Lighten up

Feed that passion

Follow up on outrageous impulse!

Ruler Mercury is on the move on the 5th and heads into your 5th of the lightness of not taking things too seriously. The Sun is going to follow on the 22nd. Romance, flirtation, attraction, hobbies, short trips, good times, young people and yes, letting your inner child out to play, are going to feature.

Stop looking down the path not taken

First however, the full Moon in your 10th of reputation and ambition on the 2nd, may stir up feelings around what you have and haven’t achieved, Gemini. Remember, this is the house where the Moon is in its detriment – the house opposite to the one it rules. However, it is in the sign of Pisces so it is not quite as bad as if it were in Capricorn for instance. This is about working with your head and your heart. Of using intuition to guide you but apply it in a practical way. And not being too hard on yourself.

Finalise career and work matters if you can now. Put the finishing touches to those projects and get those important meetings and Zoom presentations out of the way. Be focussed and business-like and remember that old saying that there is no room for emotion in business. Of course, we know on a soul level there needs to be. But at this time and on a practical level, keep emotion out of it and take a ‘strictly business’ approach.

Your ability to stay centered and keep your cool is going to earn you brownie points from bosses, VIP’s and people in positions of influence. If you want to work it like a boss, this means putting that game face on. At least in public. Sure, that soft side is still there, Gemini. But the first week of September – it needs to stay home and have a duvet day. While you take care of business.

Your fun, easy going nature and the fact you’re interested in what people have to say mean that when it comes to who is the leader of your pack – you are happy to take the back seat on occasion.

Luckily for you, Venus moves into your 3rd from the 6th, adding zing to your ideas and allure to everything you say or put out there. This is the house which rules writing, books, getting around, business and the internet. All Gemini ruled stuff which you are comfortable with.

Venus in your 3rd can draw to you work and money making opportunities, enhance your personal presentations and if you are seeking a new boo, dust your on-line profile with extra special allure. So, work it. In fact, say something daringly outrageous around the 11th when ruler Mercury opposes Chiron in your 11th.

Say it anyway

This is your day for making the first move or starting that conversation. The 13th also has Jupiter heading direct in your 8th of shared money and assets (and sex!) and Venus trine Chiron. Is there a new way you can say something? Or a daring suggestion you can make? Let go of worries about what others may think (or outcomes) and try saying it anyway.

If someone suggests going somewhere new, your appetite for new experiences means you’re happy to try anything – once. And if it sounds like fun. Likewise, you’re open to other people’s points of view. However, Mars doing a 180 in your friendship zone, could flag up issues around one person calling the shots a little too often. If one particular friend has just jumped to mind, hold that thought and that focus.

Feed the fire and fan the flames

Unlike your ruler Mercury, Mars retrogrades only one every two years. Mars rules action, initiative, confidence and passion. So, when it heads backwards it may feel like these elements are missing. It’s been 32 years since Mars not turned retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries and your 11th. So, many of you will not have experienced the ‘pause’ button being pushed on your social life quite like this. Despite you normally working retro cycles like a boss.

Think of Mars as handing you a sorting hat. Which enables you to see which contacts and connections have that resonance – and that give and take and variety you love. And which ones may be out-grown. You want shared passions, causes and visions. Do you still have these?

Mars retro in here may make you uncharacteristically shy for once. Or not as talkative and extrovert as usual. You want to listen. But also, that doesn’t mean you are going to tolerate fools gladly either. Differences of opinion or closed-mindedness could determine the future of your friendships – or that one in particular I mentioned earlier.

This is also your house of goals and your future. You may also be holding these up and seeing if what you have been reaching for is still what you want. Don’t be afraid to set new goals now.

Are you a settled twin with a twin flame? No matter what house Mars is backwards in your partner’s chart setting a joint goal or the two of you getting involved in something bigger than ‘just the two of us’ keeps passion alive and results in new bonding experiences and even a new social circle or activity.

This is highly unusual Mars energy. Hence, looking at that resonance and relevance when it comes to who or even what you are involved with. We won’t experience this again until 2047! So, think of aligning with your group, people, cause, band, party, association, club or vision. Mars can ignite a revolution here with your social life. And what you want for yourself for the future.

Fire the vision to go the distance

You’re a visionary, an innovator and if it is part of your vision, an entrepreneur now. Just remember, this retro is all about consistent and sustained effort. Go the distance to get to your goals. This retro tells you there are no silver bullets, quick fixes or overnight success stories. But you have the resources to sustain you for the long haul.

Sustainability and new beginnings are what the new Supermoon in its ruling 4th on the 17th promise. Especially when it comes to home, living arrangements, lifestyle and what underpins your sense of security and belonging.

Unlike the full Moon earlier in the month, this Moon appears in its ruling house. It’s all about a healthier, more streamlined, pristine and beautiful living space. Or way of living. And to your dedication to achieving that. The promises you make to yourself, your family and those you live with are going to be long lasting now thanks to this new Moon being super-sized and trineing Saturn in your 8th.

Rearranging or re-allocating your space, domestic tasks, eating, exercising and your routine are also likely. These may be shared differently between you if you live with someone – be it a partner, a flatmate or a family member. You want a healthier lifestyle or home life. One that offers breathing space. In fact, yoga, meditation or any practice that focusses on your breath will be particularly beneficial now. As will doing anything that ‘lightens’ you up. From decluttering your living space to ditching bad habits or that weight!

What’s your eternal flame?

Getting back in touch with those goals, looking at who is really on your dream time, and tapping into where the flame keeps on burning – and for what or who, puts you in the best position to attract once the Sun arrives in your 5th on the 22nd. The 24th sees ruler Mercury oppose that retro Mars from here. News, meetings, invitations and friendships feature.

Don’t be surprised if hearing from someone from your past – especially that past flame, happens around the 28th when Venus in your 3rd trines retro Mars. This is also a great period of relaunches, revivals or simply trying a new approach when it comes to getting doors to open or those goals.

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron in your 11th could deliver a fresh spin on friendship. In other words, someone who defies the idea of what a friend could look like! Be open to stepping outside your usual circles or not letting your first impression get in the way. Others could just opt for a fresh take on that CV, dating profile or making the first move. This month asks you try a new opening line – to send smoulder to lava hot, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Mars retrograde in your 11th shows you the fire that never went out when it comes to your goals, wishes and dreams. Is it time to fan the flames anew? Reignite the fire, Gemini!

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