Dream up a fresh purpose

Revive the joy, reclaim the love

News arrives which sets you on a fresh path

Ruler Mercury enters retroshadow in your 5th from the 7th and then hits full reverse on the 27th. You of all signs know the drill, Gemini. Yes, the usual Retro Rules apply. Extra is looking closely at your child, adult child, babies, the younger generation and whether or not someone needs some TLC, time with you or attention. Is there something you may be missing?

I should also not have to add that its time to withdraw from that dating app for now. Yes, a lover could return and you are free to weigh up the pros and cons to re-involvement. But something new is likely to stall or after a promising start, you are faced with ghosting or radio silence.

Reviving past hobbies, creative passions and projects is however favoured as is revisiting old haunts. If you are going on holiday this month which your 5th rules, I should not need to remind you to double check all bookings, current travel restrictions and not to leave home without a contingency plan. That’s just sensible retrograde packing.

Something from the past could indeed reappear, revive or draw you back this September as Mercury, Mars and then the Sun in your 5th all trine the North Node in your 1st. Your key dates are the 3rd, 21st and 26th. A foreshadowing or preview of what’s to come pre-packaged with a choice you need to make – as in a yes or no answer, may be triggered by the Mystic Rectangle on the 3rd.

Knock, knock, ding dong, ping ping. Answer the door or the call to action. Let opportunity in. Don’t procrastinate or worse – pretend you’re not home! The last Mystic Rectangle appeared back in July and if you look at them on a chart they look like the back of an envelope.

So, think message in a bottle, email, snail mail, news, texts, that WhatsApp group, answers, announcements, invitations or door knocks. There’s an announcement or something opens up for us under these aspects which are a mix of trines, sextiles and oppositions. They are free-flowing but at the same time we have to make some kind of effort or stretch ourselves. Or we have already done that and now comes our result. Or we now make that extra effort.

What is this about or where is your answer required? Money, income, home, possessions, security, career, shared assets, mortgages, loans, agreements, bonds, unions and mergers. It promises long term change and may seem daunting. But take it from me, its much needed, Gemini. By the time the new Moon appears in what is the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 7th, you should have a clear picture of what this entails and the potential moving forward.

Venus shifts into your work zone from the 10th enhancing that day job and routine whether its a paid gig or not. You may also focus on self-care as in the feel-good, long-term variety. This isn’t about fads but supporting and sustaining yourself, prioritising mind, body and spirit and giving this fresh importance. Especially if you’ve been telling yourself you’re too busy lately. Put yourself first.

Think of this as the before party as the planets switch from your 4th to the 5th starting with Mars on the 15th and the Sun on the 22nd. Make a special note of what transpires on the 3rd, 21st and 26th as these are the dates when the planets trine the North Node in your sign. You also have a soul strengthening full Moon asking you to delve deeper into what you do and why you do it on the 20th.

Plan, path and purpose

This is the full Corn or Harvest Moon. The time of gathering as the year pivots and day and night becomes equal on the 22nd with the Sun’s entry into your 5th and the equinox. Or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is spring and your time for planting. On its way to Pisces, the waxing Moon passes both Saturn and Jupiter asking us to look at what we have sown and harvested and now what we want to plant for a fresh cycle. This journey will trigger thoughts around those bigger dreams and what fires up your soul. What you need to learn and experience and how this fits with what you are doing. Or intend to do.

It’s about path and purpose. Whether you chose it or chosen for you, and what it has brought you. The effort and the reward. Is it still right for you? Or is another direction calling? As Vesta enters your 6th the next day ask yourself how your present path sits with your identity? And your values on the 23rd when Venus opposes Uranus in your 12th. If there is a disconnect then please, during the retrograde research into the alternatives for you and explore other options. The North Node is being triggered by both Mars and the Sun. Plus you have a Grand Air Trine with the Moon in your sign, Mars in your 5th and Saturn setting your direction on the 26th.

If you are harvesting satisfaction and continued resonance to what you do, then this full Moon can deliver recognition and completion on some level. Although Mercury at Retro 2.0 has its challenges, as we head into October many of you will experience a sense of lightness and release. Perhaps you let go of old ideas around what you are supposed to be doing and gravitated towards what simply feels right and supportive for you.

What Dreams May Come

Others may have seen that dedication pay off with serious results. Or you may suddenly feel the that rush of energy and excitement return as you contemplate the possibility of doing something new. The Venus/Neptune trine on the 29th sends your mind exploring fresh possibilities. Harness the creative power of your imagination now. This is one of the best transits for looking at alternatives to your present path or coming up with a creative side hustle if you need to. What about a portfolio career?

Your Tarot card to meditate on now if the Seven of Pentacles. What seeds have you planted or could you plant? The great thing about this card is that it shows someone contemplating more than one option. And because this is a card of earthly grounding, its energy allows you to imagine something and then infuse it with practical purpose to make it grow. Chances are you’re contemplating your next stage now, Gemini. Take all the time you need.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury turns retroactive this month, Gemini. Time to refine and redefine your path and purpose. Explore your imagination and just why you have the dreams you do. Is it time to reboot that goal?

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