You rule in ‘22, Leo. It’s a year to experience something bigger. Big loves, big dreams and above all, big progress towards those goals. I like to think of it as Royal Progress. Don’t settle for anything less than what makes your heart burst with pride this year!

Get ready for Royal Progress, Leo! This year’s cycle is going to be more destiny driven than most. That doesn’t mean you are at the mercy of fate however. Just that you need to become more spiritually aware of what your choices and actions set in motion. And to step up and claim the results whether you like them or not. Rulership begins with self-rulership and ownership. It hands you that regal vibe for which your sign is known.

And here’s the good news. If you don’t like what your choices have brought you, provided you take a ‘Yeah, I did that’ attitude, you will be handed the opportunity to choose again and differently this year. 2022 promises to repurpose your life and release you from restriction provided you are willing to admit your lesson has been learned.

No more repeats in other words. And let’s start by talking about love replays. If love has well and truly run its course, Venus and Mercury both retrograde in your 6th when the year begins, sees you owning that too. Especially when this is combined with the North Node arriving in your 10th on January 19. The day before your ruler the Sun lands in your partnership zone. Saturn remains in your 7th this year so this is all about getting serious. Your 10th isn’t just about your career – although this will be important for you this year. But also about your relationship status. Single, settled, married, divorced. How your partner’s status reflects or influences your own.

As the North Node slides back into your 10th you’ll be looking at your choices to date, recommitting or releasing but being serious about all of this. As you will your search for someone if you are single. However, you do need to wait until at least February 1 -2 to to kick-start those love resolutions when your ruler is in your 7th and a new Moon marks the start of an important new partnership cycle. Juno’s entry into here on the 2nd adds that sense of potential commitment and long term love.

Your love potential increases throughout March thanks to the meeting between Venus and Mars in your 7th. All planets are direct in March which hands you a green light across all areas. Do be aware now with your sectors of change, status, sharing and partnerships all activated, that for love to last for you, you need a partner who you can take pride in on some level.

No, I’m not talking about someone as superficial as a trophy partner, Leo. Because you also understand that all that glitters isn’t gold better than any other sign. You need hidden treasures on the inside. To take pride in your partner’s moral compass say. Or their kindness, values, dedication, loyalty, talents and honesty. You can take as much pride in these if not more so than worldly success. Ensure when seeking someone new to share your throne with, they come with that all-important pride inducing factor. It will be strictly personal for each and every one of you what this is. But it must be there. If it is lost, this will be like a deep betrayal for you. Please always be aware of this if it is happiness you’re seeking.

Get ready for your first big point to release, a joint venture or a solution to something that has been restricting you for far too long. Wounds can be healed, forgiveness and self-empowerment replace self-blame and fear as Jupiter and Neptune meet in your 8th on April 12. Joint decisions can be made. Agreements reached. Negotiations concluded in your favour. Access to the resources you have long needed granted. This has not occurred for 165 years. It has the capacity to break you free of a long term cycle stretching back not just in this lifetimes but several others too. Know what you want to achieve now. And don’t be afraid to ask for it!

This year’s eclipse axis is across Taurus and Scorpio. Your 10th and 4th houses. Made all the more powerful by the fact the Nodes are also back in here. So, think of this as your time for laying the foundations for your future. With your focus on home, family, lifestyle, living arrangements and whatever gives you that sense of place – that castle of kingdom to rule, Leo! The most powerful eclipses for you personally will always be the solar ones. When your ruler is obscured by the Moon. Your feelings may override everything at these times but they may not be your best guides. Feelings are not facts.

There are three things in this universe which cannot remain hidden for long. The Sun, the Moon and the truth. This is the perfect eclipse metaphor and also the key to navigating those shadows of an eclipse. You best eclipse hack in other words. Because if you are in the dark, you then know whatever is hidden has to come out sooner or later.

The solar eclipse dates for you for ‘22 are April 30th – a partial solar eclipse at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon in your 10th says you don’t yet have the big picture but you have a part of it. Try to delay long term decisions if you can and hang fire on career matters. Also, if you meet a potential partner at this time, ensure they are all they appear or claim to be and keep at the back of your mind what I said about needing to take pride in your significant other! Allow plenty of time for the real person to emerge – not the Insta-fab version.

October 25 brings the second solar eclipse of the year. This time in the Moon’s ruling 4th. Take time and don’t rush with property dealings. Look close to home and pay attention to home security and the needs of those close to you. The other two eclipses are lunar eclipses. Where your ruler casts a shadow on the Moon. The full Moon eclipse in the Moon’s ruling 4th again could bring deeply repressed needs to the surface. You may require extra reassurance at this point. Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you do feel at this time.

Do however stay professional and keep your cool at the time of the next lunar eclipse in your 10th on Nov 8th. You may need to act with your head no matter what you heart feels. An actor friend of mine always handed out this advice especially when dealing with the cut-throat world of casting and associated rejection which is basically a survival hack for any of us no matter our profession. It’s this: Hide of a rhino, heart of a dove.

That being said, 2022 wants to hand you opportunity, freedom, solutions and success like no other cycle you’ve experienced in 12 years. Jupiter will spend approximately half the year in your 8th and half in its ruling 9th. Think expansion, opportunity and luck; travel, learning and freedom combined with beneficial merges and financial dealings of all descriptions.

Your birthday season this year will hand you extra special benefits as while the Sun and the other planets are in there, they will trine Jupiter. Even when Jupiter is retrograde as it heads back towards your 8th on July 28 but returns to your 9th on December 20.

Your next major cycle in which to shine and attract will occur when the Sun arrives in your 5th on Nov 20. Use this month to fine tune those desires and dreams ahead of the New Year. You also have Mars spending an unusually long period in your 11th house of friends, contacts and goals. Mars retrogrades in here at the end of October and remains backwards as we head into ‘23.

What this is telling you is don’t ‘settle’ for less than you know you deserve, Leo. That pride includes taking pride in all you have achieved in ‘22. And now committing just to what builds on that for the upcoming year. 2022 offers you more to take pride in and embrace. ’22 says: Go big or go home. That’s why you need to make this year a royal progress, Leo. Get ready to rule.

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