Big up what makes you extra specially you

That hot ticket? That’s you now, Aquarius

It’s all about you and me, baby!

This week focusses your attention on you and someone else. That emerging relationship or that existing one. You have the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 7th this week indicating there’s love talk or an important conversation occurring with an important person now. The topic could be love or something else entirely. But its all about where you can go from here.

Jupiter is back in your 1st from the 28th and will now stay with you until the end of the year. Jupiter in our 1st often brings an even bigger love or partnership goodie bag with it than it does in our 7th. Why? Because it bigs up our image, our confidence, our attraction factor. People respond positively. Basically they want what you’re selling and that’s you, Aquarius.

You’re brining sexy back!

Mars in its ruling 8th injects desire, passion, confidence and yes, sex appeal. It puts you in pro-active mode. You won’t let any opportunity pass you by now. What is more, you’ll create them if needed. Things been vanilla between you and your bae? Mars hands you whatever is needed to turn the flava into dark, spicy chocolate instead.

Romance, pleasure, turning that passion into a profession, hobbies, holidays, fun and children, babies, young people or adult children if you have them feature now Ceres lands in your 5th. ceres brings new dawns and new deals. A word to the wise – don’t be a mother, be a lover when it comes to that partner or romantic prospect. That’s not your role and certainly should never be one if you want to keep the fires of passion burning. If you are guilty of being a helicopter parent – stop the hover now. Time to be a little more hands off. A lot more relaxed, sensual and fun. Love flows when we stop taking it oh so seriously.

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