When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Okay, so just prior to the Now Age of Aquarius beginning in your 9th, the Moon will trigger an eclipse in your 7th house. Jupiter won’t align with Mars. It will however, meet Saturn in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on December 21. Which is when we can say the Now Age of Aquarius is cosmically underway. Love may well steer you to the stars – or towards something bigger, but you may not see what form it will take just yet.

First, we are in mutable weather with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Juno in Sagittarius. Neptune and Ceres in Pisces. Plus, the North Node in your sign and Vesta in Virgo. And mutable eclipse weather too with that total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th. The day when ruler Mercury will oppose the North Node in your 1st. This is a karmic eclipse for many and will take us back to 2002 – or even further in 19-year cycles.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

You of all signs should know – ‘mutable’ means changing. So, what emerges or what you hear under this eclipse is going to change. Eclipses conceal or cover-up. When we have a total eclipse the cover-up is just that. We are totally in the dark about something.

Check your chart first for any factors at 23 degrees. Especially in any of the other Mutable signs as well as your own. If you are unsure then one of our knowledgeable astrologers can help you. If you have chart factors at 23 degrees of ANY sign, then this eclipse will impact you in a personal way on some level. Even if this involves events at a distance.

For you however, it’s likely to be around you and someone else. That past, present or potential partner. That long term business or working relationship. That collaborator or partner-in-crime. Your bestie. Or even that rival, frenemy or opponent. We’re talking any union which ‘goes the distance’ – or has the potential to. Or even a close connection which for whatever reason, is at a distance. That supplier essential to your business who is overseas for instance. That agent, contributor or distance learning partnership. That overseas lover.

Venus will land in its ruling 7th from the 15th. This is the day after the total eclipse appears in here. They are well out of orb but we can say Venus’s arrival is a good sign especially if you are in need to clarity around a partnership. You may have to wait until Venus reaches the eclipse point of 23 degrees which will be next month, before the bigger picture begins to emerge however.

As a general guide under this eclipse: avoid jumping to conclusions or making major decisions around long term partnerships at this time. Simply take it you do not have all the facts. Especially if your Gemini Sun or another personal planet in Gemini is within 1-2 degrees of this eclipse in either direction. Again, one of our astrologers can help with this.

When it comes to that potential new squeeze – hold your horses. You need to wait until the ‘real’ person emerges. Sure, they may be exactly who they appear to be. Or something else entirely. Remember, with Venus in your 7th and the North Node in your 1st, you can afford to have a ‘wait and see’ attitude. You need the real thing, Gemini. Not fake news love. And the only way to get it is to wait for the truth to emerge. So, take your time and let love show itself. And if the other party isn’t comfortable with that, they were never the real thing to begin with.

If, however, your relationship has been facing challenges for a while, this eclipse may mark the point where you may have to concede there is no turning back the clock. You may be faced with a big decision between now and the next eclipse cycle which will take place again in your 7th on May 26, and your 1st on June 10, 2021.

If consciously uncoupling is now your only option, this should not come as a surprise. The reason being the heavy planetary weather you have been under in your 8th house of transformation for some time. These could have intensified since the end of 2017 when Saturn first entered here. And peaked in 2020 when we had the life-changing conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn in January. Since then, we’ve had to adapt and work within restrictions – symbolised by Saturn’s rings.

This is your house of sharing, joint assets and sex. So, you and someone close to you could have committed on a deeper level. Perhaps to something you both share such as a mortgage, family etc. Jupiter’s entrance in here was tempered by the presence of Saturn. But chances are, it should have offered you access to resources you did not have before. Such as a loan, benefit, pay-out, salary increase or simply someone putting something they have at your disposal.

More than what money can buy

There is always an up-side. Many of us are now emerging from this cycle with a new perspective on what really matters. This has also been due to Uranus’s presence in your spiritual 12th. The truth around what matters in other words. Along with those restrictions, it’s refined your value system. And in your 12th, this is about more than what money buys you. Chances are you are heading into the Now Age wanting experiences that are meaningful and matter.

On December 17, Saturn finally leaves your 8th. Not to return for another 29 years! You should feel the change in the air almost immediately. Especially when Jupiter follows two days later. The 21st brings us one of the most powerful solstice events of the decade. This is the day when the Sun enters your 8th. But also the day when Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 9th at zero degrees of Aquarius. And marks what will be the ‘official’ start of the Now Age.

Check your chart again for any aspects at zero degrees of any sign. This includes your ascendant or rising sign, descendant, IC or midheaven as well as your North Node. If you have anything at zero degrees, this is going to ‘flavour’ the journey, either real or metaphorical, you are embarking on now. Again, if you need more insight, one of our astrologers can help you.

New people will enter your life who will broaden your horizons and have you seeing the world in a new way. Your outlook will change as a result of this or new learning opportunities. Your beliefs may evolve and change perhaps as a result of contact with different cultures and belief systems. Some of you may embark on a course of study. Perhaps even on-line. If so, the benefits will be the same. Jupiter always wants to expand and open our eyes. Along with Saturn it makes the experience ‘real’.

It will also allow you to step free of restrictions or even power-plays that have held you back over the past couple of years. Depending on that ‘mutable’ weather – think virus mutation here, travel may also be back on the menu later in 2021 for you. Big ideas, the mass media, the law, sports, the outdoors, large animals may have a role to play. As could that ‘lucky’ break. Jupiter could turn up in person in the form of someone generous, open-handed who invites you to join in their good fortune. Or guides you to yours.

All this may be the shape of things to come as the 30th could see many of you staying close to home for the New Year thanks to the full Moon in your 2nd. You may want to surround yourself with the people or even things which matter to you. It says there’s no place like home but know that home is your launch pad for 2021.

Along with the Nodes, you are being invited to strike out in a fresh direction and even create some new karma in the process. Others could be drawn back somewhere they have been before – or lived before in a past life. Or to someone. Look for the love that’s larger than life. You won’t be able to miss this person. They are designed to stand out. Venus’s trine to the North Node in your 1st could offer a glimpse of this or begin the cycle which brings this person into your orbit. Or the opportunity they represent. New Year’s Eve is a good time to think about what you want to experience in 2021. Freedom is a good resolution, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Love is in the dark with a total eclipse of the heart in your 7th this month, Gemini. But December also brings you the start of the Now Age in your 9th. And the freedom you’ve been waiting for!

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