Keep that Plan B in place for now

Don’t be in a hurry to seal that deal

Hot, not or back again?

Travel – either actual or a learning journey, foreign affairs of all descriptions, far off people and places, study, the law, the outdoors, mass media, luck and large animals especially horses, all come under the rulership of Jupiter and your 9th house. Big plans and dreams and long distance journeys, airlines, the supply chain, shipping, globalisation and border control – again, 9th house/Jupiter issues.

Throw in a Mercury retro which rules commuting, short journeys, weather, the internet, communication in the 9th house along with Jupiter retrograde in your 1st and you can end up with the feeling of going nowhere fast or with major supersized retroactive cancellations, snafus and breakdowns. You only have to look at the massive Facebook outage that occurred during this retrograde to understand just what a perfect storm in the making it could be.

Keep that holding pattern

Jupiter’s move forward in your 1st on the 18th coincides with Mercury’s in Jupiter’s ruling house. Just be aware if you are travelling now or involved in any foreign dealings, the media, legal matters, the internet or even buying anything from that car to that private jet, nothing is settled – yet. You can however take a cautious step out towards that destination. But don’t leave home without that Plan B. And put off that purchase or trip for another three weeks if you can.

It is still not the best time for big plans. This week’s full Moon snags Mars also in your 9th and Pluto in your 12th. Rushing into anything isn’t advised. This is a time for caution not risk taking. Also you may suddenly find yourself or even the other party, going off the boil when things have been oh-so-hot to begin with. Don’t be in a hurry to seal the deal be it over a purchase or that potential lover.

You’re entering a month long focus on your career now as the Sun shifts into your 10th on the 23rd. You also need to remain aware of your public image during this cycle. How you come across and are seen by others could be the determining factor. It isn’t just about your smarts or track record. Sure, they play a role. Don’t make promises you can’t keep this week especially professionally. And remember – all areas of life can be seen as journeys. What determines whether we arrive at our destination is knowing where we are going in the first place. Ensure you come across as someone who does, Aquarius. Successful travellers always have more than one route in mind when it comes to getting there.

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