Big Up that Love

If you want to aim high you need a firm foundation

Mercury retro gets Romantic!

Yes, ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 9th until the 21st. And then it will be in retroshadow until next month. Don’t despair however, Gemini. You still have plenty of key dates for going places and ticking those ‘Must Do’s’ off your agenda.

Retro-factor Active!

If you’ve been following your forecasts lately, then you know this is a retrograde like no other. Due to Mercury encountering Jupiter in what is Jupiter’s ruling house twice during this cycle. Once this month and then again when it heads forward. You also have Venus landing in here too. So, take it that even while Mercury is backwards, you have certain days when the retroactive gravity decreases around you or simply no longer applies. Think of this as your flash sale up to 90% off usual Mercury mayhem!

So, there are days when substantial progress can be made or opportunities appear. Even if they then stall or vanish for a while. You can take it that they will revive or return. There is a bit of stop and go involved this February and you are strongly advised to listen to your intuition when it comes to when to push forward and when to do nothing.

It’s Valentine’s month of course and for you, this is about big loves. Not just for a person – although this may feature. But what you do, what to do, see, experience, learn and dream about. Especially in the big wide world, no matter how locked down you are feeling. Venus’s arrival in your 9th at the top of the month is all about these kinds of loves. The kind you dream about. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself why you want or dream about having them? And alternative means to get there.

This especially applies on the 1st to coincide with Venus’s arrival as the Sun in your 9th squares Mars in your 12th.Call this a reality check and also a compass re-set if you have discarded a dream you wanted. This is asking you why, for what or who? Afraid of upsetting the apple cart/status quo/someone if you do? You’ll be asked the same question around personal love on the 19th when Venus will make the same angle to Mars.

This is a cycle of innovation, experimentation and individualisation like no other. One that electrifies and frees you. While asking you to be true to yourself. Of course, some people may not like this. And you could even meet resistance or obstacles on the 6th when Venus and Saturn meet in here. But also this sees you determined to stay the course.

You are in for the long haul and aiming high. What you seek or where you want to get to will also be linked to people and who you know. If there is only one kind of exploring you can do this month, then make it exploring and restoring connections – new and old in any way you can. People are the catalysts for those dreams.

Your Lucky Stars!

This month is Go Big or Go Home. Yes, you may already be home. But aiming for something for your future is still possible. The 11th is your first dream direction date as we have a new Moon in your 9th and this is the same day as Venus and Jupiter meet in here. This is all about starting off on a journey fuelled by a big love. And with a boost, blessing or opportunity to kick-start it like no other you have seen for a long time. This is also the new Moon which ushers in the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox. Again, an important time for new beginnings. What is says is: Begin it now. That first step on a larger journey towards that goal for your future. And do make it a big one!

Retroactive and renewal benefits could be heading your way as your retro ruler also meets Venus on the 13th and then Jupiter on the 14th. It’s a Valentine’s Day like no other as this could see Jupiter acting as Fat Cupid and firing off those arrows in all directions for you. This day is also excellent for long term career matters if you stay practical and prepared to accept something new. All thanks to a major conjunction between Cupido itself, Ceres and the Moon in your 10th squaring the Galactic Centre in your 7th. This could show you what is possible for you if you are willing to let go of what others may think – and dare to go after what you want.

The Sun’s arrival in your 10th from the 18th will ignite those work ambitions. But it is time to stay grounded and be practical and professional about these. Mercury’s shift to forward motion from the 21st is more an amber light than a green one. It still has to clear its retroshadow next month. But don’t forget – this adds up to another Jupiter meeting and the return of solutions and opportunities!

The 21st also sees Ceres land in your 11th promising new deals around friendships especially the empowering, female variety. Venus enhances your public and professional reputation from the 25th when it joins the Sun in your 10th. This day also offers a powerful transition for you as it sees Mars in your 12th trine Pluto in your 8th. It’s a time where you can finally reclaim your mojo, confidence and soul direction. Especially if others have been draining you or standing in your way instead of offering support. You will no longer concern yourself with fears around this. All that matters will be those goals.

This month’s full Moon on the 27th is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ – although January’s full Moon is sometimes also called that. It is called the ‘Hunger Moon’ by some native cultures owning to the fact that food was in short supply. February in Romani tradition is called ‘Little black month’ – a reference to its short duration and also the winter depths. We are however now a month away from the spring equinox so remember that.

This Moon is in its ruling house in your chart – your 4th. Shining on home, lifestyle, living arrangements, family, the people you live with or share your home with – this includes lodgers, and also what you need to feel that all-important sense of emotional security and safety. This is a full Moon which encourages us to nurture ourselves. To tune in to our intuition, to be open about our vulnerabilities and needs with those close to us – and above all to look closely at what we need to do to create a secure base from which we can set out in the direction of our future.

If you are going to aim high, you need a launch pad, Gemini. And also, a base to return to. You’ll see something important come within reach this month. Or a way open to make it possible. Do the ground work and watch how your goals take root and grow from that.

In a nutshell: Love says you’re going places this month, Gemini. For once, Mercury retro isn’t putting blocks in your path. Time to embark on a new journey. Seize the day – and the opportunity this February!

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