on from the themes which began at the start of the month. Hopefully you gained precious ground and self-confidence as August advances. Now, put this new sense of surety to good use by focusing your energy on the areas you know where change still needs to occur.

With Venus remaining in your 7th and Mars in your 5th I should not need to over-sell you on the fact that your sexual self is demanding self-expression. Again, any wounds around your sexuality or attractiveness can be healed now. At the time of the new Moon in your 8th on the 27th please try to steer clear of negative thinking.

A powerful shift which triggers an inner regeneration can occur now and the following day when Venus opposes Saturn in your 1st. You’ve now outgrown something. Perhaps this was a lack of belief in yourself, an inability to set boundaries or loss of faith in the future of love. But something is now restored within you. For more on this, read your New Moon in Virgo Moonscope. You enter September reconnected to your inner power. And certain you are able to ask for, seek out and get what you need, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: This month brings confrontations – most probably within yourself. Have you lost your belief in the power of love? Or even in your own abilities, Aquarius? Look forward to regeneration and restoration in the power of YOU.

Aug 1 2022 Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (4th)

Aug 2 2022 Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (6th to 4th)

Aug 3 2022 Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus (6th to 4th)

Aug 4 2022 Mercury enters Virgo (8th)

Aug 7 2022 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (6th to 2nd)

Aug 7 2022 Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius (4th to 1st)

Aug 9 2022 Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (7th to 3rd)

Aug 9 2022 Venus in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn (6th to 12th)

Aug 11 2022 Venus enters Leo (7th)

Aug 11 2022 Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (7th to 4th)

Aug 11 2022 Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (4th to 2nd)

Aug 12 2022 Full Moon in Aquarius (1st) (One degree from a square with Uranus)

Aug 14 2022 Sun in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius (7th to 1st)

Aug 14 2022 Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (4th to 12th)

Aug 15 2022 Mercury and Ganymed conjunct in Virgo (8th)

Aug 16 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (8th to 4th)

Aug 18 2022 Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries (7th to 3rd)

Aug 20 2022 Mars enters Gemini (5th)

Aug 20 2022 Sun in Leo trine Galactic Centre in Sagittarius (7th to 11th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (8th)

Aug 21 2022 Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (8th to 2nd)

Aug 21 2022 Retrograde Vesta re-enters Aquarius (1st)

Aug 22 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (8th to 12th)

Aug 22 2022 Venus and Ceres conjunct in Leo (7th)

Aug 23 2022 Sun enters Virgo (8th)

Aug 24 2022 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (4th) – All outer planets retrograde

Aug 25 2022 Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (7th to 3rd)

Aug 26 2022 Mercury enters Libra (9th)

Aug 27 2022 New Moon in Virgo (8th)

Aug 27 2022 Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (7th to 4th)

Aug 27 2022 Sun in Virgo square Mars in Gemini (8th to 5th)

Aug 28 2022 Venus in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius (7th to 1st)

Aug 28 2022 Ceres in Leo trine Chiron in Aries (7th to 3rd)

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