Get a rich mindset and have fun trying!

Be strong enough to be vulnerable

Goals demand a reset

Money, money, money. Do you remember the ‘In and Out’ astrology rules? That when a planet switches signs or is about to, we can experience it in a big way? This month sees Jupiter leave your 1st and enter your 2nd of yes, money and self-worth on the 13th.

Stand by for something soul boosting or the sign that luck or even more of the folding stuff could be heading your way around then. Jupiter won’t be gone long so don’t worry. In July it will land back in your sign where it will remain until the end of the year. But this could hand many of you a new source of income, better paying job or windfall for the short time it has gone. If you happen to have chart factors between 0-2 degrees of Pisces and your 2nd – even better. Jupiter could see you cashed up. Or simply feeling richer in love or other resources.

The New Rich List

Tapping into abundance or understanding rich is sometimes simply a feeling rather than a sum we can count, plays a role. You can have millions in the bank but that doesn’t fix a poverty mindset. You can have not vey much at all but feel wealthy in terms of friends, love, your talents and lifestyle. Is rich therefore a perspective and a belief system? Jupiter in here says positively so!

Count your blessings and practice gratitude for what you have now and watch Jupiter send you more to add up and be grateful for. This is also a good time to take a chance on actually getting more and discovering what that feels like. Think of the experience of money rather than what it buys you. That’s the secret to making the most of Jupiter in here.

The planets are now on the move into your fabulizing 5th house. Mercury hands you the full force of flirtation, creativity and fun when it lands in here on the 4th (that’s Star Wars Day for anyone who is not a nerd!). Venus follows on the 9th and the Sun on the 20th. As the planets strut and sparkle away in here they are going to interact with the North Node in here.

Now, the last time this happened was back in 2003-04. So, if you are old enough take a look at what occurred around romance, love affairs, children, babies, teenagers, lucky breaks and creative ventures. If you remember the early ‘80’s you can jump back there too. No, shoulder pads are not making a return. But certain themes that you lived back in those times may.

Triggers or significant meetings/events can occur on the 10th (Mercury conjunct North Node), 17th (Venus/North Node) and 31st (Sun/North Node). Saturn is shifting to retrograde motion in your sign on the 23rd. This may have the effect of making you feel lighter, freer and more carefree when combined with the planets in here. Think of this more as playing with the quantum rather than being forced down a fated or pre-destined path you have no say in.

Open up to let others in

Along with this, allow yourself to feel vulnerable and open as the new Moon appears in its ruling 4th on the 11th. Saturn in our 1st can make us feel life is a serious business or ‘heavy’ going. This new Moon in here is telling you its safe to be you. To let people into your inner world. There’s a quiet strength and determination around you too. Especially when it comes to home and family matters. Or anything that touches on your physical or emotional security. And this is backed up by Ceres also in this house from the 9th.

This new Moon can bring in a new home or move for some. Family members or older women you know may be especially helpful to you now. You’ve a desire to nurture but also be nurtured and have your needs met. Best way? Again, take the risk and simply ask for what you want directly. There is no need to resort to other means to get what you want.

Supersize Me!

The Sun’s arrival in your 5th will really ignite what is one of the most powerful attraction cycles of the year for you. With Saturn Lite going on in your sign and Jupiter now in your 2nd, you’ll feel lighter, more playful and optimistic. New connections may appear and this doesn’t just include the love variety either. Think friends or even people who offer entrée to new circles. However, be aware that Mercury is slowing down from the 15th and will enter full retro from the 29th. As it does, it will make a station to Venus. This could see the return of an old love or another opportunity to revive something you love to do, create or indulge in.

Do however, bear in mind that once Mercury heads backwards, this may not be the best time to start a new love affair. Or even that new creative project! Especially when you combine this with an eclipsed full Supermoon in your 11th of friends, connections and goals on the 26th. Do you still want what you once wanted? Does that resonance still hold with you and that group? Or one particular friend?

Eclipses conceal and this is a total eclipse. So, you are completely in the dark now. Examine why you want what you want in terms of those wishes and dreams. Or have they been replaced by something different and better? Got a ‘feeling’ about someone? Hold that. Or do you feel drawn towards joining a new group, club, organization but have not done anything about it even before you had Covid as a reason? This eclipse also wants you to probe the shadows of procrastination too. Especially why you may be putting off action when it comes to making those goals a reality.

Understand eclipses are neither good nor bad. There are secrets in shadows, yes. But if we look closer we can see them for what they are. And they usually free us from what we no longer need. If we cling on to that, then we cannot move forward into something better. And that’s what the cashed-up Jupiter and other planets in your 5th want for you this May.

In a nutshell: Time to shine, to shrug off that heavy feeling and to lighten up, Aquarius. May tells you life was never meant to be taken too seriously. Flirt, have fun and create. That’s what joining the new rich list is all about.

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