Evolve your path

Get that cashed up feeling on a soul level

Sign on the dotted line

Staying flexible and flowing is one of your tasks for the Now Age, Aquarius. And this week asks you to hang on to that knowledge and be ready to change and adapt if necessary. It also asks you to take care of unfinished business if you have any.

Venus leaves your sign this week and lands in its ruling 2nd on the 25th. Be aware than while Venus in here can open up new avenues of income and see your bank balance increase, it can just as easily get you spending it as fast as it comes in. Usually on feel-good items which it tells you that you deserve (you do, there’s no arguing with that part!). Venus wants the best for you and wants you to know you deserve the best. Just know it and even put it in your basket to see what it feels like. But don’t go checking it out just yet unless you are sure you can afford it.

It’s not over until . . .

That being said, the full Moon in your ‘other’ money house on the 27th could bring a financial matter or negotiation to a successful conclusion between now and the end of the first week of March. Just keep in mind the deal’s not done until the fat lady transfers the money into your bank account or signs the contract. Mars in your 4th links to Pluto in your 12th hinting at rewards for past efforts. And both these planets align to the full Moon in their ruling 8th house across the 27th/28th. Know you have the power to bring about the outcome you want. But remain adaptable as to the final result, Aquarius.

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