Let’s get this Now Age after-party started!

Love it or forget about it

Your superpower for March: Gratitude

Bye, bye birthday but for you it may feel as if the party continues. It’s not even like you took a break between it and getting the after-party started. Just one seamless continual experimental experience that allows you to express yourself and see opportunities appear and wishes manifest.

Please don’t become cynical during the Now Age. The first week of the month should see you receive answers, solutions or the new and exciting present itself (or themselves in some cases).

The 5th is one of the best days of the month for you. The third meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 1st occurs that day. Something may have been going backwards and forwards since the end of January. Loaded with potential, it may have not yet crystalised into its final form. Or you have been waiting for a definitive answer one way or another. This final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter could trigger this.

That ‘All Systems Go’ feeling intensifies after the 13th when Mercury shrugs off its cloak of retroshadow and every single planet in the sky is direct! Move forward with anything to do with self-promotion, image, appearance, your profile, title, look or personal message now. There’s something sustainable and lasting on offer promised by the angle between Venus and your ruler Uranus on the 3rd. What you feel about yourself and the image you project out into the world has a big role to play in your outcome. So, craft this accordingly.

Proceed with Passionate Intent

Mars sashays into Gemini and your 5th from the 4th handing you confidence, sex appeal and putting passion behind your ideas and what you communicate. Chemistry crackles now and romantic possibilities could appear for singles. Settleds could turn the heat back up or you channel all this charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent into a creative project or self-expression. If you have children, you’ll find yourself spending more time with them outdoors or engaging in activities you used to enjoy as a child.

Your 2nd house remains lit up until the 20th when the Sun lands in your 3rd. Venus is the ruler of this house which rules money, income, possessions, your talents and skills, your self-worth and relationships which you consider ‘assets’ to you and which you can literally bank on. This month asks you to keep a close eye on your cash and also to creatively explore more ways to generate it or work with what you have. Above all, focus on gratitude now – not lack. Making lists of what you don’t have or feeling short-changed on some level will only lead to more dissatisfaction.

Upgrade your relationship to what you have and you’ll discover it will love you back and give you more to love. Inspired ideas for earning extra income could be yours thanks to the Sun and Venus meeting Neptune in here. But please don’t over-spend especially to compensate for something that’s missing on an emotional level. Also, if a new flirtation appears via that dating app, take it as just that until time proves it is something more serious.

The new Moon in this house on the 13th opens up a new pathway towards financial or self-worth improvements. It falls close to the stellium in here so look closely at what begins now. It’s linked to that gratitude focus I spoke of earlier. Above all, explore your ideas around how you earn your dough. The more imaginative the better now. This is especially good for anyone working in a creative field. See money not as green folding stuff but creative energy and a resource you can channel. Again, it’s not about what you have per se, but how you utilise it and relate to it. This can give you an exciting preview of what is to come later this year for you between May – July and also in 2022.

You Can’t Hide the Feeling

The Sun (20th) and then Venus (21st) in your 3rd says talk about it. Especially your feelings. You won’t be shy when it comes to opening up especially the day of the Sun/Venus conjunction (26th). This month’s full Moon appears in your soul-soaring 9th house on the 28th. And will oppose Venus from what is Venus’ ruling sign – Libra. This marks you being set free from something which may have held you inplace or restricted you for far too long ahead of a brand-new beginning. You may take steps to set this in motion yourself now – and signature outrageous, blue-sky thinking, out of the box Aquarian ones as the Sun and Chiron make a classic ‘fire and ice’ meeting in your 3rd. Saying or doing something you may have only dreamed about with astounding results.

Take your time with decisions around love and money as we head into April. Mercury and Neptune meeting on the 30th promises benefits – but they may not be what you think they are. This isn’t necessarily negative. Just look beyond the obvious, Aquarius. That new person who approaches may not be looking for love, but friendship. Or that money making opportunity will increase your cash but not in the way you expected. Whatever form it takes – practice gratitude.

In a nutshell: Your Now Age after party takes you on into March with self-worth boosting opportunities to celebrate. Want more? Shower what you already have with love and appreciation.

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