Love’s true form may take time to reveal itself

Clear the way for the new

State your T&C’s

See you on the dark side of the Moon, Aquarius. The Moon rules our intuition along with Neptune. Both have nudging yours this week. As the full Moon in your 5th on the 30th comes wrapped in mystery and enigma thanks to an eclipse.

We are in mutable weather and also mutable eclipse weather which is going to hit your 5th and 11th house axis. Along of course with the Nodes. Children, your adult children, parenting or relationships with the potential to make you a parent or step-parent could form part of the mystery. I would also say if you don’t want to be a parent now, take extra precautions.

Take time for love

Because eclipses conceal, it may also not be the best time to look for that new lover. They may not be what they appear to be. December is also going to bring you a total solar eclipse in your 11th. So, this touches on your larger social group. That circle, association, band, network, party or club. Mercury in your 11th trineing Chiron on the 4th in Mercury’s ruling 3rd could place new and potentially fascinating people on your radar. Even at a social distance.

Venus remains in your career and status zone for now. And the 6th sees it trine Neptune in Venus’s ruling 2nd. What this tells you is that underselling yourself personally and/or professionally is a no no. Surety of self-worth is what you need now Aquarius. Don’t be vague about that outcome you seek. When it comes to success making moves now, state your terms and make everything clear.

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