Begin anew

Critics are everywhere – so ignore them

Time for romance, pleasure and play!

Get your glam on, Aquarius! The new Moon in your 5th comes loaded with the power of attract and so much opportunity. The kind that’s usually associated with the start of your birthday season. When the Sun and new Moon hit our 5th it’s like a mini-birthday season all over again. That is because the 5th is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. During this time, we get to press that ‘Reset’ button and start anew.

If life has been flowing in a direction you don’t like, you now have the opportunity to send it where you want it to go now. All thanks to Mercury heading direct in your 4th (3rd) and Saturn in your 1st turning retrograde the following day.

This new Moon is fabulous for new beginnings, creativity and yes, conception! Of course, this includes conceiving of a creative project or pleasure cycle. But it can literally open the door to babies, children, parenting and step parenting. The young ones in all their many joyful forms, may enter your life. As could that lover who could potentially turn you into a parent. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

This week gives you permission to be more playful if life has felt like heavy going lately. It can be when Saturn is transitting our 1st. You feel lighter and ready to embrace or start something new. This transit is always good for starting something new and that includes a love affair or a creative venture. Your 5th is your house of attraction. So, look at who or what you want to attract. Turn the volume down on that inner critic and tune out any negativity around you. The object of this cycle is to simply embolden yourself by ignoring any attempts to censor or repress the bright, scintillating being with in. If you allow it expression without worrying about what others may think, you open up the flow of luck and attraction that’s all around you. Embrace the wonder with the open arms of the child within this week.

In a nutshell: This week may seem like a mini birthday season thanks to a fabulizing new Moon in your 5th. Life takes on a lighter, brighter, easier outlook. Time for new beginnings free from burdens. A fresh start waits for you to engage with it.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (5th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (4th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (1st)

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