Let your true worth shine though

Get ready for outrageous love fortune!

This month’s full Moon on the 2nd is in your 2nd of money, possessions, values and self-worth. Watch your spending under it. There’s a big difference between needing something and wanting it. Getting your finances in order is an excellent way to channel the light of this full Moon. That’s the way the money goes as the children’s rhyme tells us. Why not look at exactly where now?

If you can tie up financial matters, pay bills or settle outstanding debts, you’ll be left with a sense of worth that lasts long after this Moon has waned. This Moon asks you questions about your values. These are the things which don’t have a price ticket attached. How you expect to be treated for instance. And how you value yourself.

Work your worth

This full Moon could bring you revelations around this. If negotiating anything which relates to your finances now – from your pay to a contract or interest rate, please ensure you take the emotion out of it. It’s not about how much you have. Money is just energy. But it can often have a massive emotional hold on us. You are not your bank balance or your possessions. Knowing you are so much more is what sets your true value.

Mercury is on the move into your 9th from the 5th. While Venus enters its ruling 7th in your chart on the 6th. You are craving a bigger, more expansive and expressive love experience. If you’re settled, you want to involve your partner in this vision. You’ll also be wanting to get more adventurous and playful – in the bedroom or out of it!

Singles will want someone who expands their horizons. And their capacity to love. You’ve a feeling there’s more to explore now. You may also be looking for someone who can provide you with the passion but also give you that all important space you need to be well – you. This month could deliver all this and more in one exciting package. Be careful what you wish for as you could attract it – or them.

Say what you need to say

First, do you need to clear the air between you and someone else? If you need to get something off your chest – now is the time to say it, Aquarius. The 9th sees Mars turn stationary retrograde in your 3rd of communication, business, the internet, your locality and your siblings if you have them.

Mars doesn’t retro very often. Approximately once every two years in fact. This is mercury’s ruling house in your chart. But unlike a Mercury retro in here, this one is going to be fuelled by intense desire to say something or get your point across. Mars is going to want the last word in any discussion. I could say argument and that is what you need to watch out for now.

It has been 32 years since Mars last went back over everything you say and put out there, Aquarius. And Mars retro in its ruling sign and your 3rd won’t happen again until 2047! What makes this once-in-a-lifetime transit even more unique is that during its retro period it is going to square the planets in your 12th not once but twice. This may be very personal if you have natal planets in there. One of our astrologers can help you explore this if needed.

Things you have said or should have said to someone in the past could feature. If you did not get closure with someone, you may have the chance to say your piece. Secrets may also surface during this cycle and again, you should get the opportunity to have your say and get closure. Be extremely cautious about anyone from your past re-entering your life however. You may find the same old issues are still there unless you talk candidly. Don’t shy away from ‘difficult’ conversations with anyone.

It’s go big or go home

If you have been tip-toeing around a sensitive issue with a loved one for instance, say their behaviour or worries about an addiction, don’t sweep things under the carpet anymore. This needs to be aired and dealt with. Likewise, the person who continually makes you promises but fails to keep them? Mars rules boundaries. You know this isn’t on so why continue to let them carry on unchallenged?

Mars rules courage. Hence having those conversations we are afraid to have. Usually because we already know the answer or outcome. Mars retro says say it anyway. Clear the air and move forward again. Especially if you want to avoid blow-ups. Mars retro allows you to have the talk at a time where you keep your cool. And get your point across effectively.

It’s about slow, consistent progress with business, writing and work. Keeping to the facts and not saying or doing anything in the heat of the moment. If someone says something which pushes your buttons, count to 10 before responding. As your 3rd house rules the internet, avoid getting into on-line arguments with others over differing points of views. And please – don’t feed the trolls. Delete, delete and block. That’s Mars boundaries for you.

Reviving a writing project – that manuscript, pitch, screenplay or returning to study are good channels for retro Mars in here. Above all, keep to the facts in any conversation, respect others’ points of view and don’t feel the need to prove yours. You’ll have little patience with people who waffle now. Just as you will with people who are stupid. But do you need to prove you are right?

Sometimes winning an argument is simply by saying ‘You may be right’. All the other party hears is the word ‘right’. You actually haven’t said they are. But you have stayed strong and classy in that response.

Mars retro in here provides the thrust you need to ignite those ideas and launch them out there. Use this to plan your campaign. You’ll follow through with anything you initiate now. And this also applies to anything to revive at this time. You will complete it thanks to Jupiter direct in your 12th from the 11th.

Dream the impossible love dream

What you may have considered to be frankly beyond the realms of possibility around love, work or any venture that requires you and at least one other person, could be all too possible when Venus trines Chiron also in your 3rd on the 11th. Improbable, unexpected, outrageous and mind-blowing events, news or coincidences could turn your world upside down.

This month’s new Moon on the 17th is all about necessary change. And your sense of empowerment when it comes to initiating this. Or deciding which way you want change to take you. This is why any work around your values at the start of the month was so important.

This is your money house of shared assets. So, think about fresh starts or negotiations around your salary, benefits, maintenance payments, loans, mortgages or anything that is shared between you and another. Or you and a company or institution. This new Moon angles to Saturn indicating that you will be entering into something long term. All the more reason to know what it is you need – and deserve.

For some, this could see you and someone else enter into a new agreement together. You’ll be in the mood to get serious now and make that commitment. And if you never thought to hear from someone again or even get back on the same page – this cycle could be set to amaze you.

The Sun arrives in your 9th on the 22nd and shines on solutions for you. The 24th sees Mercury also in your 9th oppose that retro Mars just prior to moving on into your 10th of career, status and public reputation on the 27th. This is the day when retrograde Ceres backs up into your 1st for a final visit. Which is why you could have a new deal on the table between you and someone else now.

Again, news and solutions as well as the power of attraction are promised by the intense trine between Venus and Mars on the 28th. Because Mars is retrograde this has a past flavour to it. On the final day of September the Sun will oppose Chiron also in your 3rd. If you never thought you would find a solution or that opportunity had passed you by – it knocks again. Go with outrageous fortune this September, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: This month wants you to take the direct approach, Aquarius. There’s no more tip-toeing around a subject. When it comes to love, expect the unexpected as surprise events show you it has a direction all its own!

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